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How to Make Turkey Gravey?

The best turkey gravy is made from scratch and is very easy. Take the neck and innards of the turkey and simmer them in a pot of water for an hour or more. When they are thoroughly cooked, remove the

What can You Make With Ground Beef?

There are so many options on what to do with ground beef that they can’t all be covered here. A few ideas are: hamburgers, meat loaf, sheppard’s pie, meat balls, taco’s, and salisbury steak.

How do I Season a Cast Iron Skillet?

In order to season a cast iron skillet, first wash it thoroughly. Then thinly coat the entire pan with shortening or vegetable oil. I prefer to use shortening. Place in the oven at 200-250 degrees for a few hours or

How to Ripen Tomatoes?

To ripen tomatoes, you need place them separately or in bunches wrapped in newspaper. Make sure they do not touch each other. Place tomatoes in a cupboard. Look here for more information:

What is Capsicum?

Capsicum is just latin for ‘pepper’, as in chili pepper or bell pepper. They are used for vegetables and spices such as paprika, and there are a gazillion varieties all over the world.

What Causes Freezer Burn?

If you open up a package that you have taken out of your freezer and it is freezer burnt there are a few reasons for this. One it plain could have just been in there too long. Second it could

How to Grow Radishes?

I swear, radishes will grow ANYWHERE and with very little care. Throw a handful of seeds under a tree, in a row in your prepared dirt, or even throw some seeds in a pot. Make sure they get water and

How Much is a Cube of Butter?

A cube or regulat ‘Stick’ of butter is generally 1/2 a cup. Two sticks is a cup, etc. Now, if we’re talking price, sales are great right now on baking items and you can get 4 sticks for about 1.50.

How Long to Bake Chicken Drumsticks?

Chicken drumsticks turn out well if you bake them at 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit for 35-45 minutes. Since there is hardly anything worse than undercooked chicken, you can poke one with a fork to see if it’s done. The meat should

How do You Make Humus?

To make hummus let chick peas sit overnight in cold water to soak. In the morning, boil chick peas till soft and the burst easily in your mouth. Drain put into a food processor with a little lemon, garlic, salt,

How Long do I Boil a Hard Boiled Egg?

I learned a very effective way to boil eggs. Put eggs in water and turn on heat, after the water comes to a boil, cover with lid and turn off heat and let sit for 25 minutes.

Who Invented Microwave Popcorn?

Microwave popcorn was accidentally invented in 1946 by Dr. Perry Spencer. Dr. Spencer holds the patten on microwaved popcorn. It wasn’t until 1984 that microwave popcorn was introduced to the public.

Best Quality Dog Food?

The best dog that money can buy is this brand called Imas they use the best stuff in there food. Yes it is high priced but as the old saying goes you get what you pay for Imas makes your

How to Make Pulled Pork?

To make pulled pork you will need a cooked pork roast and some barbecue sauce. When the pork is finished cooking you can use a fork to pull it off into thin slices. Add barbecue sauce, heat in oven for

What Makes Bread Mold?

I just hate it when the bread that I bought grows mold and is ruined. Mold will grow on most foods if left long enough. You can avoid this by freezing your bread until you are ready to use it.

Moist Zucchini Bread Recipe?

If your tired of your zucchini bread always coming out dry, then you definatley need a new recipe. Try this mouth watering, moist zucchini bread recipe, pictures included

How do I Make Potato Salad?

This is what you’ll need to make my potato skin potato’s3-4 cups Mayonnaise1 lb. of bacon6 hard boiled eggscube the potato’s,boil them 30 minutes or until soft,when they are done strain them let cool.When potato’s have had a chance

How to Use a Rice Cooker?

In using a rice cooker, you have to calculate the amount of water needed to an amount of rice. You can use the measurement indicated at the side of the rice cooker. Once done, plug the rice cooker to a

How Long do You Cook a Fresh Ham?

You should cook fresh ham that is twelve to sixteen pounds for 22 to 26 minutes per pound. This is recommended for the whole leg with the bone in. You can find more information here:

How to Eat Guava?

Wash the guava and cut off any heads that will be on the 2 sides of the fruit, cut it into peices or eat it all. There are tiny seed in a guava which are edible. Guava’s come in different

How to Make Homemade Mashed Potatoes?

Peel and cut up potatoes, bring to a boil, then cook for 45min to 1 hour. Drain, dry, add milk, butter, and mash! The key is to let the drained potatoes dry out in the warm pan before mashing.

How to Peel a Pomegranate?

To peel a pomegranate cut off the top, you will see the seeds, also called arils. Peel the skin away from the arils by using your fingernails. Pull to break the pomegranate into sections; this allows you to remove the

What Language do They Speak in Venezuela?

The official language of Venezuela is Spanish. There are many towns and areas with their own dialect and version of the language. You can look at

Which States have Liquor Stores Open on Sundays?

Pennsylvania has liquor stores open on Sundays. Each state has there own laws towards liquor but you can find that list at

How Many Grains of Rice in One Cup?

Depending on the rice this can vary, but a good approximation would be about 10,800. Since a grain of rice is so small, the variance on this is quite large.

How to Cook Fish?

Cooking fish is a trick as sometimes when you overcook a fish it becomes tardy to eat! Clean the fish and marinate it with some salt and lemon juice. Crush some fresh black pepper, add some red chilly flakes and

How to Cook the Perfect Turkey?

The trick to a perfect turkey, is a moist turkey. First, prepare the turkey and tie the legs together and tuck back the wings. Rub the turkey all over, and under the skin, with butter. Then rub the turkey with

Types of Flour?

There are so many different types of flour you could write a book! Some of the varieties include all-purpose, cracked wheat, peanut, rice, self-rising and tapioca. Knowing what type of flour to use and how it reacts with other ingredients

How Long does Frozen Chicken Stay Good?

There are lots of different answers for this. One place said 5 months, another said up to a year. I’d check out

How do You Make Strawberry Smoothies?

Great strawberry smoothies can be make with frozen strawberries, vanilla, plain or strawberry yogurt and milk to keep it drinkable. Put them in a blender on frappe – longer if you want it to be smoother. Enjoy!

How do You Make a Cake from Scratch?

When making a cake from scratch you can make any flavor you want as long as you have the right ingredients. For a complete guide on how to make a cake from scratch visit

How to Grow Tangerines?

Tangerines need to be grown in a tropical climate such as Florida, in order to do well. They do have tangerine hybrids thse days that you can grow in containers in your house.

How Many Calories are in a Hard Boiled Egg?

One large hard-boiled egg has 70 calories. Eggs are a great source of protein and make a great snack. For full nutritional information for eggs visit

How to Cook Tri Tip in the Oven?

To cook tri tip in the oven you need to first marinate the meat with the marinade of your choice. I like using Italian dressing. Turn the oven to 325 degrees. Put the tri tip on a pan and cover

How to Calculate Jelly Beans in a Jar?

The magic eight ball may have an answer for you. It depends on the possible weight and size of the jar and the jelly beans. You will need to divide the total mass by that of each jelly bean. It

How Long Should You Boil An Egg?

To make hard boiled eggs you will need to start with cold water and it will take about 10 minutes to cook. For detailed instructions visit

How Long to Broil Salmon?

If you are broiling your salmon in a broiler in your stove you should bring the temperature up to 425 degrees F and cook it for about 20 minutes. If you’re grilling it on a grill you should cook it

How to Season An Iron Skillet?

Key number one is to make sure the pan is completely dry, by heating on a burner after cleaning. Oil the pan with vegetable oil, and bake at 250 for about 3 hours. Remove pan, oil it again, and repeat

What is a White Russian?

A White Russian is a cocktail make with vodka, coffee liquor (Kahlua or Tia Maria) and cream. You can substitute the cream for milk or half and half to lower the calories and fat.

How do You Make Potatoe Soup?

Make a roux with a little butter and flour in a saucepan. Add milk and stir to dissolve the roux. Add seasonings such as salt and pepper, cheese if you’d like it, and your chopped potatoes and onion, and a

What is a Rutabaga?

A rutabaga is a mix between a cabbage and a turnip. It is a vegetable that is yellow in color. Personally, I think it has an awful taste. But, it is used for many dishes.

How to Scratch?

There is no one answer to the question how to scratch. Most people when they itch scratch it instinctively. If you want to scratch something besides yourself (and this works for yourself too) normally you would take a semi-sharp instrument

How Much does a Six Pack of Beer Cost?

The cost of beer would be a tough question to answer. There are so many types of beer and they all have different prices. You can buy the same brand at three different stores and would be charged 3 different

What is Ezekiel Bread?

