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What Time is It in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia is is on EDT (eastern daylight time). If you are in a standard time zone subtract 5 hours from your time or for mountain time subract 4. This great site has the current time for Philadelphia all day long!

What are Some Science Fair Projects?

Science fair projects can be anything you can make an experiment about or gather information on. Pick something that interests you and go with it.

What is a Special Purpose Map?

A special purpose map is a map that is geological in nature. It typically is used for showing features that are shown below the surface of an area.

How do I Find Out my Sat Scores?

If you want to ind out whay you scored on your sat you have a few options. The first option is that you wait until they send you the scores to your address that you put on your test. The

How Much does a Tutor Cost?

A tutor’s cost varies depending on where you live. Tutors in large cities can make $75 an hour or more. Tutors in less populated areas earn about $30 an hour.

How to Write a How to Essay?

Every essay is different when it comes to essay writing.We have persuasive,descriptive,narrative and more essays.This is a good resource to help you write an essay.

How to Essays?

When writing an essay you need to start out with a plan for the kind of paper you want to write. The first step to almost every type of writing is to brainstorm get it all out on paper. Then

Where can I Find Preschool Lesson Plans?

A great little site that I liked to use when I was teaching my daughter during her preschool days was A to Z Teacher Stuff. They had tons of really great stuff on there and a lot of it was

How do You Start Off An Essay?

It is best to start off an essay with a great introduction. The introduction should include one main idea and incorporate several facts.

Where can I See my Student’s Grades?

Many school districts offer a place online where you can view your student’s grades and make contact with your child’s teacher to work on any subjects where your child could use a little help. If you can not access grades

How do I Become a High School Teacher?

You require at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or University to become a teacher. It takes usually around 4 years to become a high school teacher and the average salary is around 42,000 a year.

How can I Find a Old Friend?

The best place to start is with a mutual friend.Your next best bet is to search local newspaper archives, search networking sites online and never forget to check the white pages.

How do I Curve An Exam?

The teacher usually takes the best paper for a 100% paper even if it is only a C paper and then slides all grades based on this. That is a curve.

Where Should I Go to College?

There are many things to consider when choosing where to go to college, such as the cost of the school, including living expenses, and even the weather of the area. If you are from Florida, for example, you may not

What is a Review?

A review has several meanings: 1. A teacher may say, ‘Today we will review the Civil War’. This implies that the topic has already been covered and you’ll be going over it again (to see how much you remember). 2.

What is a Professional Journal?

A professional journal are journals that are written by experts or professionals of the field of choice (such as doctors and lawyers). They give the readers a great amount of detail and in-depth information about a particular subject within a

How do I Create a Webquest?

The important thing about making a webquest is to make it fun, informative and interactive. You will need to fully research the topic and have things the students ahve to do for themselves, outside of the internet, although the majority

How can I Improve my Writing Skills?

Writing skills can be improved through one on one tutoring. The best way to really improve writing skills is to get help and to be consistent with practicing.

How to Write Persuasive Essays?

It is very easy to write a persuasive essay. You should pick a topic that you are very interested in and that you can argue. It is a topic you should feel passionate about.

How to Become a Nail Technician?

You can become a nail technician by enrolling in a program at a community college or a cosmetology school. If you are in a small town that does not have these resources check the closest city to learn about programs

Where can I Find Mla Format?

There are 2 books that show the MLA guidlines, ‘The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers’, and ‘The MLA Style Manual and Guide to Scholarly Publishing’. Any local library should have the books on the shelves, but most word

How do I do Mla Format?

MLA (Modern Language Association) format is the most widely used format in writing papers and identifying research sources in papers.MLA format comprise of : Size 12, Font – Times New Roman, Double spaced, Proper Headings and Footers 1′ Margins.

Can I Take my GED Online?

No, you cannot take the test on line. However there are a few different websites that will help you prepare for the test. Contact your local GED administrator for info. Good luck!

How can I Get my GED At Home?

You can get your GED at home by going online and taking the class and studying for the class.

Who Designed the Golden Gate Bridge?

The Golden Gate bridge was originally designed by Joseph B. Strauss. However, Irving F. Morrow and his wife Gertrude C. get credit for the art deco elements and structural simplifications. Strauss’s original structure was viewed as too overbearing. The Morrow’s

Why is Writing Important in Life?

Writing is important in life because the written word is each day becoming more important as a form of communication. Most jobs, as well, require good writing skills.

Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Are you smarter than a fifth grader is a quiz show on television where contestants answer questions, almost ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ style, but where the questions follow the syllabus of a school child, ranging up to the

Types of Science Fair Projects?

There are basically 5 types of science fair projects. First you need to ask yourself what you want to show with your project. There are projects to conduct an experiment where you test something to prove your hypothesis. Another type

Where can I Take the GED Test?

There are a number of places in which you can take the GED test. GED tests may be taken online from some websites. Although this is the case, please be very careful and make sure that the site that you

How to Use the Computer?

You can use a computer to check your email or search the web for topics that interest you. Many use the computer as a means to earn an income. It is both for fun and business.

What is the Importance of History?

The importance of history is that it gives an insight on what our heritage is all about. We can learn about events that occurred several years ago.

What is Compensatory Education?

Compensatory education is educational services above the normal school programs that are designed to help students with low educational achievement reach their full potential.

How can I Make a Certificate?

You can buy blank certificates for most any occasion at a retail store or dollar store. You can also download the template for free and add your information. Lastly, print your certificate.

How to Start An Introduction?

To start an introduction it should attract attention. The introductions provide insight that you know about the topic your are speaking or writing about.

How to Teach Spelling?

First begin to each spelling to elementary school aged students or younger by having a weekly list of words for them to learn and spell. Second, grade your child’s pre test of the weekly words and make sure to correct

How can I Become a Teacher?

The easiest answer is to go to a college or university that has a degree in Education and take the courses they say. It is probable the most consistent job other then nurse. Make sure that the state you are

What is Persuasive Essay?

A persuasive essay is an essay where the writer is trying to convince the audience about a certain topic or subject. They want to persuade you to believe them and their opinion.

Can I Get my GED Online?

There are several sites to use to get your GED/High School Diplomas online. Here are a few good sites that may help

Where can I Practice my Typing Skills?

If you need to practice your typing skills, you don’t need any kind of fancy computer program unless you want to purchase a game of some kind that allows you to practice your skils. The way you can practice for

How to Write a Diagnostic Essay?

In order to write a diagnostic essay you will need to gather information about the diagnosis. You will then write the information down in your owns words as you understand them.

Types of Technology Used in Classrooms?

More often now than ever before teachers are using to tecnology as teaching aids, and teachin ‘crutches’ so to speak. In just about every classroom you will certainly find a computer, or a bunch of computers for students and teachers

What is Alternative Assessment?

Alternative assessment is testing that is given to students who are not able to take regular standardized state testing because of intellectual disabilities. It assesses what the student has learned through means other than a paper/pencil test.

What is Ambidextrous?

Ambidextrous contains ambi which means both and dexter which means favorable. So, together it means both sides are favorable. However, when most people use the word ambidextrous, they are referring to hands. So, it also means both hands are favorable.

What is Sociolinguistics?

Sociolinguistics is the study of all aspects of society on the way language is used. It studies the relationship between language and different social factors such as class, sex, age and ethnicity.

What are Degrees of Freedom?

Degrees of freedom is a phrase that shows how much freedom you really have. If you’re an inmate in a prison you have no freedom of choice. You must do what you’re told at all times. If you live on

What is Problem Based Learning?

Problem based learning is using a made-up problem to teach concepts. Students learn to cooperate, research, and think critically, and write.

Where can I Print Practice GED Tests?

The GED or general education development test is taken when you do not finish high school. You can find these practice tests on line. You study them before taking your test.

What is Persuasive?

When someone is persuasive they are attempting to convince or sway someone or a group into believing in something such as a topic or idea. It is an attempt to have someone see things your way.

Where was the Hottest Temp. in Texas?

The hottest temperature in texas was recorded on Auguest 12, 1936 at 120 degrees in Segmour. The lowest temperature was -23 on Febuary 8,1933 in Seminole.

When does School Start in Mexico?

Mexico operates their schools on basically the same calendar as we do. Students begin classes in late August to mid September and attend until late May or early June. Classes in Mexico are similarly structured, teaching the basic subjects, language,

What County is Chesapeake Va in?

Virginia is a Commonwealth State and therefore Chesapeake, VA is independent and does not belong to any county. Only rural areas of Virginia are designated with counties.

How do I Become An Animal Cop?

To become an animal cop, often, one must be able to receive certification as a police officer. Animal cops must be educated and complete a training certification ad supplementing training in humane law enforcement, criminology, and animal science are also

Why Should Cell Phones be Allowed At School?

I believe that cell phones should be allowed at school because what if the student has an emergency and needs to contact a parent or vice-versa. Another reason I believe that students should be able to bring there phones is

How to Write a Short Essay?

Writing a short essay is similiar to writing a short paragraph. First, you start with the introduction where you simply tell the reader what you are going to talk about. Secondly, take each of the topics you listed in your

What Year Did Minnesota Become a State?

Minnesota became a state in 1858 on May 11th. It is known as the 32nd state.

What is Mastery Learning?

Mastery learning is learning a skill to the point that you understand it or master it. Mastery is usually considered anything over 80% accuracy.

Why Should Children Read?

Children should read because books open up the world to a child. If a child is not able to read than they will not have the joy of reading about other people’s lives or stories that take place in other

What is Reflective Teaching?

Reflective teaching is a way of teaching in which teachers reflect on what they have taught. For example, what worked and what didn’t work? How could I make this lesson better in the future? Do the students truly understand the

What does the Word Honolulu Mean?

There is no actual definition in the dictionary for the word Honolulu, but referred to as a noun. One reference says that it might mean hub or shelter.

What is a Longitudinal Study?

A longitudinal study is an observational study that occurs over a prolonged time span in order to study different trends. An example of this would be a twenty year study of cancer in a certain group.

How to Give a Good Presentation?

The key to give a good presentation is preparation. Much like the monologue or reading an actor gives to win a role, you must practice your delivery. Make certain that you have everything ready.

Which School Will my Child Attend?

A issue for many parents depending on the area you live trying to figure what school you are zoned for can be either an easy experience or a very annoying one. Your child may go to one school one year

What is Health Literacy?

Health literacy is the amount of knowledge a person has about staying healthy, such as eating nutritious food, avoiding overindulging in alcohol, salts, sweets, and fats, etc. One should pay attention to one’s body, get a yearly checkup, and follow-up

What is Criminal Trespassing?

According to the law, criminal tresspassing is something that is done by a person who knowingly enters a property or piece of land. This person is unwanted and must cross some kind of barrier that blocks people out in order

What do Teachers do?

Teachers educate the young and sometimes even the old. They don’t just teach subject areas, they also touch the lives of their students. Teachers work hard in and out of school to prepare themselves.

How to be a Better Person?

You can become a better person by first deciding that’s what you want to do. However, we cannot become better people all by ourselves. Reading the Bible and asking God to help are the best ways to become a better

How Much does Drivers Ed Cost?

Drivers Ed was free back in the good ole days when I took it at school. Now the cost is between $150.00 to $300.00 at most schools.

Dmv Permit Test Answers?

The DMV permit test answers depend on the questions you get. Be prepared by knowing signs, lines and markings, turning rules, and many others. You can practice with online tutorials or contact your state DMV office for a Drivers’ Handbooks.

What is the History of Teaching?

The history of teaching goes back to ancient, even prehistoric, times. One thing that separates humans from other primates is the ability to communicate information–to teach. Early schools in Greece were led by pedagogues.