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How to Drink Cognac?

You can drink cognac many different ways. Depending on your taste, you may enjoy cognac straight, with no ice, or poured over ice, which dilutes the taste. Other ways of drinking cognac include mixing it with Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale

What does a Peanut Plant Look Like?

If you are wanting to grow a peanut plant you should know that peanut plants can spread about three feet across, it kinda looks like a pea plant. You can find more information here:

How Much is a Fifth of Liquor?

A fifth of alcohol is equal to 750 ML which is basically one fifth of a gallon or about 25 ounces. This equals out to just over 3 cups a bottle.

How is Soy Milk Made?

Soy milk is made from whole soybeans and water boiled together, The beans are then pressed to release the soy milk and the the pod or okra is removed. Soy milk is great for persons who are lactose intolerance and

How do You Make Espresso?

The first step in making espresso is to buy a really good machine. Also, buying the best Arabica beans or espresso brand. You have to make sure that the beans say espresso because the key to a good espresso are

How do I Become a Certified Bartender?

attend bartending school. study get plenty of practice.

How Long is Red Wine Good After Opening?

By keeping red wine cool you can prolong its life. At normal temperatures most people say 2-3 days, but I keep mine much longer.

What are the Ingredients in Diet Coke?

Ingredients in Diet Coke are carbonated water, aspartame, potassium benzoate, phosphoric acid, citric acid, caffeine, carmel color and natural flavors.

Where can I Find Puerto Rican Recipes?

If you want to have a book with Puerto Rican recipes in it, you can go to a major bookstore and search the aisles. And there’s some great Puerto Rican recipes on the internet, that give you a wide variety

How to Make Waffle Batter?

To make the waffle batter you mix two cups of flour with milk or water and one egg until creamy mixture. You can add fruits to batter if you wish. You can add sugar and cinnamon if you wish. To

What is Sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese food. Typically, it combines raw fish and vegetables. The mixture is rolled up with rice and seaweed. However, you can order types of sushi that use cooked meat or fish. My personal favorite is a coconut

How to Prepare a Pomegranate?

Cleaning and preparing a pomegranates doesn’t have to be messy! Place the pomegranate in a bowl and cut off the top. Then cut the fruit into sections. Place the sections into a bowl and remove the juicy seeds. Throw away

How Much Turkey do I Need Per Person?

One pound of turkey per person is what you should go by. That will give you enough turkey so your guests can have seconds and you can have some extra for leftover turkey sandwiches.

Who Invented Pie?

Pies, in different forms have been around for thousands of years. Pies can be traced back to the early Egyptians in 2000 BC. Pies can be filled with various ingredients, from fruits to meat.

How to Cook Crab Cakes?

Mix together 1lb carb meat, 1/3 cup crushed crackers, 3 green onions, 1/2 c. bell pepper, 1/4 c. mayo, 1 egg, 1 teas Worcestershire, 1 teas dry mustard, 1/2 lemon juice, 1/4 teas garlic powder, 1 teas salt, dash of

What is Cumin?

Cumin is an herb. Most people will find cumin ground in there local grocery stores. A good place to find cumin is at your local farmers market. If you don’t have a farmers market you can always order it off

How to Store Vegetables?

You can store vegetables long term a couple of ways. Some people store their vegetables in the freezer in bags or air-tight containers. Others use a canning method. In general, short term vegetable storage varies slightly. To find more information

Where does Ground Beef Come from?

Beef from cows is ground down into ground beef. Ground beef is a popular protein in many dishes, including tacos, sloppy joes and pot pies.

What is the Lowest Calorie Beer?

Miller Genuine Draft 64, or MGD 64 is going to be your best low-cal beer. As you can guess, one serving of MGD 64 only contains 64 calories. Another diet-friendly option is Michelob Ultra, at only 96 calories per serving.

What is Pumpkin Pie Spice?

Pumpkin pie spice is a blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and cloves. It can also sometimes contain allspice. It is commonly used in pumpkin pie but can be used in a variety of other recipes as well.

How do You Season a Turkey?

The best seasoning for a roasted turkey is fresh sage and rosemary. After rinsing the turkey, pat dry. Salt and pepper the turkey to taste. Lift the skin on top of the breast and by the neck area, and place

How Many Carbohydrates are in Rum?

An ounce of the alcoholic and distilled beverage rum (80 proof) has no carbohydrates. It has 64.218 calories though and not a significant source of nutrients. For more information look here:

Where is Margaritaville?

Margaritaville is not a physical place. It is only a state of mind that Jimmy Buffet found himself to be in after he drank one too many of his frozen concoctions.

How do You Make Strawberry Cheesecake?

To make strawberry cheesecake is very simple. Take some cream cheese, strawberries, confection sugar, sour cream, and vanilla mix in a food processor. Pour into a graham crust pie shell, and top with whipped cream. Enjoy! You can find more

How to Make Home Made Wine?

Wine is delicious and can even be good for you. Studies have shown that red wine is good for your heart and blood circulation. If you are looking for a recipe that shows you step by step how to make

How to Cook Black Eyed Peas?

To cook black eyed peas you will need about one hour. This will allow them to absorb all the flavors of the seasonings. You will want to keep it covered during the cooking time. You can find more information here:

How to Make Lo Mein?

Making Lo Mein has never been easier! Take snow peas, peppers, scallions, mushrooms, and bean sprouts, and add them to an already heated and oiled skillet. Stir fry them for a bout a minute and then add some garlic, and

How to Make French Silk Pie?

For many years, the recipe for French silk pie was a secret. It is basically a graham cracker crust, filled with a chocolate and peppermint flavored custard. You can find more information here:

How to Make Chicken Sausage?

To make chicken sausage, you need to grind your chicken. You can do this at home, if you own a food processor. If not have the meat department at your grocery store do it for you. You then add your

How to Cook Chicken Livers?

To cook chicken livers, you can grill them. In the Philippines, chicken livers are cooked that way. They are marinated in soy sauce, garlic, onion, and different spices. And then, they are grilled.

How Long is Cooked Turkey Good for?

People will always tell you differently on how long is cooked turkey good for. You can keep the cooked turkey in the fridge for 4 to 5 days. It would be best to freeze the turkey after 4 or 5

How is Vegetable Oil Made?

There are a variety of oils that are used in food preparation and recipes. Vegetable oils are categorized as to their origin, and cooking temperature. You can find more information here:

How is Yogurt Made?

Yogurt is made by adding bacteria to milk and then letting it ferment. To start, the milk is heated to 200 Fahrenheit for about 10-30 minutes. Next, the milk must cool quickly to 112 Fahrenheit and mixed with a yogurt

What Goes Good With Chili?

Chili is a favorite American food. It is especially popular during the winter months. When serving Chili there are many things that go well with chili including cornbread, fritos and tortilla chips. You can also use it to top hot

How to Make a Strawberry Cheesecake?

To make a strawberry cheesecake you can use canned strawberries. Make your cheesecake with sugar, sour cream, cream cheese, and ricotta cheese. Bake it the oven for about 1 hour at 375 degrees F!

How to Make Plain Cheesecake?

3 (8oz) pkg of cream cheese, 1cup sugar, 4 eggs, 1 tsp vanilla, 2 tbsp cornstarch, 1 (12oz) sour cream, 4 tsp sugar, 10 inch springform pan – sprayed with Pam and a Graham cracker crust. Mix all ingredients together,

What Chemicals are in Alcohol?

There is so many different kinds of alcohol and they all have a different taste. Some are stronger than others and some are fruitier than others. The ones that are strong contain more ethanol than the ones that are fruity

What Should be in a First Aid Kit?

There are many options for what should be in a first aid kit. Some good things to include are band aids, a triangular bandage, gauze and gauze tape, etc. It also depends on what specifically the first aid kit will

Is There Any Health Benefit to Eating Honey?

Honey provides you with energy and a nice dose of antioxidants. It has been used for hundreds of years to sooth sore throats and upset stomachs, to fight infections, and even to keep allergies at bay. One exception, though: honey

How to Fry Turkey?

Make sure that you have a large pot and an outside propane fryer. They should never be fried inside the house or garage. Buy a Cajun Injector kit and inject the turkey according to the directions and then fry accordingly.

How to Grill Hamburgers?

Make sure your burgers are the size you want them. Because you don’t want to mash them down on grill, they will dry out. Cook about 10 min. on each side.

What Food do They Eat in Mexico?

They eat Mexican food! Really though, mexicans eat tortillas with every meal, they eat alot of tacos, enchiladas, quesadillas, and burritos.

How to Make Bread Stuffing?

The best bread stuffing is prepared from the crusts of day old and crusty breads that have their own flavor. Blending them before use gives the best results. You can find more information here:

How do You Make Muffins?

There are so many different kinds and they are easy to make. These recipes are great. You can make these for the week, makes great breakfast on the run. For more information look here:

What is the Best Way to Clean a Coffee Maker?

The best way to clean a coffee pot is by taking a cup of vinegar,pour it in the water hole followed by water,let run through.The second time don’t use vinegar just use water.Repeat as necessary ..Do this at least twice

Where is Canola Grown?

I’m sure canola is also grown in the US, but when I was visiting London I took a bus trip to see Stonehenge, and just outside of London were vast fields of pretty yellow flowers which the tour guide said

What is Grits?

Grits are very common in the south, and can be eaten with every meal but usually with breakfast. It is made of ground corn or hominy, and is kind of the consistency of Cream of Wheat.

Is V8 Juice Good for You?

Yes, V8 juice is absolutely good for you. It has a full serving of vegetables in it. Also if you do not care for the vegetable juice taste, V8 now has the Fusion. It joins together fruits and vegetables and

Types of Bourbon?

You have different types of bourbon, from single barrel and small batch, to small scale. Those are actually the processes for making bourbon. Some examples of bourbon are Old Crow, Makers Mark, Jim Beam, Wild Turkey, and Evan Williams. For

How do I Roast Sunflower Seeds?

Roasted sunflower seeds are delicious and easy to make. Remove the hull from your sunflower seeds. Spread the seeds on a baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil and place in a preheated oven at 300 degrees F. Bake for about

Top Ten Soups?

Soups are very popular for lunch and appetizers, and they are different types of soups available whether store bought or you can make them from scratch. The top ten soups include the basic french onion at number one, followed by

How Much does a Bottle of Jagermeister Cost?

Jagermeister varies in price. On average, the 1.75 Liter bottle costs between $40-$45; the 1 Liter Bottle costs between $20-$25. The price per bottle comes down quickly when bought by the case. Get more prices at

How to Make Irish Soda Bread?

A wee bit o taste from the Irish aye? To make Irish soda bread whisk the dry ingredients together: 3 cups flour, 1 1/2 tsp baking soda, and 1 1/2 tsp salt. Make a well in the middle of the

How to Open a Coconut?

You will need a large nail and a hammer. Place the nail at the top of the coconut and tap with the hammer. The coconut should split open.

How to Grill Chicken?

If you love to barbeque, chicken is sure to be a main course. You can simply add some of your favorite BBQ sauce and place it on the grill and be sure to cook it all the way through. Or

How to Make a Chef Salad?

To make a chef salad you add lettuce, tomato, cheese, cucumber, ham, green peppers, onion, cheese and any other vegetable you would like. Add cro’tons to it and your favorite dressing.

How to Cook Oatmeal?

To cook oatmeal, boil 1 cup of water and add a pinch of salt. Add 1/2 cup of old fashioned oatmeal (not instant) and cook for about 3 minutes. Add raisins and brown sugar if you like.

How do I Cook Scallops?

I like to pan sear scallops. heat a frying pan with a little butter in in over medium high heat. When the pan is hot, add the scallops and cook, stirring occasionally, about 3 minutes until scallops are opaque and

Why are Bananas Yellow?

Banana’s when ripe can be more then just yellow – they can be red,purple and yellow. The ones you get in a grocery store that are yellow are yellow as a side effect of the ripening process. For more information

What is Dog Food Made of?

Depending on the type of food you buy, dog food can be made from several sources. Often times people make their own dog food from simply rice and chicken. Less expensive foods may be made of bone meal and other

How do I Make Baked Ziti?

Baked ziti is a yummy combination of ziti pasta, tomato based sauce, cheese and ground meat. This dish freezes well, so you can even enjoy at at later date for a quick meal. For more information see here:

What is Turkey Stock?

Turkey stock is great to make with the left over carcas of a Holiday turkey (you can also use turkey neck or legs as well). Place carcas in a pot with one large onion, 3 celery stalks, 3 carrots salt

Where is the Best Place to Store Potatoes?

Some people say it is best to store potatoes in the fridge. They will keep for up to 2 months in fridge, however, there’s something about the constant coldness of the fridge that tends to give potatoes a sweeter flavor

How Many Calories in a Turkey Sandwich?

The number of calories in turkey sandwich is a hard question to answer. You have to take into account how much turkey are you using, what condiments are you using, and what vegetables you are putting on the sandwich. A

How do You Make Drawn Butter?

Drawn butter is definitely a delightful addition to many meals. You will first want to take 1 pound of butter and melt it over a low to medium heat until it starts a slow boil. As the butter is boiling

How Many Calories are in Cherries?

There are 2 calories in one cherry. One cup of cherries which is a serving size has 85 calories. Cherries are very healthy for you because of their low calorie content. You can find more information here:

How to Make Homemade Bubblegum?

In order to make bubblegum at home, you will need some unconventional supplies from the store first. Gum base, citric acid and glycerin are not things commonly kept in your pantry, but you can find them in kits you can

How do You Make Boiled Eggs?

To make boiled eggs, place egg into a pan with cold water. Water should be about 1 inch above the egg. Cook it over medium heat until it starts to boil. Allow it to simmer on low heat for 2-3

Can Dogs Eat Seafood?

Dogs can eat seafood, however, salmon and trout when raw can carry a parasite which can be fatal to the dog. If you are going to feed your dog seafood, use only sushi grade fish and avoid raw salmon and

How do You Make Fondue?

Fondue is usually melted cheese, but can be melted chocolate also. For cheese, cut up the type of cheese you are using in chunks, add a little milk and melt SLOWLY on low heat, stirring constantly.

How Long does Meat Last in the Freezer?

If the meat is properly packaged, it can last for months. If you discover that some meat is freezer burned, it is best to throw it out. When storing your meats, be sure to date the packages and use the

What do Canadians Eat?

Canada reminds me only of Maple Syrup and Nanaimo bars! They eat soup, sandwiches and salads for lunch. Dinner is a meal consisting of fish/meat pasta and vegetables. They also eat Poutine- french fries covered with cheese curds and gravy.

How to Make Birthday Cakes?

There are many recipes to make birthday cakes. You can buy the Cake mix already made and follow the instructions on the box. You can make home made frosting or buy the already frosting.

How to Make a Chocolate Fountain?

To make a chocolate fountian you will need to buy a chocolate fountain machine. You can not home make one cheper, the problem is the home made ones get clogged really easy.You can find more information here:

How do I Make Corned Beef?

Corned beef can either be bought as a curred whole ham, or can be purchased canned. It is typically salted and curred in a prepared brine and then sold corned beef.

Can You Drink too Much Water in a Day?

Water is good for you but you can drink to much water in a day. To do this you would have to drink a lot of water at one time, meaning a few gallons back to back. This can make

What Colors Go With Red?

Red is a bold, beautiful color. White or black go nicely with this color. Blue and pink look good with red as well. If you are thinking about the holiday season, throw some green into the mix! To find more

How Many Calories in Carrots?

There are about 104 calories in a cup of fresh carrots. Not too bad for a sweeter vegetable. You are also getting about 354mg of potassium and a whole bunch of vitamin A. They are good enough for bugs bunny.

How do You Make a Tom Collins?

In a shaker w/ ice, pour in 2 oz gin, 1oz lemon juice, and 1 teasp fine sugar-shake it up well. Pour in to collins glass with ice, add 3 oz club soda-garnish with cherry and/or orange slice. Enjoy!

Who Invented Chocolate?

Historians believe that chocolate was invented as long ago as 1500 BC. The Mayans, Aztecs and Olmec Indians all grew cacao beans. Christopher Columbus brought the cacao beans to Europe in the early 1500’s.

How to Make Chocolate Candy?

A good chocolate candy to make quickly is chocolate covered peanut clusters. You will need a brick of chocolate bark, melted in the microwave. Pour salted Spanish peanuts into this and stir well. Spoon out onto waxed paper and let

What is Port Wine?

Port Wine is a sweet red wine that originated in the Douro Valley of Portugal. It is most often used as a desert wine and is available in several different varieties.

How Long is Canned Food Good for?

Canned food is made for the long haul. Fruit juices and tomato canned products are good for about a year and a half. Meat and vegetables can remain fresh anywhere from 2-5 years. It is good idea to look and

How do I Make Simple Syrup?

A classic simple syrup can be made by adding equal parts, sugar and water, into a microwave safe container, then microwave on high for two minutes, or until the sugar is completely disolved into the water. For flavor variations add

What are Hot Dogs Made of?

Hot dogs are typically made of some form of beef, turkey, chicken, and pork. You can go to

What is Ginger Beer?

Ginger beer is a carbonated drink made with fresh ginger juice and usually includes barley or another grain. Ginger beer dates back to the 1600’s and was made with ginger, cloves, mace, honey and spices.

What are Some Low Fat Foods?

Some low fat foods are; egg whites, fruits and vegetables of course, chicken, fish, wheat bread, oatmeal, beans, popcorn, pretzels, and baked potatoes.

Can You Freeze Jello?

Yes, you can freeze jello no problem, although it will take a little longer to freeze than water, especially if you have alcohol in them.

How to Brew Tea?

Brewing a fresh pot of tea is a big change from the lipton tea bags. First you will need to get your ingredients together. You will need; tea filters, bottled water, tea leaves, tea infuser and mesh tea balls. Fill

How Much Sugar is in Vodka?

Vodka has 0 grams of sugar and has 92 calories per 1.5 fl oz. The mixers can contain a lot of sugar but not the actual vodka. Vodka is nearly pure alcohol.

How Much Caffeine is in Chocolate?

The amount of caffeine in chocolate varies with the amount of cocoa in the chocolate. For one once of dark chocolate there is approximately 20 mg of caffeine. For one ounce of milk chocolate there is 6 mg of caffeine.

What is Olive Leaf Extract Good for?

It has been used for centuries to treat a lot of things such as, coughs, sore throats, fever and gout. It is classified as an alternative herbal remedy.

What Degree does Water Boil?

Water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Celsius at sea level. It boils at lower temperatures the higher above sea level you go.

How Long can You Leave Meat Out?

It is best to refrigerate meat as soon as possible, as harmful bacteria can begin forming very quickly at room temperature. Meat, under any circumstance, should not be left out more than 2 hours. This will include the transit time

What is Aioli?

Aioli is a kind of sauce or dip, usually made with olive oil, garlic, and egg. Simlilar to mayo, it is usually served with some kind of fish or boiled veggies.

How do You Make Enchiladas?

Enchiladas are actually fairly simple to make. It takes about 1 hour and 5 minutes from start to finish, and Viola you will have the best enchilada’s in the world. Look here for more information:

What Kind of Drink are You?

The ‘What Kind of Drink Are You’ quiz can be found on Facebook, along with many other quizzes. Usually that quiz refers to alcoholic drinks, such as Sex on the Beach, Long Island Ice Tea, etc. This quiz can probably

What is Truffle?

There are basically two different types of truffles. One type is a fungus that is considered a delicacy. The other is a tasty chocolate treat.

How do You Make Artichoke Dip?

2 cloves fresh garlic, 3/4 cup mayonnaise, 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese, 1 can artichoke heart. Preheat your oven to 350F, Mix togeher all the ingredients, Bake the dip for 30 minutes, Serve with crackers for dipping

How to Make a Roux?

A Roux consists of equal parts butter and flour (1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup flour). Melt the butter, add the flour and cook until golden brown, stirring often so it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan or

How to Make Tomato Paste?

Making tomato paste from home is actually much easier than most people think that it is! In order to make tomato paste form home, all you need to do is take a can of tomato sauce (about a 6oz can,

Can You Freeze Mashed Potatoes?

Yes, mashed potatoes can be frozen. Here’s a tip from me to you. Fill the individual cups of a muffin tin with mashed potatoes and cover with plastic wrap. Once they are frozen solid, you can pop them out of

How Long is Champagne Good for?

Once a champagne is opened, it will keep a day or two. If it is corked, it will keep as well, but the optimal place is dark and cool around 55 degrees.

How Long do You Hard Boil An Egg?

To make hard boiled eggs you will need to start with cold water and it will take about 10 minutes to cook. For detailed instructions visit

How to Store Apples?

Storing apples is extreamly easy to do, all you need to do is place your apples in a brown paper bag. The size of the bag will depend on how many apples you have, then just put them in your

Can You Eat Pumpkin Seed Shells?

Yes, you can eat the shells of the pumpkin seed, just like sunflower seeds, but I wouldn’t eat too many-as the roughage might do some pretty drastic things to your poop.

How to Cook Sushi Rice?

Sushi rice is a sticky version of rice. It needs to be sticky to properly stick on the roll. I cook my rice uncovered which causes it to come out sticky enough for sushi.

How Long do I Grill Steaks?

It depends how done you want your meat to know when to take it off of the grill. If you like them well done, cut the center to make sure it is no longer pink. Most steak takes 20 to

How to Blacken Fish?

The easiest way to blacken fish is to use Blackened Fish seasoning available at your local grocery store. Apply the seasoning prior to cooking, then cook the fish in a pan containing charred butter.

How to Make Rice Krispies Treats?

To make rice crispy treats you wil need a box of rice crispies and marshmellows. You will then melt the marshmellows and mix it with the crispies. You then spread them out in a pan, cut them and then enjoy.

Where Did Brownies Come from?

There are several stories that state the origin of the brownie. One states that it was invented at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago in 1892. However, the first known mention of a ‘brownie’ was in a Sears catalog in

How Many Ounces of Beer are in a Keg?

There are a little less than 200 ounces of beer in a full size keg. That is 160 twelve ounce beers, 15 1/2 gallons, or about 7 cases of beer!

How to Make Crystallized Ginger?

To make crystallized ginger bring 1 1/3 cup sugar and 1 cup water to a boil. Add 1 cup peeled and chopped ginger pieces and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain and dry then sprinkle with sugar.

What is a Food That Starts With U?

There are a few. Unbleached flour is one. Also, upside down pineapple cake and underground cherrys. Most of the foods that start with U are of Asain descent.

How to Make Cane Syrup?

There are basically two ways that you can make sugar cane syrup. You can either press the juice out with a cane press

What are America’s Top Ten Favorite Foods?

One might wonder about the favorite foods of America and it is quite interesting as to what they are and 10 of the most favorite ones are New England clam chowder, Pastrami, Shoofly pie, Smithfield ham, Po boys, Fajitas, Chicago

How Much does It Take to Get Drunk?

Every person gets drunk at a different rate. So much of it has to do with your weight, your height, and even your metabolism. A woman is likely to get drunk faster than a man. A man is likely to

How to Bake Chicken Thighs?

Start by placing the chicken on an oven grill pan. Spray the thighs with a light olive oil and season with herbs. Place the thighs in the oven and bake for 30 minutes.

How Many Cups of Water Should I Drink a Day?

The required amount of water each person should drink a day is 8,8 ounce glasses of water at least a day.Some people require more or less based on their health and activities

Are Energy Drinks Good for You?

Energy drink are not really good for you at all! They have more caffine in them then the FDA approves which is 65 mg per 12 ounces. The energy drinks may feel good when or shortly after you drink the

What is Marsala Sauce?

A marsala sauce is a wine and mushroom sauce served with chicken. It is named after Marsala wine. The sauce is made with marsala wine, butter, olive oil, and seasonings.

How to Make a Pecan Pie?

On the back of Karo syrup jars (the dark kind), there is a great recipe for pecan pie. I have tried others and none are as good as this one. Go out and buy some Karo, very inexpensive.

What is Luxembourg Famous for?

Luxembourg is the sixth smallest country in the world. They are best known for their famous wine region, and their historic sites like their Military Museum, the Vianden Castle, and the American Military Cemetery.

Where can I Purchase Liquid Smoke?

You can purchase liquid smoke at most grocery stores. It should be located near the worchestershire and barbeque sauces. And a little liquid smoke goes a long way, so don’t over do it!

How Many M&m;’s are in a Package?

There are at least 250 m&m;’s in a package. There are put in random color. The ones with the peanuts have 250 and the plain bags have 300 in them. They are good no matter how many you put in

What is Caviar Made of?

Caviar is fish eggs. There are many different types of caviar. Each type of caviar typically comes from a different species of fish. Caviar is a delicacy is many European countries.

What is the Capital of Brazil?

The name of the Brazil’s capital is Brasilia. This city is located in the center of the country Brazil. The city was built in only 2,000 days. You can find more information here:

What is Sizzurp?

Sizzurp is a drink that is designed to get people drunk but contains no real alcohol. It’s made from cough syrup, a Jolly Rancher, and any fruit flavored soda. It’s disgusting and can do tons of damage to your major

How to Make Powdered Sugar?

Don’t run to the store because you suddenly realize you are out of powdered sugar for the recipe you are making. It is easy to whip up a small batch yourself. You will need a food processor or blender, granulated

How Many Carbs in Fruit?

Fruit is a very important part of our diet. Healthy Americans are trying their best to keep carbs out of their diet. The following carbs are based on a one cup serving. Apples 19g, Apricots 18g, Bananas 35g, Blackberries (1

Can You Freeze Eggs?

You can freeze eggs as long as they are not in the shell. The yolks do not freeze very well though. They will turn gelatinous and rubbery.

How do You Make Cookies from Scratch?

The easiest cookies to make from scratch are sugar cookies. You will need: 2 3/4 cups all-purpose flour, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 cup softened butter, 1 1/2 cups white sugar, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla extract. Preheat your oven

How to Make Porridge?

If you want to make porridge, you will need: water, salt, and oats. First, boil the water and salt together, and then toss in the oats. You’ll need to let the porridge simmer for a while, keeping it stirred. You

What is Marinara Sauce?

Marinara sauce originated in Naples, Italy. It is a tomato based sauce. Marinaro is the Italian word for marinara and means ‘of the sea’.

What is the Healthiest Alcoholic Drink?

In moderation, the healthiest alcoholic drink would be a 6 ounce glass of wine. It is said that wine helps heart health. But any alcohol in large amounts is not healthy.

How to Make Snickerdoodle Cookies?

To make snickerdoodle cookies, combine shortening, sugar, eggs, flour, baking soda, cream of tarter, salt and cinnamon. Bake at 400 degrees for 8-10 minutes.You can find more information here:

How do You Make Baking Soda?

Honestly, there isn’t an easy method for making your own baking soda. The process for making sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) involves heating calcium carbonate so that CO-2 vapors are released, then dissolved in an ammonia and sodium chloride solution, thus

How to Make An Omelette?

Making omelets can be a lot of fun. You can put any thing you would like in them. Start by cutting up all of your ingredients before you begin to cook. You can find more information here:

How Many Calories are in Ice Cream?

Fortunately for us, we can control the amount of calories based on the type of ice cream that is purchased. The amount of calories depends of whether it is lowfat, light, or sugarfree ice cream. A good reference place to

How to Make a Mixed Drink?

If you want to get good at mixed drinks, buy a bartenders book at your local bookstore. They are pretty cheap, and have all kinds of usefull info, including glass types, and garnishes.

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee?

Buy your favorite blend whole bean and have them freshly ground, or if a home grinder freshly grind minutes before brewing. Take 2 heaping tablespoons for each 6 oz. of cool filtered water and brew.

What does Germany Produce?

Germany produces a lot of engineering products, especially in the automobile, machinery, and metal goods sector. The main agricultural products of Germany include beef, pork, milk, and barley.

How to Bake a Cake from Scratch?

There are so many different cakes you can bake from scratch they are too numerous to mention. For someone starting out, try the basic cake recipes.

What is Quark Cheese?

Quark is a fresh cheese of East European origin. It usually has much lower fat content than cream cheese and has no salt added. Because quark cheese is consumed without aging, in the US the milk must first be pasteurized.

How to Make the Perfect Margarita?

here’s how to make the perfect only need 3 simple ingredients 1.5 oz. of your favorite tequila,2 tsp.Ag-av Nectar,2 oz.fresh squeezed lime juice.Mix,add ice,salt rim.MMMM

Types of Hard Alcohol?

Types of hard alcohol include rum, scotch, vodka, bourbon and whiskey. Within these types, there are a number of different brands and qualities available.

What are the Ingredients in Vinegar?

Mostly, vinegar is made from acid. The acid is formed by fermented ethanol. Table vinegar contains a small amount of acid and pickling vinegar has a higher concentration. Also, natural vinegars are made with fruit acids.

How Long does Olive Oil Keep?

There are alot factors that can affect the lasting quality of olive oil. If it has been used in a dish then it might last about 7 days, if never open in a plastic bottle 2 years, in a dark

What is Butter Milk?

Buttermilk is what happens when milk sours and becomes lumpy. Buttermilk adds an excellent flavor to biscuits and bread. While very rare, some people also enjoy the taste of drinking buttermilk.

How Long can a Turkey Stay Frozen?

If you have a good freezer that is at a consistant temp and never has thaw down cycles, you can keep a turkey frozen for up to a year. After that, you risk a breakdown of tissue and freezer burn.