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Who Owns the Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal is a business/finance focused newspaper that is owned by Dow Jones & Co, a company which is owned by News Corporation. News Corporation is a publicly traded company and is actually a pretty big. It is

Who was Adam Smith?

Adam Smith, often called the father of modern economics, was a Scottish philospher and economist. He is the author of ‘The Wealth of Nations’ (fully titled, ‘An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of nations’). Look here

Who Makes the Sidekick Phone?

The sidekick phone is provided by T-Mobile. This service will sell this phone along with a service plan and contract agreement at a discounted price!

Who Qualifies for Section 8 Housing?

Those who are considered low income qualify for section 8. Section 8 is a great program that allows people who are low income to receive new affordable homes.

Who Receives 1099s?

Anyone that is self employed will receive a 1099 tax form. There is no taxes taken out of these and you must file self employment taxes.

Who is Dave Ramsey?

Dave Ramsey is a Financial Advisor that has published many books on becoming debt free. He also has his own radio show that is broadcast daily and also has an evening show on the Fox Business Network.

Who is Eligible for Title 19?

Those who are eligible for title 19 or medicaid can vary. Those who are commonly eligble are people of low income familes. Other possible applicant include the disabled, pregnant women and those with children before 18.

Who Qualifies for Medicare?

To qualify for medicare you must be sixty five years old or older. You must be a citizen of the United States. If you are disabled you can also qualify regardless of your age.

Who can Garnish Your Wages?

Most creditors can seek judgment from a court of law to have your wages garnished. An ex-spouse can also seek a judgment for wage garnishment if you are behind on child support obligations.

Who are the Big Four Accounting Firms?

The big four accounting firms are Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu. They are already very well known in Europe and are planning on making their way into the U.S.

Who do I Owe Money to?

You owe money to anyone you have borrowed money from. You also owe money to people you are buying things from. You should make sure to pay your creditors.

Who can File for Bankruptcy?

Anyone can file for bankruptcy, but your financial situation will determine which chapter you can file. You have to be able to prove that your debts far exceed your present income and your ability to pay them.

Who Accepts Paypal?

There are thousands of sites across the web that have come to accept Paypal. Among some of these sites are EBay, Amazon, and Books-A-Million. Paypal has become a widely accepted form of payment for many websites.

Who can File Head of Household?

A person can file head of household if they meet two requirements. One is that they were the only income provider in the home. The other is they must have a qualify dependent.You can find more information here: IRS.GOV

Who Founded the Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal was founded by Charles Dow, Edward Jones and Charles Bergstresser on July 8, 1889 and has been printed ever since.

Who Founded the New York Stock Exchange?

The New York Stock exchange was founded in 1972 by 24 New York stock brokers and merchants. They signed the Buttonwood Agreement which set the whole thing in motion.

Who Pays for Medicaid?

Medicaid is a health coverage for low income families. It’s funded by taxpayers who pay their taxes to the government. The government, in turn, funds the Medicaid program. For more information, look here:

Who is Eligible to File Bankruptcy?

Recent changes in bankruptcy law require potential filers to go through a checklist to see if they are eligible to file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. Go to a bankruptcy legal aid clinic in your area. You can

Who is Exempt from Filing An Individual Tax Return?

The only people that don’t have to file an individual tax return are people that have no taxable income. If you’re not working or you only draw social security, then you don’t have to file. If you have children, then

Who Owns Property?

Anyone that has credit and money to pay for a mortgage can own property. In the past few years this has become increasingly difficult due to unemployment rates rising. However, if your dream is to be a homeowner, don’t give

Who Owns This House At This Address?

To find out who owns a house at a certain address you could just knock on the door an ask the occupants! But if that doesn’t work the clandestine method is to check the local tax records which feature the

Who Created Money?

The government is who created money. However, the Indians used a barter system to trade good and services with one another. After the barter system scale increased, money was put into play by the federal government.

Who is Terry Mcmillan?

