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What is the Antarctic Treaty?

The Antarctic Treaty is an agreement between countries to keep Antarctica as a a place just to do scientific research. They agree that there shall be no type of drilling or any military activity on the continent. You can find

What President is on the 50 Bill?

Ulysses S. Grant’s picture is featured on the fifty dollar bill. He was the eighteenth President of the United States and served in office from 1869 to 1877.

How Much Coins are Worth?

Silver coins that are older than 1965 are worth at least 10 to 14 times face value based on the silver content. If the date and mint mark is rare and the coin is in good condition you might get

How Much is a 1918 Penny Worth?

1918 penny is worth about 12 to 16 cents depending on the condition. They are not worth much and if the date is barely readable you will only get about 4 cents for it. You can find more information here:

What was Ancient Roman Money Called?

The most commonly used coin in Rome was the bronze coin that was called an As. There was another bronze coin called the Sestertius, it had a value worth 16 Asses To find more information click here:

Who is on the Heads Side of a Dime?

The heads side of the dime has the image of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president, engraved on it. The Roosevelt dime replaced the Mercury dime in 1946.

What President is on the 2 Dollar Bill?

The president that is on the two dollar bill currently is the United State’s third president, Thomas Jefferson. The two dollar bill has quite a lot of history though, and the images on the front and back have changed frequently

Where can I Buy Old Magazines?

You can buy old magazines from a few different places. A lot of times if you go to a garage sale, you can find old books or magazines. Also, chck out Ebay for a lot of selections of old magazines.

How to Skin a Deer?

It is not difficult to skin a deer. The first thing you need to do is to field dress the deer. All that means is the deer needs to be gutted, and prepared for skinning. You can find more information

Who is on a Two Dollar Bill?

In United States currency the writer of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, can be found on the two dollar bill. This bill, on the back, also has the members of the Continental Congress, signing The Declaration of Independence.

What is the Weight of a Quarter?

The weight of a quarter varies depending on which version of the quarter that you have. It will either weight 5.67 grams or 6.25 grams depending on the year in which your quarter was produced.

What Sells the Most on Ebay?

Everything sells on eBay, so its hard to narrow down what would sell the most. The key to making serious money on eBay is having something that no one else has, and being able to present it with all the

How do I Tie a Fishing Knot?

To tie a fishing knot you would take the line and put it through the eye of the hook. Then you wrap the line around the line 5 times and back through the eye and pull.

Where can I Find the Value of Antiques?

Often times, if you go inside of an antique store, there are appraisers who can value your antiques. Sometimes, they will even go as far as to purchase them from you for whatever it is determined that they are worth.

Who Buys Old Magazines?

Anyone, in general, can buy old magazines. You will find that most collectors are the ones buying or those that may be looking for something in particular with a certain magazine.

Where to Shoot a Deer?

When you are hunting deer you should already know where to shoot a deer. The animal should not be made to suffer and you don’t want to ruin the meat. The best place to shoot a deer is just above

What Weapons can a Felon Own?

A felon is not allowed by law to own any weapons. It is important to keep in mind that even though the law prohibits felons from legally purchasing weapons, many are capable of obtaining and do own weapons that authorities

Where can I Find Cheap Airsoft Guns?

You can find cheap airsoft guns at flea markets and online. But, sometimes when you order something like these online you will have to be a adult to buy them. To find more information click here:

How to Mount Military Medals?

One of the best ways to mount military medals is in a shadowbox. This keeps them clean, properly displayed, and out of harm’s way. Most frame shops can help you choose a shadowbox that will fit your needs.

Where to Sell Gold Coins?

Finding someone to buy gold coins is sometimes a tricky process. You can try your local coin dealer, if you have one. If no coin dealer is available, try your local pawn shop. Pawn shops do buy gold coins but

How to Skin a Beaver?

Skinning a beaver requires good equipment such as a sharp fillet knife. You will need a work surface that can be easily sanitized because you are going to want to clean your area well to avoid germs as well as

Who is Norman Rockwell?

