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What An Adverb?

Adverbs are very important in the structure of a sentence. It is used to modify the existing verb, adjective, or other adverb. The adverb usually answer the how, when, or to what degree.

What is Mean Median Mode?

The definition of a mean is an average of numbers. Median is the number in the middle of a set of numbers. If there are an even number of numbers, the two numbers in the middle are averaged. A mode

How to Say Thank You in Italian?

To say ‘thank you’ in Italian is ‘grazie’, quite similar to the Spanish ‘gracias’. A polite response is ‘prego’ meaning ‘you’re welcome’.

What does P E Stand for?

P.E. is an abbreviated term referring to physical education. Physical education is taught in most school systems, and involves healthy activities and exercises.

What is a Infinitive Phrase?

An infinitive phrase is the form of a verb phrase that exists in many different languages, so as to create some kind of relationship in order for translation between the languages.

How do You Say Orange in Spanish?

To say orange in Spanish you would say anaranjado. This is the translation for both the color orange and the fruit orange. Rojo is Spanish for red.

What is Relative Motion?

Relative motion, also called apparent motion, is the measured ongoing change of an object as it comes into contact with another object. It can also refer to the relationship of an object that has a fixed point.

Where can I Learn Russian?

There are plenty of options when it comes to learning to speak Russian. Your local adult education center or community college may offer classes. And there are websites online that offer some classes, both for free and for a price.

What does Tele Mean?

Tele as a prefix usually means distant or across a distance. Words like telephone which is speaking across a distance and television to see across a distance, or telenet to network across a distance all use this as a prefix.

What a Verb?

A verb is a work describing an action. For example, in the sentence, the boy is running, the verb is running. The noun in that sentence is boy.

What is Insubordination?

Insubordination is when your go against the rule you have took a vow to. When your in the Navy you have to listen to your captain and if you go against him it’s insubordination.

What is Family Law?

Family Law is the area in law that handles the family related situations. Some of the situations that family law will cover is: Child custody, child support, divorce, child abuse. The list that is seen above is not the extent

What is a Poem?

A poem is a written expression of your feelings and thoughts that contain meaning and musicality. It often rhymes. Some people turn a poem into a song, if good enough.

What is a Rhetorical Situation?

A rhetorical situation is one that is made up for the sake of the argumentative process. The more realistic a rhetorical situation the more valid of a point it will make during the debate process.

What does Obtain Mean?

Obtain means to take or get something from someone else. For Example, in the sentence, I obtained the records from the record department, I received the records for the record department.

What is a Semicolon?

A semicolon is what is known as a punctuation mark in a sentence. The semicolon is often mistaken for a colon. The difference between the two is that the semicolon is place to bring togehter to independent clauses, where a

What is the Meaning of Biology?

Biology is the study and science of living organisms. The study of biology includes, the function, structure, growth, origin, and evolution of that particular organism. It’s a very interesting thing to learn about.

What is Nbsp?

If you’ve ever looked at a page source and seen all the HTML in it, you may have seen something that involves the letters ‘nbsp’. It simply adds an extra space into what you’re typing. It really helps for indenting!You

What does the Greek Word Opa Mean?

The Greek word ‘opa’ does not have any specific meaning. It is simply used to express a joyful emotion or a celebratory response to something.

Printable Sign Language for Kids?

There are a lot of sites with printable sign language pages. A great site is

What is a Rationale?

A rationale is a way of thinking or the thought process used in determining an action or strategy. Basically, it is the fundamental reason for doing something or reaching a conclusion on a subject.

What Languages are Spoken in Ireland?

English is the main language spoken in Ireland, but in some parts of the western coast countries, Irish is still spoken. After English and Irish, Polish is the next most commonly spoken language.You can find more information here:

Who Else has my Name?

You can find out who else has your name by visiting the site called, Howmanyofme. You just type in your first and last name and it will give you the exact number of people who have your name. You can

How do I Write my Name in Hindu?

Your Hindu name would depend on your English name. If your English name is Joy, you could be called Amodini in Hindu because Amodini means joyful.

What does Pursue Mean?

Pursue means to follow something, or perhaps chase it. To pursue something is to go after it in a relentless or determined manner. For example, you might pursue someone you have a crush on.

Where can I Find a List of Adverbs?

Adverbs are words that modify or describe verbs, adjectives and other adverbs, and they ask questions such as why, when and how often. If you would like to find a list of adverbs, you search on line or look in

Where is Tagalog Spoken?

Tagalog is primarily spoken in the rural mountainous regions of the Philippine Islands which has Spanish as its official government language.

What is Status?

To have a certain status is to have a position that is relative to that of others. It is to have a certain standing. Sort of how the famous are held in high status, and there are many other examples.

What is Old English?

Old English is English as it was spoken and written prior to the Elizabethan era in England. Much of it is indecipherable to modern eyes and ears without a lot of work and thinking. The term ‘old’ will be written

What do the Letters Llc Stand for?

The letters LLC mean Limited Liability Company. This is a type of company, authorized only in certain states. The owners and managers receive the limited liability, usually tax benefits of an S Corporation without having to conform to the S

What is a GI?

Gi can mean different things depending on the context. To doctors it means gastrointestinal. To martial artists it means a loose fitting garment worn in practice.

What does ROI Stand for?

The term ‘ROI’ means Return On Investment. If you invest an amount of money and receive more than you invested, every cent over your original amount is your ROI.

What is a Connotation?

A connotation implies something else. A connotation of the word plant is something that is green, has leaves, and generally doesn’t say much.

What is the Square Root of 9?

The square root of 9 is 3. Why do you want to know? Are you studying algebra? If so, I recommend going to

How do I Say Hello in Japanese?

Hello in Japanese is konnichiwa, pronounced kon-ni-chi-wa, with no stress on the syllables. If it’s the evening, you would say konbanwa.

What does Heredity Mean?

Heredity is a process that occurs in all living things from plants and bacteria to animals. Through heredity an animal, human or any other living thing inherits traits from parents. A child looks like their parents because he or she

What does my Name Look Like in Arabic?

In order to determine what your name would look like in Arabic, your name in English would first be required. Even then, it could be difficult to display it in text due to the difference in Arabic characters.

Types of Subordinate Clauses?

There are four types of subordinate clauses. They are concessive, time, place and reason. A subordinate clause supports the idea stated in the main clause. They are dependent on the main clause and would be impossible to understand without it.

What does Remorse Mean?

Remorse means to feel deep sorrow or regret. If someone has remorse, they have pity and sympathy for someone or they regret something they have done.

How do You Say Horse in Spanish?

A horse in spanish is caballo. In some places it can also be said as buey. the more common word, however, is caballo. An example would be buy me a horse or comprame un caballo. Another example would be I

What does a Newspaper Editor do?

A newspaper editor reviews articles written by reporters and staff and makes decisions about which stories should be featured. Larger newspapers have several editors for various sections of the paper.

How are Reading and Writing Connected?

Reading and writing are connected because you can’t do one without the other. You need to be able to read in order to learn how to be able to write coherently. You can’t write words and have them make sense

What does the P in Ph Stand for?

The p in pH stands for potential. The term is potential of hydrogen or pH, which simply means the potential of somthing attracting hydrogen ions to itself. pH also is referred to as acid/alkaline balance.You can find more information here:

What does Culture Mean?

Culture includes all of the knowledge, beliefs, habits, laws, etc. that are specific to one group of people or one society. Groups of people living away from other groups develop different ways of doing things and approaching life, i.e. different

What is Another Word for Thesaurus?

You can use the following words in place of the word thesaurus: sourcebook, terminology, glossary, word list, onomasticon, lexicon and language reference book.

What does Coy Mean?

Coy means to be provocatively shy or playful. This is when the girl pretends to not like the boy, but she keeps on giving him that come hither look.

What is a Heroic Couplet?

A heroic couplet is a form of writing poetry, specifically English Poetry. This style is most often used for narrative or epic poetry, and was first used by Geoffrey Chaucer.

Top 10 Reasons?

The top ten reasons are 1.First book in a series-will encourage kids to keep reading, 2. Teaches the importance of friendship, 3. Teaches responsibility, 4. Learn to overcome fears to do the right thing, 5. Can relate to the themes

What Language does India Speak?

India has many official languages, the two that mainly stand out are Hindi and English. Hindi is spoken by about 41% of the population and English is the most commonly used for national, political and commercial communications.

How do You Say Hello in Welsh?

Hello in Welsh is ‘Helo’ or ‘Hylo’. ‘Goodbye’ in Welsh is ‘Hwyl’. ‘Good morning’ is ‘bore da’, ‘good afternoon’ is ‘prynhawn da’, and ‘good evening’ is ‘noswaith dda’.

Can You Start a Sentence With and?

There have in fact been instances where the word and is used to start a sentence. Usually proper English shouldn’t start a sentence with the word and as the word is really a continuation such as the word because.

What is a Disposition?

The disposition of a person or animal is the ‘normal’ attitude of that person or animal. It is the stereotypical attitude that is applied to a certain subject. For example, the breed of dog, the Pit Bull, is commonly known

What is a Powerpoint Presentation?

A PowerPoint presentation is a slide show created using Microsoft’s PowerPoint software. These use still images, sometimes accompanied with music, to demonstrate concepts at conferences and at business meetings.

What are Gerunds?

I can form an answer for you and tell you that gerunds are nouns that are formed from verbs. An example would be using ‘ing’ at the end of a verb that is used as a noun. You can find

How to Speak Spanish Free?

If you search on the internet you can find websites that will offer Spanish translations of English words. There are also some sites that offer a free membership to view video lessons.

What is a Binary Code?

The binary code is used to relate and interpret data, instructions, and information throughout a computer. Binary codes come in strings of 8 digits.

What is Procedural Law?

Procedural law is a set of rules that deal with the right to due process. They are the rules that establish how a case is handled and moves through court proceedings. To find more information click here:

What is a Antonyms?

An antonym is word that has an opposite meaning of the word in question. An example of an antonym for the word hot is the word cold. The antonym for light is dark. For more information see here:

Types of Music?

I love music. There are many types of music like r&b; music, rock, smooth jazz and hip hop. Music is great to listen to and dance to. I enjoy playing different styles of music.

What is the Definition of Immigration?

The definition of immigration comes from the word migrate. Migrate means to move from one area of the world to another. To immigrate is to move to another area permanently.

Types of Economics?

Traditional economy, mixed economy, command (planned out), and the other category which is barter, macroeconomics, basic, and international/wealth.

How do You Spell my Name in Chinese?

This question is hard to answer simply because your name is not known. If you were to leave your name then it would be easier to spell. However, an example can be given. Also, I believe the correct term is

What is a Median Number?

A median number is the middle number in a set of numbers. The numbers must be placed in order from lowest to highest. If there is an even number of terms, the median is obtained by getting the average of

How to Improve English?

The best way to improve your English would be to speak it everyday with no exceptions, also try brushing up your English speaking skills with a class. Rosetta Stone is a good program and will help you get where you

What is a Fraction?

A fraction is part of a whole number. It can be divided into several parts. The top number is call the numerator and the bottom number is the denominator.

What is An Hyperbole?

A hyperbole is something we have all done from one time to another, we have all made overstatements of what we can do, or what we have done in life. It is simply an exaggeration on our part.

What Words Rhyme With Life?

Words that rhyme with life are wife, alewife, fife, fishwife, jackknife, knife, lowlife, strife, rife, and wildlife. Nightlife, midwife, and housewife also rhyme with life.

What is the Plot in a Story?

The plot is the basis of the story. This is what is going to happen from beginning to end in the story. For example, the plot of Snow White is good girl gets in trouble with witch, meets dwarfs, eats

What is a Swan Song?

The phrase Swan Song refers to a very old belief that the Mute Swan, Cygnus olor, is totally mute during its lifetime – up until the moment before it dies when it sings one beautiful song before death. We know

What is a Normal Distribution?

In statistics, normal distribution, also known as Gaussian distribution, is the graph that depicts all the data around a mean (average).

What is a Trade Off?

A trade off is giving something away for something else. It usually involves one party seeking a better gain, meaning money wise. You may wish to trade jam for yard services, or helping fix up your apartment in lue of

When to Use That Or Which?

In English grammar, it is an important concept to know how and when to use the two different words ‘that’ and ‘which’ as they should be used only in certain situations. You can find more information here:

What does Technical Mean?

Technical means relating to industry, science, mechanics and belonging to a specialized field or area. Technical is practical, procedural and methodological.

How to Write a Found Poem?

To write a found poem, pick another piece of literary work (nonfiction prose, literary novel, another poem, etc.). You first need to study this work and then pick out words and phrases from the text to you use in your

What is the Meaning of Per Diem?

The meaning of per diem is per day. It’s a Latin phrase that is often used when describing a payscale for certain jobs. Many nurses and home health aides are paid per diem, which is per day, as opposed to

What is the Definition of Fear?

