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When was Mcdonalds Founded?

McDonalds was founded in 1955 in Des Moines Iowa. It was founded by a man named Ray Kroc and he had the vision to make the hamburger very popular.

What Time does Taco Bell Open?

Most Taco Bells open at 10 A.M and close at 2 or 3 A.M. However, every location is different, so be sure to contact your local restaurant to verify their hours.

Where can I Buy Vending Machines?

If you are in the market for a vending machine try looking at a SAM’S CLUB. You can purchase vending machines there as well as the items to stock it with. They have sevral different varieties on site in the

How Much Money is Spent on Fast Food?

Americans spend over10 billion dollars a year on fast food. At least 25% of us eat fast food twice in a week. No wonder we are getting to be such an obese nation.

Who are Starbucks Competitors?

Their closest competitor is called Second Cup which is a Canadian franchiser. Some other competitors are Java Centrale and Caribou Coffee.

What is Pomodoro?

Pomodoro is a tomato sauce that uses fresh tomatoes. Diced tomatoes are sauteed with fresh garlic in olive oil and fresh basil is added at the end. That is a Pomodoro sauce.

Who Invented Taco Bell?

Glenn Bell, who owned a drive through of burgers, invented a taco and later became taco bell in about 1946. Of course we all know this has gone a long way.

When Did the First Mcdonalds Open?

The original McDonald’s opened in 1940, but the franchised fast-food restaurant we all know and love got it’s start back in 1955. Ray Krok opened the first franchised McDonald’s in April, 1955 in the town of Des Plaines, Illinois.

When was Mcdonalds Started?

McDonald’s started as a drive up restaurant back in the forties. In 1955 it became the restaurant we know today. Over the years the style of the restaurant has changed.

How Much does a Mcdonalds Manager Make?

Are you interested in a management job at McDonald’s? Unfortunately, McDonald’s does not publicize their base pay because it depends on the area in which you live. McDonald’s does, however, have a ‘pay for performance’ pay scale, which offers incentives

Where is Chucky Cheese Located?

There are Chuck E Cheese restaurants located in almost every state. A quick visit to the home web page for Chuck E Cheese will find a store locator. You can find more information here:

How to Open a Restaurant?

This answer could go on for pages and pages. But simply it is this 1) specialize ( greek, mexican, seafood, etc) 2) Hire a great chef 3) expect to lose money your first year 4) location, location, location

How to Break Into Vending Machines?

There are some that make homemade keys for vending machines. It is highly not recommended to steal unless you don’t mind spending some quality time in jail.

Who is Ray Kroc?

Ray Kroc is the founder of McDonalds and he founded it in 1955 in Des Moines Iowa. This man wanted to make a selling of hamburgers and that was the sole purpose of developing McDonalds.

How Tall is Ray Romano?

Ray Romano is 6 ft. 2 1/2 in. tall. He was born on December 21st, 1957, in Queens, New York. His is married to Anna Romano, and they were married on October 11th, 1987. They have 4 children.

What Age does Burger King Hire At?

Most Burger King restaurants hire workers ages sixteen and up. However, since most restaurants are independently owned and operated, and minimum age laws differ from state to state, you’ll want to check your local restaurant’s hiring policy.

Who Invented the Milkshake?

There is no real way to know who invented the milkshake. Milkshakes are made all over the world and many people make there shakes different from one another.

What is the Number for Pizza Hut?

The number for pizza hut depends on the location of where you live. Some pizza huts will take online orders or you can call to place your order. Wherever you live there is always a pizza hut in the area.

How Much does the Buffet At Golden Corral Cost?

If you are really hungry Golden Corral restaurants are the answer. Cost may vary slightly according to location. But the general standard appears to be $10 for dinner, $7 for lunch and $7 for children. These prices do not include

Who Invented the Pancake?

The pancake was invented by the Dutch, who unlike their Belgian neighbors were first to come up with the idea of putting a flour based batter on a hot girddle.

Top Ten Restaurants in New York City?

The restaurants voted into the top ten in New York City are: Bouley, Corton, Daniel, Eleven Madison Park, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Masa, The Modern, Nobu New York, and Per Se.

