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Why is Lifelong Learning Important?

Why is lifelong learning important? answer: Research shows that keeping your mind active can help slow down, or eliminate your chances of contracting alzheimers. This benefit alone is worth the effort to exercise your brain. Lifelong learning also enables you

Why is Life Insurance Important?

Life insurance is very important, especially if you have family members that are dependent on your income and support. If you have pass away, your family members will be taken care of because of your life insurance.

Why do We Need Taxes?

I know most people hate having to pay taxes but taxes are very important to society. Taxes to towards health care, social security and it helps pay to have our streets safer.

Why is Economics Important?

Economics is important because it helps society understand what is going on financially and socially. We can help from making the same mistakes twice if we learn economics and how money cycles through the system. If we understand the cycles

Why do I Need a Tax ID Number?

A tax id number is usually a state issued certificate which exempts businesses from paying sales tax on items purchased for re-sale in the business. The number is also used to collect and remit state and local sales taxes on

Why do We have Taxes?

The reason we have taxes is to provide financial aid for the government to keep our country well provided for. These taxes could go towards new schools, buildings, parks, and other important purposes.

Why does Money have a Time Value?

The money time value is a principle that says that the of money today is worth more than the money of tomorrow. In other words, whatever $20,000 buys you today, it will buy you less of it in the future.

Why are Teens So Violent?

Teens can be violent because they are running with the wrong crowd. Normally they get violent because they feel as though they are not loved at home by their family so they become violent to act out.

Why is Technology Bad?

Some people might consider technology to be bad because it can interfere with children going outdoors and staying active. Children might want to stay inside and play a computer game rather than going out to play football!

Why We Need Taxes?

We need taxes so that the government can have financial support from the country’s citizens to benefit the country and its economy. Building bridges, funding important programs, and maintaining roadways are just a few things taxes help contribute towards!

Why are Unions Good?

When you are apart of a union you are not able to get fired. You can strike to get what you want. Unions are great to be apart of so you should join one.

Why do We Need Accounting?

We need accounting so that we can better understand and manage finances. Without accounting, it would be very hard to manage money in a way that is beneficial and efficient.

Why do People Invest?

People invest for the purpose of earning more money out of an investment than what they had originally invested. This can provide them with an increased income, or valuable assets.

Why do Companies Outsource?

Today, there are more profits if you outsource to India, China or Asia. Why? They have cheaper workforce that is the main criteria for the major companies to outsource.

Why do Companies Issue Stock?

Companies issue stocks in order to get more revenue into the company. Companies that are also on the stock market tend to be seen as a more legitimate company as well.

Why are Taxes Important?

Taxes are important because they fund the government and government programs. Without them the government would have no money. Paying taxes is important because the IRS will do all sorts of nasty things to you if you don’t. Look here

Why is Economic Growth Important?

Economic growth is important because it provides a foundation for the future of society. Economic growth can contribute to advancements in all fields, creating beneficial outcomes and solutions to many economic problems.

Why Liquidity is Important?

Liquidity, the ability to convert assets into cash easily, is important if a person or company needs access to cash in a short time frame or need the money to pay for expenses.

Why is International Business Important?

International business is important to everyone involved. Without it we would not be privvy to some of the items that we use in everyday life! Some of these are made in other countries and shipped to us and sold in

Why does Inflation Occur?

Inflation occurs when the economic and social conditions give demand for a particular product or service. The market can then raise the price of goods because of the high demand.

Why do We Need Money?

Well if you are a man, that’s how you get the ladies. And if you are a lady, that’s how you might NOT need a man. Money is unfortunately what drives everything people do. They mistakenly think it can buy

Why is Responsibility So Important?

Responsibility is important because some things have to be done whether or not you want to do them. If you are responsible, you understand your obligation to take care of things. If you do not have responsibility you could have

Why is It Important to Pay Taxes?

It is important to pay taxes because it is the law to do so. The money needs to go to the medicare, social security and other important things. If you do not pay taxes you will owe the IRS the

Why is International Strategy Important?

International strategy is important because if we have a good strategy it will keep other countries from taking advantage of us. In business today if you do not have an international strategy you risk losing a huge market share, namely

Why is It Important to Invest?

It is important to invest so that you can make a profit off of the money you put towards the investment. Having a successful investment can turn the money you spent into even more money in your wallet!

Why is Government Important?

Government is important because it represents all the people living in a country as a whole. Without it, we would not have a single entity to represent our feelings to the rest of the world. Important decisions could not be

Why is Competition Good for the Economy?

Competition is good for many reasons. First, when two or more companies are competing in a market, they will be forced to keep prices under control, and also they will need to make a better product in order to compete.

Why Buy Life Insurance?

Buying life insurance is important, especially if you have a family. Your life insurance will help your family pay for anything they need to, such as your funeral and any bills left behind.

Why Would Someone File a Ucc?

And individual might file a UCC form to claim their sovereignty. However, the United States Supreme Court, and most lesser courts do not recognize individual sovereignty.

Why is Health Insurance Important?

Health insurance is important to have to make sure that a serious illness wouldn’t bankrupt your family. In this country, medical costs are very expensive, and having insurance makes sure you get the best care.

Why Use a Travel Agent?

It is easier to use a travel agent because if you plan on making travel plans your agent can do all of the work for you regarding booking your flights and finding you deals.

Why do Companies Downsize?

Companies usually downsize when profits are down and they are starting to feel it. It is a part of trimming the fat, so to speak. They save the cost of that employee’s salary in lieu of the some of the

Why is Inflation Both Good and Bad?

A low inflation rate is good because it keeps prices in check. Too much inflation, and people can’t afford to buy things. With a drop in demand, prices drop and jobs are also lost. However, with stag-flation, or negative inflation,

Why do Americans Pay Taxes?

Americans pay taxes to supplement Social Security, Unemployment, Medicare and Medicaid and many other state and federal programs. Now we even pay taxes to bail out companies.

Why are Credit Cards Bad?

Credit cards are bad if you use them to live outside your means and if you can’t pay off the balances and end up paying a lot of interest and penalties.

Why do I Need Insurance?

Insurance provides a form of financial protection against the loss of valuable assets like a house, car, or one’s life. Insurance is also required on assets such as automobiles, to provide liability coverage, or protection against potential damages to others,

Why is Inflation Bad?

Inflation is considered bad because the cost of a good or service increases when supply is low and demand is steady or increasing. This means people must spend more money to get the same things.

Why is Economic Development Important?

Economic development is important so that our society can constantly grow and evolve, making new advancements in both technology and industry. Understanding economics is important for our society to continue its rapid development!

Why Haven’t I Received my Stimulus Check?

It can take quite a while to receive your payment. Check out the IRS Where’s My Refund page at

Why is Outsourcing Bad?

A lot of jobs are outsourcing to countries like Indiana. The reason why people see this as bad is because that means less jobs for those who live in the States.

Why is Financial Planning Important?

Financial planning is important to insure that needs can be met. It requires money to support yourself and your family, and if you spend it without planning why or how, you might spend too much and not have enough left

Why is Contingency Planning Important?

A contingency plan is important because it is a What If plan. Things seldom go exactly as we plan, so having an idea of what to do when they go terribly wrong is a good idea.

Why do People Need Health Insurance?

People need health insurance to make sure they are covered when they get sick or hurt. Hospital bills can add up very quickly and can be very expensive.

Why do We Study Economics?

Economics are great to study to help us learn about this world and how to operate in this world regarding finanical matters. Encomics is a class that everyone must learn at least once.

Why is the Dollar Weak?

The dollar is weak because it is being loaned towards goods and services, it no longer has its value in gold and silver exchange for the dollar.

Why was Minimum Wage Created?

A Federal minimum wage was first established in 1938. Current work conditions were forcing employees to work long hours for less then a livable wage and even employing children. The Fair Labor Standards Act established the first set of rules

Why Should I Invest?

Investments are made with the intention of realizing a greater return of value in the future. Money, stocks, and real estate are examples of investments where the desire is to profit from an increase in value from the initial cost

Why is Corporate Governance Important?

Corporate governance is so important because it dictates the philosophy, practices, culture, and overall success of an organization. Without corporate governance, its like having the body without a head.

Why Save Money?

You should save money to have in case of an emergency. You should also have three months worth of income saved should you lose your job. Today’s economy is uncertain and you should save more.

Why is a Ucc Filing Done?

A UCC (Universal Commercial Code) Filing is done when a company has assets that can be used to back up a loan. It is similar to a financial statement. Each state has different requirements for a UCC filing. You can

Why do People have to Pay Taxes?

People have to pay taxes because it is the law. When you pay taxes the money goes towards health care, social security benefits, and also for city workers like police.

Why is Insider Trading Illegal?

Insider trading is illegal because it allows individuals to profit using information that isn’t available to the public. Profiting in this way hurts the general public who loses in the deal.

Why is the Patriot Act Good?

Like with any legislation the Patriot Act has pros and cons. The pros are that it protects us from another terrorist attack and can help with finding terrorists. The cons are that it restricts personal freedom and takes away some

Why is a Budget Important?

Budgets are an important way to control your spending. It is a great way to save for a planned trip or large purchase you need to make. Budgets also keep track of your bills and spending. For more information, look

Why is Budgeting Important?

Creating a budget and sticking to it is very important because if you live on a budget this will help you avoid going into debt and you will be able to save money.

Why do People Pay Taxes?

Taxes, annoying as they are, are an important income source of all governments. The services that our government provide i.e. the military protection, disaster relief, etc. all are funded with tax dollars.

Why is GDP Important?

The GDP, Gross Domestic Product, is important because it shows us how the United States Economy is going. It tracks everything produced in the United States. For more information visit

Why is Insurance Important?

Insurance is important because it reduces your financial liability. If you or a loved one become ill or even die, insurance will protect the surviving family members from having to pay high medical bills. Life insurance protects your family members

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Land is the smartest investment you can ever make. Your getting something that is of a limited quantity and virtually will always have a use. When you purchase real estate, you are essentially purchasing land.

Why is Social Order Necessary?

Social order is necessary to insure the survival of our society. Without order we would not be safe, and we would not have an organized system and base on which to live. Laws have to be set in place because

Why is Bombay Now Called Mumbai?

The reason the city of Bombay had it’s name changed to Mumbai, in 1997, is that in two of the local languages, both Marathi and Gujarati, the city had been called Mumbai for many years.

Why do People File Bankruptcy?

People file bankruptcy to get out from under alot of debt. This can come from many things including hospital, credit card, foreclosures and repossesions.

Why is Demography Important?

In business, demography is important because it is the deciding factor on whether or not the business will have enough customers to be successful.

Why is the Stock Market Important?

The stock market is important because it is one of the best ways for a company to raise money. It also has a direct affect not just Americans but every country.

Why is Inflation a Problem?

Inflation is a problem because it raises the price of goods and services so high that people can no longer afford to purchase them. This can hurt families and individuals who do not earn enough money to pay for these

Why do We Pay Taxes?

We pay taxes because its the law that we give our money towards social security, Medicare and the city. I wish we did not have to pay taxes. That would be great however, I do enjoy receiving a tax refund

Why is Soccer So Popular?

Because it’s AWESOME! I actually really enjoy soccer, and I think it’s more of a cultural type of game as well (mostly referred to as football) especially popular in the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. While there is no

Why Join a Fraternity?

Joining a fraternity is a good idea because it is basically a brotherhood that will last forever. By joining a fraternity, you will make lifelong friends and have a great networking potential.

Why is Physical Education So Important?

The fitness of the human body is a very important thing. It can be very beneficial as one grows older. Age has a tendency to weaken the body.

Why is It Important to Go to School?

It is very important to go to school. That way you can learn the fundamental elements before getting into real world situations to better prepare you.

Why do I Want to Become a Teacher?

Maybe you want to become a teacher because you love children and want to invest in their futures. Maybe you just love the subject so much that you make it your life’s work to make sure others know and share

Why is North Carolina Called the Tarheel State?

There are more then one reasons why North Carolina nickname is the Tar Heel State. One reason is that workers that were waterproofing ships with the sap from Pine trees (that is none as ‘Tar’) would get stuck to their

Why are Rules Important?

Rules are important because without rules there would be chaos. Everyone would be doing whatever they want and no one would agree and bad things would happen.

Why is History Important in School?

History is important in school for the same reason that it is important in life–knowing how and why things are the way they are helps us to understand the world we live in today. For example, one cannot fully appreciate

Why College is Important?

College is so important because it allows people to be able to think in a variety of different ways and it is one way in which someone can learn how to be accepting of other people’s opinions.

Why Should I Become a Teacher?

If you have to ask the question why you should become a teacher then you might want to rethink your reasons for wanting to be a teacher. There are many reasons why a person should become a teacher, it all

Why do Children Bully?

Children often bully others because they lack control over their own lives. Bullies tend express dominance over others when they are dominated themselves. Persons who bully others are emergent sociopaths and should be considered deviant criminals.

Why is Higher Education Important?

Higher education is important because it allows people the opportunity to learn more about different subjects and increase their salaries.

Why is a College Degree Important?

People who earn a college degree earn about $1,000,000 more than a high school graduate over a lifetime. That is a big difference in what kind of standard of living you live.

Why does School Start So Early?

School starts early to coordinate with the time that most parents have to be at work. The earlier time usually works well for most parents.

Why is Iowa Called the Hawkeye State?

Iowa is called the Hawkeye state as tribute to Chief Black Hawk. He was the leader of the Sauk Indians. There is also a character in the book Last of the Mohicans named Hawkeye.

Why do Schools Need Dress Codes?

Some schools need dress codes because they believe that taking away the distraction of clothes makes for a bette run school. How people dress can effect the way people treat them. If a child does not have enough money to

Why is North Carolina the Tar Heel State?

The origin of North Carolina’s nickname is grounded, at least in part, in one of the state’s major products during the Colonial Era — tar. The tar was made by slowly burning the wood of longleaf pine trees. One legend

Why do Teens Drop Out of High School?

There may be a number of reason why a teen may jump out of high school. Family situations, work, and for some it may just be plain laziness. The reason can vary greatly but it is on the part of

Why are College Textbooks So Expensive?

College test books are expensive because it is needed and they know students will purchase them without a choice. You can find used college text books on For more information look here:

Why is College So Important?

College is important because higher education opens new opportunities for you as far as careers. It is extremely difficult to earn a decent living with only a high school diploma. However, college is not for everyone. You may want to

Why Should Students Study Abroad?

Studying abroad can give a student experience that will last a lifetime. Studying other places unlike your own can give you the upper hand in education.

Why Should I Go to College?

If you can get in, you should definitely go to collage, that is a sure way to get a great paying job in the future. These days just finishing high school isn’t enough.

Why is College Education Important?

College education is important for many reasons. College graduates have a higher earnings capacity over their working lifetime. College teaches a person to focus their learning in a specific area of interest and helps define a person’s career path.

Why is It Called Ivy League?

Ivy league is considered a measurement of prestige because ivy is considered the mark of knowledge. This was thought of long ago when ivy leaves grew up the side of buildings on campus for a domineering effect.

Why We Study History?

We should study history so we can prepare for the future. History shows us good and bad choices that were made and help us to take care of our future.

Why is Pennsylvania the Keystone State?

Pennsylvania is known as ‘The Keystone State’ because of its central role as one of the original thirteen colonies, its economic contributions to the earliest parts of our country and its central location to the other colonies.

Why is College So Expensive?

College is expensive for many reasons. These reasons include inflation, cost of the buildings, the cost of teachers and staff, and the cost of materials.

Why We Need Education?

We need education and we need to study so we can achieve something more in our life. If we try hard and if we learn a lot we will get a degree or we can be something more than an

Why do Kappas Carry Canes?

It’s an unintentional tradition that began in 1911 where all the members of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity carried canes. The art of stepping became popular in the 1950’s where they incorporated their favorite item, the cane, into the dance

Why do Kids Drop Out of High School?

Many children drop out of high school because they are simply not motivated. Kids in high school are ready to experience things. They can sometimes get into the wrong crowds and encourage kids to make the wrong choices. Parents need

Why is Washington Dc Not a State?

Washington, DC, which is the US capital, is named after the first US President and the great explorer of the New World. Washington, DC is not a state neither does it belong to a part of any state. It was

Why Should You Go to College?

There are many careers and professions that require a degree. If you want to be a doctor or pilot, you need to go to college and earn the degree in that area. You should go to college if you have

Why Should People Wear Seatbelts?

People should wear seatbelts for their safety. Seatbelts have been proven to save lives. A car accident can be a very dangerous situation and seatbelts help to make it a little less scary.

Why is Homeschooling Bad?

Homeschooling is not bad. It can be extremely beneficial of the kids if the parents know what they are doing. I am a certified teacher and homeschooled my kids for five years, yet I have seen some completely unqualified parents

Why is It Important to Study Economics?

