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What is a Zener Diode?

A zener diode is a diode that allows current to flow forward in the normal direction, as well as reverse direction, when voltage is more than a certain value.

What is the Best Plasma TV?

Best Plasma TVs are made by various vendors like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, etc. It contains screen of plasma material which produces sharper images.

Who Made TV?

In 1884, Paul Gottlieb Nipkow a 20 year old university student in Germany made and patented the first electromechanical television system.

How Fast is Lightning?

Lightning is nothing but spark generated due to large potential difference. Hence it is nothing but flow of electrons. Electrons travel with speed of light. So lightning has speed of light.

How do Thermometers Work?

If you rely on a thermometer for telling the temperature inside or out doors you like to know how it really works in giving that information to you which it is the actual concept of the thermometer. The liquids in

What is the Definition of a Boilermaker?

A boilermaker is a person who fixes or makes boilers. On the other hand, it is a drink that is a beer and whiskey mix that you chase down with a beer!

What Causes Low Oil Pressure?

There are many things that can cause low oil pressure. You may have a bad oil pump, or you could just be low on oil. Check you oil level and be sure it is correct. Check to see if the

Types of Modulation?

There are basic two types of modulation Frequency Modulation & Amplitude Modulation. There are various sub types too. Data is modulated and transmitted to prevent loss.

Types of Switches?

When it comes to electronics, there are a plethora of different switches used. However, there are a few common types of switches that you may be interested in learning about: toggle, pushbutton, selector, joystick, lever actuator limit, proximity, speed, and

What is a Closed Circuit?

A closed circuit provides an uninterrupted path for current to flow, and can be defined as a complete electrical circuit around which current flows.

How to Make TV Antenna?

You can make a tv antenna by taking a metal clothes hanger and bending it, then wrap tin foil around it. Connect a cable wire to it then run it down to your tv and that will work.

How do Thermocouples Work?

Thermocouples work on principle of Seebeck effect. When junctions of two dissimilar metals is kept at different temperature, current flows through them.

Top 10 Internet Businesses?

If you mean, which are the top 10 most successful internet businesses, we’ll go by the numbers. The big guys: Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo, EBay, Real Network, Walt Disney, Google, MSN, TimeWarner and Interactive Corp. For more information, look here:

How do Integrated Circuits Work?

Integrated Circuits (ICs) contain fine thin wafer of silicon on which doping is made to make various gates & tracks. Pins for connections are brought out. Hence they provide function in compact form.

How to Get Free Ringtones?

you need to go to but it depends on what kind of phone you have to get free ringtones

How to Fix a Subwoofer?

You can fix a sub woofer by determining the problem. If the speaker doesn’t give any output sound, its voice coil may be either shorted or open.

What is a Cvt Transmission?

CVT stands for continuously variable transmission, and is a type of transmission that can change through an infinite amount of gear ratios within a certain range. This is different than other mechanical transmissions that only allow a few distinct gears

How to Mount a Plasma TV?

There are a few steps needed before mounting your plasma TV. First, make sure the mount you choose is strong enough to hold the television. Second, locate the studs in the wall. You will also need a tape measure, screws

How does a Circuit Board Work?

A circuit board works by tracing a circuit pattern on a copper plate. A chemical agent is placed where the circuit is and another chemical burns the copper plating off leaving only a path for electricity to flow through the

How do I Wire a Three Way Light Switch?

To wire a three way light switch you will need a three wire cable. This would include a power wire, a neutral wire and a traveller wire. You can find more information here:

How do I Get on the do Not Call List?

Simply call The National Do Not Call Registry to get on the do not call list. This gives you a choice about whether or not you want to receive telemarketing calls at home. After you have been on the registry

How to Measure Current?

Current can be measured using a Multimeter or Current Meter. A current meter has zero internal resistance so that all current flows through it.

What is a Direct Current?

Direct current DC is the unidirectional flow of electric charge produced by such sources as batteries, thermocouples, solar cells and commutator type electric machines of the dynamo.

How Loud is a Sone?

A sone is used to measure loudness. One sone is about 40 dB at a frequency of 1 kHz. Sones are used to measure loudness when the frequency is constant. It is slightly more accurate and less subjective than a

What is AC Current?

Current is rate of flow of electrons. AC Current is the current in a AC circuit which is powered by AC supply. Current in mains is an example.

What is the Best Indoor TV Antenna?

The best indoor antenna depends on the television. Since the conversion of the analogue signal to digital the best option would be a convert box for an analogue television. If you have a digital television, any antenna should suffice because

What is Market Positioning?

In the marketing arena of business, positioning is the process that the company uses to establish an image in the minds of the consumers. If you have to re-position for example, it means you want to change the perception.

Where can I Find Universal Remote Codes?

Universal remote controls can be found at the website of the manufacturer of the remote control. If it is a remote provided by your cable/television company then they should have the remote codes on their website. You can find more

What is the Definition of Voltage?

Voltage is easiest to understand if we define it using the formula, V=IR. Where V stands for voltage, I stands for current and R stands for the resistance in the circuit. Therefore the current in a circuit multiplied time the

How Many Volts are in a Lightning Bolt?

Lightning contains very high voltage usually in thousands of volts. Hence it can travel through air. So the lightning bolt has very high voltage.

Types of Bunsen Burner?

A bunsen burner can have three different types of flames. A yellow/orange flame, called the safety flame, is the coolest of the three at 300 degrees. A blue flame is about 500 degrees and is not easy to see. A

How to Clean TV Screen?

Television screens often get dirty with things like fingerprints and dust. The best way to clean your television screen is to use a paper towel and glass cleaner, but this can vary. You can find more information here:

What is An Open Circuit?

Open circuit is condition when current gets no path to flow to ground. It may be also defined as when voltage gets infinite resistance.

What does UL Stand for?

UL is an abbreviation for Underwriters Laboratories. It is a company that provides testing for appliances and equipment to insure their safety.

Reading a Tape Measure?

Reading a tape measure is not hard to do at all. You simply open the tape measure up to the desired amount that look to see what the numbers say. It is as simple as looking at a ruler.

What is the Best Home Theater System?

Best Home Theater system is available from various vendors like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic. Actual model and configuration depends on the TV & dimensions of your room.

Where is the O2 Sensor Located?

O2 sensor is usually located on or at the body of device. O2 sensor is needed to be exposed to air to sense properly. It is protected from dust by fine net.

How Amplifiers Work?

Amplifier are made using active components such as Transistors. Electron diffusion takes place in the transistor and input signal is amplified.

What is Unit Testing?

Unit testing simply means to find the lowest level of a software program, isolate it by itself, and determine if it is functioning properly. They are written in test classes. For more information see here:

What does Voltage Mean?

Voltage measures the amount of electricity in an electrical item. This is similar to horsepower in a vehicle. Most household appliances use 110 volts, but larger appliances like ovens and clothes dryers use 220 volts. You can find more information

How to Test Capacitors?

Capacitor can be tested by Capacitance Meter. If it shows value of capacitor, then it’s working. Or charge it by small DC voltage and check if it appears across it for a while.

How a Generator Works?

Understanding how a generator works is helpful if you plan on using one. Generators are really great to have during an emergency or even when you go camping. You can find more information here:

How Capacitors Work?

Capacitor contain two metal plates separated by finite distance using electrolyte. Hence capacitance is formed and it stores electric charge.

How do Wireless Headphones Work?

Wireless Headphones usually use radio signal such as Bluetooth, RF or Infrared to transmit sound. Radio signal is received at receiver and given to speaker after decoding.

What is a Rheostat?

Rheostat is a variable resistor. It is a wire wound resistor. A movable arm having connection with wire is moved to change value of resistance.

Where can I Find TV Stands?

You can find TV stands most anywhere that furniture or even electronics are sold. For example Best Buy carries TV stands that will fit any TV that they sell, even wall mounts. You can find more information here:

How do I Wire a Three Way Switch?

You can find that information in this web page

How do Car Amps Work?

Car Amplifier contains multi stage RC Coupled Transistor Amplifiers cascaded. They amplify the input signal from transducer and give it to speaker.

How can I Get Free Cable?

Basically, you need to visit the website, download their free program, unzip the TVU program with something like Winrar, and then run the TVU program. You may want to check and see if this is legal beforehand. For more

How to Hang LCD TV on Wall?

A Wall Mount assembly is required to mount LCD on wall. You need to purchase it if not available with TV. It is drilled and fixed on Wall and TV is hanged.

What is Phenol Red?

Phenol red (also known as phenolsulfonphthalein) is a chemical normally used in laboratories as a pH indicator by changing colors. It is red in the presence of alkaline and yellow in the presence of an acid.

How does a Potentiometer Work?

Potentiometer contains infinity resistance (practically about 10MOhm) which makes maximum drop of voltage across it. This drop is sensed by digital(Such as R2R Ladder) or analog methods (Galvanometer Coil) to get voltage reading.

What is a Light Emitting Diode?

Light emitting diode or LED is a type of electronics spare parts that produces or emits light when connected to a circuit. It is commonly used as light indicator when a certain electronic device is on.

How Much do Landscapers Get Paid?

There are three different brackets for a landscaper. The average is 51,000, the high is 64,000, and the low is 34,000. This is just in Atlanta. It could be more or less in other states.

How does Satellite Radio Work?

Satellite Radio has a receiver which receives signals from the transmitting satellite. These are decoded and amplified in internal circuit of receiver and given to speaker.

How to Wire a Three Way Light Switch?

To wire a three way light switch you will first need to turn off the power. You will need to test the wires to make sure that the power is off. You can find more information here:

How do I Install a Circuit Breaker?

To install a circuit breaker you must buy a circuit box. Shut down all of the electricity to the home, uninstall the old circuit breaker, and then begin wiring the new circuit breaker. You should always have a licensed electrician

What is Satellite Radio?

Well, I think its the thing attached to my car’s windshield. This device allows me to listen in to the best radio stations offered via satellite. Although it isn’t free but a subscription service I still love it. No matter

What is PCB?

PCB stands for printed circuit board. You might sometimes also hear it referred to as a wiring board. It is used to build electronic devices in one of two different ways; a place to mount the component or as the

How to Sync Music to Phone?

To sync music to your phone depends on what brand of phone that you have. The basic rules to doing this is that you download from your computer to your phone. You will need to purchase accessories to download the

Why can Birds Sit on Power Lines?

Birds can sit on power lines safely because there’s no other place for electricity to flow except back onto the lines. If the birds had a foot on the ground at the same time, you’d get a fried bird. You

How to Wall Mount Plasma Yourself?

To wall mount of plasma takes time and skills. The first thing that you would do is shop around for the perfect wall mount. All wall mounts are not good for your particular television. For more information, look here:

Why is Calibration Important?

Why calibration is important depends on what you are calibrating. Calibration means that you are aligning things to work together or setting something at a precise point. There are many things that you would use calibration for and without knowing

What is Conductor?

A conductor is someone who leads an orchestra. Wait! A conductor is the guy who wears that striped cap and runs the train. No? Okay, a conductor is any substance that will allow the free flow of electrons. Copper is

How to Make Spy Gear?

Spy gear is made by placing surveillance devices in or around other things that are not out of place. It takes creativity, not technology to create devices that eavesdrop, record or otherwise snoop on another person.

How to Wire 220?

The Neutral wire should be connected to device directly. But the Live wire should be connected to the device through a SPST Toggle Switch.

How does a TV Antenna Work?

TV Antenna Collects signal from transmitter. If it is Dish type, it concentrates signal at center which is picked up by receiver. If it is Yagi, it receives signal of Terrestrial station. Finally they are given to TV.

How do Resistors Work?

Resistor is made from material which has less number of free electrons. Hence it provides opposition to flow of electrons which is called as Resistance.

What does It Mean to be a Good Citizen?

I guess this can vary from person to person. A good citizen to me is someone who obeys the laws of the land, who helps out in the community, and generally helps others where they can.

How to Send An Email to a Cell Phone?

To send an email to a cell phone number, you will need the cell phone number, and you need to know the company of which the number belongs to. For example: AT&T; would be

How to Measure Angles?

Angles are measured in degrees. A full circle forms a 360 degree angle. The best way to measure angles is to use a protractor, which is a device specifically made for measuring angles. Look here for more information:

Who Invented Metal?

Metal was invented by by a man by the name of Robert Mushet. It was made by accident in 1989 , when Mr. Mushet was attempting to make steel.

How to Make a Cable Descrambler?

Defrauding a cable company by making a descrambler is illegal. Descramblers are made by restoring the horizontal and vertical sync signals that are randomized when the signal is sent. Tunable capacitors and resistors are all that is required.

What is Ambient Temperature?

Ambient temperature simply refers to the temperature of the immediate surroundings or environment. While it may be thirty degrees outside, the ambient temperature of your living room may be seventy degrees.

How do I Wire a 220 Volt Plug?

In order to wire a 220 volt plug, make sure you have enough space and the correct tools to do the job. Get the complete step by step instruction from the web site

What is the National Speed Limit?

National speed limit is the maximum speed authorized by law for road vehicles. Speed limit are commonly set and enforced by legislative bodies of nations and government.

How do Motion Detectors Work?

Motion Detectors usually include an Accelerometer. It contains a Piezoelectric crystal kept under weight.Due to motion, weight creates force and same is measured.

What does a Geiger Counter Measure?

A Geiger counter, named for it’s inventor Hans Geiger, measures radiation. They can also be used to measure cosmic rays and in nuclear medicine. For more information, look here:

How does a Transformer Work?

A transformer works by electricity moving through the primary coil causing it to create a magnetic field. It basically transfer electrical current from one circuit to another circuit. You can find more information here:

How to Wire a Car Amplifier?

Here’s a step by step procedure in wiring a car amplifier. Connect the speaker to the left and right audio output. Be sure with the polarity of the connection. The last to connect is the power supply, the red wire

How does An Accelerometer Work?

Accelerometers contain small mass placed on Piezoelectric crystal such as Quartz. Whenever it is in motion, mass applies force on crystal. Due to force, crystal makes small signal.

How to Wire a Breaker Box?

To wire a breaker box you will first need to turn off the main switch to the breaker box so that all power is off. You will need a voltage tester. You can find more information here:

How does the Central Processing Unit Work?

A central processing unit is also known as a cpu. This is a brain of a system that makes everything else operate. An example is the processor of a computer.

How do You Calculate Kilowatt Hours?

Kilowatt Hours are calculated by taking the number of kilowatts used by and item and multiplying it by the number of hours it is in use and then dividing by 1000.

How High Should I Mount my Plasma TV?

The height of plasma TV depends on the environment of your living room. You should consider suitable and comfortable height with respect to seating arrangement.

How Many Watts Make An Amp?

Current depends on the resistance of load. There is no direct relation between watt & ampere. If voltage across load is known, then current can be calculated as I = W/V.

How to Read Tire Sizes?

Tire sizes consist of both a number and a letter that indicate the size and model of the tire. The letter us used to indicate the model and the number is used to indicate the dimensions of the tire.

How do You Test a Capacitor?

Capacitance Meter is needed to test capacitor. To check it on multimeter, charge it using finite small DC voltage and check if voltage remains.

What Size AC Unit do I Need?

The general rule of thumb is that you add 1/2 ton for every 600 square foot of living space. For example, if you have a 1200 square foot home, you want no bigger than 2 ton unit. If you oversize

How to Reprogram Keyless Entry?

To reprogram keyless entry remote, you will need to know the brand of the remote and the brand of the car. You then look in the direction booklet and it will give you the code that you need put in.

What is Epos?

EOPS is a great program that funds the education of those low income and or educationally challenged students that would not normally have the opportunity.

What is An AC Adapter?

An AC adapter is a device that turns AC power (normal household socket) into DC power for devices that use it. Many common devices such as cell phone chargers contain an AC adapter that changes from AC to DC current

Who Invented the Subwoofer?

The first subwoofer speaker design is credited to Ken Kriesel. In the 1960s, Kriesel developed a speaker system that specifically accentuated the bass response of a home stereo system.

What is Radio Frequency?

Radio frequency allows for the transmission of a radio show to your radio. The frequency includes the waves and wavelengths and it is the source that allows for a radio show to be heard by the public.

How to Clean Plasma TV Screens?

You should look in the manual that came with the television. If it has a particular method, you should follow that. Turn off the television next, and use a lint free cloth to remove the smudges. For more information, look

How do You Bridge An Amp?

Bridging your amplifier is easy but you must take careful pains to do it correctly or you could damage your equipment. Look for a diagram for bridging in your original packaging, not all amps can be bridged and some may

How does Digital Radio Work?

In digital radio, tuning is done by controlling crystal rather than a coil. As per signal obtained from circuit, crystal changes resonating frequency to tune specific station.

How is Lighting Made?

Lighting is made by connecting bulbs or LEDs in series. It also includes a controller which determines pattern by which they flash or scroll.

What is Notary Public?

A notary public is someone who is registered with the state by filling out an application and paying a fee for a notary license. This person is provided a stamp that identifies them as a notary and they have the

What do Voting Booths Look Like?

Voting booths look like a long line of gym showers joined together. They are normally a small booth that has a curtain in the front for privacy. Normally there is a row of them connected together. When you move the

How to Fix a Vcr?

If you are master in electronics, just open the VCR, discharge capacitors & seek for faulty component and replace it. Or just carry it to local electronic repair shop.

How do I Figure Sales Tax?

So you need to figure your sales tax, eh? You’ll need to know two numbers and have a calculator handy. First, what is the cost of the item you are purchasing? Second, what is the sales tax rate. In Cuyahoga

How An Electric Motor Works?

Electric Motor work on conservation of magnetic field. When current carrying conductor is placed in magnetic field, it experiences mechanical force.

Who Makes the Best Dlp TV?

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. DLP TVs give more sharper images with great resolution. Companies like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic make best DLP TVs.

What is a Sinking Fund?

A sinking fund is a separate account used primarily for a business to tap into when they are consumed by so much debt they cant afford a Double Cheese at Mickey D’s. Let’s try not to need one!

How do I Wire a Light Switch?

In order to wire a light switch make sure you have enough space and the correct tools to do the job. Get the complete step by step instruction from the web site

How to be a Party Planner?

To become a party planner, you must posses an excellent skill in planning and must be very familiar with all the necessities and events in a party.

What are Speakers?

Speakers are the most important part of your theater system setup. This is what the sound comes out of, and without them, you would not hear your system. For more information, look here:

How do I Fire Someone?

Firing someone is not easy, it is best that you fire someone in a reasonable tone with out prejudice, and with respect. You can fire some one by telling them that it is best that they pack up and leave

Types of Electrical Circuits?

The two main types of electrical circuits are parallel and series. There is a third type which is a combination. In a series circuit there is only one path for the current to flow. it must flow in a series.

What is the Best Synthetic Motor Oil?

Amsoil is one of the best synthetic motor oils available today. It comes with a 25,000 miles guarantee. It also offers wear prevention and no other motor oil protects like Amsoil.You can find more information here:

How Loud is a Decibel?

A decibel is one-tenth of a bel. A bel is the unit of measurement for sound. One bel is quite large, so sound is measured as fractions of the whole. For example, one hundred decibels (0.01 bel) is quite loud,

How a Speaker Works?

Speaker has a thin foil known as Diaphragm. It is wound with coil. When signal containing sound it given to coil, it vibrates rapidly and sound is created.

Who Invented the Transistor?

After many years of trying to solve the problem of controlling electrons in a solid state, the transistor was invented in 1947 by William Shockley, Walter Brattain, and John Bardeen. You can find more information here:

How to Use a Timing Light?

It is very easy to use a timing light on an engine. You clip the timing lead to the number one spark plug wire and then connect the timing light to a power source. Start the engine and aim the

How do I Wire a House?

Mains should be Off before wiring house. Neutral wire should reach each device directly. Phase should be connected through switches. Earthing should be provided as well.

How does a Traffic Light Work?

In their most basic form, a traffic light is a very large set of three lights controlled by a time delayed circuit. As the T=RC (time equals resistance x capacitance) collapses from green the yellow light glows, likewise from yellow

What is a Tesla Coil?

Tesla is a great band. This is when they all get together to jam on new songs before a concert. They must have gotten their name from around 1891 from Nekola Tesla, who also must of had something to do

What are Keys Made of?

Most keys for the household are made out of brass. If you have children, you may want to think twice about giving them your keys to play with. Not only do keys hold a lot of germs from the different

How to Electrical?

Electrical wiring can be done in such a way that Neutral wire goes to device directly and Phase goes through switch. Earthing is also provided. Make mains off before wiring.

What is Chitin?

It is a substance found in a beetle shell, crab shell, spider webs and in some plants and animals. Its normally a man made substance, however, it does occur in nature. Look here for more information:

Who Invented the Flashlight?

The flashlight was invented by Conrad Hubert in 1902. The device consists of a housing, battery, bulb, switch and reflector. Flashlights are simple circuits but needed the invention of the light bulb and battery to occur first. Look here for

How do I Become a Party Planner?

You can get a two year degree to become a party coordinator. But you can also do it but just putting your name out there and pictures of your past work. You can get jobs by doing free quotes as

What does Incandescent Mean?

Incandescent Means a thing that emits light when it’s temperature goes so high. This technology is used in Bulbs. Bulbs contain filament which gets heated and emits light.

What is a Revocable Living Trust?

What is a revocable living trust? Similar to a will you would appoint a trustee to handle the distribution or management of your assets. The difference is that it can be modified at anytime by the person it represents thus

What is AC Voltage?

AC voltage refers to the amount of volts that is present in an electric current. AC voltage varies from 110 volts to 240 volts depending on the requirements of a certain country.

How do LED Work?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) contain photo emitting material like Galium or Arsenic. When LED becomes forward biased, it emits light instead of heat.

What is a Digital Signal?

Signals that are non continuous and end suddenly are known as Digital Signals. The pulse of each digit remains constant but changes dramatically from one digit to the next. To find more information click here:

How do You Wire a 3 Way Switch?

Wiring three-way switches requires attaching the wires in an arrangement where either of the two switches will function no matter the position of the other switch. You can find more information here:

What is a Decibel?

A decibel is a unit of measurement that measures sound. The higher the decibel value of something the louder something is said to be. High decibel levels can damage hearing.

What is Heat Lightning?

Heat lightning is lightning that is too far away to be heard, only seen. It means that a storm is happening somewhere in the distance, and we just can’t hear the thunder that the lighting makes. Look here for more

How does a Dimmer Switch Work?

A dimmer switch works by combining a large rheostat (variable resistor) with a light switch. As the dimmer is turned from its lowest to highest setting the amount of resistance to current is lessened, causing a brighter glow from a

How to Check a Capacitor?

A capacitor is checked by first measuring resistance. There should be no resistance in a capacitor. Next, a capacitor is checked according to the voltage that is intended to be present. A multimeter or volt-ohm meter is required to test

Where do Chemical Engineers Work?

Chemical engineers work in so many different fields. You’ll find them working for Lockheed Martin, BF Goodrich or even specialty chemical companies like Kodak. For more information look here:

How to Bridge Subwoofers?

Subwoofers can be bridged by various coupling methods such as RC, C, Transformer, Direct, Optical, etc. For audio signals, RC coupling is used.

What does DTS Stand for?

In consumer electronics DTS stands for Digital Theatre Sound. DTS can also be an acronym for Developer Technical support. There over 100 acronyms for DTS. If used in a sentence the specific acronym could be answered.

How does Batteries Work?

How a battery works is complicated and something we don’t usually think about when changing the batteries in the remote control. Electrons are formed in the battery, and they flow from negative to positive at a fast pace. Also, how

How to Calibrate a Thermometer?

Sensing metal contact of thermometer should be attached to calibrating plate. Temperature should be set to any reference and adjustment should be done on thermometer.

Top Ten HDTV Televisions?

The top ten HD-Televisons based on performance, quality, and fewer service issues are: Pioneer PDP-LX5090 (50 inch), Panasonic TH 42PZ80B (42 inch), Samsung LE46F86BD (46 inch), Phillips 42PLF7603D (42 inch), Toshiba 40ZF355D (40 inch), Toshiba 37XV505D (37 inch), Phillips 21:9

How to Check a Coil on a Car?

To check a coil on a car you will need to first disconnect the wires. You will then check the resistance in ohms, it should be between 0.75 and 0.81 ohms. You can find more information here:

Where to Place Surround Sound Speakers?

You can install a surround speaker in your home theater system. It can also be connected to your personal computer,game consoles and other platforms.

How does a Three Phase Motor Work?

A three phase motor (also called an induction motor) works by using 3 different types of electrical current to power the motor. There are three parts to the motor and each part rotates thus creating an electromagnetic friction. You can

What do I Need to Hook Up HDTV?

You will need a HDMI cable, coax cable (to hook to your cable or antenna), and the power cord that came with your HDTV. That is unless you have a batch of squirrels in the back to power it.

What Size Electrical Wire do I Need?

It is difficult to answer what size electrical wire you need without details. The basics are lamp cords are 18 gauge and outlets are 12 gauge. Small appliances and 220 volt items require 10 gauge. Furnaces require 6 to 4

What is Alternating Current?

Alternating current is the flow of power or electricity through a circuit. In ac systems, this flow of electricity changes direction endlessly in the repetitive cycle. Look here for more information:

How does a Butane Lighter Work?

A butane lighter works the same as an ordinary lighter that uses flammable fluids. The only difference is a butane lighter uses a pressurized liquid gas.

What is An Attenuator?

Attenuator is a circuit which suppresses or opposes specific frequency band. It is used for filtering and reducing noise in an circuit.

What is a Lithium Battery?

It is a battery that has the ability to produce twice the capacity as a regular battery. The lithium is the electrode and makes a great battery..

Types of Wires?

There are many different types of wires. Common electrical wires can be made of many different metals; popular ones are copper, tin, and iron. Wires also come in different gauges, or thicknesses.

Types of Conductors?

The most common types of conductors are metal conductors, carbon conductors, semi-conductors and ionic conductors. Each type of conductor is used in different types of applications.You can find more information here: