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How Many Months do Cats Carry Kittens?

Cats carry thier kittens for about 65 days. It may be Longer or shorter by 4 days. So gestation can be as long as 69 days or as short as 61 days.

How do I Keep Squirrels Out of my Bird Feeder?

There is nothing more frustrating than hanging a well placed bird feeder outside so you can feed and observe our beautiful feathered friends, when along comes a bushy-tailed thief that takes the bird food and scares the birds away! In

Where is Mammoth Cave Located?

Mammoth Cave is found near Bowling Green, Kentucky. It is thought to be the largest cavern system in the United States. Large parts of the cave remain unexplored.

What is Igneous Rocks?

Igneous rock is one type of the three types of rocks. Igneous rock is formed from molten rock that was hot then cooled until harden. The word Igneous means fire.

What is Chondroitin?

Chondrotin is a derivative od Chondrin. Chondroitin Sulfate is found. It is chain of sugars. It is attached to proteins as part of proteoglycan. Look here for more information:

How does Global Warming Affect People?

Global warming affects people by creating longer warm periods or hotter climates for some areas. Global warming is melting the polar ice caps which is causing flooding.

Types of Ocean Currents?

Ocean currents may be either surface with surface circulation or deep water current with thermohaline circulation. Surface currents, which are about 400 meters on the top part of ocean, account for about 10% of the water while deep water currents

How do You Care for a Hamster?

Hamsters need a safe clean cage whether it is wire or glass. They like to have bedding inside the cage such as pine shavings and plenty of food and water. After that just buy a few toys and that’s all

What is a Convergent Boundary?

A convergent boundary is a line where two tectonic plates move toward each other and there is a collision. This is how earthquakes and volcanoes occur and are formed.

How Much does a Yorkie Cost?

The cost of a yorkie will vary depending on who you buy it from, you have to be careful of scams, make sure the puppy has papers and has had his shots with a vet check up documented. Never have

Why Did Dinosaurs Go Extinct?

There are several theories about why the dinosaurs went extinct, but they will always remain theories. One is that an asteroid struck the Earth and wiped out their entire population. The other is that volcanic activity increased to a point

Where do Hummingbirds Live?

Hummingbirds are found in North and South America. Their range stretches from as far north as Alaska to as far south as Chile. In the winter they will migrate to the southern US, Mexico, and the Yucatan Peninsula. You can

How do You Name a Hurricane?

The National Weather service, now, names hurricanes, and tropical storms, in alphabetical order while alternating male and female names.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Since the beginning of time man has used herbal medicine and many of our medications we use today are derived from herbal medicine. Seeds, roots, stems, berries and flowers of plants are used to treat illnesses and conditions. Look here

What is Water Cycle?

The water cycle is primarily the evaporation of water from the sun. Once the water evaporates, then clouds condense and causes condensation. Once the molecules in the cloud get heavier, then it rains. Once it rains, then that starts the

Where can I Buy a Hermit Crab?

You can find hermit crabs at most pet stores, they are kept in the same area as the fish, lizards and snakes. In some areas you can find them in T-shirt and souvenier shops also. For more information look here:

What Breeds of Dogs Don’t Shed?

There is no breed that doesn’t shed completely. The hairless breeds tend to shed the least obviously. The basenji, poodle, airedale, and chinese crested are among the popular breeds that shed very little. To find more information click here:

How Many Hours a Day does a Cat Sleep?

Generally cats are asleep seventeen to eighteen hours out of every day. The rest of the time they are playing or eating. What a life!

How is Sewage Treated?

Sewage treatment means removal of major waste- water or sewage. There are 4 ways :- Septic Tank- small scale cleaning includes a tank and septic. Activated sludge- oxygen is used, conservation biology-principles and environment engineering- engineering is used.

Why do Dogs Growl?

Dogs growl for a number of reasons. They can growl because they are angry, afraid, annoyed or feeling playful. If a dog growls at you it is a good idea to take it as a warning that the dog doesn’t

How do You Survive in the Wilderness?

The best thing to do if you are lost in the wilderness is not not panic. In addition, you should always tell people where you will be going and when you will return. Stay put and wait for rescue.