It is important to study economics because it shows how money works in the world. It is good to know and can be very beneficial if the right things are learned.

Why Teens Drop Out of High School?

Teenagers can drop out of High School for a number of reasons. The most common reasons include pregnancy, need for money so they work, and giving up on an education.

Why do College Students Drop Out?

There are a lot of reasons college students drop out. One reason and probably the main reason would be financial reasons. Wether it’s not being able to pay tuition or not having the money to survive, financial is a big

Why is Cincinnati Called the Queen City?

In 1819, the Cincinnati Advisor published an issue that referred to Cincinnati as the ‘Queen of the West.’ In 1854, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem called ‘Catawba’ that also referred to the city by that name.

Why Education is Important?

The importance of education is obvious in today’s economy. Going to college will provide you with opportunities you would not otherwise have. You will have experiences both socially and professionally.

Why is College Tuition So Expensive?

College tuition is expensive due to many factors. Facility support, property taxes, faculty salaries (plus benefits) as well as the support staff required to run a school are major expenses in a college budget. Athletic teams, housing, food programs, as

Why do People Study English?

People study English because they need to not only learn how to speak it, but they need to learn how to correctly speak and write English. Many people learn street English, but it is grammatically wrong, so it is very

Why do People Need Education?

Education is like shelter and food. Those are considered the basic things to one’s life. We need education to enhance our knowledge. Education can make a person develop and make right decisions. It’s vital that every person be educated.

Why are Charter Schools Better?

There is still a lot of debate about the benefits of charter schools. In a charter school kids are able to learn in an environment with less kids. The charter school also has more say in how funds are spent.

Why Education is So Important?

Education is very important. Education can help open doors of opportunity as an adult. You have a much easier time finding a job if you are educated.

Why Join a Sorority?

Sororities are specifically for females in college. Many girls opt to join because it gives a college freshman a chance to meet individuals that they might not normally meet. It is also a social outlet for a lot of girls.

Why is Going to School Important?

Going to school is important because it allows students to find different ways to learn and get acquainted with different teaching styles.

Why is a College Education Important?

College can be a great platform for which you set the tone for the rest of your life. The cost of living is on the rise and all of the good paying jobs require at least a bachelors degree or

Why do School Shootings Happen?

School shootings, which are a sad, sad occurrence, tend to happen randomly. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to these events. Most of the time, it’s just a student that is mentally unstable or can no longer handle

Why I Became a Teacher?

Probably you have become a teacher because you love to teach other children and you want to improve others education. You want to teach someone else that education is needed for better life.

Why is It Called Crimson Tide?

The name Crimson Tide originated I believe in the early 1900’s by a sportscaster that said that the team running onto the field looked like a ‘Crimson Tide’.

Why is a College Education So Important?

A college education is so important because you can lose a million dollars overnight, but you can never lose a college education. Nowadays, the job market is so competitive that in order to land a decent paying job, it is

Why is North Carolina Called the Tar Heel State?

No one knows for certain but here is a pretty good theory from some historians.North Carolina is called the Tar Heel State because at one time they lead the in the production of navel stores. Navel stores produce tar and

Why is Washington D.c. Not a State?

Shortly after the founding the United States, James Madison explained that the capital of the country needed to be separate from the states to provide its own safety and maintenance. His point was made clear when the capital was attacked

Why is Reading Good?

Reading is a good thing because it is usually required in almost everything that is done on a daily basis. This varies from going to school to being in the work force.

Why Should Schools have Uniforms?

Schools should have uniforms to avoid students dressing inappropriately. It also makes everyone equal. There are many arguments over school uniforms. Including the lack of student individuality.You can find more information here:

Why is College Tuition Rising?

The cost of education is rising at an alarming rate here in the United States. The overall economy and the simple costs of doing business are raising the costs of post-high school education to all time highs, with no end

Why Go to Graduate School?

The most important reason to go to graduate school, is to open more opportunities for yourself. You can also find a higher paying position if you do so.

Why Isn’t Washington Dc a State?

Washington D. C. (District of Columbia) is not a state because it is actually a Federal District, and since it is not a state, there is no representation for it in Congress.

Why is College Important?

Today college is more important than ever. Jobs are far few and between. The more specialized skills you have the better off you will be to find a good job. It is for your best interest to have a skill

Why does College Cost So Much?