Ezekiel Bread is a type of bread that is made from wheat, barley, beans, millet, spelt, and lentils. It is called Ezekiel bread because the recipe comes from the book of Ezekiel in the Hebrew Bible, specifically Ezekiel 4:9.

Can You Freeze Applesauce?

I froze applesauce once and it didn’t end well. When it was defrosted it was all watery and had no taste. It’s safe to freeze but doesn’t serve well after!

How do I Make French Toast?

French toast is a quick and easy breakfast and fairly inexpensive to make, kids love french toast. You take an egg and beat it with cinnamon and vanilla, then take a piece of bread and dip it into the mixture

How to Preserve Tomatoes?

Tomatoes can be frozen but when they thaw they go limp and are no longer firm. You have to cook the tomatoes first. Fill the jars with the tomatoes, clean anything that may have gotten around the rim. Add lids

What is Salmon?

Salmon is a fish. It has grayish black scales and most of it meat is pink. Salmon taste really good when cooked correctly. You can bake it, fry it, or grill it.

What is the Best Way to Freeze Bananas?

The best way to freeze bananas is in the freezer. You can slice them and then put them in a container. Once you do this, put them in a freezer and wait until they freeze.

How to Mail Cookies?

If you can wrap your cookies in plastic wrap while they are still barely warm, they will stay moister, longer. Put the wrapped cookies in freezer bags and mail.

How to Cook a Steak on a Gas Grill?

To cook steak on a gas grill light the grill to medium heat. Place steak on grill and cook 6 to 8 minutes per side. The internal temperature should be 145 degrees for medium, 160 for well.

What Colors Go With Purple?

Purple is a difficult color to match. It is usually best to stick with a neutral color like white or cream. Tan or taupe also might work depending on the shade of purple.

How to Make Pork Roast?

Clean and dry your roast. Smear all over a mixture of dijon mustard, thyme, garlic, and a little honey. Wrap bacon slices around roast and secure with string. Bake at 375 for about 90 minutes.

How Long do You Boil Corn on the Cob?

Corn on the cob should boil for about an hour, it will be tender when it is done. Another way to tell if corn on the cob has boiled long enough is that your house will start to smell like

How do You Cook Oysters?

If you just can’t stomach the thought of eating the bivalve mulluscs or oysters the widely popular way which is raw, with a little lemon juice and hot sauce and a lot of cold beer then you may choose to

Where Did Wheat Come from?

Wheat has been a staple food for many world civilizations. It has a recorded history with the Greeks, Romans, Mesopotamians, and the Egyptians. You can find more information here:

What is Natto?

Natto is traditional food from Japan that is made with soybeans that have been fermented with Bacillus subtilis. It is a very popular breakfast food, and is a rich source of protein. It is an acquired taste because of its

What to Make With Ground Beef?

The best thing to always make with ground beef is TACOS! Who doesn’t like tacos? They’re easy and tasty and everyone can make them their own way. Go to

How Long Should I Boil Eggs?

For the typical HARD boiled eggs you should boil them for 10 minutes. Make sure you have enough cold water to cover the eggs in the pan, bring to boil, cook for 10 minutes.

Where can I Buy Weight Watchers Food?

Weight watchers food is available in almost all grocery stores! Check the freezer isle to find meals and desserts, and the bread isle for weight watchers brand bread.

How do You Know When a Cantaloupe is Ripe?

A cantaloupe is ripe when area where the stem was connected smells sweet. Also, it should be firm to the touch.

How do You Cure Meat?

The three main ingredients used in the curing of meats are sugar, salt, and saltpeter. Mixed in proportions, they cure the meat, preventing spoilage, and providing flavor. You can find more information here:

How to Make Baked Chicken?

It is very easy to make baked chicken. I like to rub olive oil on the whole chicken and add salt, pepper, garlic powder, and some parsley. Cook the chicken at about 400 degrees and cook about 20 minutes per

How to Boil a Egg?

First you should get yourself a pot of water. Place the eggs in the water, make sure the water comes over the top of the egg. You should let it come to a boil and let it boil for about

How do You Make Menudo?

You make Menudo by mincing garlic in a little bit of oil and then adding in sliced potatoes, carrots, and pork and some tomato sauce. Let all the pork cook. When it’s done, season with salt and pepper to taste.

What Kind of Food do Brazilians Eat?

They tend to eat a lot of beans and beans and smoked meats or salted cod fish. They have relatively simple diets. For breakfast, they typically eat light. Maybe some cheese and ham with a side of fresh fruits.

How to Make Ice Coffee?

Brew your favorite coffee. Fill a tall glass with ice and pour coffee over the ice. Sweeten coffee with sugar or flavored syrup and milk or cream as desired. A refreshing treat!

What to Eat for Dinner?

Everyday you must have a proper dinner that contains the right portions of vegetables, protein, breads, and deliciousness. It can be a homecook meal, something microwaveable, or if you are feeling bold go out and eat at a restaurant. Whatever

How to Make Deviled Eggs?

How to make deviled eggs. answer: Boil your eggs. Let them cool then peel them. Cut the eggs in half lengthwise, remove the yolk into a bowl, mash with a fork, and mix them up well with mayonaise, sweet relish,

How to Plan a Banquet?

When you plan a banquet it is important to estimate what types of food you will need. Some of the most filling and inexpressive dishes to make are pasta dishes.

How Long to Cook a Beef Tenderloin?

You should cook a 3 pound beef tenderloin in the oven for about 1.5 hours. I like to cook mine slowly at 350 degrees F. This helps to seal in the juices and the flavor and it makes the meat

Can Orange Juice Clean a Penny?

Orange juice can clean anything that you drop into it because it’s wet. It won’t take the rust off of a penny. Besides, I think Abraham Lincoln deserves to be left unsticky!

Where Did Soul Food Come from?

Soul food came from the South. The Old Black people can cook up some turkey necks with some mustard greens. I don’t know how they do it, but it’s delicious.

Why is a Fifth of Liquor Called a Fifth?

Apparently, the English used to sell their liquor in Imperial gallons, which were approx. 160 ounces, so an imperial quart was 40 ounces. American gallons were only 128 ounces, so we could only get 5 quarts from an Imperial gallon-one

How do You Make Curry Chicken?

To make curry chicken you should cut the chicken up, wash with vinegar and water. Combine chicken and all the ingreddients and rub together until the curry powder is wet and stick to the chicken. Turn on high heat to

How do You Spell Hors Devours?

You were close! The proper spelling is ‘hors d’oeuvres’, or if you are my brother in law, you spell it ‘whore dee vors’. You can pick which you like the best.

What is Imitation Crab Meat?

Imitation crab meat is basically ground up and processed fish, which is called Surimi. Sounds kinda gross but it is really pretty good, especially in dips, and much less expensive.

Types of Sushi Roll?

There are several different types of sushi rolls which are many to list. Some different ones are New York roll, California roll, Vegetable roll, Dragon roll and Mastercard roll to name a few. These are mostly found in the United

How do You Cook a Pork Tenderloin?

How you cook a pork tenderloin depends on your taste. A generic way is to prepare a rub of spices (anything that you want) rub it of course, then brown all sides in a skillet. When it is brown put

What Makes the Color Black?

Black is created by taking as many dark colors as you can and mixing them together. There is no actual color black, it just simply is a color without any light.

How to Cook Bacon in the Microwave?

If you want a belt for lunch, but don’t want to take the time to get out the pan and fry up some bacon, you can always do it quickly in the microwave. You will just need to place 2

How to Make a Solar Hotdog Cooker?

For the tree hugging hotdog lover, there is a solar hotdog cooker that can be made from scratch using wood, plastic mirror, screws, and some tools. You can find more information here:

Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter?

I would recommend using organic peanut butter to feed your dog. I haven’t seen anything stating you can’t give your dog peanut butter, but always ask your veterinarian before giving any animal any human food.

How to Make Pancake Mix from Scratch?

For a thinner almost like a crepe 1 cup of flour 1/2 cup water 1 egg and splash vanilla. you can wrap this up with a little sausage or go fruity and add your favorite fruits with whip cream on

Who Invented the Oven?

The invention of the first oven can be argued, since there are so many types of ovens. The first historical record of a stove would be in Alsace, France in 1490 by Francois Cuvllies.

How do You Cook Sweet Corn?

Sweet corn can be cooked just like any edible corn. It can be boiled whole for about 15 minutes. Add salt and a little bit of sugar to the water to bring out the flavors of the corn.

How to Make the Color Black?

You can make the color black in cooking very easily by burning your food. But really, black can be made by a mixture of all the colors you have-use more blues for a darker black.

How to Make Ham Gravy?

Take some of the ham drippings and get them hot. Then add you flour and milk and stir all until it is thickened. There are several ways to make ham gravy, this is a simple and easy way.You can find

How do You Make Beef Wellington?

A dish that looks so hard to make, but is actually fairly simple. You will need 2 sheets of puff pastry, 2 filet Mignon (about an inch thick), 1 egg, 4 tablespoons of mushroom duxelles, a tablespoon of unsalted butter

What’s a Good Broccoli Casserole Recipe?

A very good broccoli casserole recipe that my family enjoys is the following recipe. It encompasses other vegetables, cheese and Ritz crackers. It is yummy. Pour a frozen package of the California blend or even just frozen broccoli into an

How do You Make a Homemade Milkshake?

To make a milkshake you need one cup fruit(example strawberries),1/2 glass of milk,1 cup ice-cream (strawberry ice-cream if using strawberries as a fruit or use vanilla ice-cream for all other fruits) and sugar to taste. Mix all these ingredients in

How Long do I Cook a Turkey for?

A turkey should be cooked at 375 degrees. The length of time depends on the weight. An 8 to 12 lb unstuffed turkey should be cooked for 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

How do You Make a Fruit Smoothie?

A fruit smoothie should be made with fresh fruit and skim milk and juice. The ingredients should be blended together to a smooth texture. Once its finished it should be placed in the refrigerator and chilled for about a hour.

What Colors do You Mix to Get Black?

Actually you can mix ALL your colors together and eventually get a shade of black but you never know what shade you will end up with. It’s best to go to a cake supply or craft store and buy some

Where does Hominy Come from?

Hominy comes from corn. The term ‘hominy’ refers to the large kernel and can also be called posole. Grits are from the same kernel but it is finely ground.

How to Cook Chicken on the Grill?

Directions on how to cook chicken on the grill: step 1: season 1 lb. chicken with 1/2 tsp. season salt, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, and 1/2 tsp pepper. step 2: place all chicken on preheated 450 degree bottom grill rack

How to Saute?

Saute literally means ‘to jump’ which is what your food will do in the pan. When you saute you use high heat with very little fat. The food is flipped regularly to prevent burning.

How to Make Beef Broth?

I have found that the best way to make beef broth is with a pan of boiling water and some beef bouillon cubes. You just add 2 of the cubes to the boiling water and wait for them to dissolve.

What is Focaccia?

Focaccia is an Italian bread. It is often simply baked with olive oil and spices on top instead of sauce. It is often made in a large flat pan. For more information, look here:

How to Field Dress a Pheasant?

Use a knife to slit the pheasant horizontally along the breast to field dress it. Remove the organs, and pluck the bird. Store everything in a ziplock bag until you get it home.You can find more information here:

Who Invented the Candy Skittles?

The fruity hard shelled delicious candies Skittles were invented in England in 1974. They were later introduced to the US in 1981. Taste the Rainbow!

How to Make Mayo?

Egg yolks, vegetable oil, lemon juice and pinch of salt to taste. Whip egg yolks on high till fluffy and drizzle oil slowly in, when thick add lemon juice and salt.

How Much do Cows Eat?

How much a cow eats depends on the breed. A typical dairy cow drinks anywhere from 30 to 50 gallons of water per day and can eat more than 100 pounds of feed per day. if you ate like a

How to Cook Tilapia Fish?

You can season the fish and either fry it or bake it. In order to fry it, you will need a nice size skillet pan with a half bottle of grease. Put flour on the fish after you season it

How to Make Meat Balls?

To make meat balls you need to get a lb of raw hamburger, 1 tbl of garlic salt, 1 tsp of black salt, 1 tbl onion flakes, and 1 cup bread crumbs. Mix, form into balls, and bake at 350

How Many Calories in a Plum?

If you’re trying to watch to your calories and eat healthy, you might ask, ‘how many calories in a plum?’ It’s a great choice, because an average plum has only 30 calories and is also a good source of vitamins

Why Salt Melts Ice?

When salt is added to water, we add foreign particles to water. The freezing point of water lowers due to the foreign particles. Soduim Chloride is the common de-icing salt.

How do You Make Dough?

How you make dough depends on what you are making it for. A scone dough is made a lot differently then a bread dough. Your lighter doughs generally take more time and patience to do.

How to Use a French Press?

A French Press is a wonderful way to make coffee and is easy to use. 1) Use fresh ground coffee beans for best flavor. 2) Use one rounded teaspoon of coffee per cup. 3) Add boiling water slowly (4oz per

Why Don’t Jewish People Eat Pork?

Jewish people don’t eat pork simply because it is against their religion. This has to do with the fact that the animal is not kosher because they are cloven hoofed animals.

What is Confit?

Confit is a method of preparing meat (usually duck or goosel), by salting curing it, and then poaching it in it’s own fat. Definately not heart healthy, if you know what I mean.

Can You Freeze Stuffing?

Traditional stuffing is made out of bread crumbs, corn bread crumbs, sauteed onions and celery, butter, eggs and broth. You can freeze those ingredients. If you are making an exotic dressing, such as oyster, etc., I would not freeze it.

Can You Freeze Lettuce to Store It?

Lettuce, due to its high water content, can not be frozen. If you freeze lettuce it will turn into a gooey mushy substance when thawed. Spinach, though, can be frozen for steaming and sauteing.

How to Ripen Peaches?

When first picked peaches can be very hard and bitter on the inside. To make your peaches last put them in the refrigerator without washing them. Choose how many you would like to ripen and take them out of the

What Type of Food do They Eat?

People all over the world enjoy different types of food. In some countries people do not eat pork because of religious reasons. But for the most part everyone enjoys some sort of meat or protein products, vegetables, starches and many

What does MSG Stand for?

MSG stands for monosodium glutamate. It is commonly used as a food additive or seasoning, as it has a very savory flavor. It is commonly used in processed and fast food.

How to Filet Fish?

The key to filleting fish is to have the proper tools. Then it is very important that you have a large enough, clean space allocated for the task. For more information see here:

How to Cook Chicken Cordon Bleu?

To cook chicken cordon bleu you need chicken, ham, and cheese. I take 2 chicken breasts. I put ham in between the two chicken pieces and then put the Swiss cheese on top. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes

How Long do Eggs Keep?

Assuming you keep them cold, eggs bought at the store will keep for three to five weeks. A quick way to determine how fresh your eggs are is to put one in a glass of cold water. If it floats,

How do You Cook Brown Rice?

Cooking brown rice by putting rice and water together in a pot with a lid. Set the heat to high and bring riceand water to a boil uncovered. Then put the lid on the pot and let simmer for 20

How to Cook a Sunday Roast?

Start by placing the meat in a slow cooker and adding some water and spices. Cut up some potatoes and carrots and place on top. Let cook for several hours or overnight.

How do You Cook Sunflower Seeds?

To cook sunflower seeds, you first want to take out of shell. Then you rinse the seeds and pat dry. You can add salt to water and boil them or you can even roast them. To find more information click

Why does Alcohol Make You Dehydrated?

Alcohol makes you feel dehydrated because it does dehydrate you , by being a diuretic that makes you urinate frequently, as well as the loss of water in your system when your body is breaking down the alcohol in your

What do Swedish People Eat?

Swedish people eat a wide range of foods besides meatballs and little brightly colored gummy fish. Berries and wild game are very popular, as is seafood, and potatoes are a staple at most meals. They eat fresh fruits and vegetables

How to Make Soft Cookies?

I bake ALOT of cookies and I have found two things that will make my cookies soft. First of all, undercook the cookies by about a minute or two, as they will continue cooking after you take them out. Also,

How is Grass Seed Produced?

Grass seed is grown just like any other crop. The grass is planted in fields, and once they have come to seed, the seeds are then harvested by machinery and packaged for resale.

Where can I Find Copy Cat Recipes?

There are wonderful sites where you can find that food that you love at your favorite resturant and then copy it at home. You can give Copy Kat a chance. They have a full collection of recipes from some big

What is in a Hotdog?

What is in a hotdog depends on what it is made of. If it is a regular hotdog it has pork and beef in it and it uses alot of the meat extras that are not used by other meats.

How do I Make Chicken Salad Sandwich?

In order to make a chicken salad sandwich you need two pieces of bread, a couple of cooked pieces of chicken and the makings of a salad. Place the chicken and salad makings on the bread and place the other

How to Cook Spinach?

An easy way to cook spinach is on top of your stove. Start with a skillet and about two tablespoons of oil and some crushed garlic. Add a bag of fresh spinach and saut’ on medium heat until wilted.

How to Make Jello Jigglers?

To make Jello Jigglers, you add 2-1/2 cups of boiling water to 4 boxes of Jello gelatin. You do not add any cold water to the recipe. The reduced amount of water causes the gelatin to set up harder than

How to Cook French Fries?

To cook french fries you can put one thin layer of them on a cookie sheet. Then you preheat the oven to 425F. Put the cookie sheet in the oven for about 15 minutes or until you get the crunchy

What is the Name of Taiwan President?

Chen Shui-bian is the Taiwanese President. Don’t ask me how to pronounce it though. He was a big part of winning independence from the Chinese who had them under Marshall law for quite some time.

How to Make Halloween Cupcakes?

To make Halloween cupcakes, start with a standard cake mix. Fill cupcake liners up and bake according to directions. To decorate, frosting and add some candy. You can use black licorise to make spider legs or webs. Get creative.

How Long do You Deep Fry a Turkey?

To deep fry a turkey will take about three minutes per pound. Once your oil temperature reaches 325 degrees lower the turkey into the oil using a hook, or basket. After the required time, check the internal temperature of your

How to Make Lemon Meringue Pie?

To make a lemon meringue pie you will need sugar, flour, cornstarch, salt, water, lemons, butter and egg yolks. For the meringue you will need egg whites and sugar. You can find more information here:

What the Difference Between Brown Eggs and White Eggs?

There is no difference between white and brown eggs other than the color of their shells. I have had blue, brown, speckled and white and they all tasted the same to me. Blue and brown are sometimes smaller than white

What Color is Citron?

The color citron is in the yellow family and appears to have a hint of green. Unless, you are talking about Absolute Citron which is clear in color and has a lemon taste!

How Much Yeast is in a Packet?

About 1/4 of an ounce of yeast is in one packet of yeast. It doesn’t seem like much but for all you bread makers out there it is enough to get that bred to rising. To find more information click

How to Make Croutons?

Croutons can be made from any bread you have lying around. Cut the bread into bite sized chunks. Then, coat it with a little butter, garlic, and any other seasoning. Spread the bread onto a sheet pan and bake it

How to Clean Squid?

Grasp the head gently, but firmly away from the body and begin twisting so that the head and tentacles will detach. Just below the eyes of the head, cut straight down to remove the tentacles. Squeeze the connective tissues on

How do You Make Custard?

To make custard, you need milk, sugar, egg yolks, salt, vanilla and nutmeg. From there, the whole process is some simple boiling, then baking. Yum!You can find more information here:

Types of Food Ate in Germany?

Some types of food eaten in Germany are; schnitzels, potatoes, pork, sausages, boiled eggs, cooked hams, tea, coffee, yogurt, homemade breads, honey, cheese, and last but not least, BEER!

How do You Cut Up a Pineapple?

The easiest way to cut up a pineapple is to first cut straight down the sides of the pineapple with a sharp knife until you remove all the ruff edges. Then cut the top off and then core the pineapple

How do You Make Clotted Cream?

Clotted cream can be made at home using heavy whipping cream. Cook the cream in a double boiler until the cream is reduced by half with the consistency of butter. There will be a golden colored crust on top. Let

How to Tenderize Beef?

A meat tenderizer is the best thing to use. If you don’t have one, no problem you can use the edge of a saucer and beat your meat with this, Try to get it at all angles.

What are Crepes?

Crepes are very thin pancakes. They are a popular breakfast or dessert dish. They are often times filled with bananas, strawberries, or blueberries and topped off with some powdered sugar. They are a sweet food.

What is Marmite?

Marmite is kind of a food spread used alot in Britain and is very popular with the vegan crowd. Its kind of sticky and salty, and the British slogan for it is, ‘ love it or hate it’.

How Long do You Boil Corn for?

Corn should be boiled for ten to fifteen minutes. You can also steam corn a well as cook it on the grill or in the even. Peel the green leaves away from the corn before eating.

How do You Cook Flank Steak?

I like to marinate flank steak in a combination of teriyaki sauce, a little garlic, orange juice, honey, a few tablespoons of sesame oil, a little chopped onion and a pinch of rosemary, then cook it on the grill with