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How to Brief a Case?

You remember the phrase ‘just the facts ma’am’. That is what you are doing when giving a brief. You are just sticking with what the other person needs to know. All you are doing is sticking to the issues at

Why I Deserve This Scholarship Example?

A Why I Deserve this Scholarship essay is completely personal. There are no real examples. You have to look inside yourself and then articulate the reasons on paper.

What does Citizenship Mean?

A person having the rights to belong to a city or country is one meaning of citizenship. Being rewarded for good conduct or behavior is also another meaning. Look here for more information:

Types of Awards?

In today’s society there is a wealth of awards out there. There are many awards that are given to performers to recognoize their extreme talent in the entetainment industry. There are awardsd tht are given to top instructors in schools

Why Students Dropout?

A lot of students drop out for various reasons. Some kids feel like they have never fit in anywhere at school. A lot of kids become parents in high school, so they quit to works. Some kids are from low

Types of Technical Writing?

There are not many different kinds of technical writing, as technical writing is simply one kind of writing in itself. Although this is the case, there are different subjects that the informative style of writing may cover. The subjects are

How Many Pages is 2000 Words?

If the page is double spaced, font 12, roman font, and 1inch margins, you will get about 6-7 pages. This information can be found at

How to Tie Tie?

To tie a tie isn’t as tedious as it seems. Start with the wide end on your right, and extend almost a foot below the narrow end. Bring the wide end over the narrow end. Then bring the wide end

Can 16 Year Olds Go to Jail?

Yes, 16-year-old kids can go to jail. They can be tried in court as adults in some states. If they are tried as adults their record stays with them forever.

Where can I Buy Cheap Books?

Cheap books may be found in a wide variety of places. The cheapest books are found through a used bookstore in your local community. Other places to find cheap books are on the internet through websites such as and

How Much does Driving School Cost?

Driving schools vary in their prices; but, be prepared to pay a average of $100 a lesson. That also depends on whether the lesson is behind-the-wheel or not. Whatever the cost, please pay it for your safety’s sake. Check this

Where can I Get a GED?

Many GED’s are obtained through community colleges and through night school programs for adults at local high schools. Community colleges however are a better choice because many of these programs also contain a means of finding work after you get

Where can I Sell my Textbooks Online?

you can sell your textbooks online at several different locations such as

How to Get High School Diploma?

The best way to get a high school diploma is to stay in school and finish. Of course, you will need passing grades and attend the required number of days in order to qualify. If you dropped out and now

What is English as a Second Language?

If someone says they are learning english as a second language it means that their native language is not english. In many foreign countries students are required to learn english in addition to their own language.

What is Effective Listening?

Effective listening is when a person stops talking and listens to what another person has to say. Inorder to be considered effective listening one much truly pay attention and comprehend what the other person is saying. It is proper to

Do You Need to Underline the Title of a Book?

Yes, you do need to underline the title of a book when the including it in a report or paper.

What is Homeschooling?

Home Schooling is when you do not go to a public school. Instead you get taught at home by either your parents or someone comes in to your home to teach you.

What is Adult Education?

Adult education refers to a class that adults attend to further their education. Many work places provide additional classes for adults to learn more about a certain subject. For more information see here:

What is Taks?

TAKS is the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, a standardized test used in Texas primary and secondary schools as a measurement of students’ advancement in Reading, Writing , Math, Science, and Social Studies.

How to Write a Good Summary?

The first step to writing a good summary is to understand thoroughly the materials that you are planning to summarize. Identify key points from each source and list them in a systematic way. Be sure you don’t include a long

What is a Concept Paper?

A concept paper is generally paper that is written about a given concept. Such given concepts include concepts abou relgion and music or sciences.

Where Did Roberto Clemente Go to School?

Roberto Clemente went to High School at Julio Vizcarrando and then he transferred to Instituto Comercial Puerto Rico in Hato Rey because Julio High School would not allow him to go to school and play for the crabbers. For more

How to Make Friends in High School?

The best way to make friends in high school is to be you. You want to pay close attention to the different personalities to make sure the person that you want to befriend is compatible. Once you find that person,

Can I Practice Theory Test Online?

Yes, you can practice theory test online. This is a tool that will assist students in the knowledge of what is to be used in the literature. It can be completed by conducting a test of adequacy and accurance for

What does Curriculum Mean?

Curriculum is the combine subjects that a student has in one year or school grade. The curriculum is made up of books, workbooks, and other things that teach the student.

Where can I Find my School Website?

Type in wwww.your school’s, for major universities. Otherwise, use your favorite search engine, and type in the name of your

What are Good Study Habits?

To study effectively, keep everything organized. Study in a well lit, comfortable area. Most people are able to study better with no outside distractions. Take a break every 30-45 minutes so you do not lose focus.

Where can I Take my GED Exam Online?

These days there are lots of different ways to get your GED. Now days many of people take their GED exam online, where it’s affordable, easy and fast! One of the best site I have found is

Why Teach Social Studies?

Some people teach Social Studies because they love history. Others teach it because they want to influence youth to take part in the democratic process.

Where can I Take the Sat?

The sat is usually given numerous times at your local high school. Once you have sent in the sat paperwork with a selected date they will send back a confirmation letter with the location and time. You can plan on

Where can I Practice Typing?

You could practice typing with

How to Apply for College?

You locate the school that you would like to attend, then you either call or get online and ask for an application. A majority of schools have applications available online as well. You make sure that you meet the schools

How do I Find Old Friends for Free?

Social networks like MySpace and Facebook are free. You just need to register your email address and add the personal information you want to share. Then, wait for a friend request.

What is the Language of Japan?

The primary language of Japan is Japanese. It is spoken by over 99 percent of the Japanese population. In addition, Japanese is the sixth most popular language in the world.

Why do We Need Literacy?

Literacy, most importantly leads to empowerment of people; it enhances the thought process and hence contributes directly to better job opportunities and standard of living.

What is Performance Assessment?

A performance assessment is a test involving a physical performance by a student. Performance assessments range from piano recitals, to timing how long it takes a physical education student to run a mile, to judging the quality of a speech

How to Write a Narrative Essay?

Steps on how to write a narrative essay are decide on a topic, discuss the topic with your professor, brainstorm several ways the narrative can go, do not stop writing, let your writing flow steam, reread the essay, edit for

Where can I Find Textbooks Online?

Buying new and used textbooks online has become a popular way to save money. Sites like collegswapshop allow you to connect with other students to buy and sell books while major retailers like Barnes and Noble also sell new textbooks.

How to Deal With a Bully?

To deal with a bully, you should always take the higher road. Do not bully back. If you are school aged, you need to speak to your parents and/or guidance counselor. If you are an adult, speak to your supervisor

What Percentage of Americans have College Degrees?

According to the US Census Bureau, 28% of Americans have a college degree. This number represents those with at least a Bachelor’s degree. According to the census’ information, having a college degree can double your wages. Wow! For more information,

What is a Flow Map?

Flow maps are used by students in schools. A flow map will show movement of objects from one place to another. It can also show the movement of people from one place to another. For more information look here:

Free Elementary Math Worksheets?

The federal government has an excellent website for geting free elementary math worksheets. By the way, there are free worksheets for other areas and grade levels as well. See

How Many Schools are in the United States?

There are about 125,000 schools in the United States. From 1995 to 2008 enrollment has risen 26% from 39 million to 49 million. The largest public school system in the US is New York City.

How to Write a Rationale?

Determine how to write a rationale by first outlining your thoughts on why you chose to use any particular medium. For example, if you are a teacher and you choose a particular book for your students to use, you may

How to Stop a Bully?

The best way to stop a bully would be in a nonviolent manner. With that being said, you have every right to defend yourself. If the bullying is happening at school, speak with your teachers, guidance counselor, and principal. They

What are Primary Resources?

Primary resources, also known as primary sources, are documents and artifacts which are original and belong to the time period in question. For example, a book about George Washington is a secondary source. But the materials used by the author

How to Become a Csi Agent?

You want to go to college and study investigations and criminal justice. Then apply for a position with the CSI unit you would like to work for.

What is Integrated?

To be integrated is to be made a part of. When they integrated schools, for examples, minorities were made a part of the regular school system instead of having a system of their own.

What is Sat?

This could be considered many different ways. It can be considered as a verb as in one sitting in a chair, or it can be the abbreviation for Saturday, or the SAT test given in schools.

How to Write a Dbq Essay?

A DBQ essay is a common assignment in high school as well as colleges. DBQ stands for Document Based Question. History is one subject where you are likely to find these essays asked of you, but so are art and

What is a Supercomputer?

A supercomputer is a computer that numbers among the largest fastest computers. Supercomputers are used to process the most complex problems such as testing the aerodynamics of military planes and to model nuclear explosions.

Why Home School?

Home schooling creates an awesome learning environment for students. Home schooling allows students to learn at their own pace and study things that are of interest to them. Students are able to interact with other children as well as adults

What Supplies do I Need for the 6th Grade?

Every school supply list is different, but the supplies you will need for the 6th grade most likely include a graphing calculator, pens, pencils, college-ruled paper, and binders. The more binders you get for all of your classes, the more

How Much do Tutors Get Paid?

This all depends on the subject and the grade level and whether the tutor works for a tutoring company or simply for themselves. Typically speaking, tutors these days make anywhere from $20-$45 per hour.

What is the Appropriate Age to Start Preschool?

The appropriate age to start preschool is generally 4 years old. Around 4 years old children are starting to form their own unique personality. For more information on enrolling your child in preschool visit:

Where is Notre Dame College Located?

The Notre Dame University is actually located in the state of New York. Their address is 10 E 40th St #1901, New York, New York, 10016-0201.

What is the Definition of a Helping Verb?

A helping verb is a word that comes before the main verb in assistance. They are also known as auxiliary verbs. The words as, be, and will are some examples.

Do You Underline Book Titles in Essays?

Yes, you underline book titles in essays. When you are typing you can just italicize it. Another option when you are hand writing your essay, is to put them in quotes.

How Much do Substitute Teachers Make?

How much substitute teachers make depends upon their state. It is a vast array of amounts that are given based off of which school system it is in.

Why is Reading Important?

Reading is important because it affects your whole life and everything you do. Want to drive? You have to know how to read the signs, the handbook, the testing materials, etc. Want to buy a home? You’ll have to know

How do You Write a Reflective Essay?

A reflective essays’ thesis is designed to tell about a persona event or experience of the author. The main idea is that it contains the authors’ very own perception of this experience. This type usually deals with social issues that

Where can I Sell my College Textbooks?

Some good places to sell college textbooks are at and ebay. Many students search these sites to purchase used and new textbooks.

Who Invented Cursive Writing?

Back in 14 A.D, an Italian man named Aldus Manutius was credited for creating cursive handwriting with Roman capitals and small letters.

Where can I Take the GED?

When you’re ready to take your GED test, the best place to go is your local community college. You can find out any fees they will charge and when you can go in and take the test. Make sure to

How Many High Schools in the United States?

There are thousands of high schools in the U.S. You can find the information that you need at,

How to Pass Your Driving Test?

Pass your driving test by following the rules and practicing. If you do not have someone to practice with you and cannot afford driving class, find a simulator – something! Please do not get on the road until you pass-that-test.

Why Homework is Bad for Kids?

Homework is not bad for kids. It emphasizes what is being taught in the classroom and better prepares them for the workforce when they get older.

How to Summarize a Story?

In order to summarize a story, you’ll probably need to read it. A summary sums up what the story is about. Be sure to include important points or events and not so much the minute details. Those are left for

What does the Word Alaska Mean?

The word Alaska means great country, or the grea land. The word was derived from Aleut. The state of Alaska was admited into the United States on January 3, 1959.

How do I Calculate my Sat Scores?

There is a more meticulous way of adding them up, and then there is the easier way. You just add up the critical reading, math and writing scores. The essay, and multiple choice questions are just sub-scores.

Why do Students Drop Out?

Some students drop out of school because they do not think that they can achieve a goal of receiving a degree or diploma. No student should drop out of school.

How do Children Learn Through Play?

Children are able to learn a lot by playing. When they play the are using their imagination which is using their brain. When they play with other children they learn how to share and figure out social situations.

What is a Diagnostic Test?

A diagnostic test is a highly detailed and in depth test that will almost always find out the specific problem or causation of a medical problem.

When Did Teaching Start?

Teaching actually starts the day that a baby is born. The baby is trained to do the things that it must do which is all part of the teaching process. The teaching continues all through life, even adulthood.

How do I Get my Drivers Permit?

Getting your drivers permit is a simple process, you must go to your DMV, Drivers motor vehicle license bureau office, and talk to a representative. They will then instruct you to buy a package, so that you can study for

What School Will my Child Attend By ZIP Code?

A main concern recently for parents have been the county changing the zoning for the schools, it is especially a hassle for parents that have there children going to the school that i closer to where they live. To find

Can I Get a GED Online?

You can get a G.E.D. online. There are a number of educational programs that offer courses for you to complete in order to fulfill the requirements necessary to obtain a G.E.D. You can check out places like Excel High School.

What is the Montessori Method?

The Montessori method was developed by Maria Montessori in Italy. It was originally for poor children. In Montessori the directress (teacher) shows a child how to do a task and makes sure he or she knows how to do it

How do I Become a Border Patrol Agent?

A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice is a requirement to become a border patrol agent. Applications can then be done online.You can find more information here:

What is the No Child Left Behind?

The No Child Left Behind act was signed into effect by President Bush to assure that no child is left behind developmentally in school. The Act requires that all states set a standard achievement for education. All public schools are

Can You Get Your GED Online?

You can get your GED online by taking the preparation classes first. I found a wonderful site that helps with that part:

How to Write a Biography About Yourself?

Writing a biography of yourself would start with the day you were born. You will chronicle the major events of your life. Include memories and anecdotes you recall while growing up.

How to Write a Paragraph About Yourself?

To write a paragraph about yourself you should include your name, the date you were born, and where you were born. You may also want to include information about your family.

How do You Write An Expository Essay?

To write an expository essay you must use facts as you basis and not opinion. You can use the readers senses to hear, smell or feel what you are describing. For more information look here:

What are Helping Verbs?

A helping verb adds more detail to a regular verb. Some examples of helping verbs include be, been, are, was, does, should, have, and shall. There are 23 helping verbs in the English language.

How to Apply for Scholarships?

Applying for scholarships can be easy. First, find the scholarships you want to apply to. Then your fill out the application and attach any accompanying materials and you are done.

How to Write a Reflective Essay?

A reflective essay is a narrative about something that happened to you, or that you were some how a part of. An example might be How I spent my summer vacation. Simply put you wish to share the story in

What is the ZIP Code for Hawaii?

Hawaii has lots of zip codes. The Big Island (Honolulu) has about 50 by itself. They range from 96801-96850. If I could just go to one of those areas I’d be happy.

Why Should Students Stay in School?

Students should stay in school because it usually helps to keep students out of trouble and teaches students about different methods of learning.

What does Interdisciplinary Mean?

Interdisciplinary would refer to something that draws from two fields of study. For instance you could take a class in college that covers forestry and biology in the same course. It has become a popular way to teach in some

How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

You have to find a subject that you feel strongly about. Then write a list of reasons that support your opinion. You are trying to make your reader believe in what your saying.

How to Become a Better Reader?

Read read read. That is the absolute best way to become a better reader. You will become more used to words, sounds and spelling of words.

How to Cheat on a Test?

To cheat on a test is pretty easy, but it is also the easiest way to cheat yourself. First of all, if you get caught (and most people do), you fail automatically. The 50% you know is better than zero

What is Parental Involvement?

Parental involment is simply being involved in your child or childrens lives. Be active in their school work, their friends and jobs. Know what is going on in your childs life. Be there for them and guide them.

What is Civics?

Technically civics is the study of good citizenship. It is the promotion and education on how to be more active responsible people in a community. It is also the study of the rights and obligations people have to each other

How do I Become a Music Teacher?

To become a music teacher, you’ll need to pursue a degree that focuses either entirely in music, with appropriate classes to gain a state license, or pursue a degree in music education. Check with your local college for more information!

When was the First School Built?

Schools have been in existence for so long that it is not known for sure when the first school was built. Schools, which gather students together to teach them as a group, have existed at least since ancient Greece.

How do You Write An Introduction?

Writing an introduction can be tricky. It is best to include one main idea in an introduction. Then include things that support the main idea with facts and examples.

How to Write a Theme Paper?

Writing a theme paper is the basic essay. In writing a theme paper, one major idea emerges from statements about a particular topic. From this primary point, through some innovations, this theme is resolved.

Who Developed the Micr Font?

The 29 micr font was developed by Michel Bujardent. It was made for Windows, Macintosh, Linux and OS/2. There were also demos available as well.

Where is Syracuse University Located?

Syracuse University is located in Syracuse, New York. It is private and is organized into 13 schools and colleges. It is known for its programs for business administration, public administration, and engineering among many others. Also, Denver Nuggets Forward Carmelo

What Kind of Education do Teachers Need?

Each type of teacher needs a different education. A high school teacher needs, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree with a focus in secondary education. Alternatively, they may have a bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in education or have completed

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation is the act in which one granting of approval or credit, which is also referred to as ‘accrediting.’ Many people experience this act when applying for college. What great memories that must hold for many.

How do You Write a Salutatorian Speech?

A salutatorian speech should be written and spoken with passion, you should first reflect on why this moment is important to you and your classmates, address the past with reflections on milestones, happy times, thank friends, teachers, family members and

How do I Read my Sat Scores?

To read your SAT scores, you need to add Math, Critical Reading, and Writing to get that number.The verbal score would be the writing score on the SAT.There are 800 points each for Math, Reading and Writing.

How can I Find An Old Classmate?

The best way to find an old classmate is by doing an internet search. Also try looking on MySpace and Facebook. Additionally, get in touch with your school’s reunion committee.

How do I Start An Essay About Myself?

First you should gather facts about yourself. You should make sure that they are interestings facts. Then all you need to do is make a starting paragraph about all the topics you are going to discuss. The make a paragraph

What are Character Traits?

Character traits are the different personalities that each person has and that person is usually known by family and friends. A character trait may include being adventurous, shy, or outgoing.

What is Differentiated Learning?

Differentiated learning is creating different assignments based on each student’s ability level and starting point. Often the same basic assignment can be altered just a little bit to accommodate each student.

How to Write An Informative Essay?

An informative essay is written to inform someone about a particular subject. It is best to complete an outline before writing the paper so that the paper can flow in a clear direction.

Where can I Find Science Project?

An excellent resource for science project ideas is located at They offer project ideas from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Your local library will also have multiple books containing project ideas. For more information look here:

How to Learn to Type?

Learning to type can benefit you greatly when you are applying for a job. There are several free online typing courses that will get you on your way to being a great typist. It may take some time but keep

First Day of School Worksheets?

First day of school worksheets are available at a lot of sites. Please use worksheets sparingly, depending on your students and their grades as these can be crutches for you and turnoff for them. Take your pick and print free

What is Language Arts?

Language arts is the study of learning your native language. It is learning to read and write, phonics, handwriting, vocabulary, and spelling. It can be any language or part of language such as grammar that is spoken in the area.

How to Improve Writing Skills?

You can improve your writing skills by taking a writing class. You can also keep a journal and write down your thoughts. The more your write, the better your vocabulary gets.

What is An I Search Paper?

An I search paper to my understanding, is more or less known as a research paper where the writer is finding information pertaining to a certain topic, and analyzing it with a unique pizazz.

How to Teach Drawing Conclusions?

If you want to teach how to draw conclusions, you will find many interactive web sites that are full of gret advice and practical lessons. For more information look here:

What is a Junior College?

A junior college, also called a community college, is a two-year college where students can learn jobs skills and earn A.A. (associate of arts) degrees or complete general education requirements before transferring to a 4-year college or university. It is

What is Post Secondary Schooling?

Post secondary school would be classes taken after you graduate from high school. If you enrolled in college, than you would be in a post secondary school.

Typing Tests Timed Wpm?

Typing test are usually timed to measure you words per minute. Some people give these results to employers to look at when it comes to there typing skill. Taking typing test over and over will help to increase your typing

Top 10 Science Fair Projects?

The top ten science fair projects include volcanoes, egg flotation, or a simple electric circuit. You can also do a project about electromagnets, a potato battery or electric generators. Look here for more information:

How Adults Learn?

Adults learn a lot of things through life experiences of trial and error. Another way adults learn is from hands on and practical experiences.

Who was Horace Mann?

Horace Mann was a lawyer and legislator who established the idea of a common school system in the United States. Born in 1796, Mann believed that education was important for all people. He was an advocate for the formation of

What is Tuition Remission?

Tuition Remission is a great program. The tuition remission program provides eligible state employees and their spouses enrolled in state supported programs 100% remission of Tuition. For more information look here:

How to Improve Handwriting?

You can greatly improve your handwriting by slowing down how fast you write, study the way that letters should be formed, and practice, practice, practice.

How do I Become a Teacher in Georgia?

Georgia requirements for becoming a teacher are that you must complete a bachelor level degree with an initial preparation for teaching. You must then become certified, pick your schools, an apply. What a great choice for a career, helping to

Why do We have Homework?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘practice makes perfect’ well that is the basic purpose of homework. By doing homework you are putting what it is you have been taught into practice which helps you to get better at it.

When was Oxford University Founded?

The legend of Oxford’s founding says that Oxford University was founded in 872 by Alfred the Great. The truth is it began in the 12th century. The first chancellor was Robert Grosseteste. To find more information click here:

What is An Mla Format?

Mla format is a type of formatting that is required by certain teachers. The mla format tells you how to write papers and how to correctly create the needed bibliographies, citations etc.

How to Create a Math Game?

File folder math games are fun and easy to put together. You simply need manila file folders, markers, stock paper, coins, and clear contact paper. Draw a game board on the paper. You can create it in a square or

Why is Writing Important?

Writing is important because it is used daily. It also allows a person to feel connected to something and be creative.

Top 10 Best Science Fair Projects?

Science Fairs are a wonderful part of every child’s school year. They are usually optional but a very fun way to teach your child that science can be a lot of fun. I have included a site that will help

How to Write a Book Outline?

First, write the title of the book and your name to begin writing a book outline. Second, write out the table of contents of the book on the second page. Third, write the chapter name followed by two to three

What is my School District?

The easiest way to determine that is to call a school that is near by and ask them what school district they belong to. You might also try your local library and look for a map of all the boundaries

Where can I Sell my Textbooks?

Sell your textbooks to your school bookstore, at an auction, or even a garage sale. The important thing is just to get rid of them when you finish the class. Who needs those memories?

How to Find Old Friend?

You could start off by asking any common friends you all may have or have had. If that doesn’t work you can try Most people today just simply look them up under Myspace or Facebook. Those are free and

How do I Get my Cdl?

You can get your cdl by going to your local dmv and taking the written tests to get your cdl permit and then getting a job as a driver trainee. You can also call companies who will pay to train

Where can I Read Textbooks Online?

You can download and read textbooks online for fairly cheap or free. This can save you quite a bit of money per college year. There are several websites that you can search for your specific books. You can find more

What are Magnet Schools?

Magnet schools are special schools for the gifted and talented. Sometimes they are located in the regular school, but usually they have their own location. To go to these schools, the students must apply and be accepted. They look great

Where is West Palm Beach Florida?

West Palm Beach, Florida is located on the east coast of Florida on the Atlantic Ocean. Is is just south of Port St. Lucie and just North of Miami. It is a large city with lots of things to do

How to Teach Music?

If you have knowledge of a musical nature then learning to teach music should be easy. You can put a sign outside and hang flyers to help get the word out that you are offering lessons. Also, tell local school

What is a Cornichon?

A cornichon is a fancy name for a little tiny pickle. Cornichons are usually 1-3 inches long and made from Gherkins (which are similar to very small cucumbers).

What do I Need for College?

In order to go to college you need a high school diploma or a GED. However, that is if you want to go to a University. But if you want to go to a normal community college, you simply need

What does Multicultural Mean?

Multicultural simply means multiple or different cultures. It can sometimes refer to various races or ethnic groups. School or church would be great examples. You will see people who might be American, African American, Hispanic, Indian, or Asian. Being around

Where is New Brunswick Located?

The city of New Brunswick is located in New Jersey. It is also located 36 miles Southeast of New York, New York. It is 13 miles West of the Atlantic Ocean.

How to Write a Concept Essay?

To write a concept essay pick a topic that you want to explain. Gather important information that you want to include in your essay. It is not your job to persuade, just state the facts.

What Else can I do With a Teaching Degree?

With a teaching degree (major in education), you can teach, become a reading or other specialist, work in support functions such as administration, become a researcher or consultant. It all depends on what your subject area is, what skills you

What is a Worksheet?

A worksheet is any piece of paper on which a student completes work. Typically, worksheets contain mini-lessons followed by questions. Worksheets are also commonly referred to as handouts, printables, and reproducibles. To find more information click here:

Why is It Important to be Punctual?

It is important to be punctual because it will make a great impression on the people around you. Also if you are late for something important such as a job interview, you may lose an opportunity of a lifetime.