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How do I Find a Old Friend?

Finding old friends is alot easier these days. We now have websites like Facebook, myspace, twitter and etc that allow you to look up people you may know. You’d be suprised to find out who is out there.

How do I Study for a Test?

In order to study for a test, you should go over the notes you took in class. You should also review any handouts and tests you have regarding the test material.

What can I do With a Political Science Degree?

People who hold a Political Scence degree can choose from several careers. Depending on the level of the degree, the most obvious answer of what you may do is a career in politics.

How to Become a High School Teacher?

To become a high school teacher you need at least a four year degree. Then you need to pass the states teaching exam and do a 400 hour internship.

What is Middle School?

Middle school is basically considered the middle grades in a typical k-12 education. Specifically speaking, middle school consists of grades 6th-8th in most cases.

What is Gcse?

GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education. GCSE is an academic qualification awarded in individual subject areas. The certificate is awarded in a number of European countries, including England, Northern Ireland, Wales, etc.

Why is Early Childhood Education Important?

Early childhood education is important because the young mind is the most teachable. A young child is able to absorb more knowledge during the elementary years than at any other time in his/her life.

How Many High Schools are in the United States?

Because High schools come and go so often in the U.S there is no definite number as to how many are actually out there. But if you are looking for some good education institutes for your high school never be

How Much do Teachers Make a Year?

Teachers salary in the US vary from state to state.Some state pay higher than the others.The average salary a teacher gets is from $44,000.Since teaching is a highly valued,it is also a lot of work.

What are Some Good Science Projects?

The best projects in science are ones that you are interested in. What do you think is cool? What have you always wanted to know? As long as you can make an experiment around it or graph info on it,

Where can I Practice my Typing?

There are plenty of resources online to assist someone who wants to practice typing. There are mental typing tests and even typing activities for children. For more information look here:

How to Use 100 of Your Brain?

Despite what we have been taught our whole lives, human beings actually DO use 100% of their brains. Different people use different amounts of certain parts of their brain which makes them better at performing certain skills or problem solving.

What are Good Research Topics?

Good research topics are inclusive of anything that is of interest to you. It is just depending upon the class and your instructor’s instructions as to what it is that you need to research specifically. Good research topics for the

Why is Play Important for Children?

Play is important for children because it allows them to socialize with others and be creative. There are many things that can be learned through play.

Where is Mount Everest Located?

Mount Everest is located in the Himalaya Mountains along the border between Nepal and Tibet. Everest is over 29 thousand feet high, and the temperature at the top can reach -100.

Where to Buy Cheap Textbooks?

A great place to buy cheap textbooks is at used bookstores. There are also some great on-line sites you can access to purchase cheap books from.

How to Write An Essay Outline?

To write an essay outline, you follow the same guidelines you used in elementary school. You start off with big headings and branch off into smaller headings beneath. This is so that, when you go to write the essay, the

How to Write a Introduction?

There are many ways to write an introduction; however it is mainly supposed to go over the things that will be covered in an essay.

What are the Different Learning Styles?

There are 3 different types of learning styles. Visual – the learner learns best through seeing information in different forms. Auditory- the learner learns best by listening to lectures, discussions etc. Tactile- the learner learns best by having hands on

Where can I Find Rubrics?

Rubrics are a scoring tool teachers use to define the scoring scale of an assignment. These are used to help both students and teachers find out what needs to be improved upon in ones work.You can find more information here:

How to Write An Expository Essay?

To write an expository essay, remember first and foremost that you are writing an essay that explains something. You must use the third person perspective, and avoid statements of opinion.

How Much do Tutors Make An Hour?

A tutors pay has many factors. A tutors pay can differ from state to state and school ditrict to school district. It also depends on if the teacher has a college degree

What is Deca?

DECA stands for The Defense Commissary Agency in the USA. DECA is responsible for grocery stores on military bases in the USA. The current DECA director is Phillip Sakowitz, Jr.

What is a Syllabus?

A syllabus is an outline that professors in college give students that shows an overview of the class. The syllabus will give you a heads up on what is coming up next. For more information see here:

Can I Check my Grades Online?

If you need to check grades for college, then contact your administrative office for access to any web services they may have available.

How to Write Book Reports?

The first most obvious answer on how to write a book report is to read the book. Don’t think you can get away with Cliff Notes only. Secondly, use a brief synopsis of the book as one or two of

What is Commutative Property?

The commutative property of addition says that if you are adding you can change the order of the numbers and still have the same result. The commutative property of multiplication says that you can change order of the numbers and

What is Service Learning?

Service learning is community service. It is a teaching service that is provided to a community in need of educational tutoring. Service learning is also another way to keep the youth motivated to stay in school.

What is the Series 7?

The series 7 is an exam for financial advisors or strockbrokers. Most companies require their employees to have passed this exam and receive their series 7 in order to place trades.

How can I Get my Sat Scores?

Most places don’t hold onto old scores. You can call your high school and tell them that you need a copy of your transcripts and see if they still have them on file.

What are Educational Standards?

Educational standards is what a student should know at certain grade levels. It is what is expected at a grade. These expectations are based on predetermined guidelines.

How Long does It Take to Earn a Bachelors Degree?

Earning a bachelors degree is important. It usually takes at least four years or eight semesters to earn a bachelors degree at an accredited higher learning school or university.

How can I Get my GED?

It is very easy to get your ged. You should find a junior college or a neighborhood high school and find out if they have a ged program. If they don’t have a program for a ged they will most

How to do a Lesson Plan?

To prepare a good lesson plan, consider what you want to teach and to whom. You will need your materials and a step by step guide. After your procedures you must be able to assess and evaluate the student. To

When can You Get Your Drivers Permit?

When you can obtain your driver’s permit depends on which state you live in. First, you must learn to drive of course and take a test with a motor vehicles employee. Check out what requirements your local state has by

Where can I Find Old Classmates?

There are many ways you can find old classmates. If you have your old yearbooks readily available with names given you can conduct internet searches on people forgotten through websites such as,, Facebook, and Myspace.

Schools in Brooklyn New York?

Schools in Brookyln New Nork. There middle, high, and elementry just to name a few William A Bulter, Dr Peter Ray,School of Humanites and West Brroklyn Community.

Where is MIT?

MIT is referred to Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is one of US’s oldest and good institute. They are pioneers in Robotics, Automation, etc For more information see here:

What does Early Childhood Education Consist of?

Now is a wonderful time to begin an early childhood education degree. Pursuing an online early childlhood education degree, you’ll study child psychology and congnitive development, as well as practical strategies for managing a classroom

Why is Literacy Important?

Literacy is important as it aids individuals in their daily tasks. Reading and being able to comprehend what you’ve read is important in keeping you safe and allowing you to learn and grow to better yourself.

What is the ZIP Code for Ontario Canada?

The phrase ‘zip code’ is not used in the country of Canada. Instead, Canada refers to a ‘postal code’ instead of a zip code. As such, the postal code of Toronto, Ontario in the country of Canada is M5N1A5. Also

Where is Alhambra?

Alhambra is a suburb of Los Angeles, California. Alhambra is also the name of one of the best preserved Arabian palaces located in Granada, Spain.

What is Assertive Discipline?

Assertive discipline is when the teacher is in complete control of the classroom and the behavior of their students during the school day.

What are Sight Words?

Sight words are easy words that you see often in daily life. They are taught to kindergarteners. Some examples of sight words are the, stop, go, dog, and cat.

What are the Best Online Schools?

The best online schools really depend on what you want to study and how much you want to spend per credit hour. The following web site reviews the online schools for you. Go to

How to Create Magnetize Water?

Probably the most simple, yet still effective, ways to magnetize water is to get what is called a water wand, a cylindrical magnet resembling a pen. This needs to be at least 2,300 gauss/230 m tesla. Then fill a pitcher

Types of Alternative Assessment?

There are actually many different kinds of alternative asessments out there today. Some of the kinds of alternative assessments are authentic assessment, integrative assessment, holistic assessment, assessments for learning, and finally formative assessment.

How to Increase Vocabulary?

One easy way to increase your vocabulary is to read, read, read. Choose some books outside of your comfort zone, written by some great thinkers. You can also purchase vocabulary building books at most bookstores. Also once you learn the

How to Write An Article Summary?

To write an article summary you want to begin by reading the article and making sure you undertsand it. Once you understand the article you just summarize it into your own words.

How to Start An Essay?

If you like to write an essay first you will have to choose the title for your essay. You will have to start with a short introduction. At the end write the conclusion for your essay.

What Constitutes Harassment?

Harassment is any form of continued intimidation by one person towards another. Insults, bullying, name calling are all forms of harassment.

What is the Average Lsat Score?

LSAT scores usually have a range from 120 to 180. The average LSAT score is 150 for most students; especially the ones that plan on attending college.

Where to Sell Books?

There are a few good places to sell books online. Many people choose to go to, amazon. com, or to sell and buy books.

How to Find Classmates?

The best way to find classmates is through the site You can also check out one of the social networks such as myspace, twitter or facebook. Most people have an account at one or all three.

What is Los Angeles ZIP Code?

Los Angeles has many zip codes they use right now. They start at 90001 and go all the way 90099. They also use 90101, 103, 189 and 230. Some are only for P.O. Boxes. Look here for more information:

What is Personal Style?

Personal style is your own individual way of doing things. You hear this term used more in the fashion world than anywhere else. This is your own unique appearance.

Where can I Learn to Type?

You can learn to type at classes offered through most high schools or colleges. You can also buy a book that teaches technique and accuracy. In the end the best way to learn to type is by practicing.

Can You Give Me a List of Contractions?

Contractions are simply two words combined with an apostrophe. Contractions can be confusing but have no fear because there is an online resource full of contractions we use every day. Look here for more information:

What does Plagiarism Mean?

Plagiarism means that you wrote the same words someone else already had. If you use words from someone else you need to use a citation for those words.

What are Good Gre Scores?

Gre scores are the scores that are given after a student completes the graduate record excamination. The Gre is a difficult standardized test that most students need to take in order to get into graduate school in the USA.

How Many Pages is 1000 Words Typed?

1000 words fit on 1-3 pages depending on the print size, single or double spaced, words used etc.In MS Word, a double spaced page is about 250 words.So 1,000 words equals 4 pages.You can use the word count button under

Who is Lev Vygotsky?

Lev Vygotsky was a psychologist and founder of cultural-historical psychology. Although he had many seemingly great ideas, his work was heavily criticized before and after his death.

View Old High School Yearbooks Online?

They have websites like that you can use to look up old friends. It depends on the high school that you went to on if they posted a copy of the year book on there school website. You should

How Much do Teachers Get Paid a Year?

Teachers pay per year varies. A teachers salary can differ from state to state and school ditrict to school district. It also depends on if the teacher has a masters degree or a Bachelors.

What are the 6 Traits of Writing?

The 6 traits of writing is a way for students and teachers to communicate about writing. Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions are the 6 plus traits of writing. Ideas-topic is focused with a clearly identified main idea.Organization-sentences

Where can I Drive a Race Car?

The only safe place to drive a race car is at the race track. You should also insure that you have the proper safety equipment available to you.

How to Write Cursive Letters?

To learn to write cursive letters, you have to learn how to do each letter of the alphabet, both upper and lower case. There are specific strokes to form them and usually similar letters will be grouped together, so you

Why Should I Go to School?

You should go to school because it is a place when you have the opportunity to meet and make friends, learn new knowledge about different subjects, interact with others, and spend time meaningfully. School for most people is a fun

What is Kindergarten?

kindergarten is a program that prepares five-year-olds for first grade. In Kindergarten, children learn basic skills such as reading, writing, mathematics and language. There is also much emphasis placed on developing social and behavioral skills.

How to Learn English Well?

You need to take many English classes, in which you will learn how to speak and write it correctly. Correct grammar and punctuations are needed in order to learn well English. English is learned throughout your childhood and adulthood education

What is Toefl?

TOEFL, also known as Test of English as a Foreign Language, evaluates an individual’s ability to use and understand English in an academic setting. It is mainly used by college and university admissions offices as an admission requirement for non-native

What does Team Mean?

A team is basically a group of at least two people. A team usually works together on something whether its work or school related and use each other to get the job done more efficiently.

How to Become a Border Patrol Agent?

To become a border patrol agent a person must at least have a high school diploma. Other requirements may include some college and law enforcement classes. But in the end it would be quite an exciting job to have!

When is Teachers Day?

National teacher’s day takes place within national teacher’s appreciation week. This week takes place during the first full week of may. In other words, ending on May 5 in the yearof 2009.

What is the Legal School Dropout Age?

The legal school age to dropout is 16. When you turn 16 years of age you can opt to drop out of school if you choose. This age could vary for each state so I would check with your local

What Skills do Teachers Need?

Teachers need a broad range of skills. They must first have their college education. The skills that are needed to go along with the diploma are; patience, kindess, fairness, creativity, enthusiasim and courage.

Where is Belford University Located?

The location of Belford University seems to be a secret even on their own website. They have a post office box in Humbolt, Texas but when one receives one of their diplomas it is postmarked from the United Arab Emirates.

Where can I Learn to Type Online?

There are various sites and software that provide you online & offline typing tutors. It is usually called as Touch Typing. It is based on QWERTY keyboard. For more information see here:

What is Interpersonal?

Interpersonal is associated with what we know as multiple intelligences. Someone with interpersonal communication is well socialized and can communicate well with others. For more information see here:

What is Business Math?

Business math is a subject usually taken in high school that teaches student’s about accounts, balances, and other mathematics we use in life.

Should We have Year Round School?

No, I do not think we should have year round school. I think the kids should have some time off, just to be kids. School is hard enough, they need a break.

What is the Southern Cross?

It is a grouping of 4 stars found in the southern night sky. It is one of the most common constellations. The aboriginal people found these stars to be of great importance. Look here for more information:

What is the Language of Spain?

The language spoken in Spain is Spanish. On this side of the world, we are very familiar with Spanish. However, the official form of Spanish that is specific to this region is Castilian. You can find more information here:

Who was Mozart Wife?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was married to Constanze Weber, until his death in 1791. They were married for nine years and had six children together. You can find more information here:

Why is Art Education Important?

Art education, at any grade level, is important because it furthers the students mind by encouraging creativity, cognitive development, self expression, and appreciation for art that was created in the past. For more information, visit

How Much Money does a Sports Broadcaster Make?

On average a sports broadcaster makes $35,000 a year. For more information on how much money a sports broadcaster makes visit

What is the Setting of a Book?

The setting of a book most simply defined as where the story takes place. A setting could be high-level such as the century the story is set in or as granular as a kitchen.

Why do We Use Computers?

We use computers because it is a fast way to type a paper and research information. You can use the internet to scan pictures and play games. I love using my computer.

Do Video Games Improve Hand Eye Coordination?

It is a proven fact that video games improve your hand eye coordination. They are many professions that use this to perfect and keep the coordination. Race car driver use these to keep their coordination during the off times.

How to Write a Topic Sentence?

All good reports start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence lets everyone know the main idea of the report. Make sure your topic sentence has the main idea and put the main idea in to your own words.

Can I Take my GED on the Computer?

I did find one site that had a GED test you could take online for the state of Louisiana for $199.00. But for the best results i’d suggest just going to a testing facility and taking it, you would save

How to Write a Research Proposal?

Generally all research proposals will contain a mission statement; vision statement and business plan. To write a research proposal you would have to first make sure the matter being researched is relevant to the needs of your audience. Then you

Can You Show Me Social Studies Projects?

When doing a social studies project you should look for what you like in social studies, your project will be easier. For a social study project you could do something about black history and how it has become what it

Why I Want to Become a Teacher?

You may want to become a teacher because you know a teacher that has made a difference in your life. Teacher have a very special and important job.

What is a Predicate Adjective?

A predicate adjective is an adjective that comes after a linking verb like is or are. An example is, Roses are red. Red is your predicate adjective.

How do I Become a Driving Instructor?

To become a driving instructor you must know first how to drive and be very familiar with all of the road signs and traffic signs. Most important of all, is to obtain an international driving license.

How can I Improve my Grades?

You can improve your grades by studying a little more each day. Have someone help you study so that way you can better understand the material.

How to Get a Teaching Certificate?

To get a teaching certificate by getting a four year degree. Then you take an exam in most states. Some states have harder exams than others.

How to Write An Essay Paper?

Writing an essay may seem intimidating, but once you are familiar with the writing process you will get better with every essay you right. There is an order that should be followed when developing your essay. Step 1. Decide on

How do I Start a Thesis Statement?

In order to write a good thesis statement you want to make sure that it covers the body of the paragraphs only and that it is strong and not unclear to the reader so that it will engage the reader

Who Invented the First Library?

There really is no simple answer to this question. The romans would leave writings in bath houses for others to read. Later Benjamin Franklin and his associates created a library and put alot of their own works in it. To

How to Make Certificates?

You can design and print certificates online. You can also buy the paper at your local office supply and print them out using Microsoft Word. You can find more information here:

What are Transition Words?

Transitional words and phrases are used to bring two ideas together in one sentence. Some examples of transition words include however, likewise, although, again, especially, meanwhile, afterwards, and therefore.

Where is the Closest Immigration Office?

You can locate the nearest immigration office by visiting the following website:

How Much is Admission to Six Flags Over Georgia?

Six Flags in Georgia offers various discounts for either GA residents and also depending on the special that month especially around the holidays coming up. They also offer season passes for both six flags and six flags white water. The

What is a Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement is a part of the introductory paragraph of an essay. It is also called a map statement because it should tell the read where your paper is going and what it is going to cover. You can

What are Some Spanish Speaking Countries?

The best known countries in the world that speak Spanish are: Mexico, Honduras, Spain, El Salvador, Argentina, Peru, Chile and many others. Hasta luego Amigo!!

How to Write a Unit Plan?

Writing a unit plan is not that difficult if you have a book to guide you. Using the book, simply create a daily intro activity, the core lesson, a wrap-up activity and a possible homework assignment. A unit plan is

How Much does It Cost to Attend Bartending School?

Mixology is an exiting career if you love being in around a lot of people ,usually 20 hours of training and having fun in a bar atmosphere. $250.00-500.00 dollars is your basic amount with a little bit of flair.

How to Read Better?

You will read better if you practice. You should read everyday, and you will find you can read better. Reading is a wonderful way to learn.

How to Write a Philosophy of Education?

Writing down your philosophy of education can help you focus on the decisions you make when planning and your goals and values as a teacher. You will want to include your thoughts on the purpose of education, the roles of

Types of Education?

In countries throughout the world, there are many different types of education that one could acquire. In the United States for example, the types of education that people acquire consist of: elementary school education, middle school education, high school education,

How to Write An Exemplification Essay?

An exemplification essay is one which a primary set of generalizations are expressed and supported by many uses of examples. There may be one idea or a collection of ideas related to one subject.

What Skills are Needed to Become a Teacher?

To become a teacher in most school systems a four year degree in Education is needed. Also you will patience, kindness, and love to endure your daily tasks.

How to Prevent Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a serious offense and can negatively affect everyone involved. Using sources is great just make sure that when it is rewritten it is in your own words.

What does Ict Mean?

ICT is the abbreviation for a lot of different things. Since I am not sure which one you are looking for, I will list a few of them. ICT stands for Interactive College of Technology, International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism,

How do I Get my GED Online for Free?

The GED test itself can not be taken online but you can prepare and practice for the GED test online. Check with a local community college regarding getting your GED and on test day, take your state issued identification card

How to Make Fun of Someone?

How would you feel if someone asked a question like that and found out how to make fun of you…not too good is my guess. Making fun is not an okay activity. Why not stand up and defend the person

What is a Special Education Teacher?

A special education teacher is someone who is specially skilled to assist members of the community who are physically or mentally challenged.

What is the Average Teacher Salary?

The average teacher salary varies. It can be approximately 10,000-40,000 year. Many factors go into finding the salary; such as area, whether a school is public or private and experience.

How do I Become a Proofreader?

A proofreader requires skill and an eye for finding mistakes. You must have an expert understanding of the English language and grammar skills. You can take a course on line or at your community college. For more information look here:

How to Write a Reflection?

There are actually many different kinds of reflections that you can write. You can write reflctions about art, music, movies, and literature, and you can write a personal reflection about an experience that you may have had. Thus, as with

What is An Education?

Education is the continual process that student’s go through each grade throughout school. Each year a student learns more and receives an education over time.

What is Tracking?

Tracking is the pursuit of a person or animal by following the footprints, marks, or smells that are left behind. For example, hunters track deer and other animals.

What is a Moderator?

A moderator is someone who oversees a certain area or a certain group of people. They make the rules for that group and enforce the rules if necessary.

How to Listen?

Listening is a very easy thing to do, it is really not a well known practiced skill. The first thing to do when you are about to listen is to remove other distractions, either turn the TV down or off,

What is Civic Responsibility?

A civic responsibility is a duty each citizen of a country owes the country. Jury duty is one civic responsibility. So is voting for president or in local elections.

How to Write a Composition?

How someone would write a composition is based upon the requirements of it. It can be any form of writing. It is important to have revisions to anything that is written. For more information go to

Where can I Sample Questions of the Teas Test?

You can actually see all types of info non the TEAS test by looking at the website

What is One to One Correspondence?

One-to-one or one-on-one correspondence is a type of communication that is sent to be received by only one other person. One example is a personal letter that is sent privately to one person. It indicates an intimate form of discourse

Can I Graduate a Year Early?

In order to graduate early a student must take more courses throughout the semester,take courses in the summer, or test out of some classes.

How to Write a Summary?

To write a summary, the best way to start is by organizing notes on the beginning, middle, and end, listing only the most important facts. Include only those characters most important to the action of the story. If you were

Where Did Helen Keller Go to School?

She was taught at home until she was college age and then she attended Cambridge School for Young Ladies. She went there to prepare to go to college at Radcliffe which she did in the fall of 1900 and graduated

Where can I Find Free Essays Online?

As I know you have probably heard..nothing is free! But…I did stumble across this website that has thousands of essays and term papers for free. The quality of the essays is for you to judge. Have fun! You can find

How to Plan?

Planning takes time and dedication. First you must think about what you want to plan, then write down your ideas, once the ideas are thought of and written down then you next step is to figure out how to work

How Many Credits for a Bachelors Degree?

The amount of credits required for graduation from a bachelor’s degree program vary by institutions and degree program; however, most institutions require at least 120 credit hours, at least 30 of which are classes concentrated on the major area of

Where can I Get Free Posters?

There is many, many websites that will give out free posters of your choice. Some of the websites are

What is a Digital Slr Camera?

SLR stands for single lens reflex. This type of camera uses a mirror and prism which allows you to see through the actual lens when taking a picture.

Where can I Buy College Books?

Many students buy their books used and they purchase them from online stores. Some online stores are,, and

How Much do Teachers Get Paid An Hour?

Teachers do not generally get paid by hour but receive a salary instead. If one does not include the personal hours used for planning and other time the teacher spends in the classroom, a teacher makes around 20 dollars an

Should There be Year Round School?

Many people feel there should be year round school to help children retain what they learn and not have long summer breaks to forget things. The year round school will offer several week or two week breaks throughout the year

Should I Become a Teacher?

Whether or not you should become a teacher is a hard question for me to answer. I am a special education teacher by training. I think you should go into teaching with your eyes wide open or you will be

How was Rhode Island Founded?

Roger Williams believed that there could be separation between the church and the state back in 1636 and was therefore banished from Massachusetts. Rhode Island became an area of safe haven for many people after Williams received the charter for

How do You Make a Bibliography Page?

If you like to make a bibliography page first start by writing down all the used literature like books, pages and websites. Write them in an alphabetical order.

What is the Gmat Test?

The GMAT is an examination that is formally known as the graduate management admission test. This test is generaly taken for students who want to accel to higher education in terms of obtaining a master’s degree or higher. It is

What is the Hidden Curriculum?

The hidden curriculum of an education results from the social and demographic make-up of the students and teachers in the school. In poorer communities, the hidden curriculum often teaches a tough and negative lesson. For more information look here:

What is a Good Typing Speed Words Per Minute?

A good typing speed would be 75 to 85 wpm. You can work your way up to this speed by practicing. Keep in mind speed is not the only think you will need. Accuracy is very important as well.

What is Curriculum Design?

Curriculum design is the structure, scope, sequence, content, and skills taught by an educational body. For example, the New York State curriculum mandates that students in grades nine and ten study world history. The New York State Education Department describes

What is a Reflective Paper?

A reflective paper is more or less a reflection or expression of a book or article that was read. A reflective paper includes a person’s point of view in regards to the feelings they might have had after reading a

How do I Make a Rubric?

To make a rubric, find out how much each portion of the assignment is worth in points. Display a table with the amount of points such as how many points can they earn for correct grammar.