Where Did Pizza Originate?

The early pizza was made by the Greeks. It was made with herbs, oil and dates. They did not have tomatoes then! The Pizza culture spread across the world only after World War II. Imagine life without PIZZA!

What is Buckwheat?

Buckwheat is a type of grain/seed not wheat. It is low in fat and good source of carbohydrate and high in protein and vitamin B. It has a nutty flavour. You can make porridge, pancakes and crepes from crushed buckwheat

Where the Beef Commercial?

The popular commercial for Wendy’s Restaurant first aired on January 10, 1984. Actress Clara Pellar is given a tiny hamburger on a very large fluffy bun and cry’s ‘Where’s the Beef?’. You can find more information here:

What Time does Starbucks Close?

It would be impossible to predict what time the Starbucks in your area opens or closes without having an exact location. You can, however, go to their website and look for your local operation. You can find more information here:

How Many Mcdonalds are There in the USA?

The United States is home to over 12, 804 McDonalds restaurants. McDonalds opens a new place about every 4 hours. There are about 46 million people served at McDonalds every single day.

How Many Mcdonalds in the USA?

There are over 13000 McDonalds fast food places in the USA. There are over 33000 across the world. For more information about McDonalds go to

What is the Name of the Taco Bell Dog?

The taco bell dog is a Chihuahua and named Gidget. In 1997 taco bell used the dog in one advertisement in the Northeastern United Sates. The positive response to the dog led to the company using it in advertisements across

Where do Hamburgers Come from?

Hamburgers come from cows. They can be bought at most fast food restaurants because they are relatively inexpensive to make. You can also have turkey burgers and chicken burgers.

Coupon for Olive Garden Restaurant?

Sometimes you can find coupons for Olive Garden restaurant. Online, they change often, so double check the date. At

Where Did Hamburgers Originate?

By the middle of the 19th century people in the port city of Hamburg, Germany enjoyed a form of pounded beef called hamburg steak. In 1902 the first description of a Hamburg steak close to our conception of the hamburger.

When Did John Ritter Die?

The Emmy award winning actor John Ritter passed away on September 11, 2003. He once appeared on The Dating Game game show as a contestant.

Where Did the Hamburger Originate?

There is no exact place that the hamburger originated. The hamburger has been enjoyed all over the world for so many years. You can have a hamburger made with beef, turkey and even veggie meat.

What is Acme?

The word acme refers to the highest point obtainable, complete superiority, or impeccable. Some may say that Michael Jackson’s career was the acme of the music business. For more information, look here:

How to Use Chopsticks?

Chopsticks have been used by Asian cultures for centuries. With a little practice, you can use them as if they were extensions of your own fingers. You can find more information here:

How to Keep Crawfish Alive?

You can either house your crawfish in an aquarium or some type of bin that the crawfish can’t climb out of. If you put the crawfish in an aquarium, make sure that you attach a device that will give the

Top Ten Seattle Restaurants?

Seattle, Washington is home to some great restaurants offering a wide range of food. The top ten Seattle restaurants range from the delicious pizzas and bacon burgers to the the classy meal at a four star restaurant for dinner. In

Where to Eat in Atlanta?

Some great places to eat at in Atlanta, Ga: Anis Cafe and Bistro, Aria, Athens Pizza House, Atlanta Fish Market, Bistro del sol, just to name a few.

Where can I Order Food Online?

You can order food online at Most people know that you can get Schwan’s food delivered to your door by a man in a yellow truck. But, you can also get it shipped to you.

How to Run a Deli?

Running a deli requires funding and start up monies. You may need a business plan to take to the bank. And of course there is a menu of good sandwich recipes you will need as well.

What is the Origin of Pizza?

Pizza traces its roots back to Italy but each country has it own popular version. Italian pizzas are traditionally flat, while most American favorites are cheese filled raised crusts.

Who Founded Mcdonald?

Ray Kroc opened the first McDonald’s in 1955 in Iowa. The restaurant chain now proudly serves Super Sized Big Mac Combos in over 119 countries.

What is Frozen Custard?

Frozen custard is much like ice cream and frozen yogurt. Along with all of the cream and sugar used in regular ice cream, eggs are also added to make this yummy, yummy treat. The makeup is usually about 10 %

Top 10 London Restaurants?

The top 10 London restaurants are Wong Kei, Launceston Place, Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley, The Gun, Terra, Stef’s, Clos Maggiore, Paradise By Way of Kensal Green, Christopher’s American Grill and Awana.

How Many Stores does Starbucks have?

Starbucks, based in Seattle, Washington, is the largest coffeehouse chain in the world. Starbucks operates stores in 49 countries with the U.S. having the largest number of stores. Total, Starbucks has 16,635 stores, 11,068 of those are in the U.S.

What is Adam Lambert’s Middle Name?

Adam Lambert, former American Idol contest and runner up, has sparked a lot of questions, including ‘What is Adam’s middle name’? It looks like that question is still a mystery, since not even the forum on American Idol can provide

Where do Bagels Come from?

Bagels are made by first creating a dough and letting it chill. The dough is then cut into small balls, that are rolled into a string, and tied into a circle. The circle is boiled and then set out to

How does a Franchise Work?

The general way in which a franchise works is as follows: A person starts a successful company and decides to let other people open the same company in another location. The person who wants to open the company must put

Who Created Ice Cream?

A variation of ice cream is served all over the world. The first recorded creation of ice cream was in China, around 200bc. It is considered the number dessert in America now.

How to RIP Off Vending Machines?

You should not rip off vending machines. It is against the law and you could end up in prison. Not only that, but you could end up in the hospital if the machine fell over on you while you were

How to Make Money With Vending Machines?

Location, location, location. Seriously, location is the key to succeeding in the vending machine business. If you don’t put your machine where a lot of people go, you will lose money and your chips will go stale. Try putting a

How to RIP Off Soda Machines?

Since ripping off soda machines is considering stealing, I cannot recommend you doing this. What kind of friend would I be if I told you to do something illegal?

How Many Hamburgers has Mcdonalds Sold?

After researching several sites, I have come to the conclusion that McDonald’s has sold over 100 billion hamburgers. It is a pretty accurate estimate, since many sites concluded that same 100 billion.

What Time does Pizza Hut Open?

Pizza Hut was founded in 1958 by Dan and Frank Carney. It grew out of it’s Wichita beginnings and began to spread across the United States. Most locations open at 11 a.m. It is always a good idea to call

Types of Donuts?

Some different types of donuts (doughnuts) are raised, cake, jelly-filled, custard filled, twists and my favorite…donut holes! Most believe donuts have existed since the beginning of time. Time to make the donuts!

Who Owns Subway?

Subway resturants are usually a franchise. That means whoever bought that particular store owns it. So there are many different store owners. As for the Franchisor, The Doctors Associate Inc owns the rights and own the operational business concept.

What Time does Mcdonalds Breakfast End?

Most McDonald’s are open 24 hours. They begin serving breakfast around 5am and end at 10:30. Then, they serve the lunch menu for the rest of the day.

Where was the Hamburger Invented?

There are a few different stories of where the hamburger was invented, ranging from Ohio to Connecticut to Texas. The hamburger is named after Hamburg, Germany, but was not actually invented there, like many think.You can find more information here:

Where Did Pizza Originate from?

The scrumptious tasting pizza comes from Naples. This Italian food stems back to the 16th century. Italy literally born and raised this wonderful food.

When Did Burger King Start?

The first Burger King restaurant was opened in Miami in 1954. It was started by James McLamore and David Edgerton. Now there are over 11,000 Burger King Restaurants worldwide.

Where to Eat in Boston?

Here is where I believe I can choose a preference. I love Avila’s, the Flat Iron, Legal Sea Foods, Red Sky and the Woodward. Oh, did I mention Avila’s? You can find more information here:

What Time does Mcdonalds Open?

Most McDonalds open between 5:30 and 6:00 A.M. If you want to know when your local McDonalds opens it is best to call them or visit the McDonalds website. You can find more information here:

How Many Mcdonald Restaurants are There?

McDonalds has over 31,000 restaurants spread out in 121 different countries. McDonalds is the largest of the fast food chains. They serve at least 47 million people on any given day.

What is a Calzone?

A calzone is an Italian dish. They are often served at pizza joints. A calzone like a pizza folded in half. Dough is on the outside and the inside is filled with pizza sauce, cheese and whatever toppings you would

How Much does Captain Morgan Cost?

A bottle of Captin Morgan spiced rum will set you back about $17.99 for 750ml. If you are fortunate enough to travel internationally you can visit the duty free store and depending on the country will pay about $10 for

What is a Franchise?

A franchise is a already popular company that has established there business but let others buy there own company of there company. Pretty much they let them use there name and there products but the invester backs it with money

Who Created Pizza?

The poor people of Naples created the very first pizza when they added tomatoes to their yeast dough. Today Pizza comes in many different sizes and you can add many assortments of toppings.

How to Become a Personal Chef?

To become a personal chef you will need years of experience as a chef and a reputation that will allow you to be hired full time for an individual. You can be self taught, but your resume is more likely

Who Invented Starbucks?

Starbucks coffee was first sold exclusively in Seattle at the Pike Place Market. They were known for importing the best coffees from around the world.

Who is the CEO of Mcdonalds?

Everyone knows and loves McDonalds, the home of the Big Mac. They also like to know also who are the people that run McDonalds. One of these people is Jim Skinner and he is the Chief Executive Officer since 2004.You

What is the Number to Pizza Hut?

Pizza hut has a store locator that will help you find the store closest to you. You can also order online. For the locator go to

How Old is Ronald Mcdonald?

No one knows how old Ronald McDonald really is. He started working for McDonald’s back in 1963, and soon become an essential character.

How Much do Waitresses Make?

Waitresses pay depends largely on tips from customers. While they are paid a base minimum amount of a few dollars, their main source of income is counted in tips. Each waitresses makes a different amount.

Top Ten Franchise List?

Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of the top ten franchises for 2009 include (in order of one to ten): Subway; McDonald’s; Liberty Tax Service; Sonic Drive-In restaurants; Intercontinental Hotel Group; Ace Hardware; Pizza Hut; UPS Stores; Circle K convenience stores and Papa

How to Make Spagetti Sauce?

I make my spaghetti sauce with tomato sauce, tomato paste, onions, garlic, and a few other spices. I allow it to simmer for a while to blend the flavors. Add a some meat then pour over spaghetti. Its simply delicious.You

How Long has Mcdonalds Been Around?

McDonald’s has been around since 1965 and has no signs of ever leaving. It is at the top of the fast food chain and has been for a long time now.

What Time does Starbucks Open?

To find out what time your nearest Starbucks opens, I suggest you open the phone book and look for their number and ask them or listen to their answering machine if they have one.

How Many Calories in a Chipotle Burrito?

A Chipotle burrito can have lots of calories depending on what you choose to stuff your burrito with. Calorie range is 500 to about 1400 per burrito.

Who is the Founder of Starbucks?

The founder of Starbucks was Zev Siegel, Jerry Baldwin, and Gordon Bowker in 1971. My favorite drink at Starbucks is the Soy Caramel Macchiato.

What Year Did Mcdonalds Open?

Originally created by Dick and Mack McDonald in 1940, it became a trademark in 1961. The first franchise McDonald restaurant opened in Des Plaines, Illinois on April 25, 1955 which was owned by Ray Kroc. You can find more information

How Did Times Square Get Its Name?

Times Square was given it’s name in 1904. It is named for the NY Times building that once resided there. The building itself is still there and it is the one with the famous zipper that has breaking news running

Should Steroids be Banned from Sports?

There are literally a ton of reasons why steroids should be banned from sports. The number one reason is the unfair advantage it gives you over players that are clean.

Who is Miranda Lambert Dating?

Miranda Lambert is no longer dating anyone. She was dating a smoking hot country singer Blake shelton but they recently broke up leaving her and him available.

Who Owns Dunkin Donuts?

The owner of Dunkin Donuts is Bill Rosenberg. Bill opened the first Dunkin Donuts in 1955. Dunkin Donuts serves over 3 million customers a day. I’m definitely one of those customers. Might I suggest you become one and try their

How Much do Dunkin Donuts Cost?

Well, it depends.If you want a 1/2 dz it is a round 5 dollars, and a dozen is about 8 dollars. But i am going to take a shot in the dark and say that is not what you were

How Did Johnny Cash Die?

Johnny Cash was born on February 26, 1932 and passed away on September 12, 2003. He died from respiratory failure due to complications from diabetes at the age of 71.

Who is Dave Thomas?

Dave Thomas is the founder of the famous Wendy’s hamburger chain. Dave Thomas named the restaurant after his daughter that had the nickname ‘Wendy’.

When Did Mcdonalds Start?

McDonald’s began in 1940 when Dick and Mac McDonald opened a restaurant in San Bernardino, California. The first franchised restaurant opened in 1955 in Des Plaines, Illinois and was owned by Ray Kroc.You can find more information here:

How Many Dunkin Donut Stores are There?

There are over 5,800 Dunkin’ Donuts stores across the US and 29 other countries. To find a store near you,

How Much does It Cost to Eat At Golden Corral?

To cost to eat at Golden Corral is $9.95 for adults and $6.95 for children. That is just for the buffet and not drink. Although, there are lots of menu option most people go for the all you can eat

What is Bottle Service At a Nightclub?

It basically means that instead of buying drinks one at a time you have to buy a whole bottle. They will sometimes let you sit at a table or give you special seating because you are not going to babysit

What was the First Fast Food Restaurant?

You might be surprised to know that White Castle in Wichita, KS is claimed to be the first fast food restaurant! This restaurant was opened in 1921, a time when the term fast-food was not even commonly used and the

How to Open a Bar?

Know what kind of bar and what location where you want to open your bar is important. Network and find out what makes a bar successful.

What is a Pub?

A pub is another word for a bar, typically thought of as the local corner bar in Great Britain. Pubs often serve food in addition to alcoholic beverages.

Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants?

There are so many fast food restaurants to choose from. Restaurant like Mcdonalds, Pizza Hut, and Arbys are to name a few. Although going to fast food restaurants are convenient they may not be the best route to take on

What is Fast Food?

The term fast food is used mainly in America to refer to foods that are cheap, convenient and high in fat and calories. Fast foods are usually sold at restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC as well as from

Who Invented the Vending Machine?

The first known vending machine was invented by the Greek engineer and mathematician Hero of Alexandria around 215 BC. These first vending machines were located in Egyptian temples and dispensed holy water in exchange for coins. It was not until

Where is Sonic the Restaurant Located?

The Sonic restaurant is located in almost every state in America. You can check your local phone book or you can even text your zip to Sonic and they will send you the three closest locations. Here is the number

How Many Mcdonalds are There in America?

McDonalds serves about 46 million people a day in their more than 13,000 US restaurants. McDonalds was founded in 1955 and has sold over 100 billion burgers.

How Many Starbucks are in America?

It seems like there is a Starbucks everywhere you go. How many Starbucks are in America. The answer is about 11,000 Starbucks in America

What Wrong With Mcdonalds?

In moderation, there is nothing wrong with McDonald’s. However, you must only eat it in moderation just like any other type of fast food. The high fat content that is normally in those foods is not something you would want

What does TCBY Stand for?

TCBY stands for The Country’s Best Yogurt. TCBY was founded by Frank and Georgia Hickingbotham. It contains active probiotics which your body needs to maintain a healthy digestive system. 1 serving has between 80 and 120 calories. For more information

Who Owns Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Who doesn’t love the Kentucky Fried Chicken? Have you ever wondered who owns the chain of restaurants? A company called Yum Brands is the owner of Kentucky fried chicken as well as pizza hut and other fast food chains. To

What Causes An Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is when the moon is directly between the earth and sun, blocking out the sun. A lunar eclipse is actually the earth between the sun and moon, blocking the sunlight that the moon reflects.

What Time is Happy Hour?

They have happy hours in bars and pubs. The usual time frame for most happy hours are from 4 PM to 7 PM during the Monday to Friday work week.

Where can I Get Coupons?

Most of the time you can get tons of cupons in your local Sunday paper. If you are in a small town and don’t have a local Sunday paper, grab a copy of the Sunday publishing offered in your area.

What Time does Subway Open?

The hours of operation for each Subway location tend to vary. You will find that most locations open at 10 am. However, those located within other establishments, like Walmart, tend to open even earlier.

Where Did Starbucks Get Its Name?

Ultimately, the Starbucks franchise was named after Captain Ahab’s first mate in Moby Dick, Starbuck. An earlier suggestion for the name was Pequod, after the ship in the story. For more information look here:

What Company Owns Trader Joe?

Trader Joe’s is a privately held grocery store and was founded in 1958. Their headquarters are located in Monrovia, CA and the owners are Joe Coulombe, Dan Bane, Doug Rauch, Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht. Revenues in 2009 were $7.2

Where Did Macaroni and Cheese Come from?

Macaroni and cheese comes from the frozen section in the super market! Macroni and cheese come from Italy to the rest of the world. It is very popular with kids of all ages and easy to eat!

What is Mcdonalds Mission Statement?

McDonald’s mission statement is that they strive to be the best quick service experience. In order to be the best they will give outstanding quality, service, cleanliness and value. This should make every customer smile.You can find more information here:

Why is a Hamburger Called a Hamburger?

A hamburger is called a hamburger because it was named when originally eaten in Hamburg, Germany. Without knowing the history the name does seem strange though. You can find more information here:

What is Chris Brown Phone Number?

Chris Brown, the musician, has publicized his phone number so fans can call him and leave a message. So give him a call and tell him how much you love him! He might even call you back! Chris Brown: 1-804-201-9377

Why is Buffalo Wild Wings Called Bw3?

When Buffalo Wild Wings first started in 1981, the name used to be ‘Buffalo Wild Wings and Weck’. Notice the 3 words that start with the letter ‘w’, that is how the became BW3. For more information look here:

How Much Money does a Mcdonalds Franchise Make?

The amount of money a McDonald’s franchise can vary depending on location as well as other factors. However, the range it appears is between $96,000 and $250,000.

When was Starbucks Founded?

Starbucks was first opened in 1971 in Seattle, Washington by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegel and Gordon Bowker. In 1987, the founders sold the Starbucks chain to Schultz’s II Giornale.You can find more information here:

How to Calculate Wind Chill?

Wind chill is the temperature at the current moment and the measurement of the wind that is being exerted in the outside environment at that time. You can find more information here:

What is Schnitzel?

Wiener schnitzel is an Austrian dish. It is made from a thin slice of veal. The cutlet is then breaded with breadcrumbs and fried. It is thought that this dish originated in Italy.

What is Food Cost?

Food costs are the amount of money spent on buying food products. Fast food restaurants budget by estimating how much food they will need to sell. If food is wasted, if ups the food costs and lowers the profits.

Where is Fergie from?

Stacy Ann Ferguson’s stage name is Fergie, she is a singer and song-writer and a fashion designer. Her Black Eyed Peas was on the top list for 26 weeks.

How do You Hold Chopsticks?

Hold the upper chopstick with the index finger, the middle finger and the thumb. Put the other chopstick between the bottom of the thumb and the tip of the ring finger. Then move the upper chopstick only when you pick

Who Owns Kfc?

Yum owns KFC today. They are the world’s largest restaurant company and also own A&W; restaurants, Long John Silvers and Pizza Hut. KFC was formerly owned by Pepsi Cola.

What is a Luau?

A luau is a party in Hawaii, kind of their version of a backyard barbeque but with girls dancing in grass skirts to Hawaiian music and all kinds of great tropical food. They usually put a pig in a pit

How Much does a Big Mac Cost At Mcdonalds?

Some states the Big Mac only costs a dollar. Other states it ranges from 2-4 dollars.

Who Invented the Doughnut?

No one really knows who invented the first doughnut. These doughnuts were without holes. Captain John Hansen invented the first doughnut with the hole.

How Many Starbucks are There?

There are 17,000 Starbucks stores worldwide. The very first Starbucks was opened in Seattle in 1971 and they have been doing great business ever since. They carry a wide range of lattes, coffee of various flavors, cold coffee and much

How do I Open a Restaurant?

Opening a restaurant takes time, work, and financing. It begins with registering as a business with the state. A business plan is need for the financing.

What are Chicken Nuggets Made of?

Chicken nuggets are made of various parts of the chicken. Most nuggets are made from the rib meat in the chicken. Some resteraunts offer chicken nuggets made soley out of the white meat of the chicken. You can find more

Where can I Find Free Printable Coupons?

You can find printable coupons on the internet. You can go to sites like

Pizza Hut Printable Coupon?

Pizza hut printable coupons you can find right here at

How do I Franchise my Business?

To franchise your business you need to create a demand for your product. Once you’ve trademarked your name and product you can sell the rights to other people to use it. It’s a very legal process but the monetary benefits

What is Organizational Structure?

It is the framework of a group or organization. It is the rules, regulations and chain of authority that govern the functioning of any particular group.

What Year Did the First Mcdonalds Open?

McDonalds first opened in San Bernardino, CA in 1940, with owners Dick and Mac McDonald. McDonald’s first franchisee was in 1955, in Des Planes, Illinois.

How Much is Mcdonalds Worth?

For the third quarter ending September 2009 McDonald’s claimed a profit of 1.26 billion. McDonald’s is a publicly traded company so it’s worth is based on stock prices which are always changing.

Where can I Find Little Johnny Jokes?

Little Johnny Jokes are about a little boy who likes to ask embarrassing questions. You can find many websites that offer the jokes to be read for free and also ones that sell books of them.

What is Sub Prime?

Sub prime refers to a type of loan that carries a much higher interest rate and higher fees. It is used mostly for people with bad credit and income problems.

Jack in the Box?

Jack In The Box is a tasty fast food restaurant. They are predominately located on the West Coast. Check out for locations near you!

How Much does a Big Mac Cost?

The cost of a Big Mac is going to vary depending on where you live, or where the restaurant is located that you’re purchasing it at. The price in New York might be much higher than a small town in

How Did Wendy Get Started?

The first Wendy’s was opened on November 15, 9169 in Columbus Ohio, Founder Dave Thomas named the restaurant after his fourth daughter, Wendy Thomas.

What are Starbucks Store Hours?

The hours for starbucks does vary by what city you are in. Most open their doors at 6:30 am catering to people on their way to work. But in places like california where rush hour starts early some locations open

What is Pastrami?

Pastrami is a piece of beef that has been trimmed and loaded with spices. Pastrami is then cured and then smoked and cooked. Pastrami is great on rye bread!

What is Mead?

Mead is an old timey drink, made with honey, and is sometimes called honey wine. It is made in many different flavors and can be very sweet, fruity, or spicy, depending on where the honey comes from and the varied

What Time does Chuck E Cheese Close?

The various Chuck E Cheese locations across America have varying open and close times, so it would be best to go to their website and look for the one closest to your own home to find accurate open and close

I Want to Fill Out a Mcdonalds Application Online?

To find a Mcdonalds application, go to Find the link that says aomething about a career or job. Click on it.

How Bad is Mcdonalds?

McDonalds can be ok for you in small amounts, or if the right foods are eaten. A Big Mac has 54 calories and 29 grams of fat, while the grilled chicken has 420 calories and only 10 grams of fat.

Types of Menus Used By Restaurants?

Restaurants have their menus divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have the appetizers, salads, entree, desserts and drinks divided into their own sections.

Types of Food Menus?

Restaurants sometimes have their appetizer menus separate from their dinner menus. There are also breakfast and lunch menus. Drink menus, Dine in and take out menus. Don’t you just love going out to eat?

Who Invented Nachos?

Nacho’s was introduced in 1943 by Ignacio. Nacho’s covered with salsa, cheese and jalepeno’s baked for 5 minutes are the snack fit for the God’s!

What Time does Mcdonalds Breakfast Start?

Breakfast starts at 5:00 am at most McDonalds and ends at 10:30 am! Some McDonalds are 24 hour and it may start earlier like around 3:00 am for those stores. Your best bet is to check the hour sign at

How to Buy a Franchise?

To buy a franchise you must contact the owner of the franchise. Most places require a set dollar amount in your savings account before you’re considered. Places like Subway like you to have $1 million in savings first. That’s a