Terry McMillan is an author, born in Port Huron, Michigan on October 18, 1951. Her most famous novels are ‘Waiting to Exhale’ an ‘How Stella Got Her Groove Back’, both of which were made into movies.

Who has the Best Mortgage Rates?

Your mortgage rate is based on a lot of things – most importantly your credit rating. To get the best rate, take steps to improve your credit rating before you begin to shop for a mortgage.

Who Legally Owns a Corporation?

Corporations are not owned by any person. They are, in the legal sense, separate from anyone connected to the corporation. The best answer is that a corporation, in legality, becomes it’s own person. To find more information click here:

Who is the Hottest Person on Earth?

The hottest person on Earth can be hot for a variance of reasons. It depends on what qualities you prefer more than others. You can be the hottest person on Earth, because beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Who does This Number Belong to?

If you have cell phone numbers on your bill that are not yours you can call your cell phone company and have them trace the number for you.

Who Must File Income Tax?

Anyone that worked and received a paycheck must file for income tax. If you do not file you could end up owing the IRS a lot of money so do not delay.

Who can Collect Unemployment?

Anyone who is mentally and physically able to work, has an approved separation from work, and who is fully or partially unemployed can receive unemployment benefits. Some separations from work will render an applicant ineligible.

Who is David Ricardo?

David Ricardo was a well known political economist. He had a large role in the development of the economic theory. Ricardo was from Great Britain and died at the age of 51.

Who can File for Unemployment?

Depending on your state’s laws, you can file for unemployment. generally, when you have been laid. For some, this may be a temporary layoff. However, unemployment benefits are only eligible for a certain amount of time.

Who has to File a Tax Return?

Anybody 18 years old or older, that has made more than $10,000 that year has to file an income tax return. I personally use a tax service so that even if I lose my returns, I can go back and

Who Wrote the Wealth of Nations?

The Wealth of Nations was written by Adam Smith in 1776. It describes the economic conditions that existed during the Industrial Revolution.

Who Pays Taxes?

Guess who pays taxes, we all do. We all pay taxes in some form or another. If we are not paying federal taxes we are paying state taxes. Nobody is exempt.

Who Sells Visa Gift Cards?

Many of your favorite stores sell visa gift cards. Vons, Albertsons, Smiths, Walgreens, CVS pharmacy, Safeway and Ralphs. These stores also have the American express card.

Who Owns a Corporation?

A corporation can be owned by just one individual, or many individuals. The owner of a corporation is considered to be an entrepreneur, sometimes starting as a small privately owned business and expanding into a large corporation.

Who is Milton Friedman?

Milton Friedman was born July 13, 1912 he was an American economist, statistician, and public intellectual, and a recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.

Who can Help Me Pay Off my Payday Loan?

Well, unless you have friends or family who don’t mind loaning you money, I would suggest working, and paying it off yourself. A good rule of thumb to avoid getting yourself too deeply in debt, is to pay debts with

Who Pays for the Internet?

Many people pay for the internet, it is sometimes even included with their cable package. If you are using wifi in a public facility, they may require you to pay for the internet service.

Who Started the Stock Market?

The stock market first started in the 11th century in France. It didn’t become more popular and known until the late 1300’s in Belgium.

Who Lives on This Street?

You have a couple of options on finding who lives on a particular street. In some neighborhoods they publish a directory of the everyone who lives there. If your neighborhood doesn’t do that then you can use the internet. There

Who Must File Federal Income Tax?

To find out who must file a federal income tax return, check out the IRS website publications and frequently asked question sections to help you find all your deductions and filing requirements. To find more information click here:

Who can Garnish Wages?

The IRS can garnish wages. They work for the government to collect debts and taxes owed to the government system. They are allowed to garnish your wages if you do not voluntarily pay your dues!

Who Uses Financial Statements?

Financial statements are used by a broad amount of people. It differs dramatically. Sometimes just everyday people use them for their accounts to be better organized. But usually you here financial statements when referring to businesses, organizations, for stock use,

Who Owns American Express?

