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Where can I Find Persuasive Topics?

While there are quite a few sites that offer you ideas on persuasive topics, my favorite is called collegeuniversity at suite101 site. You will find interesting and creative topics there. You can find more information here:

What is Nonpoint Source Pollution?

Non point source pollution, is pollution that may be coming from various sources, polluting a body of water. Some examples may be agricultural dumping, urban runoff, ships at sea, drain systems, and factory pollution.

How to Sell Photos?

If you are looking to sell photos you should list them on Craig’s list or you can sell them on E-bay. The highest bidder will win the photos.

How Much Money is in Circulation Today?

Evidently there is a way to determine how much money is still in circulation with relationship to how much is printed each year. Here is an estimate as of December 31, 2008. For more information look here:

How Much does a Billboard Cost?

Billboard advertising ranges from $700 to $2,500 per month. However, if you want to build one it costs about $50,000, not counting land, zoning, and other costs.

How to Create a Survey?

Creating a survey can be fun and interesting. First you create a series of questions along with various answers to choose from to get people’s thoughts. Ask people to take your quiz to find out what they think about subject.

What is a Fashion Buyer?

A fashion buyer is typically someone who buys fabrics or different clothing styles to sell in their shops. This clothing is usually bought at discount prices to be sold for a higher price.

How to Write a Good Research Methodology?

Developing good research techniques is important. Being able to determine fact from fiction is an important part of research methodology. Visit

What is a Business Proposal?

Knowing how to write a business proposal is an important part of starting a successful business. The proposal should be very detailed and have all needed information. You can find more information here:

How Much does a Billboard AD Cost?

The cost for a billboard ad ranges between $700 and $2,500 a month, probably depending on certain areas of high traffic. These however, last longer than a 30 second television ad and a daily newspaper ad.

How do I Get a Sponsor?

Getting a sponsor requires a lot of leg work and the ability to sell yourself. Try and find a company that would have some type of interest it what you are looking for sponsorship for and present them with your

What does a Publicist do?

A publicists job is fairly simple and straightforward: the job of the publicist is to get peak people’s interest in the person that they are representing. You can find more information here:

Types of Marketing Research?

Market research is systematic gathering, recording, and analysis of data about issues relating to marketing products and services. This commonly interchanged with the market research.

How Many People are Online?

Remember when there was no online? Well now thanks to the worldwide web, there are millions upons millions online. You can include yourself as one of them!

Types of Direct Marketing?

Direct marketing is a specific type of marketing that attempts to get a message ‘directly’ to the potential customer. Direct mail, telemarketing or email marketing are all types of direct marketing. Fundraising is often down by direct marketing as well.

Who is Gnarls Barkley?

Gnarls Barkley is a musical group made up of Danger Mouse (Brian Burton), who is a multi-instrumentalist and producer, and Cee-Lo Green (Thomas Callaway), who is a rapper and vocalist. Gnarls Barkely’s first hit was ‘Crazy’, released in 2006.

Types of Advertising?

There are different types of advertising. There is direct mail, that is when you mail a flyer or brochure to a potential customer. Coupons are a good way to advertise your company. Look here for more information:

Top Ten Songs of 2003?

The top ten songs of 2003 were ‘Crazy In Love’ by Beyonce featuring Jay-Z, ‘Hey Ya’ by Outkast, ‘Here Without You’ by 3 Doors Down, ‘Baby Boy’ by Beyonce featuring Sean Paul, ‘Miss Independent’ by Kelly Clarkson, ‘Beautiful’ by Christina

Funny Topics for a Persuasive Speech?

Funny topics for a persuasive speech are supposed to be funny so the audience won’t get dissapointed.Cat dating dog,what happen do Ronald Mcdonald,the life of Mgruff the crime dog and Michael Jackson’s twin brother can be some topics to speak

Types of Persuasive Speeches?

The purpose of a persuasive speech is to try to persuade people to change in some way. It can be their way of thinking, of doing something or of influencing.

What are Some Persuasive Topics?

Good persuasive topics are those in which there is a lot of source and literature that is available. Ones that appeal to the personal level are generally better.

Online Surveys for Cash?

Taking online surveys for cash is a great way to make some extra money. You should have to pay to sign up or get a list of companies, if you do run far away. There are plenty of free resources

How do I Join Delta Force?

Delta Force is officially known as 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta. There are several requirements for the opportunity to join Delta Force, including a minimum age of 22 and a general technical score of 110 or higher. You also must

What is a Target Audience?

A target audience is the audience demographic you are presenting something to. A target audience can vary greatly, it may be a group of women, men, college students, etc.

What is Hospitality Industry?

The hospitality industry relates businesses that provide lodging and accommodations to people. Examples includes hotels, motels, inns, or resorts.

What is a Coastline?

The coastline is where the ocean meets the earth. The exact line cannot be marked because of the constant tides. It often creates a beautiful beach that is a very popular vacation destination.

What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is a profitable for stakeholders as it allows them to develop relationships between consumers and build a rapport amongst them.You can find more information here:

What is False Advertising?

False advertising is when a company list false features about a product. I hate when a company practices false advertising. It causes many problems.

Where can I Sell my Photos?

The internet has made it easier then ever for artists to find a market for their work. Sites like istockphoto and shutterstock are made almost entirely of member submitted photos.You can find more information here:

What is a List Serve?

A list serve is a marketing tool that is used to help promote a website in order to get increased website trafficking and customers. It may also serve a purpose to exchange products and ideas, and notify members of important

How do I Patent a Product?

To patent a product, you should first go talk to a lawyer. Find out exactly what you need to do to make sure you legally own your invention.

Free Samples of Speeches?

Speeches can sometime be hard to organize. If you need resources to do this, refer to sample speeches online

What is Brand Management?

Brand management is how a company promotes it’s product or products by way of the quality of it’s brand items. An example of brand management is in blind taste testing of soda. For more information see here:

How Much does Advertising Cost?

Advertising costs range greatly depending on how you are advertising. With the popularity of the internet, a new form of advertising is Cost per Click, which is self definitive. However the more traditional form is Cost per Thousand or CPM,

Where can I Find a Free Car?

You might be able to find a free car by joining a freecycle group in your area. People donate things they no longer need and you may find someone giving up a car. You should be prepared to do some

Why do Companies Advertise?

Companies advertise as a way to keep sales up and rising. Even the largest companies like Coca Cola and Nike spend millions on advertising. It is a means to show you new products.

Why do Athletes Make So Much Money?

Well many people tend to think that athletes are overpaid for their talent. However, the athlete’s managers choose to pay them all of that money because they have to work hard all year around to perfect their talent.

How to Write a Business Proposal?

To write a business proposal you must have a lot of knowledge regarding the business. You will need to put together something your client will read and make him decide to chose you for the job. Include your goals for

What are Some Good Speech Topics?

You can give great speech topics of the great American leaders. You can also give a speech about the economy and the government regarding health care.

Where can I Find Free Cars?

You can find some cars for free, but you will need to be ready to some work on them. Keep in mind you will need to register the car as well, and this will cost money. Join a local group

Top Ten Songs of 2004?

The top ten songs of 2004 are: The Reason, This Love, Yeah!, Leave (Get out), She will be loved, Pieces of Me, With You, The way you move, My Immortal and My Happy ending.

What is Non Point Source Pollution?

Non point source pollution is a type of pollution. Non point pollution is hard to determine the five W’s (Who, what, where, when, how). That basically means this pollution is undetectable to determine what should be done or who is

How to Write a Sponsor Letter?

The first thing you have to do when requesting sponsorship from a corporate company, is to make sure that the company’s interests are in alignment with what you want. You can find more information here:

How does Advertising Work?

When you advertise your goal is to get your product or service noticed by many as possible. Many people will advertise by using billboards.

Why are School Uniforms a Good Idea?

Many students are bullied due to their clothes and the way they dress. With school uniforms, each student is dressed the same so bullying is lessened.

Where can I Find Slogans?

It is easy to find slogan almost anywhere you look. The library is a great resource for old political slogans. You can also find slogans at many of the campaign sites for the main parties. There are even online slogan

What is Mass Marketing?

Mass marketing is considered to appeal and appear to many people at once. And example of this would be to send a generic post card or have a television ad for your business or cause.

What are Good Persuasive Topics?

Good persuasive topics are ones that will interest the people you are speaking two and that people have opposing opinions on. Some could be ‘should sex education be taught in schools, or left to parents?’. Or, ‘Should parents be held

When do You Need Proactive PR Planning?

You need proactive or pr planning when a dermatologist recommends that you use it, and when you see a bad reaction of pimples on you face.

What 38 States Ban Gay Marriages?

Same-sex marriages have created quite a controversy in the United States. The federal governemnt does not recognize same-sex marriage, but some states have elected to recognize it. There are only five states that allow same-sex marriage: Massacheusetts,Connecticut, Iowa, and Vermont.

What is a Positioning Statement?

A positioning statement is not declaring to the crowd headed to the car, ‘shotgun’, but rather, an issued statement that outlines a company’s purpose, goals, direction, and what sets it apart from the competition that will enable it to reach

What Cities are in Orange County?

There is more than one Orange County in the U.S.. In Orange County Florida the cities consist of: Orlando, Alafaya, Apopka, Bay Lake, Belle Isle, Christmas, Doctor Phillips, Eatonville, Edgewood, Hunter’s Creek, Lake Buena Vista, Maitland, Oakland, Ocoee, Tangerine, Windemere,

Top 10 Mlm Companies?

The #1 MLM is Amway, followed by Quixtar, Prepaid Legal, Primerica, Noni Juice, Trump Network, IDA, Acai Berry distributing, National Agents Network, and SFI

How to Become a Publicist?

If you are want a lucrative career in PR work, you have to be good with the people for a start. Whichever client you are working for it is your job to put them out there for the public. College

How do I Write a Proposal Letter?

Writing a proposal letter must indicate reason for your project such as what are your intentions, why does it exist, and basicly whom or what will benefit from your project. Explain in category’s as well, people like detail information about

What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is another term for multi-level market. This is a method by which a company sells its products or services by recruiting sales people who are paid on a commission basis. Those sales people then recruit others to sell

What are Good Persuasive Speech Topics?

To have a persuasive speech, you much have strong evidence to support your topic. When looking for a good topic, you should consider things you have a passion for or topics for which you can find a lot of research

Types of Publicity?

There are two types of publicity. There is positive publicity and there is negative publicity. Most people prefer to have positive publicity.

How do You Write a Business Proposal?

When writing a winning business proposal, you have to WOW the potential business! Make them an offer that they can’t refuse. Show them in writing that they can’t lose with you. Have all your facts and data explained in clear

How can I Become a Writer?

If you wish to become a writer then you need to gather all of your writings together in a book that you wish to have published. Then it is best to join a writers group as well.

How to Advertise my Business?

You can advertise your business in the local newspapers, by passing fliers out, in online classifieds, or by passing out business cards.

Create Free Printable Flyer?

The best carpet cleaning machine that I have seen is the Kirby shampooer. It uses a dry foam shampoo, so it doesn’t soak up your carpet and destroy the fibers. It is pricey to purchase in the beginning, but then

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is something that a company gives to its customers to make them stand out from their competition. It is what makes the company its own and what makes them better than the rest.

How to Write a Permission Letter?

You will need to make sure you put who you are writing the letter for and what realation you are to them. Be clear on what you are giving them permission to do. Such as where they can go, who

What Makes a Good Advertisement?

Good advertisement is straight to the point and something you can easily understand. You want your advertisement to look clean, fresh, and creative.

Where can I Buy Bumper Stickers in Bulk?

There are countless places online to buy bumper stickers in bulk. Just try doing a general search for ‘bulk bumper stickers’ and you are likely to get at LEAST 15 good pages of listings! You might also check your local

How to Become a Copywriter?

One of the first steps to becoming a copywriter is to book an internship with a reputable company. From there, you can work on your portfolio and begin sending out applications for available positions! For more information, look here:

What is Promotional Mix?

Promotional mix is the marketing strategies used by a company to market and promote its products and services. These strategies include personal selling, advertising, public relations or direct marketing.

How to Name a Business?

To name a business, you should choose something that grabs attention and sticks to the product or service offered. A one-word name is easy to remember, and can be eye-catching and imaginative.

Top Ten Mlm Companies?

The top 10 MLM companies are as follows; Amway, Avon, Mary Kay, Herbalife, NuSkin, Melaleuca, Usana, Mona Vie, Nikken, and Shaklee. The top five have been in business for many years and are well known names. Look here for more

How to Write a Grant Letter?

To write a grant letter you have to get information from the foundation that is offering the grant and see what their requirements are. Usually the granting foundation will have their requirements along with their application that must be followed.

Types of Research Methodology?

There are a few different types of research methodology that include quasi experiments, true experiments, observational method, and correlational method. You can find more information here:

How to Make a Business Flyer?

When running or starting a business, advertising is important. Short ads are good such as a business flyer. Colorful designs and catchy phrases in big fonts are requirements of a successful flyer.

Types of Sales Promotions?

Different types of sales promotions include coupons, rebates, giving away free samples and promotional pricing (reduction of price for a limited time).

What is Secondary Data?

Secondary data is data that is not collected by the person who is doing research. An example of secondary data is a community assessment done by another organization but used to substantiate another organization’s research.

How to Write An Rfp?

When you write an RFP or Request For Proposal, it needs to be a quick outline of what your are looking for and what form submitted proposals should take.

How to Write a Book Proposal?

To write a book proposal you need to give a description of the book. Provide information about the characters and the author of the book. This is your time to sell your work.

How Much does a FBI Agent Make a Year?

An FBI agent makes anywhere from 60K a year and up. An FBI agent’s job is very demanding and it can be very dangerous but they work hard to keep their neighborhoods safe.

How do I Get a Press Pass?

To obtain a press pass to an event, you will need to apply in advance with the event organizers. You will generally be asked for any past publications you have done and a letter of reference from your publisher(s). Depending

How to Write a Competitive Analysis?

To write a competitive analysis, start with identifying your target audience. Do your research on competitors and their products, assess their weak points as well as their strong ones. You can find more information here:

How to Make a Proposal?

The first step in making a proposal is the ring! Two months salary is the average cost. Once you have the ring, take your partner to a romantic setting. When the time is right, pop the question! For more information

What does DMA Stand for?

DMA has a lot of meanings it could stand for that’s business related. They are; Designated Market Area, Direct Market Access, Decision Making Authority, Displaced Moving Average, Downtown Merchants Association, Demographics Market Area, Dominant Marketing Area and Discretionary Marketing Area.

What are Examples of Marketing Tools?

Believe it or not, what you put on your voicemail can become an effective marketing tool. Other examples of marketing tools include brochures, press releases, and referrals.

How to Get a Press Pass?

If you are a journalist or news reporter looking to obtain a press pass, you will need to contact the organizers of the event approximately 4-6 weeks in advance and follow their required protocol. For more information, look here:

How to Write a Business Plan Proposal?

If you know the demographics, financial forecast, and compile a summary of statistics about the type of business that you want to obtain financial assistance for, you must outline these ideas in an index/appendix and then you would have written

How to Advertise a Product?

You can advertise a product by placing an ad in the classifieds or paying for time at the radio station. You can also pay for time on air at the TV station.

How Many Cigarettes are in One Pack?

There are normally only 20 cigarettes in a single pack. However, there are some special brands that carry less or more than 20 cigarettes in a single pack.

How do I Become a Publicist?

Publicists generally major in communications or public relations. Publicists must be outgoing, flexible, quick thinkers, and not intimidated by the media. If you have a degree in another area and you have a knack for making others look good even

How do I Write a Grant Request?

Grant requests are usually written on forms provided by the company or organization you are requesting the grant from. Contact them to find out what their requirements are and have them send you a form. To write the grant request,

Types of Promotional Strategies?

Types of promotional strategies include advertisement, events, or sales. All of these strategies could provide attention to the product in order to promote sales and profit!

How are Magazines Made?

Today’s magazines are produced by printing their pages with large printing presses. Once the pages are printed, then they are stacked up and stapled together.

How to Start a Speech?

If you want to start a speech you will have to think deep what you really want to say. The speech has to be short and to get the attention of the audience.

What is Persuasive Speech?

A persuasive speech is can be either an oral or written form of communication that tries to change the opinion of others. A persuasive speech typically consists of strong evidence to support one side of an issue, in order to

What is a Publicist?

A publicist is a person who gets hired to get your product out to the public. A publicist has to have a network of people to get your product out to the public.

How to Name Your Business?

You want to name your business something catchy that will draw people to your brick and mortar or online site. More people are inclined to remember who you are.

What are Surveys?

Surveys are a method used to gain information about a product or service. A survey may be written, taken orally over the phone, or done online.

Sample Letters Asking for Donations?

This website shows some great sample letters for asking for a dontaion,

How to Write a Brochure?

Brochures can use a few words to spread a message. Various styles can be used. Brochure templates online can help frame the brochure you want to create. Look here for more information:

What is Slogan?

A slogan is essentially a company or business’s catch phrase. It is what they want people to associate with their company. An example of a slogan is McDonalds phrase, ‘I’m Lovin It’.

How Much does a News Anchor Make?

The wage of a news anchor will depend on the experience, education and the part of country for the job. The wages can range from around $22,000 up to $145,000 or more.

How to Write a Family Reunion Letter?

When you write a family reunion letter you should be sure to announce who is organizing it, where it will held, at what time, who to contact, and prices for reunion t-shirts.

What is a Position Statement?

A position statement is the declaration of where someone or a group stands. This can include everything from political position statements, to business position statements.

Types of Advertisement?

Advertising used to be classified by just a few traditional methods – print, television, radio and billboards. But the growth of the internet, social media, text messaging and other new technologies, has created a new type of advertising with unlimited

How to Become a Fashion Buyer?

Jobs as a fashion buyer are highly coveted. If you do not have a connection to land the job, you are going to have to be very good at it. Start by finding the best merchandising college program and them

How Much does a Magazine AD Cost?

It all depends on what magazine and the size of ad you want to publish. The world wide magazines will cost you a lot, but think of all the millions of people who will read it. You can find more

What are AD Hoc Reports?

Ad hoc reports are non-standardized reports which are not necessarily required on a scheduled basis. Many reports are standardized and programmed, however ad hoc reports are calculated on an as needed basis.

What is Newspaper Made of?

Newspaper paper (aka newsprint) is made from wood, wood pulp. That’s just the physical part. The words printed on the newsprint are a whole different subject.

What does ASI Stand for?

ASI is an acronym for Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, American Statistics Index, Advanced Solutions International, and Australasian Society for Immunology.

What is a Listserv?

What a listserv is, is a group of people who receive electronic messages. One easy way to understand a listserv is to imagine it as a modern, electronic mailing list. Those on the listserv can not only read posted messages,

How to Create a Business Name?

To create a great business name think about your service or product you are offering. If you can use this in your name, it can be a form of advertising. Think about what kind of image you want to project.

Types of Sales Promotion?

A sales promotion is an incentive and marketing technique that is used to attract consumers to a particular product or company. The types of sales promotions are consumer, trade, and business to business market directed.You can find more information here:

How to Make Business Flyers?

Anyone can learn to make there own business flyers! You will need Microsoft Word or some other form of word processing software. Open a new document in Word, then type in any information that you would want to include on

What is Marketing Segmentation?

Marketing segmentation means dividing your market into different groups or segments. These groups are segmented based on shared characteristics.

What is AD Hoc Reporting?

The term ad hoc means to do something for a specific purpose. So ad hoc reporting would be reporting for a specific purpose.You might do ad hoc reporting for a unique project where it will not be needed again.

How does Bottle Service Work?

Bottle service is a popular service at clubs. Bottle service is where you purchase a bottle of alcohol and the club usually will supply the mixers and the ice. for your party. In some clubs it will also give you

Where can I Get a W-9 Form?

You can get a blank printable W-9 form if you go to the Internal Revenue Service’s official website. You will find pretty much every government form dealing with taxes on that site. To find more information click here:

How do You Get Sponsored?

To get sponsored, you need to convince the sponsor that you are worthy of receiving the sponsorship. Provide a goal that you are working towards, and a reason as to why they should help you to achieve it!

Who is Slade?

Slade is a politician, and attorney, that was the U.S. Senator from Washington, from 1981-2001. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, and his full name is Slade Gorton, however, his birth name was Thomas Slade Gorton, III.

What is Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is what the market consumer thinks about a certain brand’s reputation and quality compared to what they think about the competitor. Companies want to create the most accurate, best possible brand positioning to influence buyers in their favor.

What is a Promotional Code?

A promotional code is basically a coupon that you can use online at many websites to get discounts on goods and prepaid services. You can search for promotional codes online or often get them in advertisements.

How to Make a Business Proposal?

Write a business proposal by creating two parts, the business opportunity and your way to use this to your benefit. Describe your marketing plan and your target clients. Name the people that will manage the team to introduce them.You can

What is a Sponsor?

A Sponsor would be someone who is supportive of your efforts. Most commonly sponsor may pay a set amount of money to assist with an event and in return they are given a way to promote their company.

How to Write An AD?

When you are writing an ad you list to list the product or service in which you are trying to sell. Then you must list the great qualities and benefits of the product. Then you must advertise your ad as

What is E Commerce?

E-commerce or electronic commerce is a term used to describe doing business on the internet or word wide web. E-commerce is popular and growing. Examples of companies engaging in E-Commerce are Ebay and Amazon.

What is Media Buying?

Anyone can purchase advertising time on a radio or television station but media buyers do it better. A media buyer purchases time by researching the audience for that time spot and placing ads at a time when they will reach

How to Create a Proposal?

There are many type of proposals ranging from financial, to marriage or college papers, and each has a different approach. The basics are this: give an overview, goals and objectives, resources needed, and then add a detailed plan as to

How to Become a Product Tester?

You have to find companies that are looking for product testers then sign up to test out the products. A company called Bzz Agent has been around for years and they always send out new products for people to test.

How to Get a Sponsorship?

If your sports team needs a sponsorship, the best place to find one is at your local small businesses in your area. Try pizza joints, bars, and dry cleaning businesses to start.

What are Secondary Consumers?

Secondary consumers are animals that eat primary consumers. These are usually carnivores. For example, a grasshopper is a primary consumer of grass. A bird, who eats the grasshopper is secondary consumer.

How Much does Magazine Advertising Cost?

The cost of a magazine advertising will be different for every magazine. If you want to put a full page ad in Time, the cost will be much higher then an ad in a regional home decor magazine. If you

How to Become a Newscaster?

To become a newscaster you will need to major in communication. Volunteer or intern at a local TV station. The more experience the better chance you will have obtaining a job as a newscaster.

How to Make Money in Your Own Home?

There are some work at home jobs available, but you do need to be careful and make sure they are not scams. You should not have to pay a fee, but some do require a small fee to cover a

How Much does It Cost to Advertise in a Magazine?

The cost of magazine advertising can vary depending on a lot of factors. In high end magazines it can run several thousands. In lower end and local magazine it can be a few hundred. Some of the things that change

What is Public Relation?

Public relations is field in which individuals or companies specialize in helping organizations maintain positive relationships with the public or their target audiences. The field focuses on keeping an organization’s image positive in the eyes of the public.

How Much does a Radio AD Cost?

The cost of a radio ad will depend on a few things. The radio station you choose and how long the ad is. The time slot will also make a differance. You can look to spend at least $1000 for

How to Write a Proposal for a Grant?

You must be very careful to describe in exact detail what it is you wish to accomplish with any grant. The grant will usually give you explicit instructions for what they are looking for, and if you do not follow

How do I Get a Free Car?

It is rather rare that you would find someone giving away a car for free, but if you can work on them a little you have a chance. Join a freecycle group in your area. People donate all kinds of

What is CO Branding?

If you have ever picked up Tide with Febreeze or if your college offers you a credit card with your mascot and the Visa logo, then you have been impacted by co-branding. The simple idea behind co branding is taking

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is a sales strategy that refers to calling customers with who you have no previous business relationship with to attempt to try to sell them your products and services. Sales people that cold call often purchase lists of

What to Write in a Graduation Card?

Graduation is a time of new beginnings and a time to look into the future. Make sure you write something inspirational for the graduate. Words of wisdom are also welcome by graduating students.

What does a Pack of Cigarettes Cost Today?

If you smoke your not going to be happy with the latest polls on smoking, let alone the price. Cigarettes in the United States are at an all time high raning from $5.50 a pack to $6.35 a pack (depending

How to Make Money At Home?

To make money from home,You can will have to be creative.You can create software programs,You can be a handy man in your area.You can also sell stuff online on ebay.

How to Launch a New Product?

The best and easiest way to launch a new product these days is to try and get your product accepted to be sold on one of the home shopping channels.

What Should I do my Speech on?

You should do a speech on a topic that you are truly passionate about. I notice that when people write about their passion it comes out great.

What is Publicity?

Publicity is anything that puts you in the public eye. It can be your local news talking to you on the street or a school newspaper write up to the cover of the National Enquirer and anything in between. It

How do I Write a Marketing Plan?

Make a target and shoot at it! Well, not literally though. All kidding aside, to write a marketing plan start by documenting your target group, that is the group your are focusing your marketing at. Marketing plans consist of weeks

What is Green Marketing?

Green marketing is the process of selling products and/or services based on their environmental benefits. Such a product or service may be environmentally friendly in itself or produced and/or packaged in an environmentally way.

What is Rfp?

Request for Proposal is an invitation for suppliers, through a bidding process, to submit a work proposal on a particular commodity or service. For more information see here:

How to Promote a Business?

A business can be promoted by advertising on billboards, in newspapers, in magazines, by word of mouth, and by passing out fliers. Any type of positive attention that can be drawn to a business will promote that business.

What is Preposition?

A preposition is a word that is used to show a relationship between two other words. Some commonly used prepositions are by, in, into, and on.