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What is a Science Fair Project?

A science fair project is a project you do in school to prove or disprove a question. You think of a question and then you do an experiment to answer the question.

How to Write a Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is actually written exactly the same as a works cited page except the annotations are written at the end of the page. Basically, create a normal bibliography (also known as a works cited page) and after each

How do I Become a Book Editor?

Becoming a book editor requires a degree in education and literature. Having those educational degrees you can apply to a book publishing house.

How do I Copyright a Photograph?

You don’t need too! As soon as you take a photo you own the copyright to it and if anyone else uses it in a way you didn’t agree to then you can take legal action.

How to Make An Internet Bibliography?

Creating a bibliography page varies depending on which type of writing style you are writng in. The most used styles are MLA and APA, the format for citing internet sources are roughly the same. With MLA be sure that you

What is Credibility?

Credibility is generally defined as belief in someone or something, or the general ability to believe someone or something. It is also the power to entice belief within someone or something.

How do You Write a Proper Bibliography?

When writing a paper, the bibiliography is used to refer to any sources used as a reference, a quote, a summary or a paraphrase. A bibliography will include the author and title of a source, the date it was published,

What is Ibid?

It is relative to quotes, a resource note. It means that the source quoted is exactly the same source as quoted in the last example. Neat, huh?

Where is Cairo Located?

Cairo, the capital of Egypt, is located mostly on the east bank of the Nile River in northern Egypt. Known as the largest city in the Arab world, Cairo is located 165 kilometers, or 100 miles, South of the Mediterranean

Who Bans Books?

Although the banning of books is actually un-constitutional due to the first amendment, various people and groups often tend to ban books from their social circle. Often times, many churches are the major group that will ban different kinds of

How to Set Up a Science Fair Board?

Learning how to set up a science fair board is an incredibly important step. The science fair board itself is commonly a three panel display board that unfolds to be 36 inches tall by 48 inches wide.

Why Kids Should have Cell Phones?

Kids need cell phones for the same reason adults need them. At any age a kid can call 911 in case of an emergency. They might need them to call their parents at the end of sporting events or other

How do I Cite?

You cite a source using one of any number of accepted formats. The particular format you use will depend upon the type of writing. If the writing is for school, check with your instructor. The most common formats are MLA

How to Write a Discussion Paper?

An effective discussion would include the major findings of your research; the meanings behind the results of the research and why they are important; and stating the why your findings are relevant.

Should Violent Video Games be Banned?

If your a parent you may be asking if violent video games should be banned? First we need to ask if there is a connection between these videos and actual violence. It is up to the parent to decide what

How to do Work Cited Page?

When doing a work cited page you just make sure you put where you got the information next to the information you also need to underline where you got it from. Example: Bill Gates ‘ Microsoft CEO’ Microsoft Website.

Where can I Find Free Papers?

Free papers can be found at your local library. They carry just about any newspaper you would care to look at, and they are all free to read!

How to Write Citations?

To write citations, you need to know which format you are supposed to be using. The major formats are APA and MLA. Next, you organize your sources. In-text citations look different from a works cited page, but they are fairly

What is Mla?

MLA or the Modern Language Association is the standard style of writing for most works that are written in many schools and colleges for research papers and other writings. The form that doctors and psychiatrists and other in the medical

How to Patent Ideas?

To patent an idea, write in detail your idea with distinguishing characteristics. If this is product related, a prototype and detailed specification or drawing may be required. This package should be submitted to the Patent Office in Crystal City, VA

How to Integrate?

To integrate in mathematics, you will need to find the slope of the line you are working with. You can use Euler’s method, or the Runge-Kutta method to find your x and y values.

How do I Cite in Mla Format?

You cite in MLA format by following the formatting guidelines of the Modern Language Association. The most important thing to remember is that, along with a bibliography, you need in-text citations.

How do I Write a Narrative Essay?

Writing a narrative essay includes telling a story; usually it is written from the author’s point of view. It is meant to make a point and include surrounding details.

How do I Cite a Website in a Paper?

In citing a website for a paper, there are some things that need to be listed. The author, the name of the article, and the year of publication are necessary, as well as the URL.

What is the ZIP Code for New York City?

New York City has a variety of zip codes depending on what area you are in. The Bronx includes zip codes 10453, 10458, 10451, 10463, and 10472. The Brooklyn area includes 11212, 11209, 11223, 11201, 11220, and 11206.

What is the Best Science Fair Project?

The best science fair project would be about an experiment or scientific idea that you have a lot of information on and that you enjoy teaching others.

How to Write a Report Paper?

Writing a report doesn’t have to be hard work. All you need to do is research the topic you are writing about. I know this seems like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Seek out key items

What are Natural Sciences?

The natural sciences include astronomy, biology, chemistry, Earth science, physics and all of the subgroups of each discipline, including, for example astrophysics, oceanography and others.

What is a Personal Narrative?

A personal narrative is a creative way for a writer to share some life experiences with their readers. A personal narrative tells a story and lets the reader become part of their life.

What does Ethnicity Mean?

Ethnicity means nationality, religion, race, a lot of different things rolled into one. It’s where your family came from and your traditions that make your culture unique.

Where can I Find a Map of England?

You can find a map of England on the internet or in a geography book. Both are great places to look, though the internet is bound to have a variety of different types of maps.

How to Write a Works Cited?

You start by titling the page ‘Works Cited.’ Then you list each work in alphabetical order, by author (or title if appropriate). The first line of the citation is flush with the margin of the page, the following lines are

What is Redlining?

Redlining is when you refuse to provide services to a person or business. It is against the law. It usually has to do with loans and other financial services.

What does LEED Stand for?

Leed stand for several things I am going to list them all for you. I hope this is what you are looking for.Land environment economics and developmentLeadership in energy and environment designLow energy electron diffraction

How do You do Works Cited?

Doing a works cited page is fairly easy once you know the format that you are supposed to use. MLA is a format preferred by English teachers. APA is a format used by scientists and educational experts. The Owl at

How to Write a Bill?

Writing a bill for services rendered is a simple task. Make sure to include your business name and address, the name of the person you are billing and their address , and the service you provided. Add the cost of

How do I Cite a Dictionary?

You can site a dictionary by making sure you put the head word, the title of the source in italics, and the date the dictionary was published. Good luck

How do You Write a Work Cited Page?

Creating a works cited page depends on what your instructor asked for. It is usually either MLA or APA format. Each one is slightly different but both are relatively easy.

What is Polyphony?

Polyphony is a musical technique where more than one melody is played or sung at the same time. The most common would be a round or a cannon which most of us learned about in elementary music class. ‘Row, row,

When Did Censorship Start?

Censorship has existed for nearly as long as writing has existed. In ancient times, one who used the written word to criticize the monarch could be executed. In medieval Europe, the largest censor was the Catholic Church, which sought to

How to Write Note Cards?

Writing note cards is extremely easy. The reason most people use note cards is to organize thoughts and to remember different things. It is a great idea to use note cards for these things.

How to Write a Work Cited?

when you write a work cited page you need all of your references that were used in the research. Then you put the author, date, title, and the city where the book was published, must be doubled space and with

How to Write An Annotated Bibliography?

The proper MLA format for an annotated bibliography is as follows: Author(s). (date). Title of Book. Publisher. (date)

How do You Site a Book?

Citing a book is not difficult. First, you must figure out which format your teacher wants you to use. Then, find out if you need a simple bibliography or in-text citations. Make sure that you keep track of the books

How to Cite Sources in a Paper?

In citing sources in a paper, there should be an alphabetized listing of the authors, their work, the name of the work and the year it was written. For more information look here:

How to Write a Critical Essay Paper?

A critical essay paper is easy to write if you’re doing the paper on something you feel strongly about. If you choose a book that has controversy you will have no problem criticizing the author’s attempts and the storyline. Make

What is Job Core?

Job Corps is a free education and training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor. Young people at least 16 years old can earn a high school diploma or GED, learn career skills and find a good job with

How to do a Works Cited Page in Mla Format?

The Modern Language Association (MLA) Style is widely used for identifying research sources. In MLA style you briefly credit sources with parenthetical citations in the text of your paper, and give the complete description of each source in your Works

How do You Cite Internet Sources?

Depending on whether you are using APA or MLA formating and what type of internet source you are using, it may have a different format. Internet sources include databases, online journals, topic websites, blogs, forums, email, etc. The formatting for

How do You Cite Books?

Use the cite in this format: Author’s last name, first name.Book title. Publication city: Publisher, copyright date.The title of the book should be underlined.

How to Set Up a Research Paper?