American Express is owned by its shareholders. American Express is not owned by one person or even a small group of people. Like all corporations, the company ownership is divided amongst its shareholders who hold a stake in the organization.

Who is Eligible for Medicare?

A person is usually eligible for Medicare once they reach a certain age, usually retirement age. Also, people that are disabled are eligible after a certain waiting period usually about 2 years after disability start date.

Who is Eligible for Section 8?

Section 8 benefits are based on your family’s income and household size. Generally speaking, the family’s income can not exceed 50% of the local median income. You can find more information here:

Who is Alan Greenspan?

Alan Greenspan is an economist by trade. However, he is most well known for being appointed as the Federal Reserve Chairman. In that role, he presided over one of the greatest economic expansions in U.S. history. Look here for more

Who is Exempt from Federal Income Tax?

There are organizations, and not for profit corporations, some foreign nationals and government employees. There are a lot of people if you look into it.

Who Takes Checks Online?

Checks have always been a form of payment option. In today’s world, majority of the businesses accept checks to pay bills. For example your telephone and utility company will accept checks.

Who is John Maynard Keynes?

Keynes was an economist who favored government spending to correct adverse economic situations. Keynesian economics provide the thought basis that teaches government should spend money to stimulate specific economic sectors.

Who Gets Social Security?

Social security is available to any citizen over the age of 62 who has worked and earned enough ‘credits’ to be eligible. The amount you receive depends on how long you worked and the amount you earned.

Who Needs to File a 1099?

To see who needs to file a 1099 form, check out the IRS website section on payments received. You can find a list of the different 1099 forms and get instructions to fill the out. You can find more information

Who is the World Richest Investor?

One of the worlds richest investor is Warren Buffet located right here in the United States. He has accumulated a fortune with his investment techniques. He is currently staking his claim in the energy field, such as coal and oil.

Who Must File a Tax Return?

Generally speaking, if you have been employed and had federal taxes withheld, you should file. If you made less than $400, you are not required to file. However, there are certain guide lines you should be aware of. For example:

Who Benefits from Inflation?

The only people that benefit from inflation are the business owners that don’t have to mark up their costs too much. Stock holders also benefit if they had bought into it before it went too high and put them at

Who has to File Federal Income Taxes?

Anyone who makes over $500 in a single tax year must file federal income taxes. If you made under that and qualify, you can be claimed on someone else’s taxes.

Who Invented the Credit Card?

The first credit card in the US was made by John Biggins, with the Flatbush National Bank, in Brooklyn, NY, in 1946. He called it the Charge-It program. Look here for more information:

Who is Bernie Mac Married to?

Bernie Mac was married to Rhonda McCullough until he passed away on August 9, 2008. They were married in September 1977 and had one child together.

Who Invented Accounting?

Accounting was invented in Venice in 1494 by Luca Pacioli. He was a priest and a mathematician. His writings show the use of the double entry accounting system, still used today. Look here for more information:

Who has to Pay Income Tax?

Anyone who has a job pays income tax. How much you pay will depend on how much you make, and how many dependents you are claiming. You also may be entitled to receive most if not all of it back

Who Owns a House?

Who owns a house is public information. You can access this information on the property appraiser’s page. You can search by name, address or folio number.

Who Determines Interest Rates?

Interest rates are determined by the Fed, also known as the Federal Reserve Board. The Federal Open Market Committee (the group of Feds) meets eight times a year to determine what these rates will be.

Who Pays Sales Tax?

Anyone must pay sales tax unless you have written proof that you are suppose to be tax exempt. You must pay taxes on all items that you buy.

Who Regulates Credit Card Companies?

The regulation of credit card companies and their practices falls to the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve has the job to insure that the credit card companies are following the laws that protect the consumers.You can find more information here:

Who is the Leader of Honduras?

