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What is a Science Project?

A science project is a display created that explains or shows a certain lesson we would learn throughout our school years. It explains by demonstration how the concept works.

How do You Site a Website?

A website should be cited with the web address at the end of your material. Unlike citing a book or article in a magazine, websites need only have the address which is found in the browser bar to be correctly

How do I do Works Cited?

There are several ways to do citing, depending on the type of work you are citing. The work cited page, or bibliography, is where you list all of the books you got your information out of. The works cited page

How do You Cite a Song?

You can cite a song using the MLA format- Performer’s last name, first name. ‘Title of song’. Recording Date. Name of Album must be underlined. Studio, Number, Year.

How to do Mla Citations?

To cite a book in MLA style you would put the authors namea, the title of the book, in italics, the publisher, the date published and any pages used if not the whole book.

How to Cite a Book in APA Format?

To cite a book in APA formatting style you list the authors, the date it was published in parenthesis, the title of the book in italics, the place it was published and the publishers name.

Should Cell Phones be Allowed At School?

Answering ‘should cell phones be allowed in school’ is purely a matter of stating opinion vs. what rules a particular school may have in place for them. In my opinion, cell phones should NOT be allowed in schools. I would

What is Parenthetical Citation?

A parenthetical citation is a statement taken directly from a source that was written by someone other than you. This citation will be written in an essay or a paper, and will typically have quotations around the information taken from

What is Information Science?

Information science is generally defined as a ‘science’ or art, that involves the actionof gathering different types of information and facts.

How do You Cite?

Citing a source varies based on the different formats that a teacher or professor requires. Typically such formats are comprised of the Modern Language Association format (MLA format), American Psychological Association format, (APA format), and Chicago style format.

When was the Patriot Act Passed?

The Patriot Act was signed into law by George Bush on October 26th 2001 in direct response to the attack of 9/11/2001. The Act increases the ability of law enforcement to fight terrorism.

How to Write a Mla Paper?

The key to writing an MLA paper is using in-text citations. These citations must be listed on the works cited page at the end of the paper. For more information, look here:

How do You do a Work Cited Page?

If you want to write a works cited page for your essay you should use Microsoft Student Office or another such program. When you are citing the work within your essay you input the information into the references tab. Once

How do You Cite Sources?

Citing your sources depends on what your source is and what format your instructor wants you to do. Usually it is either MLA or APA format. They both are relatively easy and contain some of the same elements but MLA

How do I Register for the Act?

You can either go to your school counselor and get the information packet from them. You fill it out and send it to the adress it gives you. You can also register online. To find more information click here:

How to Cite a Dictionary?

To cite a dictionary you need to include: * Name of the dictionary * Editor(s) of the dictionary (if known) .Edition. Publication year.

Where can I Find Free Research Papers?

Finding research papers to study in order to properly write your own can be a fun way to learn. Most research papers aren’t published widely. Many thesis papers, however, do wind up being published.

What is Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is an essay in which the author is narrating his/her own story. Narratives are basically stories that are either made up or stories that occurred in the life of the author.

How to Cite An Internet Site?

When citing an internet resource or site, include the web site name; the name of the author; the date the source was added or written; and the date you accessed the website. Also include the website’s address (URL) in brackets.

How can I Become a Librarian?

To become a librarian you will need to get an undergraduate degree at a 4-year college. Then you will need to go to graduate school and earn a master’s degree in library science.

How to Write Bibliographies?

How to write bibliographies will vary with the subject. Different subjects use different styles. Searchin with the subject included will help you to get the right style (for example history or science). In general, start with the author, then the

How to Format a Research Paper?

There are many intesting topics to write a research paper about, the first thing you must do is pick a topic. After you pick a topic the main thing is to compile research from books,computers,newspaper, any available source. When you

How do I Copyright my Music?

Claims to copyright in either published or unpublished musical works may be registered in the Copyright Office. Published collections of musical works and all the copyrightable elements of a unit of publication can be submitted for registration online with one

What is a Good Science Fair Topic?

There are many good science fair topics. For younger kids, try making a volcano or try the diet pepsi and mentos test. For older kids, try a comparison topic. For example, is water in the city more polluted that rural

How to Cite a Webpage?

There are few things you need to know, like the name of the page, the URL, and the date you accessed it. If you know the author and the date created, that’s best. You’ll probably be doing it in MLA

How to Get Working Papers?

To get working papers you must first have completed a course in school or college. Providing that there is a shortage of US personnel in the said field, you can apply to the Immigration Office for permission to work in

How Long is the Act?

Are you ready for this? Sit down now… for three and one-half hours if you’re taking the act test that is. The test will run three hours if you do not take the thirty minute writing exam. With all test

What is a Narrative Essay?

A narrative essay is usually fun to read because it tells a story. A narrative story creates a picture in the readers mind with details, plots, and characters.

How do I Write An Internet Bibliography?

You need the name of the webpage, the URL and the date you accessed it. If you can get author and publication date, that’s even better. For most papers, you’ll be doing it in the MLA format. To find more

What is APA Formatting?

APA formatting is the formatting that was created by the American Psychological Association. You can find books on APA formatting in your school library or at your local bookstore.

How to Site References?

Citing references really depends on the type of format tha the references need to be in. The type of format may either be in APA (American Psychological Associaton) format, MLA (Modern Language Association) format, or Chicago Style format. The type

How do I Write a Paper in Mla Format?

MLA uses a Works Cited page. You put the author’s name and the page numbers in parentheses at the end of the sentence you cite them in. To find more information click here:

Should College Athletes be Paid to Play?

Whether or not college athletes should be paid has been discussed for quite some time, and there has never been a solid defining answer. Some say yes, because they provide a great service, and they cannot really get a job

How Long does Copyright Protection Last?

While there are a few variables, usually a copyright lasts for the life of the author plus 70 years. If the author is unknown then the copyright lasts 95 years from the first publishing date. For more copyright information visit

How do You Cite Your Sources?

Most of the time you’ll be writing in MLA format; for that you use authors in parentheses in the sentence and a Works Cited page at the end of the paper. To find more information click here:

How do You Cite a Book in Mla Format?

To cite a book in MLA format, you must provide the author’s name, the title of the book, and the publication information (city, publisher, and year of publication). You can find MLA citation examples at

How do You Cite An Image?

To cite an image in MLA style you list the artist, the title underlined, the owner of the image, the city the image is in, the date the image was created and the medium the image is on.

How Much is my Art Worth?

The worth of a piece of art depends on a lot of factors. Its’ age, the artist, whether the artist alive or dead, the condition of the work, these are all factors to take into consideration. Your art can be

How to Make a Work Cited Page?

If you are making a work cited page, you will need to use the proper format as required by your teacher or school. Most use the MLA format organizational rules, which can be found here: You can find more information

How do I Cite a Play?

There are forms available to help a person to cite a play. Per information it also depends on the text you are using since there are different formats. For more information, look here:

What is a Good Title for my Research Paper?

When you are trying to think of a good title, I have to ask you a question. What is your paper about? You have to embody your entire in the title. Give your readers a hint about what they are

How to Site An Internet Source?

Exactly how to cite an internet source depends on which formatting style (MLA, APA, Chicago, AMA, etc.) you are using, as well as what type of internet document you need to cite. An internet video is cited differently than a

How do You Cite a Journal Article?

Example of how you might cite a journal article. Brown, D. C., & Williams, F. K. (2009). Creating ways to grow your business. Business Inquiry, 5, 130-135. Retrieved November 01, 2009.

How do You Cite An Interview?

Citing an interview when used as a reference material for your research or term paper is sometimes viewed as difficult, but it needn’t be. You will simply need to first decide if the interview was a personal, non-published interview, or

Where can I Learn How to Type?

Courses are offered at high schools and colleges to learn typing. You can even test yourself on line with typing tests. The best way to learn, however, is by practice, practice, practice. Look here for more information:

What is An Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a reference page that contains more information than a normal citation does. It provides explanations and descriptions of the information you used in the paper.

How Much does a Copyright Cost?

A copyright within the U.S.A. is free; however, in order to register your copyright, you must pay a filing fee to the U.S. Copyright office–if you file online, it’s $35; if you use a paper form sent through the mail,

What are Good Science Fair Topics?

If you are going to participate in a science fair some good topics to look into would: be the life cylce of a butterfly, the acidity in different water sources, the moons effects on the ocean waves or how to

How to do Endnotes?

The order of an end note in MLA style is: (number of note) Author’s name. Title of book underlined, place book published and year, pages. If you are using APA start with the newest first and list chronologically.

Why Homework is Bad?

Homework is only bad to the person who has to do it. I am sure they would rather be doing something else. Homework ensures that you are learning what you need to at school and retaining it at home.

How to Make a Title Page for a Report?

A title page should include not only your title, but your name and date. It should be in a font large enough to read, but not too large.

How do I Write a Paper?

Writing a paper is a step by step process. The first thing to do is to think of a topic. Then brainstorm ideas about what to write regarding the topic. After that is completed complete an outline and then a

How do I do a Science Project?

To do a science project, begin by deciding what type of project would interest you. You can get ideas by looking online or checking out books from the library. Follow the step-by-step instructions and you’ll be on your way to

How to Write Work Cited?

To write a work cited page, you need to know a few things about each source you used. You will need the author’s name, date of publication, city of publication, and publisher’s name. How you arrange these will depend upon

How to Reference a Book?

When you wirte a term or research paper,you are required to provide a detailed bibliography or reference list where all the sources you have cited or referred to in the paper are required to be documented. There are many styles

What are Good Research Paper Topics?

You could do a research paper on animal rights, athletes and their drug usage, prisoner-inmate relations, disaster preparedness, stem cell research, sex offender recidivism rates, or really any subject that you feel people should learn more about.

Where can I Find Old Newspapers?

You can always check your local library to find old newspapers. In today’s world, some newspapers also have an online presence. Go to their website and check their archives. Depending on how far back you need to go, there might

What does a Park Ranger do?

A park ranger may to some tours through the park for the visitors. he will seek out information for you, too. They may have some general park duties, too.

What is APA Writing Format?

APA writing format or style is a writing guideline developed and published by the American Psychological Association. There are a lot of rules and patterns involved in APA style, so if your assignment requires you to write in APA style,

How do I Get a Patent for An Idea?

If you have a credit card you can patent your idea via online application form at the USPTO website. There are 3 different application you have to fill out depending on what you are trying to patent. They have a

What is An Advisory Opinion?

An advisory opinion is an opinion given that is stated by a judge or court that regards the request of a legislative body or governmental agency for assistance with the case.

How do You Site References?

Depending on whether you are using footnotes, a bibliography, or short references included in parentheses in the body of your paper, several options are available to you. The formality of your paper and the requirements of your instructor will also

How to Organize a Library?

A library is usually organized by books being grouped into similar subjects. The groups are then organized based on the alphabetical order of the authors.

How to do Research?

Decide what exactly you want to research. you must search for something specific and achievable. Choose a qualitative methodology you want to use. Collect your data and analyze it. And in the end prepare your report.

What does Copyright Protect?

Copyrights protect works of art and literature from being taken from you by another person and copied or claimed as their own. Copyrights are typically found in literature, music, film, and other forms of multi media.

How to Use Endnotes?

Endnotes are written in a standard form. You can substitute a regular parentheses instead of a superscripted letter. It’s very handy and very common for a current version of a word processing program to keep track of your endnotes for

Check a Paper for Plagiarism?

In order to check a paper for plagarism is to go to the website: this website provides tools that are needed for the person to be sure that they are not plagarizing papers or even daily discussions that are

Where can I Get Help With Homework?

When you need help with your homework you can type in your questions on the internet and find the answers that way. If you do not have the internet you can go to your local library and either use there

How to Cite An Interview in Mla Format?

When citing an interview in MLA format you must put the interviewee’s last name first followed by a comma then his/her first name followed by a period. Then the words ‘Interview with’ followed by the interviewers name in normal format,

Where can I Buy Used College Books?

College is quite a challenge, without having the trouble of buying books. Their are several sites available that have college materials at a great bargain. For more information, look here:

How do I Find Newspaper Archives?

You can go to your local library and look up the newspaper archives. Most of the newspapers also have a website that you can look for old articles depending on how far back you need to go.

Who Censors Books?

Books are censored by interested parties who feel that the First Amendment is not really in the Constitution and that freedom of speech is only for them.

How to Copyright a Logo?

To copyright a logo, you must have written permission from the copyright holder.It also involves some amount of cost.You need to get the logo trademarked which ensures that nobody else uses it for more.

How to Write An Argumentative Paper?

It is very easy to write an argumentative paper. All you need to do is find a topic that you feel very fond of and argue it. You have to be able to see both sides and argue your own.

What is a Bibliography Page?

A bibliography page is a page where you write all the used literature for writing your essay. Write all the used books, papers and websites and write them in the alphabetical order.

How to Cite a Poem?

When you cite a poem you want to be relaxed and you want to recite the poem with confidence. You can recite the poem fast or slow it all depends on your mood and how you wish for your audience

What can I do With An Art Degree?

An art degree can take you into design and graphics, and even teaching. Freelance work is also an option as well as writing and production.

Who Wrote the No Child Left Behind Act?

The No Child Left Behind Act was sponsored by Senator Ted Kennedy, and received overwhelming bi-partisan support from the commander-in-chief on down. It was written by Representatives John Boehner (R-OH), George Miller (D-CA), and Senators Judd Gregg (R-NH) and Ted

How do I Register a Trademark?

A U.S. patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor(s), issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The right conferred by the patent grant is, in the language of the statute and of

Where can I Find Science Fair Ideas?

The best science fair ideas come from you. What do you think is interesting or cool? As long as you can test it in an experiment or graph data about it, it’s probably a good idea. Look here for more

How Much do College Books Cost?

The cost of college books vary — anywhere from seven to ten dollars for a novel for an English class to a hundred dollars or more for a required textbook for a biology or chemistry course.

How do You Cite a Website in APA Format?

To cite a website in APA format, you follow the same general rules of any other citation. However, you must remember to include the entire web address of the page (copied and pasted from your browser) as well as the

How do You Cite Internet Resources?

Citing online articles are somehow same with citing printed articles. For APA format, you should put the name the author (last name first, then initials only for the first and middle names), the date of publication, the title of the

How to Create a Reference Page?

This is the format I have always followed when creating a reference page. First of all, a reference page is stating the sources you used to create your paper. I always sort mine in alphabetical order. Use the authors last

How do I Reference a Website?

When citing a website as a reference for your research paper, you will need to pay attention to details. Start with the authors’ Last name, First name. ‘Title of Article.’ Title of Website. You can find more information here:

What is Mla Writing Style?

MLA writing style is a writing guideline developed and published by the Modern Language Association. If you are asked to write a paper or article in MLA style, you should obtain a MLA style manual which explains the writing rules

How to Cite An Article?

To cite an article, you must include two titles. These are the title of the journal or magazine, as well as the title of the article. Also include the volume and page numbers. You can find more information here:

How to Footnote?

To footnote a paper, you simply provide move the content of your in-text citations and works cited to the bottom (the foot) of each page of the paper. The format used is that of the Chicago Manual of Style. You

What is a Legal Brief?

A legal brief is a summary of a court case in its entirity. This summary is inclusive of major deatils of the case. It includes information such as procedural history, holdings, legal questions that have risen because of a case,

Types of Card Catalog?

In ‘ancient’ times before computers were the dominating source of information and accuracy, libraries used a card catalog system to help people find books easily. This card catalog system was inclusive of a single card, that had all of the

How to Create a Title Page?

The title page is in the middle of the page with capital letters bold typed and underline, name, date, and course, and it is double spaced with 12 pitch font and the type set is in Roman Times.

How do You do a Works Cited Page?

The Modern Language Association (MLA) Style is widely used for identifying research sources. In MLA style you briefly credit sources with parenthetical citations in the text of your paper, and give the complete description of each source in your Works

How do You Copyright a Name?

Names cannot be copyrighted. If you mean names such as those on popular tennis shoes or other company items, the procedure is to get a trademark. If you need one, be prepared that it might cost from $100-$400. Also, it

How do I do Citations?

To do citations you need to list the authors, the titles of the book, article and journal, where it was published, who published it, when it was published and any pages you used.

How do You Cite a Book Source?

To site a book in the MLA format you put the authors, then the name of the book, the place it was published, the publishing company and the date it was published.

What is Works Cited?

A works cited page is simply a way of giving credit where credit is due. When writing a research paper the works cited is where you would list where you found the information that was used in the paper. There

How do You Trademark a Business Name?

In less than abolut an hour and a half you can trademark your business name right here on the internet. First you must check the system to makes sure no other business has already trademarked that name then you must

How do I Cite An Internet Site?

When using an internet cite for research, it is important to give the proper citation for the author. The proper MLA format for an internet citation, remembering punctuation, would be:Title of the Site (underlined). Editor. Date and/or version #. Name

Sample Outlines for Research Papers?

Sample outlines for research papers can help students figure out where to begin their assingment in terms of research and writing. Sample outlines for research papers can be found online and in libraries. To learn how to create outlines and

How to Write An Essay in Mla Format?

To write an essay in MLA format, the most important thing to remember is that you need in-text citations. This means that in the body of the pape, you cite any and all information that is not your original idea.

What is An Open Question?

Open questions are those questions in which a person can respond using personal opinion and reflection.They are useful to address needs and problems.

How to Cite a Journal?

The first thing you should do is, write the author’s name in the following order: last name, first name, and then if applicable, add the middle initial. Next, add the title of the jounal article,adding quotations and underlining the title.

How do You Cite Websites?

Using MLA format, you will cite websites by beginning with the authors’ Last name, First name. You will follow this up with other information about the website, using this guide: You can find more information here:

How to Cite Your Sources?

It is important when writing a research paper to include a bibliography or works cited section. This information should include: The name of the book or article, the author’s name, the copyright city and publisher’s name as well as the

Where can I Find Help With Homework?

You could always ask your teacher for help or a friend that may do well in a certain subject you are struggeling with. There are also tutors at most schools willing to help students out as well.

Where can I Find Science Fair Project?

Ideas for science fair projects can be found pretty much anywhere if you use a little imagination and ingenuity. Some of the places you can find ideas for science fair projects are in your own kitchen! One of the things

What Degree do I Need to Become a School Librarian?

A Masters in Library Science is needed to become a librarian. Be sure to have some foreign language classes under your belt since some graduate degrees require such. Assisting at a library will help introduce you to the library field

What is a Bibliographic Citation?

The bibliographic citation is a list of works cited in a paper that are usually listed alphabetically at the end of a paper. They help the reader find your source materials.

Longest Field Goal?

Tom Dempsey and Jason Elam are the ones responsible for having the longest field goal in history. The total was 63 yards. Dempsey did his on Nov. 8th 1970 and Elam did his on Oct.25th 1998.

How do I Register my Company Name?

You can register you company name through a process called Trademarking. When you register for a trademark, you first want to make sure that the name is not already in use by another party. You can do this by searching

How do You Write a Source Card?

A source card is an index card containing information related to sources you have used in writing a research paper.They are basically a shorter works cited page.

How can I Find Out How Fast I Type?

To find out how fast you type, there are many free typing test that you can take online. It will give you a sample text to type out. Then it will measure how many words per minute you were able

How to do a Literature Review?

A literature review can either be a single work, like a book or pamphlet, or it can be a group of materials written in a single time period. The purpose of a literature review is to give you a summarization

Why is Music Censored?

Music is censored because of the extreme lyrics and foul language used in the songs. They censor the music to allow parents the opportunity to limit their children’s access to the songs.

How do You Write a Process Paper?

After conducting research, one is often required to write a process paper. This paper, which is 500 words or less, is simply an explanation of how the research was conducted, and its relationship to the topic. For more information look

What is Convocation?

Convocation is a request for a group to come together for a certain purpose. Convocations occur in schools by gathering all the student’s together for a ceremony or rally.

What is Natural Science?

The natural sciences are sciences such as physics or chemistry. They are also called the hard sciences because they use data that is tangible. It is science that can be seen and touched.

How to Write a Classification Essay?

A classification essay is written just like any other essay in all actuality. A classification essay contains an introduction, a thesis statement, the body paragraphs of the essay, and the conclusion is written last. The classification essay is actually a

How to Use Footnotes?

Footnotes are pretty easy. You just put the number next to your text in the paper and the footnote at the bottom of the page with the same number. Now, if you are using them for citations, there are a

How do I Learn How to Type?

There are many different ways to go about learning how to type. Some ways to learn are to take classes, get literature on proper hand placement, or get computer software that teaches the same things.

What are Some Science Fair Ideas?

The best science fair ideas are about things you are interested in. What do you want to know or do you think is cool? That’s a perfect project as long as you can test it or graph info about it.

How do I Write a Literature Review?

Generally, one begins a literature review by finding as many published materials that are relevant to what one is looking for in this project. This will give one a general idea of what to expect within the pice of literature

When to Use Capital Letters?

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish when it is and is not appropriate to use capital letters. You use them when you are spelling someone’s name, a state or city, any title that goes before a name, and books/movies/plays (except

How do I Prepare a Bibliography?

Begin a list of all the resources you used throughout your essay or paper. It is better to write them down as you use them so you won’t forget anyone. Then list them in alphabetical order as your sources.

What is a Parenthetical Citation?

it replaces the use of citation footnotes. By using parenthetical citation, it indicates that you are using information in a book by someone else and the page it was found on.

How to Write a Good Book?

To write a good book, you need a couple of things. First, a good topic. Decide what you want your book to be about or what kind of book you wan to write. Second, come up with good characters and

What are the 14 Types of Punctuation?

The 14 types of punctuation are the period, the comma, the semi-colon, the quotation marks, the exclamation mark, and these things…called ellipsis. You got your brackets, your hyphen, your dash, your apostrophe, and your parenthesis. Can’t forget about the colon,

Can I Register my Own Trademark?

A U.S. patent for an invention is the grant of a property right to the inventor(s), issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The right conferred by the patent grant is, in the language of the statute and of

What is a Science Fair Abstract?

A science fair abstract is basically just a short version explaining what the science project was about. It includes the introduction, the problem, the procedures you took to conduct the experiment, the results and of course, a conclusion. You can

How do You Make Bibliographies?

You make bibliographies by first determining whether your teacher wants you to use the MLA or the APA format. Then, it is simply a matter of organizing the sources you used to write your paper. You can find more information

How do You Cite a Dictionary?

Encyclopedias and dictionaries, according to the Modern Language Association, are always to only be included in text, and not to be referenced in a works cited page. An example of how a dictionary is cited in an in text format

What is Footnotes?

Footnotes are a form of in-text citation that does not disrupt the flow of the text. Basically, at the end of a quotation or piece of information, you see a little number. If you look at the bottom (foot) of

How to Write Term Papers?

When writing a term paper, there are a few things that you need to remember. The first thing that you need to do is come up with a thesis. The write up you introduction. The body of your term paper

How to Make Bibliographies?

A bibliography is a type of table used to reference the works of another person. The basic format is to list the last name, then first name of the author. Next, underline the name of the book. Then list the

How to Cite a Picture?

To ite a picture in a research paper, use this format:Artist Last name, First name. Description or title of image. Date of image. Title of library, museum, website where found. Name of Organization (if applicable). Web Address, if applicable.

How to Tie a Lasso?

Step 1: Tie a knot at the end of your rope. Step 2: Create an overhand knot by making a large loop with the rope and pass the rope’s end under and through to create a pretzel shape. Be sure

How do You Make a Source Card?

First start on the blue line and continue until the end of the line. Skip a line and indent for the second ine and go to the end with the the information. If you need a third line, skip a

How do I Get a Trademark?

To get a trademark, be prepared to initiate a search to make certain no other person or business has the mark you are seeking. You will pay a fee to file from $100-$400 for the trademark. But, then the trademark

How do U Make a Bibliography?

Bibliographies can be made by typing or writing out a list of all the books, authors and websites used for information to create the report or book being written.

How to Write a Critical Essay?

A critical essay is written by taking a very close analysis or examination of the topic that is provided by the instructor. A critical essay has many formats and forms, and as such can take the format or form of

How do I Cite a Movie in Mla Format?

To cite a movie in MLA format, start with the name of the director. List the name in the order last name, first name, middle. The title of the work is underlined.

How to Write in Ap Format?

Writing papers in AP format require the presence of a title page, an abstract, and the body of the work cited by author and year of publication.

How to do Works Cited Page?

To do a works cited page, you first need to find out what format your instructor requires, MLA or APA. Then, get the necessary information on each source you used (author’s name, date of publication, etc.). You can find more

What is Public Art?

The phrase public art actually refers to works of any kind that has been planned to be displayed in a public meeting area such as parks and subway stations. The piece of art is able to be accessed by anyone

Who Founded the First Library?

The first library that we know of was in Greece and was used to keep copies of the great dramas of the time. The Great Library in Alexandria is a famous ancient one as well.

How to Cite APA Style?

APA style citations are used primarily in social studies. They include footnotes, references, and tables. Often times these citations done APA style will also include abstract paragraphs and figure captions. Look here for more information:

What is Academic Writing?

Academic writing is writing for school for a class. Academic writing is highly professional in its style and contains facts and not personal opinions of the subject matter at hand.

How to Cite An Interview?

When ever you are quoting 4 hand written or type lines, use quotation marks, this is according to the MLA style of citing. Note whether or not the interview is a telephone, or personal one. If this is a published

How to do a Citation?

Creating a citation for your bibliography should include certain information such as the author’s name, book’s title, publisher and copyright date. For example, for a citation of your use of the a Bible published by Thomas Nelson you would include

How do I Write a Works Cited?

Write the works cited at the end of the paper.MLA (Modern Language Association) style is most commonly used.Use the format: Last name, First name. Title.Publishing Location:Publisher, Year.