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How to Buy a Laptop?

Do your research. Go online to the major office suppliers like Office Depot, Staples, etc and check out their deals. Also try Dell, HP, Apple, and Compaq, to see what features you want. Monitor sites for a couple of weeks,

How do I Fix my Cd-rom Drive?

There’s no way to know exactly what is wrong with it. So, telling you to do something without any other information isn’t really advisable since it could damage it some more. Contact the manufacturer’s customer support number for the drive

How to Refill a Butane Lighter?

To refill a butane lighter, one must ensure that the lighter is made to be refilled. There will be a small inlet valve, usually at the bottom of the lighter. You will, as a matter of course, need a canister

How to Upgrade Computer?

Upgrading your computer can range from simple to complex. Upgrading memory in your desktop for instance is a fairly simple process. Upgrading your processor and motherboard however is quite complex. In order to upgrade anything in your computer you must

How to Access BIOS?

Accessing the computers bios is fairly easy. Restart your computer and when its loading up keep hitting the ‘delete’ key on your keyboard. Soon the bios window should appear.

What is the Difference Between than and Then?

There is a different meaning for than and then. Both words are often misused. Then is used as a time marker or to reiterate a sequence of events. Than is not related to time. Than is used to compare things.

What is a Computer Port?

A computer port is where a device is connected or docked to a computer, usually the motherboard. Some typical ports are serial, video, and USB ports.

What GPS is Right for Me?

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a GPS device, such as price, size, and reliability. My personal favorite is TomTom, because it is so user-friendly. The Garmin GPS devices are also very popular

How do I Set Up Dual Monitors?

To set up dual monitors you will need to have the monitors side by side. Link the computers internally and set the larger monitor as your main monitor.

Who is Spider Man?

Spider Man is a fictional comic book character. There is also a movie created about Spider Man. The comic books are still published, and can be read at most book stores!

Why Won’t my Computer Speakers Work?

Try general Troubleshooting provided with the Speaker. Perhaps driver of sound card could be corrupted. Or there is hardware problem is sound card or speaker.

How to Become a Retailer?

To become a Retailer, you need to have a good place for shop. Then you need to invest to make it beautiful & take franchisee from a company.

What are the Different Types of Media?

The different types of media depend on which media you are talking about. In the media there are print, webcasts, radio, and television. As far as digital media you have cds, tapes, mp3s etc.

What does Qwerty Mean?

The term qwerty describes a standardized computer keyboard layout which is based upon the traditional typewriter standard where the first 6 letters of the top row of alphabetic keys are sequenced as qwerty.

How Much is a Laptop?

Laptop prices vary with such things as: how much memory is installed, what programs are on the laptop, how big the screen is. You can get a basic laptop thats perfect for surfing and emailing for around $ 400 and

How do You Work An iPod?

On the ipod just below the screen is a circle. If you hit in the middle is selects the menu you are on. At the bottom does the play and stop of music. And the right and left sides does

How do I Know What Motherboard I have?

You can identify your motherboard in a couple of ways. One way is to look for the labeling printed on the motherboard itself. Another method is to use a tool such as CTBIOS that will read manufacturer information from the

Who Invented the Abacus?

While the actual inventor of the abacus is unknown, it was used as an early counting device and started somewhere around 500 B.C. The oldest is called the Salamis. You can find more information here:

What is Ultra Ata?

Ultra ATA or Parallel ATA is a connectivity between Motherboard and Hard Disk or Optical Drive. Ultra ATA however gives low data transmission rate.

How to Make a Projector?

It is not possible to make a LCD or high end projector at home. However a projector model can be made. Projector has a strong light source such as Xenon tube. This tube focuses on image through series of lens.

What is a Mini Dv?

Mini DV is a type of storage medium used primarily for video. Video cameras may use mini-dv tapes to record video onto, instead of 8mm or VHS-C. Newer cameras use hard drives or flash memory.

How does a Photocopier Work?

A photocopier works to copy a photo to make duplicates of the original document. A photocopier will copy any document you put into scan tray.

How are Computers Used?

Computers are a part of everyone’s lives. They are used in many ways from email, work, to cars, airplanes, televisions, and household utilities.

Where Did Ink Come from?

Ink was created from soot and developing into the morden pigments and dyes that artists use today. Ink has a history that is a thousands of years old.

What is MIPS?

MIPS is what measure a computers performance as well as cost to do the work. MIPS is an abbreviation of Million Instructions Per Second and some computers have a higher performance then others. For more information, look here:

What is the Best Laptop Brand?

The best laptop brand is a matter of opinion. Depending upon what you want to use it for there can be several options for you! MAC laptops are very popular and usually very satisfying for the customer.

How to Use a iPod Nano?

To use an ipod nano, you will need to make sure it is unlocked in order for it to power on. Plug the mp3 player into your computer to add or remove songs. Scroll through the songs by rotating your

How do I Connect my Computer to my TV?

Your computer must have a video card with a TV-OUT Connector first of all. Then you will need the cable to connect the connect your computer to your television. The cable will most likely indicate which end goes where. You

How to Download Itunes to iPod?

iTunes does not need to be downloaded to an iPod. iTunes is a program used on a computer which loads music, videos and applications onto the iPod. All of the software necessary for the iPod is included, nothing needs to

What is RAM Measured in?

Most RAM (Random Access Memory) is measured in bytes. Megabyte, Gigabyte and Terabyte are all examples of units of measure for RAM. They are all made up of bytes.

Types of Expansion Slots?

There are many types of expansion slots with lots of different shapes and sizes. For example, there are USB, used for cameras and other storage devices. There are comm ports and printer ports also.

What is An Input?

An input is an area on a device where the user can input information. For example, the computer keyboard is an input device as it allows the user to tell the computer what to do.

What is P 500?

P500 refers to the new laptop just released by Toshiba. The Satellite P500. It is the creme de la creme of laptops with a 18.4′ screen. It brings everything up close and personal.

How do Projectors Work?

Projector contain an intense light source such as Xenon tube. A LCD screen inside projector is placed after the source. Hence the image is transferred to screen.

What do I Need to Build my Own Computer?

Building your own computer can be a fun learning experience. It can also save you some money depending on the system. You will need all of the basic computer components. You will need a case, motherboard, memory, CPU, and hard

How to Build my Own Computer?

To build your own computer, you will need several components and tools. These include a screwdriver, computer case, processor, power supply, CD-ROM drive, RAM, motherboard, and peripherals. Look here for more information:

What Audio File Format is Used on CDs?

The most common audio file formats on Musical CDs is dot wma or dot mp3. Dot mp3 is more common because it can be played on almost any music player.

What is Apc?

APC is the name of a company that provides battery backup units and surge protection units for computers. These are very important as they protect your computer in the event of a power surge or power outage.

How Much does a Computer Cost?

You can get a personal computer as low as 299.00 up to over 3,000.00 depending on your features.

What is a C Corp?

A C Corp is a type of corporation. C Corps are separate entities run by shareholders and they file income tax forms the same way an individual person does. An S-Corp is also a corporation. The big difference is that

What is Dual Core Processor?

A multi-core or duel core processor is two or more central processing units(CPU) working in concert. Duel core processors allow for a computer to take on many more tasks while conserving more electricity than standard processors.

How do I Remove Songs from my iPod Nano?

First, make sure your iPod is connected to the computer via the sync cable provided to you when you purchased it. Once iTunes pops up, and you see the list of songs, just right click and hit delete. It will

How Much Computer Memory do I Need?

Computer memory would be based on what kind of performance you need. If you need a fast performance for your computer then a two giga bite of memory is needed.

How to Replace Circuit Breaker?

Replacing a circuit breaker can be very dangerous if you are unsure on how to do it. In some cities this must be done by a licensed electrician. You should first check your local codes to see if it is

How does a Dvd Recorder Work?