Fear is being afraid or frighten of something. People that have fear often have anxiety attacks, or a feeling of agitation. People that have never flown on airplanes may have a fear of flying.

What is a Frame?

A frame, in entertainment terms, refers to the ‘still’ image in a series of still images that are put together to make a movie. A frame also refers to something used to hang a picture or to surround it.

What does One Love Mean?

One love means you’ve found that rarest of all gifts, the one person in the world you want to spend all your life with. One love means no one will ever mean as much to you as this person. Although,

What is the Definition of a Computer?

A computer is a device that accepts and interprets information base on a program that is created to meet a specific purpose. However, the program has to be entered into the device manually.

What is F O B?

Well, this can have a couple of different meanings. First a ‘fob’ is a dangly thing on a key ring. It also means ‘Free on Board’ or ‘freight on board’, which has something to do with shipping.

What is the Definition of Motion?

Motion is the act of movement. Something is moving or changing it’s place. You can have continuous motion or intermittent.

What does Glacier Mean?

It’s pretty frosty here where I am. It would be since it’s almost winter. And so, a glacier is a mass of ice that moves slowly. It’s one big iceberg. You can find more information here:

What is Acronym?

An acronym is a word that refers to the exact opposite of another word. Whereas, a synonym is used to describe words that have a similar meaning.

What is the Definition of Rhyme?

A rhyme is described as being a poem, or verse that has sounds that correspond with one another. Like when at the end of a verse the word is ‘sound’ you put ‘pound’ at the end of the next verse.

What does Cumbersome Mean?

Cumbersome refers to something onerous or a heavy burden. Something that is cumbersome can be overwhelming on someone; too much to deal with.

What does the Word Acumen Mean?

Acumen is when a person is quick and accurate in what they do. When a person has a good insight or a good judgment they are considered as being acumen. Being acumen is often gained by reading and studying.

What does my Name Mean?

There are many different types of meanings for everyone’s name. Different cultures have their own meanings for the same name. The origins vary greatly depending on the region. You can find more information here:

What does Trend Mean?

A trend is a general direction in which something is moving. A fashion trend would be what style is currently popular. Trend can also mean to swerve, turn, or change direction quickly.

What is the Plural of Sheep?

Sheep is the plural of sheep. It is like deer, the word deer is used as singular and plural. You do not have to add an s on the end of sheep to make it plural.

What Makes a Good Hypothesis?

A good hypothesis is going to make your opinion clearly stated. This means people who read it will not be left to speculate what it is that you mean. Good grammar and writing technique are also needed.

What does L L C Mean?

The acronym LLC stands for Limited Liability Company and means that the company owner’s personal assets are safe from being taken for damages that his company may have been responsible for.

What is Word Choice?

Word choice is something that you work on to become a better writer. Being able to pick verbs that are powerful instead of being very wordy is a good exercise.

What is Fifo?

FIFO means First In First Out. It is a term that is used often in accounting, when referring to finances and inventory. But it is also used in the computer world, as a way of organizing and manipulating data, with

What is Paralanguage?

A paralanguage is a short version of a particular language. It is based on the initial language but it is shortened like short-hand and is usually translated into the full language.

Where do I Find An Online Dictionary?

There are many online dictionaries available for your use. They are very easy to use and, best of all, they are absolutely free for your use! For more information, look here:

What does 3 Mean?

The number 3 means two more than one. It is the number of strikes before a batter is considered out in Baseball, the cardinal attempt or ‘time’ that is considered ‘a charm’, and it is also the number of divinity,

What was the First Spoken Language?

The first spoken language would be Aramaic. It was the official language of the Persian Empire. Like most other current languages Aramic was the first one to have vowels, consonants, and rules of grammar.

How do I Get Power of Attorney?

To obtain power of attorney you can access forms online however, you would need to research the specific reason for it as to legality. The reason in this is that it give a third party person the right to make

What does Via Mean?

Via means by way of or using. For example, I went to Chicago via an airplane (or I went to Chicago by way of an airplane). It is typically used when speaking of a way to contact someone or travel.

What does Ca Mean?

Ca can mean a lot of different things. It can stand for the state of California (CA), or the element calcium (ca) which has the atomic number of 20. It can also be the abbreviation for the Latin word ‘circa’

Where Did the Swastika Come from?

The swastika symbol has origins from as far back as three thousand years ago. It is known to been woven into textile products from India. There are also ancient Greek coins from the city of Troy, that have this symbol

Types of Hypothesis?

Hypothesis means to explain an observed phenomenon. The term comes from ancient Greek word Hypothese. It is used to verify thesis paper. Look here for more information:

What does Quirky Mean?

Being quirky takes a little effort. it means in simple terms having an unconventional behavior. It means odd, weirdness, strangeness and funny behavior.

What is a Cookie on a Computer?

On a computer, a cookie is a very small text file that is used to remember all of the text, data, and pictures on every website that you visit. Cookies help the webpage load faster after you have been to

What Your Last Name Means?

Somewhere along the line, a man named John had a son named Bob. Since there were many Bobs running around, everyone called him Bob, John’s son. Then it just became Bob Johnson. The Johnson just stuck to the family from

What is the Abbreviation for Michigan?

Michigan’s abbreviation is MI. Home of the football team Michigan Wolverines and the University of Michigan, which school colors are blue and maize (yellow/gold.) My dad is a graduate of the University of Michigan and I’ve visited the state and

What is a Family?

A family is a group who identifies with each other in a familiar way. It can mean a group who is genetically tied to each other, such as a group of siblings and parents.

What is the Definition of Poetry?

Poetry is the ability to put sentences or statements together in rhythm. Poetry can be written, spoken, or done as a combination of the two.

How do You Spell 12?

When the digits one and two are placed together with the one in the tens place and the two in the ones place the resulting number is spelled twelve. Twelve is two plus ten and also thirteen less one.

How to Write in Greek?

Learning to write in Greek can be very difficult. The first step to doing this would be to possibly learn to speak the language. This could speed up the actual written portion.

What is a Political Earmark?

A political earmark would be funds set aside by Congress for a specific project or program. Earmarks do not create new government spending, but designate existing spending. This procedure has been known to occur without proper review.

What is Colloquial Language?

Colloquial language is informal language. This type of language should not be used when writing formal speeches, essays, or when in a setting where formal language is appropriate. ‘Y’all’ and ‘gonna’ are examples of colloquial language.

What does Physiology Mean?

Physiology is a branch of biology that studies living things or organisms and how they function. The study includes growth and development as well as how nutrients are processed and absorbed.You can find more information here:

English to French Translation?

In order to translate english to french you just need an online translator. There is an excellent one at

What is the Definition of Inference?

Inference is the act of process, or reasoning from knowledge or evidence. It is basically the coming up of logical conclusions from things are factually known.

Where Did Language Come from?

Language began at the dawn of time. People as well as animals had to come up with a way to communicate with one another. From sign language to the ‘Caveman Grunting’ all the way to the different sounds an animal

What is An Ipa?

IPA is the acronym for International Phonetic Alphabet which is a term based on the Latin alphabet and used in phonetics and phonemic transcription of any language.

How to Speak Irish?

There are many ways that you can learn how to speak irish. These ways consist of but are notlimited to doing things like purchasing a book about the subject matter, you can ask someone who knows the language if they

What is C2c?

C2C is an abbreviation which may stand for: Coast to Coast AM, Consumer to Consumer electronic Commerce, C2C Cable, or Sea to Sea Cycle Route. You can find more information here:

What are Symbols?

Symbols are things that are used to represent something else. Symbols are used to abbreviate communications. For example, a red circle with a diagonal line always means ‘stop’ and a green sign always means ‘go’.

What does Copyright Mean?

To copyright something means the author of an original work is given exclusive rights to that work for a given amount of time. This includes the rights with regard to publication, distribution and adaptation.

How do You Spell Goodbye in French?

Au revoir spells goodbye in french. It is pronounced oh reh vwah. But if you happen to be in France you might hear a Frenchman say ciao (sounds like chow) which is actually an Italian word.

What is An Analysis?

An analysis is breaking down the parts of or components of something and studying them individually and figuring out how they relate to the entire thing being studied. You can find more information here:

What is Lox?

Lox is a type of cured fish that is eaten as an appetizer or breakfast food. Many people enjoy lox with bagels and cream cheese. It is very delicious!

What is the Meaning of Media?

Any channel of information is known as media. For instance, Television, radio, newspaper, the internet as well as magazines are all known as the media.

What does Ti Amo Mean?

Ti amo means I love you in Italian. Some might confuse it with the Spanish way of saying it, but in Spanish it is Te Amo. They are romance languages after all. Here is a helpful link to saying I

What does Conscience Mean?

Conscience something we all have and should use daily. Conscience means the sense of right and wrong, having scrulpes and ethical principles.

What does Diffuse Mean?

Diffuse means to spread out, scatter or to disperse over a wide area and in different directions. In addition, it means to soften a situation or to make it less noticeable and brilliant. For more information, look here:

What does Jedi Mean?

The term Jedi has multiple meanings. It is most commonly used to refer to the class of peacekeepers in the Star Wars movies. These characters use the ‘Light Side’ of the force.

What is a Foil Character?

A foil character in a story is a character which is used to contrast the main character of the story. The foil character usually has opposite traits than the main character.

What does the Abbreviation Ie Mean?

The abbreviation of ‘ie’ can be confusing to a lot of people, with regards to what it is actually used for. When you put ‘ie’ it is to say ‘in other words.’

What does Fob Mean?

FOB means Fresh Off the Boat, a not-s-nice slang term for an immigrant or newly arrived student or worker on a visa. You hear it a lot on college campuses with foreign students.

What does Fifa Means?

The acronym, FIFA, refers to the Federation International Footbol Association. The term, futbol, is what Americans refer to as ‘soccer’.

How do You Say January in Spanish?

The literal translation of the month of ‘January’ from English to Spanish is ‘enero.’ Are you using this to give the translation to someone else, or are you writing a school paper in Spanish that requires the date in Spanish?

What does Immense Mean?

Immense has several meanings ii is huge, vast, gigantic enormous and immeasureable. But immense can also mean something different as great or good.

How do You Say Hi in Korean?

If you’re just having a good day in North or South Korea, and would like to say ‘hi’ to someone in the Korean language, just wave and say ‘annyeong.’

What does Miscellaneous Mean?

Miscellaneous refers to things that have different or varying qualities. In most houses you might find a drawer filled with miscellaneous items, commonly called a junk draw, that are thrown together because they don’t really have a place of their

How to Speak Cherokee?

In order to learn to speak Cherokee I am afraid you will have to go to somewhere that teaches it, some colleges might have it. As far as I know there is no online translators or classes to learn. Inquire

What is Additional Paid in Capital?

Additional paid in capital refers to the amounts that are paid in excess for stock of its par value, also referred to as its stated value.

What are Drumlins?

The answer to this can be pretty icy. That’s because a drumlin is a mound of glacial drift or ice. So drumlins would be two or more of these huge mounds of ice, probably similar to what sank the Titanic.

What is the Distance Formula?

To find the distance between two different points you use the coordinates of the ordered pairs and plug them into the formula which is the ?(x?- x?)’ + (y?- y?)’ You can find more information here:

What does the Name Stephen Mean?

The name Stephen is of Greek origin. It means ‘crown’ or ‘garland.’ It is a variation of the name Stephanos. Stephen is known as being the first martyr in the Bible.

Types of Literary Tone?

There are a few types of literary tone to decide on when writing a story. They include formal, informal , intimate, solemn, somber, playful, serious, ironic, condescending, and many more. Look here for more information:

How do I Learn Spanish?

Hola! There are many ways to learn how to speak Spanish. If you’re looking for a classroom environment to learn then check in with your local schools to see what they offer. If you’d rather go at your own pace

What does Navajo Mean?

The Navajo Indian Tribe is the largest tribe in the United States. They live primarily in New Mexico and Arizona. Their language is also called Navajo.

What does Eom Mean?

Eom means end of message. It is usually typed into the subject so there’s no writing in the message section. It is also sometimes used to indicate the writer is leaving in a huff after a forum squabble. For more

What are Characters?

A chararcter can be the people in stories, movies or plays. Another type of chararcter is a derogatory insult that someone may use to describe someone whi is rude and obnoxious.

What is the Perfume Hoax?

Perfume hoax is a terrible scam that happens in parking lots. Two people will come up to your car and ask you to sniff some perfume that they are selling. DO NOT smell it! It is not perfume. Its ember,

What is Word Study?

The word study refers to the act of absorbing information through research, such as textbooks or the web. The act of studying is used for educational purposes.

What a Kiss Means?

A kiss could mean any number of things. Kisses are one of those acts, that can mean I love you, it can mean I care and it can be terms of endearment.