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How do I Put Limewire Songs Into Itunes?

After successfully downloading a song from LimeWire you’ll need to open the folder where the music is saved. Open the iTunes program and let it load. Once it’s finished loading press ‘File’ and select either ‘Add File to Library’ to

How do I Transfer Songs from One iPod to Another?

The best way to transfer songs from on ipod to another is via the computer. First you will need to sync your old ipod to the computer and transfer the files to your pc. Then, you can transfer them to

How to Delete Songs from iPod?

There is an automatic way to remove songs from your ipod. If your ipod is set to only sync certain playlists automatically, then the songs will be removed from the ipod when they are removed from the playlist in the

How to Read a Gas Meter?

Gas Meter can be Digital or Analog. Digital shows direct quantity of the Gas remaining. Analog show the pressure available which can be converted to quantity by given scale.

What is Motor Oil Made of?

Motor oil is mostly made from crude oil. It is the heavier part of the petroleum refining process. There are also synthetic types of motor oils that made by creating new molecules. For more information see here:

Types of Fault?

There are different types of faults known today. The earthquake faults are more commonly talked about in today’s society. One example is the normal fault, when the ground falls down from tension stress. Look here for more information:

How is Relative Humidity Measured?

Relative humidity is measured on a dial-type device called a hygrometer. Hygrometers are labeled one through one hundred. One hundred percent humidity is rain, and zero humidity is completely dry. Either extreme can be uncomfortable.

How do I Download Songs to An MP3 Player?

You can download songs to an mp3 player using itunes. Install itunes for free at

How do I Get Free Music for my iPod?

You can get free music for your ipod by taking it off of the tapes that you have bought and then you download it onto the computer. There is also a way to get it off of the internet, but

How to Transfer Music to iPod Without Itunes?

Transferring your music files are easier than ever.Due to copyright rules music and videos stored on the IPod are subject to piracy, apple had made it difficult to copy or transfer songs, music,and audio. for step by step instructions

How to Hook Up Speakers?

To hook up speakers you will find terminals on back of the speakers. You would need to connect the positive wires to the positive terminal on the speaker. You can find more information here:

How to Hook Up An Amp?

There are many different ways to hook up an amp. If you are wanting to hook the amp into your automobile for the great sound system, there are many places that help. Your local car dealership is always useful when

How do You Put Videos on An iPod?

To put videos on your ipod you need to make sure they are in mp4 format. If it is not in mp4 format, you will need to convert it using a program such as Magic Video Converter. Aftre you have

Where can I Find Free iPod Downloads?

You can find free ipod downloads on itunes ranging from demo games,music and pod casts. You can also use several third party services available on the web to download free content to your ipod.

How to Put Music on An iPod?

You need to download itunes to put music on your ipod. Then you can purchase the songs that you would like and sync your ipod with a few simple clicks.

How to Hook Up An Equalizer?

An equalizer is connected in between the tuner and the amplifier to make sure that the adjustments in the treble,bass,mid-range and quality of the sound is properly set.

How to Hook Up Home Theater?

You can hook up a home theater by following the manual and connecting it to the television and other devices that you have connected to the television.

How to Download Music Onto An iPod?

You can download music to your ipod using the itunes program that comes with your ipod. If getting music from itunes, it needs to be purchased. Other wise, you can download it and then transfer it to itunes for free.

How to Replace iPod Battery?

In order to replace an iPod battery you have to take your iPod apart. There is a kit that can be purchased that will provide you with the tools that are needed in order to do this. If you order

How to Fix Headphones?

The most common defect found in headphones is an open or ‘short’ in the speaker cord or wire. Using a continuity tester, locate the open wire and remove it from the cord. Solder the ends back together according to color.

How to Add Music to An iPod?

In order to make sure you successfully add music to your Apple iPod, you’ll need to install their program called iTunes. Simply add music to your iTunes Library by dragging the music files to the application. Then press Sync and

How to Put Songs on An iPod?

In order to put songs on the on your ipod you will need to plug the device into the computer that it is registered to. Yo then wait for itunes to load then sync the songs that you want to

How do I Put Videos Onto my iPod?

To transfer video to Ipod, it should be connected to computer. Computer will detect it and then you can transfer compatible video format to ipod.

How do I Get Music from my iPod Onto my Computer?

There are many paid ways to move your music from your ipod to your computer but you probably want the least expensive way. There is a really cool little program called iFunBox for your ipod and iphone. This program allows

How to Make Real Lightning?

Real lightning can’t be made in open air. It is too risky and requires very very high potential difference. However it can be made in vacuum tube.

How do I Put Songs Onto my iPod?

Putting songs onto your iPod is fairly simple. Just hook the device to your computer and it will automatically sync the device to your computer library. You can find more information here:

How to Read a Protractor?

A protractor is used to measure angles, and will have sets of numbers going in opposite directions. To determine which number to use you should first determine whether the angel is more or less than 90 degrees. First find the

How does Xm Radio Work?

XM radio works by simply sending digital signals to a satellite from a source like a broadcast studio. The digital signals are transmitted from the satellite to a special antenna that decodes them into a radio tuner. Look here for

How do You Put CD Music on An iPod?

If you wih to put music from a cd on your ipd, you need to upload it in to itunes first. You can upload the entire cd, or just a few song. Once this is done they will move to

What is Hi-fi?

Hi-fi stands for high fidelity and gained its popularity in the 50s. Hi-fi is usually associated with sound and refers to reproductions that are free from background noise and have little distortion.

Where can I Buy An iPod Nano?

Any retails sore or electronics store will be able to sell you the Ipod Nano. If you have no luck with the stores, you can try websites like E-Bay, Amazon and maybe even the Apple Ipod website.You can find more

How do MP3 Players Work?

Just like the memory card in a digital camera, it stores music files that you can access through the mp3 player. The built in menus allow quick access to your favorite songs.

What is the Definition of Intensity?

The defenition of intensity is exceptionally great concentration, power or force. That could mean that the person wants something very bad. Hope this helps!

How do I Erase my iPod?

To erase your iPod, plug you iPod into your computer. Bring up iTunes on your computer. Click on your iPod device on the iTunes page. Then, click restore. When you click restore, that will erase everything on your iPod.

How do I Delete Songs on my iPod?

Songs get deleted automatically when Ipod is synchronized with PC, provided that song don’t exists in library. Or you can use delete option.

How do I Get Music Onto my iPod?

To get music on your ipod you must upload your music onto itunes (File > add folder to library; select destination where music is saved). From there you will just drag and drop selected songs onto your ipod (shown at

How to Put Videos on iPod?

Just find a conversion program for your itunes library. Next connect your computer and ipod to the usb cord. Next just drag and drop the videos from your itunes library to your ipod, and you can now look at videos

How do I Download Songs Onto my iPod?

In order to download songs onto your ipod you first need to make sure you have the itunes software. Once you have the software add your music files to it. Then hook your device to your computer and it will

How to Transfer Music from iPod to Itunes?

To transfer music from your iPod to iTunes, refer to the owner’s manual for your specific model iPod. Essentially, your iPod will need to be connected to your compuer and can be transferred through Apple’s iTunes application. Ipod owner’s manuals

How to Fix Broken Headphones?

To fix a broken pair of headphones, first locate the break in the wire. Next, cut the damaged wire out. Third, strip the wires inside clean. Fourth, place heat shrink tubing over both ends. Solder the wires according to color.

How to Download Songs to iPod?

You can download your music from itunes with a few clicks. You need to check off the music in your library that you want on your pod. Next you need to plug in your ipod and find the sync buttom.

How do You Put Videos on Your iPod?

You must first download or purchase the videos that you want to add to your iPod. Once you have done this, you pull them into your library by importing the file. Once you have established what videos you want to

How to Download to MP3?

If you have your tunes in Media Player there is a sync pads Find the item that allows you to SYNC and you will be able to follow the download procedure.

How do I Put Photos on my iPod?

iPod has USB connectivity. Connect the iPod to PC. It’s memory will appear as external removable USB Disk. Copy & paste the photos in this memory.

What is the Thickness of a Penny?

The copper Lincoln’s are approximately one and a half mm thick. It was named after the British coin with the same name and same thickness.

Where can I Buy An iPod?

Today you can get an iPod just about at any major retailer. You can also order all Apple’s products through their main web page. A while back I was intrested in getting a iPod touch. Well I found one at

How to Download Videos to iPod?

To download videos to iPod you will need to hook it up to your computer. The iPod will then sync any videos that you have in the library to the iPod automatically. You can find more information here:

Where can I Buy An iPod Mini Online?

The most reliable online sources to purchase an ipod mini are secured, well known websites. For example: or even has free shipping! You can also check for a really good deal, but please make sure the

How can I Put Music on my iPod?

You can connect ipod to PC via USB cable and transfer the music. Alternatively, if it has Wireless Internet, music can be directly downloaded.

How is Humidity Measured?

Humidity is measured using a term called relative humidity or RH using a tool called a hygrometer which can be electronic or mechanical. You can find more information here:

How do You Put Songs on a MP3 Player?

MP3 player should be connected to Computer in Mass Storage Mode. It will appear as a drive. Then compatible format can be transferred to player.

How do I Transfer Music to my iPod?

Transerfing music to an ipod can be done with a usb cord and itunes program. First, check the music from your library that you wish to transfer to the ipod. Then sync the library and ipod.

How do You Delete Songs from An iPod Nano?

To delete songs from your Ipod Nano, you must first hook your Ipod to your computer using the Ipod cable. Once your Itunes library pops up, click on ‘music’. Here you can just unselect any songs you no longer want

How to Wire a Relay?

Relay is an electromagnetic switch. Its coil terminals should be connected to circuit from which it will get signal to On & Off. It has an input terminal where input should be given. Device should be connected to Normally Closed

How do Computer Speakers Work?

Computer speakers are nothing but reverse transducers. They have a diaphragm which vibrates as per signal given to speaker from computer.

How to Transfer Songs from iPod to PC?

Transferring songs from your iPod to your pc can be done in a little as five steps. You are going to need to pull up the Advanced Settings list in Internet Explorer. Don’t forget to plug your iPod into your

Types of Engineers?

There are many different types of engineers. The most common type is an electrical engineer. They are responsible for many of the jobs performed by the power company. Other types of engineers include business and computer. Look here for more

How to Put Videos on my iPod?

If you want to put videos on my ipod you will need to purchase them from itunes first. Once they have downloaded to itunes, you need to sync them to your ipod with the usb cord.

How do You Download Songs to Your iPod?

Songs can be downloaded on PC first. Then they can be transferred to Ipod using USB cable. If ipod has WiFi, it can be directly connected to internet to get songs.

How do I Turn Off iPod Power?

An iPod doesn’t exactly have an on/off power button. The iPod instead sleeps. To get an iPod in the off/sleep state all you need to do is press and hold the Play button. To make sure the iPod doesn’t turn

How to Put Music on a iPod?

To begin rocking out to you favorite tunes on your iPod you will first need to install iTunes on your computer. Next up is get some music into iTunes be either using the iTunes software to copy CD’s or to

Can You Delete Songs from An iPod?

You can delete songs from your ipod once it is hooked up to the computer. You simply check the songs that you want to keep and all the rest are deleted.

How to Program a Remote Control?

Every remote is different, and so is the method of programming them. On mine, you hold down the Setup button until it blinks twice, press the key for the device you’re trying to program, then enter the code. Usually, specific

How to Use a iPod Shuffle?

iPod shuffle comes with various buttons like Play, Pause, Stop to control it’s operation. User Manual is provided in the box for detailed instructions.

How Much does a iPod Nano Cost?

Prices may vary based on the retailer, but the general cost of an Ipod Nano is around $150.00. However, you may purchase them online from websites such as Ebay or Amazon for a cheaper price.

How to Make a Water Level?

All you will need to make a water level is a bucket and length of hose. Cut a hole, 2 inches from the bottom of the bucket, slightly smaller than the hose. Slice the end of the hose to make

How to Transfer iPod to Itunes?

Whenever I plug my ipod up to my computer, all I have to do is open Itunes. Once open, I press the sync ipod button and it does all of the rest. Its that easy.

How do You Download Songs Onto An iPod?

Downloading songs onto an iPod is very simple. You just hook the iPod into your computer and it will automatically put any songs that you have in your library on the device.

How do You Add Videos to Your iPod?

If you want to add videos to your iPod, you need to connect to your PC and start iTunes. Under the sync settings, make sure you have it checked to sync music videos and movies. Click on sync. You can

How to Download Music to my iPod?

To download music to your ipod you need a usb cord and a computer. You need to plus your ipod and computer into the usb cord. You can then download by syncing your ipod.

How do I Get Music on my iPod?

It is very easy to get music onto your iPod. If you plug you iPod into your computer, your computer should automatically transfer you downloaded music onto your iPod.

What is the Definition of Humidity?

The amount of water or water vapor present in the air. Wet, damp or moisture in the atmosphere. All of those definitions express humidity.

How do You Download Music to An iPod?

Yes you can download music to an ipod. First you need a computer, a internet connection, and a itunes library. Connect your computer and your ipod to the usb cord. When those two devices have been connected, the ipod will

How to Turn Off iPod Nano?

Turning off the iPod Nano is very simple. You simply press and hold the play button and it will shut the device off. But why would you ever want you!

How to Fix a Broken iPod?

Fixing a broken iPod really depends on what is wrong with the iPod. I really can not tell you how to fix it until I know what the problem is.

What are the Three Types of Faults?

A fault is a crack in the rock that is deep in the earth that can slip and cause motion. This crack creates two parts and can create three types of faults. If the two parts start to move away

How do I Format my iPod?

For formatting, you should use utility provided by the vendor. If you just want to format the memory, you can format it from My Computer.

How Much is An iPod Mini?

An iPod mini sells as low as $100.00. The reason that the price is so much lower than that of other iPods is because all of the features of other iPods are not available on the iPod mini.

How do I Turn Off my iPod Nano?

Turning off an iPod Nano is very much like turning off most other iPod devices. To do this, you simply have to hold the play/pause button.

What are Good Conductors of Electricity?

There are a number of things that make good conductors of electricity. Copper is by far the most used conductor. It does a great job and is the best value. Gold is also sometimes used as a conductor. It’s cost

How to Put Songs on Your iPod?

Putting songs on your ipod is relatively easy as long as you have the itunes program on your computer. You can download the itunes program from for free. Once the program is on your computer you can add songs

How to Copy Music from iPod to Computer?

All I do is plug my ipod into my computer using a usb cord and turning itunes on. Once itunes is up and running, all I have to do is find the sync ipod button and press it.

How to Put Music on iPod Nano?

Putting music on your iPod Nano is simple! Just hook it up to your computer and it will automatically download any music that is in your library. You can find more information here:

How do You Transfer Music to An iPod?

If you need to transfer music to an ipod, you need an ipod, the itunes program and a usb cord. You need to plug the usb cord into the ipod and then computer and push sync.

How do You Put Songs on a iPod?

You will need to download itunes first before putting songs on an ipod. Once the account is active you can purchase music and sync the songs to your ipod.

How do You Read a Tape Measure?

To read a tape measure hold the end closest to the number 1 at the beginning of what you want to measure. Roll out the tape measure to the end of what you want to measure and read the number

How to Rewire Headphones?

