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How Long Should a Nap be?

A good nap should be about two hours. I prefer to take my naps in the middle of the day. At about 1:00 p.m. is a good time. It is right after lunch and lunch makes me a little sleepy

How to Guide?

To guide you can use a seeing eye dog or even learn to read broken twigs in the wild! Ha, I’m just kidding. The best How To Guides I’ve ever found were online at Ehow. They have some great stuff

Why Cell Phones Should be Allowed in School?

Cell phones should be allowed in school because it can keep the parents in contact with their child. It gives a sense of comfort.

How Much does a Teacher Get Paid a Year?

Teachers pay per year varies. A teachers salary can differ from state to state and school ditrict to school district. It also depends on if the teacher has a masters degree or a Bachelors.

How do I Write a White Paper?

You find a problem with something and write a paper on how to potentially solve it. When you write the paper, be sure to understand the product you are writing about. Know who your target audience is and know how

How to Teach Spanish?

A real basic way to teach Spanish is to place index cards of names of things around the house. It actually works. Also, the audio tapes are good while driving for pronunciation.

How do I Teach Multiplication?

Teachers believe that memorization is the best way to teach multiplication facts. Practicing facts everyday and playing games can help to memorize them over time.

What is a Title 1 School?

A title one school is a school that has been rated the highest for funding. This rating comes from the no child left behind act. It means the the school is needy enough and did well enough to receive the

What is Inquiry Based Learning?

Inquiry based learning is a type of learning that uses philosophy and philosophical teaching methods such as the Socratic method as part of a learning experience. Inquiry based larning is also found within discovery based learning, and is its cornerstone.

What Percentage of People are Left Handed?

The percentage of people who are left handed is estimated at between ten and fifteen per cent. There has been an increase in the percentage in recent times, presumably attributed to the increased social acceptance of being left-handed. For answers

How to Cheat on the Asvab Test?

You won’t be able to cheat on the ASVAB test, because you aren’t allowed to bring anything with you to cheat with! No calculators, etc. The only thing you will have is your wits and a pencil, and maybe a

Where is Bangkok Located?

Bangkok is a city located in Thailand. Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. It is the largest city and the capital of Thailand. For more information see here:

What is Regrouping?

Regrouping is reorganizing something for retry. It is often done after something fails and there are new ideas as to how to get something accomplished.

What is Sq3r?

SQ3R (which stands for Scan, Question, Read, Recite and Review) is an reading program or strategy and have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to increase comprehension of reading material. It is recommended by many college

What does a College Diploma Look Like?

A college diploma is typically printed on a heavy card stock. The college’s name and logo are usually printed prominently on the diploma. A paragraph will show the graduate’s name, describe the graduate’s achievements, and list the name of the

What is the Best Way to Study?

Studying is a way to learn, and learning styles differ from person to person. The three main learning styles are visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. Try them all and see which works best for you!

How to Write Acknowledgement?

An acknowledgment is a formal letter written to a group of people who work on a project together. This could be charity work, or something that a person or business contributes to. Even if it is not charity, if someone

What is Job Enrichment?

Job enrichment is when you take an additional training class to learn more about the job you do. It enhances your skills so you can do even better at work.

What is the Florida State Bird?

The state bird of Florida is the common mocking-bird also called the northern mockingbird. Due to its tropical climate year round, as well as the beaches and seas, the mocking birds would feel comfortable in this type of environment. They

What is Interdisciplinary Studies?

Interdisciplinary studies is designed to allow individualized majors around a theme. Its an academic program seeking to synthesize broad knowledge.

What is Urban Education?

Children that attend urban schools are at an extreme disadvantage. Inequalities in education exist from textbooks provided to the teacher qualifications which affects the quality of education inner city children receive.

How Many Hours do Teachers Work?

Although many think that teachers have the best work schedule of roughly 7am to 3pm, this is far from the truth. Teachers will work well over forty hours per week. After their eight hour day in the school, teachers will

Where is Pretoria?

It is in South Africa and it is the capital city of the country. It is in the northern part of Gauteng, a province that is part of the Ndebele.

How to Start An After School Program?

Make a plan with your community,get donations ,volunteers,and a need for space .Making a difference in a young persons life is a road to success for their future.

How to Write a Concept Paper?

A concept paper is one of the easiest papers that are often needed to be written by students. A concept paper is thus written as a short paper which generally serves as an overview of the topic that you need

Where can I Make a Certificate?

You can make a certificate from the comfort of your own home. If you are running a Windows platform you can go right to Microsoft Works or Microsoft Word. Both of them offer options on making certificates. You can also

What are Visual Aids?

Visual aids are objects used as a presentation to the class or meeting that is there to support or complement your report. It could be a bar graph, a pie chart, a picture of anything that is the subject.

Why is New York Called the Big Apple?

Once a mystery, research has disclosed the history on this famous nick name. The Big Apple was first popularized in the 1920’s as a nickname for NYC by John J. FitzGerald in a number of articles in the reference to

How Long does It Take to Get Certified?

How long it takes to get certified depends on what you want to become certified in or as. For the most part, teachers must first earn their bachelor’s degrees and participate in student teaching. Of course, there are tests to

How Did Virginia Get Its Name?

How did Virginia get its name, Let see Virginia has a lot of history however, history begins with the founding of the Virginia Colony in 1607 by the Virginia Company of London as the first permanent New World English colony.

What is Critical Writing?

Critical writing means you are using certain ways to link ideas together and convey a meaning to the reader. It’s not so much about what you write, but how you write it.

What is Bilingual?

Bilingual means you speak two languages. Some people are able to speak English as well as Spanish. That person would be called bilingual.

How to Write a Proper Letter?

Formal letters have a format of salutation, a body and a conclusion with an expressed action. It is proper to address the recipient by their full name.

How to do Equivalent Fractions?

Equivalent fractions are fractions having same values. An example is 1/2 and 4/8. They are both equal to a half. Two fractions are equivalent when they equal the same value. The rule to equivalent fractions is a/b = c/d where

How to Find Old Friends for Free?

There are many ways u can find old friends for free. One such way is too either enter their name into a search engine or look on myspace or facebook.

What is Reading Recovery?

Reading recovery is actually an intervention program that takes place as soon as a potential reading problem is spotted within a child’s education. This usually takes place within first grade and the early elementary school years.

How do Seatbelts Work?

Seatbelts go over your shoulder and around your waist. It buckles on the side. If you wear your seatbelt it can save your life if you are ever in a wreck.

Why I Want to be a Teacher?

The reasons why people want to become teachers are personal. Although the reasons for wanting to become a teacher may be personal, the main reason why many become teachers is because they love children and also love to teach.

When is Fire Safety Week?

National Fire Safety week for 2009 was October 4th – 10th. The theme in 2009 was ‘Stay Fire Smart! Don’t Get Burned!’ Next year in 2010, National Fire Safety week will be October 3rd – 9th.

How do You Become a Substitute Teacher?

Becoming a substitue teacher will depend on what state you live in. Some states require you to have gone to college and received a bachelor’s degree. Other states require you to have a high school diploma. So the best thing

What is High Stakes Testing?

High stakes testing refers to testing that determines whether individual students have reached a specific level of proficiency and that are intended to be used to determine whether the student is qualified to advance to another level.

How Many Students Go to College?

How many students go to college depends upon the area, high school, and other factors. Currently, about 40% of high school graduating seniors enroll in higher education after graduation. Some private schools boast that 99% of their graduates go on

What does It Take to Become a Professor?

The requirements to become a professor depend on what your subject are is and what university you attend. You need to earn a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, and a doctoral degree. Along the way, you may lose your family,

What are Cardinal Numbers?

Cardinal numbers are numbers we use on a daily basis for counting. Numbers that we use such as one, two, and three are all considered cardinal numbers.

How Much do Teachers Make a Month?

The salary of teacher differs quite a lot. Their salary is based off of multiple things. Some of these things are level of education, school district, and the cost of living in that area.

What is Reading?

Reading is the art of deciphering written, verbal, or physical codes for understanding. We not only read books, but we read lips, body language, and street signs. Some of us even try to read minds!

Why is Community Involvement Important?

It is important to be involved in our community because every person plays a role in making their community strong. It is necessary for everyone to take responsibility for the way in which they live and to figure out how

Why do Teachers Give Homework?

Teachers give homework to reinforce the learning that when on in school, and to ensure retention through repetition, and mastery through practice. Likewise, there is not enough time in the school day to go through everything. It would be impractical

How to Become a Science Teacher?

