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Where can I Take the Asvab Test?

So you are interested in the military. To take the ASVAB test you must first contact your local recruiter. Once you qualify the recruiter will arrange for your to take the test. To find a recruiter in your area go

How to Write a Good Book Report?

To write a good book report, you first need to read a book, in which you will do your report on. The book report needs to summarize the book.

How do I Write An Essay About Myself?

When you are writing an essay it is best to first create an outline of things that you want to include in your essay such as your goals, your current accomplishments and special talents you may have.

What does a GED Diploma Look Like?

A GED diploma looks just like a regular high school diploma. It is on plain paper and contains fancy black writing that says ‘general education diploma’ and your name, along with your school’s name and the date your recieved it.

How do I Apply for Citizenship?

To apply for US citizenship you will need to meet certain qualifications. You will need to take a naturalization test and then be sworn in as a US citizen at a ceremony with others becoming naturalized US citizens. For more

What is Curriculum Based Assessment?

Curriculum Based Assessment also known as CBA, is the measurement of a student’s academic growth in relation to the curriculum. The assessment is used to make instructional decisions.

How to Find a Lost Friend?

On the internet there are a lot of ways of finding long lost friends. I love using social networks such as Facebook or Many of these social networking websites allow me to enter someone’s name or any identifying information

How to Get Into College?

Many people wonder about how to get into college. It can be a hard task for some students. The best thing to do is to get good grades, write a great essay and do your best on the SAT or

What County is Alexandria Va in?

Cities in Virginia are termed ‘independent’ and are not in any particular county, but rather, bordered by several counties. Alexandria is part of Alexandria City county, and Fairfax county.

How can I Type Faster?

Learning to touch type is the most effective way to learn to type quickly and efficiently. There are many programs available on the internet for download, and some of them are free! They will teach you where the home keys

What Public School am I Zoned for?

The only way to find out what public school a home is zoned for is to ask the Board of Education or school board in a particular city. Someone can ask neighbors as well.

What is the Alhambra?

It was once the residence of Muslim rulers but is now a major tourist attraction in Spain. The Alhambra was built in the mid 14th century. The term Alhambra means ‘red fortress’. Although the building was originally white washed they

How to Become a School Bus Driver?

To become a school bus driver you must have a high school diploma, be at least 24 years old and have a CDL.

Where can I Get my Sat Scores?

Your sat scores should be sent to your home. If for some reason you have not received them you could go to your high school counselor and find out if they could help you track them down. You can also

How to Learn English?

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. You can learn to speak English by taking a class or by ordering a tape.

Where can I Find Vocab Answers?

To find vocabulary answers you can look up each individual word online. Try a site like or You could even be original and use an old fashioned dictionary that you can hold in your hand!

Why do You Want to be a Police Officer?

Some good reasons for someone to want to be a police officer is to want to do service for the people. It is a very heroic career.

What is Comprehension?

Comprehension means that it is an ability to understand the meaning or importance of something. You always want to be able to comprehend what your field of study is.

How to do Science Fair Projects?

There are literally hundreds of science fair projects to choose from. Your first step would be to choose what you want your project to be about. Then form a plan that includes your desired outcome. You should keep a log,

How do You Get a GED?

To get a GED you should start by locating a testing center near you. Call them to ask the age requirements because it differs from state to state. They will give you a pretest to see what you already know

What is Home Schooling?

When a student is taught at home instead of at a school, that is homeschooling. There are many different styles of homeschooling. Talk to your superintendent of schools to decide the best thing for you to do.

How Many Taxis are in New York City?

As of 2006, there were 13,087 distinctive yellow taxis operating in New York City, in addition to another 40,000 or so other vehicles for hire. They are operated by private companies but licensed by the New York City Taxi and

What Makes a Bad Teacher?

A bad teacher is someone who does not listen to their students. Another bad teacher is someone who humiliates a student in front of the whole class.

How to do a Essay?

To write an essay you first need to find a topic. Write an outline of each section you want to include in the essay. Also make sure you have an introductory paragraph at the beginning of the essay.

Where is Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is located in Central America. Costa Rica borders Nicaragua to the north, Pacific Ocean to the west, and Panama to the east and south.

How do I Become a Kindergarten Teacher?

If you want to become a kindergarten teacher, you must have an accredited bachelor’s degree in education as a minimal educational standard.Depending on where you want a job, some require a bachelor’s, some require a master’s.

