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Where can I Find Free Borders?

There are thousands of free border clip art websites available for you to choose from, such as and They offer many different selections, styles and categories for you to browse through. Good luck! For more information see here:

Where can I Find Cheerleading Clip Art?

One picture, two pictures, and even three. There are numerous of sites that offer cheerleading clipart for free. Everything from gifs, to jpegs, to girls flying high or standing on one leg can be found at Yenra. If you want

Where can I Get Backgrounds?

Finding the perfect background can be tricky. However thankfully there are literally thousands to choose from. The first place to look is by going to any popular search engine.

How to Make Graffiti Letters?

There are a few graffiti creators on the internet, some even available for free! There are also fonts online that you can download and use in your favorite graphic design program. For more information see here:

How do I Make my Own Font?

You can make your own font using a font creator that you can download. It will let you modify existing fonts or create new fonts that you can use just like any other TrueType font. You can find more information

How to Make a Letterhead?

Building a letterhead takes creativity and patience. It needs to define you, and let other employers/businesses know who you are and what you stand for. Try starting with VistaPrint or a simple program on your computer like Paint. It takes

Who Makes Bratz Dolls?

The currently popular Bratz Dolls are designed by Carter Bryant and are made by a toy company in California named MGA Entertainment. The sometimes controversial dolls are currently the most well known product made by this company.

Types of Animation?

Animation has come a long way since the early years. There are several types such as clay, computer and just animations. Early on most animations were drawn on 2-D (two dimensional) cells, however today, more industries have converted to 3-D

Where can I Find Cute Backgrounds?

You can find cute backgrounds at a variety of sites that offer free layout designs and graphics. Whateverlife is a popular site among teens in which layout codes can be copied for free and applied to a web page. You

How to Draw Graffiti Letters?

Graffiti letters are pretty easy to do simply. Some artists can do some really beautiful ones but that takes practice and artistic ability. To practice, draw a letter, then draw boxes outside that letter, then shade the letter in so

Where do I Find Free Clip Art?

There are literally hundreds of websites online that have free clip art. Remember to make sure that the graphics you choose are not copyrighted before you use them. Look here for more information:

Types of Graffiti?

There are many types of graffiti, from amature, to professional, and even high risk graffiti done very quickly in high traffic areas. One of my most famouse graffiti artists is named Banksy, and his art has inspired many Banksy Hunters,

Types of Font?

There are many different types of font you can use on documents. A few different types are arial, arial black, bookman old, century gothic, comic sans, fritz, garamon, typist, and many more. You can find more information here:

How to Animate?

In order to create animation, you will need software designed to do so. Load your image into the software, then make subsequent frames with subtle changes as desired. When finished, instruct the software to process, and it will combine the

How to Create a Letterhead?

To create letterhead you can go to the header format in your word program. Put the name of your company, address, company logo and phone number for your letterhead.

How to Make Signatures?

Signatures are those great little messages that are on either the bottom of an email where people write their name or on the lower part of a post on a forum. Usually, people make their own picture signatures using the

Why do People do Graffiti?

People do graffiti for a couple of reason. The main purpose is to mark a territories. The second reason is to garner attention and finally mainly do it as an artistic release. Unfortunately vandalism is illegal and graffiti, no matter

Where can I Find Free Graphics?

When I am working on a website and cant find the right image I search the web for free graphics that I can use. There are so many to chose from but not all of them are free. Look here

Where can I Find Different Fonts?

You can find different fonts you can download for free and use in your applications, web pages, and documents. Most word processing software sites have links to font directories where you can find different fonts. Look here for more information:

Where can I Find Animated Pictures?

Animations are fun and cute and there are so many out there. Where can I find animated pictures? Great question I have found animations from aliens to zoo animals. Look here for more information:

Where can I Find Graffiti Art?

Banksy is a famous graffiti artist who is renowned for being able to place his graffiti in areas undetected, even right under cameras or beside guard posts. His art can be found up for sell in a shop called ‘Santa’s

Where can I Find Cartoon Doll Makers?

If you just want to make cartoon dolls online, then Dress Up Emporium is the website you are looking for. There is also a download program called 3D Icon Cartoon Pack you can download and make cartoon dolls. For more

How do You Make Snow Globes?

Surprisingly enough, it’s actually pretty simple. Interested in making your own? I can definitely help. Follow these easy steps and you’ll be decorating your mantle in no time.1. Grab any kind of glass jar, any will do, but you’re going

How to Make Cartoons?

To make cartoons you need to draw your character on a piece of paper. On another piece of paper, draw the character again with it being moved slightly. Repeat the process several times to create a cartoon.

How to Make a Flag?

Making a flag is easy but you need to decide what country or state your like to make so that you can decide and pick the appropriate color that is necessary to use. Decide how big would you like make,

What is Clip Art?

Clip art refers to ready made pieces of graphics that can be used to decorate something. Usually today, clip art is usually found on the Internet, or stored on CD ROM’s with thousands of images on one disc. Clip art

How to do Graffiti?

In order to do graffiti you need to have a can of spray paint, an idea, and a really big building. You use the spray paint and start a design on the side of the building. This is what is

Where can I Find Free Clip Arts?

You can find free clip art on the web. Depending on the type of clip art that you are looking for there are many sites. Most of the clip art sites online carry a wide variety of clip art. You

Where can I Find Clipart for Free?

There are a multitude of online websites that offer free clipart. In addition, amateur artists will often showcase their work on any of the many photo hosting sites such as Webshots, PhotoBucket, and more.

What is a Gradient?

A gradient would be like if you have black on the left and white on the right. In between you have all the shades of gray as you transition from one to the other.

Where can I Find Page Borders?

Page borders can be found virtually anywhere online. The best place to start is by going to any popular search engine, and typing in Free page borders.

Free Dress Up Games?

There are several fun dress up games available online. Visit

Free Web Page Backgrounds?

I hope you would like this site. It’s free web page backgrounds site. Go here please :

What are Avatars?

Avatars mean a representation of one’s self, either fictitious in nature, or made to look after their creator. Avatars are often used in the game Second Life, as well as in some games for the Wii and other gaming platforms.You

Where can I Find Christmas Borders?

If you are looking for Christmas borders for you home, you might try Wal-Mart or Home Depot. If the borders or for a project like greeting cards, then you could try Web Weaver Or Christmas Time. Both offer free clipart,

Where can I Make Dolls Online?

What woman does not like to make her own dolls now days. It has been a favorite thing to do since we were little girls. Now you can make and customize your own dolls online. After you have made the

What is Animation?

Animation is the quick display of a set of sequence images in order to create a moving picture or called an optical illusion of motion. You can find more information here:

How do 3d Movies Work?

Human eyes are spaced about two inches apart, which causes us to see images from two slightly different angles. With 3D, the same scene is projected in two different colors and from two different angles. When 3D glasses are put

Who Invented Bratz Dolls?

Bratz dolls were created by Carter Bryant who was working for Mattel at the time. Due to the similarities between Bratz and Barbie dolls, Mattel has sued Bryant for copyright infringement.

Where can I Make Cartoon Dolls?

Once upon a time cartoon dolls (avatars) were extremely popular and there were sites galore for trading and creating your own, and although those sites still exist, such as Cartoon Doll Emporium, they aren’t nearly as popular as they were

How to Make Real Pictures Cartoon?

You can turn a photo into a cartoon by using photo shop. Just by following three easy steps. Open your image in photo shop doesn’t really matter what the picture is. To find more information click here:

How to Put Text on Pictures?

Putting text on a picture is fairly simple. There are several websites available that can do this for you, or you can download a free image editor and press the ‘T’ icon to insert your text onto your picture.

Where can I Find Cartoon Dollz?

You can find cartoon dollz on YoYolipgloss. But, just remember most of these sites with these types of graphics on them are full of spyware, so be sure your computer is protected before going on them. You can find more

How to Make Blinkies?

Blinkies are small animations, often used in signatures, message boards, and forums. You can make blinkies by using Microsoft Paint, Microsoft GIF Animator, and some other graphics and animations programs. If you don’t feel you have the skill to make

Where can I Find Free Wedding Clip Art?

There are plenty sites which offer free wedding clip art. Microsoft has clip art available on their site. Clip Art Castle and Wedding Clip art are just a few places to search for the perfect picture. Most of these sites

How to Make Graffiti Markers?

Graffiti markers are commonly used for graffiti art because they are inexpensive to make and easier to use than a brush. To make one, use a glue stick container. Remove all glue and the little stick in the middle. Get

Where can I Find Old English Fonts?

Old English fonts can be found on line for free. They are great for that engraved look on invitations, advertisement and news letters. The Old English font is one of the most sought after font on the internet. You can

What is An Aria?

What is an aria is a good question. An aria is a piece of music that has been written for a single voice only. This piece can involve a musical arrangement or be performed without it.

Where can I Find Pictures Online?

Pictures can be found online all over the internet on various websites and photo sharing programs. People post their own personal pictures to share with others.

Free Walt Disney Clipart?

There is lots of free clip art on the internet to be had. Here are a couple of sites dedicated totally to disney.

How do I do Graffiti?

To graffiti you will need different color cans of spray paint and a large blank wall. Spray a cool design on the wall with the paint and sign your name.

How to Make An Avatar?

Avatar sizes usually come from 45×45 pixels to 200×200 pixels. To make yourself an avatar, you must select a photo you wish to use. If you don’t have an image editor like Photoshop, you can upload it to

Who is the Most Downloaded Woman?

There are many different sources out there for finding out who the most downloaded woman on the internet is, but it seems the consensus as of now is Cindy Margolis.

How do You Graffiti?

To graffiti something you can spray a neat design in spray paint all over it. People usually graffiti walls. Some people do it maliciously while others do it for art.

Where can I Find Animations?

Finding animations is not hard to do at all since animations have been around as long as the internet has been basically. So just type in what type of animation you are looking for into the search bar and you

Where can I Find Clip Art for Free?

Free clipart is widely available on the web at literally hundreds of sites. Image hosting sites such as Flickr, PhotoBucket, and Webshots to name a few are also great resources for free clipart.

How do You Make Stars on Myspace?

To make stars on MySpace, you’ll need to enter a series of characters to get them to show up. But, sometimes this doesn’t always work – so it may be better to just copy the actual star and paste it

Where can i find free emoticons?

If you type emoticons into your computer you will come up with 23 million 600 thousand places to search for them. They are definitely on line.

Where can I Make my Own Cartoon Dolls?

There are a lot of sites popping up online to make for people to make their own cartoon dolls. It is popular with the little girls as well as with the adult girls. For more information look here:

How to Make Moving Pictures?

You need to learn animation to make moving pictures. Moving picture include series of rapidly moving pictures. You need to learn software like 3DS.

Where can I Find Free Images?

There are many places to find free images. You could, of course use your camera and take pictures yourself. Or you could use one of the many online image banks. Remember to always check to make sure that an image

Where can I Dress Up Dolls?

Dressing up dolls is very popular online today.A lot of sites for this have popped up everywhere.You can customize dolls of your choice to look like yourself. Look here for more information:

What is Sans Serif?

Sans serif is a font, or letter style, that usually comes standard with a computer’s fonts. This font can also be downloaded and saved to a computer.

Where can I Dress Up Cartoon Dolls?

There are a lot of great sites that have cartoon dolls that you can dress. Some have cartoons of famous people, like Stardoll. Others are definitely less detailed. If you want more fashion oriented dolls, try JoJo Fashions. For more

Where can I Find Pictures of Graffiti?

Finding pictures of graffiti is often as easy as taking a drive, or walk through your local city. However, if you would rather find pictures of graffiti from the safety of your own home, there are many websites dedicated to

Where can I Find Backgrounds?

You can find backgrounds anywhere online.There are several types of background site online these days.Search free backgrounds and you will find a whole list of sites for backgrounds of your choice. Look here for more information:

How do I Make a Signature?

Your email program should have a ‘Signature’ area where you can fill in your desired text that will show at the bottom of all emails you send out. You can usually find this in the ‘settings’ area.

What is a True Type Font?

Computer uses typefaces to display text. There are Bitmap fonts which look a jagged around the edges. An example of true type font is the fonts used in this query.

What is Word Art?

People who are used to creating fliers and notices in Microsoft Word know about word art. Word art allows you to take text and turn it into an image. If you want to have a more noticeable title on your

Who Invented the Chalkboard?

Using slate as a writing surface dates back to Neanderthal man, prior to dated history. With the discovery of chalk and it’s ability to be easily erased from slate, it was the Headmaster of the Old high School of Edinburgh,

Where can I Get Free Clipart?

You can get clipart free on the Internet by visiting Microsoft’s web site. The images are free to download and use in your memos or family newsletters. Look here for more information:

How to Make Animated Pictures?

Go find programs like Animation Shop or Gimp to make animations with. You can also make them on some websites as well. These program will offer step by step instructions on how to make animated pictures. For more information look

Can You Show Me Some Graffiti Letters Alphabet?

You can visit

Where can I Make Dolls on the Internet?

You can make dolls on the internet by going to the DollzMania website. You can dress up your doll, create and or use pre-made ones done by the administrator.

Where can I Get Free Animations?

The addition of an animation to any document or page really sets it apart from others. the best site to get Free animations is at Best Animations. They offers thousands to choose from. For more information, look here:

Where can I Find Pictures of Lips?

There are varieties of image hosting sites online where you could find pictures of lips. Picassa, Photo Bucket, and Webshots are just a few suggestions.

Where can I Find Cartoon Dolls?

Cartoon dolls can be found in many arts and crafts stores and also can be assessed online by simply doing a web search. Many websites contain an almost limitless amount of art that you can search through. Look here for

Where to Find Free Clipart?

Google Images is one of hundreds of places to find free clip art and more. You can also check out Webshots, PhotoBucket, and Yahoo’s Flickr to find almost any type of clip art image you can imagine.

What does the Less than Sign Look Like?

Less than uses the < symbol. This symbol can be found on traditional keyboards above the comma. You use it by holding down the shift key and pressing the common button.

Where can I Find Dress Up Games?

Looking for a dress up game? Halloween, Birthday parties or paying in mommy’s make up. Whatever the occasion its fun to dress up isn’t it. Look here for more information:

Where can I Find Myspace Comments?

If you want to leave a nice comment on someone’s myspace page. It is very easy to do, you can find comments on almost any subject, and comments that are glittery, animated, and much more. The possibilities are almost endless.

Where can I Make my Own Doll?

You can make your own doll at Friends 2B Made stores throughout the country. You can customize your doll from the hair all the way down to the clothes and shoes!

How to Make Dolls?

To make a doll you will need fabric stitched in the shape of a head, torso, arms and legs. Fill the fabric with cotton or other form of stuffing and close. Draw a face and attach all the pieces.

Where do I Find Free Clipart?

Free clip art can be found all over the internet on various websites. Some websites offer a multitude of different varieties of clip art while others focus on a certain thing.

Where can I Find Buttons? is a great site for finding buttons for your website design. There are also websites that allow you to create your own custom buttons, such as You can find more information here:

Where Did Graffiti Come from?

Graffiti was used primarily by political activists to make statements and street gangs to mark territory. It wasn’t til the late 1960s that writing’s current identity stated to form.

Where can I Find Borders?

You can find borders in bookstores that carry computer software and you can also find them by simply doing a ‘borders’ search online and obtain them free of charge. Look here for more information:

Where can I Find Dress Up Dolls?

You can find dress up dolls at most toy stores nationally. There are some dolls, like the American Girl Dolls that are expensive while there are others, like Cabbage Patch dolls that are not.

How to Make Graphics?

There are many programs available that you can use to generate graphics, including free online programs! Adobe Photoshop is the most popular graphic creation and photo editing software, although it is quite expensive. For more information see here:

Where Did Graffiti Start?

It probably started in my neighbor or yours. It was started by the cave men writing on the wall to the Egyptian time called hieroglyphics Then to the urban times we just took from that.

How do You Make Blinkies?

Blinkies are easy to make. You first need to get a program such as Paint Shop pro. For a generic blinkie, create a blank document with the size of 150 x20. Make many copies to animate later. For more information,

How Many Muscles does It Take to Frown?

It takes approximatley 43 muscles to frown and 17 muscles to smile.

Where can I Make my Own Cartoon?

Making cartoons, cartoon dolls and making yourself into a cartoon has become a very big thing online in the last few years. So there are several websites just for this purpose. Zwinky is a website where you can go and

Where can I Find Free Wedding Clipart?

Free Wedding clipart adds a nice finishing touch to any document or project. You can go to any popular search engine and type in ‘Free wedding clipart’. This will give you lots to choose from. For more information, look here:

What are Block Letters?

Block letters are large letters that form the shape of blocks. They can be written out, on stamps, in stencils or anything else. Block letters are a popular form of lettering.

Where can I Find Doll Makers?

Doll makers can be found online by visiting their websites and if there are any in your area they can be found in the yellow pages. The manufacturers of dolls in stores often sell them online as well.

Where can I Find Musical Notes?

You can find musical notes online some of the websites are;,

Where can I Find Free Clip Art?

Free clip art can be found widely all over the internet. There are many many website full of free clip art. Some websites will ask you to provide a link back to their website if you use the clip art

How to Make a Girl Smile?

To make a girl smile, have a light sense of humor! Tell a funny joke or be a little sarcastic. The more at ease you seem, the more at ease she will feel!

Why do People Graffiti?

People graffiti as a source of art. People can make beautiful pictures using graffiti and inspirations. Some people graffiti to deface property as well.

What is a Truetype Font?

A truetype font is a visual screen and printing typeface standard for Windows and Macintosh computers which was developed by the Apple corporation.

How to Make Snow Globes?

To make your own snow globe find a clean, glass jar, with lid, and the object you want to put in the globe, and then glue the object onto the inside of the lid. Next boil a couple of eggs,

How to do Graffiti Letters?

To do graffiti letters you will need to draw big block letters. Outline them to make a shadow on each letter so they look like they are popping out.

Where can I Find Animated Dolls?

Animated dolls are very cute and suggest ones personality. The best place to start looking for them is by going to any popular search engine and typing in ‘free animated dolls’.

How Big is a Pixel?

Pixels don’t have a definite size and they aren’t big at all. Actually a pixel is considered the smallest element in an image. Its a single point of color in a picture. Look here for more information:

How do You Make Moving Pictures?

If you are referring to animated gifs which stands for graphic interchange format. You can create them for free on Gickr! It’s a neat website that helps you create it, without all the hard work it would take to do

Where can I Learn How to Draw Graffiti?

Graffiti is what you see when someone has spraypainted the side of a building. While it does take some kind of talent, and looks cool to a point, it can be an eyesore. To find more information click here:

How to make emoticons?

Making emoticons has become a very big thing here recently on the web. They can be used just for basically everything and come in so handy. There are several websites where you can go to make emoticons or you can

What Makes a Will Legal?

A will is made legal by a judge. A lawyer can draw up a will for someone while they are still alive. When the pass away the will is there last wishes for there property.

Where can I Make Dollz?

There are many websites on the Internet that have dollz making games. You can find all kinds of dollz. Superstar dollz, emo dollz, gothic dollz, and many many more. Look here for more information:

Where can I Get Free Images?

There are many places on the web that you can get free images. Many websites that offer free images however offer them for non commercial use only. Depending on what you are using the image for be sure to check.

Who Invented Animation?

It could be argued that automation began long before technology with ‘flip books’. However classic, cel or hand-drawn automation is historicall the oldest and popular form of animations. You can find more information here:

Where to Find Clip Art?

You can find clipart online that you can download and use. You can also find clipart online for purchase. Clipart is also sold in electronics stores.

How to Make a Signature?

Your signature is the way you sign your name that is comfortable is you. Practice how you want to write your name and then write it that way constantly to make it your signature.

Where can I Find Moving Pictures?

There are many different websites that offer animated moving pictures. If your looking for something funny to something sweet, there are many to choose from. Moving pictures are a good way to send someone a smile online.You can find more

How to Spray Paint Graffiti?

Spray painting graffiti is considered in some places an art form. First you want to develop a style that is all your own. Dramatize your letters and outlines, and include a tagline. You can find more information here:

Where can I Make a Doll?

If you’re looking to make a plastic or rubber doll you may have to get it manufactured. However, if you’re looking to make a cloth doll you can get many books from your local craft store. These usually give a

Where can I Find Christmas Clip Art?

There are many places you can find Christmas clip art. You can purchase disks with clipart on them from any store that sells computer accessories. You can also download it, often free, from the Internet. Look here for more information:

How to Graffiti?

Graffitti can be any writing or design made ona wall, fence or building usually using spray paint, but other forms of marking can be used as well. There are no rules, just grab your spray paint and go to town,

Where can I Find Free Clip Art Pictures?

Due to the multitude of websites dedicated to sharing amateur art, finding free clip art pictures is an easy task. There are also image hosting sites such as Google Images, Yahoo’s Flickr, and others where clipart of all kinds can

What is a Heading?

A heading is typically found at the top or the center of the paper. In report writing the heading is centered both vertically and horizontally on the page. Academic writer requires the heading to be center. The heading tells what

Free Calligraphy Printable Alphabets?

Calligraphy art is so beautiful and such a great way to personalize things. This web site

Why do People Create Art?

Art is a form of expression. Sometimes people don’t have the ability to speak what they feel, so they draw, paint, sculpt, or compose. The real question is, why is it that some people consider certain things art while others

How do You do Graffiti?

Graffiti is a form of art, and everyone will have their own style. To do graffiti, check out some of the graffiti around you and find something that you like. Then draw your name, or word, experimenting with different letter

How do I Make Blinkies?

There are many ways to make blinkies. You can make them the old way by overlaying graphics in programs such as paint. There are also online blinkie makers to make it easier now. You can find more information here:

How do I Draw Graffiti?

To draw graffiti you need to have an idea of how you want your design to look. Take a pencil and sketch away. Use large thick lettering and add more graphics to the letters. Design your lettering and name where

What is the State Flower of Wyoming?

The state flower of Wyoming is the Indian Paintbrush. It has bright red petals that resemble wax. The plant is tall and does not grow directly in soil but attaches and feeds off other plants. For more information look here:

How to Graffiti my Name?

To graffiti your name you will need to spray paint it using cool letters and colors onto a large wall. Use block letters and a personal signature.

What is Clipart?

Clip art is used to refer to images and patterns used in desktop publishing projects and presentations. You may see a design on the side of a computer document, or a small image to break up the monotony of the

Where can I Find Clip Arts?

Clip art is graphic design and images available to insert into personal documents or layouts. Almost all word processing and publishing software contains some clip art images for you to choose from. You can also find clip art on many

How do I Make Avatars?

Go to one of the millions of websites to make avatars or download a program. There are several websites to choose from to make and customize your own avatars and share with your friends or just use for personal use.

Where can I Find a Picture of Money?

There are numerous image hosting sites online that have pictures of just about anything one could possibly think of, including money. Flickr, Photo Bucket, and Google images are a few suggestions.

How to Write in Graffiti?

To wrtie in graffiti get several cans of spray paying and start practicing, Hopefully if you plan to write in graffiti you have an old barn or some other place that you own to practice your craft on. Otherwise you

How do You Write in Graffiti?

To write graffiti you need spray paint or some other medium and a large wall or space. Draw lettering and words as well as pictures in a funky fun style.

Where do I Find Clipart?

You can find and purchase clipart in electronic stores like Best Buy and Office Max. You can also find free clipart for download or purchase online.

Write my Name in Graffiti?

Ah, you would like to write your name in graffiti. Fine, you have my permission, feel free. Just make sure it’s not public or someone else’s private property you are defacing. Perhaps just graffiti in a notebook or something. Art

Where can I Download Clip Art?

You can download clip art from various websites like

How to Set Up a Letter?

You want to set up a letter by placing the name and address of the person you are sending the letter to in the upper right hand corner. Then you want to place your name and address below that. Then

Where do I Find Clip Art?

Clip art can be found online on various websites and can also be purchased at electronics stores. Clip art online can be downloaded and saved.

Where can I Find Some Clip Art?

Clip art adds a nice detail or finishing touch. The best place to find clip art, is by going to any popular search engine and typing in ‘free clip art’. You will have tons to choose from.

How to Make Graffiti?

When making graffiti there are various programs that you can use. There is allot of bubble type letters with bright colors and shading. You can use programs such as Adobe the create the effect or use online generators. Look here

What is Micr?

Look on the bottom of your checks in your checkbook to find what is micr. MICR stands for magnetic ink character recognition. It’s how checks are read by machinery automatically to be sorted. For more information see here:

Where can I Find Clipart Online?

Clip art can be found online over several different websites and any picture you find can be saved to your computer. Clip art can also be purchased on a disc.

Where can I Dress Up Dolls Online?

Online dress up doll games have become very popular both with young, and older computer users. There are many different types of dress up games to choose from and many are available free online. Look here for more information:

What are Fonts?

Fonts are letter styles that can be downloaded to your computer. Fonts are used to create text on the computer, whether using a typing program or sending electronic mail.

How to Create Moving Pictures?

You can create animated gif’s which are graphic interchange formats on a website called gickr! They allow you to upload any image and animate it without all the hard work.

Where can I Find Gifs?

There are too many websites to even count that are dedicated to web graphics, including gif animations. A great place to look is the aptly named Webdeveloper site, where you can find almost everything you need to create webpages, including

What is a Sans Serif Font?

Sans serif means ‘without serif.’ What this means is that a font is sans serif if it lacks the little extensions or tails that are sometimes on letters. All fonts are either serif or sans serif.

What are emoticons?

Emoticons are either symbols, or tiny graphics used on some websites or instant messenger programs. They are used to express emotions or feelings, when chatting with friends and family.

Where can I Find Graphics?

Graphics, such as clip-art, may be found on Microsoft’s Office web page. They have literally thousands of images for download, and best of all – they’re free! Look here for more information: