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Where can I Find Cheap Books?

There are many places to find cheap books. You can go to your local library and take out books for free. There is also a web site called that has cheap books.

What Schools are in the Ivy League?

The Ivy League, a group of the best universities on the US, include Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Cornell, Columbia University, Dartmouth College, Brown University and The University of Pennsylvania.

Top 10 Universities in United States?

The top 10 universities in the United States are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, University of California – Berkeley, Cornell University, Purdue University, Yale University, Indiana University System, University of California System, Stanford University, and Penn State University. For

When was Duke University Founded?

Duke University was founded in 1838. Duke University is a private research school located in Durham, North Carolina. Duke University has great academic programs and it’s also known for it’s great basketball program.

How can I Pay for College?

You can pay for college using financial aid, scholarships and government grants. To find out what you are entitled to, as far as federal aid goes, by visiting

How to Write a Newspaper Article?

Writing a newspaper article can be a difficult task depending on what the issue is. Often times, if it breaking news, there is no problem because the details are being provided from different officials involved in the news. Many times

What is a Pronoun Antecedent Agreement?

The pronoun-antecedent agreement means that in order for a sentence to be right and understandable, personal pronouns should be consistent to their antecedents in gender, number, and person.

Why Study History?

We study history because by learning about the past, we can learn about ourselves. History also gives us a look into what may or may not happen in the future based on past experiences. Every good citizenship should know something

What are Some Good Research Topics?

Good research topics abound, like Native American studies, popular culture or sociology. You can also choose from education, economics, or women’s studies. Look here for more information:

What are Some Math Websites?

Some of my favorite math websites include,,,,,, CoolMath4Kids and

How do Adults Learn?

Adults usually learn by repetition. Either by hearing something, repeating something, or writing things until they stick in the memory.

How to Take Multiple Choice Tests?

One answer is correct. One answer is not correct but close. The others are way out in right field somewhere and have little to do with the question.

Where can I Find Teacher Resources?

Teachers can find resources on line at many sites that offer teaching plans, tips, games, etc. You can also find resources by reading books or perhaps watching a tv show on how to do a certain project. For more information,

How to Become a Crime Scene Investigator?

So you have been watching CSI and Law and Order and are ready to pursue your own career in Criminal Investigating? Their are many possibilities that you can pursue in this career in your local, state and even in government

Types of Reading?

There are a couple of basic kinds of reading that help you child learn how to read. Those types of reading are inclusive of reading to your child out loud, shared reading, silent reading, fluency reading and independent reading.

What are the 23 Helping Verbs?

The 23 helping verbs are; Being, be, am, is, are, was, were, been, have, has, had, do, does, did, can, could, will, would, shall, should, may, might and must.

Where can I Buy Textbooks?

Buying textbooks can be an expensive task; however most students now purchase their textbooks online. They purchase from places like

How do You Write in 3rd Person?

A third person perspective is accomplished when the document reads as if a narrator is discussing the document without a personal perspective. Some examples of third person writing include news reporting and some types of magazine articles.

What is a Smartboard?

A smartboard is a large electronic whiteboard used in classrooms. It is often used in teaching and in presentations as well as also within business presentations and needs.

How Many Questions are on the Permit Test?

There are a total of 20 questions overall 10 for the general knowledge portion and 10 for the signals and signs portion of the test. This may vary depending on the state that you live in but you may be

How to Get a Cdl License?

To get a CDL license, you will need to be at least 18 years old or 21 years old if you want to drive across state lines. You will need to get a CDL instruction permit. To get the permit,

What is a Journeyman Electrician?

A journeyman electrician is someone who has done some schooling in electrical studies and is now working for an electrician. He or she does not have their license yet and they will work under a certified electrician until they are

How to Sites?

There are a lot of how to sites on the internet. You can find out how to do almost anything by checking one or two of them. Just make sure when you follow a procedure on one of them it

What is the Asvab?

The asvab is an entry exam that you must take before entering into the military. You have to score a certain number before being considered to go into any branch of the military. I would check with your local recruter

What Language do They Speak in New Zealand?

New Zealand has three official languages.The languages are English,Maori,and New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL).

Where can I Find Printable Worksheets?

There are many different sites that you can find worksheets that you can print out. You can find premade worksheets or even generators, where you can create your own worksheet.

What Tracks can You Live At Year Around?

What tracks can youlive at year round, If its a horse track do you really want to live there year round? No but seriously there are whats called condoes at the track or trackside condos in areas like Vegas and

How can I Get Smarter?

If you wish to become smarter then you need to take the time out to study as much as you can. You should read as often as you can and apply what you have learned in your life.

What is a Consonant Cluster?

A consonant cluster is defined as a group of consonants in the English language, that have now vowels. For example, the English word ‘syllable’ contains a consonant cluster. The letters ‘syll’ are the consonant cluster because they do not have

How to Write a Summary of An Article?

The best way to write a summary of an article is to first read over the article a couple of times. You should then pick out the main points represented in the article and summarize those. You should write a

What is a Consonants?

Our language is based on our alphabet. There are twenty six letters and the majority of those are considered consonants. The letters that are not consonants are vowels and those are a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y. The

What is a Reflection Paper?

A reflection paper is basically what the writer thinks about a particular thing. This kind of paper can be written about a reaction of a particular event, work of art, or something else.

Types of Instructional Materials?

There are many different types of instructional materials, from standard textbooks to online classroom discussions. Technically, anything that aids in instruction is a type of instructional material. One rule of thumb all educators should follow is to offer plenty of

What is Elementary Education?

Elementary education consists typically of grades kindergarten through fifth grade. This is basically 5 years old through 10 years old.

What is a Perfect Sat Score?

The perfect SAT score is 2400.

Why Should You Stay in School?

Today, many children find it easy to stay in school, simply because it is the norm. However, just a few decades ago, dropping out was common. It’s best to stay in school so you can make it to college. In

What is Action Research?

Action research is a form of research that is basically learning by doing. A group of people get together, decide what the problem is and then try and fix it. They end by analyzing how successful their efforts were.

Types of Learning?

There are three types of learning – formal, informal, and subliminal. Formal learning occurs when one person teaches another. Informal learning happens when an individual explores and gains knowledge that way. Finally, there is subliminal learning where an individual is

How to do a Science Project?

Science is the wonderful world of research and discovery. Whether you are doing a school project or just figuring things out for fun, learning how to do science projects can be a very rewarding yet educational task. There are many

How to Become a Notary in Texas?

Application form 2301 w/ a $21.00 State appointment fee through the Secretary of State. Must be at least 18 years of age have a $10,000 surety bond which costs about $50.00 with all legal stamps and a seal.

How to Become a Preschool Teacher?

To become a preschool teacher all someone must do is go and apply and different preschools in their area. While having a degree is not required at most it is appreciated. Before hand it is good idea if the applicant

What are Some Transitions?

Transitions are changes between one thing and another thing. You can transition from classwork to recess, from bed to showering, etc. Transition can also happen in text. It is moving from one idea to the next. Words that show transition

How do I Find Lost Friends?

You can find many lost friends on Facebook and MySpace. They are social networks set up to meet new people and find old ones you lost touch with.

Why is English Important?

Learning to speak and understand english is important because it is the language spoken by more people than any other. To be able to communicate well to others, you need to understand and speak proper english.

What is Least Restrictive Environment?

Least restrictive environment is a term used to describe the placement of special education students. Since the 1990s, the movement has been to ‘mainstream’ special education students by moving them from special education classrooms into regular classrooms, considered the least

How do I Apply for Scholarships?

There are so many sources of scholarships. Your college guidance counselor can help guide you towards scholarships you qualify for. Once you know which ones you may qualify for you need to read the application details to see what it

How Many Schools are in America?

How many schools are in America, wow let’s see. Now that may need to be narrowed down some because that can include just high school, middle school, elementary,or colleges and universities public or private. So with that being said I

Where do I Get my GED?

If you head to your local community college, they can give you all the information you need to take and pass your GED test! Sometimes a fee is charged, and most only let you go on specific days. Study hard,

What Education do You Need to be a Teacher?

It all depends what type of teacher you are interested on. People usually refer to ‘teachers’ as instructors that educate students from pre-school to high school. You need a four year degree from a credited university. Then, you need to

Who is the Governor of New York?

The Governor of New York is David Paterson. Although married, Governor Paterson has publicly admitted that both him and his wife have had extra marital affairs. A pretty brave move for anyone, especially a politician. Perhaps former President Clinton could

How Many Credits to Graduate High School?

Credits that are needed to graduate varies on the particular high school. Each school has their own set amount of credits you need in order to graduate . The average amount of credits is 27. You can check with your

What is the Definition of a Summary?

A summary is the basic idea of a written or spoken work. It includes the basic points of what was trying to be conveyed in a written or spoken work.

How to Keep a Journal?

Keeping a journal is very simple. You just need a notebook of any sort and a pen or pencil. You can put the date on the top of your page and even number your pages if you’d like. Then just

What is Peer Mediation?

Peer mediation is a process where people work together with a neutral third party in order to solve conflicts and isues within the community. Many high schools have peer mediation programs to resolve conflicts in between students.

Can I Get Into a Good College With a GED?

Most colleges will accept you with a GED. This acceptance varies on the school and what you are planning on studying at that college. They may request that you take more standardized test and have more recommendation letters. If for

How do You Make a Collage on Your Computer?

To make a collage on your computer, manage the photos using photo editing software. You can move the pictures around, change the sizes, shapes and do magic. see

What is the Meaning of Respect?

Respect as a verb means to relate to or refer to; concern. Respect as a noun is a willingness to show appreciation or consideration. Also, the state of being honored or esteemed.

What State has the Best Public Schools?

The ranking of best public schools is Maryland being number one, followed by Massachusetts in second place, and New York in third. The average grade is B in all three schools.

Where can I Get Help on Homework?

You can get help on homework from a number of sources. A classmate who doing well in the subject can help with homework. You may have a tutoring lab at your school where you can go and get help with

Where was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Born?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria. His full name was Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Gottlieb Mozart, and he was christened Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart. You can find more information here:

What is the National Curriculum?

The national cirriculum is a set of various subjects that school age children in the UK are required to take in grades K-10. These subjects are inclusive of mathematics, sciences, and various social studies courses.

Should I Go to Law School?

The choice to go to law school should be something that takes quite a bit of thought on your part. There are many facets to attending law school that must be considered. It takes mental preparation to become a law

What is Rop?

ROP stands for Regional Occupational Program if you are in California. It is a program for high school students that gives them the opportunity to try out different vocations and learn marketable skills at the same time.

What is Informative Writing?

Informative writing is writing to tell the reader about something.. The reader will be able to walk away from your paper with a small education about the subject.

What does Integrated Mean?

When you integrate something it means to put together, to mix, and to combine. Integrated means to assimilate, to incorporate, and to include.

Where is Switzerland Located?

Switzerland is located in Western Europe. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe and is well known for its Alps Mountains.

What is the Definition of Financial Literacy?

Financial literacy refers to one’s ability to understand finance.

What is An Apostille?

An apostille is any explanatory indexing of the original scriptural text. It is designed to give further socio-historical or biblical reference.

How to Tutor?

Tutoring can be a wonderful for the student to receive extra help in an area. Find out what they need help with and then find helpful hints for them to follow to succeed.

What is a Dot Physical?

A DOT physical is a physical exam required before you can work for the Department of Transportation. There are strict physical requirements for class C licenses. There are visual, auditory and physical criteria to receive your license. For more information

How do I Write An Informative Essay?

First find something you want to talk about. Then, create a flow chart in order to create the order you wish to write your essay in. Lastly, write the essay with as much information as possible.

How do I Make a Collage on the Computer?

There are a few easy-to-use software and photo programs for making computer collages. They are also good for scrapbooking and making computer wallpaper and backgrounds. Try a free downloadable one such as Magentic@ before buying one yourself. Size them up

How Many Compositions Did Mozart Write?

Armadeus Mozart wrote around 606 pieces of composition commencing early 1761. This indicates a rate of nineteen and a half composition per year.

What can I do for my Science Project?

There are a lot of options for your science project. But first of all, is there a specific topic that was assigned to you by your teacher? If so, you should research on that topic. If you get to choose

9th Grade School Supplies List?

The average 9th grade school supplies list has over 25 items including basics such as #2 pencils and lined paper! For a more complete listing on these supplies check out this great website

What is Enamel?

Enamel is a decorative or protective coating on metal, glass, ceramic ware, and most importantly, on our teeth. We must make sure we take care of our teeth in order to protect our enamel.

What is College?

College is a place that people go in order to have continued education about certain topics. Many people go to college to get a particular kind of job.

What is Educational Research?

Educational research is typically defined and explained as research that is conducted in order to find out patterns of behavior in teachers, students, and members of a school system and its demographics.

Why Reading is Important?

Reading is an important part of everyday life. We read everything from street signs to recipes, contracts and legal papers, books and newspapers, and we even read e-mails or website content on the internet. If a person couldn’t read, think

What is High School Like?

High school can be a fun and challenging time. High school is when you begin to think and take classes that will define your future such as a trade or college.

Who Did Mozart Marry?

Mozart married a woman named Constanze Webber in the year of 1782. His wife actually had six children, but only two of those children survived birth. This was very common during those times as childbirth was very difficult.

What is a Good Science Project?

No matter what your age the analysis of Diet coke and mentos remains a great science project. Analyze and record the differences of type of liquid, number of mentos vs. the height of the release. Pure fun and science.

How Many Days can Students Miss of School?

You would have to check with the current laws in your state, but typically under current law nine days is the max that you can miss school with an unexcused absence. The parents of the child will receive notices that

What can I do With An Education Degree?

With a academic degree in education, you can become a teacher in a public or private school, work as a private tutor, or conduct research in the education field. As an educator, you are trained and qualified to teach others.

How to Become An Art Teacher?

To become an art teacher, get an Art Education degree from an accredited college offering four year course.You need to have all the credentials required by your state.

Why is Writing Well Important?

Writing well is important is because it is something that someone will need to know throughout life. It is something that you learn and will continue to build upon throughout school.

What is Reciprocal Teaching?

Who’s the teacher here? That kind of sums up reciprocal teaching. Using this teaching method allows the child or student to role play that of the teacher. Children love this and it seems to be a rather effective technique when

Where can I Take a Typing Test?

Typing tests are available on line and it only takes minutes. You can also increase your accuracy with typing games. You can check for speed and accuracy with these tests. Pick a topic and type away. Look here for more

Why is Computer Literacy Important?

Computer literacy is essential in this day and age because so much of the world relies on computers for doing day to day activities that make the companies run.

How Long does Law School Take?

Law school requires at least three years if taken full-time and longer if part-time. To really know what you are getting into with law school, take some time to read this:

How Long does It Take to Get a GED?

Well first of all a GED is like a High School Dilpoma. A GED allow students who dropped out to get better jobs and into colleges like a regular HSD student.The test is combind into 5 sections: Writing Skills/Essay, Social

What Problems do High School Dropouts Face?

High school dropouts face lots of problems. Some of their problems include not being able to find jobs that pay what they need, having to live in run down neighborhoods, and being forced to depend on others for handouts. Oh,

How Much is Bartending School?

Bartending school usually runs between $200- $700. It depends on how much you want to spend. A cheaper course is around $250-$500 and that is for a two week course.

How to Go to College for Free?

To go to college without paying for it directly yourself check into scholarships. There is not way to go for free because someone must pay for it or absorb the cost – maybe not you – but someone. If you

How to Obtain a Green Card?

Through family work investments or qualifying under special classifications.Being an immediate relative of an American citizen. .

What is Inside Sales?

Inside sales is a sales positon or department where the salesperson works in the company’s office primarily on the telephone or with face to face appointments. An outside sales transaction takes place at the client’s place of business.

How do You Read Sat Scores?

SAT scores have Math, Reading, and Writing. They also contain sub-scores, which are the multiple choice and essay scores. To find your SAT score you add the scores from the math, reading, and writing tests- the result will be your

What does a Lesson Plan Look Like?

Lesson plans are calendars that teachers use to teach certain subjects from week to week. It describes what is to be taught, and what methods are to be used.

What Constitutes Child Endangerment?

What constitutes child endangerment differs from state to state. For the most part it is anything that puts a child in harms way such as engaging in criminal activities in front of a child or not taking safety precautions while

What is Clad?

Clad is the process of covering one material with another. It can vary in meaning depending on the context it is used in. It can mean to clothe, or to provide insulation among other things.

How Many Words can I Type Per Minute?

I can type 50 words per minute. The phrase practice makes perfect is a true statement. I started working in industries where I have to type all day and before I knew it, I was typing with no problem.

What is a Learning Center?

A learning center is a place that can be a business such as Sylvann or can be part of a school. In a learning center you have educators available to help each person with what he or she struggles with.

Where can I Get my GED Online for Free?

You can take a Geed prep course online for free. Each state has individual requirements for taking the exam, so you will have to see what your local options are. You can find more information here:

Why Should Students Go on Field Trips?

Students should go on field trip because it is a good way to teach. When you take kids on field trips it is individual learning and it is a way to visually learn.

How do I Start a Newspaper?

If you’re interested in writing the news or writing in general, starting your own paper can be simple as long as you’re willing to devoting your time to keeping new content flowing. You can start a newspaper out of your

How do You Study?

It is best to study a little every day. By studying like this it allows the student to not feel as overwhelmed as they would if they studied the day before a test.

When does School Start in Texas?

School start dates in Texas are different depending on what location you’re referring to. In El, Paso school is year round. In places like Dallas school starts Aug. 4th with a break for Christmas.

How to Become a Cameraman?

Begin by first getting an education majoring in film and television production. Computer graphics and video courses can also be helpful if going at a technical school. One you have the skills, go do some hands on projects such as

What is the Definition of Multicultural?

Multicultural is dealing with many different cultures within a person or event. It is a togetherness of many different cultures together.

How Did the Bronx Get Its Name?

The name of the Bronx came from a man named Jacob Bronck who bought that section of land in 1639 from Native Americans who owned it at the time.

Types of Writing Lesson Plans?

There are many types of lessons plans. The one that is most effective is the one that contains the benchmark of instruction, a rubric, and the method of delivery of instruction.

What is Persuasive Writing?

Persuasive writing is a selection such as an essay or article to persuade the reader to believe their point of view on a specific topic.

What is Civic Engagement?

Civic engagement is when all citizens contribute to the shaping and forming of the community. The decisions made are better informed and more fair to all.

What County is Pittsburgh Pa in?

Pittsburgh is a part of Allegheny County, one of 67 counties in Pennsylvania. It is also teh county seat and is the state’s second most populated city. Pittsburgh also boasts a revitalized downtown area, nicknamed the Golden Triangle as it’s

What is Fair?

That’s not fair! ‘Life’s not fair!’ We’ve all heard these phrases at one point or another, and everyone seems to have a different interpretation of what actually IS fair in life, work, and other areas. As such, the word fair

Where can I Find College Information?

College information is typically found within the school’s admissions building through varios pamphlets that are distributed within the building. Another way to find information about college is to go to the website of the school that you are interested in

Where can I Find Science Project Ideas?

It’s that time of the school year and you need a good science project. Choose from social science, math or life science. Pick a topic that interests you and you will find the right project. Look here for more information:

Where to Buy Used Textbooks?

Probably the best place to purchase used textbooks is online at websites such as Many people sell their used books in the amazon marketplace.

What are Fluency Skills?

How fluent someone is (i.e. fluency skills) has to do with how automatic a person is with something. You can be fluent in a foreign language, with math facts or with reading and driving a car, for example.

What are the Parts of An Essay?

The most basic form of essay has three distinct parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction explains the purpose of the essay and gives an overview of the essay. The body includes the significant points that you are trying to

How to Become An Elementary Teacher?

If you want to become an elementary teacher you will need to go to college. You will need to go to a college that offers a education degree. You will then need to specialize in the elementary curriculum and do

What is a Reflective Essay?

If you wanted to convince your parents that you were old enough to own your own car you may try writing a reflective essay. When writing a reflective essay you would want to convey your ideas and experiences that have

What is Play?

Play, the kind that children do, is engaging in an activity that occupies them usually pleasurably. Children use play to learn new things and to model behaviors. Play is considered to be an extremely important part of learning.

Where can I Get a Copy of my GED?

You can obtain a copy of your ged or high school diploma by contacting the department of education within the county that you went to high school in. Those county offices must keep records of everyone’s education on file at

What are the 5 Themes of Geography?

The five themes of geography consist of location, place, human involvement and interaction, movement, and region. It has been this way since I was in school!

How Many People are Left Handed?

It’s thought that roughly 10% of people are left-handed. Knick-named southpaws, famous ‘lefties’ include three consecutive presidents, Regan, Clinton and George H. Bush, as well as, Bill Gates, Babe Ruth, Oscar de la Hoya, Oprah, Jay Leno and even Bart

How to Write a Journal?

Writing a journal is simply putting thoughts and feelings on paper. You can be as detailed or random as you wish. The important thing is to start! Journals chronicle events, feelings, dreams, fears and many other things. You are only

How to Write a Response Essay?

A response essay is simply your reaction to an author’s work. You begin with an outline, listing all the important attitudes and ideas you had after reading the work. The essay beings with the introduction, which is a brief description

What is the Sat?

The SAT is a standardized test for college admissions. Its a SAT reasoning test formerly called scholastic aptitude test. This test will basically tell you if you are ready for college or not.

How to Make Good Grades?

The key to making good grades is to study, do required assignments, be punctual, and try to stay as organized as possible. Staying motivated also helps.

What Time is It in New Delhi India?

In New Delhi, India it’s breakfast time. Where I am it’s almost bed time. So, that means if you add about 5 1/2 hours to your time, that’s about right. What did you leave in New Delhi?

What is the Terra Nova Test?

The terra nova test is a test that is administered to students to test their ability to read, apply their knowledge and to think. The test is broken down into the different core subjects.

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is the study of the foundations and theory of computing processes. Most people think of computer programming when they think of computer science. You can find more information here:

How to Write Well?

If you want to write well, you can try reading a variety of articles, papers, books, or journals to learn about other people’s writing styles. You can also practice writing short passages or papers; have other people read them and

Where can I Take the Act Test?

The ACT is a test for high school students to see if they are capable of college level work. The test consists of multiple-choice tests in math, science, english and reading. An optional test is available to evaluate writing skills,

Where can I Find Certificates?

Certificates can be found at most any stationary store. One of the most recognized stationary stores is Hallmark. Hallmark sells many kinds of paper goods including their famous greeting cards but also features certificates and other types of stock.You can

What is Active Reading?

Active reading is a way to learn certain strategies in order to remember and comprehend what you read. It is technique when reading to retain the information.

What is Act Test?

The ACT test is a test high school students take to prepare for college. It is a standardized test that covers English, math, reading, and science. For more information see here:

What Makes An Effective Teacher?

An effective teacher is a teacher that once she has explained to her students how to do something, the student is able to perform the task and complete it successfully.

What Time is It in Austin Texas?

Everything’s big in Texas, so you might think that they have their own time zone. Actually, they have two. The vast majority of Texas, including Austin, is part of the U.S. Central Time Zone. However, a very small portion in

How to Create a Certificate?

You can create, personalize and print certificates on Microsoft. You can also find free certificates on line for World’s Best Brother and school achievements. For more information, look here:

How can I Find a Copy of my High School Yearbook?

Sometimes can be tough to locate one now, especially if your parents where too cheap to buy you one back then. Sure you can try to call the school. But your best option is to keep scanning Ebay religiously till

Where is Fort Worth?

Fort Worth is located in the state of Texas. Fort Worth has over 600,000 people who live in the city and is the 18th largest city in the United States. You can find more information here:

What are Literature Circles?

In education, literature circles are actually discussion groups in which cildren will sit around the teacher in a circle and discuss the literary work that they are studing.

What is the Meaning of Social Studies?

The study of human culture and how humans relate to each other in those cultures. The purpose of Social Studies is to help us learn how to relate to one another and how to improve our world culturally.

Is There a Legal Form to Give Up Parental Rights?

There is a legal form you can obtain to give up parental rights. There are places you can look online for forms. One place that I found that has several types for termination of parental rights is

How do I Write a Book?

First, think about what you want your book to be about. Make an outline covering the key ideas. Do any research that is required, then start writing the book from your outline and notes. Once you have a rough draft,

How to Become a Tutor?

To become a tutor, find a subject that you are very knowledgeable about. Decide where the tutoring will take place. You could tutor out of your home, go to their home, or even meet at the library. Advertise your services

How Many Americans are Bilingual?

The United States has a population of 304,059,724, of which 9 percent is bilingual, which works out to approximately a little over 27 million people.

What is a Summary?

A summary is a retelling of what happened or what was said in an abbreviated form. Think of it as what happened during the movie. If I ask you what happened in Avatar (2009), you are not going to read