What is Instructional Technology?

Instructional technology consists of computers and telecommunications equipment configured for education. This includes aids for the disabled. Look here for more information:

How can I Get my High School Diploma Online?

To get your high school diploma online first you need to figure out what type of school you want to attend, public or private. Next contact your state’s department of education to find out what schools are available and get

How to Become a Teacher in California?

You will need to receive a degree for teaching in your area. Then will you will need to submit your resume to different schools and colleges that are hiring in your area.

How to Homeschool?

The best way to homeschool is to determine what type of curriculum you want to follow. There are websites, books and videos that will help you decide what to do. Some curriculum is base on religion while other is based

How Many Years does It Take to be a Teacher?

Teachers can come from a variety of educational backgrounds so, research different teaching careers. Research your state’s teaching certification requirements. Earn your bachelor’s degree. Complete an accredited teacher education program and pass teacher examinations

Where can I Make Certificates?

You can make certificates at home using online programs which can be downloaded at no charge. Another place you can make certificates would be anywhere that allows for enough room to fill in the blanks on the commercial off the

How Long does It Take to Get a Masters?

The length of time it takes to get a masters degree varies based on the degree field and university, but generally, between two and three years. In the United Kingdom, some masters degrees can be completed in only a year.

What is Considered Child Endangerment?

Child endangerment considered to be anything that puts a child endanger such as doing drugs or other criminal activities in front of a child. It can also be not making your child wear their seat belt. It is best to

Is New York City An Island?

Yes New York City is an island. It consists of 5 bouroughs Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. Visit

How Much Money do Math Teachers Make?

The wages of teachers depends on the location as well as the education that the teacher has. A math teacher in Chicago for secondary school can average the salary of around $38,000 a year.

Where can I Find High School Websites?

You can find high school websites by entering the name of the high school into any major internet search engines. The results will likely include a link that takes you directly to the school’s website. You can also contact the

How to Teach a Child to Write?

If you’re wondering how to teach a child to write I’ve got some simple tips that should be helpful. Make sure the child is exposed to many books and you and the child should make up stories often. Help your

How do U Write An Essay?

Start with an introductory paragraph. Summarize the main idea of your essay in a few short words. Then, do the body of the essay. Express your points of the essay. Then, write the conclusion. State your thesis statement again.

What is a Good Research Paper Topic?

Good research paper topics can those that deal with human issues in society and those that are current. Good topics are ones that have been researched and there is a lot of literature about.

Should We have Homework?

Homework is a way to practice concepts learned during the school day from a teacher. It helps to fully understand what was taught so homework is not all bad.

What Should I do for my Science Project?

You could do projects in Biology ( Botany, Human Anatomy, Human Psychology, Zoology), you could do one in Chemistry (Environmental Pollution, Food Science etc.), there are lots of topics you are able to do. Physics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Medicine and Health,

Where can I Sell Back Used Books?

One of the best methods to sell books is the Internet. The most popular sites to sell books and related things at a cheap price are and Their membership process is really easy to create. You should give

What Percentage of People Go to College?

Around 6 years ago the percent of student that enrolled into a 2 year or a 4 year college was over 60%. The exact numbers are not known today but there has definitely been an increase since then. In Georgia

What Language do They Speak in Switzerland?

Switzerland has four main languages that they speak, German, Italian, French and Rumantsch. German is the most spoken language.

What is a Critical Essay?

A critical essay is an essay that analyzes or reviews another author’s writings. It summarizing and reviews their wording and how their essay is set up.

How do You Write a Essay?

Writing an essay includes brainstorming idea and topics, completing an outline, and then creating a rough draft. An essay should be looked over many times before being submitted.

Why Should We Study History?

We should study history for a number of reasons. Despite what many think, history is actually fascinating. It gives us an important background on how our society and way of life was created. It also teaches us valuable lessons that

What is the Average Temperature in Florida?

The average temperature in Florida depends on where you are in the state. The northern part of Florida, including Tallahassee, has a winter high of 62 degrees and a low of 38 degrees. In the summer Tallahassee averages 91 with

How to Set Up a Classroom?

There are many ways to set up a classroom. The basis would be to create a semi-circle so that all students have the ability to view the instructor. This way no students are left of from seeing and hearing during

How to Write An Essay About Yourself?

