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What are the Parts of An Experiment?

The parts of an experiment are: the independent variable, levels of the independent variables, dependent variable, control, repeated trials and constants.

Who is Steven Hawking?

Stephen Hawking is a physicist who is still living. He is known to contribute to theories regarding the black hole and other popular science topics of our time.

What is Kinetic Energy?

Kinetic energy is basically the motion of energy. It is an expression used for any moving object that can do work on anything that the object comes in contact with. You can find more information here:

How does the Atomic Bomb Work?

The atomic bomb blast is created by the energy released when we split an atom into smaller parts. Basically, we shoot a gun at the center of an atom splitting it and releasing energy. The event is call nuclear fission.

When Did Stephen Hawking Die?

Stephen Hawking, the British theoretical physicist, is still quite alive! As a matter of fact, in August of 2009 he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and only retired from his post at Cambridge University in October of 2009.

How is Nuclear Energy Generated?

Nuclear energy is generated in two different ways: fusion and fission. Fusion involves taking two atoms of hydrogen and fusing them together to make one atom of helium. In this process a lot of energy is released. Fission involves splitting

What is Solar Electricity?

Solar Electricity is electricity generated by solar radiation. Solar Panels are used to generate electricity from solar radiation. They contain PN Junction.

How do Light Waves Travel?

Light waves tend to travel in straight lines. Another interesting fact about light waves is that the wavelength of a light wave is what determines its color.

What is a Ccd?

The ‘ccd’ is the symbol for the centicandela. The centicandela is an SI unit that is equal to ten to the negative second power candelas.

How does Current Electricity Work?

It can be a little tricky to explain how current electricity works. But when electrons move from one atom to another, this creates an unbalance or flow, which is called an electric current. For more information look here:

Who Invented the First Pendulum?

The pendulum was invented by Christiann Huygens. Christiann Huygens invented the pendulum in 1656. A pendulum is a swinging weight used as a time keeping element.

What is Centripetal Force?

Centripetal force acts on a body moving in a circular motion. It tries to bring the object closer to the center of the circle. It is not to be confused with centrifugal force, which does not exist.

What is Nuclear Reaction?

Nuclear reaction is the look in my 16 yr old daughters eyes, after she’s told ‘No’, when she wants to do something, after not doing her chores! Her eyes glow, her face gets red and she fumes out of the

What Did Einstein do?

Albert Einstein was a genius who invented new theories in science. He was the man who was able to figure out why our sky is blue (light molecules have something to do with it).

How to Build a Time Machine?

At one embarrassing time or another we’ve all wondered how to build a time machine! Perhaps with a little time and an amusing tutorial, you might be the one to make that dream come true! Look here for more information:

Types of Alternative Energy?

One type is the wind, and wind turbine ‘farms’ are cropping up everywhere. Solar power is popular in some areas but is very expensive to set up the equipment.

What is a Lodestone?

A lodestone is a natural magnet. It has a dark color with a shine to it. The mineral magnetite found in it. That is what magnets are made of.

Types of Radioactive Decay?

Radioactive decay is a process in which there is an unstable atomic nucleus that spontaneously loses energy. There are actually three types of radioactive decay. You have alpha, beta, and gamma. Alpha is only referred to in heavier elements, and

How to Calculate Volume?

In order to calculate volume, you have to know the length, width and height of the object. If you are measuring a box you measure the length and multiply the width then multiply the height and you will get the

How do You Make a Windmill?

A windmill can often require a building permit depending upon what zoning you live in. You will need a strong base pole and a magnetic turbine to channel the power to your home. For more information see here:

What is the Photoelectric Effect?

The photoelectric effect is amazing. It has been known that when light shines on a metal, the metal emits electrons, which can be effective in other forms of energy.

Who is Stephen Hawkings?

Stephen Hawking, spelled without an ‘s’, is a physicist. He was born on January 8th, 1942, in Oxford, England. In 1963, he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. He now speaks through a synthesizer, that computerizes his voice, so he

What is E MC 2?