Porfirio Lobo, opposition leader, recently won Honduras’ presidential election. This election comes after a five-month long crisis, which started in June when President Manuel Zelaya was overthrown by the Honduran army and exiled.

Who Must File Income Taxes?

According to the Federal government, anyone who makes over $600.00 in a calendar year must file income tax. It is to your benefit to file taxes because there are sometimes credits for retired people even though they didn’t work.

Who Called Me Directory?

The white pages have a reverse look up where you can put in either a phone number and get the person’s name or an address and find their name. Also, you can dial star (*) 69 to find the number

Who can Contribute to a Roth IRA?

You can contribute to a Roth IRA if you are single and make less than $105,000. If you are married and file jointly, you have to make less than $166,000. These income restrictions go away in 2010.

Who Qualifies for Unemployment Benefits?

It can vary from state to state, but usually you will qualify for unemployment if you have been laid off from a job or have had your hours significantly reduced. Check your local unemployment office or website for more details.

Who is Adam Smith?

Adam Smith, who was born on June 16, 1723, was a Scottish moral philosopher and a well known pioneer of the political economy. He was also a author and professor.

Who can Claim Head of Household?

A person can claim head of household if you are the main money earner in the home and you have a qualifying dependent. A qualifying dependent is someone that you took care of for at least 6 months. For more

Who can Help Me Pay my Rent?

Paying your rent would be easier by getting a job. If you need help, maybe turning to your significant others, or even your parents. You can ask some friends for help, but they aren’t the ones you want to turn

Who was Thomas Malthus?

Thomas Malthus was a British scholar. He wrote an essay titled ‘The Essay on the Principle of Population’. In the he theorized that the world’s population will grow faster than the food supply. Famine and birth control were ways to

Who is Considered a Minority?

A minority is any group that is statistically smaller than another group. In America whites make up almost 78% of the population so any other group is considered to be a minority. For more information see here:

Who is Chris Gardner?

Chris Garden was born 2/9/1954. His story is very inspiring. He went from being a homeless man to being a self made millionaire. A movie called ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ was created on his behalf and Will Smith played the

Who are the Founders of Google?

Google was the creation of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and is a play on the word googol. Page and Brin founded the search engine in 1998. For more information, look here:

Who Owns America?

Most Americans can claim some ownership of America. Land owners and business owners can do pretty much what they want with their property. Keep in mind that the government still holds many regulations over what can be done on any

Who is Eligible for Welfare?

Welfare eligibility varies from state to state. Generally, welfare is meant to temporarily help those people who are out of a job and have a family to support.

Who is Eligible for Unemployment?

Understanding who is eligible for unemployment is something everyone should know, if you plan on working. There are specific guidelines that must be followed. You can find more information here:

Who Sells Prepaid Credit Cards?

The most popular prepaid credit card right now is Green Dot. You can find these in almost any drug store or discount stores, like Walmart. You pay a small fee to purchase the card but can reload them with funds

Who Should Receive a 1099?

Anyone who works as a freelancer or independent contractor should receive a 1099 from the business that hired them. Some self-employed people contract their services out and also should receive 1099s. For more information see here:

Who can Put a Lien on Your House?

A contractor or county can place a lien on your home. If you owe a contractor money for work done or if you owe property taxes, you may have a lien on your home. You will need to pay this

Who Owns a Property By Address?

If you need to find out who owns a property and you know the address you can normally access that information on-line through the local appraisal district or through the court house.

Who is Eligible for Medicare Part B?

If you or your spouse worked for at least 10 years in Medicare covered employment, you are 65 years of age or older and are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.You can find more information here:

Who is Required to File a Tax Return?

You can find out who is required to file a tax return at the IRS website. You can search publications and frequently asked questions to find out filing requirements. Your state tax office will have additional information. You can find

Who is Alan Greenspan Wife?

Alan Greenspan’s wife is Andrea Mitchell. She is a journalist and television news anchor. She the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC news.

Who is Alan Greenspan Married to?

Alan Greenspan has been married twice, the first to Joan Mitchell from 1952 until they aned the marriage in 1953. He is now married to Andrea Mitchell, who he started dating in 1984. For more information, look here:

Who is the Remitter on a Money Order?

The remitter on a money order is the person sending the money order. So, if you are paying your electric bill with a money order, you are the remitter.

Who is Eligible for Medicaid?

You must have very low income to be eligible for medicaid. Generally people with low income that are pregnant or disabled are eligible and children that come from a family with low income.

Who Owns This House?

The owner of the house show up on the property records under the county website. It can be easily found by entering the address of the house.

Who has Authority to Issue a Subpoena?

The state’s attorney’s office has the authority to issue a subpoena in an investigation of a crime. A subpoena can also be issued by a judge who’s trying to hear a case and needs more facts.

Who does Not have to File Taxes?

A person does not have to file taxes if the wages they receive are not earned wages, such as those funds received from Social Security Disability or SSI.

Who Owns This Property?

If you want to know who owns a you must visit your property appraiser’s office. You can also access them on line. Let them know you want to search the records and give them the address. If you do it

Who Qualifies for Unemployment?

To qualify for unemployment you must be unemployed generally due to being laid off from your job and if you were fired it must be from no fault of your own.

Who Takes Paypal?

Pay pal is accepted pretty much everywhere and it is the preferred method of payment if you are buying online. A pay pal credit or debit card works like any other card.

Who Owns This Property Free Search?

If you want to find out who owns a property for free, you can search your local county or city tax records which will tell you the current owner, most recent sales price, and whether or not they are current

Who is Thomas Malthus?

Thomas Malthus was a British scholar who wrote books on population growth trends and the economic theory of rent being a type of surplus. For more information see here:

Who Owns Google?

Sergey Brin and Larry Page both started Google in 1998. A Google search generally brings back over two billion sites. It is truly amazing the amount of information you can find.

Who is Exempt of Paying Income Taxes?

Individuals below a certain income threshold don’t enjoy full exemption from paying income taxes, but pay proportionately less than the rest of the country. Other than that, nobody is exempt from paying income taxes.

Who is Required to File An Income Tax Return?

Anyone can file their income tax return. But will it be right? The easiest thing to do is to take it to a tax professional like H & R Block and let them fill it out for a small fee.

Who Qualifies for the Tax Rebate?

Tax rebate checks were mailed and distributed last year in 2008. This year the tax rebate process is being handled differently. There is to be a reduction in the amount of taxes withheld from every paycheck (mostly affecting middle class

Who Owns a Property?

The easiest way to find out who owns a property is to ask the occupants. If that doesn’t work, a sure fire way is to check the local tax records which will feature the current and past owners, as well

Who is the Riches Person in the World?

The title of the world’s richest man as of 2009 belongs to Bill Gates with $40 billion. Warren Buffett holds the number two spot with $37 billion.

Who Owns Visa?

Before 2007, Visa, Visa International Service Association, was not a publicly held company. It was a self-organizing entity, governed by the banks that issue the Visa cards. To find more information click here:

Who Pays Closing Costs?

Who pays closing costs varies greatly on your area, who you are as the seller and who you are as a buyer. Typically, both the buyer and seller will share different amounts of the closing costs. You can find more

Who Pays for Social Security?

Everyone pays for social security. People who work pay for social security directly out of their check each pay period. That money is given to people as they become eligble for social security.

Who Should I Send a 1099 Misc to?

The 1099 misc form is the self employed version of the W-2. These forms must be submitted to the IRS. These forms are important if you made over $600 while being self employed.

Who has to Pay Taxes?

Just about everyone winds up paying taxes one way or another. There are taxes on the things that you buy and taxes on the things that you own and taxes on the money that you make. It is said that

Who is Alan Greenspan?

Alan Greenspan is an economist by trade. However, he is most well known for being appointed as the Federal Reserve Chairman. In that role, he presided over one of the greatest economic expansions in U.S. history.

Who Pays for Medicare?

Taxpayers are the people who pay for Medicare. This is a government-run program, therefore the government pays for Medicare with the money they have taken in the form of taxes!

Who invented wrestling ?

There is no record of exactly who invented wrestling. It is one of the sports that competed in the first Olympics in 776 B. C. Due to the nature of the sport, I would venture to say it has been

Who is bret michaels dating ?

Bret Michaels, former front man for the band Poison and now with his own TV show, is currently dating Taya Parker. Taya is a model that has appeared on the cover of Penthouse magazine and was later Penthouse pet of

Who are today patriots ?

The New England Patriots are the original members of the AFL. The Patriots joined the NFL in the 1970’s. The team was placed in the AFC East division, and they have been playing there ever since.

Who is kid rock dad ?

Alot of people thought that Hank Williams JR was Kid Rocks dad but he’s just one of his heroes. Kid Rocks dad’s name is Bill Ritchie. He works at a Cadiallac dealership.

Who is the Tallest NBA Player?

The tallest player currently playing in the NBA is Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets. According to his official NBA Biography, Yao is listed as being 7ft-6 inches tall.Two retired players hold the record for tallest NBA player of all

Who is bret michaels wife ?

Bret Michaels isn’t married. He dated Susie Hatton from 1988-1993 and then dated Kristi Lynn Gibson from 1994-2005. He has two daughters with Kristi, Rayne and Jorja. Bret has been looking for love on Rock of Love on VH1 but

Who invented gymnastics ?

The person who invented gymnastics name is Friedrich Jahn. He started gymnastic clubs in the 1700’s. Friedrich Jahn also started gymnastic events around the same time.

Who invented paintball ?

Paintball was originally used to mark trees and stray cattle from a distance. In 1981, Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel, and Bob Gurnsey were the ones who came up with the game.

Who invented cricket ?

Although cricket began in Northern Europe after the Roman Empire, it was invented in England by shepherds in 1850. Presently cricket is known and played all over the world especially in India and the West Indies.

Who is the Tallest NBA Player?

The tallest player currently playing in the NBA is Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets. According to his official NBA Biography, Yao is listed as being 7ft-6 inches tall.Two retired players hold the record for tallest NBA player of all

Who was the Last Triple Crown Winner?

No horse has won the Triple Crown since the 1970s, when Secretariat (1973), Seattle Slew (1977) and Affirmed (1978) all won the honor within five years. But that’s nothing compared to baseball; the last hitter to win the Triple Crown

Who is the Shortest Player in the NBA?

Tyrone Bogues is the shortest player in the NBA. Tyrone is known as Mugsy. Mugsy stands tall at 5 foot and 3 inches. Mugsy was drafted to NBA in 1987.

Who Won Total Drama Island?

The winner in the original version of ‘Total Drama Island’, a Canadian spoof of reality television, was Owen. However there was also an alternate version that had Gwen as the winner.

Who Founded New Orleans?

New Orleans the home of Mardi Gras was founded on May 7, 1718 by the French Mississippi Company under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Le Moye de Bienville.

Who Founded Kansas?

General Antonio de Santa Ana was the founder of Kansas. The capitol Topeka was discovered in the Fall of 1854 on Thanksgiving Day. Kansas wsa admitted as the 34th State in the Union on January 29,1861. You can find more

Who Found North Carolina?

North Carolina was founded in 1653 by King James II. Later, in 1729, the state was divided and South Carolina was created. North Carolina was one of the original 13 colonies until it was divided due to internal problems with

Who is the Mayor of North Carolina?

The Demoratic Mayor-elect of North Carolina is Anthony Foxx. He is 38 years old andthe younest ever elected. He won that post by 51.5 % margin beating out Republican John Lassiter.

Who Invented Physical Education?

No one specific really invented physical education. The need to be physically active has been a know need since the stone age. As time went different sports were created as ways to help keep people active.

Who Qualifies for Financial Aid?

Financial Aid helps any students to get a college education. Financial Aid is aware to those with financial needs and those that maintain good grades.

Who Will Win Total Drama Island?

I have no idea. My kids watch this show all the time so I’m sure they have their favorites. A quick search of the Internet shows it is a popular show on Cartoon Network with plenty of fan sites like

Who Founded Maine?

Maine was founded by a culture known as the red paint people. Roughly around the time of 3000 B.C and 1000 B.C, they were then followed by Susquehanna Culture which are also known to be the first to invent pottery.The

Who Founded Howard University?

The First Congressional Society of Washington decided to create a seminary for African Americans in 1866. The decided to make it a University instead, and in 1867 Congress chartered it.

Who is the German Chancellor?

The Chancellor of Germany is named Angela Merkel. She was born on July 17th 1954. The German Chancellor is equivalent to the Prime Minister in other countries.

Who Sings Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills is a popular song by the band Weezer. The lead singer (and songwriter) of Weezer is Rivers Cuomo, a graduate of Harvard University in Massachusetts.

Who Found Rhode Island?

Roger Williams founded a new colony in Rhode Island. The colony was set up based on the concept of freedom of religion. William later obtained a charter for a new colony that included Providence.

Who Qualifies for Student Financial Aid?

There are many forms of student financial aid and many people qualify for it each and every day. Even if your income is decent, you may still qualify. The best way to know for sure is to ask your local

Who is Marion Jones?

Marion Jones is a former world champion in track and field. She won 5 medals in the 2000 Olympics but had to give them up because she took steroids.

Who Founded Alabama?

Alabama, nicknamed the Yellowhammer State, was founded by the French at Fort Louis de la Mobile in 1702. Although, the territory was first visited by Hernando de Soto in 1540.

Who Who Among High School Students?

Who’s who among high school students is a nationally recognized program that recognizes high school students for superior academic achievement. It allows the student to be ranked on a list based largely in part by their academic achievement and extra

Who is the Governor of New Mexico?

Bill Richardson is the current governor of New Mexico and is presently serving his second term in office. In addition, Governor Richardson ran an unsuccessful bid for the Democratic Party Nomination to run for the U.S. Presidency during the 2008

Who is John Paul Stevens?

John Paul Stevens is an associate justice of the United States Supreme Court. He was nominated by President Gerald Ford and took his seat on the Supreme Court in 1975. You can find more information here:

Who is the Governor of West Virginia?

As of November 2009, Joe Manchin III is the governor of the state of West Virginia. He is the 34th man to be governor of the state of West Virginia.

Who is the Current Governor of Oklahoma?

The current governor of Oklahoma is Brad Henry. He began his term in 2003 and is scheduled to finish his second term in 2011. He cannot run for a third term as there is a two term limit. Henry has

Who Founded South Carolina?

South Carolina is a state located in the southern region of the United States. The first permanent English settlement of the state was by William Sayle who was also its first governor.

Who Founded Maryland?

The founding of Maryland was begun by a Lord Baltimore in 1632. It started off as a prestigious home on land but grew larger within a few years.

Who is Mary Lyon?

Mary Lyon was an educator in the early 1800’s. She founded two Massachusetts colleges, Wheaton and Mt. Holyoke. She commited her life to educating girls from poor families. You can find more information here:

Who is Hiring in Spartanburg Sc?

There are many companies hiring in Spartanburg, SC from the government itself to local companies. Take your resume, wear a nice suit and a smile, and go get your job. The SC Workforce Commission should help at

Who is Indiana Governor?

The current governor of Indiana is Mitchell E. Daniels Jr. He is the 49th governor of the state of Indiana and was elected to office in 2004. You can find more information here:

Who Invented the Band Aid?

Earle Dickson invented the band aid in 1920. Earl’s wife was always cutting herself in the kitchen. He first made it with a piece of tape and gauze. Later he made the band aid sterile to keep the cut clean.