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What are Lesson Plans?

Plans that are written by teachers to indicate what they plan to teach their students. They include goals that are to be met by the students and also indicate what measure will be used to determine if the goals have

What is Touch Typing?

Touch typing is the act of learning to type by touch and not sight. A trained touch typist will not have to look at her keys when she types, she has memorized their location and is usually pretty fast at

What is Science Inquiry?

A science inquiry is a question that is related to science. It may be a question on an existence of a certain thing, its relation and effect to the environment.

What is Curriculum Development?

A Curriculum Development is a planning system used in schools and study programs. It is what is taught and how to teach in certain courses of study.

Where can I Find my Sat Scores?

To find your SAT scores, you need to know the month and the year that you took your test. If it have been more that a year, you need to contact the college board. It it has been recent, you

How do I Get a Book Published?

You can get your book published by having a great manuscript. You will need to contact different publishing companies to find out their submission process. Some companies do not accept unsolicited manuscripts while other only accept them at certain times.

What County is Dayton Ohio in?

Dayton is a part of Montgomery County, Ohio and is also the county seat. Known as the Birthplace of Aviation, Dayton offers a wide range of activities for history buffs and more.

Why is Curfew Important?

Curfew is important because is respectful of the responsible party’s time. For example, if a curfew is set by your parent or guardian, it is respectful to the them to be home by it. Otherwise, they are left worrying about

What is Educational Technology?

Educational technology is basically using technology to help in education. It can be hardware, software or any other technology that is used to help a student learn.

What does Reciprocity Mean?

Reciprocity is a mutual (or equal) exchange of energy in terms of favors and/or privileges. This is especially the case when in terms of the exchange of rights and privileges in between different coutnries.

What Science Project Should I do?

One of the best science projects that you can do is to make a volcano. It is fairly simple and the ingredients for the project are items that you will more than likely have around the house already.

How to Start a Essay?

To start an essay, you first need to turn off all outside distractions, and you will need to find a quiet and well lit place to work. It also helps to have a snack, and all of the materials that

How do I Become a Principal?

To become a school principal, the first step is becoming a teacher. Virtually no one is hired as a principal without at least a few years’ worth of teaching experience. Then, get a masters degree, and eventually a Ph.D., in

What is Basal Reading?

Basal reading refers to a specific way to teach young children reading. Basal readers are collections of stories that are designed to work on specific reading skills.

What is the Purpose of Technology?

Technology’s purpose is to make tasks simpler for humans to perform. Most would think of a computer as a form of technology. While that is true, even something as simple as a hammer to drive in a nail is a

How Many Pages is a 1500 Word Essay?

If you use double spacing with 12 point Times New Roman font a 1500 word essay would be about 7 pages. Please keep in mind that is the standard accepted essay writing format but if you use different spacing, font

How to Write a Prospectus?

A prospectus is essentially a proposed outline of what a research thesis paper is going to contain. This prospectus contains information on how you plan on conducting your research as well as the main points you hope to find out

How Hard is the GED Test?

How hard the GED test is will vary based upon your academic strengths and weaknesses, how much schooling you have completed, and how long it has been since you attended school. Contact your local library or community center for information

What is the Compass Test?

The compass test is a computer adaptive college placement test. It is used to determine what level or what classes you should be in when you start your college courses.

What is Intrapersonal?

Intrapersonal is a type of personality or intelligence that has been taught. It states that everyone has multiple personalities. Behavior that pertains to intrapersonal is organizational and independent worker.

What African American Founded Chicago Illinois?

Chicago, Illionois was founded by Jean Baptiste pointe DuSable. Would he be proud of Chicago today? Does it reflect his influence in any way? Read about him yourself in

What is Mache?

Mache is derived from French and has a symbol over the letter ‘a’ denoting an accent mark. Mache is often times associate with the phrase ‘paper mache’ and is thus, an item used for artwork.

Where can I Take the Sat Test?

You can always take the SAT test on a Saturday at school. You should stay in contact and keep a close relationship with your counselor. You pay a small fee, study extremely hard and do your best to get the

How to Write a Photo Essay?

If you are given the task of a photo essay you will be telling the story in pictures. A photo essay will use photos to support your written word.

What is An Open House?

There are different kinds of open houses. Regarding real estate, an open house is where the seller allows the real estate agent to set up a time and date show your house to many people.

How to Write a Critical Lens Essay?

To write a critical lens essay you will first be given a quote to read which will be the lens which you will be evaluating two different pieces of literature. Next take your two pieces of literature and asses their

What is a Civil Service Test?

A civil service test is a test required for most government jobs. Your local postal worker even had to take a civil service test to get his or her job. For more information on civil service testing go to

How to Write a Theme?

To write a theme you need to gather information about a certain subject. You study the information and then organize the information and write it down on paper.

How Long does It Take to Get a Phd?

The typical time to get a PhD is said to be around 12 years. Keep in mind that this can vary wildly on your speed of work, dedication and brainpower.

What is Predicate Adjective?

A predicate adjective is a descriptive word that follows a linking verb and is used to modify or give more definition to the noun or pronoun that is the subject of the sentence.

How to Teach Reading Comprehension?

It is not easy to teach reading comprehension. You should make sure the student understands to read carefully and slowly. This will help them to comprehend what they are reading.

What is Character?

Character is when a person portrays someone else, like in a play or show. Character can also mean the qualities a person has in their life. Whether of not they are honest or dependable.

What is a Swat Team?

A SWAT team (Special Weapons and Tactics) is a specially trained tactical team, which responds to very dangerous and violent situations. The first SWAT team originated from Los Angeles, California, during the 1960’s.

What does It Take to Become a Teacher?

What it really takes to become a teacher other than a good mixture of patience and perserverance is love for teaching. Regardless of how many years of education it may take one person as opposed to another to become a

How to Create Lesson Plans?

You can create lesson plans on line. There are many free sites dedicated to providing teachers with lesson plans for anything from math to science and social studies. To find more information click here:

Top Ten Reasons to Go to College?

Top ten reasons to go to college include the proven fact that college graduates earn more money over their lifetimes than high school only graduates. It’s also proven that college graduates are placed on jobs over high school graduates.

Where can I Buy Scantrons?

Scantrons can generally be found and purchased at any Textbook store. Textbook stores can usually by found on or near college campuses. Scantrons can also be ordered online.

Where can I Apply for Scholarships?

Scholarships can be applied for in a multitudeof ways. Scholarships can be applied for directly though a university or community college’s financial aid office or website. Scholarships may also be applied for and sought after via various websites found on

Can You Take the GED Test Online?

You cannot take the GED test online. The reason for this is the testing officials need to control the test conditions. You can prepare for the GED test online, though. You can find more information here:

What are Standardized Tests?

A standardized test often fills a student with a sense of ultimate dread and anxiety. But what exactly are standardized tests, these are tests that are administered or given according to specifically instructed directions given to the instructor by someone

Where can I Take Sat Tests?

The SAT tests are normally given at a local school. Teachers will alert eligible students as to the time and date these will be held. You can practice by purchasing an SAT study book.

How to Magnetize Water?

There are three ways you can magnetize water. The first is to let the water drip on a magnet and then fall into a container.Due to the short amount of time it stays on the magnet it may not last

What is Differentiated Instruction?

Differentiated instruction is to teach students in different ways according to how they learn, what their background is, and other considerations. A teacher who used differentiated instruction would teach the same topic in a variety of ways to reach all

What Bird Flies Backwards?

Hummingbirds can fly backwards, sideways, up, down, and hover. This is because a hummingbird can move its wings in a circle. No other bird can do this. For more information look here:

How to Make a Math Game?

I used to play a really fun game in school called ‘math bingo’. We used construction paper and markers to make regular old bingo cards with numbers in each square. Anything can be used as bingo chips. The teacher would

Where can I Find Math Lesson Plans?

There are quite a few online resources for finding math lesson plans. Some websites include,,,, and Your local public library will have math lessons as well.

Where can I Find Lost Friends?

There are tons of places where you may find ‘lost’ friends from the past! One of the most popular places to find lost friends is on Facebook. Another popular social networking website to find lost friends is Myspace and

How can I Get Better Grades?

The easiest and best way to get better grades is to take extra time and study longer and harder. Make sure you completely understand what you are reading, even if it means reading it 2 or 3 times.

How to Write a Graduation Speech?

Write your graduation speech from your heart. The words will be remembered for years to come if they cary personal meaning to each graduate. It is a good time to thank teachers, parents and dominant figures who made it possible

What is Literacy?

In general, literacy is the ability to read and write. To be literate in a particular field means that you have knowledge of expertise in that area.

How can I Learn to Type?

You can learn to type by practicing to keep your fingers on the correct keys. Then you can build up your speed and work on your accuracy. You can find Mavis Beacon in most anywhere where software is sold.

Who Wrote No Child Left Behind?

The former President Bush signed the No Child Left Behind act at the Hamilton High School. This was written by the legislation department.

What is Tesol?

TESOL is an education group. It stands for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages. It helps teachers teach the english language and helps others learn it. For more information, look here:

What Should a Teachers Resume Look Like?

A teachers resume should look like a person that cares and loves children with a lot of education. If they are going to be teaching our children I would like it to be great. For more information look here:

How Much does a Teacher Earn?

How much a teacher earns varies based on location, years of teaching, and type of school. A teacher at an elite East Coast college preparatory academy might earn $90,000.00 a year, while a Catholic school teacher in Michigan might earn

Basic Outline for An Essay?

When writing your outline for an essay, you want to begin with a title and a spot for the introduction. Then move on to the basic points you want to discuss and three things, for each point that you’d like

How do I Become a Mexican Citizen?

If you are staying in Mexico for over a period of five years, you are eligible for Mexican citizenship. Else, if you are a child of Mexican citizen you are a Mexican citizen.

How to Write a Good Paper?

Writing a good paper requires some simple steps. This includes researching things, brainstorming ideas, creating an outline, and also checking grammar and spelling.

What is a Gifted Child?

A gifted child is a child that is well above the average student. Gifted children often need an added curriculum to challenge them in a different way.

Where can I Take the Gmat?

GMAT exams can be taken at testing centers and sites all around the world. Many of these sites offer the GMAT throughout the year at good times of the day. The best place to find out where to take the

What Degree do I Need to Become a Vet?

To become a veterinarian you will need 4 years of college (usually a bachelor’s degree) followed by 4 years of training at a school of veterinary medicine. You will also have to obtain a license to practice after you complete

What is Inclusive Education?

Traditionally, students with special needs and learning disabilities have been placed in special classes, separated from their peers. Inclusive education is the idea that those special needs students should stay in the traditional classroom setting with support as needed. For

What is the Salary of a Teacher?

The salary of a teacher depends upon a number of things. Some of those things are the cost of living for a particular area and years of experience.

What does Itt Tech Stand for?

At first glance, you might think the ITT in ITT Tech stands for something relating to Information Technology. At least, that’s what I thought. But, in actuality, the school is named after a company called International Telephone and Telegraph. Look

What are a Levels?

A levels mean Advanced Level General Certificate of Education. It normally follows after high school and occurs in schools with British education.

How to Become a Teacher in Georgia?

Georgia requirements for teaching require that you complete a bachelors program from an accredited school, complete a teachers training program, and pass a teacher certification test. Congratulations on your interest in teaching .. a highly rewarding career choice!

How to Start a Tutoring Business?

One way to start a tutoring business is to let the schools know that you are available for tutoring. You can also run an ad in the local paper and let people know you are taking new students.

How to Write An Article?

To write an article fast start with a list of ideas in a point form. Once you pick out a topic then plan on what you want to write. You should have an introduction paragraph, and divide the body into

What is the Sat Test?

Thinking of going to college or university after high school? Well the SAT test is what you need to do well on before you can enter a college or university. It measures your ability to reason among other skills.

Where Did Mozart Go to School?

Mozart did not go to school. He was taught by his family members. He often composed for individuals when they finished their studies. He was fortunate to be born into a musical family.

How to Study for An Exam?

You should start studying for your exam 2-3 weeks in advance. Study every night, but do not try to cram. Read over all of your notes, homework, quizzes, and tests. Quiz yourself as you study to make sure you understand

How to Become a Mexican Citizen?

If you would like to become a Mexican citizen follow these steps. You will have to fill out a form, and submit with a copy of your passport, and an FM-3 or 2, along with photos and a fee.You can

What are the Parts of a Book Called?

The parts of a book are often referred to as elements. The elements are the front matter (ex: title page), body matter and the end matter(ex: index and glossary).

Why is It Important to Read to Children?

It is important to read to children so that they will learn to read, so they will know proper techniques for reading, and so that they can see why it is important.

What is a Coast?

A coast is the edge of the land that is met by the waters edge. Most of the coasts are covered with sand and are enjoyed by many as they frolic and play on the beaches.

How can I Get a GED?

There are a few different ways to get your GED. You can go to a local resource center that offers GED classes or you can get it through correspondence courses. You can also get your GED online.

What is the Tabe Test?

The TABE test is the Test of Adult Basic Education. It is a series of tests designed to measure learning equivalency in adults in math, reading and other subjects. For more information look here:

What Time Zone is Nashville Tn?

Nashville, Tennessee is in Williamson, County. It is located in the Central Standard Time time zone, and has an estimated population of 596,462.

What is Esl?

ESL is the english as a second language program. It was created to help those students that speak another language learn english. It teaches social and academic skills as well as the english language.

Where to Sell College Books and Get the Most?

Used college books can be sold to a book store that serves the school. There are several sites online where you can sell them. Google used text books to get a list.

What is Culinary Arts?

Culinary arts is a course of study for people who want to become chefs. This program allows people to learn all of the different aspects of becoming a master chef and how to prepare great meals for all to enjoy

How to Write a Petition Letter?

A petition is a list of signatures voting for or against an issue. A petition letter gives the details of what the issue is and the desired result.

Should Standardized Tests be Eliminated?

Eliminating standardized testing depends on each individual’s opinion. Many believe one test should measure the success of a student. For now anyone who wants to attend college must participate in testing. For more information see here:

What is Webquest?

Web Quest is a term used for student’s learning online. The student’s lessons are all located on the web and they follow all the directions and activities through reading online.

Top Ten Designers?

The top ten fashion designers are Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, John Galliano, Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, Alexander McQueen, Donatella Versace, Tom Ford, and Valentino Garavani. Are you trying to tap into your fashion knowledge, or

Why do We Need Physical Education?

Physical education is an essential part of our youth’s development. The United States has a growing obesity rate already. P.E. is essential to keeping our youth happy and active. Hopefully the things they learn in P.E., they will carry with

What is a Thesis Paper?

A thesis paper is a massive paper that is usually written by overly stressed out students who are in graduate school, or within their senior year of undergraduate school. Many people who write thesis papers have to do so if

How do I Pay for College?

There are many different ways to pay for college. Sometimes scholarships and financial aid will pay for most of it; however many times the student has to get a job in order to pay for college.

How to Identify the Main Idea?

The main idea of a text can be identified by first reading the text carefully and then thinking about what the author said. Then ask yourself what the author’s main point was. The main point is the main idea.

Where is Oxford?

Oxford is a prestigious school with a history of strong graduates that go on to be successful in life. Oxford students are accepted based on academic and extracurricular achievements.

Types of Educational Assessment?

Educational assessments can be used to measure knowledge, skills, beliefs or attitudes of individuals or groups. These are usually administered in the forms of tests, formative and summative, objective and subjective, referencing, informal and formal. Look here for more information:

What does Excelsior Mean?

Excelsior means excellent, upwards, more lofty. Another definition is thin curly wood shavings used in packaging. Excelsior is also a kind of stuffing used in upholstered furniture.

How Much does a Teacher Make?

How many years of experience teaching, the teacher’s educational experience and the type of school they work at can all affect how much a teacher makes per year. Yet, an average of all teachers salaries was found to be about

What is a Transition?

To answer the question ‘what is a transition’, one must first establish which type of transition we are talking about. The word transition in it’s simplest form means to change or move. When referring to literary terms, the word transition

How to Teach Adults?

When you teach adults you should take into consideration that every adult is unique. Unlike children, adults bring many experiences to the learning situation. You could insult them if you assume that they come to you with empty heads. Also

Where is Marquette?

Marquette, a city name after Native American Indians, is known to be located in the Upper Peninsula of the State of Michigan. This town is known to have great views and is right on Lake Superior.

What County is Oklahoma City in?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma is the county seat of Oklahoma County, Oklahoma. It is also the capital and the largest city in the state of Oklahoma.

What does the Left Side of the Brain Control?

So then you may wonder what people mean when they ask if you are a left brain or right brain? Scientist believe that each side of the brain tells how an individual perceives the world where a left brain person

What are the Best Online Colleges?

Want to go to one of the best accredited and recognized online collges? Need something flexible and want classes that start monthly? American Public University would be perfect for you, come check it out at

What is Naturalization?

Naturalization is the process that a person not born in America becomes an American citizen. If you become naturalized you take all of the responsibilities of citizenship and the rights that go along with it. There is a test to

Why is Plagiarism Bad?

Plagiarism is bad because it is a form of stealing. Plagiarism steals the thoughts of one person and is represented to be the unique work of another. This disgraces the thief and cheats the rightful owner of due recognition for

How do You Become a Teacher?

To become a teacher, you must first complete the requirements for a college education set by the state where you would like to teach. After graduation, you will need to complete each states’ individual requirements, such as special testing or

What Foods are Protein?

Foods that are considered protein are red meats, pork, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, nuts, milk products, seeds, soy and legumes. Most people do not worry about getting enough protein due to it being in many layers of the food pyramid;

What is Direct Instruction?

Direct instruction happens when a teacher takes a formal approach to teaching. The teacher assumes responsibility for what is taught and what is learned. It is assumed that what hasn’t been learned, hasn’t been taught.

Which Military Branch is Better to Join?

The Navy is a great branch to join. The Navy is not in the front line so you have more time to focus on a career while you are there.

What is Child Endangerment?

Child endangerment is when you put a child in a situation that is harmful or negative to them. This is punishable by law, too. For example, you can not leave your five year old at home babysitting your six month

Can You Help Me on my Homework?

You can always post your questions on and we are happy to help you with your homework. You can also search to see if someone else asked the same question.

How to Write a Thesis Sentence?

To write a thesis sentence you must figure out what the main point or argument of the paper. That will be the thesis statement and it must go at the end of the first paragraph to make the most impact

How to Study for a Test?

There are many different ways to study for a test. One of the common ways that people study are to write notes during class or while reading a chapter in the book and highlight the important parts. Read these notes

Types of Listening?

There are many different types of listening including, active listening, biased, casual, deep empathetic, false, inactive, and partial listening to name a few. Look here for more information:

Why do We Go to School?

There are many, many reasons why we go to school. The was society is always changing and evolving and education is how we are going to survive. In order to get a job that will pay the bills and for

Cdl General Knowledge Test?

The first thing to remember is that in order to take the CDL test you must be at least 18 years of age, then you are able to go online and find free practice test that can be used in

Where can I Retrieve my Sat Scores?

To retrieve your sat scores you need to contact CollegeBoard. You can request your sat scores online, the phone, or by mail. Fees may apply. You can find more information here:

What is a Teachers Salary?

Teachers salary really depend on what state you are in, what grade you teach and if you are teaching in a private or public school. Teachers can make as little as 20,000 a year to 150,000 a year.

How do Students Learn Best?

Not every student learns in the same way, some learn from hearing, some learn from seeing, and some learn by doing. The best way to teach something would be to try to incorporate all 3 learning methods, this way no

What do I Need to Become a Private Tutor?

To become a private tutor you of course need to be knowledgeable in the area of which you are going to be tutoring in. Be sure when going on an interview to have a copy of your grades so that

How to Write Case Notes?

Case notes summarize and analyze court decisions and its effects on society or certain individuals. Most importantly, be clear and brief when making descriptions and statements. For more information look here:

How to Find Lost Friends?

Finding lost friends doesn’t have to be extremely hard with the wonderful tools on the internet. If you have used search engines and can’t find anything on your friend, try using another approach. When you last saw your friend at

What City is Stanford University in?

Stanford University is actually located in the city of Stanford and in the state of California. Stanford was founded in the 1800’s by Governor Leland Stanford. For more information see here:

Should Cell Phones be Allowed on School Campuses?

I think cell phones should be allowed on school campuses but not in class they should be kept in the students locker. The same rule should apply to teachers they should keep their cell phones put away in their desk

Where is There a High Need for Teachers?

The need for teachers is the highest in ‘High Need’ schools, or schools with more students that come from disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s harder for these schools to attract and retain teachers. One advantage for teaching in one of these schools

How to Prepare for a Test?

To prepare for a test, you want to know that you’ve studied hard, without studying too much. Join a study group or make yourself flash cards to use when going over material that will be on the test. Make sure

What is a Narrative?

A narrative is explaining your own account or series of events in story. You are basically retelling the story in your own words. It can be non fiction or a true story.

What is High Scope?

High scope is a type of educational system used in early childhood. Children learn by being involved in activities. This involves a hands on approach. For more information, look here:

How can I Find a Friend?

There are quite a few ways to find friends on the internet. If it is someone you already know try searching for their name or if you are looking for a new friend try any one of the online friendfinder

Where can I Find Science Lesson Plans?

You can find science lesson plans from various educational reference books. Some textbook publishers also provide instructors with sample lesson plans that go along with their textbooks. Another source of science lesson plans and teaching ideas would be science teachers

What are Trade Books?

Trade books are books that are published and distributed for general readership. As opposed to text books, or books that are printed for specific readers, as in a classroom.

Who is Mavis Beacon?

Mavis Beacon is not a real person. She is a typing tutor on a software program. She has typing tutors for both Mac and the PC. It supports the QWERTY keyboard.

What is the Literary Canon?

It is a collection of important writings written during a specific time period or at a specific place. An example of a type of cannon would works written during the romance period. To find more information click here:

How Long is a 250 Word Essay?

A 250 word essay is exactly that. 250 words. That should be about 3, possibly 4, good paragraphs.

How can I Improve my Vocabulary?

You best way you can improve your vocabulary is by reading a variety of publications–books, magazines, etc. When you come across words you do not know, look them up in the dictionary.

What are Contractions?

Contractions are shortened forms of two words. They are often used in speaking, but not used often in writing. Words such as am, have, will, is, and not are often made into contractions with other words. For example, I am

How do I Get a Twic Card?

To obtain a transportation worker identification credential, you must be eligible by being a US citizen or fall under one the immigration catergories. Can not have been convicted of certain crimes or be affiliated with any terrorists organizations. For the

How to do Fraction Problems?

Just make sure you work with equal denominators. From there you should be able to add subtract multiply, divide or dispose of the problem.

What is School Like in China?

School in China is similar to other countries. However the differences in China is that students attend summer school. School is viewed as very competitive in China. Most schools also require school uniforms.

Why do People Teach?

People who teach have a gift for learning, giving, and helping others achieve their goals. They enjoy assisting others gain knowledge and well-being. Teachers have a special love for each of their students.

How to Improve Reading Skills?

There is one tried and tested way, read everything that you can get your hands on. If you don’t know a word, look it up. You will improve.

How to Write Thesis Statement?

A good thesis statement should include four qualities: 1. Take on a subject about which reasonable people could disagree. 2. Deal with a subject that can be adequately covered given the nature of the topic. 3. Express one main idea.

What are Ethnic Groups?

An ethnic group is a particular group of people that is different from the majority group of people within an area. For example, in an area that is comprised of mainly white and Western European people, an ethnic group would

How to Write Persuasive Essay?

To write a persuasive essay you must first define your topic to your audience. Make sure you have good tone and show them exactly why they should be persuaded to your ideas.

Can You Teach Me Spanish?

I can not teach you spanish, I know VERY LITTLE! You can buy audio books that will teach you spanish. Or you can go to the local college and get in contact with the spanish professor and see if there

How to Write a College Paper?

A good college paper is developed by brainstorming and doing rough drafts. It is important to not let the first thing that you write serve as your paper. Everything must be done to make sure that the paper flows smoothly.

How do I Become a Private Detective?

To become a private detective you will need to get the proper licenses. You may want to take some computer classes because a lot of info can be found online. Then you can rent an office and start discreetly advertising.

What is Cooperative Learning?

Cooperative learning is the practice of working within a group to attain shared goals. It is also called group learning. It is thought that if students work together they can learn more in a shorter period of time.

How do I Create a Lesson Plan?

To create a lesson plan, first determine what it is that you want your students to learn during the class session. What skills or knowledge should they have at the end of the class? Based on these goals, layout the

What Language do They Speak in Italy?

If you happen to be lucky enough to go on a vacation in Italy you would want to study up on the Italian language. It is one of the romantic languages and is beautiful to hear.

How to Get a GED?

Getting your GED is a very important decision to make. This can help you on your path to getting a better job or a career. To begin the process you will need to contact your local GED office. Look here

Lesson Plans for Preschoolers?

Lesson plans for preschoolers are in many early childhood education books. Don’t worry if the lessons do not work as planned, preschoolers seem to have their own minds at all times. Just do your best. See lessons and resources for

How to Write a Budget Proposal?

To write a budget proposal first, write a brief description of the money you are requesting. Next you create a spreadsheet so that you show and organize your budget. For more steps and tips on budget proposals go to

What Time is It in Hawaii?

Honolulu, Hawaii is in the United States. It is not part of the main land. The time there is 6:19 pm. They are five hours behind Eastern Standard Time.