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How to Make Fake Water?

If you’re trying to make fake water for a waterfall you can use strips of clear plastic. Hang the strips at the top of the fall. When the sun hits it, it’ll look like a waterfall.

Can I Paint Tile?

You can paint tile however it needs some preparation work to be done before you can begin painting. Tile has a very slick and slippery surface that paint does not stick to well. It is not recommended that you paint

How to Build a Deer Stand?

Choose a tree. The tree should be sturdy and healthy. Look for a notch created when two strong limbs form a ‘V’ shape. Build the platform of the deer stand on the ground.

How do I Roll a Joint?

How do I roll a joint? I have 4 easy steps that will walk you through rolling a joint.1. Now this is the most important step! Clean the mix, this means removing any parts that will tear the paper2. Distribute

What is a Cockle?

If you’re referring to a cockle as a shell then it is a bivalve clam that is salt water oriented. If you’re referring to the plant that carries a name cockle, you would be referring to the Corn Cockle which

How High is a Chair Rail?

A chair rail is usually placed at 36′ from the floor, in some cases it’s put at 28′,depending on the height of the chair.

How to Cut Down a Tree With a Chainsaw?

To cut down a tree with a chainsaw you make a V shaped cut in the tree on the side you want it to fall to. Then you take the chain saw and make a back cut down to the

How to Clean Leather Boots?

When cleaning leather boots you would start by using a dirt remover made for smooth leather. Many of these come with a scrub on the end to help get the dirt out of the cracks. When the leather has dried

Can You Paint Formica Cabinets?

Yes, but be prepared for using a cup of patience. The painting is the easy part (if you’re comfortable with painting). Preparation of the cabinets is the ‘work’. Formica must be cleaned with a TSP cleaner, the surface sanded with

How to Sit on a Bidet?

It is generally understood that the user should sit on a bidet facing the tap and nozzle for washing the genitalia, and should sit with back to the tap and wall when washing the anus

How to Patch An Air Mattress?

The best answer I’ve found is using a glue gun. When the manufacturer tells you to wet it and use the patch they give you might as well wet it…… and forget it. Put air into the mattress, and then

How do I Fix a Car Window That Won’t Roll Up?

Rain rain go away, come again some other day. If you can hear a clicking on the door – then you know the fuse, switch and circuit are good. You need to open up the door – and using a

How to do Drywall?

First you need to screw your drywall to the wall. Next you will need to tape off each crack with a special drywall tape. Use drywall mud to cover the tape and when it dries your wall will look even

How to Remove Makeup from Clothing?

Always try to remove the stain as quick as possible, undressing if you have to, because the longer it stays in the clothing, the harder it is to get out. Try rubbing alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.

How to Clean Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is attractive and easy to clean. You’ll need several things for this cleaning job, including soft cloths, rubbing alcohol and club soda. You can find more information here:

How does a Freezer Work?

A freezer works by the heat being draw out of the freezer compartment, which helps the food to freeze. A freezer works by a form of gas that goes to the compressor which helps it to heat up. A freezer

What does COO Stand for?

COO can stand for many things, Chief Operating Officer,

How do I Get Rid of Flies on my Patio?

There are a lot of ways to get rid of flies on your patio. You can use fly strips or a bug zapper, both can be purchased at Home Depot. You can also use poisons, but I try not to.

Who Invented Weed?

Marijuana is a weed that was known and used long before humans learned how to write. There is no inventor name unless you can it is ‘Mother Nature’. The earliest recorded use of hemp was at 8,000 BC. It was

How to Install Attic Insulation?

You can blow the insulation in (with rented equipment or hired help) which is the best choice. If you can’t afford that you can buy rolls of the pink insulation and unroll it between the rafters and beams. It is

How to Clean my House?

Start one room at a time or else you will get overwhelmed. Start from the bottom and move up. Floor first, clearing all trash, dirty laundry and filth off of it.

How to Clean Ceramic Floor Tile?

To clean ceramic floor tiles, make sure you sweep the area first. Then just damp mop the floor. If it is very dirty, use a mild floor cleaner making sure to rinse very well so no residue is left.

How to Replace a Toilet?

To replace a toilet you must turn of the water supply to the toilet, drain the toilet, and then unbolt it from the floor. Then you install the new toilet.

How do I Drywall?

You will need drywall and screws, tape and mud. First hang the drywall and screw into place. Next tape the cracks and apply the mud evenly over the top and let dry.

Types of Chairs?

There are as many types and styles of chairs as there are people it seems. Stylists have created endless possibilities in home decor. You can select anything from a recliner which has a foot rest attached, activated when you lean

How to Get Nail Polish Out of Carpet?

Nail polish looks great on your fingernails, but it looks horrible on your carpet! Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to remove nail polish stains from your carpet. You’ll need several things, including nail polish and hydrogen peroxide. You can find more

Types of Heart Cancer?

Heart cancer although rare in population, it definitely occurs in the tissue of the heart.Sarcomas are by far the most prevalent form of all cancers, especially cancer that has originated within the heart itself.Also metastatic forms of lymphomas and melanomas

How do I Paint Formica?

Drink a cup of patience, blend in a lot of effort, and seek professional help. If you enjoy painting it won’t be that bad…..Prepare the surface by cleaning with a TSP cleaner, sanding with 220+ grit sand paper, clean again

How to Buy a Mattress?

When you are buying a matress you should go to a show room with many different types and brands of mattress’s. Then you should try them out to see what one fits you best.

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors?

Using floor stripper, spread on area of about two square feet. Let Stripper sit for about five minutes. Using denatured alcohol in a disposable aluminum pan, clean the

How to Care for Leather Furniture?

leather furniture is not as hard to care for as many think. It just needs to be wiped off occasionally with a damp cloth. If it does get a little dirty, clean with mild soap and water and rinse. Leather

How do You Remove Mold from Wood?

You can use a mold and mildew cleaner to kill the mold. You can also use bleach to kill the mold. After you will have to refinish the wood. Be careful with mold some can be dangerous.

How to Install Shower Drain?

To install a shower drain you will need a drill, PVC cement, PVC prep and the shower drain. Make sure to measure before buying the PVC hardware so that you will have the correct size. You can find more information

What is Bouldering?

Using mainly your hands (like a monkey), you pull yourself to a higher level climbing on any supportive surface vertically. This is a form of rock climbing. At home it is a form of possibly getting into trouble when you

How do I Remove a Toilet?

If you are removing your old toilet they are a few steps to followTurn off the water supply for the toilet and flush the toilet Remove the top tank Remove the bolt caps from the end of the toilet and

How do You Get Oil Out of Clothes?

The most easy solution for getting ride of oil stains in your clothes would be applying a small amount of dishwashing liquid.No im not crazy with the dishes.Wait about a minute and pretreat the stain with detergent.Wash it on

How to Clean Copper?

Polish can be made at home by moistening salt with vinegar or lemon juice to make a paste for a bright finish or a paste of rotten-stone and olive oil for a dull finish. After

How to Keep Spiders Away?

Get a regular size spray bottle and fill it about 80% full with warm water. Then, add about 20 – 30 drops of essential peppermint oil to the water. Shake up the contents and

When Were Band Aids Invented?

The first band-aid was created in 1920. The creator was Earle Dickinson, an Johnson and Johnson employee. He created the band-aid for his wife who frequently cut herself in the kitchen. For more information see here:

How do You Remove Candle Wax?

You can remove candle wax from carpet, for instance, with white construction paper and a cool iron. Keep the iron moving and the hot wax will suck up into the paper. Make sure to clean your iron before pressing your

How to Bag Weed?

To bag weed is illegal. It is illegal to sell any type of drugs. You can go to jail for a long time if you are caught selling drugs to anyone.

How does a Toilet Work?

Water sits in the tank until you flush the handle. Then the water flows into the toilet bowl and forces the water and waste down through the s bend and into the drain. That is how a toilet works.

What Color Should Sperm be?

Sperm, or semen, should always be some shade of clear, white, or yellow. If your sperm is any color other than those mentioned, you may have a serious medical problem and should consult a doctor immediately.

How does a taser work ?

To program your Dish remote you will need the instruction book that came with your system. There are different codes for different televisions. If you have lost the book you should call your local Dish Network company and get technical

How to Repair Windows?

Only small cracks in your window glass can be repaired but there are kits that you can purchase at any auto parts store designed to repair glass. The directions are very simple and written on the box.

How to Install a Telephone Jack?

Tools that will be need include: Wire strippers, drwall saw, screw driver, drill/driver, 4 wire phone wire, electrical wall box, phone jack plate and wood screws.Once decided where to place the jack, mark the edge of a wall stud in

How to Install a Ceiling Fan?

-Turn off the power to the light’s circuit breaker or fuse at the service panel. Once this is done, only then should you remove the light fixture. Obtain a FAN RATED BOX from

How to Get Rid of Wood Bees?

The first thing you want to do is to locate their nest. Once you have done that, I would suggest sucking them up with a vacuum. You will want to wait early morning before they go out to forage, or

How to Plant a Seed?

Dig up an area of soil so that it is not packed in tight. Tap the soil down gently and push your finger in about two inches deep. Plant your seed. Cover with dirt and water frequently.You can find more

Can I Get High Off Sage?

Sage that you find in the spice cabinet will not get you high. However, Sage is Spanish is translated to Salvia in English, and that is a plant that will get you high.

How do I Get Rid of Slugs in my Flowers?

How do I get rid of slugs in my flowers? Garlic spray is great for getting rid of slugs, cutworms, wireworms, and whiteflies:Blend 1 garlic bulb, 1 onion, and add 1 Tbsp cayenne pepper. Mix with 1 quart of water.

Where do Dandelions Grow?

Dandelions are weeds and they grow all over the world. They do not care about soil condition, but they do prefer full sun light. If there is sun and it is warm (not freezing) a dandelion can grow there.

How to Grow a Vegetable Garden?

First decide what kind of vegetables you want to go. Prepare your soil by tilling and get rid of all weeds add a good fertilizer. Dig your rows,, drop the seeds in, cover with dirt. Water and watch them grow.

What does a Mahogany Tree Look Like?

The Mahogany tree is a ‘straight’ thick skinned, tall, and majestic. It’s soft rounded and gentle leaves are a dominating, yet peaceful sight to behold. It’s true beauty (like most of us) lies within. Once mature and processed it’s internal

How to Get Wisteria to Bloom?

All wisteria bloom buds are produced in the proceeding year. Severe pruning can remove the flowering buds that would produce flowers in the following spring. Vines should only be pruned back to the last 2 or 3 buds on each

How do I Clean my Glass Pipe?

You can clean a glass pipe by pouring some table salt into it. Then make sure you plug the head of the pipe with your thumb and pour some rubbing alcohol into it through the mouthpiece. Cover the mouthpiece and

How do You Get Rid of Drain Flies?

To get rid of drain flies you will want to poor some bug killer and drain unclog solution down the drain to kill them. Cover the drain so the fumes make them die.

How to Grow Chronic?

Chronic is also known as marijuana, it is illegal to grow your own chronic. If you are really in need of marijuana, possibly for medical reason, in some states you can visit a doctor and have some prescribed to you.

How to Repair Fiberglass Boats?

Repairing a fiberglass boat is fairly easy, and you can buy kits for this. To repair a fiberglass boat, cut away the damaged area. Use a disk sander and grind the area surrounding the hole.Tape a piece of Plexiglas to

How to Grow Morning Glories?

Morning glories are a wonderful sight when you step out of the house first thing in the morning. Morning glories like to climb so you may want to put up a trellis.They are grown from seeds and it speeds up

What does Crab Grass Look Like?

Cab grass is a low growing weed with lots of stems. It grows in a star pattern with its finger like spikes shooting up and spreading like branches.

What Kind of Houseplant do I have?

To determine the type of house plant you have you could take it to a florist and they will be able to identify it. You could also do the research yourself by going to the library or using the web.

When is the Best Time to Prune Roses?

The best time to prune roses is in the Spring when the threat of a freeze is over. This is also the best time to plant new roses.

How do You Get Rid of Dandelions?

Your local garden shop has sprays that are made specifically for this. Spray existing dandelions when the sun is shining and the heat will make them shrivel up and die.

Can Sperm Live in a Hot Tub?

Sperm could theoretically like in a hot tub that has sterilized water and perfect temperature. However, tap water is treated with chlorine and other chemicals, often others chemical treatments are added to the water once in hot tub, and the

How to Make a Joint?

A joint is composed of only two things: marijuana and paper. To make one, simply buy rolling papers, fill a paper with marijuana, and roll it up like a sleeping bag. Although it takes practice to make something smokeable, these

How do I Take Care of Orchids?

Light-your orchid needs the right amount of light. It is essential when taking care of orchids. Too little will stunt growth and cause other health problems. Too much mainly causing damage to the leaves.Temperature-providing the appropriate temperature is also a

How to Roll a Dutch?

To roll a dutch, you will need to purchase a Dutchmaster cigar. Lick the whole cigar, then unwrap the wrap that spirals around it. Put it to the side and crack open the cigar to get rid of the tobacco.

How to Rob Vending Machines?

Haven’t you ever seen the movie Over the Hedge. You first take a raccoon and you give them a little taste of human food. Then you show him a vending machine and he will do the work for you. Just

How to Grow Hydro?

-Make or set up the garden base, which is a system of containers connected by pipes attached to a pump that brings water to the plants’ roots, lets it drain, and pumps it up again

How do I Dry Hydrangea?

Many wonder, how do I dry hydrangea using silica gel? Use plastic Tupperware-type containers that are large enough to hold flowers without crushing them and a cup for sifting the silica over the bloom. Cut fresh, recently opened hydrangeas from

How to Remove Tile?

It depends on the kind of tiles that you are trying to remove, if they are ceramic tiles the best way to remove them is to get a shovel and hammer you want to start in a small area and

How to Drain a Hot Tub?

To drain a hot tub you can put a long tube into the water in the hot tub and suck on the other end until water comes through. The water will slowly drain out of the hot tub.

Types of Roof Shingles?

There are several type of roof shingles. Fire proof roof shingles are made out of tile. There are also wood shingles (not recommended in fire prone areas). A cheaper type of roof shinglesis a composite made out of tar paper

What are Weeds?

A weed is a plant that is definitely a plant that you do not want to see in your lawn. It is not intentionally grown, and is always growing somewhere it is not wanted. For more information, look here:

How to Grow Rice?

Get some plastic containers and brown long grain rice. Fill your buckets with 6 inches of potting soil, then add water unti it is 2 inches above the soil keep in the warmth, make sure that water level is 2in

What is Crab Grass?

Crab grass is a weed that grows in your yard. It looks like grass but grows in clumps. I think you’ll find it significantly annoying.

How to Set a Mousetrap?

The first thing you want to do is call Jerry he has been perfecting the technique for years. 1.First buy a trap 2. Point the pin at the end away from the spring3.Pull the metal piece that catches the mouse

How do I Install Sod?

Sod is very easy to install. Sod comes in squares that are laid on a fertile foundation. Then you must water the sod and make sure it does not die. This is a very easy way to take care of

How do I Make a Hanging Tomato Planter?

To make a hanging tomato planter you will need a bucket with a lid. Remember the bottom is going to be the top, so you will have a good image of what it is going to look like. Drill a

How do Sunflowers Grow?

Sunflowers grow in the full sun. Any well-drained loam. Sunflowers are not suitable for growing indoors. Thin or transplant to 12 to 18 inches apart.After the flowers are good for producing more seeds when they start drooping.

How do You Wash Faux Wood Blinds?

To wash your faux wood blinds you can take them down or leave them hanging in order to wash. Use a dry or damp cloth. The blinds can be washed with mild soap.

How do I Plant Roses?

Planting roses are basically like planting any other flower. First you plant the seeds or seedling and then you apply water. Make sure you apply enough water and not too much as this will make them die.

How to Hang a Picture?

Once you find the perfect place for your picture, find the stud (thick piece of wood) behind the wall. Measure, mark, and hammer a nail into the spot that you want to use. Lastly, hang your Picasso and enjoy!

How do I Clean my Bong?

A great way to clean your bong is to use some dry rice put in your bong, then you can add either alcohol or warm water to the bong. Shake it up and it will clean it up!

What is Plant Propagation?

Plant propagation is a process of distributing plants. It can be done naturally or artificially, and it can also be done sexually or asexually.

How to Remove Gum from Jeans?

It depends on the glue. If it is regular paste glue (school glue) or super glue.For super glue you need acetone which can be found in nail polish remover (not ace-tone free)cloth or cotton ball. Saturate the cotton ball with

How to Hunt Ginseng?

Ginseng usually grows in well-shaded areas (especially north- or east-facing slopes) of moist hardwood forests, especially where tulip poplar, maple, beech, hickory, walnut, and,

What do Trees Make?

Trees make a good place to hang up a hammock and take a nap. Other than that, trees make fruits and some even make vegetables. There are also some trees that make beautiful flowers. And of course trees also make

How to Use Bissell Proheat Carpet Cleaner?

The Bissel machines work by injecting hot steaming water and solution into the carpet , scrubbing the dirt out and extracting the now dirty water back into a holding machine. Step by step directions for use are at

How to Remove Mustard Stains?

Turmeric in mustard is what causes its yellow tint, and also is what causes the staining. I’m going to assume that you wish to remove the stains from a washable fabric, but if not, please see the website below to

How to Hang Pictures on Plaster Walls?

You have to make sure that you use drywall bits and screws, and then drill hole first, so as not to crack plaster. This will give it a strong hold.

How can I Hang Myself?

The best thing you can do is call 1-800-784-2433. We are here to help people and we are glad to help you. Please call that number and you will get the help you need.

What Flowers are in Season in May?

The flowers that are in season in the month of may are your spring flowers.Most flowers are in bloom in May. You have carnations, lilies, pansies, and daisies.

How to Grow Grape Vines?

You need something for the vine to grow on, and you will have to water thoroughly daily. Grows best in full sun, but I have grown them in partial shade also. Keep weeds out of grape field also.

How to Keep Bees Away?

Buy fabric softner sheets like Bounce and put a sheet in your back pocket. You can also spread them around your areas and just weigh them down with a rock or tie them to

How do You Get Rid of Slugs?

Salt, lots and lots of salt. Wherever your slugs are hanging out, sprinkle salt. You can even sprinkle it on them. It makes them shrivel up and die! Totally gross, but worth it!