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Where can I Learn to Type for Free?

If you want to learn to type for free you can go to:

How do I Home School my Child?

If you are wondering, how do I home school (or homeschool) my child, the answer will vary depending upon where you live. Many schools make homeschooling illegal. A parent must also stop to consider whether or not he or she

What is a Classification Essay?

In a classification essay, the student or writer at hand, will have to organize their thoughts and ideas into three basic categories or more. These categories will then have a group of their own according to characteristics.You can find more

What is Whole Language?

When teaching a child whole language, you want to focus on learning the complete meaning of a word. You don’t stress the phonetic part of a sentence and break it down.

Why Study Law?

Why we should all study law, to at least some degree, is because we all live under the law. Not everyone will use geometry in daily life, nor write researched papers, nor work in a science lab. But we will

How Much does It Cost to Take the Gre?

The general test of the GRE cost $150.00 for individuals who are testing in the United States. $250.00 for people testing in China, Korea and Taiwan and $180.00 for all other locations.You can find more information here:

What is Standards Based Education?

It is an educational system which is based on standardized measures of achievement. The educational system in the United States is an example of this type of system. By having certain standards and standardized tests by which to measure achievement

How to Write a Thesis?

A thesis has a structure that must be followed. Starting with the Title page, Abstract page, Table of Contents page, Introduction page, Body of paper, Conclusion then finally the Reference page.

What does a Summary Look Like?

A summary should include all main points of a subject. A summary does not include all the supporting details because it must be a lot shorter than the original piece being summarized.

How Much is a Teachers Salary?

Not enough! If depends on where you are at. It can range from twenty thousand up to hundreds of thousands. It also depends on your education.

What are Facts?

Facts are those undisputed truths that are supported by theory and presence. I have brown eyes and one child. Those things are simple are and supported by knowledge.

Where Did Mozart Live?

Mozart was born, raised, and lived in Vienna, Austria. He died in this city in 1791. Although he did in fact travel around Europe and lived in a number of places, this was his primary city and country of residene.

Why is Teaching Important?

Teaching is important as it helps young students gain knowledge and wisdom. These qualities are important as students get older. Teaching is a very rewarding experience.

Can I Check my School Grades?

Colleges and universities almost always have a website set up for you to check your grades and assignment status. Many high schools also have a website set up for this purpose, but it is not as common.

What are the Duties of a Teacher?

The duties of a teacher are diverse, and include instructing students in the curriculum, managing classroom behavior, and communicating (via grades and conferences) with parents and guardians. Also important is what educators refer to as the ‘hidden curriculum,’ which includes

What is An Achievement Test?

An achievement test is given to students in school to show what they have achieved or learned throughout the year. It also shows how they compare to other student’s in the same grades.

What Age do Kids Start School?

Kids usually start school about the age of five. Some start earlier or later depending on their birth date. Some children to go into a preschool around the age of three.

What are Some Science Project Ideas?

There are thousands upon thousands of ideas for science projects, all it takes is just using a little bit of imagination. One of the many good ideas for science projects involve our digestive system and finding out what type of

What is Alaska Population?

The population of Alaska is 686,293 people, as of a 2008 estimate. This population count saw a growth of 9.5 percent from the year 2000 until 2008. Look here for more information:

What is Pre Cana?

It is a class or course that Catholics must complete before being married in the Catholic church. It usually last for six weeks and is led by a priest and another married couple. The topics include compatibility, resolving conflicts during

How to do a Report?

A report consist of a detailed account or statement of an event or situation, usually as the observation result or enquiry.Report can be a noun and reported can either be a verb or an adjective.

What Constitutes Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying another person’s work and trying to pass it off as your own. It is easy to detect plagiarism, especially now that it is so easy to look things up online.

Where can I Buy College Textbooks?

College textbooks can be bought inexpensively through a wide variety of places. Such places are inclusive of going through, which is run by Ebay. Another place to find cheap college textbooks is Ebay itself. In order to buy textbooks

How do I Apply for Us Citizenship?

You can apply for US citizenship through the United States Immigration Office. Fill out the application form and submit all the necessary documents to determine your qualification.

How to Pass Cosmetology Exam?

To pass a cosmetology exam you need to study all of the material and actually understand it. If it’s a written test you need to read everything available. If you have a skills test make sure you’ve practiced as much

What is An Average Sat Score?

The SAT scores are on a scale from 200-800, but does have additional sub cores for the essay and multiple choice writing sections. An average SAT score is 500 in both reading and math. You can find more information here:

Student School Supply List?

A student school supply list is a great way to be prepared on the first day of school. If you are not sure what you need you may find this list on your school’s website. You may also find the

Where is Oxford University?

The University of Oxford is located in the United Kingdom in the city of Oxford. Two things unique about it is that it is one of the oldest English-speaking universities and that its departments are not located in one centralized

Why Stay in School?

It is important to stay in school because there are many different lessons and meaningful experiences that happen in school. Also high school graduates and college graduates usually make more money than people who did not graduate.

How to Get Better Grades in School?

To get better grades in school, you need to pay attention in class. Take good notes. Do all of your homework assignments. Review the notes you have taken in class everyday. Start studying for a test about a week in

How to Write a Science Project?

Using the scientific method is usually the best way to convey your science project. This is a standard way of presenting your data. The main steps are hypothesis, experimentation, refining the idea, more experimentation, and your final statement. You can

Why is It Important to Graduate from High School?

It is important to graduate from high school so that the graduate can attend college. Also it helps in getting a suitable job.

Why Wear Seatbelts?

It is important to wear seat belts for quite a few reasons. Prior to seat belts being installed in cars, many injuries and deaths were caused by head trauma. Passengers would frequently be thrown through the windshield or ejected from

Free Printable Award Certificates?

Get some free printable award certificate to celebrate any event. Any accomplishment is a good accomplishment. To start printing, go to

How to Calculate Grade Percentages?

Calculating grade percentages is the same as calculating any other kind of percentage. Divide the total number of points earned by the total number of points possible. This will give you the percent correct.

How to Write An Informative Paper?

The first thing you need to do in order to write an informative paper is decide what information you want to convey and make an outline. Also use facts to support the information.

How Long does It Take to Get a Law Degree?

The degree it depending what program you decide on, you can take either a full time or a part time program. A part time take 4 years and full time would take you 3 years. Full time it is about

What is Title 1?

Title 1 is a program that allows for students with parents with low income to go to a school were they can receive help for the duration of their studies. The school gets money from the government.

What does PC Mean?

A PC is a personal computer. I love using my personal computer because I can research different things very quickly rather then going to a library.

Where is Cornell?

Cornell is considered an Ivy League school. It is in Ithaca, New York. It has 19,800 students and 1,594 faculty. The campus sits on 745 acres and its colors are carnelian (kind of reddish) and white.

Where can I Get my High School Diploma?

If you are under a certain age, you can get your high school diploma at a local high school. If you exceed the age limit, ask them for information on GED classes. Also, your local community college may offer this

How do I Become a Certified Teacher?

If you want to become a certified teacher you must first get your bachelor’s degree in education. You then must spend time working as a student teacher. They work under a certified teacher and then are able to teach on

What is Sat Test?

The SAT test which used to stand for Scholastic Appitude Test, or Scholastic Asessment Test is the test one takes to get ready for college. The test is now called the Scholastic Reasoning Test.

How Much Money do Teachers Make?

A teachers salary can vary depending on what grade, subject and area that you teach. An average elementary teacher makes $40,404 a year while a secondary special education teacher makes approximately $44,118 a year. You can find more information here:

Format for Writing a Book Report?

Standard format for writing a book report is three main points. The first is the introduction which is where you introduce the reader to the story and the people. The second is the body where you tell the reader the

Who is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the most famous composers of the classical era. He was considered a child prodigy and began composing at the age of 5. He died at the age of 35 and did not become historically

What is the Average Wpm?

According to a study, the average words per minute is 33 wpm. A job requiring word processing usually requires a user to be able to write 70 wpm.

What is a Good Informative Speech Topic?

A good informative speech topic is one that you feel strong about. If you believe in being a vegetarian then you could give a speech informing people about why it good to be a vegetarian.

How to Present a Presentation?

When you have a presentation, make sure you have all the facts about what you are presenting. This will help you with any questions anyone may have when you are done. Having some examples or charts will also be a

What is Gmat?

The GMAT is the exam that a student takes when they are going to further their education and get a master’s degree if they are not going into law school. If you go into law school the exam that you

How Much Money to Give for High School Graduation?

It is exciting for teenagers to graduate from high school. One of the reasons for excitement is the feeling of accomplishment. Other feelings are the rewards from reaching the goal. While kids usually get great gifts like a car or

How Many Years of College to be a Teacher?

It takes four years of college to becoem a teacher. After you have completed that you must spend a semester in the classroom as a practing teacher. After that you are required to take a state administered test to be

What is Schooling?

Schooling is teaching curriculum to students and that is where the students begin to learn and start their education. There are different forms of schooling such as public, private, and home schooling.

How can I Find Old Classmates?

There is a website dedicated to connecting people with their old classmates. I am surprised they have not barged on to your internet searches. Check online.

How do I Start An Essay?

Well when intro should not be boring. You want to start your essay with a bang so that the person reading the essay will want to continue to read it.

Where can I Get a Fake Doctor Note?

You can get a fake doctor’s note from a fake doctor. I have no idea why you are asking, but really the right course of action is to just admit to not being sick and take the consequences.

Where can I Learn to Type Faster?

Typing skills are an essential part of life these day. In order to learn how to type a lot faster than you are right now, is to tak a basic keyboarding course at your university or local community college. The

How to Make a Mission?

You can make a mission (I’m assuming from California) out of sugar cubes. I’ve seen many done like that before. Or you could use Legos or Lincoln Logs.

What are Schools Like in Mexico?

Most elementary schools in the country of Mexico go from grades kindergarten through fifth grade. Some go to the first year of middle school. Others go from kindergarten all the way through your senior year of high school, depending on

What is Associative Property?

Associative property will involve 3 or more numbers. The parentheses indicates the terms that are considered one unit. The associative properties are within the parenthesis.

How Much Should I Give as a Graduation Gift?

To determine how much you should give as a graduation gift, first ask the graduate what they need or want. Of course, everyone would love to have a million dollars in cash for a graduation present, but be reasonable. Just

How to Make a Picture Collage?

Now it’s only 3 easy steps to making your personalized picture collage with words and music! Then you can e-mail, blog, or even burn it to a DVD! Come start the fun today with your own picture or video collage

Where can I Take a Free Typing Test?

It is amazing to think that someone wants to take a typing test. When you are applying for a job, some companies will give you a typing test. Many temporary staffing companies will also give a typing test. Companies use

How to Make Friends in College?

You go the places you like to go and you will find people who are interested in the same things that you are. That is how you will make friends.

How do I Site Internet Sources?

To cite internet sources you used in writing your paper you put down the authors, the title of the article, the title of the webpage, the publisher of the webpage, the date it was published and the date you accessed

Who Who Book?

The who who book is a childrens book that teaches children the way owls make noise. The book is illustrated vividly and teaches kids about animals.

What are Some Fast Science Experiments?

Doing science projects can be fast and fun. You can do an one where you get soda, juice, and water and see which ones evaporate the fastest. You can one set of them covered and the other uncovered.

How do You Reduce Fractions?

To reduce fractions you get them into the simplest terms that they will down to. In order to do this you need to find the greatest common factor and divide both numbers by this number. For example 2/4 the GCF

How to Teach?

In order to teach anything, you must first have a lesson plan for the class or individual that you will be teaching. You should have materials to pass out. You should be able to instill confidence in your students that

How to Prevent High School Dropout?

To prevent high school dropout it is good to communicate with the students. Also by having a counselor or something like that available they can talk to them when necessary. The best things is communication and showing them how profitable

What are Sats?

SATs is and acronym for Scholastic Achievement Test. This is a test that you take around your junior year of high school. Colleges look at this score when deciding whether or not they are going to admit you.

Why is Bilingual Education Important?

Bilingual educationis extermely important in the United States. First of all, the world is becoming smaller and smaller by the day because of globalization. The second reason the study of bilingual education is important is because of educational standards. Every

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A virtual classroom is a place students learn their academics from the internet. They may be in their home but they are learning via the computer.

How to Become a Substitute Teacher?

To be a substitute teacher you are required to have a certain number of college hours. If you have a degree you are paid more than those that dont’. you also are requried to have a background check and if

What is a Weighted Gpa?

A weighted grade point average, or gpa, is the overall average from not only the current semester or quarter, but from the entire school year.

What is Sociocultural?

Sociocltural is generally defined as something that involves both social and cultural aspects of a society’s life. For example, the study of economics could be considered sociocultural because a country’s economy definitely affects a society as a whole and how

How do You Read Your Sat Scores?

Sat scores are read in three catergory reading, writing and math. Reading score may be 300, Writing may be 300, Math may be 450, then you get your total of 1350. But you need the higher score that will be

What are Some Research Topics?

Research topics are chosen as to their relevancy to the discipline, and by how the study of this topic will cause an effect such as discovery or policy change.

How can I Become a Substitute Teacher?

If you want to become a substitute teacher you will need to contact your local school district office. Each state has different requirments.

How do I Get my GED?

You get your ged by going to the nearest tech or community college and applying for a ged. When you do this your making appointments to take placement tests to get the right test at your level of education. You

What does Evaluation Mean?

An evaluation is basically a more formal assessment. Evaluations are related to performance based goals obtained, and those needing improvement.

What is the Gmat?

If you want to go any further in your education beyond your four years of college, the GMAT is what you need to do well on in order to be considered for graduate studies of business.

Why is Anthropology Important?

Anthropology is important because it deals with the study of human, their existence, their culture and social organization. One of its branches is Archaeology which deals with the study of human material culture including artifacts and modern garbage.

How do I Become a Leed Accredited Professional?

The LEED professional accreditation program is offered through the US Green Building Council. To become a LEED accredited professional, start by visiting

How do I Figure Out my Grade?

To figure out your grade you will want to divide the total number of points you earned by the total number of points possible. That will give you your grade percentage.

Where is Oxford University Press?

Oxford press is big and international. I know there is a function in the United Kingdom and in America. They are online and more than likely in many other nations.

What is the Meaning of Community?

The meaning of community goes beyond the place you live. Community is something that encompasses a group of people that support each other. A community could be found in a town, a church, a school or a sports team.

Top Ten Film Schools?

According to a vast amount of statistical research and data taken, the top ten film schools are: USC, NYU, UCLA, AFI, Champan University, Cal Arts, Loyla University, FSU, Columbia, and Ithica.

What is Balanced Literacy?

Balanced literacy means that students are taught all strategies to learn to read. They do this because it is believed that students will need more than one method to become good readers.

What is Reflective Listening?

Is a way of listening to a person then rephrasing what was just said in order to show empathy and interest on what is being said and to understand their feelings.

How to Make a Photo Collage?

One of the fun things about scrap booking is that you can create photo collages. To make a photo collage you are going to want to gather a set of pictures with a similar theme. You then cut the pictures

How to Become An English Teacher?

Does a job in the English field of teaching interest you? One key qualification needed is a Bachelor’s degree in English, which is required to teach in grade schools in the USA.You can find more information here:

Why is Studying Economics Important?

Economics is important to study because virtually everything we do is about the economy. To find many jobs, and do many jobs you need to know about why and how the economy works. If you want to go into business

What is Creative Curriculum?

The creative curriculum is used for early childhood settings in schools and centers. It expands on the creative process that exist outside the rational mind. It focuses on the development of the whole child.

How to Write a College Entrance Essay?

Many colleges require different forms or types of entrance essays depending on what the college is looking for in a student. The subject, length, and function of the essay may differ greatly between colleges. However, most colleges look for an

Types of Special Needs Students?

In order to qualify for special education in the US a student must fall into one of the following categories as determined by a variety of assessments, physican input and parent input. The categories are: other health impaired (which covers

How Many People Graduate College?

A recent study from the US Dept of Education reported that 55 percent of students graduate from college in the United States. The study went on to say about 50 percent of students do not graduate within the first six

How to Grade Papers?

When grading papers you must adhere to the school’s grading system. You must also be knowledgeable in the subject in which you are grading the papers for. Use a different color ink then what is on the papers so that

What is a Formal Region?

A formal region is an area of particular interest. It is also a large surface area. A formal region is also defined as a part of the planet that is characterized by given plant life.

How can I Teach my Child to Read for Free?

Teaching your child to read takes time and patience. You could read to your child each night. You could also take time to point out objects and repeat the names of those objects.

How to Start a Sorority?

To start a sorority, you will need to contact your student housing or Greek housing authority an ask him or her for their permission to begin. Next you will need to gather a group of friends who are females who

How do I Prepare a Chapter Outline?

