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How Many Letters in the Alphabet?

There are currently 26 letters in the English alphabet. Other languages use different letters and/or symbols and may have more or less letters.

How do You Write a Literature Review?

You write a literature review by selecting the high points of a book, story, or poem and writing what you thought about it. The points you should hit are ones that are the main themes in the book.

Free Online GED Testing?

Now its easier than ever to take your ged testing online for free. It’s easy, quick, and flexible hours. Come take your free ged testing online today at

How Many High Schools are in California?

In the 2008 – 2009 school year, California has a total of 1,236 High Schools. There are 1,823,599 students currently enrolled in California’s high schools. You can find more information here:

What School District am I in?

Your school district is determined based on what the address of your school is. All school districts have boundaries. Schools located within those boundaries belong to that school district. If there is a school near you, there’s no harm in

How Much does a GED Cost?

To take the General Education Development (GED) test, the cost will be dictated by the Testing Center. This cost may range from less than $40 to $100 to administer the 5 tests involved. For example, at one testing location in

Why Should I Stay in School?

You should stay in school because education will help you in all aspects of your life. It is important to learn everything you can while your are young.

How to Pass the Asvab Test?

The ASVAB test (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) is an eighth grade level test, so chances are you have already been taught everything you need to know. It doesn’t hurt to study subjects like math, english and science, though.

Types of Lesson Plan?

A lesson plan should include the proposed learning outcomes, the means of which instruction is carried out, and the means by which the new skills are tested.

Why do We Need Education?

We need an education in order to be well rounded individuals. We may not always like the classes we take in school but they will help mold us. Education is key to be successful.

What is a Union Free School District?

A union free school district refers to any school district where the teachers and other staff are not represented by a union, and all conditions of the work are decided solely by the employer.

Why is the Sky Blue Science Project?

The sky is blue because as the light from the Sun travels through the Earths atmosphere it is broken down into its spectrum of light much like a prism or a rainbow. More blue light is reflected towards the surface

Where is Paris Located?

Paris is located in Europe, it’s the capital of France. Many people go to visit there to see the Eiffel Tower. It’s known as, ‘the city of Love.’

What does the Word Evaluate Mean?

The word evaluate means to access or appraise. Or it can mean to determine the value of something. In the math world, evaluate would mean to find the numeric value of object.

What are Cost Drivers?

In business matters and relations, cost drivers in business refers to any kind of factor that will cause in a change of cost in business activities. For instance, if a company purchases a new copier that costs more money to

What is a Formative Assessment?

A formative assessment is a formal assessment, as opposed to an informal assessment. A typical test is a formative assessment, because it is administered in a formal, standardized way (i.e., ‘Student must answer six out of ten questions correctly in

How to Teach Vocabulary?

There are a lot of fun ways to teach vocabulary words to kids. A lot of teachers still rely on worksheets, but more creative approaches include crossword puzzles, scavenger hunts, timed dictionary team games, word scrambles, and hangman. Another way

What is Interdisciplinary?

Interdisciplinary, as in interdisciplinary studies, is a course that is usually designed for honors students. This course is highly demanding of time an energy as this class is typically worth 9 credits and you earn credits for composition I honors,

How do You Put on a Graduation Hood?

There are some basics for putting on a graduation hood. Congratulations are in order regardless of the degree you are receiving. Look at the instructions at

What Makes a Good Principal?

A good principal is someone who know how to discipline with purpose. What I mean is someone who sets punishments that fit the problem. It is not an easy job to be a principal.

What Supplies do I Need for College?

You’re preparing for the big move–to college. One logical question is what supplies do I need for college. The most obvious has got to be either a computer or laptop. For other tips on being college-campus ready check out this

Why do People Become Teachers?

Everyone has their own reasons for becoming a teacher. Many people enjoy working with other people. Other people enjoy a particular subject and enjoy explaining it. There is no one reason why people become teachers.

Where can I Go to Get my GED?

To get your GED, visit the high school in your area. They will have all available information on the practice test and official test. They will also let you know when study groups are available.

What is Financial Aid in Regards to Education?

Financial aid is basically government or school assistance. Financial aid can assist you in going to college and continuing your education after you have graduated from college. Some people don’t even have to pay because they get full scholarships to

What can I do With a Teaching Degree Besides Teach?