To rewire your headphones is quite simple. Find the damaged wire and cut. Remove the sheathing from both ends, and rewire them back together. Use a soldering iron, then duct tape the wires. For more information look here:

How to Transfer Music to my MP3 Player?

Transferring music to your mp3 player is very simple. You hook the device up to your computer and then send your music file to the device. Then enjoy the music!

How do I Download Pictures to my iPod?

Adding pictures to your iPod is relatively easy to do. This can be done by placing the pictures you wish to add to your device in the designated folder for iTunes. Then, you simply have to sync your device.

How do I Take Music Off my iPod?

On itunes, click on your ipod on the left of the screen. It will bring up a screen showing the memory left on your ipod, and various other functions. make sure ‘manually manage music’ is checked. Save the settings. Now

How to Put Music on An MP3 Player?

MP3 player should be connected to PC using USB cable. It will appear as Mass Storage device and MP3 files can be copied on player memory.

How to Hook Up Jumper Cables?

Connecting jumper cables is easy but on the other hand can be a dangerous if you do it wrong. Connect the black(negative/ground) cable first to car with the dead batter and then the red (positive). Then with the car giving

How do I Get Songs Onto my iPod?

In order to get music to your iPod you must use Apple’s program called iTunes. First you need to purchase music from the iTunes Store or extract music from the music CD’s you already own, this process is called ‘ripping’.

Where is the Best Place to Buy An iPod?

You can buy a Ipod anyplace you can get the best deal. The price is the name of the game. The manufacturer warranty on the Ipods is the same no matter where you purchase them so it really makes no

How does a Shunt Trip Breaker Work?

A shunt trip breaker works just like a circuit breaker. The only difference is a shunt trip has a built in magnetic coil that can trip the breaker externally as well.

How to Program a Vcr?

To program your VCR, you may need your owner’s manual, or you can contact the manufacturer. Make sure the VCR is correctly hooked up to the TV. Insert video tape, and set the time to start and end. For more

How to Store Music on my MP3 Player?

Hook your MP3 player to your PC with the USB cord that came packaged with the MP3 player. Drag and drop song files onto the MP3 player folder that comes up once it’s connected.

What is Ph Paper?

Ph. paper is used to test the acid levels in liquids. Water would be considered neutral so color changes would occur in the middle of the color or number scales, generally a 7. The different levels of acid would mean

How to Put Songs on a iPod?

To put songs on an iPod, you first need to load the songs into iTunes. Once the songs are in iTunes, you can sync your iPod to the computer and it should automatically upload the songs to your iPod.

Where can I Find Cheap MP3 Players?

To find a good quality but fair priced MP3 player is much easier today than a few years ago. You can visit online shops like where they sell new and factory reconditioned units for prices at about 60-80% off

How do I Put Songs on my iPod Nano?

Putting songs on an iPod Nano is not hard and normally is remembered after doing once or twice. Owners of iPod Nano’s should understand all the features to get full use of it. You can find more information here:

How do I Put Music from my iPod Onto my Computer?

Transferring files to a new computer using an iPod isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when the old computer is gone. Here are the steps to use to transfer files: Make sure your iPod is set up for disk

How to Dispose of Batteries?

Automotive batteries are usually recycled at the point of purchase by means of paying a deposit when purchasing a new battery. The retailer returns the deposit or ‘core exchange’ fee when the expired battery is returned.

How can I Upload Music from my iPod to Computer?

iTunes is the software that comes with the iPod that you can use to upload content either back to your computer or onto the iPod. Although there are many 3rd party softwares that you can use instead of iTunes to

How to Add Music to iPod?

Compatible music files in Library are automatically transferred to Ipod when you synchronize it with PC. Or you can manually select and paste files on Ipod.

How to Transfer Music to iPod?

If you already have loaded music onto iTunes, all you will need to do is connect your iPod to your computer via the USB cord and sync the device, iTunes will then load your iPod with music. Instead of pressing

How do Indicators Work?

Indicator use a display device such as Bulb, LED, LCD, etc. When signal is received from source, they ignite the display device so that we can notice.

