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Where do I File for Divorce?

Often you will file for divorce in your county’s family court. Each state has different procedures for filing for divorce, so consult an attorney in your area or contact your local court clerk to ask where you file for divorce.

Where can I Get my Credit Score?

You can get your credit score from any of the major credit reporting agencies. Most all will charge you a fee for your score. You can get a credit report for free once a year, but it may or may

Where can I Find Free Background Checks?

Looking for that perfect job, it is that time of the year. Be careful of what web sites you request information from, the free ones can be the worse. I would go to a government or official website. Look here

Where is my Tax Return?

When you file your tax return, it does take a certain period of time to get completed. If you do it electronically, it should be within 3 weeks. By mail takes 8 to 10 weeks. You can check with the

Where my State Tax Refund?

Your state tax refund could be held up for any number of reasons. In a situation like this it’s best to contact the state tax office in whatever state you live in. They could have applied the refund to any

Where can I Find State Tax Forms?

You can find state tax forms on your states website. You can find unemployment tax forms or tax collection fee forms. You are also able to pay those taxes on their website.

Where can I Find Legal Forms?

You can find legal forms for your state online, some for free and some for reasonable prices. It is best if you check the Better Business Bureau to see if the site is reputable. Many local bar associations have free

Where can You Buy Prepaid Visa Cards?

Prepaid credit cards are a great way to get the benefits of purchasing without cash while not impacting your credit rating. Green Dot is one of the most popular prepaid cards on the market right now and is available at

Where is Will Smith House?

Will Smith lives with his wife, Jada Pinkett – Smith, in house near Los Angeles, California. Their house is located in the secluded hills above Los Angeles. To find more information click here:

Where do I Mail my Income Tax Return?

You can find out where to mail your federal income tax return on the IRS website. Different mailing centers handle different parts of the country and even different forms in some cases. Check with an IRS or tax professional in

Where can I Find Fax Numbers?

If you know the place you are trying to fax, you can check your local white pages or yellow pages phone book. Most of the time if the business has a fax number it will be listed along with their

Where can I Find the Value of Old Money?

Value is a good thing and to find out just how good that old money is you could look in one of the many collector’s guides frequently updated and published. You could also look online as there are a number

Where can I Get Free Criminal Records?

I would suggest that you contact your police station if you are looking for criminal records. Your motives behind requesting the records will be questioned however they should have them.

Where do Taxes Go?

Taxes that are collected are used to pay for government programs like the Department of Defense or the National Parks. We also pay taxes to support the president or educational funds. For more information see here:

Where is Bonn?

Bonn, a large city in Germany, is located in the western area of that country. Bonn, the capitol of West Germany after WWII until 1990, sits along the Rhine River. Look here for more information:

Where do I Exchange Money?

In larger cities, at most major branches of banks or even travel agencies, you can have your money exchanged. You can even use your credit card at an ATM, and withdraw money in the currency you need. For more information

Where can I Find Free Journal Articles?

Free journal articles can be found at various sites. Highwire through Stanford University has a free site for most journal articles and has a five star rating.

Where can I Apply for Free Grants?

Applying for grants can be a challenge. However, you can apply for different grants for school and even to start a business. You have to qualify for the grant. For more information see here:

Where can I Find Journals?

You should check out Barnes and Nobles. They carry a great selection of journals. I love journals because you can just express your deepest feelings when you are writing in them.

Where to Apply for Medicaid?

You can apply for Medicaid at your local health care office, or you can print the applications off of the official Medicaid website. You must apply for Medicaid by submitting your forms to a care coordinator that will set up

Where to Mail Federal Tax Returns?

Depending on the state from which you are filing, the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service has four regional offices where you will be able to mail your federal tax return. The offices are located in the Kansas City, MO

Where can I Find Foreclosures?

Foreclosures are public records which means anyone can see them. They should be at your local courthouse. You can find out which courthouse in your area by calling your local court system or looking online.

Where is my IRS Tax Rebate?

When you have money coming to you and you have not received it yet, then you need to contact the IRS. You can contact them by going to their website. For more information look here:

Where is my Tax Rebate?

You can find information on where your federal tax rebate is from the website. You can contact your state comptroller or tax assessor for information on where your local or state tax rebate is in process.

Where can I Find Magazine Articles?

You can find magazine articles in most magazines, silly! If you are looking for specific articles, try the magazines website. They usually archive older issues on the internet.

Where are Mortgage Rates Headed?

According to some of the best economists mortgage rates are headed high, sky high. That’s because the artificially low interest environment the Federal Reserve has created is causing a delayed-negative effect on the economy which will have to be counteracted

Where can I Get a Free Criminal Report?

You can get a free criminal report or background check from your local police department. It might cost you some copy fees which is usually a dollar per page but running the report is free. Most county courthouses will also

Where can I Get a Loan With No Credit?

You can check out the website called Credit to find out if you can receive a loan without credit. Since you have no credit, in the event that you are approved your interest rates maybe a little high.

Where is the Best Place to Live?

I really think this would be a matter of what you like in a town but Money magazine says that the number one place to live in Louisville, CO with a population of 18,800 and a unemployment rate of only

Where is Nasdaq Located?

Nasdaq or the national association of securities dealers automated quotatios is located in the heart of time square in new york city,ny.

Where can I Find a Personal Loan?

You can find a personal loan by contacting your bank. You can apply for a personal loan through a credit union as well. Credit union’s has the best interest rates.

Where can I Buy Visa Gift Cards?

You can buy visa gift cards at your local walmart. There is a $3 fee for each card and each card is reloadable. You may also check with your local banks.

Where can I Find Product Reviews?

Product reviews are often posted on the home website for the manufacturer of the product. Often times, the product will be for sale on the website and you can see the comments of other people who have already purchased the

Where is the Prime Meridian Located?

The Prime Meridian starts at the North Pole and runs through Greenwich, England and then heads through Western Africa and down to the South Pole. It is located at the longitude that is designated as 0 degrees and all points

Where can I Get Copies of Old W2 S?

To obtain copies of old W2’s, you can contact the employer that issued it. If that is not an option, you can contact the IRS. They can mail a printout of what was reported by the employer. For more information

Where can I Find my Employment History?

If you have ever had an employment claim you will have to call your local unemployment office to or you can visit their website. When you type in your social security number your employment history will be listed.

Where is my Tax Refund?

In order to status your refund you can go to WWW.IRS.GOV website and click the link that says where is my refund once there you will need to know the social security number of the primary person on the return

Where does Old Money Go?

When money becomes old and fragile, the Federal Reserve bank retires it from circulation and then shreds it. The paper fibers are recycled into new bills.

Where can I Report a Landlord Violation?

States have different laws concerning landlord violations. Your best bet is to check with the attorney general’s office in your state, or a consumer affairs and protection office. You can find more information here:

Where can I Get my W2 Online?

There are a number of online resources where you can get your W2 online. However, be wary of scams that are phishing attempts to steal your identity! You can find more information here:

Where my Tax Refund?

If you are owned a tax refund you can get the status on line. You will need your Social Security number and your tax return ready to answer some questions. If you requested a direct deposit it will be available

Where can I Get a Background Check?

I have posted a website below that you can log into and obtain a credit report for free. Some companies ask you to do a background check before you are hired to see if you have any felonies.You can find

Where can I Get my Taxes Done?

You can actually visit a few places to get your taxes done like H&R; block. Also, you can visit Jackson Hewitt Services. The IRS department can do your taxes as well for free.

Where can I Find Articles Online?

There are many websites, online, where you can read articles. Try a site like MSNBC’s or the Associated Press. There are a ton of great articles just waiting to be read!

Where to Mail Tax Return?

Where you mail your tax return depends on what state you live in. The IRS has a great website that asks which form you are using and whether or not you are mailing in payment with it. You can find

Where is the Routing Number on a Check?

The routing number on a check is the first set of numbers on the left at the bottom of the check. The next set of numbers are the checking account number, and the last numbers are the check number.

Where can I Find Journal Articles?

You can find many journal articles published by universities or professional organizations online by searching their respective websites. The main branches of many libraries maintain journal articles from around the world. Check with your local librarian for help finding journal

Where can I Find a Loan?

You can find a loan at many banking centers where a loan officer will walk you through the loan application. Many small business loans are available for the emerging green economy.

Where can I Find my Family Shield?

Can you trace your family back to medieval times? This is when families were recognized by their coats of arms. Find yours online by searching your last name. For more information, look here:

Where can I Buy Stock?

