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What Foods Contain Potassium?

Potassium is very important for our overall well been, therefor potassium can be found in most all of our fruit, vegetables and seafood’s. Some of the highest potassium is found in bananas, avocado, potato, tuna, salmon and many others.

What is Caloric Intake?

Caloric intake refers to the foods that we eat and the calorie content is in eat bite.Say our breakfast was 220 calories from the cereal and milk. The caloric intake that we consumed for breakfast was 220 calories.

List of All Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are comprised of simple and complex forms. The complex form of carbohydrates provide longstanding energy and stamina. The simple natural form is found in many fruits and is a great addition to your diet if attempting to lose weight.

How do You Count Carbs?

Your carb requirements is calculated based on the amount of calories that you need.Basically read the labels of the foods that you purchase and do not exceed the number that fits your diet.

Low Glycemic Fruit Chart?

Cantaloupe and rhubarb are 2 fruits that have a low GI(under20).Apples,fresh apricots, bananas, blackberries ,cherries, cranberries, grapefruit, guava, kiwis ,lemons,limes,oranges,papayas, peaches ,plums, tomatoes, raspberries,strawberries and tangarine fall in the bracket of GI index of 20-60. GI is a measure of

What Foods Contain Thc?

Any food containing Hemp contains THC. There are many food varieties available. The THC in the food is not believed to pass into the blood stream.You can find more information here:

Can You Overdose on Vitamin C?

You cannot overdose on Vitamin C, as it is water soluable and you will just pee pee it out. Before taking more than is reccomended on any packaging, consult your doctor.

Is Vitamin Water Good for You?

Not at all. If you prefer to take supplemental vitamins, I suggest you take those that you need. Everyone’s body is different and their vitamin needs are different also. There is either sugar or artificial sweetener in vitamin water. Neither

How Much Iron do I Need?

Your iron needs depend on your age and sex. A teenage female requires 15 mg/day, the male only 11. An adult female needs 18 mg/day, the male only 8. Once in their 50s, they both only need 8 mg/day.

What is a Calorie?

A calorie is something that you want to eat little of if you want to stay thin in this days society. Calories are in everything and your body eats, absorbs, stores and burns them away. To get more information go