Teaching degrees prepare you to obtain and do well in many jobs such as human resources generalist, publishing representative, sales and marketing agent, and many more fields. Determine what you are interested in by seeking out a career counselor for

What is Elearning?

Elearning can best be described as learning electroniclly. Many people in today’s world find it easier to go online and take a class. This makes learning more accessible to people on the go. To find more information click here:

What does the Left Side of the Brain do?

The left side of the brain is the analytical side of the brain. It is the practical side. It is the side that comprehends the math, science, languages, and facts.

What does Adjunct Mean?

Adjunct is a term most commonly head in higher learning. Adjunct professors are teaching staff that are often part time staff or may even be moonlighting and hold an additional non teaching job.

How Long is a 500 Word Paper?

Turn on the word counter if you are writing in MS Word in and it will count your words. Trying to write 500 words you will need a page and a half.

Why Students Drop Out of School?

Students drop out if school for a variety of reasons. Perhaps there is a medical issue, a psychological issue, or a pregnancy issue. A drug or alcohol problem could also be involved.

Where is Siena College?

Siena College is a Catholic school that is independently owned and run. Siena college is located in Albany County, in the state of New York, which is in the United States.

What does Evaluate Mean?

The definition of evaluate is to set the value or amount of something. You can evaluate the price of a property. You can judge the significance or worth.

Free High School Diploma Online?

There are several sites to use to get your GED/High School Diplomas online. Here are a few good sites that may help

What is Mortuary Science?

Mortuary science is the scientific study of dead bodies through mortuary work. There are specific trainings involved in the study of mortuary science. With an academic degree in mortuary science, one can work as a mortician or a funeral director.

Why do Kids have to Go to School?

Kids have to go to school because by law, education is mandatory. In most states, education is mandatory (required) through age sixteen. Education educates students to be citizens of the United States, as well as broadens their career possibilities.

How do I Become a Substitute Teacher?

To become a substitute teacher apply within the school system of your choice. In some areas the substitute teacher must have a degree from a four year university.

How Many Police Officers in New York City?

I get asked how many police officers are in New York City at least once a decade. So for all of you that need to know this, as of January 2007, it is 37,878. If you have any other NYPD

Why do Students Drop Out of School?

Students drop out of school for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is probably due to lack of motivation on the student’s part. They do not see the benefits of learning and staying in school. They will most

How to Show Respect for Others?

You can show respect for others by addressing them correctly depending on their age and their status. You also show respect by the tone in your voice when you are speaking.

What is a Thematic Map?

A thematic map is a map that shows a particular theme about a region. A thematic map can show population, climate, agricultural, or cultural aspects of a region.

Where is West Virginia?

West Virginia is located in the United States of America. It is located East of Kentucky , South of Ohio and Pennsylvania and North of Virginia.

Free GED Study Material?

Get some free GED study material and be on your way to earning your high school equivalent. You can take an online course to get you prepared at

What is Virginia State Animal?

Virginia has a state dog. It is the American Foxhound. The state bird is the Cardinal and the state bat is the Big-eared Bat. The Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly is the state insect and the Brook Trout is the state fish.

Why do Kids Drop Out of School?

Different kids drop out of school of many different reasons. Many kids drop out because they are being teased by their peers, they are beginning to be involved in drugs, or some because they are simply depressed. There are ways

Where can I Find Printable Certificates?

You can find printable certificates on any word processing program. Printable certificates can also be found on many websites that offer free templates you can use to design your own certificates and print them out.

What is a Barrier Island?

They are nature made long narrow offshore deposits of sand which runs parallel to the coastline, formed by interplay of tides, wind, etc.

Why is Homework Important for Students?

Homework is important for students because it helps their minds stay focused even at home. It is not very good to have too much homework.

What is the Passing Score for Tabe Tests?

There is no such thing as a passing or failing score. Different programs accept different minimum scores for the Tabe test.

How do I Write a Essay?

Writing an essay consist of three areas that you will need to produce. The first is to write out an introduction which could background information of the subject. The second is the body of the essay. You can have as

How to Write a Thesis Statement?

You should never start a paper by writing a thesis statement. When writing an essay, you should first research your topic and do some brainstorming. Once you have a general idea of where your paper is going, you can write

How to Become a Biology Teacher?

Each state has different requirements for becoming a teacher. Check with your state department of education to see what kind of classes you need to take in college to become a biology teacher. Usually, teachers have an undergraduate degree and

Types of Lesson Plans?

There are many places to find differing types of lesson plans. They are available for differing grades, differing subjects, and even for different months and times of the year to add themes. For more information look here:

What is Communication Theory?

Communication theory is the study of language and communication development and how ideas are expressed in various communication medium.

How to Start Home School?

To homeschool you need to realize that it is not just educating your kids at home, it is a way of life. To begin homeschooling, make sure you are at an educational level high enough to be effective. If you

What are the Helping Verbs?

Every now and then a verb need a little assistance. The assistance is what we call a helping verb, it changes the tense of the verb and gives it more meaning.

How Many Words Per Minute is Good?

The average person can type about 40 or 50 wpm. There are free downloads online to help improve typing. Practice, practice, practice is a great way to type better.

What is Associative Property of Addition?

The associative property of addition is one in which the sum of at least 3 numbers is the same regardless of where they appear in the problem. For instance, 2+3+5= the same as 3+5+2 or 5+2+3. Unlike people, these numbers

What are Block Grants?

A block grant is a grant given to a student or teacher that is typically unconditional and may be used for anything involving education and educational expenses.

How do You Find Your Grade Point Average?

Your grade point average can be found by assigning the letters a number. A would be 4, b would be 3, etc. Add those up and divide by number of classes.

How Much do Teachers Make Per Year?

How much teachers make per year depends upon the type of school (public, private religious, or private secular) as well as location and teacher experience. A second-grade teacher in an Ohio Catholic school might make as little as $12,000.00 per

What is the Definition of Dissertation?

A dissertation is a large body of research. These are usually required for an advanced educational degree. Research is conducted following standard procedures and a paper is written to support the students thesis.

How can I be a Better Person?

Being a better person can be as simple as donating time to charity, helping others, and stopping to think twice before you say something you may regret earlier. It can be hard work, but if you do work at it

What Makes a Good Reader?

A good reader is one that can read the text as it was intended to be read. Someone that doesn’t stumble over words and uses punctuation properly, emphasizing the whole feeling of the words.

How do I Sign Up for Job Core?

To sign up for Job Corps, all you need to do is visit the website. The core of this empowering organization is formed by teenagers eager to broaden their potential. Good luck! You can find more information here:

What is a School Board?

A school board is comprised of a group of people who have some type of expertise in education. They make decisions about finances and other areas that deal with students and schools.

How to Become a Public Notary?

The first step to becoming a notary public is to fill out an application with the National Notary Association. There is a fee to apply for this. An oath is necessary and in some states there are formal training courses

Types of Technology?

There are many different types of technology including but not limited to alternative, appropriate, disruptive, domestic, high tech, and industrial technology. Look here for more information:

Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?

I would like to think so but my nephew may disagree. Are you smarter than a 5th grader is a funny yet educational show. You would be surprised how many people aren’t smarter than a fifth grader.

What is a Cdl License?

A CDL (Commercial Drivers License) is a special type of drivers license and is required by law to have if you drive a vehicle with a gross combination weight rating of 26,000 lbs or more, or is you have 16

Types of Academic Degrees?

The types of academic degrees depend on the length of study on a particular subject. There is an associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorate’s degree.

Where can I Find Teaching Jobs?

You can find teaching jobs on any of the Department of Education websites for your state. Most of the time they have listings for teaching jobs across the state.

Examples of Thesis Statements?

Coming up with a thesis statement can be difficult. For an example of a thesis statement, go to

How to Evaluate?

Evaluating anything simply requires a set of criteria to be established and something to be compared or scored against that criteria. Usually there are a set of evaluation questions and the results are based on the answers to those questions.

Why is Pennsylvania Called the Keystone State?

Pennsylvania has been known as the Keystone State since 1802,[3] based in part upon its central location among the original Thirteen Colonies forming the United States, and also in part because of the number of important American documents signed in

What does a Dot Physical Consist of?

Dot stands for Department of Transportation and their physical consists of blood, vision, hearing, and drug tests. they will also check your height, weight and blood pressure.

What does Act Test Stand for?

ACT stands for American College Testing. This is a test or assessment given to students who plan to attend college. It is used to assess their aptitude in English, Math, Reading and the Sciences. You can find more information here:

How to Prevent Bullying?

The best way to prevent bullying is to have a set policy and program in place. The program needs to educate children on what bullying is and how to not be a bully and how not to fall prey to

How to Write a College Book Report?

To write a college book report, you stick to the format of a professional book review. This has three parts. The first part is a short biographical sketch of the author (stick to professional stuff, not her or his life

What is the High School Graduation Rate?

The United States national rate for high school graduation in 2006 is 69.2%, which is up from 66.4% in 1996. The average fluctuated form 47.3% to 82.1% in Nevada and New Jersey, respectively.

Where is MIT Located?

MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology is located in Cambridge, MA. MIT is an outstanding educational institution with great success in research and technology. You can find more information here:

How Should I Outline my Speech?

The best way is to figure out your main points. After you get your main points, write three or more details that back up the claim of each point. If needed, write a few details for those details, such as

What is a Smart Board Used for?

A Smart Board may look like a regular white board, but it is so much more. Anything that is written on the Smart Board can be saved to file and then be distributed electronically. Some Smart Boards come with maps

Practice Learners Permit Tests?

Many agencies offer paid and free practice learner’s permit driving tests. I suggest you use ones provided by government agencies just to be sure. After all, these are the folk who will ticket you later if you don’t learn. So,

What does Sat Mean?

SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. The SAT test is taken by high school students who plan on attending college. The first test was conducted in 1926. For more information see here:

Why is Perseverance Important?

Perseverance is important because it helps you to keep moving forward and not to give up on dreams. Everybody has failures in life but if a person keeps trying they will succeed.

How to Start a Summer Camp for Kids?

How to start a summer camp for kids this summer.Find out if there are any kids that want to do fun activities.Ask parents if interested in joining and participate.

What is An Informative Speech?

An informative speach is used to inform somebody. If you are asked to write an informative speach about a subject you would do research and then use that research to inform someone with your paper.

How to Improve Reading Comprehension?

Recall the old saying: ‘Practice makes a man perfect’.The stronger your interest, the greater your comprehension.Start by asking questions,preview material, discuss the ideas with your classmates.Improve your reading comprehension, reading speed and concentration by turning headings and subheadings.

How do You Read?

Reading is part memorization of words and part sounding out words you are not familiar with. The more you read, the stronger your vocabulary becomes.

How to Read Fast?

If you are interested in reading fast, a speedreading class would be good to enroll or invest in. This teaches you to read in a manner very similar to shorthand or notehand teach you to write.

What is An Informative Essay?

An informative essay is an essay that is written to inform someone on a certain topic or idea. It informs the person of someone they did not know before.

What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is having a telephone converstation with someone and being able to see them while talkign to them. So, no picking your nose while on the phone. Look here for more information:

How do I Become a Police Officer?

To learn how to become a police officer, go to your local police station and ask the officers. You can also study for a criminal justice degree in college.

Where is England Located?

England is located in the United Kingdom, it’s the capitol of London. It spans about 2/3 of the island of Great Britain.

What is Defensive Driving?

A defensive driver is someone who is alert and ready to make a sudden discussion because of another person’s bad driving. That way you can defend yourself when you are on the road. For more information see here:

What is Science Literacy?

Science literacy is a general understanding of basic sciences to the point that you are able to listen to the news and understand the report when science is mentioned. If you can talk about basic science like you can about

What is a Fair Test?

A fair test is one that actually measures your knowledge based on what you have learned. It would not be a test filled with trick answers or things to trip you up. It should be based on information provided.

How Many Pages is a 1000 Word Essay?

If you write a essay with 1000 words, you will need little over 3 pages double-spaced. Try to write the first paragraph in MS Word and check the word count feature.

What is Fast?

Fast is to move or act quickly. run ahead of time, conducive to rapid speed, with short exposure and promiscuous. Fast also means abstaining from food.

How to Get Your GED Online?

You truly can get your GED online, and the process is free! To get started start with this site:

Where can I Find Old School Friends?

There are several ways to locate old school friends. One of the better ways is to use one of the on-line sites that are set-up for that specific reason. To find more information click here:

How Many Universities in the USA?

