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Where do I Order a Phone Book?

If you want to order a phone book you should visit the yellow pages website to request a phone book. The book will be delivered to your front door step.

What Year Did Cell Phones Come Out?

The first cell phone came out in 1973 but they weren’t commercially available until 1983. Costing a whopping $3,500.00 in 1983. Affordability and greater popularity came about in 1990. So what year did you get your first cell phone?

What is Umts?

U.M.T.S. is the abbreviation for Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. The main purpose of this is to acquire more speed. This system would allow for data transfer rates of 21 M bit/s.

How Radar Works?

Radar transmits radio waves or microwaves into the air. These waves hit objects in space and the waves bounce back to the transmitter thus determining the size, shape and distance of the objects within the range of the transmission.

How do I Change a Sim Card?

The best way to change a sim card is by turning your phone off, taking the back off it. Then you will take the battery out and you should see the card, take it out put new one in. Repeat

Should 13 Year Olds have Cell Phones?

Everyone has a different point of view as to what age a child so be allowed to have a cell phone. It would not be fair for me to side either way on this question. Keep in mind, every 13

How do I Wire a Telephone Jack?

The easiest way to wire a phone jack is to take the old jack of the wall and see what color wires are hooked up. Check the wires in the access box outside, and put the new wire in using

What is Tty?

TTY stands for teletype or teletypewriter. This is a simple way communicate with typed messages over the phone. It is a communication device for the deaf.

How to Set Up a Teleconference?

It is fairly simple to set up a teleconference. There are companies that provide teleconference phone numbers and that’s where you will want to start. You will be provided a telephone number and conference call ID number (usually normal long

What is a Gsm Phone?

GSM, or Global System for Mobile Communications, is the standard for international communications. A cell phone equipped with GSM could be used when traveling internationally.

How do I Dial An International Number?

To dial an international phone number, you need to know the country and city codes. You dial 011 + the country code + the city code + the phone number of the party you’re calling. Look here for more information:

What is Digital Radio?

Just as television has switched from over the air to digital signals, radio is beginning ot make a transition. A digital signal is transmitted using binary numbers which allows for better quality regardless of weather or physical obstacles.

Can I have Your Number?

Sure! You could have my number but what would we talk about? We really don’t know each other. It may be best if you call a friend or a family member to chat.

When Were Cell Phones Created?

The first cell phone call ever made, was made in April, 1973 by it’s inventor, Dr. Martin Cooper. He created the technology while working for Motorola. The first models were very big and clunky and were not affordable or convenient

How to Block Calls?

To block calls using your Blackberry you can download a program called CallsBlocker. You can block calls by phone number, or by certain area code. You can find more information here:

How does the Radio Work?

Radio works by emitting electromagnetic radiation. This radiation is emitted through electric currents that can produce sparks of energy. The currents are transmitted from one location to another to get sound.

How do I Unlock my Car?

The easiest way to unlock your car is with your key. If the key is not available, it is recommended to contact a locksmith who can open the car for you for a small fee.

How Much do Cell Phones Cost?

If you are getting a new contract with a phone carrier, you may pay little or no money for your cell phone. However, if you have existing service and want to upgrade your phone, you may pay from $60 to

How do I Block People from Calling my House?

Your phone company will be able to assist you with blocking phone numbers. If you are receiving harassing or annoying phone calls record the dates and times of the calls. This will help the phone company to investigate the matter.

Where can I Find a Telephone Directory?

Your local phone company can give you a new phone directory specific to your area. Online you can do a search using the phase telephone directory and many should come up.

How do I Block a Phone Number?

To block your number usually *67 for home phone *82 for cell phones works to block the number from caller id. To block incoming phone numbers you can find devices that hook up to the phone as well as calling

Where is Area Code 705?

Area code 705 is in North Bay, Ontario, Canada. It includes the Northeastern and Central Ontario. This area code was created in 1957 when it was split from 613 and 519 area codes.

Where can I Buy a Sidekick 3?

Needing a sidekick and don’t know where to find a good one…well, it seems that T Mobile has the market cornered on that one. But, you can purchase a Sidekick 3 from any number of online retailers and could even

Who is Martin Cooper?

Martin Cooper is the former general manager of Motorola. He is considered the inventor of the first portable phone. He is also credited with the person to make the first call on a portable phone.

Where is Verizon Fios Available?

Verizon FIOS is a fiber optic network that promises speed and a place in the future of internet tools. It is spreading across the country. You can check if FIOS is available in your area by entering your address.

How do Prepaid Phone Cards Work?

They work great in a pinch and rather convenient. Basically you are paying in advance by buying a card. The amount of time on the card depends on that company’s rate-per-minute. The nice thing is that you can use your

Where is T Pain from?

Rapper T-pain was born in Tallahassee Florida. His actual birth name is Faheem Rasheed Najm and he was born on June 30th, 1985. He has had many hit songs but the two that are well known are ‘I’m Sprung’ and

What is a Blackberry Computer?

A Blackberry is a cellular phone that can be used like a computer. You can store information in it or even access the internet. Emails are sent directly through to the Blackberry. The Blackberry is popular as a business phone

How is a Cell Phone Made?

The electronic part of a cell phone is put together on an assembly line. They create the circuit board that goes inside the phone and makes it work. The case is made in a mold from plastic. The two are

How does Satellite Imaging Work?

Satellite imaging involves a direct view optical system in a satellite. The satellite takes an photo of an image and an internal processor captures and transmits it to a post processor.

How do I Unlock my Cell Phone for Free?

Unlocking a cell phone requires a special type of software that can hack into the phone. Without this software there is really no way to unlock your cell phone.

What does SBC Stand for?

SBC stands for a number of things. A list of acronyms for SBC shows 87 different meanings for SBC. But most likely you are referring to the former name of AT&T; when the company was created under a merger of

How do You Make International Calls?

To make your international call you will need to find out the country code for the country you wish to call. You can get this from your phone book, online, or from your pone company. The country you are calling

Who Invented the Cell Phones?

There is an ongoing argument over who exactly came up with the idea of a cell phone. The most common answer is Dr. Martin Cooper of Motorola. He is known as the first commercial inventor of the cell phone. Look

What is An Unlocked Cell Phone?

An unlocked cell phone is one that has not been locked, meaning that the security code has not been entered to lock the keypad. Anyone who wants to dial on it, including a child or a stranger who has access,

Who Owns Verizon?

Verizon Wireless is owned jointly by Verizon Communications Incorporated and Vodafone Group PLC. Vodafone Group PLC is a company based in Britain. For more information, look here:

What is Unlocked Cell Phone?

Unlocked cell phone is like having two or more phones in one. Because with this phone you can use mor than one cell phone company. you are not restricted to one carrier.

What is UHF?

UHF stands for Ultra High Frequency and is one of the electromagnetic waves used by the FCC. As technology has provided ways to provide better signals, UHF has dropped in use but is still used for specific functions.

Who Invented Radios?

As are many inventions the radio was a progressive effort with different parts having been built or contributed by many individuals, but the working product or first operable radio can be considered the work of Nikola Tesla. Way to go

How do I Unlock my Lg Cell Phone?

Try using 12345 or the last 3, 4, or 5 digits of your cell phone number. That usually will do the trick. If that doesn’t work then contact your service provider.

When was Cell Phones Invented?

Cell phones or wireless phones have been around since 1908, but didn’t take off until the late 1970’s. Motorola has been involved in the cell phone industry since the early 1970’s. For more information see here:

What is a Sidekick?

A sidekick is a friend that is always hanging out with you wherever you are. They are your constant companion. For example, Batman’s sidekick is Robin.

Where can I Get a Phone Book?

You can go onto the yellow pages website and you can order a phone book. The phone book will be delivered to your home. Phone books are very important to have.

What is a Blackberry Phone?

A blackberry phone is a wireless mobile device that was introduced in 1998 as a two way pager. In 2002 the blackberry smart phone was introduced, which supports e mail, mobile telephones, text messaging, internet faxing, web browsing and much

How do I Find a Person Phone Number?

Look for their last name in the phone book and see if their number, or a family member’s number is listed. Call the number or the family. You can also visit the website below and search for them. Look here

What is the Best Cell Phone Company?

There are many cell phone companies, but I think that AT&T; is the best cell phone company. Their pricing is competitive and reasonable. They also have a great selection of phones.

Can I Block Incoming Call for Cell Phone?

You can block a number from calling you by calling your telephone company, and ask them to put a block on the number that is calling you. You can also activate the ‘screening’ feature on your telephone so you only

How do Water Towers Work?

Water towers work to pressurize an areas water by using the weight of the water itself. The town or water company pumps water to the top of the tower and then pressure of gravity on the water in the tower

What is a Sims Card?

A sims card is a card that is placed into your cell phone that carries all of the inforrmation about your phone. It has your phone number on it and all of your information.

How do I Block Calls on my Cell Phone?

If you need to block calls on your cell phone you can always check with your user manual to see how to do this, but in the event you are not able to look in your manual you can go

Free Prepaid Cell Phones?

Most people cannot afford a monthly cell phone bill. SafeTouch offers a free prepaid cell phones. You will pay nothing for an entire year; afterwhich it becomes a prepaid plan.

What is Cell Phone?

Cell phones are those devices you see attached to the ears of people at the stores and while they’re driving their cars (shame on them). Cell phones are telephones that are connected wirelessly through satellites. Cell phones started out as

Where can I Find a Telephone Number?

If you have a person or business name, you can look up their telephone number in a phone book. There are also phone books available online. You can find more information here:

How to Get Out of Cell Phone Contracts?

Anyone can get out of a cell phone contract but it will cost you. You will have to pay the termination fee for each month that remains on the contract. If you are having issues with the service and the

What are Cell Phones?

Cell phone is an electric device used for mobile telecommunications. You can make your phone calls and sending messages through these device being anywhere in the world. there are also many other options on these useful devices.

What are Roaming Charges?

Roaming charges are additional fees applied to your bill when you are using a service outside of your service area or when you have to connect through another provider.

How Much is a Sidekick 3?

If you buy online, you probably can find it for about $99.99 for just the phone with no contract. If you don’t want to buy it online, you can go to your nearest T-Mobile store and price it out that

Why was the Cell Phone Invented?

Martin Cooper of Motorola was the first person to invent the cell phone and make the first cellular phone call. It was invented to allow people to talk on the phone without having to be at a land line phone.

What is Gsm Technology?

GMS technology stands for Global System for Mobile communications. The mobile communications industry is a billion dollar industry because it makes a lot of money from people constantly buying cell phones.

Is Danger Pregnant By Ray J?

No, Monica “Danger” Leon has stated in her MySpace page that she is not pregnant by Ray J, she had just claimed that because she wanted attention. She is supposedly starting her own show now, that and her nude pictures

Where can I Find Free Phone Numbers?

Free numbers huh? Are you trying to fill up that little black book? Try one of many online directories. You could even do a general search for a particular name and you might find their information such as address and

What is the Best Portable GPS System?

Car Review rates the Tom Tom GO 930 the best unit for the price. It is easy to work and gives the owner the right directions. Prices range from $377 to $500. For more information see here:

What is Azt?

AZT is the abbreviation for azidothymidine. AZT was the first antiretroviral drug used to treat HIV and AIDS. Instead of destroying the HIV virus, this drug actually delays the progression of the disease.

How do I Unlock my Cell Phone?

Don’t you hate it when your phone is locked and you can’t get into it? That’s one of the worst feelings involving cell phones that a person can possibly have. You can find more information here:

How to Track a Cell Phone for Free?

It is not very easy to track a cell phone, whether for free or not. The GPS systems in most cell phones are not that great to begin with. They may show a ping off a cell tower, but most

Where can I Find Phone Numbers?

You can look in the yellow or white pages books for listings of phone numbers. Also, you can go into their website as well to do a search. I hope you find what your looking for.

How to Find Telephone Numbers?

There are telephone directories online that allow you to do phone number searches. You can search for business phone numbers and individual people phone numbers. You can find more information here:

How do I Get Out of a Cell Phone Contract?

If you are in the first 3 days of your contract then most states allow you to get out of your contract simply by contacting the company and letting them know you have changed your mind. If you have been

What is Sim Card?

A SIM card is the card that is found in a cell phone that stores data such as cell phone numbers. In most cases, when you switch phones, you can take you SIM card and put it in your new

Who Owns Cingular Wireless?

Cingular Wireless merged with AT&T; back in 2004. They still have the roll over minutes and the cute commercials with the nagging mom though!

What is Edge?

A side of a blade, the rim or brink of a cliff is an edge. The slight noticeable tense reaction in one’s voice means the are on edge. There are a lot of meaning for edge. Look here for more

What does PBX Stand for?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It is a small telephone switch that companies use to save money. When a business needs several lines in the building to allow all of the employees to use the phone at the same

Can I Get 150 Minutes Free for my Tracfone?

Don’t use it for a while. You will be surprised how many offers they text to you. There are several links on the following website for information on free minutes.

Who Invented the First Cellphone?

The inventor of the cell phone was Martin Cooper. He made his first cell phone call on April 3, 1973. His first call was to his rival at AT& T Bell.

Where can I Find 800 Numbers?

You can find a listing of 800 numbers on line. You are able to search by company name or state. You can also dial 1-800-555-1212 to reach an 800 operator. For more information, look here:

What is This Phone Number?

If you are wanting to know who a phone number belongs to, the White Pages online has a Reverse Phone lookup. MSN White Pages offer the same thing. You can find more information here:

What to do if Cell Phone Gets Wet?

If your cell phone gets wet, the best plan of action is to quickly remove the battery. Lay the phone and battery out on a towel to dry for a couple of days, then replace the battery to see if

How does Blackberry Work?

You asked how does a Blackberry work? A Blackberry works like a mini computer except it also can receive phone calls. A Blackberry receives email through a redirect account which forwards to the device through a service provided by RIM

How do Walkie Talkies Work?

Walkie-talkies are two-way radio receivers. These transmit signals on a frequency from an antenna. A half duplex channel works on walkie-talkies. This means that only one person at a time can talk. However, everyone on the same frequency channel can

What is a Global Positioning System?

A global positioning system (GPS) uses satellites in space and a receiver on the ground to triangulate somethings position. GPS units are used in automobiles, aircraft, merchant vessels, and lost people walking around which can lead to person-to-person collisions.

When Did the First Cell Phone Come Out?

American Telephone and Telegraph, otherwise known as AT&T;, was the first company to come out with the idea of the modern cell phone, which changed technology forever. You can find more information here:

What is the Best GPS Device?

According to PC Magazine the best GPS device is the Garmin Street Pilot 2730. It retails for $1,199 and has a 3D turn by turn navigational system. You can find more information here:

How to Get Free Minutes on a Cell Phone?

There is a program that will give you a free cell phone with minutes a month, you have to be receiving some type of goverment assistance to qualify, other than that I don’t know of any way to get free

What is a Sim Card?

A sim card is programmed with your number in it. It is placed into a phone and you can use it for your use, you can save numbers to the sim.

Who Makes the Best GPS System?

TomTom makes the absolute best GPS system. The features of the TomTom are a step above all the others out there. In addition, they have a program going on right now that if you buy a new one, they will

How are Cell Phones Manufactured?

Cell phones are manufactured quickly and efficiently in factories around the world. Nokia can make ten cell phones within one second. Some companies farm out their work while others keep it at home. For more information see here:

How does a Phone Work?

How does a traditional phone work is a rare question these days, with advances in cellular technology. A traditional phone sends audio signals through a telephone wire. These wires are connected through a grid which traverses the entire planet. Users

What is Data Mapping?

Its the process that two distinct data models are created and links between these models is defined. They can include metadata, an atomic unit of data with a precise meaning in regards of semantics.

Who Created the First Cell Phone?

Dr. Martin Cooper is the inventor of the mobile phone. He made his first cellular call in April 1973. He was the former manager of divisions for the known cell phone provider Motorola.

Who Made the Radio?

Nikola Tesla is credited for the invention of the first radio. The patent was awarded to him thru a ruling of the United States Supreme Court in 1943.

Where can I Buy Used Cell Phones?

You can buy used cell phones from pawn shops, thrift stores, and online on ebay. There are really inexpensive new ones available from most retailers so I would look at new ones before you buy them used. Look here for

Where to Buy Cell Phones?

The best place to buy cell phones is at a cellular store. There should be several in your area, and they will provide the phone and a calling plan.

How do You Find Phone Numbers?

You can find phone numbers in the phone book or on the internet. The internet is a very quick and easy way to find phone numbers. Personally, that is how I look up all my numbers.

Where can I Get Free Cell Phones?

You can get free cell phones at a website called iFree Cell Phones. They have a selection of cell phones that you can get for free. In addition, you will have to sign up for service to get the phone

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a seminar held over the web instead of in an expensive hotel or conference center. Webinars allow people from around the world to collaborate on projects and to further their education. For more information see here:

How do You Block Calls?

To block calls on your analog telephone line you will need to *67. This will completely prohibit the receiver of the call from getting your telephone number.

How Cell Phone Works?

A cell phone operates from using signals from phone towers that are placed in various locations across the states. A cell phone operates on battery power and the service towers your phone carrier uses.

Can I Locate Someone By Mobile Phone?

The only way you can locate somebody via a mobile phone is if they have a GPS locater on their phone. This can be done by the cellular provider.

How to Make International Phone Call?

First dial International Call Prefix, then dial the country code, city code (area code) and lastly dial the local number. You can make some international calls with an internet based phone, for free!

Best Cell Phone Deals?

Looking for the best cell phone deals, check out It’s not expensive and they give you back a percentage of your bill just for paying it on time.

How Much does a Cell Phone Cost?

Cell phone costs varies depending on if you’re getting a cell phone with a plan or just the phone. If you get a cell phone with a plan the phone price can range from 0 up to $300.

What the Best Cell Phone?

The best cell phone is dependent upon what you are looking for in a cell phone. For example, if you want something with touch screen and e-mail capabilities, you might want to try a blackberry storm. If you just want

What is Qos?

QOS is an acronym which may refer to various things such as: Quality of Service, Quarterdeck Office Systems, or Queensland Ornithological Society.

How to Buy a Cell Phone?

If you do not have a cell phone plan, you can get a phone for less when you enter into a contract with the phone provider. If you are already in a contract, you will have to pay retail price

How do Telephones Work?

Telephones work by converting voice into electrical impulses. These impulses then travel through the telephone cables to their destination to the ear piece of the receiving telephone, which then converts them back into sounds. Look here for more information:

How can I Activate my Tracfone?

To activate your Tracfone, you need to read the instructions. There will be an activation number on the materials that came with your phone. Call that number, listen to the prompts and follow their directions to activate your Tracfone.

What does GPS Mean?

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. A GPS can track your position by determining how long it takes the satillite signal to reach the earth or your GPS. A GPS is a great way to aid you in finding directions

How do I Get Free Prepaid Wireless Minutes?

Getting free pre-paid wireless minutes depends on the company you are with. I use Virgin Mobile and they are very generous about giving free minutes. I earn them by referring people.

How are Cell Phones Made?

The inventor of cell phones was Mr. Martin Cooper back in 1947, but the first cell phone was not in use until 1973. The cell phone was made to work over a cellular network, such as your computer. It has

What is Internet Telephony?

Internet telephony is technology that allows Internet users to communicate in real time using their connection. Internet telephony users can get such benefits as voice mail and call forwarding for cheaper rates that normal telephone lines.

How Cell Phone Work?

A cell phone is really just a tiny radio. It works by sending and receiving radio signals. Inside the cell phone is a tiny computer which is connected to a wireless network. The antenna can then link to telephone, internet,

Where can I Buy a Sim Card?

You can buy a sim card at your local phone carrier dealership. You can also purchase a sim card on line through your phone carrier or discount websites. For more information, look here:

How do I Unlock my iPhone for Free?

If you are wanting to unlock your phone, there are many programs out there that can ‘flash’ your phone, or remove the lock on the software. Not many are free, if any at all.

Why Were Cell Phones Invented?

Necessity is the mother of invention. Cell phones were likely invented when man realized the need for making phone calls when you are not at home. Most people have had flat tires or have been late in getting somewhere or

What does Asynchronous Mean?

If you are in sync with another then you know you are doing things simultaneously. Asynchronous is the antonym of synchronous. Meaning the timing is off (or actions are occurring at different times).

How does a Walkie Talkie Work?

A walkie talkie is just a simple radio transmitter. People can talk to each other on a walkie talkie when they are on the same frequency.You can find more information here:

How do Pagers Work?

Pagers are a little outdated in this age of bluetooth and blackberry but they still serve their purpose. They work by paging a number into a pager for the pagee to call back.

How Accurate is GPS?

GPS technology can be very accurate as long as the GPS device is kept up to date. Most GPS’s can be updated online as streets are added or the area changes.You can find more information here:

How do I Check my Sbc Global Email?

First go to the sign in page on yahoo. Second, enter your email address in the box marked ‘Email’. Third, enter the password that you created into the box marked ‘password’. Fourth, hit enter. After this a new screen will

Types of Verizon Cell Phones?

Verizon has a wide range of cell phones to choose from. Some of the phones they carry are the Blackberry, Motorola Moto, and the Samsung Sway.

How does Voice Mail Work?

A voicemail is just like a voice that anwsers for you. Anyone can leave a message on your voicemail and when you want to check it you have a code to put in your phone and then you put in

How to Get a Phone Number?

To get a phone number you can connect a land line or an internet line. AT&T; can give you a land line. Vonage and Magic Jack can give you an internet phone line.

How do You Unlock a Door Without a Key?

Unless you put a spell on the door for it to magically open at your command there is no way for it to unlock without a key. If the door is locked form the inside, then you need a key

Where can I Buy a Cell Phone Without a Plan?

Almost all cellular phone companies offer an option to get you a cell phone without a plan. Most major department stores will also have phones.

Should Kids have Cell Phones?

Some kids should have cell phones if they are going to be away from home for extended periods of time or not with their parents. Kids however do not need cell phones to text all day. The use should be

Where can I Find the White Pages?

Often the white pages can be found holding up an old table, underneath children eating, and covered by winter coats. Convenience stores, coffee shops, and all-night eateries are a great place too. Local white pages are also available online and

How do I Dial An International Call?

First you will have to dial the international access code for the United States which is 011. Then dial the number for the country you are calling to.

Where is Area Code 601?

601 is an area code for central Mississippi. 601 covered the entire state in the beginning. The area code has been in service since 1947.

What is a Microphone?

A microphone is a device that converts sound into electrical signals. Microphones are used in many devices such as telephones, hearing aids, radio and television broadcasts, and many other applications. For more information see here:

What is a Land Line?

A land line is a term used to describe a home or business telephone connection. A land line is not used for cell phones! A commercial land line is referred to for business telephones.

What is a Smart Antenna?

A smart antenna is essentially an antenna that will allow viewers to see high-definition quality channels using a regular antenna for television.

How a Telephone Works?

How a telephone works is an uncommon question nowadays, as cellular phones have begun to overtake land lines. A land line telephone works by connecting each user through a grid of telephone wires. Each user enters an access code, known

How Much is the Sidekick 2 Without Plan?

The cost of a sidekick 2 without a phone plan will depend on where you buy it and if you buy a new or used ones, you can get a used one for as little as $50.00 and the new

What Cell Phone Company is the Best?

This is strictly a personal preference. Which cell phone company is the best depends on what is important to you. Different cell phone companies offer different packages, different phones, and different services so it’s all about who you think is

How do I Block a Number from Calling my Cell Phone?

Typically, there are several ways to block a number from calling your cell phone. You can change your phone number. On certain cell phones there is reject list option that you can choose up to 12 numbers to enter.

Is Danger Really Pregnant By Ray J?

No, Monica “Danger” Leon has stated in her MySpace page that she is not pregnant by Ray J, she had just claimed that because she wanted attention. She is supposedly starting her own show now, that and her nude pictures

How do You Find a Lost Cell Phone?

It is usually easy to find a lost cell phone. The best thing to do is retrace your steps and call the cell phone from another phone. Hopefully, the battery is not dead.

What is At&t;?

AT&T; is a telecommunications company based in the USA. It was originally American Telephone & Telegraph. AT&T; provides internet and home, mobile and long distance telephone service.You can find more information here:

What is a Condenser Microphone?

The most common type of microphone is a condenser microphone. They have got a high transient and frequency response, and are highly sensitive to sound.

Who Created Cell Phones?

In 1973 Martin Cooper who was then general manager of Motorola. His goal was to achieve personal wireless communication. He placed the first cell phone call on April 3, 1973.

How to Wire a Telephone Jack?

Be sure to disconnect the phone line before you begin any work. Then when you have the wire to the location, separate the wires within the main wire. Usually the red and green are used. Connect them to the terminals

How do You Dial International Numbers?

To dial international numbers from the U.S. you will need to start by dialing 011. This will get you out of the U.S. then, you will need to dial the country code. Last you need to dial the area code

How does Magic Jack Work?

Magic Jack works through your internet connection and allows you to make phone calls. The service has a flat rate for the year and allows for free long distance.

How do I Convince my Parents to Buy Me a Puppy?

To convince your parents to buy you a puppy, you need to find a good reason why they should. You can’t just say you want one and get it, you have to explain why you need one and how you

Where can I Find An Online Phonebook?

If it’s a phone book you need, you can find both White Pages and Yellow Pages online. You can search by name or address. There is even a reverse phone number lookup. For more information look here:

How do I Change my Cell Phone Number?

You can contact your cell phone provider to change your number. This is normally not an issue. You will need to give them a reason why you are requesting to have the number changed though.

What is a Subsidy Password?

A subsidy password is a Motorola password to unlock new phones. You are asked for this password when you insert your sim card in your new phone.

How do I Activate An Unlocked Phone?

To activate an unlocked cell phone is not any different then activating any cell phone. If you already have a cell phone provider and plan and are just replacing a phone just call your cell phone provider and they can

What to do if Your Cell Phone Gets Wet?

If your cell phone gets wet you should take the battery off and let it dry out for a day or so. Then put it back together to see if it works. If not then you need a new cell

Who Buys Used Cell Phones?

who buys used cell phones? answer: There are many companies that purchase cell phones. A quick online search revealed many sources. You can also donate your cell phone for a fundraiser or other charity.