What are Permanent Markers Made of?

The permanent marker was created in 1890. Permanent markers are made of three ingredients. Resin, colorant, ans solvents are the main materials used.

How to Wire Subwoofers?

In order to wire subwoofers you should first get all of your supplies and determine where you want the amplifier in your vehicle. You then want to run the low p-audio and power cables from the amplifier to the media

How do I Upload Music to my iPod?

You upload music to your iPod by plugging it into your computer. The iPod will then sync to the music that you have in your library on the computer. You can find more information here:

How do I Know What Generation my iPod is?

The best way to determine what generation your ipod is, is by the size and the size of the hard drive. For more information on ipod generations, check out

How do I Download Songs Onto my Apple iPod?

In order to download songs to your iPod you have to have iTunes on your computer. The songs that are in the music folder of iTunes will download to the iPod when the device is connected to a computer.

How do I Transfer Videos to my iPod?

First you need to transfer the video files to your iTunes library. After they have finished converting drag and drop the video files to your iPod folder.

How do I Remove Songs from my iPod?

You can remove songs from your iPod by plugging your usb cord into both and clicking on my computer. You should see an extra drive popped up in your folder, click on it and then start removing the music files

How do I Download Songs on my iPod?

Downloading songs on your iPod is a very simple process. You just hook it to your computer and it will automatically sync the library that is on the computer. You can find more information here:

How do I Put Movies on my Zune?

Putting movies on your zune is fun and easy. The Zune converter supports converting your favorite movies and video clips such as WMV, MP4, and H264, and can also extract Zune audio. This link:

How do You Delete Songs from Your iPod?

In ordr to delete songs from your ipod you will need to hook it up to your computer. You will then wait for itunes to load and then choose what songs that you would like to remain and check them.

What Size Power Supply do I Need?

Size or capacity of power supply depends on load condition. Observe the total power consumed by loads and get power supply which can provide enough power.

How do I Take Songs Off my iPod?

You take songs off your iPod by switching the automatic sync to manual in the iTunes option. You check the songs that you want to keep and the rest will be deleted. You can find more information here:

How do You Put Music on a iPod?

Music can be downloaded on PC or purchased from Music Store. After connecting Ipod to PC, Itunes will synchronize all songs in library.

What does Ph Measure?

PH measures how acidic, basic, or alkaline a liquid is. Water has a neutral balance at 7. It can also determine how many hydrogen ions are available in difference substances.

How to Fix An iPod Nano?

Ipod nano can’t be fixed at home. You can try general troubleshooting provided in user manual. But you might need to take it to service center.

How do I Transfer Songs from iPod to PC?

Transferring songs to a computer using an iPod isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when the old computer is gone. Here are the steps to use to transfer files: Make sure your iPod is set up for disk use.Go

How do Ipods Work?

Ipods works as a music or video devise that lets you upload your music and videos for you to listen too. An ipod only will play mp3 music files and mp4 video files.

How do I Get Songs on my iPod?

Purchasing songs through Itunes is the first step to putting music on an ipod. Once you have chosen your songs, you can sync your itunes library and ipod. Then you can listen to those songs whenever you want on the

How to Add Videos to iPod?

You can add videos to an iPod by connecting the iPod to the computer via the USB port. Then, purchase the movie you wish to view on the iTunes store. Once the movie has downloaded to iTunes, select it from

How do You Delete Songs from An iPod?

Did you know that you can remove songs from your ipod automatically? First you just delete the songs on your itunes library. When your default setting is on, the songs that are deleted from your itunes library will be deleted

Who Invented Headphones?

Although headphones have been around since 1919, Beyerdynamic were the first to invent the headphones for commercial use in the late 1930s. The ever first stereo headphones were invented by a jazz musician named John C. Koss.You can find more

How Many Songs does An iPod Shuffle Hold?

The I Pod Shuffle can hold up to 1000 songs.

How to Program a Remote?