DVD recorder receives signal from source such as Computer. It uses LASER (Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation) beam to make bumps on metal of DVD to record data.

How does a PC Work?

PC contains Processor, RAM & Hard Disk. It performs logical operations on the input data and shows results on output device and also stores on HDD.

What is a Abacus?

An abacus is, in a sense, a manual calculator. It is a square or rectangle shaped frame consisting of sticks with beads on them. The beads are used to represent numbers.

What is my Video Card?

A video card is a great device when trying to watch DVDs or videos on your computer. These also allow your regular interface to look more crisp.

What is a Computer Case?

Do you have a Desktop Computer? Then every time you look at your computer (the processor), you are looking at the computer case. Without the computer case, you would be looking at the guts of your computer, e.g. the boards,

What MP3 Player Should I Buy?

There are many great MP3 players on the market today. The one getting the highest reviews is the new iPod Touch. It can hold up to 8,000 or more songs and has over 30,000 apps you can download to it.

What is the Size of a CD?

The size of a CD comes in 120 NM in diameter and 1.2 NM thick. The storage capacity of a CD is usually is 700 MB. They are usually labeled on the clear plastic center, which is located near the

What does R&B; Stand for?

R&B; stands for Rhythm and Blues. It is a musical art form that originated with Gospel, Blues, and other music made popular in black culture.

How a Television Works?

Television uses Cathode Ray tube. When cathode rays are imparted on Phosphor, it gets illuminated. Screen is coated with phosphor from inside. As per input signal cathode rays mix and make colors.

What is Hdmi Cable?

An HDMI (or High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is used to transfer video and audio digitally between components. For example, your computer or DVD player can use an HDMI cable to play a movie on a High-Definition television.

What is a Graphic Tablet?

It’s an input device used by artists which allows one to draw a picture onto a computer screen without having to utilize a mouse or keyboard.

Where can I Find a Cheap Laptop?

Try a pawn shops or any second hand computer store. Another good place you might be able to find a cheap laptops is garage sales. Online sites such as E bay will be a good place to look also. For

What is a Heat Sink?

A heat sink is an object that spreads out the heat in order to get rid of it. Heat sinks help keep things such as CPU’s in computers from overheating.

How to Connect Speakers?

Connecting speakers to a computer is very easy, which is always nice! Usually, all you have to do is locate the ‘speaker in’ port. On laptops, this is usually on the side, or in the front, along with the headphone

What is Vga Quality Camera?

VGA is type of resolution 800 x 600. VGA camera has 800 x 600 resolution. VGA camera is good for CCTV or observation purpose. It is not good for photography.

What is An Expansion Slot?

An expansion slot is a computer system interface slot which accepts peripheral devices as circuit cards which are physically inserted into the slot, thus expanding the capability of the system. Additional ram memory and disk drives are examples of peripherals

How does a Cd-rom Drive Work?

CD-ROM uses LASER (Light Amplification by Simulated Emission of Radiation) light. It gets reflected from the CD-ROM pattern. Reflected pattern is decoded to get original data.

What does ROM Mean?

ROM means ‘Read Only Memory’. This type of memory is stored permanently and cannot be added to or subtracted from its microchips easily. Certain types of ROM can be reprogrammed with special programs. These are called ‘flash ROMs’.

What is the Best Laptop?

Check out the Consumer Reports website to learn more about what is the best laptop. They provide information based on tests conducted on laptops. You can find more information here:

What is a PC Card Used for?

A pc card, otherwise known as a PCMCIA card is used in laptop computers. PC cards were originally designed for storage, but you can now get pc cards that can be used as network cards, modems, and hard disks. For

What is a Graphic Card?

A graphics card is a piece of hardware inside your computer that your monitor plugs into. It turns all the little ones and zeros of code into something your eyes understand like colors and shapes.

How to Take Apart a Laptop?

Taking a laptop apart varies depending on it’s manufacturer. If you take your laptop apart and it is still under warranty it may void your warranty. There are general instructions on how to take a laptop apart on the web.