The famous physics equations proposed by Albert Einstien, E=mc2 is the mass to energy equivalence equation. The theory states that the total mass of any giving body is equivalent to the total energy inside, then divided by a constant (c2).

How do You Generate Electricity?

In order to generate electricity tiny charged particles have to orbit around the nucleus of an atom. The electrons that are produced then flow through a copper cable conductor.

How are Neon Signs Made?

Neon lights start out as a lead glass tube that is filled with liquid sulfer, drained and dried in an oven. The different colors are added in the same way. The glass tube is then cleaned of impurities, heated and

What Year was the Helicopter Invented?

While Leonardo da Vinci created a design for an aerial screw in the 1480’s, the first helicopter wasn’t created until 1861 by Gustave de Ponton d’Am’court. This first helicopter never made it off of the ground.

What Happens in a Black Hole?

A black hole is what is formed when a star collapses due to its own gravitational force. A black hole is a bottomless pit of gravity that is so strong that light can’t even get out!

How to Build a Compound Machine?

You build a compound machine from two of the simple machines. The simple machines are the wedge, pulley, lever, wheel, axle, inclined plane and screw. Look here for more information:

How does An Atom Bomb Work?

Atom bombs work by firing neutrons at atoms with heavy nuclei. The atoms break apart, producing more neutrons which hit more atoms. This chain reaction is called fission and it releases a huge amount of energy that is millions or

Who was Michael Faraday?

Michael Faraday was born on September 22, 1791 and he passed away on August 25, 1867. He is remember because he was a physicist and an English chemist.

Can I Make a Homemade Barometer?

Barometers measure air pressure. These devices are useful because they can signify weather changes. Making your own barometer is a fun and easy project. Look here for more information:

What are the Advantages of Wind Power?

The advantages of wind power include being able to product electricity without the toxic waste of nuclear, coal, and natural gas fired steam generators. For more information, look here:

How is Nuclear Energy Used Today?

Nuclear energy is used today in many different ways. It is used to power submarines and run power plants that produce our everyday power. It is also used in the creation of nuclear weapons.

What is the Formula for Speed?

The formula for speed is speed = distance/time.Speed is equal to the change in distance over the change in time. This is the measurement for speed.

Who Were Albert Einstein Parents?

Albert Einstein’s parents were Pauline and Hermann Einstein. Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. He graduated in 1900 with a degree in Physics.

Why does Salt Make Things Float?

Salt increases the density of the liquid causing it to be heavier making it easier for an object to float. This is taking me back to my school years and that was hundreds of years ago.

What is Tension Force?

Tension is a force associated with pulling or stretching an object. When a force pulls on an object, it is said to be in tension, as opposed to when it pushes on something the object is said to be in

What are Magnetic Fields?

Magnetic Field is the area in which force of magnet exists. Every current carrying conductor is surrounded by a magnetic field which is proportional to current flowing through it.

What is Mechanics?

Mechanics is the area of science that deals with the bodies motion when force is applied to it. Mechanics are also those people that work on your car and try to fix it, but I doubt that you were looking

What is a Mri Test?

A MRI is the abbreviation for magnetic resonance imaging. It is a device that is used to scan a part of the body, in order for us to be able to see an image of the internal parts.

Who Invented Nuclear Power?

Nuclear Power is invention of various inventors & chemist. However Curie family is considered as pioneer in invention and development of Nuclear Power

What is Inelastic Demand?

Inelastic demand is where a retailer or producer raise their prices on products but won’t really be noticed by consumers. It is a product that when the price changes it doesn’t hurt your pockets.

What is Modulation?

Modulation is the distinction between sounds. Modulations are what we use for recognizing different music sounds, what we sing, and voices and we say. Look here for more information:

How Much does a Roller Coaster Cost?

A roller coaster is pretty expensive to build and maintain. The best roller coasters that are top of the line will run you between $8 to $10 million.

When was the Microscope Invented?

The microscope was invented by eyeglass makers Hans and Zacharias Janssen sometime between 1590 and 1610. They invented a 20x magnification microscope. Look here for more information:

What is the Function of Plasma?

Plasma is the medium in which all the chemical reactions needed for our body takes place. It is found in the blood and consists mainly of white blood cells. The they help heal wounds and helps the body resist viruses

What is Energy Transfer?

Energy Transfer is the transfer of energy from one form to another Energy transfer always takes place. As energy can’t be created or destroyed.

Who Invented Wind Energy?

In 1887 Charles Brush invented the first wind energy system. He lived in Cleveland, Ohio and his invention was able to turn wind into electricity.

What is Theory of Relativity?

Generated by Albert Einstein, special relativity refers to spacetime. The theory says that the laws of physics are the same for all observers in uniform motion relative to one another; it also states that the speed of light in a

What Year was the Radio Invented?

The radio was first invented by Nikola Tesla, and later Guglielmo Marconi promoted it in 1895. The first transmission occurred across the Atlantic Ocean on December 12, 1901. Look here for more information:

How to Use a Metal Detector?

You use a metal detector simply by turning it on, and slowly move it over the ground area that you want to search. When you hear the beep, you can go ahead and dig to see if you found a

Types of Wedges?

First of all, you should know one main thing. What purpose would your wedge fill? Go to the website below so you can get the information you need. For more information see here:

What is a Vector Quantity?

Any quantity that has direction and magnitude associated with it is considered a vector quantity. An example of a vector quantity would be velocity. It must be expressed with reference to a direction.

How does a Compass Work?

A compass works by using the magnetic fields from the earth’s poles to tell direction. The compass has small magnets inside, which will pull toward north, telling us which direction we are heading. You can find more information here:

How do Telescopes Work?

Telescopes comes in many different shapes and sizes, it is use to look at the stars in the sky, or the moon and even far away places like planets. A telescope helps you to see thing as if they’re up

How does Heat Affect Sugar?

Heat actually melts sugar. If heated slowly it will turn to liquid. If heated on high heat it will start to caramelize. Also sugar dissolves quicker in heated liquid.

When was the First Microscope Invented?

Although there is archaeological of evidence of a crude microscope as far back as1000 AD, two Dutch men, Zaccharias Janssen and his son Hans Janssen get the credit for inventing the microscope in 1590. For more information see here:

What are Hydrogen Fuel Cells?

Hydrogen Fuel Cell contains H2 & O2 cylinders. They are mixed in a cell containing KOH electrolyte. It produces electricity and gives water as bi product.

What are Complex Machines?

A complex machines is a system in which simple machines all together all work together parts of a complex machine that have just one function are called subsystems and often contain a simple machine.

What is Elastic Potential Energy?

In most cases potential energy is when energy is stored within a physical system which can be a result of the position and configuration.

What are Neutrons?

Neutrons are neutral sub atomic particles. Neutrons are in nucleus of an atom. They don’t carry any charge but they are heavier then electrons and protons.

Who Invented Energy?

Nobody invented energy; it’s a force of nature that’s always been here, even before the planets formed. Over time, humans have learned to harness & use the various forms of energy for our own convenience. For example, solar energy was

How do Magnets Attract?

Magnetic fields are caused by the orbit of charged ions around the molecule. You may have noticed that not all things are magnetic. Hold a magnet up to a banana and the banana won’t be attracted. This is because the

How Gravity Works?

Gravity uses it’s force to pull all matter together and objects that have more matter also have more gravity. It’s also what keeps our feet firmly planted on the ground. The pull that gravity has also depends on how far

Who Invented the Slinky?

Richard and Betty James invented the slinky in 1943. Richard was a naval engineer and was working on a project involving tension coils. One of them fell to the ground and kept going. So, he and his wife spent a

What are Hybrid Cars?

