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What does It Mean to Evaluate Something?

To evaluate something basically means to judge it or to critically analyze it. Teachers usually evaluate their students progress. In other words, teachers analyze their students progress.

How do You Calculate a Weighted Gpa?

A weighted average is where some of your scores or points count more than others. To calculate your average, take the first score and multiply it by the number of times it counts. For example, if you scored an A

Why School Should Start Later?

School should not start late. The last two years of my high school, school started the last week of August. This doesn’t make sense because the very next week we were out for labor day. Also, starting school late means

What is the Top Sat Score?

SAT scores range from 200-800. The top sat score is 800. The average score is around 500. Most colleges would like incoming students to at least have a 500.

How do I Calculate Grade Percentages?

In order to calculate your grade percentages, you add up all the scores from your work. Take that number and divide it by the number of actual scores, then you multiply by 100. This will be your percentage.

Where can I Find Bulletin Board Ideas?

To find bulletin board ideas for a classroom, all you need is imagination and help from the children within the class! There are many different kinds of bulletin board ideas all you need to do is come up with a

Where can I Find Free Worksheets?

The internet is a great resource for free printable worksheets. Websites include:,,,,, and can find more information here:

What is a Criminalist?

A criminalist is a person who is an expert or specialist in regards to the collection and handeling of evidence in criminal cases and crime scenes.

How Much does the Mcat Cost?

As of December 2009, the standard registration fee for the MCAT is US$230. There are additional fees for international test site, late registration, date reschedule, change of test site, etc.

How to be Persuasive?

To be persuasive you must have passion for the topic in which you are discussing. You should be sure to point out all of the positive reasons why people should agree with.

What is a Sorority?

A sorority is a group of girls from different backgrounds that get together all for a common goal. They often do volunteer work together.

What is Standardized Testing?

Standardized testing is tests that students take at certain grade levels to be sure that they are meeting the grade level requirements. The standards are already set and the students have to make a minimum score to pass.

Why Teach Science?

Science has to be taught so that people can survive. We apply science to everything that we do everyday. We rely on the alarm clock to wake us up. Because of science the alarm was invented, so therefore it can

How to Write a Professional Biography?

A professional biography is very important for any professional to have. This is information written about there personal life as well as there professional accomplishments. For more information on how to write a professional biography check out

Why do People Drop Out of High School?

People drop out of high school for many reasons. It can range from anything like needing to take care of a family member to personal reasons. It really depends on the person and their own particular reason for having to

What Job can I Get With my Degree?

First of all, there is no way to tell what type of job you can get with a degree if we don’t know the type of degree. If it is a college degree, we can tell you is that the

What is Good Teaching?

Good teaching is teaching a student how to think (as opposed to what to think) using methods and strategies that correspond to the student’s interests and abilities. Good teaching requires a solid education in the art of education, along with

What is Reggio Emilia?

It is an education philosophy that is centered around primary and preschool education. It was started near Reggio Emilia Italy around after the end of World War II.

How to Become a School Principal?

Most people become a school principal by working their way up. Many start as a teacher or counselor then take a job as vice principal. You can find more information here:

How to Write a Proper Essay?

A proper essay is usually five paragraphs long. In the first paragraph, tell them what the subject is and give a brief synopsis of what the paper is going to be about. The following three paragraphs should be your meat

How to Teach Grammar?

Teaching grammar is not hard at the basic level. By combining writing along with learning sentence structure students will learn how to ‘eye’ what looks and sounds to be correct English.

Why do School Shootings Occur?

Many school shootings are caused by children who are depressed and lonely. It is unfortunate that if they had been given the right counseling, the event may not have happened.

Why is There School?

School is important as it helps young students gain knowledge and wisdom. These qualities will be vital as the student gets older and heads to college and eventually gains a career.

Why is It Important to Read?

Reading is actually very important for a number of reasons. One of the many reasons why it is important to read is because of the fact that reading provides a temporary means of escaping reality for many people. Another reason

What is Meant By Apogee and Perigee?

Apogee and perigee both refer to the moon and its relation to the earth. The moon’s orbit is not circular, but a elliptical and when the moon is at its closest point to earth, it is said to be at

How to Begin a Research Paper?

You can begin a research paper by going to a library. Gather all books or resource materials that may contain information of the topic that you are going to research.

What is Formative Assessment?

It is process of reflecting on self to create and obtain student goals. It is a process shared between teacher and student that can be very effective.

How Much does a School Counselor Make?

The average salary for a school counselor is $48,500 per year with a low range being around $36,000 per year and a high range being around $61,000 per year. With a salary of $48,500 per year, a school counselor would

How is Math Used in Nursing?

Math is used in nursing to calculate drug dosages as well as Intravenous drip rates. To be able to sit for the Nclex R.N. Exam you must have taken a college algebra class as well as the other various classes.

What is my Learning Style?

To discover your learning style you need to think back about what helped you to remember the lesson clearly. Some people learn best by listening. Others have to actually write or be hands-on with whats being taught. Or combine all

Why I Deserve This Scholarship Essay?

When writing a scholarship essay, focus on the criteria for granting the scholarship. If it is a need based scholarship, focus letting the reader know how much it means to you to be able to attend college even though you

What is South Carolina State Motto?

The stte motto of the state of South Carolina, which is a state that is located in the southeastern portion of the United States, is: ‘Prepared in the mind and Resources’.

What Degree do I Need to Become a Teacher?

Teachers can come from a variety of educational backgrounds so, research different teaching careers. Research your state’s teaching certification requirements. Earn your bachelor’s degree. Complete an accredited teacher education program and pass teacher examinations

How to Write An Autobiography?

In order to write a autobiography, you want to make sure to tell the good and the bad about your entire life. It will sell much better it you put a lot of gossip in the autobiography.

What to Write in a Graduation Thank You Card?

When you write in a graduation thank you card, make sur that you thank them for the correct gift. There is nothing worse than thanking someone for the $100.00 WHEN THEY BOUGHT YOU A LAMP!.

How do I Become An Art Teacher?

To become an art teacher, enroll in a university with a college of education and take art education courses. Art education is similar to other forms of education in that a student will take classes in her or his content

What is a School?

A school is a place for people to learn. This could be anyone from ages 1 to 101! Schools are there to teach people just about anything, but the most common school are kindergarten through 12th grade. After that, it’s

How to Write a Comparative Essay?

When writing a comparative essay it is best to research the two topics that are being compared. Try to show how they are alike and different.

What is the No Child Left Behind Policy?

The no child left behind policy is a policy that President Bush created. It is intended to make sure that all children in the public school systems are gettng the same education. Each year the schools are tested and must

How to Make Science Projects?

Science projects can be a lot of fun if you put your mind to it. You can do science projects ranging from how something is made to you own invention. For more information see here:

How do I Become a Criminologist?

To become a criminologist you need to enroll and finish the course of criminology. This type of course will help you familiarize the methods and procedures in dealing different kinds of crimes.

What is There to do in Detroit?

There is the Detroit museum, Shen-Yen Performing Arts, and the John K. King used and rare bookstore with over 750,000 books. The bookstore is also known as one of the state’s largest bookstore. To find more information click here:

Where is Providence?

Providence is located in Rhode Island and is the state capital. It is one of the first cities in the US and is Rhode Islands largest city by population. Providence was founded by Roger Williams in 1636.

Where can I Sign Up for the Sat?

Contacting your local school guidance counselor is the best way to get signed up for the SATs. There is another form that you can do online at your convenience also.

What are Smart Boards?

Smart boards are electronic white boards which can enhance instruction and learning. The smart notebook software makes it possible for teachers to create dynamic lessons which address students specific skills.

What are the 8 be Verbs?

The eight ‘be’ verbs include be, being, been, were, was, are, is, am. You should limit the use of these verbs to about 30 percent in your sentences.

What is Vocational School?

A vocational school is a trade school. It is a school where students are taught the skills needed to perform a particular job. Examples of a trade include cosmetology or welding.

What is An Undergraduate Program?

An undergraduate program generally refers to post-high school education at a junior college or 4-year university. When a person completes an undergraduate program at a 4-year university they earn a bachelor’s degree. Post-graduate programs refer to study beyond the bachelor’s

What is Heartwood?

Heartwood is found at the center of the trunk of a tree. It has become inactive and has changed color because it no longer carries sap throughout the tree.

How to Papers?