Once you have read and done your research, you should revise your outline and include all the information you need. This can be your best asset when you are writing your paper.

What is Fine Motor Skills?

Fine motor skills are usually incorporated with such fine movements as using scissors to cut on the line. Fine motor skills are a skill of precision and ability to multitask small muscle use as well as visual focusing.

What is Social Promotion?

Social promotion is where a student is promoted to the next highest grade along with his or her peers even though he or she has not mastered the concepts for their grade level. The reason for this is so the

What is the Purpose of An Iep?

IEP stands for Individualized Education Plan. Its purpose is to target specific areas of need for students in special education. The IEP covers everything from how much assistance a student will need, related services, such as occupational therapy, physical therapy

What is a Feature Article?

A feature article is a non-fiction human interest story. It can be written to amuse, inform, or teach the readers about something important to them. Look here for more information:

Can You Give Me An Example of a Thesis Paper?

Taking an argument or analysis and breaking it into one or two sentences is a way of condensation. Referring to the information given and preparing a guide easily read.

What is Consumer Science?

Consumer science is the study of individuals households and how they influenced by different types of marketplaces. It would include the studies of areas such as finances and business.

What is Digital Media Technology?

Digital media technology is a type of media that is technologically based. An example of digital media technology is the you tube vlogging phenomenon. Another example of digital media technology is high definition music and television recording.

How Much does Law School Cost?

Law schools costs vary depending on location and books and supplies needed for classes. A good jumping off point is approximately $150,000. You can find more information here:

How Fast can I Type?

There are many online sources where you can take a typing test to find out how fast you can type. You can find this out by how many words per minute you can type minus any errors.

Can I Take the GED Test Online?

No, you can’t take the test online. However, there are websites out there that can help you prepare for the test. Getting your GED is a great step in your life. Good luck!You can find more information here:

What is PTA?

PTA is an abbreviation for Parent Teacher Organization. It is a group of parents and teachers who come together to work on extra projects for the school by having fundraisers and then putting the money into something like a new

What Makes a Professional?

A professional is a person who has been trained and mastered the skills necessary to work in a particular field. Professionals can be found in all different careers.

How Many School Districts are in Pennsylvania?

There are over 300 school districts in pennsylvania. In february 2009 Govenor Ed Rendell was speaking of the possibility that the amount of schools in the state would be cut down by 80 percent. There is a total of 500

How to Make Lesson Plans?

To make your lesson plan you first put each hour on your paper like 8:00, 9:00 and so on. Next you just put what you will be doing each hour. Like at 8:00- annoucments, get ready for day. 8:35- Read

What is a Dissertation?

A dissertation is a lengthy,scholary document usually written to complete requirements for a doctoral degree. Some include scientific research, others do not. If the dissertation is based on APA standards, it has five chapters – an introduction, literature review, methods

What are Some Character Traits?

Some character traits are responsibility, perserverance, citizenship, caring, honesty, courage, fairness, respect, integrity and patriotism. These are great character traits that some schools try to instill in students as early as possible.

Free Act Practice Tests?

To find free act practice test can be found using any serch engine. One site that may help you get the free practice test

Who Founded Rhode Island?

A man named Roger Williams founded Rhode Island. The small community of people formed the colony in hopes of practicing freedom of religion. Look here for more information:

How Many Children Did Mozart have?

Although Mozart composed countless masterpieces, he procreated a countable number of children. Like his music which is diminished in modern society, his kids were in a similar circumstance. While there were a total of six born, only two of those

How to Write a Biography Report?

One writes a biography report by first knowing how long the report should be and then giving the subject matter a fair treatment. A biography is a a written history of a person’s life. Doing a report on someone whose

What is University?

A university is a higher education obtaining facility. A university typically offers bachelors degrees through doctorate degrees at an annual tuition rate.

How do You Write a Lesson Plan?

Before you write a lesson plan make sure you know exactly what you want to discuss. Decide if you want any projects or experiments added with the lesson. There are online guides available for lesson planning. Just enter your information

What are Instructional Strategies?

Instructional strategies are the different methods and techniques which educators use to teach material. For example, group projects are an instructional strategy. Lecturing is an instructional strategy. To find more information click here:

What Percent of Americans Speak English?

Nearly 92% of Americans speak English. According to a 2000 Census survey, one in five Americans speak a language other than English when at home. You can find more information here:

What is the Achievement Gap?

The achievement gap in the United States, is a phrase that generally refers to the widespread gap of student successs in public and private schools. This achievement gap study is broken down by race as well as gender. It is

What is a Semester Hour?

A semester hour is the same thing as credits. In college if you have to go to class once a week for one hour then that course is worth one semester hour. If you have to go 3 times a

How Long is the Act Test?

The ACT test is scheduled to last 4-41/2 hours at a maximum. Use every minute of the time wisely. Go ahead, take your time and shine. If you need general information or tips on preparing to take the test, check

How to Open a School?

There are a number of steps to follow in order to open a school. First and foremost, You need to decide what kind of school you want to open. (A music school,dance school..etc) Then you need to find the permits

How to Write in 3rd Person?

To write in 3rd person you have to write your point of view as if it was written threw somebody else eyes. If your name is Jane, instead of writing ‘I said’ you would write ‘Jane said’

How to Teach Reading?

Teaching reading to someone is a step by step process. Reading to someone is a start because the one who is listening can understand the readers inflection. Look here for more information:

Are Private Schools Better than Public?

Not necessarily. Private schools are not as good as the common people say they are. For example, UC Berkeley is way much better of a school than USC. Check this website so you can get a more concrete idea of

Can I Take my GED Test Online?

No the test is not available to take online. You can pull up several websites online that can help you prepare and study though. Good luck!You can find more information here:

What Happens to High School Dropouts?

Statistically, high school dropouts end up with the lowest paying jobs in the job market. It does happen that a high school dropout will go back and finish their education and build some skills to get a better paying job.

How do You Write Fractions in Simplest Form?

To write fractions in simplest form, you need to find the GCF or greatest common factor. For example, 4/12 would be written as 1/3 because 4 goes into itself once, and 4 goes into 12 exactly 3 times. You take

What Kind of Education does a Teacher Need?

The education required to become a teacher varies depending on level of school you are trying to get into. The least that you need to teach at at school is a Bachelors degree. After 5 years you would have to

What does Sic Mean in Journalism?

When seen with brackets sic usually represents incorrect or unusual spelling. For instance Kardashian [sic] is not a name I am accustomed to writing! But if you are going to be a Journalist make sure to write a good review

How to Write Summary?

To write a summary make sure you have the read the material you are going to summarize. First write your notes to the plots, themes and characters. Start your summary with the title book or material you are summarizing. You

What Percent of People are Left Handed?

Between 12 and 15 percent of the population of the world is left handed. It is believed that there are more left handed males than left handed females.

Middle Schools in Brooklyn New York?

Middle schools in Brooklyn New York. John wilson Is, Winthrop, Arthur S. Sommers, Meyer Levin are all middle schools in the Brooklyn area. But its also middle and high schools that are all in one school just to name a

What is the Learning Process?

The learning process is composed of all the aspects of a person’s learning experience. The learning process includes basic things such as understanding, skills, and behavior.

Why Students Drop Out of College?

Students drop out of college for various reasons. Sometimes it is to pursue something else, such as a career in music or sport. Also, it is because they run out of money to pay for college or they are just

Where can I Find Free Printables?

You can find free printables at the following websites:,,,,, can find more information here:

What is Biomedical Engineering?

Biomedical engineering is the combination of engineering and biology. Most of what a biomedical engineer does is try and improve healthcare by using technology.

Where can I Get a Copy of my High School Yearbook?

The first place to check for a copy of your high school yearbook is the school itself. If that does not work, try a local library. Are you sure you want to go that far back? Also, some online companies

How to Become a School Teacher?

To become a school teacher you need to go to an accredited college and major in a subject area. When you are done with school you then take a state exam. If you pass it, you will be a certified

How to Teach the Alphabet?

The best ways to teach the alphabet are repeated reinforcement. Work on one letter at a time draw it, color it, make pictures of words that start with that letter, and point it out every time you see it in

Why is It Important to be Bilingual?

It is important to be bilingual because the United States has a lot of people that speak Spanish. You can also make more money in certain careers if you speak two languages.

Where can I Find Old Yearbooks?

You can sometimes locate old yearbooks by going to the school and asking where they keep them. Sometimes they keep them right in their own library. Some local libraries also keep copies of the local school yearbooks. It is best