A career as a science teacher can be rewarding and exciting all together. To become a science teacher, one must have a Bachelor’s degree in Science.

Where is New Brunswick Canada?

New Brunswick Canada is located in North America right next to Maine, USA. It is a very beautiful place and it has a coast with the Atlantic Ocean and the people there are mostly bilingual in French and English.

How to Teach Elapsed Time?

Teaching about elapsed time is simple. You set up a scenario, something like how long it takes to complete a task. Then you add time limits on that task. An example would be baking a cake. The cake has a

How Children Learn?

Children learn best in an enriching environment with positive stimulation that promotes brain development. It is imperative to provide young children with a rich learning environment as this seems to be the lacking factor of modern day children. The more

Where is Shanghai?

Shanghai is located along the eastern coast of China. It’s one of the largest cities in China. The city’s port is where trades are made.

How to Write An Argumentative Essay?

To write a good argumentative essay you must present both sides of the argument, and provide clear, concise facts. Cite your references, both pro and con.

How to Create a Webquest?

A webquest is an on line learning center for students. If you can create a document with hyperlink you then can create a webquest. If you like you can create webquest on Excel, Powerpoint and Word. It is very simple

How to Write a Victim Impact Statement?

A victim impact statement should be written by letting the courts know the crime affected you and how your life has changed since the crime took place. You can go to

How can I Get my High School Diploma?

To get a high school diploma you must have attended school and graduated. If not you’ll either have to go back or get a GED.

What does Inclusion Mean?

Inclusion is a term used by schools to describe the legally-required inclusion of special education students in mainstream (‘regular’) classrooms. Due to actions in the court system, schools since the 1990s have been bringing the majority of special education students

What can I do With my Degree?

After you earn your degre you may think, now what. Well most schools have a department that will help you find jobs in your field. If they do not see your counsler or head of your department.

How can I Learn to Type Faster?

You can learn to type faster with practice. Perhaps you should take a free typing class online. Also, learn to type the proper way, because this is more functional. For more information see here:

Take a Free GED Test Now?

The best place to take a free GED test now is

How to Make Flash Cards?

You can make your own flash cards with anything you want. You can also prepare them on line and print them at home. You can use them to learn a new language, study for a test or just for fun.

What is Brain Gym?

Brain gym is a program used for students that helps students overcome any obstacles of learning (i.e. learning challenges and disabilities) through the use of various movements.You can find more information here:

Where can I Find Math Worksheets?

The internet is an excellent resource for free printable math worksheets. Some great websites include,,,, and You may also be able to find math workbooks at your local library. You can purchase math workbooks at

What is the Asvab Test?

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a series of tests on a variety of subjects. The tests measure a recruits knowledge and suitability for a variety of armed services career paths.

How to Teach English Language Learners?

To teach English language learners, you first need to assess how much English they know. Many students new to the United States already know a bit of English, while others do not know any. Start off with the basics, just

How to Start a Preschool?

The first step in startin a preschool is to make sure that you really enjoy bein around children because this is going to be a full time job once it starts! The second step n starting a preschool is to

What is a Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan is the guide for teaching a lesson. In basic terms, it is the goal (what the teacher wants the kids to learn), the procedures for reaching this goal (the format of the lesson), and how the teacher

How to Create a Curriculum?

If you want to write CV, write down you personal details, your education, areas of experience and significant achievement, and references.

How to Teach Autistic Children?

Kids with autism usually respond best to discrete trial teaching that is very systematic and based on operant conditioning. Discrete trial training is highly data-based and part of the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

How to Take Notes?

Learning how to take notes is a great thing to know while in school. Taking good notes include writing down the things that the teacher emphasizes or writing key words that would jog the memory about what the teacher said.

What is a Query Letter?

A query letter is a letter you may call a first impression of yourself or a something you are seling. It is a letter introducing you or your book.

What is a Prep School?

A prep school is a school that is geared towards students who want to go to college. Typically these schools are private and cost money.

How to Become a Music Teacher?

To become a music teacher you have to decide that teaching music is right for you. You need to have a good knowledge of a range of music. The ability to play an instrument, sing, self motivation, organization, patience, and

What is the Salary for a Teacher?

There is no standardized pay scale for teachers. How much a teacher makes depends on the school district or system by which the teacher is employed and the years of experience as a teacher and the teacher’s educational level.

Where can I Find my Schools Website?

You should be able to get your schools website address from any teacher or faculty member at your school. Next time you go to school, go to the office and ask1

How to Write a Personal Narrative?

A personal narrative is an essay or article that explains and shares a personal experience. It includes detailed information such as places, times, and dates.

Why Study Abroad?

The main reason students study abroad is to immerse themselves in a foreign culture and have the opportunity to take classes from a different perspective. The most common time to study abroad is during college and university in your upperclassmen

What is Media Arts?

Media arts are a great technology we have available where art can be used for things such as graphics, digital arts, and other computer technology.

What are Basal Readers?

Basal readers are the text books that teachers use to teach school age children how to read. They can also be called reading books or just simply readers.

How to Find Old Classmates?

Everyone is hunting for old classmates. There are three really good ways to find them. One way is to go to your reunion. Another good way is to ask your current friends ‘do you know what ever happened to so

What is Autocratic Leadership?

Autocratic leadership is the type of leadership that is governed by one. The prefix of autocratic is auto which means one. So if you are under a autocratic leadership you will one person making all of the decisions.

What is Best Practices?

Best practices is a term often used to describe the best way to accomplish a task. It is usually written by a business, and is put into play when conducting internal or external business jobs.

How do You Outline?

The easiest way to do an outline is to take each paragraph in your paper and seperate them. Each pararagraph then becomes a section of your outline. Usually you take the main idea and label it A., then under A

How Much does a High School Teacher Make?

How much a high school teacher makes depends upon experience, what school system they are in, and there area. For more information on this topic visit

How Much do High School Teachers Make?

High school teachers make around $40-55K. It all depends the year you’ve been teaching and what you teach. If you want to make real money teaching, I recommend you’ll become a professor.

What is Reflective Practice?

Reflective practice is simply considering and incorporating one’s own life experiences in the study and practice of one’s profession. In education, this would mean combining personal teaching experience with the accepted principles and standards of teaching to come up with

What is Ugly?

The definition of ugly is something that is displeasing to the senses.It is a descriptive word to explain what is not nice or unsatisfactory to you. For more information, look here:

What is Bulling?

Bulling is the spitting shine on leather to give it the highest glow. This method has been around for many many years especially in the military.

How to Teach Social Studies?

To teach social studies, one needs to know a lot more than just basic history. The social studies include philosophy, geography, political science, psychology, as well as history. For more information, look here:

How has Education Changed?

Students today have a specific curriculum taught by teachers. Teachers are not able to deviate from this very much. Also, technology has changed the way students study, work and learn.

What is the Language of Italy?

The official language of Italy is Italian. But, there are many regional dialects (sort of like the folks from New England or the Deep South). Some of these dialects include Italkian, Lombard and Sardinian.

Who is William Wilberforce?

William Wilberforce was a leader of the movement that attempted to rid of the slave trade and a politician. He acted against slave trade and in 1807 the Slave Trade Act was passed. He was a Member of Parliament for

How Much does Sylvan Learning Center Cost?

A Sylvan Learning Center tutor can cost $45 to $50 an hour. You must first take the skills assessment test which costs from $145 to $199. There is also a $50 registration fee. They also offer packages with discounts.

Who Founded Illinois?

The Illiniwek Confederation are the reason Illinois is called Illinois. It became part of the US in 1783 when it was included in the North West Territory. In 1818, Illinois became the 21st state. It was not really founded by

How do I Get my GED Online?

In order to get your GED online start by taking the preparation courses. They are free. I found a site that let’s you get started:

What is the Average Typing Speed?

The average typing speed for the average person is around 30 words per minute. For those who type on a professional level the average is between 80-100 words per minute. You can find more information here:

What is Rubric?

There are a few different meanings for the word rubric. However the one most commonly used would be defined as text or writing that is somehow set apart or highlighted from the rest of the words around it. So for

When Did Mozart Become Deaf?

He was not deaf. In fact, many believe that he kept his hearing even until after his death. Many of the monks could hear a strange sound coming from his tomb long after his death. It was like a loud

How Long does the Act Test Last?

The ACT test without the writing portion takes 4 hours and 15 minutes to complete, including breaks. The ACT test with the writing portion takes 5 hours to complete.

How to Prepare a Financial Statement?

Knowing how to prepare a financial statement is something all businesses need to operate. This is a useful skill to have and can help in succeeding in a business career. You can find more information here:

Why do You Want to be a Teacher?

I want to be a teacher because i love to share my ability and knowledge to somebody. In teachings I learn a lot from my students too. Being a teacher is a challenging and exciting job that will test your

How do You Speed Read?

When you speed read you are not reading every printed word, but rather you are picking out enough words to give you a good idea of what is written.

Why do Teenagers Drop Out of High School?

Teenagers drop out of high school because they are depressed, mad fun of, lonely, or just don’t think they need an education. Many teens regret this decision later in life because it can be tough to get a decent job

How to Get Your Permit?

To get a permit to operate a motorcycle in Oregon, you must be at least sixteen years of age, have a Class C Operator’s License and be able to pass a vision test.

What is the Area of the Earth?

The surface area of the planet Earth is 510,072,000 squared kilometers. You may also want to note that 29.2% of the Earth’s surface is exposed as land, and the other 70.8% is covered with water.

What does Thematic Mean?

Thematic means that the idea or area is based on one theme or subject. Many teachers teach this way because it helps the students learn one topic such as weather or the solar system.

How do You Show Respect?

You can show respect by listening and not interrupting someone. You can also show respect by first respecting yourself. Lastly, respect is something that is earned, not given.

How to Research a Topic?

In researching a topic, it is good to define if the topic has adequate support for sources and literature review. And a good research topic seeks to define a particular problem.

What is Preschool?

Preschool is a type of school before real school. Preschool is usually for children between the ages of 3 and four. Preschool sets a great foundation of children.

What is the Capital of Senegal?

The capital of Senegal is Dakar. It has a population of almost 2.5 million people. Senegal is a country on Africa’s west coast. Dakar is farther west than any other African city. To find more information click here:

How do I Write a Lesson Plan?

Writing a lesson plan is really subjective because it is whatever works for the person using it. You just need to write down what topic you will be covering and then how you will reinforce the lesson either by doing

Maps You can Print?

A great place to create printable maps is

What is a Provisional License?

A provisional license is a driver’s license that has some restrictions during your first year on the road. You can’t drive after a certain time at night or have another person in the car with you under the age of

How can I Teach my Child to Read?

A great way to prepare your child for reading is to read to him daily. Teach him the alphabet and what the letters ‘say’. Once your child knows what the letters say, he should learn what letter blends say. Dr.

Why do Kids Bully Other Kids?

Kids bully other kids thinking it makes them look cool. Most kids that bully are lacking attention and think being mean to other kids is funny and cool and takes the pain away and allows them to put a mask

What Makes a Source Credible?

A credible source can be defined as a source that has experience and knowledge in a particular subject. For example if your friend Bob tells you aliens are going to take over the earth you shouldn’t believe it until you

How do You Write a Thesis?

There is a basic formula that you will need to follow when writing a thesis. As long as you stick to this you can write a thesis on any subject. You can find more information here:

How to Site Internet Sources?

You cite internet sources the same way that you cite other sources, which will vary depending upon whether you are using the MLA or APA format. The biggest thing to remember is that you need the whole web address (copied

How to Improve Vocabulary?

One of the best ways to improve your vocabulary is by reading a news paper, magazine, or book. When you come across a word that you are not sure of write it down in a notebook. At the end of

What is the Associative Property?

The associative propert is a property used in algebra and various mathematics courses. According to algebra, this property states that a change in the grouping of numbers (three or more) addends or factors, do not change the sum of the

How to Become a Animal Cop?

After you have arrested a few animals for the crimes they are committing then you can be an animal cop. You can also apply at the humane society and you can take neglected animals from their owners.

What does Ciao Bella Mean?

Ciao” is an Italian salutation or greeting that could either mean “hello” or “goodbye”. “Bella” is also an Italian word meaning beautiful or nice. Together, it means, “Hello beautiful”. The phrase has been used for a title of a movie

How Many Words Per Minute can I Type?

Typing is an excellent skill to have. There are quite a few resources on the internet that will clock your typing speed. During most tests, once you begin typing the clock will start ticking. The test calculates your word per

How to do a Summary?

When writing a summary about an article or an essay, make sure you stick to what the writers words are and not add your own thoughts or ideas.

What is the State Flower of Nevada?

The state flower of Nevada is the sagebrush. The sagebrush was adopted as the state flower in 1967. The sagebrush looks a lot like a shrub or bush.

How to do Bibliography Cards?

To make an bibliography card, first you wold put the location of the source that you are using in lower right hand corner of the index card. The bottom left hand corner would be where the library call number would

How to Get a Permit?

Requirements for obtaining your learner’s permit is that you must be at least 15 1/2 years old. apply for a drivers license at your local DMV with the signature of parents or guardian. Provide birth certificate and proof of residency.

How do I Find Out What School District I Live in?

The best way to find out what school district you live in, contact your local board of education, they usually go by your zip-code. If the school you wanted your child to go to the other school opposed to the

What Time is It in Salt Lake City?

Right now it is 2:32pm in Salt Lake City, Utah. A great resource to use when wanting to find out the time in another city or country is a world clock. For more information see here:

What Makes a Person Ambidextrous?

Being able to write and manipulate both the right and left hands makes a person ambidextrous. You have to be able to fully write with both hands, not just scratch with one.

What is the Definition of a Fair Test?

Fair test is a standard on how testing should be administered. The outcome should have nothing to do with the race, religion, or background. It is designed for any and all testing, not just the kind you take with a

What Makes a Good Journalist?

A good journalist needs to be curious, good at English (or whatever language he/she is reporting in), able to work under pressure and willing to work under a tight deadline.

Types of News?

Anything that can attract readers is considered news. Whether it is good news, bad news, information about celebrities, politics, the world, religion or anything else deemed important enough to make it’s way into the headlines, it is considered ‘news’.

What is Family and Consumer Science?

Family and Consumer Science is what used to be called home economics. Students learn basic nutrition, cooking, shopping skills and may learn sewing and other crafts.

What is North Carolina State Flower?

North Carolina has the same state flower as Virginia and Missouri, which is the Dogwood. The flower is actually quite ugly which makes me wonder why not 1 but 3 states would choose it.

What is An Essential Question?

An essential question is kind of like a ‘big idea’ question. States such as New York list their own essential questions along with the curricular content for each unit in a required course. To find more information click here:

How Much does a Teacher Get Paid?

It al depends on where the teacher is teaching if they are teaching in AR the starting pay is 35,000.00 per year. If you are teaching in Texas the starting pay is 47,000.00 per year. It is all depending on

What is MIT?

MIT is an acronym for Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is known as the top private research university. It is located in Cambridge Massachusetts. It is known as the top school for the education of science, research and technology. To

Which is the Only Bird to Give Us Leather?

Any bird can give us leather. All you have to do is put it through the tanning process. The most used bird is probably the ostrich since it has the most skin. I couldn’t imagine wearing a finch.

How do You Become a Notary Public?

It’s actually not hard to become a notary public. You have to be 18 years of age and be a valid resident of the state that you live in. Fill out the application, be sure that you have some money

How to Make a Speech Outline?

Speech outline varies based on it’s audience . For example you are going to do a speech with a graduating class, the speech outline must contain encouragement for the new graduates.

What are Reading Strategies?

Reading strategies are methods used during reading to understand or comprehend the literature. Strategies include re-reading, highlighting and by asking questions.

How Much does Teachers Make?

Starting pay for teachers differs by county. In Dade County, Florida, the starting pay is from $35,000 to $38,000 with a bachelor’s degree. When you earn your master’s degree, you pay will increase about $3,000 per year.

How Fast can You Type?

If you know how to type, you’ve learned a valuable skill. It can also be valuable to know what your speed is so you can improve it and put a nice large number on your resume. To determine your speed

What is Essay?

Essay is a type of writing piece. An essay is usually relatively short in length and told from the authors point of view. There are many different types of essays that can be written. You can find more information here:

What is Reading First?

The No Child Left Behind Act requires that Reading First is part of the education system making it a federal education program. This program puts methods of early reading in the classroom so that students learn how to read well

How to Teach Children?

Different children learn by different methods so your best bet is to try what you think will be best and then if that doesn’t work try something else. Usually with little kids hands on and visual methods work the best.

How do I Become Leed Certified?

Prior to August 2009, to become LEED certified required taking some courses and passing an exam, however the requirements are currently in the process of being re-written, and the new procedure has not yet been adopted, but will involve classes,

What is a Subject Verb Agreement?

Subject verb agreement refers to the subject and verb of a sentence matching in both quantity, as in singular or plural, and tense, as in past or present. Look here for more information: