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How do I Check Internet History?

To check your internet history in Firefox, go to History in the menu and select Show All History. In Internet Explorer, simply click the History button!

How do I Get a Url?

To get a url, you will need to create a web domain. Myspace is a social site that offers each user their own url, or link to their personal profile.

How to Hide Myspace Friends?

You can make your profile private so no one who is not in your friend list can view your data and see your friends. This can be done from Privacy settings.

How can I Make my PC Faster?

To make you computer PC go faster you can try and delete some of your unused files, that will free up some space. Or you can purchase more RAM for your hard drive.

What is An Icq Number?

Most instant messaging programs, like AOL Instant Messenger, use screen names or buddy names. ICQ is different – it uses numbers to identify people.

How do I Get Aim Plus?

AIM + is a free addon for the AOL instant messenger provided by Big-O Software. The link for the download is available on the Big-O software home page. For more information see here:

How do I Make a Web Site for Free?

There are many types of websites offering free website hosting. If you want to build your own website for free, check out

How to Make my Own Anemometer?

Measuring the wind is always a fun activity, especially if you have young kids that are into science. Another great activity is making a homemade anemometer. With a few styrofoam cups, a pencil, some modeling clay, and a thumbtack, you

Why is Technology So Important?

Technology is the what makes everything become more efficent in the long run. Sense technology is used in everything we do the more it advances the easier our life can become and less error free and safe it is as

How do I Convert Wav Files to MP3?

Yes, you can convert wav files to mp3 files. There is a free program called Audacity that does just that! I have used it to make and edit mp3 files.You can find more information here:

How do I Change my Ip?

You can’t really change your IP Address without disconnecting and reconnecting to the Internet. However, many broadband companies will simply reassign you the same number.

What is Computer Network?

A computer network is a series of computers connected together for the purpose of communicating with each other. Computers can be connected through cables (hardwired) infra-red (good for short distances) or wireless for long or short distance communications.

How can I Make my PC Run Faster?

Invest in a good antivirus program. Use Disk Cleanup & Derangement atleast once a month. Keep PC cool by adding more fans. Install trusted software only.

How do I Download Videos Onto my iPod?

The beat way to download videos to your ipod you have to have the videos in mp4 format. Then upload videos with your ipod software or application.

What is M4a Music?

The file extension m4a was mainly used by Apple corporation for iPods, iPhones, and iTunes. It is basically the same as the MPEG-4 file format, but used to indicate the file is an encrypted iTunes Plus track.

How Old Will Microsoft be This Year?

Microsoft was founded in 1975 in and will be 35 years old in 2010. Originally hyphenated as Micro-soft, Microsoft stood for Microcomputer software. For more information see here:

How to Get a Lot of Friends on Myspace?

To get a lot of friends on Myspace, search for people you graduated with or go to school with. These people will be more likely to accept you because they know who you are! Otherwise, find random people and send

How to Make a Chart?

How to make a chart depends on what program you are making the chart in. The version of the program you are using is also important. There are big differences between word 2000 and 2007.

What is a Host Name?

A hostname is commonly used in terms of computing. This is the name that is assigned to a device that is connected to a computer network. This device is used to identify varios forms of electronic communication.

How to Copy CD?

CD can be copied by two ways. One way is copy the content on HDD and burn to black CD later. Another way is by using Copy option in Nero.

How to Send a Computer Virus?

Computer viruses can be sent as email attachments. The recipient would have to open up the attachment in order for the virus to attack the computer.

How does a Computer Process Data?

A computer can process data because of the computer processor that is on the hard drive of the computer. The processor identify what file are formatted and plays them accordingly.

How can I Download Shockwave?

To download Adobe Shockwave Player you would go to the Adobe website where you can download it for free. Just watch out for that Free Google Toolbar option. If you don’t want it, be sure to uncheck it before clicking

Types of Software Packages?

Word processing, spreadsheets and databases are examples of different types of software packages. Licensed software such as Microsoft Office, and open source Linux software which is available for free are also examples off different types of software packages.

Free Mobile Phone Downloads?

If you have a smart phone, such as a Treo or a HTC touch pro, there are lots of great programs available for download. Microsoft offers a lot of help on their website. Check out

What is my Gateway?

Your modem or wireless adapter is considered a gateway. The gateway allows computers to connect to each and to the internet simultaneously.

How to Get More Coins on Club Penguin?

The best way to get more coins on Club Penguin is by playing games, the more games you play, the more coins. Be very careful on trying cheat codes because you can get banned from the site. You can find

When was Yahoo Founded?

The well-known search engine has been around as long as the Internet has been popular. It was founded in January of 1994 and became incorporated on March 1, 1995.

What is Middleware?

Middleware are computer applications that transmit data between other programs. This communication allows the sharing of features among different applications.

How do You Format Your Hard Drive?

Before you decide to format your hard drive, make sure you have all your files backed up to an alternative source, as well as an install disk if you play to re use the drive so that you can put

What is An Avi File?

An avi file is an audio visual file. It is usually a short video clip that is formatted to be compact in size. The quality is not always the best but it is usually acceptable.

How do Whirlpools Form?

Whirlpools form usually in nature from two conflicting currents coming into eachother. They are fairly rare in nature but there is a diffrence between the whirlpool that your sink or bathtub will make as oppose to the ones in the

Where You can Create a Person?

The best place to create a person would be in the pages of a book. Your characters can be anything you choose them to be. Protagonist or Antagonist, it is entirely up to you. Let your creative juices flow, and

How do I Get Rid of a Trojan Virus for Free?

A computer virus is a program that operates without permission. It can copy itself to a computer and infect it without the owner’s knowledge. A virus may do any or all of the following: corrupt or delete data, send messages

How does a Circuit Breaker Work?

A circuit breaker works by opening (or ‘breaking’) a circuit when too much current flows through it. They offer a distinct advantage to fuses in that they can be reset and re-used.

How does a Server Work?

How a server works in complicated, to define in words, but it is essentially a central computer that houses all data and software that other computers on its network can access. These other computers are refered to as terminals which

How do You Erase Website History?

First thing you need to do before erasing website history, you need to get rid of any third party tool bar like Yahoo search bar and Google search bar. Because it is impossible for your computer to erase all these

How do I Make a Music CD?

You can make a music cd by downloading mp3 songs onto your computer and burning them onto a disc. Insert the disc, follow the prompts, and select the songs you want to add.

What are Network Protocols?

Network protocols are rules and standards which define the transmission of data packets for communications across a network. TCPIP, and IPX are examples of network protocols.

What is a Socket?

A socket is a slot on a mother board that is used to seat a computer board into. These fittings help you make sure you are installing the board correctly and will make a small clicking sound when you press

Where can I Download Aim Clone?

Aim+ 2.2.1 can be downloaded from The reviews from the users seem to suggest that they program is wonderful but, it slows down your computer. To find more information click here:

What is a Vector Graphic?

Vector graphics is the use of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves, and polygons. They are all based on math equations to represent images in computer graphics.

What does Api Mean?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is contained within many software programs and operating systems and is activated in order to allow various programs and systems to communicate or interface with one another.

Where can I Find Funny Stuff?

You can find some really good funny joke on the internet, A good joke can can be an ice breaker when trying to break the ice at a gathering. It also allows yo to be the life of the party.

What does Cached Mean?

A Cache is an area in your computer memory set aside to store copies of things that are accessed frequently. Web pages can also be cached in your system so that they will load faster.

How do I Burn MP3 CDs?

To burn mp3 files onto a CD for listening you are going to need a program like iTunes. Simply create the desired play list and then press the burn button on the bottom right to create your music disc.

How do I Put Music on my Mini Sd Card?

To put music on your mini sd card, you must be able to plug it into your computer. Then, drag the music you want to the folder designating the card.

What does CMYK Stand for?

CMYK stand for Cyan Magenta Yellow Key/blacK. These four colors are the ink model which we used for printing process. I am sure you won’t forget this.

Where can I Download Music?

In the U.S., mp3 downloads are generally a buck each. There are a lot of nasty free sites with viruses and spyware waiting to infect your computer. Stay away from them!

What is An Electrical Relay?

An electrical relay is simply a switch that is controlled by a different circuit. A common type of relay is in an electric motor. An electrical circuit sends power to a relay, which closes another electrical circuit and starts the

How to Burn Dvds?

If you want to burn DVDs but do not have a microwave, you will need a DVD burner. These can be found at electronics stores and should come with the appropriate software. A popular burning application is Nero.

How do You Write 1 Billion?

One billion is easily written down as 1,000,000,000. That’s quite a few zeroes, but there are bigger numbers out there. Thankfully I’ve never had to write a googol which has exactly a hundred zeroes after its number. For more information

What does Valid Mean?

Valid means justifiable in truth, correct or proper. The property of being authentic and/or genuine. it means something that actually is.

Where can I Compose Ringtones?

You can compose ring tones on you own if you know how to make a sample beat of a song. Then upload it to the internet to sell as a ring tone.

How to Create my Own Website?

It can be quick and easy to create your own website! Simply visit Weebly and register for free. Now you can drag and drop items into place to create your site! You can find more information here:

How to Send a Email?

After you have composed (written) your email, then enter the name of the recipient in the TO block. After you have entered all the recipients, then select ‘send’. That is all there is to it.

How to Make Symbols Using the Keyboard?

Using your keyboard to make symbols is quite fun. Western based computer systems use ASCII as their language. If you want to find the hidden symbols under the Keyboard keys you must use a particular set of keys (typically the

What are Bots?

The term bot is usually used to refer to fake people in chat rooms. These bots are man-made auto-messaging devices. They are like spam in a chat room.

What is Illegal Downloading?

Illegal downloading occurs anytime someone downloads copyrighted material without the owners permission. Services such as BitTorrent, Kazaa, and Gnutella are currently being targeted by the music industry as illegal file sharing havens.

Where can I Find Funny Cartoons?

You can Google funny cartoons. Due to our advanced technology, you can watch cartoons on the internet. You can also find cartoons in newspapers.

Can Cd-rom Drives Play Dvd?

When your trying to play a DVD on a CD-ROM, the CD-ROM has to be connect to your computer. If so it will play the DVD in you media player.

How do You Format Windows Xp?

Windows XP can be formatted by formatting the drive on which it is installed. Also if you are upgrading to next version of OS, it will automatically delete previous.

How to RIP a Dvd?

Ripping DVD’s can be done by using a program like dvdshrink or CloneDVD. I like using dvdshrink because of how easy it is to use and I find it to be the fastest program as well.

Where can I Make Free Web Pages?

There are many websites that allow you to make a website for free. However, many of these websites only offer the basic tools for creating this. You can find more information here:

How do I Burn a Vcd?

A Video Authoring Software is needed to make VCD. Nero & Roxio burning suits include video authoring softwares. Also Ulead Video Studio is easy to use.

How do You Hide Myspace Comments?

Hiding Myspace comments is a very easy thing to do if you know a little HTML. However, if you do not there are many online resources for doing this. You can find more information here:

How to Read a Guitar Tab?

I play guitar and look for guitar tabs online for songs I want to play. The guitar tab tells you where to place your fingers on the fretboard and on which strings to press down. So if the fret number

What are Lemmings?

Lemmings is perhaps one of the most original and classic games for windows. You control the life of some little moving characters. It’s a pretty fun game. Download it at for free. For more information see here:

Where can I Find Funny Sites?

I Am Bored, Ebaum’s World, and Funny Junk are just a few funny sites you can find. Squidoo is a site you can go to to find other funny sites.You can find more information here:

How do You Prorate Something?

To prorate something is to make arrangement to divide or calculate something on a basis of proportional distribution. You must first decide how you want to divide the item considering the initial amount of the item as well as the

How to Delete Internet History?

If you need to delete your internet history you can do it from the internet explorer screen. You will need to find your internet options and then choose delete internet history.

Free Antivirus Software for Windows Xp?

From this link

Where can I Download MP3 Files?

You can download mp3 files from iTunes. Before you commit to making a purchase, you can preview the song. Also, iTunes will help you organize your existing mp3 collection. Look here for more information:

What are Some Music Websites?

So of the best music sites are located using dot come behind each name. Some are lala, roxy, mwas music groug on the ning network. You can find many more by doing a web search.

What is a Target Heart Rate?

The target heart rate (THR) is the desired range of the heart rate during exercise. The THR for an individual is when the heart and lungs will receive the most benefit from a workout. The THR ranges are based on

What is a Star Network?

A star network is one of the more simple types of networking. There is a hub, possibly a central computer, that runs the entire network. Others branch off of it. If you were to diagram it the central computer would

What a Blog?

Where you can write your personal thoughts on a wide variety of topics can be called a blog. They are used by millions of people to write and share any and everything that comes to mind on a regular basis.

What is An Incoming Mail Server?

An incomming mail server is a server which delivers email to end user email accounts. Users will normally configure their incomming mail server in email programs such as Microsoft Outlook by identifying the ip address of the incomming mail server.

Who Believed in Man Computer Symbiosis?

Leo Beranek. Harvard and M I T professor, World War I baby, Grand O G. That is who believed, wrote, discussed and educated on the subject.

How to Convert Word to Pdf?

To convert a Word document to PDF, there is a program called PDF 995 available for free. It installs as a virtual printer – simply print your document to PDF995 and it will create a pdf file. For more information

How do I Find my Dns Server Address?

DNS or Domain Name server is the method used to convert a name into an IP address so that your information reaches it’s intended destination. For instance is known as…. well… but the DNS knows it by it’s IP

How do You Reset An iPod?

To reset your Ipod, simply toggle the Hold switch on and off then Press and hold the Menu and Center buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears. This takes about 8 seconds or so. You may have

How do You Fill a Zippo Lighter?

To refill a lighter, open it up and pull out the insert from the casing. Gently remove the felt pad. Squirt the material inside until it is saturated with lighter fluid. Make sure you do not overfill it. Replace the

How to Uninstall Windows Me?

You would need the original disk to uninstall Windows ME. Just insert it and follow the directions. Otherwise, the generation of Windows operating system that you install will take care of things. A third option is to format your hard

How can I Change my Caller ID?

Most cell phone companies will use the name on the service account as your caller id profile. Contact your phone carrier to see about changing the display name.

How do You Hide Friends on Myspace?

If you are using MySpace 1.0, you should use the following code to hide your friends: type=’text/css’>.friendspace { display:none }

What is a Pocket PC?

A Pocket PC is a handheld computer, using an smaller operating system made for such devices. They can be as large as 9′ x 6′, used by writers on the go, to handheld gaming computers.

What is the Definition of Silt?

Slit is a thin shit having fine hole or cavity. Slit is used to get fine, monochromatic beam of light in experiments. Or as a point source.

Where can I Find Myspace?

MySpace is a social networking site where people all around the world can setup personal profiles and communicate with one another. MySpace can be found on the Internet. Look here for more information:

Where is my Sim Card Located?

SIM stands for Subscriber Identification Module. It is inserted in Cell Phone in SIM slot which is usually under Battery. It includes data like cell no.

How to Get Around Parental Controls?

You don’t really want to do that. The best way is to start visiting the library or another place where they allow computer access. Good Luck!

Where can I Download Linux?

The Linux operating system can be downloaded from the official web site. It is free! There is even a smaller version you can use on older, slower computers. Look here for more information:

Where is San Andreas?

San Andreas is located on Calaveras County, California. Contrary to the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it is a small, quiet town, with a population well under 5,000 people.

How Many People Use the Internet Today?

1,733,933,741 people in the world use the internet. This is based on information as of September 30, 2009, published by For more information see here:

What is Expert System?

An expert system take the place of actual humans and perform specific job duties. Some of the tasks may require to operate machinery, make financial forecast, or update computer software. To find more information click here:

How to Make Pdf Files?

You can make a pdf file using Adobe Acrobat or another pdf program in conjunction with the program that created the document. This is done by printing the document as a pdf.

Who Sings Love is a Battlefield?

The song, Love Is a Battlefield is sung by Pat Benatar. This song was her biggest hit and was very popular during 1983 to 1984. Pat Benator also won a Grammy for her vocal performance on this record. You can

How can I See my House Online?

There are various online resources that allow you to see your house online. However, these aerial views are not always up-to-date in the system. For more information look here:

What is Prestige?

Prestige is a word for fame or popularity. It is also the name of a movie about magicians. A person with a lot of prestige would be, say, the president of the US.

How do I Download Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo Messenger is one of the more popular instant messenger programs. It can be downloaded directly from the Messenger section of the Yahoo website. You can find more information here:

How to Customize Your Myspace?

when you go to customize your MySpace profile, you will need to know how to use HTML. First of all you find a MySpace editor and design the layout how you want. You will be given a code that you

How do I Design my Own Website?

To make a website, you’ll first need to decide if you want a free website, or if you want to have your own domain. Once you’ve picked and you’ve gotten your website address set up, you’ll need to decide what

What are Rss Feeds?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. RSS feeds keep track for updates in a website. RSS feeds are nothing but blogs making a log of website.

How to Burn CDs on Limewire?

There’s no way to burn CD’s directly off Limewire. You’ll need a program to burn them. The most popular free program is called iTunes, which is made by Apple.

What are Hdmi Cables?

HDMI cables allow connection between High Definition (HD) devices. The cables range in length from 6 feet to 18. Some are gold plated which gives the best connection.

How do I Remove Winpc Defender?

If you have downloaded WinPC Defender you will need to download another anti-malware program to remove it from your computer. One such program can be found at:

How can I Make my Own Comp Card?

Using a comp card is a great way to get noticed. The first thing you need is a photo of you. It will need to be an eye catching, grab your attention from across the room, kind of picture. You

How does a Hard Drive Store Data?

Hard Drive contains an Aluminum disk coated with magnetic material. It is called as Platter and rotates at high speed. A Read Write head moves over it. While writing, head makes magnetic pattern on platter. While reading, magnetic pattern is

Where are Apple Computers Made?

The components used to make Apple computers are manufactured in various Southeast Asian countries such as Tawain, Malaysia, and the Philippines. The computers themselves are then built in China.

How to Download Music on MP3 Player?

Plug the mp3 player’s usb cord into the computer. Find the music on your hard drive and the music folder for your mp3 player. Open both of them in different windows. Either drag or copy the music files to your

How do I Create a Myspace?

To create a Myspace account you will need to go to the Myspace homepage. Click the ‘sign up’ link and you will need to input your information to create your own account.

What is a File Server?

File Server is hosting space that stores file. File server is nothing but a computer. It stores files and sends them upon download request.

Where can I Get Free Catalogs?

You can find catalogs for almost everything, from arts, hobbies, and crafts, to wines and cigars. A great resource for free catalogs from all over the world is Look here for more information:

How do You Bypass Bess?

If your trying to bypass Bess you will need to have some information on the computers proxy setting. The proxy setting is allow Bess to block certain sites.

How do You Download Videos to Your iPod?

To download videos to your iPod you can purchase them at the iTunes store. When you plug your iPod into the computer and sync it, it will then add the video to your library.

What does Audacity Mean?

Audacity means nerve or over confidence. For example, How dare that woman have the audacity to steal my parking spot! Audacity usually describes a person’s behavior.

How can I Block my Ip Address?

You can use programs such as Ghost Surfer which may cost you, but well worth it. You can also use a proxy server to block your ip address. For more information, look here:

Free Download Music Sites?

A good free download music site is

Can I Burn Karaoke Cdg on a CD Burner?

You can burn CD+G but you need a special program specifically setup for karaoke discs. Some older CD burner cannot burn CD+G. You should check the compatibility of your CD burner to make sure by trying the demo before purchasing.

What is a Good 10 Key Speed?

The higher the number the better. A good range is anywhere between 8000 to 10,000 Key strokes per hour. The best way to build your speed is to practice. Ten is classified by touch or by sight.

How to Make Your Own Myspace Layouts?

You can make your own MySpace layouts by using a layout generator specifically for MySpace on MyGen. You can fully customize the layout to your liking, by choosing different colors, borders and more. You can find more information here:

How to Increase RAM?

In order to increase your RAM, you would first need to consult the user guide for your motherboard to determine the type and maximum amount of RAM it will support. Next purchase the proper chips, remove the cover from your

How do I Download Music to MP3 Player?

In order to download music to your mp3, you need to subscribe to a service such as Rhapsody. If you own the music, you connect your mp3 to your computer via usb port, then drag and drop the music into

Where can I See Music Videos?

You can find a lot of great music videos online at Also a lot of times the artist will post them on their personal website. Look here for more information:

How to Setup?

I would love to answer your question about setup but I need a little more information. I am not sure just what it is you are wanting to ‘setup’. Send me some more data, and I will send you an

How to Compress Avi Files?

To compress AVI files you can use a program called Digital Media Converter. When adding your file make sure you enter the maximum size you want the finished product to be.

How do I Convert Music to MP3?

You can convert you music to any format if you have a converter installed on you computer. You can find a free converter to download on the internet.

How do I Play Avi Movies?

All avi files including avi movies are played with Windows Media Player. The latest version of WMP is 11 and you can download it for free. Next, you can enjoy your movie.

How to Html?

To learn HTML, find an online HTML guide. But it isn’t really necessary to learn HTML in order to make your own pages. Simply use Webs. They’ll even host your site for you when you’re done. Look here for more

How do I Hook Up my Computer to my TV?

Hooking up your computer to a television depends on what kind of connections you have. Most modern flat-panel television have an RGB connection which would plug into the monitor port of your computer. However, this connection would not support sound.

What does Doc Mean?

Doc typically refers to the file extension ‘.doc.’ This file extension is used for Microsoft Word documents, and is actually short for the word ‘document!’

How to Get Pictures on Myspace?

Adding pictures to Myspace is very simple. If you want to add a picture to your albums you simply have to click the option on the home page. However, you need a little HTML knowledge to add them to your

Where can I Download Free Spyware?

Window’s Defender is a free spyware program you can download to get rid of spyware plus viruses. Avg is also free and one of the best free spyware removers you can use. For more information look here:

How to Read Guitar Tabs?

In order to read guitar tabs, you have to look at them the same as you would your guitar. Each line corresponds to a string. You need to know what frets are and how to properly place your fingers upon

Can I Make my Own Music for Free?

Yes you can, you can make your own music provided you have the tools and the talent to do so. Otherwise you can make the music but people would probably pay you to keep quiet if your horrible.

What is a Bookmark?

A bookmark is a link that your computer saves to websites. The bookmark is placed in a list, and when it is clicked, it takes you directly to the site it references.

How do I Read Tabs?

To read tabs, you can select the tab by clicking on it with the left-hand button on your mouse. The tab will become highlighted, switching to that designated window.

What are the Features of Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is an advanced word processing application with many features including spell check, grammar check, table of contents generation, and style sheets.

How do You Create Your Own Website?

To create your own website you need either knowledge of HTML, the Internet’s standard language, or a WYWIWIG (what you see is what you get) editor.

Types of Robots of Today?

The robots of today are divided into two main types: physical robots and software robots, typically called ‘bots.’ Physical robots can be domestic or industrial. Software bots perform automated tasks much like physical robots, in order to save on labor.

Where can I Download New Fonts?

There are several places online that you can download new fonts for free. Keep checking back as new ones are being added all the time as people continue to be creative! Search Free Fonts and Fonts 101 are good places

How to Address An Envelope in Care of?

It is very easy to address an envelop in care of. You put the name of the company or person, then the next line you put c/o and the person’s name that it will be in care of. The next

How can I Fix my Computer By Myself?

There are many things that can go wrong with a computer. Unless you’re a technician you may not want to risk further damaging your system.

What is Adobe Flash?

Adobe Flash is a graphics and animation development system used to produce multimedia programs for computers, and the internet. The Adobe Flash file format is a universal output from this program, and is a popular method of streaming and distributing

How do I Use the Internet?

You can use the internet by opening your internet browser and typing in the desired web address into the appropriate box. Hit enter and wait for the page to load. Type in the appropriate web address every time you want

What are Schemas?

Schemas are basically a registry of data that harvests information from the metadata over the internet. It is similar to a dictionary with loads of definitions that can be related to software programs. For more information look here:

How do You Erase Your Hard Drive?

Hard drive can be erased using Format option. There are two types of formatting Low Level & Zero. Low level just erases file list. Zero level deletes each cluster.

How do I Check my Driving Record?

To check your driving record, you can visit your local Motor Vehicle Department, show your identification and request a copy of it. They will probably charge you for a copy.

Where can I Get Codes for Myspace?

Just basically any website that has anything to do with MySpace is where you can get codes for MySpace. You can also try the MySpace help forums. There is also MySpace groups that specializes in codes alone. For more information,

How to Design a Menu?

You can go to a site on line and design a menu for a restaurant and choose from many different templates. There are some samples you can review for this as well to help you decide what it is you