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What is Denier Nylon?

Denier is a measurement of the thickness of nylon or silk and other fabric. The higher the count of denier nylon it is, the thicker the nylon is.

Top 10 Magazines?

The top ten magazines in the U.S. are: Perfect 10, Teen, Maxim, Hustler, Penthouse, Cosmo Girl, Hustler’s Leg World, Seventeen, FHM and Playboy.

Free Junior Clothing Catalogs?

Receiving free junior clothing catalogs is a way of keeping up with the latest trends. As a teenager, you know how important style is! Go to

How Old is Katy Perry?

Katy Perry was born on October 25, 1984 in Santa Barbara, California, making her currently 24 years old. Katy Perry is a former Christian singer, but now has gone with pop music culture. Her parents are both pastors and she

How to Wear a Garter Belt?

A garter belt is used to hold your stockings up. First, put the garter belt on after you have put your underwear on. Position that straps so that 2 are in the front and 2 are in the back in

What Bra Size am I?

If you don’t know your bra size, I would suggest going to a store like Victoria Secret to have them do a size test on you. They will measure around you to find out what would work best.

Why do Boys Sag Their Pants?

Sagging pants started in prison male gays in prison. They would sag their pants to show that they were willing. So i’m not sure why boys would really to but they do it now to fit in and because they

How to Make Tie Die Shirts?

To make a tie-dyed t-shirt, you simply scrunch sections of a white shirt and rubber band it off at whatever points you like. Next, dip sections of the shirt in different colors. Last, let the shirt dry and enjoy your

What Did Teenagers Wear in the 1950?

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How can I Clean Suede?

In general, suede and leather should be professionally cleaned, but if you have to do it yourself follow these simple steps.1 Rub gently with a bath towel to restore some of the nap2 Remove dry stains and marks by gently

How do I Find Out my Bra Size?

To find your bra size, its best to go to a shop that can do this for you. J C Penny’s is always advertising bra sizing days, so you might try that.

What is my Bra Size?

To get your bra size you need to measure under the breast. Next you need to measure the circumfrence over the breast. This gives you the with and and letter of your bra size.

Can Find a Sandy Costume from Grease?

I love that movie. You need to go to the costumecraze on the internet. They have all the costumes for everybody on the movie. Hey you never know you can dress up as a couple.

How do You Find Out Your Bra Size?

The best way to find out your bra size is to get fitted for a bra. Many stores offer this service in the lingerie department such as ; JC Penney, Macys, Dillards and Victoria Secret. You won’t have to take

How Much do Models Make?

How much models make depends on what type of model you want to be. Of course models who are nude models make the most money. As do models for different types of pornography. Not that I encourage you to do

What are Thongs?

Thongs are a type of underwear that allow women to keep from showing panty lines. Thongs have a single piece of fabric in the back that sits in the crack between the buttocks.

How do I Get An Agent?

Before finding an agent, you should consider putting together your portfolio with some professional photos including a great head shot, your resume and other accomplishments you might have in your area of interest.Your best bet would be to then consult

What to Wear to a Rock Concert?

You’ll want to not wear your best clothing as it can get smokey and sweaty. If you’re in the moshpit and a girl, don’t wear a skirt – you’ll have unnecessary issues with it. If the venue is small and

What is a Tanga?

A tanga is a type of underwear, particularly, a panty where the almost all of the butt is exposed and the front part is fully covered. It is a sexy underwear.

How to Match Clothing Colors?

Matching clothing colors is easy. First pick out one article of clothing. Look at the colors in it and if it is a shit, find a pair of pants with at least one of the colors. If it is a

How to Fake Being Pregnant?

If you want to fake being pregnant you should sleep all day and night. Whenever you are around others keep your pants unbuttoned and push your stomach out as far as possible and it will give the effect of a

How Strong is Plastic Wrap?

Plastic wrap is made from polymer molecules, not just one. They are all bound together to make plascti wrap strong, but, if a force is stronger than the plastic wrap, it will rip right though it.

Where can I Design my Own Car for Fun?

Nowadays, you can find many sites that help you customize your cars based on your color preferences and options (leather seats, etc.), but that’s mostly for readily established cars.The best site to tweak around with would be that of Volkswaggen.