Hybrid cars are the cars of future. Hybrid cars use more than one source of energy hence called Hybrid. Current hybrid cars use Electricity & Hydrogen-Oxygen Fuel Cell.

Where Did Isaac Newton Work?

Newton did some work for colleges and universities, but in 1696 he was elected to the position of Warden of the Mint and Master of the Mint by 1670. He worked to capture and prosecute coin counterfeiters. He worked here

What Makes Things Float?

Things float based off of their density. If something is in substance (liquid) that is more dense than the object, it will float. If it is more dense, it will sink.

How to Measure Volume?

Volume can be measured a number of ways depending on the application. In math, volume is equivalent to length x width x height. In science, liquid volume is measured using a graduated cylinder. Solids can be measured by the amount

What is Elastic?

Elastic is a rubber stretchy material that has saved me on several occasions. If it wasn’t for elastic, I could have lost my pants in many situations. May garments are made with this stretchy material.

When was the X-ray Machine Invented?

The x-ray machine was invented in 1895 by a German scientist named Wilhelm Roentgen. It didn’t take long for his discovery to become known and it soon became adopted into the medical field.

What is Microwave Radiation?

Microwave radiation are electromagnetic waves that can be transmitted, reflected or absorbed. They exist between infrared and radio waves and have a frequency between 0.3 GHz and 300 GHz.

What is a Voltaic Cell?

A voltaic cell is one that conducts energy. They are commonly generated when a certain metal is summerged into water such as a battery.

What are the Four Fundamental Forces?

According to most physics teachers, the four fundamental forces are electromagnetism, strong interaction, weak interaction, and the last is gravitation.

What are Types of Energy?

There are six main types of energy. They are mechanical energy, gravitational energy, thermal energy, electric energy, chemical energy, and nuclear energy.

What is Physics?

Physics in one of the natural sciences, dealing with, or studying matter and energy. It is a study of physical systems and their interactions.

What is a Motion Hearing?

A motion hearing is a setting in which a party asks for judicial decision without going to trial. A motion is made by oral request in an open court proceeding.

Why do Rainbows Form?

Refraction of light is what causes Rainbows. Basically you need the sun to be close to the horizon ,a heavy fog or mist that is opposite of the sun. If you are standing between the sun and the rainbow you

What Did Norbert Rillieux Invent?

Norbert Rillieux was an engineer and inventor. He is probably best known for his invention the multiple-effect evaporator. It evaporates water in an energy efficient manner.

What does Weight Mean?

Weight is the measurement used to determine how heavy something is. I weigh 128 pounds and my weight has increased 3 pounds over the last month. The weight of a dog depends on the size and type of breed.

What is Energy Balance?

Your energy balance is comparing how many calories that you have consumed with the number of calories you have burned while doing physical activity. For more information, look here:

What are the Laws of Gravity?

Newton’s Law of Gravity states that force of gravity is equal to the gravitational constant times the mass of an object times the mass of the object it is gravitating towards divided by the distance between the two objects squared.

What is Potential?

Potential is the amount of abilities that you have to achieve something. Everybody has different types of potential. Some have the potential to be great athletes, others great scientists. Can you think of what your potential might be?

How Metal Detectors Work?

Most metal detectors work by sending out electromagnetic field waves. These waves cause an object in the ground to emit a magnetic field. The objects magnetic field is detected and analyzed for it’s approximate depth. The detector uses filters to

What can Nuclear Energy be Used for?

The main use for nuclear energy is to provide electricity to power homes and businesses. The energy is cleaner and makes it so we don’t have to rely on the burning of precious fossil fuels. For more information look here:

How Did Albert Einstein Become Famous?

Albert Einstein became famous for that crazy hair as well as his crazy ideas. He was well known in the field of physics for his theories. The most famous one that you have probably heard of is the Theory of

How is Electricity Formed?

Electricity is formed by an atom’s electrons when they are touched by pressure. Static electricity is formed when the air is dry and low humidity. Look here for more information:

What was Albert Einstein Middle Name?

Albert Einstein did not have a middle name. He was born on March 14th, 1879 in Ulm, Germany. He died at the age of 76, on April 18th, 1955.

How to Build a Roller Coaster?

To build a rollercoaster you would need a permit and a lot of property and supplies. You can build a virtual rollercoaster at

How do Machines Make Work Easier?

Machines make work easier because they do not tire out as quickly as humans do. Machines also have more strength and power behind them. It’s sad how many people are being replaced by machines!

What Did Michael Faraday Invent?

Michael Faraday was the first to make the electric motor. He was both a physicist and a chemist. He discovered electromagnetic induction.

Types of Motions in Physics?

There are three types of motion in physics. The first is uniform motion. This is where the direction and the speed of the item are the same and do not change. The second is variable motion and just like it’s

How to Build a Pulley?

A pulley can be made quite simply using a pulley wheel and rope. Wrap the rope around the pulley wheel and connect one end of the rope to the item you want to move, the other end is pulled by

How do I Increase Wireless Signal Strength?

To increase signal strength first, put your wireless adapter close to a window. Open any curtains or blinds. Make sure there’s little to nothing between your router and receiving computers but if you simple cannot, you can use a wireless

What does Air Pressure Mean?

Air pressure is also called atmosphere pressure. It is when the earth’s weight is pressing down on everything at the surface. This means in simply terms that a lot of pressure is coming toward you in all directions.

How does a Lever Make Work Easier?

A lever makes work easier by using minimal force. Only a small amount of effort is needed to move the lever on the fulcrum, and it causes the lever to swing, overcoming resistance.

What is Total Internal Reflection?

Total Internal Reflection is a phenomenon that a material can posses by which it reflects all the wave incident on it. It don’t disperse or deviate the wave. This phenomenon is used in Fiber Optics.

What is Hydrogen Fusion?

Hydrogen fusion is one form of nuclear energy. This is when two atoms of hydrogen are fused together to make one atom of helium. When their nuclei are fused a tremendous amount of energy is released.

What is Mass?

Mass is the space an object takes up. It is the amount of matter present in an object. There are three types of mass an object can have: inertial mass, positive gravitational mass, and passive gravitational mass.

Why do Magnets Attract?

Magnets attract each other because of the electrical currents that gives off a charge making the magnets force gravitate towards each other. a magnetic field can be simply made by passing currents through wires. For more information see here:

What is Quantum Mechanics?

Quantum mechanics is the description of the physical atomic and subatomic level of matter. Quantum mechanics is necessary to understanding things at the atomic level and smaller.

How does Nuclear Medicine Work?

Nuclear medicine works by taking a radioactive substance, either orally or through an IV. Pictures are taken using a camera that can see radiation and it shows the body processes and a picture of what’s going on inside.

What is Einstein Theory of Relativity?

Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity in the beginning of the 20th century. The theory of relativity is broken down into two parts. You can find more information here:

How Many Feet are in a City Block?

The feet in a city block depends on the city. Manhattan, New York has city blocks that are 264 feet x 900 feet in size. Melbourne, Australia’s city blocks measure 660 feet x 330 feet. To find more information click

What Makes Sound?

Sound is made by a screaming baby, my mother-in-law, a barking dog. The scientific explanation is that it is made by the vibration of air. There is good sound (e.g. sound of the ocean) and bad sound (described as noise).

What is Dark Matter?

No one really knows exactly what is dark matter. The theory comes from the study of galaxies. Roughly an explanation of dark matter is what the telescopes can’t see through in space. You can find more information here:

How to Build a Mission?

Every company needs a mission statement, many compainies, both new and existing, sometimes struggle to write a mission statement. A mission statement can be a very strong motivational statement.

What is Static Electricity Used for?