How to papers are basically papers telling people how to do certain things. It is good to write the paper as if the reader knows nothing about the subject.

How Much are Teachers Paid?

In the United States, a teacher makes an average of $40,000 per year. That averages out to about $19.23 per hour. California has the highest national teacher’s salary starting at $55,693 per year.

What is Evaluation Research?

Evaluation research relates how techniques, methods and policies have affected certain aspects of systems in the public and private sector.

Where can I Find Free Certificates?

There are many sites on line that offer free templates that you can use to make your own certificates. Certificates are used to recognize someone for an achievement they have accomplished. For more information, look here:

How Much does a Criminal Investigator Make?

A criminal investegator can make anywhere between 35-60 thousand a year depending on where you work and how much experience you have.

Who Invented the First School?

The Byzantines were the first to establish a school system. The Greeks did, a man called Horace Mann invented the first public schools.

How to Write a Valedictorian Speech?

Getting chosen as your classes valedictorian is a great honor it means that you out shined the rest and are an inspiration to the student body. You should plan to speak for approximately 15 minutes. Make sure you are yourself,

Who can Claim Copyright?

The author of the work in question is the only one who can claim ownship to the copyright. If you create an original work you can get it copyrighted since you are the creator of the work. To find more

How to Debate?

You have to be really prepared if you want to debate. You must have all information needed for the theme and also your own attitude. Also there must be some other side that thinks opposite of you. Find people and

What are Some Good Science Experiments?

One good science experiment is to figure out which medication breaks down in a digestive system the fastest and easiest. Another good idea for a science experiment is which popular brand of soda affects our teeth the worst, and in

What is the Schwa Sound?

The schwa sound is a neutral vowel sound. If a syllable of a word is not accented often the vowel sound is not very strong or obvious, it makes it a schwa.

Where can I Find Old News Articles?

There are any number of places where a person can find old news articles. One the first places that comes to mind is the local public library. Try searching in the periodicals section of the library first. Ask the librarian

How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay?

To write a 5 paragraph essay brainstorm ideas about a topic. After you have come up with a suitable topic, create a rough draft. In the first paragraph create the introduction paragraph. In the second through fourth paragraph create supporting

Why do Kids Bully?

Kids bully for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons are that they have (1) unfulfilled lives, (2) problems but do not know how to express them, or (3) are bullied and may be abused by older persons. Others

What is New York ZIP Code?

The zip code in New York is very easy to remember because it starts with the number 1 and moves from there. The first one that is located is 12201, 12202, 12203 adn then it goes down the line from

How to Write a Monograph?

Monograph should start with you Thesis statement followed by the Argument section to prove the point of the monograph. You will then state the Method, which you should break down to 4 sections which are: Sources, Organization of the Study,

How to Write Biographies Self?

Self written biographies are time consuming but can be very rewarding. It all has to do with organization and development. There is the narrative style of writing that is useful here.

Why do You Want to Teach?

I want to teach because I love learning and I love helping other people understand various subject matters. I love helping people become smarter.

Where can I Purchase Old High School Yearbooks?

When you are trying to purchase old high school yearbooks, the best place to start is your old high school, if the school is no longer around contact the school corporation and they should be able to give you printer

What Cities are Near Fort Leonard Wood Missouri?

If you are looking a list of schools in cities near Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, visit the GreatSchool.Net website at

What is a Valedictorian?

The top-ranking (academically) student in a graduating class is given the honor of being the valedictorian. First, he or she is recognized with the highest award and second, he or she is charged with making a speech. This is an

What is a GED?

GED stands General Education Development. It is obtained by a person that does not complete high school in the traditional way. You can get a GED by attending night school classes. Look here for more information:

What is Naeyc?

The NAEYC is the National Association for the Education of Young Children. It works to improve the education of pre-school children. It also publishes a professional journal for its members.

What does It Take to be a Teacher?

Being a teacher consists of many different things. Teaching should come naturally to anyone that is thinking about the profession. Their is education involved but a teacher must have a love for students.

What are the Greek Letters?

The Greek letters are the names and the symbols of the Greek alphabet that are now used in science and in designations in sororities and fraternities.

How to Write An Acknowledgement?

Basically in an acknowledgment you will thank those who have helped you with your thesis. It should be on a separate page and should include words of appreciation for colleagues, seniors and loved ones. Look here for more information:

How Much Should I Charge for Tutoring?

That would depend on how experienced and knowledgable you are in the subject. If you are a novice, you can reasonably expect to charge in $10 to $20 per hour range. If you have extensive knowledge of the subject you

How to Become a Notary in California?

To become a notary in the state of California you will be required to attend a course, pay for your stamp, pay a fee, and then you will be able to work.

What is Year Round School?

Year-round school occurs when the scheduled school year does not take a traditional summer break between grade promotion. Summer vacation was instituted to allow for children to work family farms, a practice largely outdated in present society.

Requirements to Become a Teacher?

Requirements to become a teacher include having a bachelor’s degree, practice teaching experience, and certification. When schools are desperate, they relax the rules a little. Truthfully, the untold requirements are these: overblown ideas about what you can do in a

How do You Grade on a Curve?

The best paper even if it is only a C paper becomes the 100 paper that all other papers are graded on. That is one of the ways it is done.

What is Criminal Mischief?

Criminal mischief is the damaging of property that doesn’t belong to you. For example, graffiti is considered criminal mischief, and is punishable by law.

How do You Write Cursive?

Writing in cursive is usually taught in elementary school. It is basically connecting the letters together without lifting your pen or pencil. The letters look as if they were written in italic.

How can I Study Better?

Make sure you are in a relaxed area, put on some low playing music. Read what your studying to yourself and then read it again out loud. Helps you to memorize.

What is a Kwl Chart?

A KWL chart is a reading tool commonly used by elementary-level teachers in English-Language Arts classes. The acronym stands for ‘Know, Want to Know, Learned.’ Students are given the general topic of a book, such as, ‘This book is about

What is the Definition of Comprehension?

The definition of comprehension is understanding what is meant and remembering it over time. Comprehension is important in reading, math and other subjects.

Where can I Find my School?

You can find your school by doing a search using the name of the school, town and state as the search phrase. This should bring up what you are looking for. Although, if it is your school, you already know

How do You Avoid Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is when something is copied word for word. To avoid plagiarism you can write the facts but be sure that you do so in your own words.

Where is San Marino Located?

There are two popular San Marino’s. One is located in Southern Europe, in an enclave in central Italy. The other is located in Southern California in the United States. For more information, look here:

What is Secondary Research?

Secondary research is when you read a book about your subject. Primary research is when you read your subject’s own words. For example, if I was writing a paper about the Civil War, I could do secondary research and read

What is Distance Education?

Distance education is education that is acquired by a student living far away form a college or university via internet access. Distance learning occurrs all the time, and many campuses of big universities and colleges in the US offer distance

What is a Definition Essay?

A definition essay is an essay that is written by students in order to define smething. The essay is used to explain something that is often times not well known.

How to Make a Rubric?

Rubrics are used by teachers and educators to grade tests, papers, projects etc. Many educators like them because they believe they make grading more effecient and less objective. Basically you want to start by making some bullet points of what

What is a Fast Typing Speed?

A fast typing speed would be over 50 wpm (words per minute). The average professional typist types between 50-70 words per minute. Some typist can even do 170 words per minute!

Where can I Take the GED Test Online?

First of all, you are not allowed to take the GED test online. That is because there is no way to tell if your are actually taking the test yourself. There are however, practice tests available online. You can find

What is a Class B Drivers License?

A Class B license entails the driver to operate vehicles weighing over 26000 pounds (11793 kg) in addition to any of the vehicles contained in Class C

What is the Act Test?

An act test is a test administered to high school students to check achievements in four studies: reading, writing, math, and science. It is also used in connection with college admissions.

What do I Need to Become a Preschool Teacher?

Research your state’s teaching certification requirements. Preschool teachers need to have at least an associates degree or a required number of training hours in most states. Preschool teachers also need to have a clear criminal history and TB shots.

Should 6th Graders be in Middle School?

Yes. I believe sixth graders should be in middle school. Why? Because most six graders are around 12 years old, and at that age they are much more mature than grades one through five. At that age, their maturity level

What to Write in a Graduation Program?

When writing a graduation program be sure that you have the correctly spelled listing of all the students in the graduating class. Make sure the program is legible and that the schools logo is on the front. Graduating is a

How do I Obtain a Series 7 License?

There are a few things you need to do to obtain a series 7 license to become a stockbroker. First, just to take the test, you have to have a sponsorship or employment at NASD or exchange member firm. You

Where is Stanford Located?

Stanford University is located approximately 37 miles outside of San Fransisco, California towards the south east of the city. It is approximately 20 miles north west of San Jose.

How Long does It Take to Get a Bachelors Degree?

To get a bachelors degree it usually takes on average at least 4 years. Many people do go longer but if you take 4 to 5 classes each semester and making up any in the summer you can do it

How to Write a White Paper?

When you want to write a white paper you need to argue a specific position or argue for a solution to a problem. Usually white papers have to do with governmental policies they have become more common place in technological

What is a Prospectus?

A prospectus is a document that is given to investors in stocks, mutual funds or other investment vehicles. A prospectus will outline the investment strategy, state of the company and risks associated with investing.

What is Inquiry?

An inquiry is a statement that asks a question. The sentence of ‘what is an inquiry’ is actually an example of what an inquiry is in itself.

How to Write a Essay?

To write an essay you have to take it in several steps. Those steps are to research, write a proposal, compile your notes, plan the actual essay, write the essay, and revise to a finshed product. There are several types

How to Speed Read?

There are many different methods to speed reading. You want to choose a method that still allows you to retain the information you have read. Look here for more information:

Where can I Find Teacher Lesson Plans?

There are lots of lesson plans available for teachers on the web. You might want to check with school administrators to see which websites they prefer. For more information, look here:

How to Write a Professional Growth Plan?

A professional growth plan is a document that a person uses to determine what their career goals are and how they will be obtained. A growth plan identifies skills that need to be improved to progress a person’s career to

Why is Academic Integrity Important?

Academic integrity is important when applying to different colleges and other educational acadamies. It is what is looked at when searching for admittance.

Types of Assessment Tools?

Some great assessment tools include exams or oral presentations. Poster presentations and concept maps make great visuals. Each student has different learning styles, so you want to have a variety to cover each ones strong points.

Why is Cheating Bad?

The reason you go to school is to learn. If you are thinking about cheating, then you likely have not learned something that is important enough to be tested on. Missing out on information may not seem important now, but

How to do Better in School?

If you want to do better in school, you should take notes regarding the lectures. You can also ask your teacher what you can do to earn extra credit. Study for tests and do your homework.

What are Short Vowels?

Short vowels are /a/ as in cat, /e/ as in red, /i/ as in rid, /o/ as in rod, and /u/ as in pug. Long vowels are simply the name of the letter.

How to Right An Essay?

When you write an essay you are writing an informative essay about a certain topic. You want to add as much information as you can in your essay.

Can You Help Me?

Whether or not anyone can help you depends on what you need help with. If you need help on a specific subject try searching for that subject.

Why is Attendance Important?

Attendance at school is important because it is hard to learn if you aren’t there for the teacher to instruct. It is important on the job because you won’t get paid if you aren’t present and doing the job. It

What is a Visual Learner?

A visual learner is someone who learns best by watching or seeing how something is done. A visual learner would do best watching the teacher perform an experiment, watching a film or using photos/pictures accompanied by text.

What Language is Spoken in Transylvania?

Transylvania is in Romania, which means they speak Romanian. The de facto hero of Transylvania is Vlad the Impaler, which the dracula legend was based off of.

How to Learn to Type Fast?

To learn how to type fast, you first have to learn the basics of typing. Try doing a search for ‘typing practice’ and do a few practice games. From there, just practice! Try to type as much as you can,

How can I Write a Book?

Writing a book is a simple but tedious process. Getting a book published is another story all together. Keep yourself focused and don’t fill your manuscript with a bunch of stuff that is irrelevant to your story or purpose. The

What is Response to Intervention?

Interventions are processes in which those persons with addictions are confronted about the effects caused by their disease. The response can be denial, or compliance.

What is Educational Leadership?

Educational leadership is a field of study that is predominantly responsible for training school administrators, including principals, special education directors and superintendents.

What Science Fair Project Should I do?

Making and testing a volcano model makes a good science fair project in earth science

What does a Diploma Look Like?

A diploma is a piece of paper given to a student when they graduate. It should have the graduates name and the signature of the principal. It also usually has a seal to make it official.

How to Write An Essay?

It is easy to write an essay paper. An essay paper is either to argue a particular point or show someone steps to compete a task. As long as you can figure out which you want to write about the

What are Rubrics?

A rubric is generally what is used as an almost checklist of things to include in a paper. For example, it might include the number of paragraphs needed, as well as how many points the paper is worth.

How do I Become a School Bus Driver?

You can become a school bus driver in most states by earning your commercial driver’s license (CDL) or a limo license in some states. School bus drivers must pass background checks that may include criminal history, driving history, and civil

How to Teach Verbs?

To teach verbs, write a simple sentence on the board and below that, write the simple definition of a verb. Tell the students that a verb is an action word. Then have the students try to figure out the verb

How do You Brief a Case?

First, you’ll need to read the entire case before taking any other steps. Then, make a summary of the entire cases, including all important facts to help the case. If you are making a student brief, include all the information

Why is Academic Honesty Important?

Academic honesty is highly important because it requires that students are honest about where they are getting their information, statistics, and other things from. Students should be able to find credible sources before leaving college.

Back to School Bulletin Board Ideas?

Fortunately there are lots of back to school bulletin board ideas on the internet. At

How to Write a Classification Paper?

A classification paper is just that. You will classify or organize different things or views in different categories. Each part of the classification needs equal attention.

How Long is a 500 Word Essay?

Apparently, a 500 word essay is too long for you. Please do not try to count to 500, check your count on your computer.

What are White Papers?

White papers are reports by authorities in their fields. In them, a specific question or issue is raised. The reason for the papers is that the expert has what he/she believes is the answer or solution. This is their way

What is Primary Research?

Primary research is the first collection of data. It is getting data from the subjects themselves. It is studying the actual plants, people or animals instead of just analyzing the data.

Where can I Find Research Papers?

Research papers that were previously written, such as college student’s thesis papers can sometimes be found published at the local university and may even be checked out of the university library upon permission. If you are looking for previously written

University of Phoenix Online?

Online studying is very convenience and flexibility especially if you have time constrains and can manage your time and work towards achieving your goals. If you need physical group interaction to enhance your studies then you should reconsider online studying.

What is Environmental Print?

Environmental print is print that is found in everyday life. Stop signs, grocery store ads and signs, various symbols (like the handicapped parking symbol) and bus stop signs are all examples of environmental print.

How to Write Instructions?

When writing instructions, use short sentences that are descriptive and will allow you to go in a series fashion. The last sentence should state what the intended product or procedure should look like.

Types of Standardized Tests?

The most popular standardized testing is the SAT or Scholastic Aptitude Test. The SAT is required to enter into college so most high school students participate.

When was Rhode Island Founded?

Rhode Island was founded in 1636 by Roger Williams after he was kicked out of Massachusettes because of his religious beliefs. Today, Rhode Island is the smallest state within the United States.

Why is Education So Important?

Education is so important because it is the key to a person’s future. If you have a good education it will help you to achieve all types of goals.

How Fast can the Average Person Type?

The average person can type about 40 or 50 wpm. There are free downloads online to help improve typing. Practice, practice, practice is a great way to type better.

How do I Start An Essay With a Hook?

Determine the thesis of your essay, and then introduce that thesis with an opening sentence that captures the reader’s. This can be done with a statement that identifies a shocking statistic, addresses a controversial question, challenges popular thought, etc.

Why do You Want to Become a Teacher?

There are many great reasons to become a teach. One of the biggest ones is getting to brighten and fill the lives of many children through pertinent and useful information.

How to Calculate What You Need on a Final Exam?

How you calculate what you need is simple,add test scores all together,divide by number of test,there is the answer

How Much do Kindergarten Teachers Make?

Kindergarten teachers salary can vary greatly. The salary is based off of location, cost of living in a particular area, experience, and education.

How Many People Go to College Each Year?

With colleges and universities all around the world, there are no accurate counts of students at any given time, but the guess would be in the millions! Now, that would be on huge classroom!

How do I do a Book Report?

First, read the book. Then state what the theme of the book was. Then you need to summarize the book. The conclusion can include your personal thoughts about the book.