Norman Rockwell was a famous artist who painted pictures and illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post. He painted scenes from nostalgic sections of life in the 50s. Look here for more information:

Where do Trout Live?

Trout live in rivers, creeks, and lakes. There are both fresh water and salt water types of trout. Lake trout live much longer than rainbow trout. Let’s go fishing!

What is California State Fish?

In 1947, the golden trout was named California’s state fish. The golden trout is 6-12 inches long with golden flanks and oval parr marks on each side.

Where do You Shoot a Deer?

The ideal place is directly behind the shoulder where the lungs and heart are at. You do not want to wound a deer so that it suffers. A quick kill is best. So, don’t just go shooting to shoot. Respect

Where can I Find the Value of a Gun?

To find the value of a gun you can call or visit a gun store or gun show and ask. You can also look online or buy a book with values. The Blue Book of Gun Values by Fjestad is

Free Online Coin Price Guides?

There are a bunch of online price guides for coins probably one of the best is

What do Mexican Coins Look Like?

The Mexican peso coins look almost alike with the exception of the cents. The 10 and 50 cent coins have the amount (10 or 50) on one side and their emblem of the eagle on the other. The 10 cent

What is a Daisy?

A daisy is a type of flower that many people seem to like. They usually have yellow pedals and are known to have white centers. Often times, where you find one, you find many so they come in bunches.

How to Draw a Sailboat?

You can follow some step-by-step instructions on how to draw a sailboat. It starts by drawing a large triangle and then adding to it until sail boat is complete. After drawing add some color to it. Remeber practice makes perfect.

Who is Juliette Gordon Low?

Juliette Gordon Low was a youth leader and the founder of the Girl Scouts of the USA in 1912. The organization was incorporated in 1915 and it began with 18 girls.

How to Build a Campfire?

Campfires can be a lot of fun and a great experience. You need three basic things: larg pieces of wood, sticks, and kindling. Put two handfuls of kindling into a small, compacted pile. Build a small tepee with the sticks

What is a Boy?

A boy would be considered a young man or male child. The term can also be used to identify the sex of a species. The opposite of boy would be girl.

How to Tie a Fisherman Knot?

Tying a fisherman’s knot is very easy to do. Take your fishing line, and thread the end through the eyelet of the hook, pulling about 10′ through. Next, you take the end of the line, and wrap around the standing

How to Build Cars?

Start by selecting the make and model of the car that you would like, remember to keep in mind how much you want to spend. Then choose the different features you want to have, such as painted front and rear

Who Founded the Boy Scouts of America?

The Boy Scouts of America was not founded by any one individual. There were seven grown men and thirty four agencies that represented boys nationally that met to make the plans and included all factors as to how the organization

How to Create a Pamphlet?

Many software programs offer templates to make pamplets. In addition, Microsoft Office Online has a free template that you can download to make a pamphlet. You can find more information here:

How do I Make a Pamphlet?

I’ve made pamphlets two ways. I’ve used a Microsoft Works template. It’s pretty easy, they walk you through all of the steps. I’ve also used VistaPrint. They let you pick what layout you want, fill in the info, and they

How to Tie a Neckerchief?

Lie the neckerchief flat on a surface and roll until it looks like a triangle. Place the neckerchief around the neck and make sure it is even. Tie and place the knot directly to the side.

Where can I Buy Used Cub Scout Uniforms?

Cub Scout uniforms could be found at your local thrift store. Also, if you know any older scouts, check with them to see if they held on to their uniforms. If so, they may be willing to give you the

Who Founded the Boy Scouts?

General Robert Bowden Powell is the person who founded the boy scouts in either 1907 or 1908. The exact year is not known but a history of the boy scouts shows that they were founded in England.

What is the Girl Scout Motto?

The Girl Scouts have been active 1912. Their founder Juliette Gordon Low started the club in Savannah and it’s grown from 18 members to over 3 million. Their motto as well as the Girl Scout Law are their guiding premises

How to Make a Pinewood Derby Car?

To make a pinewood derby car you would first need to decide your design. Carve the design out of the wood chunk. Sand the surface. Paint and decorate the car. You can find more information here:

How to Start a Campfire?