Private or state government universities in the USA are plentiful and range in numbers close to 2618. These establishments must be accredited in order for students to receive financial aid.

What Causes Bladder Cancer?

There is no exact known cause for bladder cancer. One theory is that certain changes in DNA cause normal bladder cells to mutate and cause cancer.

What is a Post Graduate Degree?

Generally, in the United States a doctorate degree is considered a post graduate degree since it is mostly earned after an individual completes a master’s degree.

Can I Join the Marines With a GED?

As a prior Marine, I can honestly say it is very unlikely you can join with a GED. There is a whole new standard recently put into place that is making it very hard to get into the Marines. Most

How to Study Better?

First, get your environment for studying quiet and comfortable. Eliminate any distractions. Go over your notes, homework, and main ideas in the textbook. Study in small increments and give yourself a break every 30 minutes or so.

How do I Make a Travel Brochure?

When using open office you recieve the ability to get templates that will help with digital publishing projects like travel brochures, christmas cards and other cool stuff. For more information, look here:

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying is when someone uses any online technique to harass, insult, or intimidate any individual. Bullies will use any means they can to do this.

What School Will my Child Attend?

The school your child will attend depends on your zipcode. Each school has a district area’s , the area’s are the surounding homes and streets. If the school is full then your child will go the the next nearest school.

Why is Homework Bad?

Homework can seem bad when you’ve spent the entire day at school. However, homework is a repetitive activity designed to help you retain a newly learned skill. It’s really not a bad thing at all.

Types of Summative Assessment?

Summative assessments are samplings of a student’s work in an attempt to access the level of proficiency. These can be through testing or written evaluation at the end of a lesson.

How Much Education does a Teacher Need?

Teachers can come from a variety of educational backgrounds so, research different teaching careers. Research your state’s teaching certification requirements. Earn your bachelor’s degree. Complete an accredited teacher education program and pass teacher examinations

What is the Act?

The ACT is an achievement test measuring what a student has learned. The test is typically a 215 question test that cant take anywhere up to three or more hours to complete.

How do You Write a Feature Article?

A feature article is also known as a ‘soft news’ article. Its subjects are usually not those you see in front page of broadsheets, but rather usually those in the lifestyle section. It can go from food, places, wardrobe, and

How can I View my Child’s Fcat Score Online?

The FCAT parent network, where you could see your child’s scores online, has been eliminated due to budget cuts. We are back to the old way of doing things. Call your child’s school and request the date when the FCAT

High School Yearbooks Online?

There are several sites that have high school yearbooks online. I am just afraid that one day I will see mine. Oh no! Try this site because they have from middle schools to colleges and military

How to be a Good Teacher?

Being a good teacher requires a great deal of effort. A teacher must be patient and have the needs of their students in mind. They must be able to multi-task.

What is Peer Tutoring?

Peer tutoring is a type of tutoring that is crucial in the educational setting. Peer tutoring is basically when peers help each other. Peer tutoring sometimes has a better effect than teacher tutoring because sometimes peers can explain it at

What is a Good Science Fair Project?

A good science fair project idea is on the study of germs. Culture several surfaces and watch the bacteria grow. You will amaze your viewers on the amount of germs on common surfaces.

How Much do Detectives Get Paid?

How much detectives get paid will depend on the type of case that they are working on. If there is not a lot of survelliance going on and there is not much investigation to be done, the cost will be

What Language does Italy Speak?

In Italy people speak Italian. Most Italians also speak English. In Europe it is the norm for people to speak at least one language besides their native one.

How do You Calculate Sat Scores?

To calculate your SAT scores, you need to find out your individual scores for critical thinking, math, and writing. Once you have these scores, add them together to get your overall SAT score. You can find more information here:

How to Become a Teacher?

It takes a special person to become a teacher. First, you must have a love for learning, teaching, and nurturing. Next, you’ll need a college degree preferably majoring in education. Last, apply for teaching positions through your local school district.

When does School Start in Florida?

In Florida school starts at different dates depending on the city. Some of the schools start as early as August 6, 2009 or as late as August 13, 2009. When school ends also varies depending on the start date May

What is Outcome Based Education?

The term ‘outcome-based education’ is a fancy way of saying ‘test-based education.’ This is a school or other educational environment where the focus is not placed outside of the classroom in the future of the student, but on immediate, measurable

What is Vocational Education?

Vocational education is an education that prepares you for careers. It has also been referred to as career and technical training. It’s not really academic, it focus on a specific occupation.

Why do People Go to School?

People go to school for an education. They go to school to read, write, spell and so on. As you get older the school work gets harder and then it is seperated into specifics. You have to decide what you

What is Accelerated Reader?

An accelerated reader is a term used to describe someone specifically in elementary school who is more or less a speedy reader. That is, a child who picks up on the concept of how to read and using phonics to

How to Get my GED Online?

You can order your a package to get your GED online. Once you have taken the course and passed the test, everything that you need will be mailed directly to you. You can find more information here:

How do You Study for a Test?

To study for a test, listen carefully in class, take good notes, and re-read your notes every day or so. Then the night before the test, go out and have some clean fun. If you don’t know it by then,

What are High Frequency Words?

High frequency words are the words that appear in print more often than other words. They can be hard to learn because their can sometimes be no way to illustrate the word. Any example of a high frequency word is

What Degree do You Need to be a Teacher?

To be a teacher, the degree you need will vary by state and type of school. Most commonly, you need at least a bachelors degree in education (which will include a focus in your area or grade). Many states also

Where is Rio Grande Located?

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico is located in the Northern Coastal Valley, approximately 30 minutes from San Juan, PR. It was founded on July 25th, 1840.

Where can I Find a Blank World Map?

There are many places online where one can find a blank world map, blank maps of Europe, and blank maps of the United States of America. One of the many places where you can find maps like this (which may

Why is School So Important?

School is important because it is the most popular place that children in America learn important subjects like Reading, Writing, Math, History and Science. If children are not taught what we as a people have already discovered, we are destined

How Much Did the Louisiana Purchase Cost?

The Louisiana Purchase was $15 million dollars. Each acre in the Louisiana purchase was sold for 2-3 cents.

Why is Punctuality Important?

Punctuality is important mainly because it is the first impression you give about whether or not you care about whatever you are supposed to be on time for. It is also important because most of the time there are people

What is a Checklist?

A checklist is a list that someone makes listing all the necessary items, duties, or other things they need to remember to do. After they do that task or duty then they check it off the list.

What is Emergent Literacy?

Emergent literacy is the concept that children begin to learn language the minute that they hear it. The state of emergent literacy starts at birth and continues through the preschool years.

Does Listening to Music Help You Study?

Listening to music can make studying a lot easier, mainly because you are distracted by the music and forget that you are stuck studying. Studying is really best done with as few distractions as possible. Maybe listening to some quiet

How to Get Full Custody of Your Child?

Visit an attorney in your area who specializes in child custody and family law. It is important to find a lawyer who is familiar with your local court system, and an attorney whose practice is 75 percent, or more, family

What Time is Curfew?

It depends on what the local curfew law is where you live. Please consult with the local police in your area for the specific answer to this question.

How to Write Acknowledgment?

An acknowledgment is a way of giving thanks to anyone who helped you out in a project. If you are writing a report then you would list anyone who gave you any information or help along the way.

What is a Graduate Certificate?

Graduate certificate is a diploma which is getting very important component of the total range of graduate educational opportunities offered by a comprehensive research college.

Can I Download Working Papers for Minors?

Working papers for minors depending on your area can be obtained from either your high school or the department of labor. Once you have obtained the minors working papers it is only valid for one year then it must be

When to Use have has Had Helping Verbs?

To use have, has and had is simple. Have is the present tense, therefore if the sentence is happening now it uses have. Has is past tense but can also be used as present tense. Had is past tense. If

What Should a Doctor Note Say?

A doctor note shoud have the doctor’s name, date of appointment, and the signatue of the doctor. This allows the person recieving the note that the person was actually at the appointment and not fooling around.

What Should I Study in College?

When deciding what to study in college you should take a look at your life, and figure out what would suit you best. For example, if you like children a whole lot, then you should look in to going to

What is a Review of Literature?

A review of literature is an analysis or detailed description of what happened within a piece of literary work, this review contains not just the analysis and detailed description of what happened within a piece of literary work, it also

What College is Good for Me?

To decide what college is good for you, you will need to determine what you are interested in. If the college is out of your budget, try applying for scholarships and grants. Distance is an important factor to consider, too!