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How are Mortgage Rates Calculated?

Several factors affect mortgage rates and the rates change on a daily basis. They are based on a rate established by the secondary market where bonds are sold. A margin is added onto this by the lender and then of

How Much Should I Save?

To determine how much money you should save depends mainly on your income. If you can afford to save a large percentage, save as much as you can! 10% is a typical percentage people take from paychecks for savings.

Where do I File for Divorce?

Often you will file for divorce in your county’s family court. Each state has different procedures for filing for divorce, so consult an attorney in your area or contact your local court clerk to ask where you file for divorce.

Where can I Get my Credit Score?

You can get your credit score from any of the major credit reporting agencies. Most all will charge you a fee for your score. You can get a credit report for free once a year, but it may or may

What is Enterprise Value?

Enterprise value is defined as the amount of money needed to takeover the company. This type of negotiation takes place when companies often merge and form into an new company. For more information see here:

Top 10 Life Insurance Companies?

The top 10 insurance companies are Prudential Financial, MetLife, New York Life Insurance, TIAA-CREF, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance, Northwestern Mutual, AFLAC, Genworth Financial, UNUM Group Principal Financial. All these companies have been given at least an A+ rating by the

Top Ten Places to Retire?

There are many resources on the internet offering their top picks for places to retire. By doing some research, and thinking about what is important to you personally, you can find the perfect retirement spot. You can find more information

How does Credit Card Interest Work?

Well if you do not pay off your credit card balance in full each month then your credit card company will charge you interest in the dollar amount owed which can be up to 30%.

Where can I Find Free Background Checks?

Looking for that perfect job, it is that time of the year. Be careful of what web sites you request information from, the free ones can be the worse. I would go to a government or official website. Look here

How to Set Up a Trust Fund?

To set up a trust fund for a child or other family member, you simply need to contact a lawyer, banking rep or accountant to get you started. They can help you decide who to make your trustee and get

What is a 10-k?

A 10-K is a financial report prepared by all publicly held companies. This report is required to be filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

What is Tenants in Common?

Tenants in common refers to real estate ownership by more than one individual. There is no limit on the number of individuals who can be on the title. This is a risky form of ownership however in that all owners

What is the Definition of a T Bill?

A T-bill is a treasury bill. It is a short-term debt instrument issued by the US government as a way of borrowing money. A T-bill does not bear interest.

How do You Become a Citizen?

To become a citizen you must fill out the necessary paperwork. Once approved, you will receive notification of an interview. If you pass the interview, you will be sworn in at a ceremony. For more information see here:

Paper Money Value By Serial Numbers?

Serial numbers do not give you any indication of what the value of the money is. The serial number designates which Federal Reserve Bank issued the note. If you see a star in place of a letter that indicates that

How do I Check if a Company is Legitimate?

In these days it pays to be careful dealing with companies that you have never dealt with before and finding out if there are legitimate can be tricky. You can visit

What is a Default Judgement?

A default judgment occurs when a Complaint has been filed by a party and the defendant fails to file any type of response to the Complaint. Certain services of the Complaint on the defendant needs to be accomplished, and the

What are Pool Balls Made of?

Billiard balls were originally made out of wood, hard rubber and even ivory (made from elephant tusks). But with the elephant population growing smaller, the industry decided to make the balls with a replacement material of celluloid. Since the early

How can I Transfer my House to my Child?

All you have to do is have your child’s name added on the deed of the house and that way your child would be the owner of the house. I think its great to offer your child a house.

Where is my Tax Return?

When you file your tax return, it does take a certain period of time to get completed. If you do it electronically, it should be within 3 weeks. By mail takes 8 to 10 weeks. You can check with the

How do I File for Divorce?

You can file divorce by going to the court house and fileing a legal seperation. After that you can file for the paper work at the court house for a divorce , to fill it out your self. What most

What is Term Life Insurance?

When you have term life insurance that means that you have purchased insurance for a certain period of time like till you are a certain age or for a certain number of years.

What is the Largest Bank in America?

The largest bank in the United States of America is ironically Bank of America. This banking establishment has 1.082 billion dollars in total assets. You can find more information here:

How do I Contact Telecheck?

There are a few different options depending on who you are and what information you are trying to get from them. But the have many phone numbers and e-mail address to try. But the number to their headquarters is 1-800-835-3243.

How do I Put a Lien on Someone Property?

In order for someone to put a lien on a persons property they need to get a lawyer to draw up the paper work. You want to make sure this is done correctly.

What is Unemployment?

Unemployment is the state of not having a job or employment. In the United States, the unemployment rate is currently around ten percent.

Bad Credit No Money Down Mortgage?

Its difficult in this market to get back up if you’re down. Checking places like

What is a Money Gram?

Money Gram is a way to wire money without using a bank. You will have to find a Money Gram provider in your area in order to send one. You can usually find them at grocery stores and chain stores

What is Positive Pay?

Positive pay is a check fraud protection service offered by banks. When a person pays for something at a cash register with a check, this electronic service matches the check against those authorized by the bank.

How do I Find a Former Teacher?

Finding a former teacher may be difficult. However, the first place to start is with a ZabaSearch. If that does not work or you do not known enough about them, try contacting your former school. They may be willing to

What is the Easiest Credit Card to Get?

An Orchard Bank secured credit card is easy to get. You put money in a savings account through them, and they set up a credit card for you.

How Much Money?

How much money one can expect for a job depends on the job market, the person paying, and the quality of work and supplies needed to finish the job.

What is the Definition of a Consumer?

The term consumer can be defined as person that uses products or services.In economics the term consumers can be defined as a person of organization that uses a commodity or service.Individuals and organizations can be classified as consumers of any

What is An Economist?

Economist refers to the person who study the economic situation of the country. They conduct survey and research what are the causes of inflation and deflation of the economy.

Can Credit Card Companies Garnish Your Wages?

Only after they have gone through the process of taking you to court suing you, winning the suit, and then applying for a garnishment order. All of this takes time and money. They can sue you in small claims court,

Are We Getting Another Stimulus Check?

If you are entitled to another stimulus the best way to find out the staus is by calling the IRS. Of course they will know first hand if there will be another check issued to you.

What is the Capital of Guyana?

The capital city of Guyana is Georgetown. The capital is over 200 years old. Georgetown was was chosen to be a fort. This was so that the early Dutch settlements of the Demerara River.

How do Subprime Loans Work?

Are you shopping for a new home or car? A number of financing options are available to meet a variety of needs. One common question is, ‘How do subprime loans work?’ Subprime loans are basically loans that will cover those

What is Annual Household Income?

Annual household income is the combined income for all individuals in a household. Normally when considering annual income, the gross income is looked at and not the net.

What is a Gross Lease?

A gross lease is a lease in which the tenant pays a flat rate to use the property. The landlord is then financially responsible for any other expenses such as repairs and maintenance.

What is Market Price?

Market price is how much people are willing to pay for something. You can set whatever price you want on something, but if people won’t pay it, you won’t get it.

What is Considered Harassment?

Harassment is considered to be any kind of offensive behavior. It is any kind of behavior that makes you feel threatened or unsafe. Anytime you feel like you are in danger.

Legally Breaking a Lease?

Legally breaking a lease can be done if the lease has a provision for the lease to be terminated by either person early. Most of the time this is done with a letter that states intent to break a lease,

What is North Carolina Population?

The population of the entire state of North Carolina is 9,222,414 people. That number is the estimated number as of September of 2008. There are, of course, people moving in and out of the state all the time so the

How does a Savings Account Work?

When you have a savings account you must maintain a certain amount of money in the account to keep it open and avoid penalties. Also, your account in receive a small amount of interest as well.

How Annuities Work?

With annuities, you put aside a sum of money, let’s say $5000. You can leave it invested for 3, 5, 7 or 10 years for a fixed amount of interest per year. You do not lose the principal and should

What is Demand Side Economics?

Demand side economics is another name for Keynesian economics. It is based on the thought that government intervention is necessary for economic growth.

How to Tie a Man Tie?

A man’s tie has been a mystery to most of the other half of the sexes for centuries. It is uniquely creative and elegant when correctly done. Look here for more information:

10 Best Places to Retire?

The ten best places to retire are Redmond Virgina,Rio Vista Ca.,Brentwood Ca,California’s Central Coast,Palm Springs,Ca.,Peoria Arizona,Queen Creek Arizona,Deland Florida,San Diego Ca.,Miami Fla.

Can You be Sued for Credit Card Debts?

There are chances that you can be sued for credit card debts and it depends on the credit card company. If you are making payments to the card company then chances are you will not be sued. If you decide

How do CD Accounts Work?

CD accounts are very easy to understand. You would deposit a certain amount of money into a CD. The CD has a term, meaning their is a length of time the money needs to stay in the account in order

Can I Use my Pay Stub to File my Taxes?

No, you can’t use your pay stub to file your taxes. The W2 you receive in the mail has certain information that your pay stub doesn’t. You need to be accurate when filing your taxes, and the W2 has all

How do I Write a Liability Waiver?

If you want to write a liability waiver you have to be sure to include all the potential risks and hazards of the activity that the participant will be waiving a claim to. But beware, nobody can ever truly sign

Can I Apply for Medicaid Online?

You cannot apply for medicaid online, but you can print the forms out online. Fill the forms out that you print from the internet and turn them into your care coordinator.

How Much Will my Tax Rebate be?

Your tax rebate will depend on how much money you made throughout the year. It will also depend on if you had enough taxes with held from your paycheck as well.

When was Medicare Created?

Medicare was established in the year of 1966. Disabled people under the age of 65 only became able to get coverage in this program 7 years later. For more information look here:

Who Owns the Wall Street Journal?

The Wall Street Journal is a business/finance focused newspaper that is owned by Dow Jones & Co, a company which is owned by News Corporation. News Corporation is a publicly traded company and is actually a pretty big. It is

What is Minimum Wage?

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour effective July 24, 2009. It’s the lowest wage legally permitted in an industry or in a government or other organization. The goal in establishing minimum wages has been to assure wage earners

How Much do I Need for Retirement?

How much you need for retirement all depends on how much one needs to live on.Are you going to have the same expenses that you have now when you retire? For more information see here:

How do I Get a Free Credit Report?

To obtain a free copy of your credit you could try

How to Read a Caliper?

To read a caliper you will need to pay attention to the dial and the scale. First, read the scale at the index and then add the measurement on the dial to the first measurement. For more information see here:

Free Applications for Cash Grants?

Grants are money you can get for free and never have to pay back, so you shouldn’t have to pay anything. However, the best way to find grants you can check with your regional or state economic development office. If

Where my State Tax Refund?

Your state tax refund could be held up for any number of reasons. In a situation like this it’s best to contact the state tax office in whatever state you live in. They could have applied the refund to any

Top 10 Companies to Work for?

The top 10 companies to work for are: NetApp, Edward Jones, Boston Consulting, Google, Wegmans, Cisco, Genentech, Methodist Hospital, Goldman Sachs, and Nugget Market.

How Much Should I Pay my Nanny?

Well it all depends on the duties that you will be assigning this nanny. Also, depending on how many hours she will work will depend on what you will pay her. I would suggest a fair amount as caring for

What is Arbitrage?

Basically if you buy an item for say $10 in one arena and sell if for $20 in a different arena, you just made $10. You may say arbitrage but I’ll just call it profit.

What is Equity?

The best way to increase your equity is to invest it in stock by buying and holding shares. When a private individual has equity, they place it in mutual funds. You can find more information here:

What is a Llc Corporation?

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company which is a corporate indicator. It means the company has completed a Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State. For more information on what an LLC is and how to form one, check

How do I Make a Living Will?

A living will is simple to make. All you need to do is write down what your wishes are for medial care when you are not able to speak. It is best to notarize the living will, but that is

How do I Obtain a Child Care License?

To obtain a child care license is a little different state by state. Check the list for you state requirements at

Who was Adam Smith?

Adam Smith, often called the father of modern economics, was a Scottish philospher and economist. He is the author of ‘The Wealth of Nations’ (fully titled, ‘An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of nations’). Look here

How to Become a Insurance Broker?

Becoming an insurance broker requires becoming licensed to sell insurance by the department which regulates this in your state. Once you are licensed you can contract with the different insurance companies in order to sell their products.

What is Factoring?

Factoring is a method where a business can finance money for operations without taking a traditional business loan. Factoring allows a company to sell its account receivables at a discount to a third party for an immediate lump sum. The

What is Dual Labor Market?

The labor markets is made up of two sectors, primary and secondary. This is where dual labor market comes in. Primary consists of higher income jobs, whereas secondary consists of lower income and very little job security.

What is Self Employment Tax?

Self-employment tax is when a person is working for themselves and a tax is imposed on the self-employed individual. Everyone must pay taxes.

Same Day Payday Loans?

Same day payday loans is a quick way to get some cash when you are in a tight spot. You can have the money deposited right into your bank account. Log on and apply for one now at

Where can I Find State Tax Forms?

You can find state tax forms on your states website. You can find unemployment tax forms or tax collection fee forms. You are also able to pay those taxes on their website.

Government Grants for Women?

There is a vast amount of inks that talk about government grants. I would look at the small business for women website for information.

Private Student Loan Consolidation Programs?

Private student cannot usually be consolidated with federal student loans, but there are several other options out there. In addition to replacing multiple payments with just one, interest rates can sometimes be improved by consolidation. You can consider a home

How to Calculate Return on Equity?

You can calculate return on equity, or the ROE, by using the following formula: net profit / average shareholder equity for period = return on equity.

How do I Find my Father for Free?

Unfortunately finding your father for free is not an easy thing. Aside from talk shows that help you out you might want to try the white pages in your local area or the area he was last seen in. Also

Where can I Find Legal Forms?

You can find legal forms for your state online, some for free and some for reasonable prices. It is best if you check the Better Business Bureau to see if the site is reputable. Many local bar associations have free

What is Errors and Omissions Insurance?

Errors and omissions insurance is a form of business liability insurance which protects vendors from lawsuits from mistakes, or services/tasks which were neglected during delivery of a service based contract.

How to Get a Hardship License?

Each state has different requirements for a hardship license. Contact your local license office to find out more information to get a hardship license.

What is the Population of Sweden?

The population of Sweden is 9,059,651 as of a July, 2009 estimate. 65.5 percent of these people are in the 15-64 age range. There are 18.8 percent of the total that are over 65 years old. Look here for more

How do I Save Money?

To save money, open up a savings account. Each paycheck, before you pay any bills or spend any money, put 5 to 10 percent of your income into savings. You can cut down on shopping, eating out, and entertainment to

How Much do I Pay a Housesitter?

You should pay a house sitter based on their job duties. If they have to watch the house, water the plants, take care of a pet, or do any chores then you should figure about $75 per day. If they

Why is Lifelong Learning Important?

Why is lifelong learning important? answer: Research shows that keeping your mind active can help slow down, or eliminate your chances of contracting alzheimers. This benefit alone is worth the effort to exercise your brain. Lifelong learning also enables you

How do Title Loans Work?

When someone is desperate need of cash quickly, they can use their title to their car for a loan. The loan amount will depend on how old the car is, and in what kind of condition. You are then required

How Long does An Eviction Stay on Your Record?

An eviction judgement will only stay on your record for about 7 years. During this time you may have a more difficult time renting a house or apartment, and you may have a more difficult time buying a house. The

How Much Money can I Borrow?

The amount of money a person can borrow is directly related to their credit score. Lower credit scores require higher a higher investment from the borrower to be approved. People with higher credit scores can borrow more money at better

What is a Stop Limit Order?

A stop limit order is used when you are buying or selling stocks. It is used to tell your broker at what price you would like to sell stocks that you own. The advantage is that the order to carried

How to Calculate Hourly Wages?

If you don’t know how much you make per hour, simply take your gross pay for a period, and divide that by the number of hours worked in that same period. The answer will be your hourly wage.

How does Foreclosure Work?

Foreclosure happens after you have missed payments on your mortgage. Your mortgage company will first write and inform you that you have missed a payment and then the letters will become more insistant. This will eventually lead to the threat

What is a Popular Vote?

The popular vote in the American electoral process is how the general populace as a whole voted. The president is elected by the electoral college, each member of which casts one vote which is supposed to be for the candidate

How Tall is Mount Everest?

Mount Everest is 29,000 feet above sea level. It is considered the tallest mountain above sea level and is on the boarder of Napal. The second highest mountain is unimaginatively named K2.

How to Write a Lease?

A lease should contain all the information relating to the possession, use, and return of property. A lease can contain any special provisions that are agreed upon by all parties. Consult an attorney as every lease has legal consequences and

What does OTC Stand for?

The term OTC stands for Over the Counter. These are stocks that are not traded on any of the stock exchanges such NYSE or NASSAQ. OTC is not limited to stocks but also includes bonds and derivatives. The sales are

How do Treasury Bonds Work?

A bond is basically a loan normally for a fixed period of time and usually with a fixed rate of interest for the lender. A Treasury bond is a loan in which the U.S. Treasury Department is the borrower. Treasury

How to Create a Bill?

You will have to have your company’s name or your name at the top. Then you will have to put on the bill what the product or service cost and the time period it was set for. Most bills will

Why is Life Insurance Important?

Life insurance is very important, especially if you have family members that are dependent on your income and support. If you have pass away, your family members will be taken care of because of your life insurance.

How do I File a Tax Return Extension?

The quickest way to file an extension is at the IRS website. You can actually file it there electronically or you can print it out and mail it in. Keep in mind it needs to be filed timely and if

How to Get Free Money Right Now?

There is no such thing as a ‘free money’. You have to do something to get any amount of money unless you can ask your relatives to give you money and that’s how you will get free money.

How do I Find the Owner of a House?

One of the easiest ways to find the owner of a house is to first obtain the physical address of the house. You should know what city and state the home is located in as well. You can then go

What is a Free Market System?

A free market system is one that operates with little or no government intervention. For example, in a true free market, companies like GM would have had to file for bankruptcy and liquidate. Our government bailed them out, and now

Do I have to Pay Tax?

Whenever you make money, you need to pay taxes to the federal government in the United States. Death and taxes are the only two things you can be sure of during life and even at your death.

What is the Poverty Level in America?

The poverty level in the United States varies by the number of people in a household. For a household of four, the poverty level is $22,050.

Who Makes the Sidekick Phone?

The sidekick phone is provided by T-Mobile. This service will sell this phone along with a service plan and contract agreement at a discounted price!

How do I Sign Up for Medicare?

The best place to find out how to sign up for Medicare is to visit the official site of Medicare at

How Much Federal Taxes do I Owe?

The amount of federal taxes you may owe will depend on how much your total income was for that year. Then you will need to see what the federal tax amount is for that income. The IRS allows for some

What is a Market Economy?

A market economy relies on the market. It uses a supply and demand type system. It opens up the economy for a free market as opposed to a controlled one.

How do I Get a Student Loan?

To apply for student loans and start on your quest for higher education, you need to fill out the Free Application For Student Aid (FAFSA)

Where can You Buy Prepaid Visa Cards?

Prepaid credit cards are a great way to get the benefits of purchasing without cash while not impacting your credit rating. Green Dot is one of the most popular prepaid cards on the market right now and is available at

What Determines Interest Rates?

Interest rates are determined by supply, demand and the Federal Reserve Bank. If there is too much money or not enough demand rates fall. If there is too much demand or not enough money rates will rise. The FED will

What are Zoning Laws?

Zoning laws are government restrictions on how different properties can be used. The zones can be housing, financial, or industry. The laws attempt to eliminate damage to the owners.

What is the Definition of a Credit Card?

A credit card is a plastic card that has money on it that you can use. However, that is money that you must pay back along with interest depending on what kind of credit card you have.

Where is Will Smith House?

Will Smith lives with his wife, Jada Pinkett – Smith, in house near Los Angeles, California. Their house is located in the secluded hills above Los Angeles. To find more information click here:

How do I Apply for a Green Card?

If you migrated to United States and would like to work you will need to apply for a green card you will also need this if you would like to be a U.S Citizen.You can find more information here:

What is Per Diem Pay?

Per diem pay is money that is received everyday and is not included in a paycheck. Truck drivers most generally get this type of pay if they have to stay away from home overnight.

How does the Federal Reserve System Work?

The federal reserve are known as the bank for all banks and the bank for the government.The federal reserve manages the nations money influence the economy as well as regulate financial institutions by increasing and reducing interest rate as well

How do I Change my Name After Marriage?

It is very easy to change your name after marriage. You should go to the social security department with you marriage certificate and ask to have your name changed. You should also go to the department of Motor Vehicles and

What is the Independent Variable?

An independent variable is the variable whose value is not dependent on other variables. For example, if you were looking at a study of the effect of temperature on animal populations, the temperature would be the independent variable because it

What is An Unsecured Credit Card?

An unsecured credit card is credit given on your creditworthiness alone. There is nothing but your signature and a promise that you will pay back what you have borrowed.

What is Foreign Investment?

A foreign investment is an investment in a company whose primary business takes place outside of the United States of America. The investment can be in the form of a stock, real estate or a commodity.

What is FHA?

FHA is the Federal Housing Administration which is part of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. FHA has helped millions of people in their quests to homeownership by providing mortgage insurance on a variety of homes through FHA

How Much is Ten Pence Worth?

10 pence would be equal to 20 cents in American money. 100 pence is equal to 1 pound. Right now the currency exchange rate is $1.67 for 1 pound.

How can I Evict Someone from my Home?

In order to evict someone from our house, you need to go through the eviction procedures. Each state has it’s own tenant laws. You may need the help of an attorney. For more information, look here:

What is Economic Efficiency?

In regards to production, economic efficiency is when a product is made at the lowest possible cost, per a set output. In society, economic efficiency is any changes made to help one person, would harm another. This occurs when all

What is a Roth 401k?

A Roth 401(k) is a retirement plan now being offered by many companies. It combines the tax benefits of a Roth IRA and the savings benefits of a traditional 401(k) plan.

How do I Get my W-2 Online?

You can get your W-2 online at a number of different sources. Sometimes directly from the employer or you could try an online service that specializes in W-2’s. You can find more information here:

How do You Get Out of Debt?

It is best to gather all of your bills together so you know exactly how much you owe. Then you should start paying off each debt however whichever debt has the highest interest rate you want to pay that off

How Long does It Take to Get Tax Refund Back?

When you file your taxes with a tax preparer there are many options on how you will receive any refund due to you. The quickest is the Rapid refund which in most cases the preparer have a refund for you

First Premier Credit Card?

First premier is a bank that allows bad credit. Applying and getting a decision can be done online. The credit line is small, around $250, and there are fees. This is a good unsecured credit card for rebuilding credit.

What is Min Wage?

As of today November 23, 2009, the federal minimum wage is $7.25. The minimum wage laws vary from state to state. The highest minimum wage amount is about $8.25

How to Set Up a Household Budget?

To set up a household budget, make a list of all expenses such as bills and necessities. Deduct the total of all these expenses from the overall monthly income, and set that money aside for paying bills!

Can Employers Withhold Paychecks?

It is illegal for any employer to not give you your paycheck for work you did. Now you mat have a week lapse in your first paycheck, which is normal for many companies. If you are referring to your last

What is Value At Risk?

Value at risk is used in financial mathematics to measure the risk of a loss in finical assets for a specific portfolio. The value at risk for a portfolio is usually calculated for 5 days to two weeks periods.

How to Calculate Wacc?

To figure the weighted average cost of capital, or WACC you will need to use a formula to figure the cost of capital component multiplied by proportional weight.

How to Apply for Free Government Grants?

You can apply for government grants online by visiting the government grant website. They provide grants for college students, new home owners, and new business owners. You can find more information here:

What is a Money Market?

A money market is a market for short-term debt instruments, such as borrowing and lending. You can talk to your local bank or investment firm to find out what the best money market investments may be.

What is An Independent Variable?

An independent variable is a object that is able to stand alone. They are used to tell the difference between two types of objects being considered or take a part.

Top 10 Companies?

There are some many but the ones that come mind. Computer/Software/Technology: Microsoft, Apple, IBM. Manufacturing: Ford, Mitsubushi, Coke, Pepsi. Furniture Ashley, Fingers, Star Furniture. Retail Chains: Walmart, Target, K-Mart. Fast Food: Jack-n-the-Box, Burger King, McDonalds. Entertainment: IMAX, Edwards Theaters.

How do I Get a Copy of my Divorce Decree?

Divorce is a legal proceeding that is recorded. A copy can be given to the parties involved by an attorney if one is present. Court systems have a recording of documents available on hard copy or electronic file.

What Color Should I Paint my Car?

You should paint your car whatever color makes you happy! Just make sure to go to a good paint shop or autobody shop, so you get a great paint job. And remember, once it’s painted, you will have to drive

What is a IRA?

An IRA is short for Individual Retirement Account. It’s an account that keeps the balance of the investments that have been made by the fund manager for you. Look here for more information:

Where do I Mail my Income Tax Return?

You can find out where to mail your federal income tax return on the IRS website. Different mailing centers handle different parts of the country and even different forms in some cases. Check with an IRS or tax professional in

What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is when you either make arrangements with your creditors, or you go through a debt management company to resolve your debt. It is a arrangement that is worked out between both parties on the repayment of the debt.

How do Hedge Funds Work?

Hedge fund is where a mall group of investors come together to make investments. These people have more money than they need and are looking to become richer.

How Safe is my Bank?

Your bank should be insured for up to $100,000 per account by the FDIC. If not, then you should change banks. Anything over $100,000 in any single account, is at risk.

How Much is An English Pound?

One English pound is equivalent to 1.66807 United States dollars. Right now, a United States dollar is a little more than an English pound.