The way to start a campfire that will burn safe and efficiently is to built it in a A-shape. First clear a circle and if possible place large stones around the circle so you can tell if any sparks fly.

How to Make a Pamphlet?

Creating a pamphlet is easier if you use one of the readily available templates for your word processing program. Any publishing option will work and you can choose from several templates. When creating a pamphlet you will need to be

Where can I Find Skits?

You can buy books containing skits for any theme on Amazon or for more faith based themes, on Christian Book Store. Should you be needing something for a younger crowd, give the Girl Scout website a look too! You can

How to Become a Talent Scout?

In the music business, the talent scout is part of the Artists and Repertoire division of the record label. Their job is to find new talent and bring them to the company. Get started by scouting out talent where you

Why is Spruce Knob Famous in West Virginia?

At 4,863 feet above sea level, Spruce Knob is West Virginia’s highest peak. It is part of the Monongahela National Forest. It’s also a good place to go camping (there are 43 campsites) and fishing!

Who Founded the Girl Scouts?

The girl scouts were founded by Juliet ‘Daisy’ Gordon Low in Savannah, Georgia. It was originally started with only 18 girls and today has close to 3.4 million members.

Who was Norman Rockwell?

Norman Rockwell was an American painter. He chose very true to live subjects and every day scenes. It made his work very easy to relate to. His work is often seen on old covers of the Saturday Evening Post. For

What is Pinewood?

Pinewood is wood from an evergreen tree called a pine. The wood is especially soft and often used for carving or whittling. Pinewood pulp is also used for paper production.

How to Make a Campfire?

To make a nice campfire, you will need to find some small twigs and dried leaves to put as the base of the fire. Then start stacking larger logs on top of that while changing direction of the logs to

What is the Boy Scout Motto?

The Boy Scouts of America have the motto ‘Be Prepared.’ This motto can be useful in numerous of ways, if you are prepared for everything, you can be surprised by nothing!

How do You Build a Car?

Building a car depends on what you are looking for in a car. Do you want it fast, sporty, or just a plain car? You need a body style, motor, wheels, chassy, windows, and anything extra you want to add

How Many People in a Troop?

A troop is like a crowd – it is a group of people that has no preset number. Troops can be a group of 4 soldiers or 140,000 soldiers. ‘Troops’ or troop generally means the group is working as one,

Where can I Buy Cub Scout Uniforms?

You can buy boy scouts uniforms at the Boy Scouts of America’s online retail store. There you will find everything you need to outfit your boy scout, from patches to badges and shirts and pants. You can find more information

How do You Tie a Bowline Knot?

To start your bowline knot you need to form a loop short distance from the end. Then put the end of the rope through the loop like you are making a simple know. You can find more information here:

How do You Make a Pamphlet?

The easiest way to make a pamphlet is to use Microsoft Word on a computer. You can get many pre-made templates at Microsoft Online or build one from scratch. If you go with the free templates, when you download it

How to Win a Girl Heart?

The way to win a girl’s heart is to be very genuine. Girls like boys who are honest and don’t try to be something they are not. Just be yourself and be honest about your likes and dislikes. If you

What are Girl Scouts Called in Italy?

In Italy the scouts are called Lupette e Lupette or Wolf cubs. The name is same for boy and girls. Scouting start in Italy in 1910, but the official start year was 1912. For more information look here:

What is Bluegrass?

Bluegrass is a sub genre of popular country music. The traditional bluegrass is based around the instruments that are used to create the sound such as a banjo. During the last few decades, bluegrass has been recorded by popular country

How Much do Girl Scout Cookies Cost?

A single box of those yummy and delicious Girl Scout Cookies will cost you $3.50 today. The first box of Girls Scout Cookies were sold in 1917. Thin Mints which are the most popular were introduced to the line in

How do I Tie Knots?

There are many different types of knots used for a variety of reasons, each having their own method of tying. A basic knot can be made in anything by simply tying a double loop sequentially, and pulling on the opposite

How to Use a Compass?

Hold the compass flat in your hand. By turning, your body make your body, the N on the compass and the floating red needle line up. You are now facing north. If you want to walk due south, Make your

What is Bluegrass Music?

Bluegrass is a form of American roots music. It has country, jazz, and blues all together. It is usually played on an acoustic stringed instrument.

What is An Eagle Scout?

An eagle scout is the highest ranked boy scout. It takes years to become and eagle scout. Typically speaking, most eagle scouts are high school students.

Where can I Find Air Soft Guns?

You can buy very good air soft guns in most department stores. If you’re serious about it you can find some awesome air soft guns on the company’s website.

What Percentage of Americans Own Guns?

Thirty-nine percent of the American population admit to owning a gun and keeping one in their home. Republicans are in favor of keeping gun laws as they are, while democrats feel they should be more strict.

How do Paintball Guns Work?

How paintball guns work depend on the paintball gun. They each work a bit differently but the main principle is to use compressed air to eject the paintball.

How do Cannons Work?

You first have to load the cannon with gun powder and push it in with the pusher, then you aim the cannon to where you want to shoot it and lite the wick and move back it then fires really

Where can I Find Knives?

You can find knives anywhere. You can look in Walmart and Target’s hunting section. You can also look in an ammuntion and gun store. Pawn shops are another good way of finding good knives.

How to Make a Tennis Ball Launcher?

You can make a simple tennis ball launcher with a few cans and some duct tape. Cut the bottom out of one can and 1/2 the bottom out of two cans. Tape the two half cut bottom cans to the

Who Makes the Best Shotgun?

There are a few good shotguns out there but the best is Remington or Winchester, it will all be up to how much money you want to spend. There all really great guns just depends on your taste.

Who Invented the First Gun?

The exact person who invented the first gun has long been lost in history. It is known that guns started to appear in Egypt in the mid 1200’s. This is the earliest that they were seen in battle.

How to Mount a Rifle Scope?

To mount a rifle scope you will need to have a target ready in order to set it properly. You will attach it to the top of the gun once the scope is sighted accurately.

What is a Dirk?

A dirk is the named that is given to a type of dagger. This dagger is usually long and has an extremely straight blade. The name originates from Scotland!

Top 10 Rifle Scopes?

As of August 21, 2009 the top ten rifle scopes are as follows: Swarovski has the top two. The best would be the Swarovski Z6 5-30x50mm BR. The second is the Swarovski Z5 5-25x52mm BRX. Leupold claims the third position

How do Rifle Scopes Work?

The rifle scope is an extra eye that sits on top of the rifle that helps make sure that your target is in close range and it is clear when you are ready to fire your gun. The scope helps

How to Make a Bottle Rocket Launcher?

First you need an empty bottle, then you get a cork and put a hole in the cork, the you put a valve at one end of the cork, fill the bottle with 1/3 of water, put the cork in

How to Calculate Trajectory?

Depending upon whether you are calculating vertical or horizontal trajectory (which is characterized by motion), there are different calculations. For more information look here:

How Much does a Ak-47 Cost?

AK-47 guns can have a vary of cost depending on what the brand is and where you buy them from. Usually the cost of one can ranger from $600 to $800 dollars. It’s best to shop around though to get

Who Makes the Best Handguns?

Who makes the best handguns depends on the buyer. Some people prefer the old pistils that shot a single bullet at a time. Other people like the guns the fire multiple bullets continually.

Who Said History Repeats Itself?

It was originally quoted by Karl Marx, but the entire quote goes as such: ‘History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.’

How to Become a Bodyguard?

To become a bodyguard, there are certain requirements that need to be met. To be a bodyguard you have to at least have a high school education. A person must also be in good physical condition. Look here for more

How does Sling Box Work?

Sling Box works by sending a signal over the Ethernet to another device. This is all done by hooking the gadget up to your TV, DVD player or digital video recorder. The device depends on having a computer on each

How Much do Guns Cost?

