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Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

Long distance relationships can work, but I won’t lie, they take a lot of work for both people. You need to make a real effort to communicate well and often. You need to control jealousy. You will need to be

How to Stop Rumors?

It is very hard to stop rumors, and they can be very hurtful. The best way to try to stop rumors is to set the record straight. Some people will believe the truth and some people wont.

What to Say to a Dying Person?

It is not always easy to find the words to say to a person who is dying. The best thing you can do is be there for that person and listen to what they have to say.

Why do People Steal?

Some people steal because they truly need the money or other item they are stealing but this does not make it right. Some thieves may be addicted to drugs and need to support their habits. Still other people do it

What are Some Learning Disabilities?

Some common learning disabilities include dyslexia, hyperlexia, weak concept imagery, weak phonemic awareness and sensory auditory processing disorder.

Why do People Commit Crime?

People commit crime for a myriad of reasons. They commit crime out of necessity or desperation. They may steal to feed their children. Some people commit crime out of anger and some do it because they get a sick pleasure

Why do People Get a Divorce?

There are so many reasons for people to get a divorce. Some people just fall out of love, and some people just do not communicate well with each other.

Why do People Get Mad?

People get mad when things normally do not go their way. They can get mad if someone says or does something mean to them. However, sometimes its best just to walk away from the situation before you get really mad.

What is Guilt?

Guilt is something your mind does to you when you have done something you shouldn’t have. Guilt will nag at you and make you feel ashamed of what you have done.

How do You Treat Dyslexia?

Treating dyslexia is usually done with a specialized tutoring and teaching. Dyslexia is not treated with medications or special counseling. The main symptom of learning difficulties is usually what’s treated.

What is the Dsm?

A DSM, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Discorders, contains a listing of psychiatric disorder and their diagnostic codes. It is used for clinical, research, education and administrative purposes. You can find more information here:

Should Gay Marriage be Allowed?

Gay marriage is a topic that will be debated for years to come. Many people vote for it, and just as many vote against it. I suggest that you read arguments from either side and then decide for yourself what

How to Treat Split Ends?

Split ends can be eliminated by having them cut, or treated by using a deep conditioner, focusing on the ends, or a hot oil treatment. You can prevent them by reducing usage of heat stylers and hair dryers, brushing hair

What are the Different Types of Autism?

There is about five different types of autism. A person can have autism spectrum, asperger syndrome, Rett syndrome, childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder.

What is Selective Attention?

Imagine someone talking to you about their new dress at a party, when you look out a window and see a clown doing cartwheels in the street. You watch the clown do these tricks for a bit, and then hear

Why do I Overeat?

You may overeat because you are bored. Some people overeat when they are feeling stressful, while others overeat simply because they love food.

What Causes Bipolar?

The cause of bipolar disease can sometimes be genetic going from one generation to another. Bipolar disease can also be from a mental sickness.

What are Personal Habits?

Personal habits are habits that people practice daily to maintain their life styles. People bathing and brushing their teeth, as well as choosing to keep a clean house are all personal habits.

What Causes Electric Shock?

Electric shock is caused when any part of the body comes into contact with a high voltage of electricity. If it passes through the skin and muscles then you experience an electric shock.

What are Symptoms of Bulimia?

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder where the person is constantly concerned with weight, but will eat a large amount of food and then induce vomiting or use laxatives to purge their body. Physical signs and symptoms of this illness

How to Reduce Anxiety?

To reduce anxiety, the very first step is to breathe deeply. Most people are shallow breathers and don’t get the oxygen needed for peak health. Reducing caffeine will help, as will getting exercise. For more information, look here:

What Causes Xenophobia?

Xenophobia is the fear of strangers or foreigners. As a result of this fear, symptoms can occur such as shortness of breath, panic, terror and increased heart rate.You can find more information here:

What does Insecure Mean?

Being insecure means you don’t have confidence in yourself. This may mean you are feeling that way all the time, or only is some situations. You pay attention to your weaknesses, which everyone has, instead of your strengths, that everyone

What is Commitment in a Relationship?

Commitment is a relationship is the act of giving yourself, in whole, to the other person and the relationship. Staying faithful to the other person, being there whenever the other person needs you and putting up with the other person,

How do I Get Over my Boyfriend?

You will have to give yourself time to heal if you have been hurt by your boyfriend. Try to stay busy with family and friends. Get some hobbies to keep your mind off of it. When you are ready, get

Where can I Find Inspirational Messages?

This would depend on what type of inspiration you are looking for. If you are looking for religious inspiration, the Bible is the best source. If you are looking for inspiration to help you with work or other life situations,

How to Let Go?

To let go can be so difficult. It may seem like you’ll never be able to let go. Make new friends, go out with new people, get a hobby, and avoid the other person. Don’t try to contact them and

What County is Cleveland Ohio in?

The county that Cleveland, Ohio is in is Cuyahoga county which is in the northern part of Ohio. Cleveland is near Lake Erie and boasts the Cleveland Indians baseball team. Look here for more information:

What to Say to Someone Who is Dying?

What to say to someone that is dying depends on your relationship with them and how they are. Some people prefer silence, others may want to talk about it, to pray, just being there is the most important thing.

Types of Stress?

Physical and emotional stress are the two major types of stress. Both types of stress have the potential to negatively impact the body.

How to Die?

There are many ways that people die. None of which are pleasant, no matter what you may have heard. There is the slow death of the many diseases out there or overdosing and then the quick death of accidents of

How Many Eating Disorders are There?

There are two main eating disorders which are Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. People with anorexia refuse to maintain a healthy weigh and bulimics binge and purge.

What is a Merkin?

A merkin is a pubic hair piece. That is not used often by everyday people and I am sure it is pretty weird to use it and it probably feels strange as well.

What are Some Causes of Stress?

There are many causes of stress. Money is a huge issue. Lack of time or overwork is another. Doing a job you dislike and long commutes are causes. Bad habits and lack of exercise can cause stress. Family and relationships

How to Get Motivated to Exercise?

To get motivated to exercise, start by setting goals for yourself. Set a goal and a reward for reaching that goal. For instance, if you lose 5 pounds, buy yourself a new book or other item you enjoy.

How to Deal With Rumors?

Rumors are usually short-lived. If at all possible, ignore the rumor and it will eventually disappear. If you prefer, you can confront the person spreading the rumor about you and ask them to stop. It may be necessary to involve

What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied behavior analysis is maintaining the skills that you already possess to distinguish between the understanding of contrasting events or objects. For more information see here:

How do I Find Myself?

Unfortunately, finding yourself takes some more time than just inputting a destination on a gps. Here are some tips on how to find yourself: start with a clean slate, forget about what everyone else thinks! Complete goals or some things

How to Stop Cutting?

In order to stop cutting the person doing the cutting needs counseling. It doesn’t have to be inpatient but it should be with a counselor that the person relates well to. Cutting is not a suicide attempt. It is generally

Why am I Still Hungry After Eating?

After you consume food, it takes some time for your digestive system to transmit the proper signals to your brain to let you feel that you are full. Therefore, you may still feel hungry immediately after you finish a meal.

Types of Schizophrenia?

There are 5 types of schizophrenia. They are the paraniod type, dizorganized type, catatonic type, undifferentiated type, and residual type. Look here for more information:

What are the Signs of Dyslexia?

Signs of dyslexia can be found in many learning difficulties. Trouble with reading is the most common. The brain mixes up the letters you are trying to read, making it harder to learn.

How to Talk to People?

To talk to people first you need to pick a mutual topic. Most people do not like to talk about the weather. If a person is rude to you, try being nice to them.

What is Postpartum Psychosis?

Postpartum psychosis is a serious mental stress disorder triggered within a few months after childbirth. It is rare and the mother may experience hallucinations, irrational thoughts, sleep disturbances and eating problems.

Can Life Support Machines Prolong Life?

Yes life support machines prolong life to a certain extent. However, the person on the machine is not really alive since it is the machine allowing the heart to pump.

What Causes Personality Disorders?

Studies show that there are many different causes of personality disorders. It can be caused from abuse as a child either sexual or physical. A personality disorder is usually caused when a person does not know how to handle intense

How to Get Rid of Depression?

Depression is a very hard thing to deal with. If your depression is severe or you have thoughts of suicide see a doctor immediately. Both psychological and drug therapies can help you. Other things you can do are look at

Who is my Boyfriend?

Well, my friend, I don’t know who your boyfriend is at the current moment. Let’s hope that he is a nice and polite guy. If you don’t have a boyfriend yet and want to know who it will be, just

What is Ailurophobia?

Ailurophobia is the fear of cats. Symptoms can include: breathlessness, sweating, dry mouth, shaking, heart palpitations, not being able to speak or think clearly, fear of dying, becoming mad or out of control.

What is An Attitude?

Attitude is the way one feels or looks at experiences in life. Positive attitudes lean themselves into seeing everything in a positive light. Where as, negative attitudes lean toward bad always happening. A positive attitude will go further than a

How do I Save my Relationship?

You can save your relationship by commuting with your spouse. You must keep trust in your relationship as well. You must put effort in your marriage.

How to Deal With Jealous People?

Basically when dealing with a person who has a tendency to be jealous you can do one of two things. You can either walk away because most people will always be jealous due to insecurities or past experiences. Another thing

What Constitutes Good Research?

Good research is when a topic or subject has been thoroughly looked into and the sources of information have been provided. Showing facts would constitute good research.

How to Forgive a Cheater?

Sometimes if you find it hard to forgive someone for cheating it might be the best thing. People who cheat have not yet been fulfilled or just need to cheat for whatever reason so if you do not want to

What is Schizoaffective Disorder?

Schizoaffective disorder is an illness in which there are both severe mood swings and some of the psychotic symptoms of schizophrenia.

Quote of the Day?

Today’s quote of the day is, ‘I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.’ -Rita Mae Brown. You can find more quotes of the day, plus archives, at this website:

What is the History of Bulimia?

The practice of feasting and purging goes way back to ancient Rome. Other countries such as Egypt, Europe, and even Greece practiced purging for various reasons such as for better health and to rid oneself of a disease. The history

How to Purge Food?

To purge food is to make yourself throw up after you eat. This is associated with an eating disorder called bulimia, which is where you eat large amounts of food, or binge, and throw up, or purge.

Why is Trust Important?

Trust is important because it is what relationships with other people are typically based on. To gain someone’s trust, be honest and forthcoming in an amicable way. Keep secrets for others and do your best to follow through with what

How to Get Over a Divorce?

Sadly, many divorces are not amicable. Even when they are, they can leave a person emotionally scarred. I suggest utilizing friends and family to help you get through difficult times. You may even want to consider counseling.

What is Blending?

Blending is the gradual mixture of shades from one color to another.This can also be created when pixels are formed together to create an image.You can find more information here:

What are the Signs of Autism?

Signs of autism are low social interaction (no eye contact, not responding to name or not looking at people), not communicating (talking) and having obsessive or repetitive movements.

Why are People Jealous?

People get jealous because they don’t have something that someone else has that they really want. For example, children that does not have as many toys as another child may be jealous because they don’t.

How Common is Anorexia?

It is not a common disorder. It affects only 5-10 people out of 100000. It is a growning problem. It is also more common in girls than boys.

What does Characteristics Mean?

The simple definition of characteristic is feature. A characteristic is a distinct feature of someone or something. It is basically used to describe people or things. Examples include: personality, attitude, or even a road on a map.

What is a Therapist?

A therapist is a trained professional who can help you overcome a fear. Many therapists specialize in a particular form of therapy, such as art therapy, drama therapy, and hypnotherapy.

How do You Get Over Someone?

Getting over someone is never easy. Remember if it was ment to be then you would be together. To try to get over him or her, keep yourself busy. Maybe start exercising. If you keep your mind busy and occupied,

Will He Cheat Again?

It is possible that he will cheat again. Some say once a cheat always a cheat. If you have to ask this question, it sounds to me that you don’t trust him and you may not be able to if

What is a Midlife Crisis?

A midlife crisis sometimes happens to both men and women, although it is more often associated with men. It is a time in ones life that they begin to question what they have done or not done. It is a

How do I Tell my Boyfriend I Love Him?

There are many sweet ways of going about doing this – But I always opt for the face to face approach when it comes to things like this. You can test the waters if you like by starting out ahead

What is Mate?

A mate is a pair, many animals mate for live meaning they are together, or a pair for life. Your husband or your wife would be considered your mate. A less personal example would be if you would be paired

Who is Dr Kevorkian?

He is a famous doctor who gained noteriety for helping people to die, that had a terminal or painful disease. He was arrested numerous times but the people he ‘killed’ had always asked for help to leave this world.

How to Deal With Stress?

There are many different ways to deal with stress. Some people use exercise as a stress buster. Some people use balls that they squeeze to help relieve stress.

Why Men Pull Away?

Men pull away because they do not feel respected. Although men want and need sex, feeling loved and needed, the number one thing that want from a woman is respect.

How to Let Go of Someone You Love?

It is one of the hardest things a person can go through. Letting go of the one you love will take time. After a few days of being sad & hurt you got to make yourself find a new hobby,

Why do Men Batter Women?

Because that’s how they were raised with as a child? Because most men are far more insecure than women? Because its a power trip? Because they can?

What are the Effects of Racism?

The effects of racism are widespread and virtually unending. They include hatred, cruelty, and fear. People that are projected as unequal in racism often have difficulty accepting themselves.

What Motivates People to Work?

What motivates people is the fact that if they do not work they will not eat. They will not be able to pay their bills and take care of their family without a job.

What is Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy?

This is a syndrome where the mother makes her own child sick in order to get attention and sympathy, for all the emergency room visits and the stress of a sick child.

Where I Wanna be Lyrics?

Written by Kyle West and Donell Jones, and performed by Donell Jones, the song Where I Wanna Be includes the following lyrics in the first stanza: ‘I said, ‘I left my baby girl a message saying won’t be coming home,

Can a Psychologist Prescribe Medication?

No a psychologist can not prescribe medication. A psychiatrist can hand out medications. A psychiatrist has a medical degree while a psychologist does not.

Can This Marriage be Saved?

Well the marriage can be saved if both parties are still in love with each other and they are willing to take the necessary steps to repair the marriage. There is always hope so be encouraged.

What is Self Discipline?

Oh we have almost all been there, you want to have dessert but you know you should not eat it, and you make the right decision and do not have that piece of dessert. Basically self discipline self control, you

How to Stop Eating?

If you are trying to lose weight, you may have deduced that your problem is not what you eat, but how much you eat overall. If that’s the case, you likely wonder how to stop eating so much. Experts recommend

How to be Model Skinny?

There’s all types of models, fashion, print and fitness. How fit each of these models should be is going to vary. In order to be healthy and thin at the same time, you should calculate your BMI, to give you

What is Generalized Anxiety Disorder?

Generalized anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that results in an overwhelming feeling of anxiety. There are treatments available, so seek treatment if you believe you suffer from this disorder.

Types of Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is used for processing and treating different types of mental disorders.Different types include; individual, group, marital, and family therapy.

When to Divorce?

You should not file for divorce until you have tried everything to fix your marriage. If you have tried counseling and you and the other party no longer wants to work at it then you should file for divorce.

What Causes Teenage Depression?

Many things cause teenage depression. It could be problems at home, school, or with peers. It can also hereditary, which means it runs in families.

What is Fear?

Fear is when you are scared of something, someone, or some place. Fear is an emotion that is hard to get passed or resolve. It is an emotion in a person that will overtake their entire thinking if aloud to.

What is the History of Adhd?

The very first case of what ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) was documented in 1902 by a maned aptly named Dr. Still. The next case was in 1922, then again in 1937.

What Causes Postpartum Depression?

There is no definite cause of postpartum depression but it is mostly has been linked to a fluctuation in hormones. Mental disorders, substance abuse and anxiety can all increase the chance of getting postpartum depression.

How to Manage Stress Effectively?

There a several ways to manage our everyday stress effectively. One way is to use relaxation techniques by using slow breathing methods. Another way is to journal your thoughts that way you are able to get out your feelings in

How do I Find Happiness?

The first thing you must do to find happiness is to do things that make your spirit happy. You should think positive thoughts in your mind and go after your dreams.

How do I Write a Therapeutic Treatment Plan?

When writing a therapeutic treatment plan there aer always four elements that are to be included in the plan and they are: identified problems, goals for treatment, methods of achieving these goals; and estimated time to meet this goal. These

Types of Hypocrites?

Hypocrites come in all different forms. Someone who says they think drinking is a sin and then has a glass of wine when they go home at night is a hypocrite.

What are the Causes of Eating Disorders?

Eating disorders are caused both by environmental factors as well as genetic factors. People who come from families with a history of addiction are more likely to develop an eating disorder. At the same time, people who are pressured by

How do I Cope With Anxiety Attacks?

There are many methods for dealing with anxiety attacks. Controlling your breath can be very effective. Take deep but slow breaths as soon as you feel the anxiety begin. It may help you to count as you inhale, then count

What is Early Intervention?

Early intervention are prevention steps that are specialized for children in order to prevent further deterioration a disease or learning disability. For more information see here:

What is Self Efficacy?

Self efficacy is one’s belief of their capabilities to produce a certain level of performance or maintain certain goals. A belief in one’s self.

How to Self Injure?

You can self injure in any way. You shouldn’t want to do that, but if you do, please seeks help. There are many trained people that can help you through it.

What Causes Anger?

Anger is thought to be an internal reaction to external stimuli. However, anger is sparked by different things depending upon the individual at hand. Look here for more information:

What is Bipolar Syndrome?

Bipolar syndrome is complex alteration between feelings and thoughts. When a person is bipolar they will not be able to concentrate on a normal life.

What does Aggressive Mean?

Aggressive can mean competitive or pushy, among other definitions. It depends on the situation and how it’s used. You also have the term passive-aggressive. A person who is passive-aggressive can be manipulative. For more information, look here:

What Happens When You Starve Yourself?

When you starve yourself, you deprive your organs of the nutrients they need to function properly. It is not good for you or your body when you starve yourself.

What does Add Mean?

ADD is the abbreviation for attention deficit disorder. The condition is more prevalent in boys than girls and is characterized by behavioral and learning disorders.

What are Some Signs of Stress?

Everyone deals with stress differently. Some signs that may occur for those that do not know how to cope with it may be, headaches or migraines, they will have trouble sleeping and eating and even may have some anxiety attacks.

List of All Phobias?

Phobias can be incapacitating; having a fear of something is a real feeling and there are ways to address and overcome those fear. There is an extensive list of phobias on this website:

Why Don’t People Like Me?

Sometimes all it takes to get someone to like you is to open up. Make an effort to talk to others and be genuinely interested in what they have to say. People love talking about themselves. Everyone is an interesting

Why Parents Neglect Children?

Parents usually neglect their children because they are self centered. The are too concerned with their own issues that they forget to pay attention to their children. It is very sad when a child goes neglected.

How to Tell if Someone Loves You?

The best way to find out if someone loves you is to ask. It’s as simple as that. If you are afraid to ask, watch their actions around you. Are they kind, sweet, and thoughtful? Are they affectionate and attentive?

What is Employee Motivation?

Employee motivation is a process or program employers will initiate to motivate employees. Employers motivate employees to work harder or to increase attendance. Some employers will offer incentives while others point out the satisfaction of workmanship.

When was Autism First Discovered?

In 1938, Hans Asperger an Australian pediatrician discovered autism. He publicized his findings in 1944. The first autistic classes in special education were started in the middle of the 70s.

What is Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine is sometimes referred to as ‘Alternative Medicine’. These practices work to find other cures other than traditional medicines and surgeries. Holistic medicine also focuses on the patients spiritual as well as physical and mental aspects of their well-being.

How to Get Over Someone?

Know that there is a grieving process for a relationship and don’t date for a month. Join a club! Join a gym! Looking good is the best revenge!

How Well do You Know Your Partner?

I know my partner pretty well. I am able to finish his sentences. We have been married for 10 years and together for 18 years. He is a great guy.

Types of Mania?

Bipolar and depression are the common types of mania. Mania is when a person will have mood swings that will stay high or go low at all times.

What are Anxiety Disorders?

Anxiety disorders are extreme reactions to stressful situations. Examples include panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or the development of phobias.

What is Savant Syndrome?

Savant syndrome occurs when a person, despite serious mental or physical disability have quite remarkable, and sometimes spectacular talents in a specific area.

What are Signs of Cheating?

Some signs of cheating can be a change in personal habits or keeping secrets. Phone calls taken in private or unexplained time. The person may become very defensive about small things they didn’t used to be that way about.

How to Stay Calm?

It is not always easy to stay calm. The best way is to take deep breaths and count to ten when you feel yourself getting nervous. Make sure to take long deep breaths in and out.

What are the Different Types of Phobias?

There are actually over 500 different types of phobias. Some of the most common phobias are aviophobia (fever of flying), arachnophobia (fear of bugs), social phobia (fear of people) and claustrophobia (fever of enclosed spaces). You can find more information

When is It Time to Break Up?

Knowing when to break up a relationship is a difficult moment in life. The best approach is to simply ‘drift’ away from a person without the drama of a ‘break-up’ speech. Its time to break up when the relationship is

What does Nos Mean?

In mental health, NOS means Not Otherwise Specified. It is used when a mental disorder falls within a large, general category, but does not fit within any of the sub-categories or specific disorders of that general category.

Why do People Spread Rumors?

People spread rumors because they are not happy with themselves.An unhappy person tries to make other people unhappy. They are probably jealous of the person they are spreading the rumor about.

What does Efficacy Mean?

The definition of efficacy is the capacity to produce a desired result or effect. For example, a great way to use the term ‘efficacy’ would be this: ‘The efficacy of the medicines will be measured by the patients improved temperature

How to Improve Your Personality?

How to improve your personality depends on what you need to improve. Being nicer and more respectful to everyone is something everyone can do. Sit down and figure out what you think needs improvement and then you know how to

How to Get Over An Ex?

The best way to get over an ex is to keep yourself busy. If you keep your mind occupied you will not think of your ex that much. Being busy doing things that make you happy will make your feel

What is Affection?

Affection is showing love, interest and care for something or someone. You care for the well being and happiness of the other person or thing. Showing affection is when you show the other person or thing how you feel about

How Long do Affairs Last?

An affair can be anything from a one night stand to a lifetime lasting event. This differs based on the people involved and the situation.

What is Adjustment Disorder?

An adjustment disorder is an abnormal reaction to a life crisis. It is triggered through stress or trauma. It is considered a non-severe mental condition.

Will I Ever have a Boyfriend?

Yes, you will have a boyfriend. It is not always easy to find a good boyfriend. You do not want to settle for anything just because you think you should.

What Causes Asperger Syndrome?

The causes of Asperger Syndrome are unclear, but it is thought that genetics is involved. Another reason put forth by some groups is that compounds in some early childhood vaccines, may be a factor. To find more information click here:

What Wrong With Me Mentally?

There could be many things that are wrong with a person mentally. If you think you have a problem, do not try to diagnose yourself. Go to your primary care doctor and have him refer you to a mental health

What is Delusional Disorder?

A delusional disorder is a psychological condition where you can no longer tell the difference between fantasy and reality. This disorder is common in schizophrenia.

What is Bipolar 1?

Bipolar 1 is a mental disorder that causes extreme mood swings and manic depressive moves. This disorder can be treated with medications.

How to Overcome Bulimia?

Bulimia is considered a psychological disorder according to physicians. Acknowledging there is a problem is your first step. The next step is contacting a doctor who can treat your issues in a healthy way.

What Actors have Ocd?

You may be surprised to find OCD is very common with actors. Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Billy Bob Thornton, Alex Baldwin, Jennifer Love-Hewitt and Woody Allen are all known to talk about their OCD behaviors.

What is Adolescence?

Adolescence is a time in a person’s life when they are called a teenager. It is also referred to as their rebellious years. It is the age of thirteen years old to nineteen years old.

How to have a Healthy Relationship?

To have a healthy relationship trust will have to be present on both ends. Along with this you should both love each other and have mutual respect.

What is Psychological Disorders?

Psychological disorders are behaviors not based on any physical disability or need. Obsessive/compulsive disorder is considered a psychological disorder. Fear of flying, spiders, heights, the great outdoors are also examples of psychological disorders.

How do I Deal With Stress?

There are many ways to feel stressed. Try prayer and mediation. Also, try taking a hot bubble bath and do some exercises as well to help you reduce stress.

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks?

When an anxiety attack hits, you may experience physical symptoms. Just keep in mind that they WILL pass, you are OK. With that said, here are some physical symptoms that you may experience: palpitations, sweating, trembling or shaking, shortness of

Top 10 Fears in Life?

Many of us have had some type of fear throughout our lifetime. The top 10 fears in life include fear of flying, public speaking, heights, the dark, intimacy, failure, rejection, spiders and commitment. You can find more information here:

How Many People have Ocd?

Statistics say that one in every fifty adults in the United States has Obsessive-Compulsive disorders. Today, there are many treatments available to help people lead a more normal fullfilling life.

What is Hypochondriasis?

Hypochondriasis is when you have real or imagined symptoms and you are certain that they indicate illness or disease even though there is no diagnosis from a medical professional. These people may realize that they are irrational but they cannot

What is my Average Weight?

Your average weight depends on several factors. First, your height is a factor. Also, the build of your body will make a difference in weight. Go to your doctor to find out what your healthy weight should be. Look here

Who Said It?

Who said it seems to be a term used in searching the web when trying to find out answers to trivia. If you type ‘who said it’ into any search engine, you will find yourself with an endless list of

Why do Men Abuse Women?

Anger, alcohol and drugs are some things that cause men to abuse women. Some men also grow up seeing it in their home and feel that it is the normal or right thing to do.

Types of Trauma?

There are different types of trauma that can scar a person such as emotional or psychological. Trauma is normally something that happens unexpectedly or a person is not able to fight back, or could be cruelty. To find more information