What is the Best iPod to Buy?

iPods vary greatly in price and functionality. For running most people agree that the iPod shuffles are the best for their low price and durability. Most students prefer iPhones or iPod touches due to the amazing amount of functionality, they

What Size Tires do I Need?

If you need to figure out what size tires that you need you can look on the inside of the driver side door. There will be a sticker that will tell you what kind and size of tires to get.

What does V R Mean?

VR stands for Virtual Reality. In its earlier development, people envisioned users totally engulfed in digital worlds using special headsets that allowed them to ‘look around.’

Who Invented the Flash Drive?

Trek Technology patented the USB flash drive and began selling them in 2000. Trek called its product the Thumb Drive, due to its very small size for portable storage.You can find more information here:

How to Build a Laptop?

If you aren’t computer savvy building a laptop can pose a challenge. Decide how much storage you are going to need and what you want to use the laptop for. Look here for more information:

What is Hard Disk?

A hard disk is a section in the computer where programs are stored. A hard disk can save and update the files stored on them. The hard disk is enabled when the computer strartes.

When Did Computers Come Out?

The facts on when computers came out is debatable. Some of the information provided states that computers came out in 1837, many consider Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engines to be the first computer. The year 1936 could also be the start

What is a Pata Hard Drive?

PATA or Parallel ATA is hard drive which uses Parallel or IDE connectivity. It is older now. Now SATA or Serial ATA has replaced those hard drives.

How do You Clean a Dvd Player?

Cleaning a dvd player is a simple task that you should do once a month. Take off the cover of the player and blow out the dust with a hair dryer. Take off the cover of the disc reader and

What is a Dvd Player?

A DVD player is a digital video device that we use to watch movies on, such as DVD’s. They are encoded to read music cd’s as well as digital movies we copy from our computers with special software.

Spark Plug Gap Settings?

If you are replacing your spark plugs you would need to know the gap settings which has an effect on the spark plugs tip temperature as well as the voltage. Interesting fact is the larger the gap the more voltage

What is the Best Desktop Computer?

It depends on your purpose which one is the best for you. Try searching for the configuration that suits your need. Or simple, assemble it.

What is a Computer Monitor?

Many people get the meaning of a computer monitor mixed up with a computer screen.It actually is a device that displays signals onto a computer screen without producing a permanent record. Look here for more information:

What is a Corp?

Corp is a shortened form of Corporation. S-Corporation, Limited Liability Corporation, and General Corporation are some of the types of Corporations. For more information, look here:

How Much is my Used TV Worth?

You TV is worth the amount of money used to buy the television. You have kept the television up to a working standard then the person who is buying it will notice and pay what they think it’s worth.

How Many Keys on a Keyboard?

A standard, international computer keyboard has 102 to 105 keys on it. This count is not including buttons and may vary from model to model. For more information look here:

What is An I-pod?

An iPod is an mp3 player originally released in 2001 by the Apple Corporation. There are currently five variates of the iPod: Classic, Nano (originally called Mini), Shuffle and Touch. You can find more information here:

How do Video Cameras Work?

A typical video camera has two sections, the camera section, and a VCR section. They work by receiving the visual information via the camera, and then convert it to an electronic video signal. The VCR part then receives that signal

What is Bluray?

Blu ray is the next generation of optical discs that we watch movies on. Only, this time around it’s packed with high definition viewing for our eyes and they can fit 25-50gb on a single disc!

What is Pic?

A pic is short for picture. With the invention of text messaging and the internet many words where unofficially shortened to make conversation faster. Sometimes known as internet speak, words such as picture were shortened to pic, probably was shortened

What is Response Time?

Response time is the time it takes a computer or other device to react to user input. For example, when you push the button on your camera to take a picture, the time it takes to snap the photo is

What is Human Computer Interface?

Human computer interface is how you (the user) interacts with your computer. Its based on input that allows you to get the system to do things. Such as typing on your keyboard and clicking your mouse. And output where you

What is a Usb?

USB stand for universal serial bus. The USB was designed to simplify the connection of periphial devices such as a mouse or keyboard. By having a common connector, you dont need as many special connections on your computer.

How Many Songs can An iPod Nano Hold?

The iPod Nano comes in two different memory capacities, 8GB and 16GB. Depending on which one you have, you Nano can hold approximately 2000 to 4000 songs for your listening pleasure. Look here for more information:

What is the Best Video Camera?

The best video camera out today has to be the Sony Handycam HD. This camera will run you about $1000 to $1400 but you can find it on sale for the holidays.

How do I Charge my MP3 Player?

Your mp3 player should have come with an external charger. You would simply plug the jack into the player, then plug it into a wall electrical outlet.

What is Primary Memory?

Primary memory is memory on the motherboard that is used by the CPU. Video, networking, and sound cards often have memory chips as well to help increase the total system performance.

How can I Erase Songs from a Burned CD?

You can erase songs from burned CD. Load your CD to the CD loader. Go to my computer for windows xp users, computer icon for vista user. Right click on your mouse then scroll down then click reformat. But be

How do I Access my BIOS?

To access your BIOS system, when you first turn on you computer it will ask you to hit a function key to access BIOS, it may be function key F1 or F11.

Where does the Name iPod Come from?

The name for Apple’s iPod was named after two sources. The first is the iMac, the ‘I’ referring to a person or the Internet. ‘Pod’ is sometimes used to refer to a spaceship. Look here for more information:

Top Ten Scanners?

Consumer reporting sites are a wonderful way for the consumer to find the best buy for their buck! There are many scanners out there, that come in every shape and size, and it ultimately comes down to personal preference, need,

What Type of RAM do I have?

To tell which type of ram you have in your computer you have to actually look on the ram itself. If you take off the side of the case you should see a thin 5 inch block located on the

How Much does Itunes Cost?

Itunes music site is one of the most popular places to download music, and it’s no wonder. Membership at the website is free. You can download individual songs for anywhere from 99 cents to $1.29 each. Making playlists is easy.

How does Compact Flash Work?

A CompactFlash drive contains memory and has set speed that it operates at when you access it. When you insert it, your computer assigns a drive letter to it, usually ‘F’. You can save files and folders to this drive.

What is CPU?

A cpu is a central processing unit that is inside of your computer. It’s known as the processor for short and is the portion of the computer that carries out the instructions of the computer program.

What is the Best LCD TV on the Market?

The Samsung UN55B8500 is rated as the best 55 inch LCD television on the market. There’s eight others that qualify, but in different aspects, such as; budget, value, and size. You can find more information here:

What is Plenum?

Plenum is the space within a building that is used to house HVAC duct work and to run cables. It is typically located under floors or within the space above the ceiling, however, not all buildings have a specified plenum

Who Makes the Best TV?

This is all a matter of preference and opinion. Some people like certain brands over the years they have used them and don’t like changing to others. But, according to Consumer Research — the top brand is Samsung. You can

What is Wrong With my iPod?

Different things may be wrong with your iPod. You can call the manufacturer and talk to a tech specialist to try and find the issue and fix it yourself.

Top Ten Laptop Computers?

1 Dell Latitude XFR D630, 2HP Compaq 8510P, 3 MacbookPro, 4 Alienware Area-51 M15x, 5 Dell XPS M1530, 6 Lenovo Thinkpad X300, 7 Acer Aspire 8920-6048, 8 Lenovo Thinkpad T61p, 9 Sony VAIO VGN-NS140, 10 Dell XPSM1330 for me though

How to Build a Television?

Television can’t be made at home. It contains various circuits like Amplifier, Signal Control, Display Technology, Power Supply, Speakers etc.

What is a Floppy Drive?

A floppy drive is used with a floppy disk, a portable memory disk, used primarily for text files, due its less than 2MB capacity. A floppy drive can be used a boot drive for the computer.

How do You Put Music on a Micro Sd Card?

If you have a micro card slot in your computer you can load music on it that way. Just go into your explore program on your computer and click and drag the music to that folder

What are the Basic Parts of a Computer?

On the outside, the basic parts of a computer are the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and monitor. Internally, a computer needs a case, power supply, motherboard, hard drive, video card, sound card, media drive, a CPU, a CPU cooling fan or

How to Operate a Computer?

Operating a computer involves using the mouse and keyboard to provide input. You must also use a monitor to see the output. If you typed this question into a search engine, you’ve operated a computer.

How to Install RAM in a Computer?

Your computer’s manufacturer should list instructions on installing or upgrading the RAM for your computer. The process is quite simple, though! Basically, all you have to do is turn off your PC, remove the battery, unscrew the appropriate panel that

How are Dvd Made?

Dvd’s are made by taking the disk that you put into the machine and using a laser it will burn the movie onto it. You can do this with your own computer if it has the program with it.

Who Created the Computer?

German Conrad Zuse built the first programmable computer in 1936. Credit also goes to the originator of the computer concept, Charles Babbage, an Englishman of the early 19th century.

Who Invented the First Radio?

The inventor of the first radio has been a hotly disputed subject that actually went all the way to the Supreme Court. Guillermo Marconi had the first patent filed in Great Britain in 1896. But all of his work was

How do I Become Nclb Compliant?

CTE teachers must complete a separate HOUSSE form for each core subject for which students may receive credit through CTE coursework. This would mean that a teacher could potentially need to demonstrate ‘highly qualified’ status in mathematics, ELA, social studies,

What Type of TV Should I Buy?

Today, LCD or TFT TVs are preferred than the CRT. They give sharper images and consume less space and power. They also support PC connectivity.

How to Fix TV?

It is risky to fix TV at home and it is quite impossible too. So it’s better to call a professional or take the TV to nearest service center.

What is Better 720p Or 1080i?

With 720p, the p means Progressive. That means pictures will look better than an interlaced format. With 1080i, you get additional lines of resolution, meaning a clearer image, but you lose half of clarity because it is interlaced.

How do Cctv Cameras Work?

CCTV camera collect data from a CCD camera. All the data is collected at a central unit which shows and records video from each camera.

How Many Songs can 2gb Hold?

Capacity of 2GB memory to hold number of songs depends of size & type of each song. Typically a 2GB memory can hold about 300 to 400 songs.

What is An Optical Mouse?

An optical mouse is a pointing device for a computer that doesn’t have the constraints of a cord. It actually takes 1500 pictures per second and is able to work on just about any surface instead of a mouse pad.You

What does I-POD Stand for?

I-pod is not an acronym, so it doesn’t stand for something. Although, some say that the I in I-pod stand for internet and the pod stands for ‘ portable open database’.You can find more information here:

How does a Dvd Burner Work?

A DVD burner works by transferring data from first by reading the bumps on the DVD then it records a digital pattern. From there the write laser will then follow the same pattern that it did to read it in

How does a Barcode Scanner Work?

Barcode Scanner emits LASER light. Barcode contains data written between black lines. Laser don’t get reflected from black surface. Reflected laser from white surface is decoded.

What is Plasma TV?

Plasmas TV’s are getting all the attention today. A plasma panel TV has a flat display and can be hung on your wall. Plasma display are those you a big screen TV but without the tube or box used in

What is a LCD?

LCD stands for liquid crystal display. LCD’s have become very popular for monitors and TV’s. A LCD is very thin and flat and made making TV’s smaller and lighter easier to do.

How Much does a Compact Disc Weigh?

A typical compact disc is made from injection-molded clear polycarbonate plastic and sheets of aluminum and acrylic. It weights about 16 grams.

Who Invented the First Laptop?

The first laptop was invented in 1981 by a an American author who was a book and software publisher as well a computer designer. The first laptop was called the Osborne 1 which was named after the inventor Adam Osborne.

Top Ten HDTV?

While all HDTV do pretty much the same thing, there are some that have manage to make the top ten in picture clarity and sound. The winners are: Samsung LN46A550, Panasonic Viera TH, Toshiba, Sony Bravia, LG 50PG30, Sony Vravia

How to Fill a Butane Lighter?

To fill a butane lighter you have to first make sure your lighter can be refilled, then you have to turn the lighter up side down and press the butane fluid in the whole at the bottom of lighter.

What is Atsc Tuner?

An ATSC tuner is a television tuner that is able to receive digital signals. Think of it like radio. To tune in an FM station, you need an FM radio.

How does iPod Operate?

An ipod operates in a way that you can play, pause, delete, and may play list of music and video files. An ipod then play back all the files you have downloaded to the devise.

What is the Motherboard?

The motherboard board of the computer is the main part of the computer that runs all the functions. It stores the memory and sends signals throughout to execute functions.

What is a Parallel Port?

A parallel port is a legacy device once used to connect printers and computers. A parallel port sends and receives data at the same time making them much faster than serial ports. USB ports have largely replaced parallel ports on

What is Brasso?

Brasso is a brand of metal polish. It has been in use since 1905. It is used to polish certain types of metal and is also good for removing scratches from some types of watch crystals. For more information, look

How Digital Camera Works?

Have you ever seen all of those ones and zeros that make up a computer’s language? Those are called bits and bytes, and digital cameras are able to speak that language! So, instead of capturing light reflected off of film,

How to Clean a Printer?

You can clean a printer using a small can of compressed air. This will safely remove any dirt or debris without messing up the printer itself!

How Much is 2gb?

2 gigabytes is equal to 2,048 megabytes. It’s also 2,097,152 kilobytes. Since an average text document is only 4 kilobytes, 2 gigabytes of documents would be 524,288 pages! Look here for more information:

How do You Make a Dvd?

To make a dvd you will need a conversion program between the various extensions. A program such as Convert X to dvd helps very much. Take the video file, and convert, then burn onto a DVD RW. For more information,

What is a Handheld Computer?

Handheld computers are much like desktops and laptops but small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or purse. Blackberry’s have handheld computer functions. Some common handheld computers or PDA’s are Palm Trio, HP IPAQ, HP Jornada and

How does a Kvm Switch Work?

KVM switches are keyboard, video, and mouse switches. They work by switching the controls for the KVM components from one computer to another which eliminates the need to have a separate monitor for each machine.

What does a Hard Drive do?

A hard drive is like a very large digital filing cabinet. Programs are stored on hard drives in folders called directories. As the computer requests information to execute a program it reads the information from the hard drive into the

What is Contrast Ratio?

Contrast ratio is a measurement that is used to measure a display of a system. An example would be the ratio of colors on a monitor and the luminance of the brightest color which would be white, compared to the

What is As400?

AS 400 is a software program which resembles the old CRT format screens. Although it works in the Windows environment, it resembles DOS. It is similar to MAS 200. It is used to track inventory, process and track orders, sales,

How do I Record from One Vcr to Another?

In order to record from one VCR to another, you must connect the two devices using cables. You would connect the audio and visual cables from the Output jacks of on player to the Input jacks of the other. Place

How can I Watch Movies on my Computer?

You can watch movies in your computer if you have software that already installed. But actually now a days that software is already pre installed in the computer. Load your DVD movies to the DVD player in your computer. Go

How Much RAM do I Need for my Computer?

The amount of RAM needed for a computer is solely dependent on what you plan to do with the computer, and what operating system you are running. A minimum of 512 megabytes is recommended for a basic computer running Windows,

How Scanners Work?

Scanners take a picture of the document or image being scanned and turn it into a file onto your computer. This allows people to email and save and share documents onto their computer.

How Much Data does a Dvd Hold?

Most dvd’s can hold up to 4 gigabytes of data. Blue ray dvds can hold 25 gigabytes for single layer discs and 50 gigabytes for dual layer discs.