The cost of guns vary. It really depends on the gun that you are wanting to purchase. Once you have chosen the gun you wish to purchase make sure you check around because the actual cost of that gun may

What is the Best Rifle Scope?

Finding the right scope depends on the gun. A high quality scope is a Swarovski and Is very pricey. The better the scope the better chance you will have at hitting the target.

How to Make a Homemade Cannon?

There are a few things that you will in order to get started. It really does not cost alot to build your own. You would just have to buy or find a few things that could just be laying around

How to Clean a Handgun?

To clean a handgun you first have to take it apart and clean the individual parts. Then put a light coating of solvent or oil and put the gun back together and wipe the outside. These cleaning kits can be

What is a Musket?

A musket is a muzzle loaded, smoothbore weapon that is fired from the shoulder. Muskets were previously used by infantrymen during the 16th through 18 centuries. They have since been replaced by rifles.You can find more information here:

What does PVC Stand for?

PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and is made from a combination of plastic and vinyl. The most common use is in plumbing as water pipes and sewer lines.

How Much does a Desert Eagle Cost?

The Desert Eagle pistol has a varying range of costs, depending on the model. A Mark XIX Desert Eagle model with a six inch barrel will retail for about $1,500.00. You can find more information here:

How does a Revolver Work?

A revolver uses a cylinder with holes drilled in it for the ammunition to fit in. Older models had to be packed with a led ball and black powder. Modern revolvers use bullet cartridge. When the trigger is pulled an

When Were Guns Invented?

The first guns were cannons. The first hand cannon was used in battles during the reign of Edward lll in 1364. In 1424 the first mechanical device for firing the hand gun was invented. You can find more information here:

How Fast does a Bullet Go?

How fast a bullet goes depends on the type of gun, and bullet. The bullet from a .22 rifle can go somewhere between 2400 to 3000 fps. the letters fps stand for feet per second. You can find more information

Where can I Find a Picture of a Gun?

Wow, there are thousands of guns out there to look at. Pictures of them can be found in books at local book stores, the library, or right here on the internet. You must be over 18 if you are thinking

What does Acp Mean?

To find out what acp mean first you need to understand what context you are using the acronym acp. One possible meaning of acp is automatic cartridge pistol.

How to Make a Slingshot?

It is very easy and simple to make a slingshot. All you have to do is find a thick stick in the shape of a Y or you can buy wood from a depot store and assemble it yourself. When

How to Make a Gillie Suit?

A ghillie suit is made by covering a camouflage military uniform with a net. Next, sew various foliage to the various parts of the net. The foliage should be allowed to move in the wind. The wearer will be concealed

What is a Carbine Rifle?

A carbine rifle, for the most part, a shortened version of another rifle. These carbines are mainly used by the military for close in fighting, where a long barreled rifle might be awkward.You can find more information here:

What is my Rifle Worth?

Your rifle’s worth is dependent upon the make, the model and the gauge. The higher the guage the more the gun is worth. Different brands are worth different prices as well.

How do You Make a Knife?

What kind of knife? We learned many years ago that you can make knife out of anything. You can even make it out of a toothbrush. All you have to do for that is to wrap it in several layers

How to Build An Air Cannon?

This is a very dangerous tool! With that in mind you will need, an air tank, 4 long iron pipes. An iron pipe adapter flang and quick connect air fitting,as well as,a long ABS pipe and ABS end cap. Pipes

How Much is my Rifle Worth?

How much your rifle is worth will depend greatly on its make, age, and condition. The best way to find out exactly how much it is worth is to either take it to a local gun dealer, or visit a

How do I Get a Concealed Weapons Permit?

If you are interested in a concealed weapons permit, start with your local sheriff’s office. They are usually responsible for issuing them. If not, they will be involved in some part of the process and can let you know where

How do I Make a Slingshot?

To make a slingshot you can get a small piece of 2×4, splice it in the middle putting a wedge in it. Don’t push it to far down, when there is a gap take some rubber bands and attach them

Types of Shotguns?

There are many types of shotguns that are being manufactured . The oldest type is the break action. The barrel breaks ope just in front of the hammer, allowing shells to be ejected and inserted. There is the pump action

Who Invented Guns?

When pondering who invented guns the answer isn’t quite clear. Common belief is the Chinese first invented guns. Well known gun makers are Samuel Colt and Oliver Winchester. You can find more information here:

How do Silencers Work?

The first thing that you should know about silencers is that they don’t actually silence a gun. They only suppress the noise. The design of silencers is allot like the muffler in cars in that they have baffles that gives

How does a Paintball Gun Work?

A paintball gun works by compressed gas. The compressed gas provides the power to shoot out the paintballs. When a compressed gas canister is empty, it is replaced with a new canister. You can find more information here:

How does a Bolt Action Rifle Work?

A bolt action rifle is operated by a person manually. The bullet is loaded and the barrel is opened and closed by hand with a small handle to load the bullet.

How does a Gun Work?

How a gun works is dependent on the gun. There are a variety of different types and styles of guns. Guns like muzzle loaders and flint locks work drastically differently than an automatic or revolver.

How to Make a Spud Cannon?

To build a spud cannon or potato launcher you will need some PVC pipe, PVC cement, a BBQ lighter, drywall screws, some hair spray and lots of potatoes or spuds. You can find more information here:

What are Guns?

Guns are defined in many different ways, each according to its field of use. The primary common characteristic of a gun is that it shoots an object from a tube by use of compression. Some consider a gun a portable

Who Owns Target Inc?

Target Corp. was originally named Dayton-Hudson Corp. It is a corporation so it is not owned by one person. It started in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What is the Best Deer Rifle?

Its really too much of a matter of opinion and preference. In my opinion a Remington model 700, 30-0-6 is the best deer riffle on the market today.

Where can I Find Gun Parts?

Where you find gun parts depends on whether you want to look online, or actually go to a brick and mortar location. If you want to look online try places like Ebay and any other webites that sells a general

How to Open a Butterfly Knife?

To open a butterfly knife you need to take extra care so you do not cut yourself. You will open carefully by putting one handle open next to the other handle exposing the blade.

How to Make An Egg Launcher?

An egg launcher is a great defense against an enemy! Get two stakes and put them firmly in the ground. Then attach some sort of rubber band to both stakes so that it gets a good spring for the launch.

Who Invented the Paintball Gun?

A man named Robert Shepard invented the first paint ball gun. He was working for a paint company at the time. Previous to the invention of the gun people used forestry markers to shoot each other. A marker is a

How do You Use a Butterfly Knife?

The butterfly knife has a sharp blade and opens quickly. When holding it in your hand, press the handle and let the blade come straight out. For more information, look here:

How Old is my Gun?

You can discover how old your gun is by tracing the serial number. There are a number of blog sites that can give you help with the age of your gun. You can also search the gun manufacturer to see

How to Make a Good Slingshot?

Making a slingshot is simple. First, get a strong y-shaped piece of wood. Peel the bark off. Get a thick rubber band and piece of leather for the pocket. Connect one rubber band to each side of the woo, using

How to Shoot a Rifle?

To take a riffle and filter it into a hobbie takes some very percise detail and safety course needed to be obtained. The first step is to go through a safty course. After that the first step is to decide

How do You Clean a Shotgun?

The easiest way to clean a shotgun is by using a Universal Shotgun Cleaning Kit that can be used with all gauges. Remember to completely disassemble your shotgun and check to see if it’s not loaded before you clean it.

How to Make a Homemade Ghillie Suit?

Make a homemade ghillie suit from burlap, jute or rope. Find a netting, like a volleyball net, and cut into the shape of your clothes. Cut these items into strips, and tie them onto the netting on the jacket and

How to Make a Spud Gun?

A potato cannon or spud gun is made out of PVC pipe, metal, fittings, and joints. Designs vary but the most popular are pneumatic (shoot with the aid of forced air). You can find more information here:

How do You Make a Potato Cannon?

You can make a potato cannon using hair spray, an old barbecue grill ignitor, wire, piping, some glue, and of course a potato. You can buy a 3 inch diameter threaded pipe with a screw on cap, a section of

What does STI Stand for?

STI can stand for a great many things. STI’s in health care are sexually transmitted infections. STI’s in the collegiate world are Sciences, Technology and Innovation. STI’s in the aircraft world means Santiago, Dominican Republic. STI is the stock code

Where can I Sell Old Magazines?

One great place to sell old magazines would be at the flea market. You may also want to check out local resale book and magazine stores. Maybe you or a friend is thinking about having a garage sale. You never

What is Gutta Percha?

Gutta percha is a rubbery substance that derives from the milky sap of trees. The latex is a good electrical insulator. It carries a high dielectric strength.

What does BB Stand for?

Well the meaning of BB stands for Ball Bullet, they are used in little guns and will hurt and kill you if used wrong. Always be careful using any type of guns.

What does XD Stand for?

XD stands for a smiley with its tongue sticking out. It is a part of a set of emoticons that computer users developed to convey emotion. There are others that turn out to be quite cute when shown in a

What is Moa?

MOA stands for Minute of Angle. It is a term used in firearms. It has to do with windage and elevation adjustments in reference to sighting scopes.You can find more information here:

How Far can a Bullet Travel?

A bullet that is coming from a 9mm gun can travel up to 2300 meter before it actually falls or hits something. It also depends on if you are shooting it straight or aiming it at someone.

How to Clean a Rifle?

You can decide on two different types of rods to use when it comes to cleaning your gun. You can use the plastic coated or a steel one. Another item you will need is a bore guide. Remember to make

What are the Parts of a Gun?

Taking apart a gun you will see all different types of parts to it such as a clip, firing pin, barrel, and springs. There are so many different parts to a gun you should have a book that shows you

How Much is my Shotgun Worth?

The worth of your shotgun would be dependent on it’s manufacturer, age, and condition. Older collectibles are worth more than currently made and used models.

How Fast does a Bullet Travel?

How fast a bullet travels depends on several factors. The projectiles size, shape, and the air density can affect how fast the bullet will travel. You can find more information here:

How to Force Myself to Throw Up?

You can make yourself throw up by sticking your finger or something like a toothbrush all the way to the back of your mouth. You can also drink Ipecac which induces vomitting.

How do Guns Work?

How a gun works depends on the type of gun in question. There are flint locks, revolvers, machine guns, automatics and semi automatics that all work slightly differently.

Why are Guns Good?

Guns are good for hunting, sport shooting, recreation and just for fun. You could say that the gun is a good tool used in war but it is hard to justify war or anything associated with it as being good.

How do You Measure Caliber?

The caliber is the measurement of the inside of a rifle barrel. For instance, a 22 gauge is 22/100 of an inch in diameter. For a shot gun, the gauge is an indirect measurement – the gauge number is the

How to Build a Suppressor?

A suppressor, or silencer, is strictly regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Only persons that have applied and paid a permit fee are allowed to own one. For more information look here:

How to Spin a Rifle?

Learning to spin a rifle can be accomplished in many different ways. You can sign up for the military, join the marching band, or if you are brave try it at home. Just make sure that your rifle is not

What is the Best Varmint Rifle?

A small caliber or air powered air gun used for hunting small prey like squirrels and birds are called varmint rifles. The most commonly used are bolt action rifles like the Mauser or Winchester. You can find more information here:

Who Invented the Shotgun?

Shotguns haven’t been around as long as some may believe.They were originally small hand cannons. Later they went on to become known as muskets( a larger version of the hand cannon).Legend has it that upon hitting his musket on the

What does 311 Mean?

To find out what 311 means your first must find out what the number signifies. If for example in a situation were the number 311 means the code to a phone operator to take a break then that’s what 311

Where can I Find a Gun?

Guns can be found at many different types of stores. Sporting goods stores like Sports Authority sell guns at select stores. Additionally, most pawn shops carry a large assortment of guns.

What is 440 Stainless Steel?

The are all different levels of stainless steel. 440 Stainless steel is just another type. It is very shiny and durable. They are very good.