To write an essay about yourself, think of something interesting to share with your readers. List points your want to share. Decide if you want to start at the beginning (young and at home growing up) or with the incident

What is Sequencing?

Sequencing is a math or cognitive skill taught in the early years of preschool. Sequencing is basically putting something in some type of chronological order whether its by size or by shape.

Where can I Find Typing Lessons?

You can check out a website called typing test. The test on the website are free and they have several typing lessons for you to choose from and they are pretty fun.

What is Business Education?

Business education is a process of educating students in the dealings of business. It teaches the ends and outs of business from how to be a success manager to a prominent owner of a business. This includes accounting side as

How to Write Cursive?

Writing in cursive takes practice. The proper formation of some letters can be difficult to learn; however with the right amount of practice and attention to technique the letters can be learned.

What is Character Development?

Character development is the development of a person in a story over time as the plot of a story thickens or continues. The character development will often take place during various events that happen to the character in question.

How to Show Respect?

There are many ways to show respect one very important way is by paying attention and doing what you are told. In the south people show respect my answering ‘yes sir’ or ‘yes ma’am’.

What is Praxis?

Praxis is not a new hybrid make of car, though it sounds like one. Praxis is the action that results from an idea. Say you have a theory, but you’re unsure of the result, you would put it into action

What is Good Citizenship?

Good citizenship is acting responsibly toward your community, county, state, or nation. It is taking action in the community to help improve it. Teaching good citizenship has been more in focus in recent years.

How to do a Reading Fair Boards?

When you do your Reading Fair boards you need to let yourself shine through. You will want to make sure that you have plenty of things on your board to get some attention. Remember though not to make it confusing.

What is the Capital of Ohio?

Columbus is the capital of Ohio. It is one of the largest cities in the United States. With a large population of college students and many colleges, it is known for being young adult friendly. Look here for more information:

How to be a Coach?

To be a coach can be a bit tricky. As a coach you must be athorative yet calm and collective. Give constructive critisism as well a positive comments. Be a respectable role model as well. Always do your best to

What is the Definition of Coast?

A coast is the land that is next to the sea or ocean. The word coast can also be referred to a hill that you go sledding down.

How do I Become a Preschool Teacher?

To become a preschool teacher, you will need to have completed at least a bachelor’ degree that may or may not be in the field of education. Most states expect you to have at least an associate’s degree.

How Many High Schools are in the Us?

In the United States there is 26,407 public high school. There are 10,693 private high schools on the US. People send there kids to schools that they are comfortable with whether it be publc or private

When is Principal Appreciation Day?

Principal Appreciation day falls on April 19th 2010. It is a day that you should simply show your principal that you appreciate them giving you the many opportunities for a better education.

What is Summative Assessment?

A summative assessment is one type of formal classroom assessment. Summative Assessments are usually done at the end of a year and are designed to test of effective the material was.

How to Get Smarter in School?

To get smarter in school, you need to get smarter about school. The fact that you are asking the question shows that you are already halfway there. Stay focused and do everything that the teacher says. You can find more

Can I Take the GED Test on the Internet?

While you can study and prepare for your GED online taking the test may NOT be done on the internet. There are many high schools and colleges that will allow you to come in and take the GED at your

How do I Find What School District I Live in?

To find out what school district you live in you can look at a local telephone directory. But the U.S. Dept. of Education has provided that information to a lot of agencies and groups in many ways. To get yourself

How to Become Notary Public?

Becoming a notary public is very much dependent on the laws of the state you reside in. Please refer to the included link for the National Notary Association which has links to all the states and all the information you

Why is Reading So Important?

Reading is an important requirement needed for gaining wisdom and knowledge. It helps us develop learning skills. Reading is also necessary to function in every day life.

How to Write a Process Essay?

A process essay is supposed to include a way in which to do a certain thing. It can be about almost any subject. It is important to include all steps.

How Far is Buffalo from New York City?

The city of Buffalo is 376 miles or about 6 and 1/2 hours from New York City. However, these two cities in New York seem worlds apart. Buffalo, albeit a city, gives you that industrial old fashioned feel; however, New

Where is the Rio Grande Located?

The Rio Grande river is the largest river that is located in the northern region of the country of Mexico. It is known in Mexico, as the Rio Bravo del Norte.

Why Should Students Wear School Uniforms?

Whether students should wear school uniforms is a hotly debated topic and there are advantages and disadvantages. The reason many schools decided that students should wear uniforms is because of gang activity, it is harder to wear your gangs colors

How do You Take Notes?

The best way to take notes is to listen closely during the lecture. Write down ideas that you think are important to the lecture. Typically teachers will have a main idea and then smaller parts to that idea. When taking

How to Write a Needs Assessment?

I don’t know how to write a needs assessment? Is that like a grocery list or something. Try searching on google at

What is Multicultural Education?

Multicultural education is another name for equal opportunity learning. It’s purpose is to give every child equal chance to learn regardless of race, age, religion, ethnicity, or class. It also provides all students a view of other cultures.

What is a Region?

A region is a specific area. It can be a small area or it can be a large geographic area. It can be a mountainous area or a plains area. It can also be a an urban area.

How to Type Faster?

It can be frustrating when you first learn to use a keyboard to get your gain the speed in you want when you strike the keys. The key to get your typing speed up is practice.

What is Cross Sectional Research?

According to the field of psychology, cross sectional research is a type of research that is typically used by development psychologists and students studying various other fields in the social sciences. This kind of research uses people of different interests

Why You Should Stay in School?

You should stay in school, because school is your avenue to a well educated life. A person who is well educated has an easier time getting through this crazy life.

What does GED Mean?

GED means ‘general equivalency diploma.’ This diploma is given to those who complete a test which covers everything taught in high school. Typically, the GED test is taken by those who have dropped out of high school. It can be

What does MFA Stand for?

MFA is an acronym that has many meanings. Some examples are Master of Fine Arts, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Museum of Fine Arts, and Maximum Floor Area.

What are Equivalent Fractions?

Equivalent fractions are fractions that are completely equal to each other. For example 50/100 is equivalent to 10/20 or 40/80. All of these fractions are equal to .50.

What is An Ib Diploma?

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma is normally a two year program that prepares kids 16 to 19 for success in college. It’s a bridge or crossover between high school and college and prepares students for college life and beyond.

What is Distant Learning?

Distant or distance learning is learning away from a traditional school campus, normally through a satellite campus or through online courses. It has become increasingly popular because it tends to allow students who work full time jobs get an education.

What Language do They Speak in Canada?

The official languages of Canada are English and French. Most of Canada speaks English with the exception of Quebec, which favors its own dialect of French.

Types of Teacher Evaluation?

Teacher evaluations are done by the school to make sure they are doing the proper work and lessons needed for the students. Then there are evaluations done by students which entails teachers to be evaluated on how well they are

How Old do Kids Need to be to Stay Home Alone?

There are two states that have enacted legislation regarding children staying home alone. In Illinois, a child must be at least 14 to be left unsupervised. In Maryland, all children under 8 years old must have someone aged 13 or

How to Train for Boxing?

Training to box takes a strong discipline and lots of training in sustained running, sprints, and shadow boxing. Endurance training as well as training to be quick on your feet is vital to becoming a good boxer. Look here for

What is a Consonant Blend?

In a consonant blend, 2 or more consonants are combined together to make a smooth, cohesive sound in which all of the contributing consonants can be clearly heard and distinguished. Look here for more information:

What is a Expository Essay?

An expository essay is an essay or article that is written about a topic and includes facts to inform their audience or reader. The essay should include enough facts and information for the reader to be able to understand.

How to Write a Self Biography?

A self biography is basically a time for the writer to gloat and talk all about themselves. A self biography usually goes in chronological order starting from the early years of the author’s life working its way to the present

How to Write An Autobiographical Essay?

To write an autobiographical essay you simply need to write about something that has happened in your own life. That is what autobiographical means. The root words are auto meaning self, bio meaning life, and graph meaning to write.

How to Study for Test?

In order to study for a test you’ll need to read the materials over and over if needed. Some people ask questions about the materials on flash cards and have the answers on the back. Good luck!

What is a Fraction Bar?

A fraction bar, also called a Vinculum, is simply the line that separates the numerator, or top, and denominator, or bottom, numbers in a fraction.

How do I Get my GED in California?

If you go online and look up California GED there will be many thousand sites that will guide you through it. You can also visit your local library and get GED study guides. Good Luck!

How to Write a Letter of Introduction?

An introduction letter is usually used to get your foot in the door, and to give a long-lasting positive impression. If it’s possible, address your letter to a person in particular. You can find more information here:

How to Become a Court Reporter?

The amount of training required to become a court reporter varies with the type of reporting chosen. It usually takes less than a year to become a novice voice writer, although it takes at least two years to become proficient

How to Right a Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement must assert your point, suggest your evidence, and structure your argument, all in one. This is necessary for a good reason. If you can summarize your paper in one sentence, you’re more likely to have a tightly-constructed,

What do I Need to be a Teacher?

In order to be a teacher you need formal training, preferably from an accredited institute of higher education where degrees are provided. Past that and perhaps more importantly,no fear, patience, understanding and a big heart.

What does a GED Certificate Look Like?

A GED Certificate looks exactly the same as a high school diploma or any other degree or certification. This certificate will contain your name, the date it was received and the words ‘general education diploma’.

Can Music Improve Learning?

Music learning has great significance. Playing a musical instrument improves coordination, concentration levels, memory skills and test scores. Children who learn music improved spatial temporal reasoning, and even math scores.

What is a Isobar?

An isobar is a line that is seen on a globe or a map. These distinct lines show equal or relating barometric pressure along specific lines.

How to Teach Sight Words?

Teaching sight words can be a bit tricky since the student cannot sound these words out. The best way is by memorization and repetition using games and other fun activities. For more information see here:

Why Kids Drop Out of High School?

There are many reasons why some kids drop out of school. Some people drop out because the course work is too hard. Some people drop out because they think it is a waste of time. School is important and you

How do You Write a Topic Sentence?

The topic sentence is the main idea of the story. First, identify who or what the story is about. Then, figure out what is is doing (verb) and how/why/when doing it. Put those elements together and you have a great

How to Make An Essay?

When making an essay it is important to brainstorm many different ideas. Then make an outline and focus on a main topic. Then create a rough draft and make adjustments.

Who was Mozart?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a musical genius who composed many famous works that include symphonies and operas, Born in 1756 in Austria, Mozart wrote his first symphony when he was eight years old. He died in 1791 while composing his

What is a Smart Board?

A Smart Board is basically an electronic chalkboard. You can write on the Smart Board only when using the special Smart Board markers that come in various colors. It also hooks up to your in-class computer so that you can

Which is Better College Or University?

Neither a college nor a university is better. A university is made up of different colleges. When you go to a university and get your degree, it usually comes from a college of’

How do I Start a School?

To start a school, you will need to enroll. Speaking with the director of the school i the first step to getting into the door. You will need to fill out any paper work to get in.

How Many Credits do You Need to Graduate High School?

Typically the credit will definitely vary depending on what state you are going to high school in. My high school here in florida allowed you to graduate with 24 credits. I would go back to the counselor and ask him

What is Compulsory Education?

Compulsory education is schooling which is required by law. In the United States, education is compulsory in every state, although the ages vary. In Ohio, for example, all students must attend school until the age of sixteen. At sixteen, a

What is Childhood?

Childhood is the time of life between birth and becoming an adult (18 years old). Childhood is when a person has minimal responsibilities and is often taken care of by parents or guardians.

Where can I Find Online Colleges?

If you are looking to go find an online college all that you need to do is type online college in any search engine. There will be millions of links come up for many different colleges.

How do I Start Homeschooling?

To begin homeschooling, contact your local school district and find out what paperwork is necessary. File the necessary documentation with your local school, and then research and choose your curriculum. Above all, don’t be afraid to ask questions from other

What is Project Based Learning?

Project based learning is a learning style that simply relies only on projects in order for students to get a grasp on complicated material. Project based learning is often done in college and high school chemistry and physics laboratory courses.

Where can I Earn my GED Online?

You can check out the my GED website to find out register to earn your GED online. You will have access to online courses and learning tools that will help you earn your GED.

How do I Find a Lost Friend?

If you have lost a friend, simply go to Facebook. Almost everyone and their mothers has an account and if you can’t find that person directly, you might find someone that knows the person you are looking for. Modern technology

Top 10 Culinary Schools?

With the food preparation industry consistently in high demand of qualified applicants, there are many schools that offer programs to serve this need. There are also many people that choose to pursue a secondary education in this field. Look here

Why do People Bully Other People?

People bully other people for a lot of reasons, the most common reason being that they have poor self-esteem and are (or were) themselves bullied at home. People turn out badly because they have been treated badly. The boy who

What is a Private School?

A private school is a school that is not run or regulated by the state or federal government. Normally private schools charge tuition and don’t accept state funding. A lot of them are religion based.

What is Public Education?

Public education is education that is supported by tax payers and is supported by the government. Public schools are open for every student and are usually free.

How to Write a Response Paper?

To write a response paper you must read an article or anything that you would like to respond to. When starting the paper tell about what the article was about and the main topics that were discussed. Afterward write about

What is the Gre Exam?

The GRE is the Graduate Readiness Exam and is a test that you must take in order to go to graduate school to get a masters or doctorate degree.

What is Regrouping Numbers?

Regrouping is what people used to call borrowing in subtraction. When you cannot subtract a number from another number, you have to borrow from the number to the left of the number you are subtracting.

Top Ten Universities in England?

The top ten universities in England are Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, London School of Economics, Warwick, University College London, York, Durham, St. Andrews, Loughborough For more information, look here:

What is Vocabulary Development?

Vocabulary development is the process by which people learn new words and phrases. In addition, it is important to use this new vocabulary to remember the additional words.

Why do People Plagiarize?

People plagiarize for one of two reasons: either they are lazy cheats or they made a simple mistake. The first type is the sort of person who copies from a book or article without caring, hoping the teacher will not

What is Child Care?

Child care is the act of caring for or taking care of an infant or a child. There are many forms of child care. There are places where you can take your child and there are also nannies or Au

When do Children Begin School in Mexico?

If you are curious about when children begin school in Mexico it will take some digging to find out! I have found that primary and secondary education (9 years) in Mexico is free and mandatory. Hope this helps!

How to do Anything?

To do anything, you just have to put your mind to it. Once you decide on something, stay consistent until you have completed the task.

Can I Take the Nurse Entrance Test Online?

The Nurse entrance test is a computer based test but it must be taken at an official testing center.

Where can I Find Online Newspapers?

Newspapers can be found on line by typing in the name of your city, state and then the word newspaper in your browser. If your newspaper is available on line you can find it by typing the name of it

What is Social Constructivism?

Social constructivism is a theory that says that learning is done in a collaborative nature. Basically children gain knowledge through the process of social interaction.

How to Make An Autobiography?

Creating an autobiography is a rather simple yet time intensive thing to do. An autobiography is the story of your life. So sit down and start writing everything you can about yourself and don’t worry about putting it in cronologial

When Should I Take the Gre?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is used as part of the application process for graduate school. Because of this. you will want to take the exam at least a year before you expect to start graduate school. You can find

What does Diverse Mean?

The word diverse actually means something that is greatly differentfrom something else. Or it also means something that is containing different characteristics and qualities.

What Time is It in Mississippi?

To know what time it is in Mississippi, it helps to know what time it is where you are. Mississippi is a part of the U.S. Central Time Zone. If you live on the east coast and are part of

What is Critical Pedagogy?

Critical pedagogy is another type of critical thinking. It teaches that we should challenge beliefs and other theories and begin to think about the effects and thoughts.

What are Word Families?

Teaching word families is a way to help children learn to read. For instance the ‘all’ family would be words like tall, ball, hall. The word family ‘an’ would include words like can, pan, tan, etc.

Where can I Find Graduation Songs?

The easiest thing to do is copy from previously used graduation song lists. You can find lists online and in books. Here are a few: Today – by Smashing Pumkin; End of the Road – by Boys ll Men; You

What Classes do I Need to Become a Teacher?

Teachers can come from a variety of educational backgrounds so, research different teaching careers. Research your state’s teaching certification requirements. Earn your bachelor’s degree. Complete an accredited teacher education program and pass teacher examinations

How to Figure Percentages in Math?

If you want to figure a percentage in math, all you need to do is multiply. It’s easy once you get the hang of it. Say you need to find 8% of 200. Multiply 200 by .08. If you need

Will We have School Tomorrow?

Schools are normally closed on weekends, holidays, if teachers are on strike and if there is bad weather. If none of this is the case then you will have to go to school.

What are Consonant Blends?

Consonant blends are when two letters put together create one sound. Consonant blends are taught to children at an early age so they can learn to read.

What is There to do in Cleveland?

There is actually a lot to do in Cleveland, Ohio. First off, there is the Cleveland Zoo which has much to offer! Also, there is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Have fun!