To program your remote you will first need to get the user manual that came with the remote. Read the manual before proceeding as following the directions from the manufacturer are very important. This will ensure that you program the

How to Download Music to An iPod Nano?

Make sure the iPod is connected and the music files are located in the iTunes library. Then press Sync on the iPod window or drag and drop the music files to the iPod folder.

How to Keep Ice from Melting?

Ice melts when the ambient temperature rises above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. To keep ice from melting it is necessary to maintain the temperature around the ice below this freezing point and avoid any outside heating source.

How do I Transfer my iPod Songs to a New Computer?

You can transfer your ipod songs to a new computer with your cord that came with your ipod. It should allow you to do that with a program on the computer and then on the ipod.

How Much does An iPod Mini Cost?

The iPod mini retail price was set at a pretty hefty price of $249, which is only $50 cheaper than the 15 gigabytes model that carries much more music. It was released in 2004, so it may be cheaper now.

How do I Pods Work?

An Ipod is a well designed MP3 Player. You are able to download all your favorite songs, music videos, movies, pictures, personal videos and even games. There are different memory sizes that you can choose from, some people may want

How do I Delete Songs from my iPod Nano?

You can delete songs from your iPod Nano by switching the way you sync in iTunes. You will check the music that you want and the rest of the songs will be deleted. You can find more information here:

How do I Put Videos on my iPod Video?

To put videos on your ipod video you first need to make sure they are in the correct file format. To do this you must convert them to mp4 format so the device can read and play them. To do

How do I Move Music from my iPod to Itunes?

In order to move music from your ipod to itunes you just hook up the ipod up to the computer. The ipod does it all by itself basically, once you mark and pick the music. Then you just turn it

How to Transfer Music to a MP3 Player?

When you connect the mp3 player to your computer, you are able to copy and paste songs into the mp3 folder than opens upon connection. You can then unplug the mp3 player to listen to your selections.

How do I Connect my MP3 Player to my Computer?

To connect your mp3 player to your computer you are going to need a usb connector. If it did not come with one, any retailer that sells mp3 players will have one. Put one end into your mp3 and one

How do You Transfer Music to Your iPod?

To transfer music to your iPod you’ll need to connect the iPod to your computer and open up the iTunes program . From there you’ll add music to your iTunes Library and then either press ‘Sync’ or drag and drop

How can I Put Videos on my iPod?

Ipod can be connected to PC via USB cable and compatible video format can be transferred. If the ipod has wifi, videos can be directly downloaded from internet.

How do I Program my Remote?

Programmable remote comes with Setup CD. Install that setup on PC. Connect remote using USB or COM port. It will ask for the devices that remote will operate.

How does a Stereo Work?

Stereo reads music from media such as Cassette or Optical Disc or receive from Radio. It amplifies it and gives signal to speaker to make music.

How to Put Videos on Your iPod?

To put videos on your ipod. First check to see if it is compatible, and if not use a conversion program to convert it to the correct format, which is an Mp4. Once it is converted, plug your ipod into

How do You Put Photos on Your iPod?

Photos can be transferred to ipod by connecting it to PC via USB cable. Or if ipod has WiFi connectivity, photos can be directly downloaded from Internet.

Where can I Find a Cheap iPod?

Cheap iPods can be found on Craigslist, which is a seller marketplace and they have several websites. The major cities can be found there, that way you can find sellers near you offering low prices and the possibility to meet

How do I Upload Music to my MP3 Player?

Uploading music to your MP3 player is easier than it may seem. You must first determine if you can drag and drop to your device. This will make it more simple to add music. However, some MP3 players require you

How to Hook Up a Amp?

An amp is hooked up usually in cars by way of the back of the car CD player and then the other set of wires are wired to the speakers of course. You will have to buy speakers along with

How do You Put Songs on An MP3 Player?

MP3 player is provided with USB connectivity with PC. After connecting, it’s memory appears as Removable Drive in My Computer and songs can be copied.