How Old is Meg Ryan?

Meg Ryan was born on November 19, 1961 in Fairfield, Connecticut, making her 47 years old. After graduating from High School, Meg moved to New York attending NYU and majoring in Journalism. To earn extra money she began acting and

How to Become a Male Model?

Finding a reputable modeling or talent agency is the first of many steps to become a male model. Try finding one that has lots of past proven experience so you do not get sucked into a scam.

What Did People Wear in the Fifties?

In the 1950s, you would find most girls still wore dresses or skirts. It’s a popular stereotype to show girls in the 50s with poodle skirts on. The boys tended to wear pegged leg pants and short sleeve shirts.

How do You Measure Bra Sizes?

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How to Find Bra Size?

When finding the right bra size, you should look on the inside tags of each bra. Every bra will have a size number that is followed by a letter.

How do I Become a Victoria Secret Model?

To become a Victoria Secret model you will need to take pictures of yourself in swimsuits, lingerie and form fitting clothing. Submit them to the Victoria Secret headquarters.

Who has Uggs in Stock?

Victoria’s Secret was started in 1977 by Roy Raymond, who eventually ended up committing suicide jumping of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Franciso. It is currently owned by The Limited.

What Did Girls Wear in the 1950?

A girl in the 1950s would have a ponytail in her hair while wearing a skirt that came below the knees with a petticoat worn underneath for that full look with a blouse or cashmere sweater. The sailor dress was

Why do Girls Wear Thongs?

Girls can have quite a few reasons for why they wear thongs! Some girls swear that thongs are more comfortable than normal underwear, some like the way they look, and others wear them simply so that no panty lines show

How to Distress Wood?

Distressing wood it is one of the best ways for your furniture to appear older and to give it a nice vintage finish loolFirst apply a flat coat of paint to the wood make sure to apply the paint on

How to Install Carpet on Stairs?

Well, after removing the old carpet, one must get rid of the tacks and strips, also do not try to reuse the old padding. Sweep down the area to be carpeted after removing any staples and nails. Next, measure the

What Color is Ivory?

Ivory is an off white or a dirty white. It is not bright white, nor is it tan. Think of the color of a wedding dress that isn’t bright white, the off white mini blinds you may have in your

Where can I Buy Corsets?

You can buy corsets from many apparel retailers, such as Torrid and Hot Topic. You can usually also find a selection of corsets where lingerie is sold. You might want to try stores such as Victoria’s Secret. Corsets can also

Where can I Find Thongs?

Thongs are a type of underwear usually wore by females. This type of underwear does not cover the butt cheeks. It has a wide strip that lines up with the butt’s crack (like flossing the butt). Thongs can be bought

How to Roller Set Hair?

Items needed: Magnetic hair roller (plastic with holes) various sizes. Large rollers lose curls more body, smaller rollers tighter long last curls. Setting lotion, a rat-tail comb (the one with the long handle that comes to a point) and hair

What is a G String?

A G-String is a type of underwear. It is a narrow piece of cloth that covers the front area and has a real thin piece that it disappears in between your butt cheeks in the back.

How to Clean Ugg Boots?

Ugg sells cleaner and conditioner suitable for your Ugg boot investment. Other cleaners and solutions should be used at your own risk. DO NOT APPLY CLEANER & CONDITIONERS DIRECTLY ONTO SHEEPSKIN FOOTWEAR. Hand wash only – NO washing machine. Moisten

What my Bra Size?

When buying a new bra is is best to determine the correct size to keep away any discomfort. To find out what your bra size is, you should measure across your chest. Now measure the fullest part.You can find more

Where can I Find Pictures of Tinkerbell?

Tinkerbell, is my daughter’s favorite pixie! you can go to or this site is all about tinkerbell, They have wallpapers,Coloring pages,Ecards etc…Also there’s

What Size does Jennifer Lopez Wear?

Jennifer Lopez wears a size 6 shoe. She says that on a good day she is a size 6 and on a bad day she is a size 8. J Lo was voted #1 in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women List.

How to Find Your Bra Size?

The best way to get your exact bra size is to go to any Victoria Secrets and ask any employee if they can measure you, they will be more than happy and they also give you samples to try to