Why do Rabbits Hop?

Rabbits hop because they cannot run. They have extremely strong back legs which them such a powerful boost causing them to hop. They also just might like doing the bunny hop!

What is Cloud Seeding?

Cloud seeding is using artificial means of generating rain. It involves using things like dry ice in clouds in order to create freezing temperatures and precipitation and ultimately rain. The jury is still out on the effectiveness of cloud seeding.

How to Get Rid of a Skunk Smell?

Besides taking a bath in tomato juice there are also other ways to get rid of a skunk smell. If you are trying to get rid of skunk smell from your carpet, try using vinegar instead of bleach or peroxide.

What Age to Potty Train?

There is no set age, just whenever they start showing an interest. Boys are pretty easy becuase they can aim and sink cheerios and such. Girls need to be sat down as often as possible.

How to Identify Rocks and Minerals?

The best way to identify rock and minerals is to locate pictures of what you are trying to identify. You can find numerous books on rocks, minerals, fossils, meteorites, etc. at your local library.

How Much does a Labradoodle Cost?

Labradoodle puppies range from $650.00 to $1880.00, although the higher price does not always mean a better quality dog. Labradoodles range from 14 – 26 inches tall and weigh between 25 and 75 pounds when fully grown.

How Old is Pierre Bouvier?

Pierre Bouvier is 30 years old. He as born on May 9, 1979 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He of course is the lead singer of the group Simple Plan.

How Much does a Squirrel Weigh?

Well if you really don’t want to take the time to pick up a squirrel from your backyard and put them on your scale, I will just tell you. The average squirrel weighs about 2 lbs.

What is a Cavy?

Cavy is just a fancier name for a guinea pig/ They are just pesky rats. I don’t care what name they give these rodents, they will never be cute.

How Long is An Epoch?

In a geologic time frame, Epochs divide Periods into smaller chunks, and the lengths of Epochs range in the tens of millions of years. In the most recent Era, the Cenozoic, they have ranged from 2 million to 22 million

When is the Atlantic Hurricane Season?

The Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1 and goes until November 30. The highest amount of hurricanes happens from August to October

What is Jamaica Climate?

I can sum Jamaica’s climate up for you with one word, which is tropical. It stays warm to hot all year round. No need for winter clothes there!

How do Volcanoes Happen?

Down deep under the surface of the Earth, the materials that make up our planet are very hot. This is referred to as magma. Magma can sometimes work it’s way up to the surface of the Earth. Often they will

How Many Months is a Dog Pregnant?

A dog’s pregnancy lasts around 2 months. The mother will begin to ‘show’ after the 5th week, when her abdomen and mammary glands start to enlarge. Be sure to feed the dog plenty of protein-rich food to keep her and

How Did Niagara Falls Form?

Niagara Falls was formed when the glaciers receded from the last Ice Age. The water from the Great Lakes carved a path through the Niagara Escarpment to find it way to the Atlantic Ocean. For more information look here:

What is An Indicator Species?

An indicator species is any type of plant or animal that provides clues about the environment because of their presence, lake of presence, or physical trait. Think of it much like seeing polar bears start showing up in Florida. That

Where is Limestone Found?

Limestone is found abundantly all throughout the world, on every continent. It is mined from deposits the range from Holocene to Precambrian.

What is the National Animal of India?

The national animal of India is the tiger. India is a country located in South Asia. It has an estimated population of around 1.2 billion people.

What is the Population of Quito?

Ecuador’s capital Quito, or San Francisco de Quito, has a population of 1,504,991 It’s actually located about 25 miles south of the Equator.

What is a Chimpanzee?

A chimpanzee is often referred to as just chimp. Chimpanzees are endangered animals that have ape like bodies. They are animals that walk on all four limbs however they have the ability to stand upright for short distances. Most stand

What are Whiskers Used for on Dogs?

The whiskers on a dog are used for much the same thing as cat whiskers are. They are used as a sensory tool. They let the dog know how close an object is in the dark as well as sensing

How to Make Your Own Wasp Trap?

A simple wasp trap to make is a Water Trap. Use a razor knife to cut the top from a 2 liter plastic soda bottle. You cut just above the shoulder of the bottle. Go ahead and throw that lid

What is Volcanism?

Volcanism is part of the process it takes to bring magma and other materials from the interior of the Earth’s mantle to the exterior. This usually happens when a volcano erupts.

What are Pigs?

Pigs are mammals with small tails, a snout, beady eyes and an omnivorous diet. Intelligent and social creatures, many species have been kept successfully as companion animals. Pigs roll in mud to protect their sensitive skin from sunburn and to

Why does my Cat Eat Plastic?

Cat behavior can be bizarre and in some instances may include eating plastic. A cat may eat plastic because they have a problem with their teeth, either they hurt or itch. Or, they may just like the sound or feel

How do Geysers Form?

There are several things that need to happen for a geyser to form. First, it must be located in a volcanic area, there must be a source of water, and a plumbing system. The magma from the volcano will heat

What is a Parrot?

A parrot is known as more of a tropical bird. Parrots are usually bright and multicolored. Their beaks resemble a fishing hook. Parrots are known to imitate and repeat specific sound patterns that they hear.

Why are my Cats Eyes Watering?

There are many things that may cause a cat’s eye to water, such as allergies or irritation. It is typically harmless, however, if there is excessive discharge or if the liquid is not clear, a veterinarian should be consulted.

How to Care for Baby Bunnies?

If the mother rabbit is not caring for her babies, then it will be up to you to take her place. Baby rabbits need milk, so feed them Kitten Replacement Milk, also known as KRM. You can buy this at

What Causes Winter Storms?

Freezing cold temperatures like those in Chicago cause winter storms! All kidding aside, winter storms are caused by the same things as summer storms. The whole thing with precipitation and all occurs with winter storms too! The only difference with

How to Build a Dog Kennel?

There are many different ways to build a dog kennel. They can be completely home made or made from store bought kits. The easiest method is to buy the chain link fence panel kennel kits from a store such as

What is a Bandicoot?

The bandicoot is a small long-nosed mammal from Australia. There are about twenty varieties of bandicoots, also known as a marsupial. They are nocturnal, sleeping all day and coming out at night to look for food.You can find more information

What is the Population of Sicily?

Currently the population of Sicily is just over five million. It covers the most land of any other city/state in Italy and covers about 9925 sqare miles.

How to Breed Rabbits?

Rabbits can be bred by keeping and a male and female rabbit in the same cage. When the female goes into heat the two rabbits will breed creating babies.

What is a Wall Cloud?

A wall cloud is also known as a pedestal cloud. It is a formation of a cloud that is associated with thunderstorms. They are caused and formed by a ascending and converging air inflow of the updraft ingesting moist, rain

Where are the Most Volcanoes Located?

Most volcanoes are located on the ocean floor where they are never seen. Eventually some of them build up and form islands like the Hawaii Islands. The ones we do see on land are formed when titanic plates have collided

What do Opossums Eat?

Opossums will eat a variety of foods. If you leave dog food out it will eat it too. They will forage for worms, vegetables, fruits, eggs, fish, snails, mice and grass.

How Long Will my Cat be in Heat?

If your cat does not mate she will go into heat as often as every two to three weeks! That is for several months until she mates or gets spayed.

How does a Car Distributor Work?

The distributor is located in the ignition system of the car’s engine. The rotor inside the cap spins. As it spins, it moves past a series of contacts. When the rotor touches the contact, a high voltage pulse arcs across

Why are Calico Cats Always Female?

Calico cats are almost always female because of one simple reason. That reason is genetics. The color of a cats coat is a sex linked trait. This means that it is linked to the female gender. You can find more

Why do Birds Migrate?

Birds migrate because they need to stay in certain climates. Birds fly south for the winter because it is warmer down south. they fly north for the summer because its warmer.

What Up Dog?

Up dog, down dog, over dog and under dog. Underdog? I loved Underdog as a kid! He and his power pill, fighting the bad deeds of Simon Bar Sinister and Riff-Raff, made great childhood entertainment. Underdog was released in 1964.

Can Dogs Eat Pork Chop Bones?

Dogs can eat pork chop bones, whether they should or not is a different story. You need to be careful that your dog does not choke or get a bone splinter in his throat as pork chop bones are known

Are There Organizations for Free Spay Neuter?

You probably want to start off at your local anti cruelty society. Also here is a website you can go to as well to find more information.

How do I Get my Cat to Stop Spraying?

There are a few option available to help with feline spraying. Although the spraying is common and mostly territorial, neutering can help. For more ways to help with feline spraying issues, visit

How Big do Bearded Dragons Get?

Bearded Dragons can grow to 2 feet long, although most will end up being between 18 and 20 inches. You would need at least a 30 gallon tank to house one in, but a 55 gallon tank is suggested. You

What Month is Hurricane Season?

Hurricane season does not fall within one single month, but spans several months. Hurricane season officially starts on June 1st, and ends on November 30th.

How to Raise a Puppy?

Raising a puppy can be enjoyable and challenging. A puppy needs to be trained, either by you or at a training facility. Puppies are eager to please their owners, but can also be very stubborn when training them. Patience is

What is Weather?

Weather basically refers to the condition of the atmosphere. It can further be defined by temperature, wind velocity, moisture and barometric pressure. It’s been said that everyone complains about the weather, but no one ever does anything. I imagine that

What do Chickens Eat?

Chickens will eat just about everything which is not necessarily good for them. They need grains, grass, protein and water. It will really depend on the type of chicken you have as to what to feed them. You can find

Why are Onions Bad for Dogs?

Onions should never be fed to a dog. Onions are bad for a dog because they can cause hemolytic anemic which can destroy a dogs red blood cells.

Where do Tropical Cyclones Occur?

Tropical Cyclones occur in the Pacific and Indian ocean basins. Hurricanes occur in The Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico basins. They are pretty much the same type of system. Th only difference is the name and sometimes cyclones tend to

How do I Crate Train a Puppy?

Crate training a puppy does take work but is well worth the benefits. Dogs do not like to soil the area they sleep in so make sure you allow your puppy time to go out before and right after putting

How Many Babies do Rabbits have?

The number of babies depends on the breed and size of the mother. The smaller breed rabbit will have 2-4 babies in one litter. The larger rabbit may have 4-6 in a litter.

What is a Fault Block Mountain?

A fault-block mountain is formed when a ridge is made in the bedrock or crust of the Earth is broken up by a faults. One side might lift and the other may fall or stay the same. It could cause

What are the Effects of Tsunamis?

Tsunamis have a devastating effect on an area that is close to the sea. This effect does not just effect an area of land that is close to the sea, but can also cause devastation for several miles beyond a

What do Cats do?

Most cats just lay around the house during the day. At night cats are usually more active. Some cats will hunt mice so if you have a pest problem a cat might be your answer.

Where do Pugs Come from?

It is believed that Pugs originated in China and were kept, at that time by aristocrats. It is known that the Monks in Tibet had Pugs as well. They were believed to be a dog of royalty in the 16th

What do Baby Cockatiels Eat?

If you have taken baby cockatiels away from their parents in order to hand feed them, you will want to feed them a special formula from the pet store. This is a powder formula that is mixed with warm water.

What is Biomass Energy?

Biomass energy is energy produced by processing organic material. Common plants used to produce biomass are hemp, corn, poplar, and sugarcane.

When do Tornadoes Occur?

Many people have researched extensively to determine exactly when do tornadoes occur. There is a tornado season, but prediction of tornadoes is not exactly an exact science. You can find more information here:

How do I Get my Puppy to Stop Biting Me?

Just like an infant, puppies learn with their mouth, at first its cute but can get painful and without proper training the puppy will think is a game and continue until set straight. Try Water Spray Bottle, or a firm

Where is Mount Pelee Located?

Mount Pelee is located in the Caribbean on the the island of Martinique. It is part of the Lesser Antilles. It is said to be the deadliest volcano on the Earth.

How to Take Care of a Kitten?

Kittens nee a lot of care from feeding, grooming and litter training. For some good tips visit

How Much do Webkinz Cost?

You can purchase a Webkinz pet for $10 or less. It depends on where you buy it. Some pets can be up to $30 if you want an exclusive. There are many options available at

What is Drought?

A drought is a period of time in which there is no available water supply, or no rainfall. A drought can result in loss of water in rivers, lakes, and even oceans.

What is the Business Cycles 4 Phases?

The 4 cycles of business are recession, low point or depression, expansion and recovery and then finally, peak. Should these cycles hold true, our country is just starting cycle 3. For more information, look here:

How to Take Care of a Frog?

Frogs are actually pretty low maintenance and the most important thing is change or refresh their water twice a weel or so. It is also a good idea to make sure they have as much ‘land’ area as water.

What are the Different Types of Rocks?

The 3 main categories of rocks are igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic. Igneous rocks are made of cooled lava. Granite is an igneous rock. Sedimentary rocks are made of sand, clay, skeletons, shells, etc. Sandstone and Limestone are examples of sedimentary

How Many Types of Snakes are There?

There are over 2,700 different kinds of snakes in the world, living in grassy areas, lakes, deserts and mountains. Some snakes can smell through their nose, but did you know that all snakes can smell through their tongue?

What is the Gestation Period for a Dog?

No matter what the dog breed, the gestation period for all dogs is about nine weeks. If your dog is pregnant, prepare a whelping box for her to have her puppies in. Look here for more information:

Where is the Niger River?

The Niger River is located in the western part of Africa. It is a source of food, water and drainage for five nations of West Africa. When the Niger River floods, it drains into smaller rivers, lagoons and marshes making

How can I Get Rid of Chipmunks?

Get rid of chipmunks by using a chipmunk deterrent along the perimeter of your yard. If they pass through that, use a spray mixture of hot sauce and water to spray on the plants to keep them away. For more

What is Tennessee State Bird?

The state bird of Tennessee is the Mockingbird. They are best known for being able to mimic the songs of insects, amphibians, and other birds. There are 17 different species of Mockingbirds.

Where are the Largest Sand Dunes?

The largest on earth are in the Sahara Desert, in Algeria, and the largest one measured 1411 feet high. It is interesting to note that the largest measured snad dune in the US was in Nebraska. Hmmm

What is Cloud Cover?

Cloud cover consists of the different layers of clouds over a given area. You can monitor cloud cover on lots of weather sites and get satellite images. For more information, look here:

How do Fish have Babies?

Generally, fish have babies when a female lays her eggs in the gravel or on a plant, for example, and then the male fish comes by to fertilize the eggs. Some parent fish stay near the eggs to protect them

Where do Chihuahuas Come from?

Chihuahuas do actually come from Mexico. They are named after a city and were once thought that they kept evil spirits away. Chihuahuas are considered to be one of the oldest breeds in North America. You can find more information

How to Train a Rabbit?

Rabbits can be temperamental and are not instinctively motivated to please their owner. With some work they can be trained. The best method to use is incentive training. Spend some time every day working on training with your rabbit. When

What my Carbon Footprint?

Your carbon footprint is determined by the amount of greenhouse gases that are produced to support you and your activities. The actual calculation of your footprint is expressed in the tons of carbon dioxide produced to support you. This includes

How to Get Rid of Ick?

If your fish get sick, you can get rid of ick (ich) by adding a treatment to your water. If you can, take a fish into your pet store or take a good picture so they can get the right

Will a Raccoon Eat a Domestic Cat?

Some people say that a raccoon will eat a domestic cat and some people say they do not eat cats. They would have to be pretty desperate for food to eat a cat. You can find more information here:

What do Lambs Eat?

Lambs eat milk from their mothers, but when they get old enough to ween they eat what the sheep eat. They eat grass, clover, and many other plants that are in a pasture. It depends on where they live as

How to House Train a Dog?

House training your dog will require you to be patient and consistent. Set your designated area and do not change it during the training. You can find more information here:

What is the Continental Drift?

Continental drift is the slow moving of the continents due to the ocean currents. Scientists believe that continental drift is what caused the seven different continents.

What is Continental Shelf?

A continental shelf is a shallow area in the water where part of the land is underwater. It is a sand bed that is located in bodies of water that contain minerals.

How do Dogs Breed?

Dogs breed sexually through internal fertilization. The male mounts the female and injects sperm into her. A female dog can mate with and be impregnated by multiple male dogs. Look here for more information:

How to Get Rid of Pet Odor?

How you get rid of pet odor depends on what type of pet you have and what the odor is. If you are trying to get rid of dog odor make sure your dog is kept clean and goes out

Why is my Cat Throwing Up Foam?

It is common for this to happen to cats, and as long as it is eating and drinking normally along with the foam, I wouldn’t worry too much. If they AREN’T eating, better see a vet.

What do Anacondas Look Like?

The Anacondas are the largest snakes in the world. They have a head with a red stripe. It has glossy skin with black and a yellowish tint. They have been described as resembling a dragon.

How to Make a Trap?

The most simple trap can be made by tying a cord to a stick and using the stick to prop up a box. When the prey enters the box. pull the cord. The stick will be removed, causing the box

What Things can be Recycled?

A lot of things can be recycled. Some of the most common items include plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, rubber and even clothing including shoes too!

How can I Adopt a Child?

To adopt a child, register with an adoption agency. You should also contact a lawyer who can help you with all the paperwork and court hearings involved.

Why is Global Warming Good?

While there are many bad things about global warming, one great thing about the Earth becoming warmer is that the farming and growing season is longer, therefore more plants are being grown and lasting longer. To find more information click

What Kind of Land Mass is Ireland?

The type of land mass that Ireland is would be an Island. This country is the 20th largest island in the world. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Irish Sea.

Where Did the Tsunami Hit?

Hazardous Tsunami hit to the Indonesia, Malaysia and nearby islands in December 2005. It was last known fatal Tsunami attack due to Earthquakes.

Types of Seismic Waves?

There are two main types of Seismic Waves- 1.Body Waves & 2.Surface Waves. Body waves are inside Earth and have P Waves & S Waves subtypes. Surface wave appear on Surface having Rayleigh Waves & Love waves subtypes.

How Big do Labs Get?

Labrador retrievers are considered medium to large dogs. There size can vary depending on their lineage and the size of their parents. Most male labs are between 70-90 pounds, the females are a little smaller. For more information look here:

What is a Fault Line?

A fault line is a crack in the Earth’s crust. It’s where an earthquake will typically follow, since it’s made a weak spot in the crust. They happen from the shifting of the Earth’s plates. Look here for more information:

Why do Tornadoes and Hurricanes Twirl?

Tornadoes and hurricanes are deadly weather systems. The main point of these storms is the wind. Combination of wind and dirt with tornadoes and water and wind with hurricane is caused by a build of wind to very fast speeds.

What do Guppies Eat?

Guppies like a diet of worms and insects. Guppies will also eat little crustaceans, and will eat mosquito larvae, if given the chance. Sometimes they will eat off of the plants or brine shrimp. Look here for more information:

What does a Milk Snake Look Like?

A milk snake and a coral snake look very similar. They both have bands of black, yellow and red. The milk snake has a pattern of black, red, black, yellow, and black. The milk snake head is a little more

When do Tsunamis Happen?

Tsunamis occur when there are very large amounts of water displaced in the ocean. The water can be displaced by volcanic or seismic activity.

Why do Puppies Bite?

Puppies bite for several reasons. Teething causes sore gums, and chewing on things helps relieve the pain. Playing among canines also involves biting.

How Long do House Cats Live?

Studies show that house cats have a higher life expectancy than strays. This is because they have shelter, are better fed and healthier. They can live up to 19 years, however the oldest on record lived a whopping 34 years.

What Time is It in Honolulu Hi?

Visit a travel planner site or download your own personalized world clock to find out what time it is in Honolulu, HI or any of the other islands in the Pacific. To find more information click here:

How to Read a Map?

There are several different maps and rules on how to read maps. To learn more about reading maps visit

What is Alaska State Bird?

The official state bird for Alaska is the Alaska Willow Ptarmigan. It was first noted as the state bird in the 2004 Alaska State Statutes. Look here for more information:

How Many People Abuse Animals Each Year?

Some people abuse animals because they do not think that animals are important. I think that people should treat animals with kindness as they would another human.

How to Kill Fleas Naturally?

A natural way to get rid of fleas on your pet is to give your pet Brewer’s yeast and garlic. Fleas do not like the taste or smell and therefore will leave your pet alone. If you have fleas in

What is Metamorphic Rock?

Metamorphic rock is a change in igneous or sedimentary rock due to high temperature and pressure. Chemical or physical reactions occur enough to change the rock completely. An example of metamorphic rock is marble.

What are Dams Used for?

A dam is used to prevent the flow of a liquid through a certain area. Many dams are built to control floods in areas that are prone to do so.

Where can I Find Info on Earthquakes?

You can find information about earthquakes pretty much anywhere on the Internet. Use a search engine such as Google or Yahoo and you will find a wealth of information. If you don’t have Internet access, go to your local library.

What does a Male Puppy Look Like?

A male puppy will look extremely similar to a female puppy. Actually, they can pretty much look identical, except he will not have teats and will have male reproductive organs.

What do Snake Eggs Look Like?

Snakes lay their eggs underground to help with incubation. Their eggs should have a leathery and not hard shell. Most are oblong in shape, but some look like a ginger root, or thick grain of rice. Look here for more

When do Neap Tides Occur?

Neap tides are actually pretty weak tides that occur during a quarter moon. They usually occur twice a month during the first and last quarter moons.

Types of Snakes?

There are many different types of snakes. Currently there are more than 2,900 species of snakes. They range from 10cm long up to 25ft long. Most snakes are non-venomous. They vary in size, color, and scale pattern. Look here for

What do Ligers Eat?

Tigers like to eat mammals like hog deer, muskdeer, or water buffalo. Tigers will also dine on black bears, elk, or even fish, if they can find nothing else. Look here for more information:

What is a Cloud?

A cloud is made up of water particles in the atmosphere that have been left behind by rain storms and other forms of precipitation. Look in the sky next time you see a cloud and see what type of animal

How Long do Finches Live?

Many pet birds can live for a long time. When buying these pets it is important to realize this fact. For example, finches can live to be 15 years, while a cockatoo can live for about 60 years or more.

What is a Folded Mountain?

Folded mountains are the most prevalent type of mountains. They form where two tectonic plates collide head on. There is no place for the earth to go so it folds itself upward into a bump. These have evolved since the

Where are Droughts Most Likely to Occur?

Droughts are most likely to occur in areas of dry land where there has been no rain for a long time. In Britain in 1976 there was a drought, also in Africa, Australia and the Great Plains of the USA.

What is the Definition of Air Pollution?

Air pollution is the particulate matter, biological and chemicals that cause harm and discomfort to human and other organisms. It can damage our natural environment into the atmosphere.

What is Go Green?

Go Green is a saying to get people to start becoming more environmantal friendly. With this economy these days, everything people due mainly is harmful to the environment. ”Go Green’ suggest people to start projects to help the planet earth

How Much Food do You Feed a Puppy?

The amount of food your puppy requires to meet daily nutritional requirements depends on the puppy’s size and the food you are feeding the pup. The puppy food package should tell you how much of that food to give him/her.

Why do Cats Hate Water?

Cats don’t exactly hate water. It is a myth. Although most cats prefer not to be wet some actually enjoy water. One of mine jumps into the tub with me. If your cat is brought up around water and not

How do You Take Care of a Baby Bird?

Birds need to be taken care of by there parent birds. A human can’t teach a bird how to fly. You would need to observe the habitat of the bird to see what it eats and how it lives. Usually,

What is An Igneous Rock?

An igneous rock is one that is formed by heat. Sometimes called fire rock, igneous rock is most commonly cooled magma. Some igneous rocks are formed in cavities in other igneous rocks like amethyst formed in lava bubbles.

When do Baby Rabbits Open Their Eyes?

A baby rabbit does open its eyes until about two weeks after it’s born. Did you know that you should not handle or touch a baby rabbit until they are at least seven days old? It may cause their smell