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What Size Speakers Fit my Car?

To find out what size speakers fit your car, start by checking the owners manual. If the manual doesn’t list the sizes, you may have to measure the speaker mount openings. These will likely be located in the doors and

How do Bicycle Brakes Work?

The most common type of bicycle brakes are rim brakes. When you squeeze the brake lever the brake pads slow the bike down — through friction — by clamping onto the rim of the wheel. For more information look here:

How to Repair my Credit Score?

Pay down your credit cards is the first step in repairing your credit score. Don’t use your card often and for small amounts, don’t go over your credit limit, use cards that you have for a long time, dispute old

How do I Install Subwoofers?

Personally I would go to a professional to get subwoofers installed. The intricate details of installing any type of electronic product, let the professionals do their job. That’s what they are trained for.

How to Replace Rear Brake Pads?

To replace the rear brake pads you will need to make sure you support the car on jacks so not to fall. Then you will remove the wheels, drums that will be covering the brake pads. Take them off one

Where are Jeeps Manufactured?

Jeeps are manufactured in many different locations. They have plants in Argentina, China, India, and Korea. Parts for Jeeps may also be manufactured in other locations, and then sent to their main factories. You can find more information here:

How to Remove Bumper Stickers?

There are several methods to remove bumper stickers. Please keep in mind that all of these can damage your vehicle, if care is not taken. The best method is using a hair dryer to melt the adhesive and then you

Can am Motorcycles?

The most recent version of the can am motorcycle is known as the Can Am Spyder. The Can Am Spyder provides the balance of three wheels but in a not so traditional way. The Can Am Spyder has two wheels

How to Aim Headlights?

Headlights can be aimed by parking your vehicle on a flat surface in front of a wall or other similar object. Using the headlight adjusting screws found around the headlight, adjust vertically and horizontally until the lamps are aimed how

How do I Know if I have Flywheel Problems?

You know you have a flywheel problem when you hear rattling. This will be easy to distinguish from any rattle since it sounds like loose change.

Where can I Rent a Mini Cooper?

There are many areas where you cannot yet rent a mini cooper. The best thing you can do is call around the local car rental companies and see if they have one available. Or, check online at the many car

How to Replace Fuel Pump?

Replacing a fuel pump can be risky. Most vehicles are fueled by gasoline and it is very flammable. Most vehicle fuel systems are pressurized and you run the risk of gasoline spewing out. I would suggest you consult a professional

Where can I Find a Used Truck?

A used truck can be found through a private individual or a dealership. The classified section of the newspaper offers many used trucks for sale.

How to Replace a Fuel Pump?

To replace a fuel pump you would start out by making sure the battery is taking out of the car, then you can raise the car into the air. Making sure it wont fall, locate the fuel tank and take

How to Rent a Car?

Renting a car is quite easy. Some of the requirements are a driver’s license, a credit card, and age over 21 years old. All of the major rental car companies have a website you can use to reserve a rental

How to Rebuild An Alternator?

Some alternator’s cant be rebuilt cause they are a closed system. But, if you want to rebuild one you can just locate the screws out, making sure you don’t loose anything. Clean all the parts, put the new ones in

How Much Weight can a 2×4 Support?

How much weight a 2×4 can support depends on a few factors. The longer the wood is the more vulnerable and weak the wood would be especially in the center.

How Much Oil do I Put in my Car?

The amount of oil your car will need depends on what type of car you have and how low the oil is. The average vehicle takes 5 quarts of oil if you are changing the oil. Look in your owner’s

How Much is my Used Truck Worth?

There are several ways to find out how much you truck is worth. You can check out the Kelley Blue Book for an estimated value, based on condition. Newspaper ads are also a good source of information to see what

What Vehicles Seat 8 Passengers?

Many vehicles have the ability to carry 8 passengers both safely and in comfort. Most of the mini vans produced by various car companies come in 8 passenger models.

What is An Intake Manifold?

The intake manifold is the part of an engine that takes in the fuel and air. This part then distributes the fuel and air mixture evenly to the engines cylinder ports.You can find more information here:

How to Make a Lawnmower Faster?

To make a lawnmower faster you can either increase the rpm of the motor, or change the gear ration of the drive axle. It is probably cheaper to find a way to increase the rpm, but too high of an

Who Invented the Mustang?

The invention of the Ford Mustang was an idea of Phil Clark. He first tried to sell the concept to General Motors, who turned it down. He offered it to Ford Motor Company and they built the Mustang. To find

How to Install a Cold Air Intake?

Replacing a vehicle’s air supply requires the removal of your factory stock air box. It is important to know where your factory air stock system is located and how it works. Higher end cold air intake systems may require body

Who Owns Chrysler Corporation?

well a few company’s own the chrysler corporation as Cerberus capital management and is a private investment company and they other half’s are devided up by other private investment companys as a Italian auto maker

How to Remove Bugs from Car?

Several products can be purchased to remove bugs. Department stores and auto parts stores will carry these products.

What is Front Wheel Drive?

Front wheel drive is a power train arrangement where the power from the motor is being fed to the front tires only. This arrangement is very popular today and can be found on most small cars.

How to Change Head Gasket?

You can change a head gasket by removing the top of the engine. The top, or head, of the engine will have a gasket that seals it to the main part of the engine. Once the head is removed, you

How to Change a Fuel Filter?

Relieve the Fuel Pressure and Cut Power to the Fuel Pump. Unbolt the Fuel Pump. Disconnect the Fuel Lines. Disconnect the Fuel Pump Wiring. Install the new fuel

What is a Powertrain Warranty?

A powertrain warranty is the warranty that covers the engine, the transmission and the drivetrain. This warranty varies depending on where you buy your car from.

How to Make Lambo Doors?

I would have no idea where to even start but lambo doors are very cool, as they open vertically like the old ‘back to the future’ car. A custom car mechanic would be the one to talk to.

How to Take Off a Steering Wheel?

If you are trying to prevent someone from stealing your car, wouldn’t be easier to just buy a ‘club’? Taking off the steering wheel isn’t too difficult. Take off the center and the horn button. There you’ll see two threaded

Where can I Find Rims for Cars?

I highly recommend going to either

What are Spark Plugs?

Spark Plugs are needed for your vehicle to start. They provide the electricity from the gap between the two contact points, causing a spark, that ignite air and gas vapors, that allow your vehicle to start.

How Much does An Alignment Cost?

An alignment will cost $39.99 and up. Check with your repair shop as to the actual cost.

Thrifty Car Rental Coupons Printable?

You can find printable coupons for Thrifty Car Rental as well as instant coupons for on line reservations. Some savings are as much as 15% off for certain cities. Visit

Where can I Rent a Cadillac Escalade?

You can rent a Cadillac Escalade from many car rental companies. Companies such as Alamo, Budget, Avis, and Enterprise all advertise that they have them available. However, it is always a good idea to call and book your vehicle to

Where can I Sell Used Tires?

The best place to sell used tires is to advertise them on bulletin boards. You can also use ad pads to adsertise free.

Where can I Find Honda Parts?

You can find Honda parts in many places. Your local Honda dealer, or auto parts store. You can even check junk yards, often a junked vehicle will have perfectly good parts still on it. Or you can purchase online from

What Size Tires can I Put on my Car?

To determlne what size tires to put on your car, call a local tire company. Describe the make and model of your car and they will explain your options. If you currently have tires on your car, they may ask

How Old is a Classic Car?

In order for a car to reach the age of being a ‘Classic Car’ it must be at least 15 years old here in the state of Alabama. Different states have different ages and car clubs have rules all their

How to Make a Turbo?

Disconnect the cables from the battery. Position a turbo mounting bracket so that the air outlet of the turbo will be easy to reach the engine’s air intake or carburetor. To find more information click here:

How to Fix a Clutch?

To fix a clutch you will need to remove the cover plate from the bottom of the transmission. You will have remove the old Pressure plate, thowout bearing, and clutch and then replace them with new ones.

Who Makes Jaguar?

Jaguars are made in one of two Jaguar, Land Rover plants in England. However, Jaguar and the manufacturing plants are owned by the Indian Company Tata Motors. For more information look here:

Diagram for Routing Serpentine Belt?

The diagram for routing serpentine belts is usually found on a sticker when opening your hood. If not there, check a repair manual for your car.

Who Invented the Door Knob?

The first doorknob patent was received in 1878 to a man named Osbourn Dorsey. The only detail that can be found about Mr. Dorsey was that he was an African American inventor.

How to Change Rear Disc Brakes?

To change rear disc brakes first lift the vehicle and remove the wheel. Next, remove the brake calipers and replace the pads. Finally, remount the calipers and depress the pistons before going on a road test.

How to Replace Front Rotors?

Making sure the car is supported, you can take the tire off. Then take off the cailbor that’s covering the rotor. Some are held on with a key hole pin, others have nothing holding them. Replace the rotors the way

How to Buy Tires?

Buying tires can be difficult depending on where you go it varies and the size of tires needed ranges depending on the size of the car and now there are may places offering deals such as buy 3 and get

Where can I Find Pictures of Hummers?

Just with any type of trucks you can find pictures of hummers on any truck website that you look at. Most of them are seen in truck magazines and truck shows. To find more information click here:

How Safe are Airplanes?

Airplanes are safer than automobiles. Chances of dying in a car crash are much more than chances of dying in an airplane. Mostly plane crashes occur because of human errors. The accidents usually occur just after, before or during take

What is An Suv?

An SUV, the acronym for Sport Utility Vehicle, is the vehicle that replaced the family station wagon. SUV/s are a cross between a truck and a minivan. They combine the towing prowess of a truck, while supplying a roomy, comfortable

What are Struts on a Car?

Struts are a combination shock absorber and spring system on a car. They can be found on every front wheel drive car. They also incorporate the knuckle bearing that is so important in the front wheel drive steering mechanism. To

How Old is Bill O’reilly?

Bill O’Reilly was born on September 10th of 1949 in Manhattan. That means that he just celebrated his 60th birthday a couple of months ago. For more information see here:

How Often Should I Rotate my Tires?

It is normally recommended every to rotate your tires every time you have your oil changed but I don’t. I don’t usually rotate them unless I have a reason to think that they are wearing excessively.

How to Install a Trailer Hitch?

If you have a motorcycle, a boat or even a horse to transport, you’ll need a trailer to do so. You’ll have to install a trailer hitch on your truck to attach the trailer to. While that might sound like

How Much does a Ford Mustang Cost?

If you’re buying a 6 cylinder supreme, with leather, it will cost about $25,000, if you’re looking for a V8, GT supreme, you will pay anywhere from $26,000-to over $30,000.

How Long do Car Tires Last?

That depends on the brand and how often your drive, not to mention the driving conditions. Most last about 30,000 miles unless you have a weird compulsion to drive over roofing nails, then it’s less.

How Much does Car Window Tinting Cost?

For 4 door car, it can range fro $110-$140 dollars. For a 2 door car, it is about $100 dollars and for trucks, it ranges from $150-$200 dollars.

What is a Head Gasket?

It sits between the engine block and cylinder head. It seals the cylinder head. However, if you are asking this question, you probably shouldn’t be working on your vehicle.

How Much does a New Transmission Cost?

The cost of a new transmission can only be determined by the type of vehicle it is for. It is always more economical to buy a rebuilt or a used transmission, than to buy a new one. You can find

What does the Pt in Pt Cruiser Stand for?

The pt in PT cruiser stands for power train.

How Often Should Tires be Rotated?

Tires should be rotated about every 6000 miles for best performance. You can do it yourself but its easier to have a tire shop do it for you.

How to Remove Car Stereo?

Stereos are not all the same and removal depends on the model. Insides stereos are held in place with four clips. You will need a tool called a DIN to remove these U shaped clips. If the stereo is bolted

Where can I Rent a Car if IM 18?

There are very few rental car companies that allow this if you are 18. The only ones that I can think of are Avis and Budget rental. They require a deposit of $300.00 to be put on a VISA or

What Suv Gets the Best Gas Mileage?

If you are looking for a smaller SUV that gets the best gas mileage it is the Ford Escape Hybrid , it gets 32 miles per gallon. The best mid sized SUV for gas mileage is the Toyota Highlander Hybrid,

What Kind of Speakers are in my Car?

To find out what kind of speakers are in you’re car you can look in the back of you’re owner manual. This will tell you everything you need to know about the speakers and the kind that are in them.

How to Save on Gas?

You can save on gas by making sure all your tires are at the right pressure, changing your oil, air filter, spark plugs as well. Also making sure you do all your running at the same time, so your not

Where can I Find Atvs?

You can find ATV’s in your local classifieds, or your local motorcycle dealer. If you would rather purchase online you can check sites like craigslist or ebay. There are even ATV specific websites like and To find more

15 Passenger Van Rentals in Rhode Island?

You can rent a 15 passenger van at Adventure Vehicle Rentals in Warwick, R.I or they can bring it to your air port or hotel. This looks to be a really nice clean van and looks comfortable. You can call

Where is the Starter Motor Located?

A starter is an electric motor that is used to start your car by turning the motors flywheel. You can find your cars starter by suspending your car on jack stands or ramps and crawling under the car. You are

How do I Wire a Trailer?

Most of the electrical wires for a trailer run along the top inside. They are used when connecting the lights and the power cord from your vehicle. Its best to have this professionally done.

What is a V6 Engine?

A V6 engine is simply one that has three cylinders on each side arranged in an offset V. The V offset makes for less engine vibration, as the pistons balance themselves in opposite movement. To find more information click here:

Where is the Ural Mountains?

The URal mountains are located in Russia. They run from North to South through Western Russia and they are considered to be the natural boundary between Europe and Asia. To find more information click here:

How Much is my RV Worth?

There are many ways to find out how much your RV is worth. You will first need to know the year, make, and model of the RV. The condition of the body and the engine also plays a factor in

How to Clean Fuel Injectors At Home?

you can clean fuel injectors at home by eather taking them out and soaking them in gas for a few mins or easy as using a fuel injection cleaner that you will put into your gas tank and cleans them

What is Hemi?

Hemi is a name that describes a V8 engine. It comes from the cylinder heads, which has a hemispherical design. The auto maker Chrysler introduced this to the public in 1951.

How to Remove a Car Stereo?

All cars are different as far as the stereo goes. Most of them have guards on the dash that will easily remove and snap back in when you are done. There will be some screws that will hold the unit

What is the Best Radar Detector?

It is hard to say what is the best radar detector as many people will have different opinions. However there are many reviews available to help you decide which is the best for you. Remember though that radar detectors are

What is the Cheapest Car on the Market?

The cheapest new car ont the market this year would be the Hyundai Accent GS Base Hatchback, at $10,665. for addition information on this car and other cheap cars click the following link

How does a Flywheel Work?

The way a flywheel works is by the starter gear coming out and making contact with the flywheel in turns turning the crankshaft were the piston’s are connected and makes the engine fire and spins the whole time the engine

How to Remove a Car Radio?

You can remove a car radio just by locating the screws that are around the radio. It will be a cover that protects it, take it off then you can take out the radio.

What is the Best Car Wax?

According to millions of consumers,Meguire’s car wax has been considered the best since the year 1901. Other’s across America lean toward Turtle Wax, which is cheaper than Meguire’s. For more information, vist

How to Drive a Standard?

You can drive a standard by taking your foot and putting it on the clutch and brake. Turn the car over, make sure your in nuetral. Put it in first gear and slowly give it gas, let off clutch, so

Do It Yourself Auto Repairs Where is It Found?

There’s alot of books and websites out there that will show you how to do it yourself auto repairs all you really have to do if follow the directions and you will be able to do it yourself and not

How to Purchase Used Fema Trailers?

They sale them through auction, you can check their website and see if they are in your area. You might even get lucky with one not even used. You can find more information here:

How to Make a Fiberglass Dash?

This website

How to Change Brakes?

Changing brakes usually refers to changing the break pads. This can be easy if you have the right tools and know the correct steps. Always check with your cars repair manual of Chiltons manual for instructions. Look here for more

How do I Clear Up Clouded Headlights?

The only way to clear up clouded headlights is to replace them. They don’t cost much and you can do it yourself.

Where can I Buy Cheap Rims?

Rims are usually not cheap, but you can purchase reasonably priced rims from your local tire, rim, and wheel store. Generally the larger chains will have better prices than the small, mom and pop type stores. Or you can purchase

What Tires Will Fit my Truck?

The size of tire you will need for your truck depends on the type of truck you have. The tire size is located on the tire. However you can contact your local tire store and they can tell you.

What Should I Pay for a New Car?

Don’t pay anymore than you have to for a new car. The type of car you want will determine the price. In fact, buying a new car in December would be your best bet. Dealerships will be eager to sell

Where can I Find Dirt Bikes for Sale?

The best place to find dirt bikes for sale is your local classifieds if you want a used bike, or your local motorcycle dealer if you want a new one. You can also look online at websites like To

What is Yaw?

A simple explanation of yaw is an object that turns on an axis. To better visualize yaw, imagine an airplane flying straight and level. Now imagine that airplane spinning horizontally from it’s center axis. That is yaw. To find more

Who Invented the Turbocharger?

The turbocharger was invented by Alfred Buchi, a Swiss engineer. He applied for a patent for the turbocharger in 1905, and turbochargers began to appear in ships and trains in the 1920s. To find more information click here:

How to Increase Horsepower Without Spending Money?

The best way to increase horsepower without spending money is to take out the air filter of the car. After this is done, hose the filter down and allow it to dry. After it has dried, replace the filter and

How do I Find Out How Much my Car is Worth?

To find out how much your car is worth, you might want to check the Kelley Blue Book. More commonly known as the ‘Blue Book’, car dealers and insurance companies will often quote its findings when determining trade-in or accident

What is the Value of my Truck?

Finding the value of any vehicle is relatively easy. There are two widely accepted authorities on car/truck values. The first can be found at

How to Change Your Oil?

Changing your own oil can be a money saving trick that really saves your budget. After purchasing the correct oil and oile filter, you will need to make certain you have the right tools, such as a drop cloth, a

How to Remove An Engine?

You can start by making sure you have all the wires, hoses disconnected, then you will be able to get to the motor mounts that are on the side of the engine. Then you can connect chains to it then

Where can I Find Car Body Kits?

There are many different retailers that you can purchase body kits from, including but not limited to JC Whitney. Going to a local custom shop would be your best bet as they have the most experience with applying body kits.

Where is my Fuel Filter Located?

When it comes to locating the fuel fiter it will be around eather the gas tank on the side of the car or near the front of the engine. it will have a sheild around it to protect it from

How to Shift 10 Speed Manual Transmission?

You shift a 10 speed transmission truck like you would a manual transmission car. Making sure that you know where the proper gauges are in an 18 wheeler. After you get to the 6 gear you would flip the switch

How to Rotate Tires?

To rotate your tires you should move your rear tires to the front several times during their life cycle. This is quite easy to do and all you have to do is jack the vehicle up, remove back and front

What Size Speakers are in my Car?

My first guess, the way to find out what size speakers are in your car is by looking in your car’s manual. Usually the ones in the rear are 6×9’s and the ones in the front doors are 6 or

How Much does a Car Engine Cost?

A car engine can cost anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars depending on the condition of the engine, the mileage, and the type of car. Check places like junk yards before you purchase a brand new one. They sometimes have

How Much Horsepower does a Stock Chevy 350 have?

The chevy 350 comes in several different applications. It can go into a performance vehicle or in a work truck. In the 1995 Chevy Silverado truck the stock 350 motor has 210 horsepower.

What does GMC Stand for?

GMC stands for the General Motors Truck Company, which are trucks and vans made by General Motors Company. They’ve been around since 1912, when they merged with The Rapid Motor Vehicle Company. Look here for more information:

How Long can You Drive on a Spare Tire?

You can drive on a spare tire as long as you want. Although most spares are smaller than your other tires so driving on it too long will raise the risks of losing control of the vehicle or going out

How Much does It Cost to Rent a Car?

Smaller cars can be rented for about 29.95 a day. Larger or luxury cars will be more expensive.

How to Make Lambo Door Hinges?

When you start to make your lambo door hinges you need to determine your doors swing. You will need a small swing that goes outward then upward. Next determine how far you need to swing the door. Follow up by

How Much Should New Brakes Cost to Install?

New brakes will cost about $59.95 to install at most repair shop. Brake pads and shoes plus any other parts needed will be extra.

How to Remove Decals from Automobiles?

There are products on the market that remove decals. A good one to buy is Sticker Shock. It can be purchased at Advance Auto Parts.

Where can I Rent a Motorhome?

You can rent a motor home from many local RV dealers in your area or you can search for one online with Cruise America RV Rentals company. For more information look here:

How Much does It Cost to Lift a Truck?

It can cost anywhere from $200 to $1,500 or even more to lift a truck. It all depends on how high you want to lift it, what parts you are lifting and who you have do it.

How to Replace a Car Cigarette Lighter?

The best way to replace a car cigarette lighter is to visit your local auto parts store and buy a new one. The usually cost anywhere from like five to ten dollars. Auto Zone, Advance Auto, and O’Rileys are your

How to Replace a Headlight Bulb?

If you raise your hood up and locate the headlight bulb area, take off the cover that most vehicles have. Then unscrew the cap that holds it on, making sure never to touch the new bulb cause it will blow

How to Build a Racing Lawnmower?

If you are into lawn mower racing and want to participate and build your own to race here are some things you will need to do so, wrenches, a lawn mower of course, smaller pulleys, new muffler possibly, and bigger

How do I Reset the Check Engine Light?

To reset the check engine light, you can buy a code reader from a parts store that gives you the codes for the check engine light and a way to clear the codes. Some service manuals also show you how

Who Makes Infiniti?

The Nissan Motor Company makes the Infinity line of cars. Nissan began making this luxury line of cars late 1989, and introduced their first model as a 1990 model year. Look here for more information:

Best Car Rental Deals?

Each car rental company has different thing to offer.Some car rental company also go by the age of the driver,some go buy how long you want their car for and if you want mileage or unlimited mileage which is more.

Chevrolet Engine Torque Specs?

Torque specs may vary between engines, however there are many resources to obtain this information. I would suggest getting a chilton’s or Hayne repair manual, they both should list torque specs for your particular engine.

How Much does It Cost to Replace a Clutch?

the cost to replace a clutch varies per vehicle. It typically runs from $500-$2500.

What does Gti Mean?

The initials GTI on a car stand for ‘grand touring injected’. While this is a technical classification, it is typically a designation reserved for sportier cars and is used for performance oriented marketing.

How to Tow a Car?

Tow a car behind another vehicle by putting the towed car in neutral. Use a hitch, a chain, or a tow bar to hook the towed vehicle up. Attach this set up to the undercarriage of the towing vehicle. Look

How does Air Ride Suspension Work?

There are different types of air suspension which are the double convoluted, tapered sleeve, and the rolling sleeve. They are used in front or back-driven cars, or sports cars. For more information, look here:

How does a Blower Work?

A blower is basically a turbine driven from directly from the engines crank shaft. The blower intakes air, compresses it and forces it under high pressure into the engine. The result is a very large increase in power. Because a

What does Chevy Hhr Stand for?

The chevy hhr is for chevy heritage high roof. This is because the roof in the hhr is much higher than normal cars or vans

How are Tires Rated?

Tires a rated in a specific way by the NHTSA. The three things these ratings are based in are: traction, temperature, and tread wear. For example, a tire with a rating of ‘A’ has a higher rating against heat and

What is the Horsepower of Certain Cars?

Well I would need to know what certain cars that you be talking about. There are so many cars in the world that it would be impossible to just put all the cars and there horsepower.

How do You Replace Brake Pads?

First take off the tire and set to the side. Remove the brakes from the rotor, replace the pads and set back on top of the rotor. Replace the tire and tighten.

How Much does An Alternator Cost?

The cost of an alternator depends on the kind of car you have. The majority of the time they’ll run close to $100, and can even get as high as $350 for foreign luxury cars like a BMW.

How to Clean a Motorcycle Carburetor?

To clean a motorcycle carburetor you first need to get at the float bowl. Then you scrub out the float bowl. After that you put the float bowl back on. For more detailed instructions including videos try at

How to Install Headlight Bulbs?

You can install new headlight bulbs by opening the hood to the car, and locating the bulbs from inside the engine compartment. Pull the old bulbs out, then replace with the new ones.

How do You Change a Tire?

To change a tire you will need a tire iron, a jack, and a new tire. You simply loosen the lug nuts, jack up the vehicle, remove the lug nuts, and then put the new tire on.

How to Clear Land?

If there are trees that need to be knocked down, the best way to clear the land is to use a large bull dozer and push them down, root ball and all. That way there are no stumps leftover to

Travel Trailers for Sale?

For new travel trailers check your phone listings for dealers in your area. You can check newspaper listings, bulletin boards and ad pads to find used ones.

How Long do Brake Rotors Last?

If you’re heavy footed and brake a lot, your rotors will last about three years. If you’re light footed, you’ll get about six years out of them. Have them measured by a mechanic every 10,000 miles. Basically if you want

What is a Turbo?

A turbo is a device added to an engine that forces more air into the engine. This additional air creates more powerful explosions in the engine, which increases the power of the engine.

How to Reverse Park?

To reverse park, you have to put the vehicle in reverse. Next, you will want to turn the steering wheel into the direction you want the rear of the car to go. Now slowly press the gas.

What is An Impala?

An impala could be two things, it is an African Antelope, found in Kenya, Tanzania, Swaziland, Mozambique, northern Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, southern Angola, northeastern South Africa and Uganda. Or it is a full sized Chevrolet automobile, which they began

How to Buy a Used Car?

Anytime your looking to buy a used car you should check it out the engine or have someone that knows what there looking at go with you cause used car dealerships will sale you more lemons then you can make

Where can I See Rims on my Car Online?

There were a couple of sites that offered this service. Some were easier to navigate than others. and are good sites. For more information, look here:

What is a Camshaft?

A camshaft attaches to the cam to operate the poppet valves in an engine. The camshaft makes the valves open by pressing on it with it’s cams. Look here for more information:

How to Draw a Ford Mustang?

The best way to learn how to draw a Ford Mustang is to either practice until you get it right, or trace a picture of one and keep tracing it until you no longer need to trace.

What is a Stroker Engine?

A stroker engine is simply a modification that allows the pistons to travel farther. This increase in the length of the piston stroke also increases the horsepower output of the engine.You can find more information here:

What is a Weather Map?

A weather map is a tool that meteorologists can use to display and find out information on what is going on with the weather in a state or country. Using a weather map is a fast way to project the

What does HID Stand for?

HID can stand for many things. It can mean high intensity discharge, host interface display, hazard identification, human interface device, or host intrusion detection. For more information look here:

Where are Jaguar Cars Made?

The car company Jaguar is manufactured in Coventry, England, and has been around since 1922 when it was founded by Sir William Lyons and was originally a manufacturer of motorcycle side cars.

What Rims Look Good on my Car?

The best suggestion I have is to go to