Static electricity is used quite often, but overlooked much of the time. Air filters in our furnaces use static electricity by trapping the dust. Air fresheners also use static energy by capturing the odors in order to release the yummy

How do Communication Satellites Work?

Communication satellites are one of the things that makes many modern technological advances possible. They working by beaming information on the earth from one point to another.

What is Wave Energy?

Wave energy is caused by the wind blowing over the surface of the ocean. In some parts of the world, the winds blow with enough consistency and force to provide continuous waves. There is tremendous energy in the ocean waves.

Who is Leeuwenhoek?

Leeuwenhoek is a scientist. He’s known as the Master of the Microscope. He went by the name of Anton van Leeuwenhoek, however, his real name was Thonis Philipszoon.

What does Isaac Mean?

The male name Isaac means laughter and is of Hebrew origin. In the bible, Isaac was the name of Abraham and Sarah’s only son. Isaac is a very common first name.

How Many People Use Solar Energy?

The people who use solar energy in the United States only make up .1% of the energy that is consumed by this country. That equates to only about 2000 people. So the answer is not enough.

Where does Energy Come from?

Energy is the work that is applied by certain force. For instance, a bicycle moves by the amount of pressure, or force that a person applies to the pedals.

What is a Ph Meter Used for?

Don’t mean to be a smarta– here, but a ph meter measured ph. In other words, it measured to measure the acidity of certain types of liquid.

How to Magnetize a Screwdriver?

You can magnetize a screwdriver by simply placing it on a magnet, and letting it sit for a certain amount of time, generally 12-24 hours or more.

What is a Law Clerk?

A law clerk is the person who takes care of your paperwork when you have to report to a courthouse. Sometimes, they will also be in the courtroom taking a transcription of what happens. However, their their job duties are

How is Paint Affected By Temperature?

Paint is affected by temperature in that if it gets too hot the heat can alter the color, texture, odor, or adherence of the paint. The temperature can affect the different components that make up the paint so be sure

What is Free Energy?

Free energy is that which either comes from an unlimited resources like the sun’s light and the ocean’s tidal motion or comes from a system which achieves over a hundred percent efficiency by putting out more energy than is being

What Makes Up Plasma?

Blood plasma forms about 52% to 62% of the total blood volume. It consists of water, and protein, including albumin, globulins, and the clotting factors. There are also electrolytes in plasma.

How does a Magnifying Glass Work?

A magnifying glass is made from a piece of glass shaped on one side similar to a bubble called convex. The other side of the glass is shaped opposite called concave. The shaping of the glass bends the light to

How Telescopes Work?

Telescopes work by collecting light. The more light they can collect, the sharper the image that can be seen. A telescope with a larger diameter main lens will always be able to collect more light than a smaller lens. You

What is Magnetic Field?

Magnetic Field is the area in which force of magnet can be experienced. Magnetic field is surrounded round current carrying conductor & magnets.

What is Thermal Energy?

Thermal energy is the movement of atoms and molecules in a substance that causes heat. It is generated and measured by any kind of heat (sun, water, volcanoes, etc.).

Types of Chart?

There are many types of charts. Examples of charts are histogram, line chart, bar chart, timeline, pie chart, flow chart, organizational chart and area chart.

What is Water Power?

Water Power usually refers to Potential Energy of water. It is used to generate electricity in damns. Water is stored at high level which gets velocity.

Why does Rubber Bounce?

Rubber bounces because of it’s elastic property. Just imagine a rubber band and how it can stretch. That is the elastic property that is in rubber and what makes it so bouncy. You can find more information here:

What is Effort?

Effort is used in everyday lives of humans as well as animals. Although we express are effort more than an animal does. It is the intension to accomplish or do something. You can find more information here:

What is Solar Power Used for?

Solar power is used for the production of electricity in the case of photovoltaics. The energy of the sun is also used to heat water to provide radiant floor heating and many other hot water applications. Solar energy can heat

What is the Wavelength of Blue Light?