When writing a research paper, several steps need to be followed to ensure a quality paper. First, the choice of a topic is crucial to success. Is it something you are interested in and passionate about? Next, find information sources

How do You Write a Bill?

Writing a bill is fairly simple. The bill should include the name of the person or company seeking payment, along with contact information, as well as the information regarding the person or business that must pay. The bill must also

How to Write Literature Review?

To write a literature review, you simply need to stick to the three basic elements. These are the author information, synopsis, and critique. You start out by providing a brief background on the author, including her or his area of

How do You do Work Cited?

The last page of your essay will be a list of all the sources you summarized, directly quoted,or indirectly quoted in your essay, in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. If there is no name author,list the entry alphabetically

How to Write Bibliography?

How to write your bibliography with vary a bit depending on the subject (for example, history or science), but in general you want to include the author’s name, the title, and the publication information.

How to Cite a Movie in a Paper?

To cite a movie in a paper, you follow the same MLA or APA formatting as the rest of the paper, except that you use the producer as the author, and the year of release as the publication date. For

What Makes a Community?

A community is a group of people that live near one another and generally have the same interests in common. Communities usually assist and support one another in times of need.

How to Write a Title Page?

A title page should include the name of the paper, the name of the author, the date, and the class. Make sure to follow capitalization and punctuation rules. If the instructor did not specify a format for the title, it

Where can I Buy Old Newspapers?

Where to buy old newspapers depends on how old the newspapers are that you are seeking. Many older newspapers are stored on microfiche or some other way to save space. You might try running and ad to start. Or check

How do You Cite An Internet Site?

The first thing necessary when citing any reference is to know which style your instructor wants you top use. There are different styles.,ex. APA and MLA which seem to be the most commonly used forms, even with regard to using

Where can I Learn How to Type for Free?

You can learn to type online for free at several websites. One is called, which also offers an optional typing certificate to verify typing speed To find more information click here:

How to Cite the Bible?

Citing the Bible is the same as citing any other book without an acknowledged author. The Bible, first organized at the Council of Nicea and later reorganized by others (most notably Protestant Reformation leader Martin Luther), was originally written by

How to Site?

When you cite a source the format varies depending on the writing style. The more popular writing styles are MLA and APA. Even though the citing styles only vary in small ways they are still there. There are quite a

Why do We Need to Study History?

We need to study history to gain knowledge of why and how the world exists as it does today. For example, one could not understand the importance of fighting anti-semitism without knowledge of the pogroms of a century ago, as

How do You Write a Good Essay?

It takes time to complete a really good essay. The first thing to do is to brainstorm ideas about topics. Then create an outline that shows points that should be made. Then try to create a rough draft without many

How Many Words Per Minute do I Type?

You can learn the amount of words per minute you type by taking a free online typing test. A good average speed is typing between 35 and 45 words per minute.

Instructions on How to Write a Research Paper?

The first step to writng in any research paper is to find a topic that you are interested in to write on. Secondly to start with an outline, get all of those facts and questions onto paper so that you

How to Write a College Term Paper?

Writing a college term paper may be a challenging task. First, you need to understand the topic or prompt for the assignment carefully. Ask questions if you are not sure about any part of the topic. Then, you perform the

How to Create An Annotated Bibliography?

The annotated bibliography is by using the key information from the sources you have accessed and cited during your research. This information includes a brief summary and evaluation of the source along with the bibliography information. Ideally these are between

What are the Natural Resources of Arizona?

Arizona has alot of natural resources. For a list of resources go to:

What Goes on a Science Fair Board?

On a science fair board, make sure that you put the title of your project onto it. Also make sure that you put the question, hypothesis, materials used, and process used within your project. Also make sure that you put

How do You Cite a Paper?

If you cite a paper, give the author’s last name and year of publication using parenthesis.E.g : ‘John 1998′.The works cited page should be at the end of a paper. The title should be centred and the sources should be

What does Literacy Mean?

Literacy doesn’t just mean the ability to read. To be literate you need to be able to write, read, and comprehend a language. It can be any language. It can mean your native tongue or a language you learned.

How to Set Up a Science Fair Project?

Learning how to set up a science fair project is a crucial first step to winning a prize in that same science fair. After determining what your project will be, and performing the appropriate amount of research, you will need

How to Type a Research Paper?

Typing up a research paper can be a daunting task. The easiest and fastest way to get a research apper completed is to first write out an outline of what your research paper is going to contain. This outline will

How to Cite a Website in Mla Format?

To cite a website in MLA format you put the author’s name, the title of the article in quotes, the name of the website, the dae published, the name of the publisher, and the date you accessed the site.

How do I Cite Internet Sources?

Citing internet sources in MLA format would go like this: Authors name, article title, title of book, date of publication, publisher, date accessed, and website URL. The reason why the date accessed is needed is becuase site are continually updated

What Makes a Patriot?

There are two answers to this question.A patriot is another name for a football player who plays for the NFL team, New England Patriots.A patriot is also a person who shows loyalty to his or her home country.

What does a Term Paper Look Like?

A term paper looks like a long essay. It is written in either MLA or APA format, with in-text citations. It includes a cover (title) page. For more information, look here:

How do I Copyright Something?

To get something copyrighted, it will cost you $45 to register at the U.S Copyright office. Then you will have additional fees for the application and lawyer’s fees. I would just get the application.

How to do An Internet Bibliography?

To cite a website you put the last name, first name of the author, the article you used is put in quotation marks, the website name, the publisher, the last day it was updated, and the day you accessed the

Why is It Important to be Honest?

Honesty is the bedrock of integrity and character. When a person is honest, their words and actions compliment each other in a way that makes a person appear trustworthy. A dishonest person cannot be trusted, or believed to be truthful.

How to Cite a Book in Mla Format?

To cite a book in MLA format, you need the author’s last name and first initial, the date and city of publication, the name of the publisher, and the title of the book. The citation will look differently depending upon

How to Write a Closing Argument?

Closing argument are re-statements of the evidence that has been published and the conclusion that is drawn basis on the evidence. It is supposed to be persuasive.

How to Write Work Cited Page?

To write a works cited page you need to list all of your resources in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. If you used an enclyclopedia, you list the author and then the title of the article. Remember to

How do You Write a Good Research Paper?

A good research paper includes making a valid argument and including evidence based off of research to support the argument. It is best to look over grammar and make sure sources are valid.

How do You Reference?

To reference something you would need to give credit to it. You can make reference to a book, website, author etc. Often times something is referenced when used within a paper or article.

What is a Literature Review?

So you ask what is a literature review. Well it is quite simply a summary of a published piece of written information. In this summary, you can evaluate or critique the piece of work you read.

What are Some Good Science Fair Topics?

Picking a good science fair topic is dependent on your interests, but some cool topics include, can liquid water float on water? how salty does the sea have to be for an egg to float? Do warmer seas make stronger

What is the Definition of Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is using someone’s ideas and not giving them proper credit for it. This is many times done on papers. It can cause a failing grade or being put out of a college.

How do You Cite An Encyclopedia?

Encyclopedias are always referenced the same way both in text as well as in a works cited page. This means that encyclopedias are cited in the exact same manner to in a bibliography or a works cited page. In order

Used College Books for Sale?

If you are looking for used text books for sale, check out Ecampus. They offer textbooks to sell and buy. They even have some available for rent.

What is a Intransitive Verb?

An intransitive verb does not refer to an element. It is an action verb the does not belong to anyone or anything. Almost all verbs can be used as transitive or intransitive. ‘To go’ is the only one that is

How do I Cite my Sources?

Whenever there is a quote, paraphrase, summary or reference to another work, we need to cite its source.E.g: If you your source is a quote, you need to cite the author, the title, the publisher, any journal information, the date

How do I Reference a Book?

To reference a boo, you will need to know the type of style you are supposed to be writing with (APA or MLA syles). You will also need the names of the author(s) or editor(s), the title from the book,

How do I Cite Books?

The MLA format for citing a book is: Name of Author. Title (underlined). :Location Published: Year Published. To cite a book start with the authors first name first, exactly given on the title page, followed by a comma. Then the

What is An Idea?

Ideas are thoughts, concepts, inventions which a human may have never thought of before, but may come up either randomly or as a result of brainstorming or attempting to solve problems.

How do I Trademark a Logo?

Before you can trademark a logo, the US Patent & Trademark office will tell you to do a free search in their database to make certain that the logo does not already belong to someone else. If your desired logo

How to Cite Sources in APA Format?

To cite sources in APA format you need to list the authors, the titles, the date, place and publisher’s name and include any pages you used.

How do I Trademark a Name?

Is your product eligible? Is the start of the trademarking process, it may be eligible if it falls under one of two categories: good or services. Goods is if your name or logo will be placed on an item or

What is the Dewy Decimal System?

The Dewy Decimal System is a way to organize library books so that they will be found easily. Books are organized into topics and then by author. Each book has a letter and number code.

How do You Cite a Newspaper?

You cite a newspaper in the same way that you would cite any work of nonfiction. Typically, the title of the newspaper is italicized, and the title of the article is placed in parentheses.

How to Cite a Internet Source?

There are many ways to cite an internet source. There are forums, websites, names (last or first), and publications. You can safely copy and past a URL to make sure it is transposed correctly. There is a lot of information

How do You Cite a Web Page?

You cite a web page the same way that you cite any source, which will vary depending on whether you are using MLA or APA. The most important things to remember are to include the full web address (not just

How do I Write a Bibliography?

To write a bibliography you need to write down all of the resources that you used to write your project. This will keep you from be charged with plagerism, and keep you out of trouble.

Why are Copyright Laws Important?

Obtaining a copyright ensures that your property, design or invention cannot be copied or stolen. Once you obtain a copyright, you have a legal right to sue anyone for infringement.

How to Copyright An Idea?

Your ideas cannot be copyrighted.You have to execute it as a written or performed work.A copyright protects the expression of an idea whereas a patent protects the idea itself.

How do I do a Work Cited Page?

A works cited page or reference page is done by listing the references you have in the format that your teacher specified. Each reference should have its own entry with author, title, title of work, page number, copyright date, and

How do You Right a Bibliography?

You write a bibliography the right way by first figuring out which format your teacher wants you to use. The most popular formats are MLA and APA. Once you know this, you start organizing information on your sources.

What does a Notary do?

The job of a notary is quite simple, they notarize legal and financial documents. For example, you go to the bank to get a loan. They need to know that you are who you say you are so they check

How do You Punctuate Song Titles?

When referring to a song title, the title should be placed in quotation marks. If however you are referring to an album title then you should write it in italics.

Should Music be Censored?

No, music should not be censored in the United States for a variety of factors. The major factor as to why music should not be censored is because of the first amendment. Censoring music lyrics takes away our first amendment

What City is the American Museum for Natural History Located?

If you plan to visit The American Museum for Natural History then you will be going to West Central Park in New York City. It has exhibits on animals, birds, the ocean, earth and space. You can go on free

How to Write in Mla Format?

The MLA style is most commonly used to write papers and cite sources within the liberal arts and humanities. That means if you study English, literature, film, American studies, Womens Studies, history or just about anything else as an undergrad,

How to Copyright Something?

Make a copy of your work. Fill out form or process online. Send in your deposit and pay fee to the Copyright Office. Mark your work and publish.

How to do Mla?

To do MLA citation you are citing any resources you used to write your paper. The main items you will need are the authors, any titles, the publisher, the date published and any pages you used.

How do U do a Work Cited Page?

The first thing you need to do is make the citations for each of the sources you used according to the format you’re using (e.g. MLA, APA). Then you have to put the citations in alphabetical order. Make sure you

How to Write a Bill for Congress?

Bill for congress could be a proposed new law or an amendment to repeal an existing law. In writing a bill you must state the importance of the proposed law and its provisions.

How do I Cite a Reference?

To cite a reference, you will want to give credit for where you found the information. That is done by placing a footnote at the bottom of the page with the pertinent information.

What are the Natural Sciences?

As the core of all sciences, natural science is focused on the study of the universe. The natural sciences include: Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, and cross-disciplines, e.g. Biochemistry.

How do U Write a Bibliography?

First write all the books, papers and websites that you have used for your essay. Then write the bibliography in the alphabetical order. First all the authors and then all the websites.

How to Write a Title Page?

A title page should include the name of the paper, the name of the author, the date, and the class. Make sure to follow capitalization and punctuation rules. If the instructor did not specify a format for the title, it

Steps for Getting a Patent?

Accordng to the U.S. patent office as soon as a work is created it is copyrighted, but in order to keep the invention or work your and yours alone it is recommended to fill out an application. An application can

How do You Reference Websites?

In order to properly reference a website, remember to include the date that you actually visited the site; the date that the article or information was posted or written (both preferably); and the address of the website.

How to do Works Cited?

In MLA format, a Works Cited page will include all of the books, magazines, interviews, websites, whatever, cited in a research paper. You will need to know the author, title, publication date, publisher, web location, number of pages, basically all

What do Librarians do?

Librarians work in the library helping everyone find what book or reference they are looking for. They also check in all the books and put them back in the correct places.

How to Cite APA Format?

Citation in APA style requires you to list the author, publication date, and other relevant information that allows your reader to look up the source of the cited materials. For a full explanation of the rules, guidelines, and exceptions in

How to Reference a Website in APA Format?

APA is a writing format, which is used for your documents, research papers and your thesis. It uses a set of rules that relate to grammar, structure and the citing of sources and references. The style is standardized, and helps

What does a Works Cited Page Look Like?

A works cited page is titled as Works Cited or Bibliography. What follows is a list of each source used to write the paper. The first line of each source begins at the left margin of the paper, and all

What is a Guardian AD Litem?

A guardian ad litem is a lawyer or attorney who is assigned to a minor child as a spokesperson. Usually, this happens in custoday cases. The guardian ad litem will talk with the child and find out what they want.

How to Study for Exams?

You need to start studying for your exam about 2-3 weeks in advance. Go over your class notes, old homework, and quizzes and tests. Review the material, then quiz yourself to make sure you understand the material.

What are Case Studies?

A case study is a body of information that attempts to answer a researcher’s questions about a particular subject matter. The study can involve one person or a group of people and can include surveys, experiements or other methods of

How to Write a Source Page?

To write a source page, you need to know the author’s name, the publisher’s name, the date of publication, and the city of publication. If you are using a magazine or journal, you will also need to know which pages

How to Write a College Term Paper?

Writing a college term paper may be a challenging task. First, you need to understand the topic or prompt for the assignment carefully. Ask questions if you are not sure about any part of the topic. Then, you perform the

How do You Cite a Website?

If you are using the standard MLA format to make citation of references you have found then for a website your would place the authors name with last name, first name and ‘title of the article’, the the title of

How do I Cite my Work?

To cite your work you use APA or MLA guidelines. Your teacher will usually tell you which format to use. Citing is how you give credit to the author or source you are using.

How do You Cite An Internet Article?

You cite an internet article by providing the complete url, the date you accessed the cite, and as much other information as you can find. Try to find the author of the article as well as the organization that publishes

Detailed Map of Scotland?

A detailed map of Scotland can be found at So detailed you can add an address or postal code and find streets and directions. Need the map for travelling? You can visit

How to Get Copyrights?

There are 3 different ways to get copyrights. Online you can go to and file for a copyright. It costs $35. dollars to file online. Another way is to print the forms from your own computer and mail them

Why are Libraries Important?

Libraries are important as free sources of information. The United States is a democracy which guarantees freedom of the press in its Constitution’s Bill of Rights. Benjamin Franklin, a leading founding father, set up the first free circulating library in

What does It Take to Become President?

Here is what it takes to become president of the U.S.: you have to be at least 35 years old, be a U.S. citizen, been a U.S. resident for 14 years, hold a law degree, it also helps to have

How do You Copyright Music?

According to copyright law, music, artwork, and literature is automatically copyrighted once the work is produced in a tangible medium. This means, that once the piece of work is written, painted, created, or recorded in such a way that makes

How do You do a Science Fair Project?

To do a science fair project you should first come up with the idea of what you’d like make. Doing a little research might help you make that an easier choice. Once you decide what to make you need to

What does Sm Mean?

SM is a symbol that is used for a phrase, logo or design to indicate that the party claims that they have the rights to it. SM stands for service mark and is not federally registered.

How do I Make a Concept Map?

When making a concept map, the important thing to remember is that you cannot go wrong. It is your map, with your ideas, and you can make it any way you like. A concept map is simply a piece of

How do You Cite Pictures?

To cite a picture you list the photographer, the title of the picture, the owner of the picture, where the picture was taken, where it is and the date it was taken.

Where can I Find Science Fair Topics?

There are many science fair topics that you can choose from. You can search for them according to grade level. Look for ideas that you are somewhat familiar with.

How to do a Works Cited?

To list works cited you will want to follow a common outline. This must include a listing of the books cited, their authors and their dates of publish.

How to Get a Copyright?

You can apply for a copyright. The attached site will give all you need to know to have your work copywritten. The U. S. government issues copyrights.

Where is the Museum of Natural History?

Well, if you are looking for the Museum of Natural History as seen in the movie with Ben Stiller than you will be visiting the great city of New York, NY. You may be a bit surprised at what you