College is definitely one of the financially challenging endeavors you will ever embark on. There are ways for your college experience to be less harsh on the wallet and that is to find grants and scholarships. The cost of college

Why Study English?

People choose to study English because it is a universal language. It is one of the most widely used languages in the world. Also people study it to be able to get a credible job.

Why do People Attend College?

People attend college because they want to understand more about a particular field of study. Most college graduates also see an increase in rate of pay.

Why are Seat Belts Important?

Seat belts are important because they save lives in motor vehicle collisions. Seat belts keep occupants from being ejected from a vehicle in an accident. This allows for the vehicle’s structure to absorb the sudden increase in energy instead of

Why is Tennessee the Volunteer State?

Tennessee is known as the volunteer state due to the large amounts of volunteers during the Mexican war as well as the war of 1812, and also honors the soldiers that served with Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New

Why is College Tuition So High?

College tuition is high is because of the cost of living, the cost of books and the up keep of the dorms. Then the teachers still have to get paid to teach the students.

Why is It Called a Bachelor Degree?

In medieval times, a lad who finished his education was presented with a baccalaureus degree in the fine arts, where baccalaureus referred to a young squire or knight. A young nights’ degree.

Why is Going to College So Important?

It’s a proven fact that, overall, people who earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees eventually have a higher income than those who graduate with only a high school diploma. Generally, college graduates also have a competitive edge in the job market.

Why do We Study History?

We study history to learn about ourselves. To know the present or even imagine the future, we must understand our past. We can’t learn or predict the future but we can learn about the past. Look here for more information:

Why is It Important to Study History?

It is important to study history because you are history in the making. Not only are you studying yourself but others before you. History is made everyday and we can compare yesterday’s history with today’s history.

Why is Georgetown Called Hoya?

Georgetown students used to have to study Greek and Latin. The cheer Hoya Saxa translates into what rocks! Eventually the Saxa got drop and Georgetown kept Hoya.

Why is It Important to Attend College?

It is important to attend college because it allows for educational growth. It also gives the experience of time management. It allows people to earn more money as well.

Why Physical Education is Important?

Physical education is important because it educates students about the importance of sports and fitness. Physical education also involves coordinated training on discipline and sportsmanship.

Why is Science Education So Important?

Science education is very important because, not only is it a major part of our every day lives, but it is what technology is based upon. If children and young adults aren’t educated in this realm, there will be no

Why do They Say Virginia is for Lovers?

For over 40 years Virginia has been a prime travel destination due to it’s beautiful scenery. Even Forbes magazine recently recognized this official tourism slogan as one of the top ten best tourism marketing campaigns of all time.

Why Should People Go to College?

People should take the advantage of college because it can help you become something that you have always dreamed, about and it helps you to get a higher education.

Why Go to Law School?

If you are interested in becoming a lawyer than you will need to go to law school. Law school is the only way to become a lawyer in the United States.

Why do People Go to College?

People go to college to not only learn but to become more employable. In today’s economy your education can mean the difference between being employed and unemployed. The more you lEARN the more you EARN.

Why Did John Mason Found New Hampshire?

John Mason founded New Hampshire as a fishing colony in 1623. England gave the land freely, as long as those there promised to keep it always subject to English decree. New Hampshire stayed this way until some pre-revolution raids in

Why do Schools have Uniforms?

A lot of schools have uniforms for differnt reasons. One of the biggest reason right now is because of safety. In some areas gang activity is very high. The colors you choose to wear wether you are involved or not

Why is Reading Good for You?

Reading is good for you, because it keeps your mind working and sharp. It is good for children to read, because reading is the foundation to learning.

Why do Bullies Bully?

The main reason why bullies bully other kids is normally because they have self esteem issues. When they pick on other kids it makes them feel better about themselves.

Why Should School Start Later?

School should start later because it allows students to fully wake up if they had a long night and also give the time to eat breakfast at a later time.

Why is Oklahoma Called the Sooner State?

In 1889 the Indian Territory opened to settlers. The borders were lined by thousands of people wanting claims. Once they were given the okay, they raced to claim their land. Some left sooner than they were supposed to , thus

Why Should Students Read?

Students should read because it helps them expand their horizons. When they read they increase their knowledge in matters that they would not learn if they didn’t read. By reading students also increase their reading frequency which will help in