Where you can buy stock depends on whether you want chicken or beef stock which can be found at your local supermarket. If you are referring to a bear or bull market, then you will go to a ‘stock broker’

Where can I Go to Find Quotes?

There are many places to find quotes on many things. For example, if you need auto insurance quotes, try Geico’s websites. If you need a quote on your monthly payment on a certain car, try the dealer’s website.

Where can I Find Quotes?

Check online for difference insurance quotes. If you are looking for car insurance you can check out the car insurance quote website. You can get information online within a few minutes.

Where can I Lookup Old Court Cases?

If your looking for something in specific or just want to look around. This is the best place to start. You can even make sure you have no outstanding warrants. For more information look here:

Where to Get Social Security Card?

The only place that you can get a social security card form is the social security office. You will need to fill out and application for a lost or stolen card and show proof of your identity.

Where is the Pentagon Located?

The Pentagon is located at 700 Army Navy Drive, in Arlington, VA. It is the Department of Defense and with an employee size of about 23,000, it is one of the largest office buildings worldwide. Often tours to visit the

Where is my Income Tax Refund?

After you send of your income tax refund for processing it will take a few days or weeks for you to receive your refund. If you are receiving direct deposit then you can expect to receive your refund faster rather

Where can I Get a Deed to my House Online?

Well, at first, I thought that this would not be possible, but guess what I found?

Where is Mozambique Located?

In southeast Africa between Tanzania and South Africa. It has the Indian ocean with incredible beaches for an Eastern coast with Zimbabwe as a western neighbor.

Where is Ft Bragg?

Fort Bragg is located in North Carolina. It is a U.S. army base that is over 11,000 acres. It has been there approximately ninety years.

Where is my Ny State Tax Refund?

By calling the IRS in your area or going on to the IRS website you will be able to find out more information about your NY state tax refund.

Where do I Send my Federal Taxes?

Depending on the state from which you are filing, the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service has four regional offices where you will be able to mail your federal tax return. The offices are located in the Kansas City, MO

Where do I File for Unemployment?

You can file for unemployment by checking out your state’s website or going to your local unemployment office. For Florida it is Worksource but might be different in your state.

Where does One Get a Vendor Licence?

Often city or county offices issue a vendor license so you can operate your business. Some states will issue a vendor license if you want to sell certain things like alcohol and fireworks.

Where can I Get a Document Notarized?

You can get a document notarized at your local bank. If you have an account with them, the bank will sometimes offer complimentary notary services. If your bank doesn’t offer this service, just do an internet search for a notary

Where can I Cash my Tax Return Check?

If you don’t have a bank account you can cash your tax refund check at one of those check cashing places. Be warned though you will need proper identification. Also, these companies charge a fee for cashing your check.

Where can I Find Personal Loans?

You can contact your bank to apply for a personal loan. If your credit is good enough then you will be approved for the loan. However, try to avoid a loan with high interest rates.

Where is my State Refund?

If you have not received it, I would think it is still in the state treasury. I would contact the IRS in reference to why it has not arrived

Where can I Download Free Legal Forms?

You can usually find legal forms online from the local Court House. The forms will only be available if it is something that you can do without a lawyer.

Where can I Find Free Legal Advise?

There are many sites that offer legal advice for free. There is a great site online where you can get legal advice, read about laws, and even ask questions. All this is available to your for free. For more information

Where can I Find a Quote?

Where to find a quote depends on what you want a quote of or on. If you want a quote from someone like poetry or speeches try searching for that person. If you want a quote for something like a

Where Should I Invest my Money?

In a troubled economy, figuring out where you should invest your money can be quite tricky. Depending on where you are in life, you goals and time frame may be much different than other people’s. Many people say property is

Where can I Find a Cell Phone Number?

Finding a cell phone number can be tricky if you don’t know the service provider of the person you are looking for. There are background checks available but generally they are a costly way of looking for that information.

Where can I Find Police Reports?

You can find a police report at the police station of the agency that responded to the incident. You must request a copy of the report, and will have to pay for the copies.

Where can I Cash my Tax Refund Check?

Everyone who gets money back loves income tax year. A tax refund check is what the government gives you back saying you paid enough taxes the previous year. Cash checking companies will usually cash a tax refund check.

Where can I Find Lost Relatives?

Lost relatives used to be hard to find like a needle in a haystack. Now with the technology available if you have basic information such as a name and/or last place of residence, the internet and sites like face book

Where can I Get a Free Background Check?

There really isn’t anyplace where you can get a background check absolutely free. Most of the sites will require you to at least do a trial with them and enter your credit card information. The cheapest place that I’ve found

Where can I Find Free Legal Documents?

There are a number of sites available on the internet with samples of common legal documents. A word of caution, just because you can find the form for free does not mean that you should use a legal form without

Where can I Find a Living Will?

Your local hospital can provide a Living Will form (Advance Directive form) and answer any questions you may have about it. It will need to be witnessed.

Where can I Borrow Money?

You can take out a payday loan by going online to visit their website. However, this money must be repaid as soon as you get your check and you will need to pay interest as well.

Where can I Get my W-2 for Taxes Online?

Your w-2 forms should come form your employer. Depending on how the company that you work for operates, you will either receive it through the mail, or your supervisor will distribute them personally.

Where is Jamica?

Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean. It is just 90 miles south of the island of Cuba. It was named Xaymaca, by the Native Arawak Indians, meaning ‘Land of Wood and Water’.

Where do I Mail my Taxes to?

It is very simple all you need to do is visit this site

Where can I Get Tax Forms?

You can find many of the common tax forms at your local post office or you can go on the IRS website at

Where can I Get a Cashiers Check?

You can get a cashiers check at any local bank. Some banks may charge a fee, even if you have an account with them. There is a fee if you do not have an account.

Where can I Find Bad Credit Loans?

Only a few banks will be willing to offer credit to consumers with low credit scores. The best chance for finding financing, is to check into in house loans at retailers.

Where can I Find Free Tax Forms?

You can find free tax forms at any library. You can also contact the IRS and they will email or postal mail you the forms needed. Also contact a local tax preparer. For more information, look here: IRS.GOV

Where is the Canadian Shield Located?

The Canadian Shield is a massive geological shield that extends from Greenland to the northern part of lower Michigan, and covers half of Canada.

Where are Wills Filed?

With the person who made the will’s lawyer. The lawyer has the will until it is needed at the death of the person. It is his responsibility to read the will to the family.

Where can I Find Free Government Grants?

You can find free government grants by searching online. However, applying for government grants is not easy. You have to do a lot of work to find the right grant for you then you must submit a letter explaining why

Where can I Get a Free Credit Report?

Every year you are able to get a free copy of your credit report from each of the credit reporting agencies. You are also able to get a free credit report each time your apply for credit and are rejected.

Where is Devonshire?

Devonshire is a large county located in England, but it’s real name is actually Devon. It is surrounded by the counties Cornwall (west), Dorset (east), and Somerset (east). The English Channel and the Bristol Channel also border Devon, being the

Where can I Find Investors?

You can find investors in the bank, an investment firm and often times in an accounting firm. Many times, the bank is the best way to go because not only are the people looking out for your profit but they

Where can I Obtain my Birth Certificate?

You can go to the court house in the town where you were born and you can ask for a copy of your birth certificate. The fee is ten dollars in most towns.

Where is Microsoft Headquarters Located?

Microsoft is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft has over 91,000 employees worldwide. The main campus sits on about 300 acres of land with about 40 buildings.

Where can I Find Address Labels?

You can buy address labels that you print your address on at Walmart, Target or maybe even your local supermarket. If none of those stores are available, just do a search using the phrase address labels.

Where can I Get Money for a Funeral?

You may be able to fund a funeral from burial insurance of the recently deceased. If no such insurance was taken out by the deceased, you may qualify for a short term loan at your local bank or credit union.

Where can I Find Stock Quotes?

Stock quotes are easy to find. You can look in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times business section, or almost any newspaper. While you’re on the internet, why not jump over to Yahoo Finance and type in the name

Where can I Find a Lost Relative?

Finding a lost relative can be a complicated process. If you have a good amount of background information on the lost relative then an online locating company might help. If you have a limited amount of background information then a

Where People Live?

People live all over the world. People live where they feel comfortable. If you like the feeling of warm weather then you may want to move California or Miami.

Where can I Take Dui Classes?

Driving while under the influence (DUI) has created a market for DUI Classes being offered by the public. You can check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles or your local court clerk and they will provide you with a

Where is the Negev Desert?

The Negev desert is located in southern Israel. It covers most of Israel, at just about 4,700 square miles in size. The desert is shaped like a triangle. For more information, look here:

Where can I Get Money Fast?

The fastest way to get money is to get a job. Also, you can have a yardsale or pawn items you no longer need. And try to find some side work. If you are good at home repair, cleaning, or

Where to Invest Money?

There are many places to invest money. Depending upon your long term investment goals and the money you have to invest you may choose real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold, or even commodities as an investment vehicle. You can

Where can I Find City Populations?

The best place to find the populations of various cities is by checking with the United States Census Bureau. You can also find other good statistics there.

Where can I Get Replacement W2?

If you lost or did not receive your W2, you can contact your employer and they will send out a new one. If they have it contracted through an accounting firm, the employer will tell you how to get a

Where can I Find Police Records?

Finding police records on line are possible to acquire if you know the city or state you want the records from. You will have to fill out certain information whether you request them on line or in person and there

Where can I Get a Visa Gift Card?

Visa Gift Cards are available for purchase at many major retailers like Wal-Mart and Walgreen’s. Be wary of buying these cards, however, as there are usually multiple fees attached to the purchase and use of them.

Where can I Find CD?

You can find a cd at various music stores or other department stores that sell electronics. Circuit City or Wal-Mart are two large stores that carry cds and other music appliances.

Where can I Get Free Public Records?

For the most part, public records are free and available to anyone who asks. All you need to do is file a formal request for information with the body that has the files.

Where to Retire Magazine?

If you’ve gotten to that age and you’re thinking of retiring out of state you’ve picked a great place to check. Where to Retire Magazine is a great start. You can find more information here:

Where can I Find Cpt Codes?

Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes are maintained by the American Medical Association and are the codes that describe medical and surgical procedures. Since this is for professional use most links limit the number of searches allowed. Please see the link.You

Where can I Find Mortgage Rates?

You can call the different banks in your area to get mortgage rates. Make sure you call several different places because the rates all vary at each one.

Where do I Apply for Medicaid?

Medicaid is a state funded health insurance program for low income families. To apply for assistance, your local social service office should have applications or instructions to how and where to apply.

Where can I Get Financial Help?

To get financial help, you may need to talk to a lawyer. When looking for help in other places, it’s smarter to just go with the professionals. A tax attorney may be able to help you, as well.

Where can I Find Baby Items?

You can find baby items commonly at yard sales or through your local newspaper classifieds. Babies R Us is a popular baby retail store located across the nation.

Where can I Get my First Credit Card?

You can check on the credit card website and there will be a list of credit card options for you to choose from. Just be sure you select a card that has a low interest rate.

Where do I Find Quotes?

One of the best places to find quotable quotes is Bartlett’s Book of Quotations. Bartlett’s and its online companion website feature a topical index of quotes, quips and interesting insights.

Where can I Cash a Cashiers Check?

Cahsiers checks can be cashed at the financial insitution they are drawn upon, or at your own bank. Many other banks will cash cashiers check as long as you have identification. There are also check cashing businesses where you can

Where can I Find my Act Scores?

You can find your ACT scores online if you have a student web account. Some college admission offices and high school counselors will maintain your ACT scores. Look here for more information:

Where can I Pick Up Income Tax Forms?

You can usually find federal and state tax forms at the Post Office or at a public library. These forms are also available on the Internet. Go to

Where is Brazil?

Brazil is located in central South America and is bordered by most South American countries with the exception of Ecuador and Chile. It is the fifth largest country in the world and is the most populous country in South America

Where can I Look Up a Cell Phone Number?

If you want to look up a cell phone number I would suggest that you check the 411 website for information. That website is very helpful to me.

Where do I Send my Tax Forms?

It depends on which state you are filing. Each state or region of states has a central federal office in which to mail your return. You can visit the IRS site to obtain your local contact address.

Where can I Buy a Prepaid Credit Card?

You can visit your local check cashing store because they normally have prepaid credits available. Also, you can purchase a rush card online.

Where can I Run a Free Criminal Check?

In order to obtain a criminal check on someone you would have to know their first and last name, age, and city and state. It is also to know the names of their relatives.

Where is Area Code 631?

Area code 631 is an area code in New York State. Area code 631 covers Suffolk County on Long Island, which is at the eastern end of Long Island. Look here for more information:

Where does Warren Buffet Live?

Warrent Buffet lives in Omaha, Nebraska. This is where he was born. He purchased the house he lives in for $31,500 in 1958. Today, the house is worth over $700,000.

Where can I Find Online Journals?

Online journals have become very popular, being commonly referred to as blogs. You can find these blogs on social sites, such as Myspace, or a site created just for blogging.You can find more information here:

Where to Retire?

You can retire at a beautiful beach house. You can sit and watch the sun rise on your balcony with a refreshing glass of wine in your head. That would be too perfect.

Where can I Find Rental Agreements?

You can purchase rental agreements from Target, Walmart, Walgreens or any store like them. They most likely will be in the school supply aisle (sounds weird but that is where I always find them).

Where do I Mail my Tax Forms?

It depends on which state you are filing. Each state or region of states has a central federal office in which to mail your return. You can visit the IRS site to obtain your local contact address.

Where do I Get a Passport?

You can go to a United States Postal Service office near you and ask if they are a Passport Acceptance Facility. Most post offices will provide passport services and they will have the appropriate application for you. In addition, they

Where can I Print Free Divorce Papers?

You can print free divorce papers on divorce websites online. You will still need them to be reviewed and signed by a judge to make it official and legal.

Where can I Apply for a SBA Loan?

You can apply for an SBA (small business administration) loan at private lending institutions, such as credit unions and banks. They may offer these loans when small businesses don’t qualify for financing through normal lending channels.

Where is Mount Mckinley?

Mount McKinley is the highest peak in North America. Located in Denali National Reserve Park in south central Alaska, it stands at 20,320 feet in height and offers a breathtaking view with its snow covering. Many attempts to climb Mount

Where can I Get a Loan With Bad Credit?

Experts advise that you start with your local bank. Sometimes, those with less than perfect credit have better luck with smaller local banks because loan officers are able to consider individual circumstances rather than just a credit score. On the

Where does Medicare Get Its Money?

Medicare is a government run system for health-care for the senior citizens and disabled. The money to run the program is taken from taxes that working citizens pay from their paychecks.

Where are the Best Places to Retire?

Some of the best places to retire to are Port Charlotte, Florida; Palm Springs, California; or Traverse City, Michigan. Also among the best is Pinehurst, North Carolina and Surprise, Arizona. For more information see here:

Where is Area Code 401?

Area code 401 covers Providence, Rhode Island and some surrounding areas. For future reference, there is actually a site that will actually tell you where any area code is located in the US for free. You can even search by

Where do I Send my Federal Income Tax Return?

Depending on the state from which you are filing, the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service has four regional offices where you will be able to mail your federal tax return. The offices are located in the Kansas City, MO

Where can I Buy Gold?

You can buy gold at your local jewelry stores. You can also purchase gold online as well. Gold is great and it last very long. Receiving gold can be a great gift.

Where can I Purchase Foreign Currency?

If you are looking to go travel then you need to buy foreign currency. A great place to do this is the web. There you will find several places like the well fargo company. For more information look here:

Where can I Get a Tax ID Number?

Go to the IRS website ( You can file for a number on-line but you need to check with your state first to see if you need a state number or charter.

Where do I Mail my Federal Tax Return?

You can go online to and find out where to mail your federal tax return according to the state that you live in. If you live in one state and work in another, use the state of your residence.

Where can I Find Death Records for Free?

Death records are usually a matter of public record and you may be able to go to your local library and search vital records on micro fiche or go to your county clerks office and go to the vital records

Where Someone Works?

Since I do not have the persons name, it is going to be difficult for me to find where they work. Employment information is not as readily available as other personal data and you will likely need a social security

Where can I Find Some Quotes?

Your search for finding quotes is simple. Just type in whatever types of quotes your looking for in the search box. Web pages that are relevant to your query will appear. Most of the time you’ll find exactly what you

Where to Apply for Section 8?

There is a website that is called Low Income Housing. You can visit that website to find out how to apply for section 8. This is available for those who live on a low income. For more information, look here:

Where do Most People Live?

Most people live in houses or trailers. Some live in mansions and castles. But the majority of people in America live in houses. I live in a house.

Where can I Get a Cash Advance?

You will need to find a local pay station near you to take a cash advance. Take identification, bank statements and recent pay stubs with you to apply.