Blue light wavelength is around 475 nanometers. These are shorter in the spectrum and are more scattered by molecules. It is for these reasons the sky is blue we know.

How is Electricity Made?

Electricity is made by a generator and wind. The wind makes the propellers spin and produce an electric current.It is like a large magnet that has copper spinning inside of it to generate electricity. You can find more information here:

What is Fuel Cell?

Fuel cells are usually used by electric cars. Fuel cells generally create energy using the chemical reaction that occurs when the fuel used is oxidized. Many fuel cells use liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen.

What is X Rays?

Xrays are a form of radiological tests that can show doctors if we have broken bones in our body. There are also special xrays that can be used to see in our other body parts such as chest and head.

When was the Radio Made?

The first successful wireless radio signal was sent and received in 1895 in Italy. The creator of the device was an Italian inventor named Guglielmo Marconi.

How to Shoot a 3 Pointer?

To shoot a 3 pointer you would want to make sure that you would use a bow or a gun. If you are trying to shoot a 3 pointer you would have to shoot the deer through both lungs.

How Mirrors Work?

Mirrors are great. They show reflections. When you stand in the mirror you get a chance to see what you look like. When you stare in the mirror you will see everything because mirrors do not lie.

What Colors Combine to Make Brown?

Brown is usually made by combining complementary colors or colors opposite each other on the color wheel. Different shades of brown are made depending on which colors are mixed.

What are the Laws of Thermodynamics?

The laws of thermodynamics describe the movement of heat and work in the thermodynamic process. They have become some of the most important in all of physics. Look here for more information:

What does Under Stimulated Mean?

Under stimulated means to have a lack of motivation or passion. Sometimes, people get into ‘slumps’ or ‘ruts’ during their life. Basically, they are bored and need to change their daily routine or be challenged in a new way.

What is Beta Radiation?

Beta radiation is an electron, a short distance entity that can go through skin, so caution is required. Of course, that’s true for any kind of radiation.

What is a Reflecting Telescope?

A reflecting telescope is one that uses mirrors to reflect the light in order to form an image. These types of telescopes are also used to observe the short and long wavelength regions of the electromagnetic spectrum.You can find more

Types of Forces?

There are many types of forces. A force is a push or pull on an object as a result of it’s interaction with another object. Two broad catagories are contact forces and action-at-a-distance. Look here for more information:

What is a Photocell?

A photocell is an electrical device that is affected when any amount of light is shone upon it. It will vary in voltage, current or resistance when that occurs.

How to Calculate Wavelength?

In order to calculate wavelength, you first want to determine the speed of light in meters per seconds, which is 299,792,458 m/s. Then you want to find out what the frequency of the wavelength is in cycles per second, and

What is the Speed of Light in Water?

As you and I both obviously know, the speed of light is very much dependent on what medium it is traveling in. Light tends to travel at speeds of 140,000 miles per second in water. That’s still extremely fast.

How is Electrical Energy Used?

Electric energy is produced in power plants by burning fossil fuels, such as coal, crude oil, and natural gas. The energy can’t be supplied in this form, so it goes through many transformations. Electrical energy can then take the form

Types of Easements?

An easement is an agreement between two parties to utilize an area of land for a specific purpose. The most common for ingress and egress, sidewalks, utilities and parking.

What does a Mri Show?

An MRI shows the soft tissues of the body. It provides a good contrast without the patient having to use a contrast dye, as with a CT scan. You can find more information here:

Where does Solar Energy Come from?

Solar Energy comes from Sun. Sun is a hot ball of Hydrogen & Helium. Due to fission reaction of Hydrogen molecules, energy is emitted which is known as Solar Energy.

How does Sound Work?

Sound is caused by vibrations. Those vibrations are picked up by our eardrums and are converted into what we know as sound. Sound can travel through all forms of matter, but not through a vacuum.