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How to Build a Small Boat?

A small boat can be made out of cardboard. First, design the boat and draw it out on paper. Then, cut out the cardboard pieces and glue them together. If you want, you could paint the boat.

How does Jet Propulsion Work?

A jet engine works by taking in a massive amount of air, compressing the air, mixing it with fuel, igniting the fuel air mix and expelling the highly compressed hot gasses through a series of turbine blades. Fans do most

How Things Fly?

Things are capable of flying, like insects, because they have wings that create lift. Dragonflies, for example, have 2 sets of wings and they twist them on a down stroke which creates a whirlwind and lift to keep them flying.

How does a Propeller Work?

An airplane propeller works like the wing. Its profile creates and aria of high pressure behind and low pressure in front of the prop thus propelling the plane forewords.

Where can I Buy An Airplane?

You can buy a airplane were every they are sold as in small airports and private owners. Also there are many websites out there that will lead you to them. Local papers are good to find them. To find more

How does a Hot Air Balloon Rise?

Physics says that hot air rises, so in keeping with that, hot air pushes a balloon up. The big balloon top holds the hot air as the balloon raises up into the air and maintains.

What is a Hot Air Balloon?

Someone who talks alot and has nothing to say. A hot air balloon is an balloon filled with hot air. The air makes it rise and it can be controlled by deflating (removing some of the hot).

How Much Fuel does a 747 Hold?

The Boeing 747 jets hold a massive amount of fuel. While there are many different series of Boeing 747 jets, the maximum fuel capacity ranges from 48,455 to 64,225 U.S. gallons.

How to Fly An Airplane?

To fly an airplane you need to lift it off the ground when you’ve reached optimum speed using the controls in the cockpit. You will need a pilots license.

How Long is Air Force Basic Training?

Air Force basic training is 8 weeks. All Air Force basic training takes place at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, TX. Go to

How to Build a Rc Car?

Putting together your own rc car is a great project. Choose the type of rc car you would like to build. Clean up the area of the garage or basement as your work station. To find more information click here:

How do Weather Balloons Work?

Weather balloons are filled with gases to make them float and have sensors and transponders hooked to them. As they float around observing weather conditions, they send the data back to a receiving unit hooked to a computer. The data

What is a Wind Tunnel?

A wind tunnel is a large space with extremely high speed fans that blow through it. Wind tunnels are used to test vehicles for wind resistance and, with airplanes, the effects of aerodynamic forces.You can find more information here:

How to Make Stress Balls?

Stress balls can be extremely helpful on a bad day. First start with nylon or another stretchy fabric. Stuff with foam beads from the craft store. Sew or glue together and you have stress balls.

How to Draw a Plane?

If you want to draw a plane you will need to draw a body first. You then draw the wings of the plane, followed by the propellers. You can then draw designs on the plane if you wish. For more

How Safe is Flying?

Flying is now considered one of the safest modes of transportation. This is because the number of accidents in cars completely outweighs the number of accidents in airplanes. Your odds are good if you’re considering taking a flight. Look here

How does a Weather Balloon Work?

Well a weather balloon works by taking some instruments that will measure the temperature, humidity of the atmosphere. They send this up whenever they want to check things out it will send the info back to earth.

How to Build a Balloon Powered Car?

You can make a balloon powered car with the following parts. You will need the following parts: a body (like Styrofoam or cardboard), wheels, and axle, and a balloon. You can find more information here:

How Much Fuel does a 747 Jet Burn?

A 747 uses about 1 gallon of fuel per second. Talk about a gas guzzler. For more go to

How to Fly Rc Helicopters?

Make sure that you have enough space to fly the helicopter,make sure screws are tight,get use to the controls of the helicopter, lean to hover before moving,then start moving, practice, practice, practice.

How Old is Ray J?

Ray J was born January 17, 1981 making him 29 years old on January 17, 2010. He is best known for his music and MTV show For the Love of Ray J. He was also linked to Kim Kardashian in

How to Make a Balloon Car?

Get a two liter bottle, wash it out, attach some wheels on it by running them though the bottle. Blow up the balloon and attach it to the bottle, let go and you will see it fly.

How to Draw Planes?

First draw out the main body, making a dip down for the nose. Now color in long wide wings, with narrow flaps. Color in some windows, and name your plane.

How to Make a Homemade Boat?

Take wood and glue it together tightly. Coat the boat in an adhesive filler and make sure every crack is sealed. Cover with a waterproof paint.

Why is my iPod Not Charging?

Your IPOD may not be charging because of the electrical contacts from the charger to the IPOD. I would try a friends charger to see if it charges, if it does, buy a new charger. If not, you may want

How do Wings Work?

Wings are the portion of an airplane that controls the wind flow around the body. The wing produces drag forces around the plane which also provides enough lift for the plane to leave the ground. For more information look here:

How does a Helicopter Fly?

A helicopter flies due to the design of the rotors. They are in an airfoil shape. This shapes makes the air flow faster above the rotors then below which creates lift. When this happens the helicopter raise up or down.

How do You Fly a Helicopter?

Can you fly a helicopter to Carnegie Hall? How do you get there? Practice, practice, practice! You’ll need to log some serious flight hours before hitting the skies. Start by enrolling in a class or taking private lessons. Be prepared

How do You Make a Parachute?

You can make a parachute out of a few lightweight objects: a lightweight piece of cloth (such as a handkerchief), some string (such as dental floss) and a small weight. You can find more information here:

How to Make a Parachute?

The concept of a parachute is to have something that will catch the wind and slow your fall. Having a good parachute can mean life or death. Always buy a professionally designed parachute. Look here for more information:

How An Airplane Flies?

An airplane flies by diverting airflow. This is done with the wings and their design. Wings split the airflow going around them and create lift. This lift, along with forward momentum, is how an airplane is able to fly. For

How Much does a Plane Cost?

A brand new airplane can cost anywhere from two or three hundred thousand dollars to several million dollars, depending on the size of the plane.

How are Rapids Formed?

Rapids are formed by water flowing rapidly over objects, usually rocks. Rapids can also be formed by a fast flowing stream or river that rushes down a mountain. As the water rushes down the mountain or ravine it might knock

How do You Steer a Hot Air Balloon?

A hot air balloon is steered by use of air currents. For more infomation check out the website

How do Things Fly?

There are many different things that fly, such as airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, and birds. They each have their own unique methods to get them up in the air and keep them there. You can find more information here:

How do Airplanes Fly?

The magic of flight is all in the wings. If you look at a cross section of an airplane wing you will see it is relatively flat of bottom and curved on top. This shape speeds up the air going

How do Rc Cars Work?

Rc cars work by a remote control that has a chip in it so it will make the car run. In turn the car has the same things in it with motors, when you press the car to go it

What is Cirrus?

A Cirrus is a type of cloud – a very high level cloud, highest one in the sky. They average about 6,000 meters tall, and don’t usually produce rain due to their height.

How does a Parachute Work?

A parachute works by slowing the air flow down as a person free falls through the sky. The parachute creates drag, and the direction of travel can be maneuvered by moving the ropes in the direction you’d like to travel.

How to Make a Toy Parachute?

Every boy who played with toy soldiers knows that your army isn’t complete unless you have a few paratroopers. Getting your plastic army men to gracefully fall from a short distance softly on the ground is pretty simple. Cut a

Types of Airplane Wings?

There are all types of airplane wings imaginable. You have the straight wing, the rear swept, the front swept and the delta types of wings. If that wasn’t enough, there was an airplane that was nothing but wing.You can find

Types of Transportation in China?

The city bus system is one of the most major forms of transportation in many of the large cities in China. Others rely on bicycles to get around. Very few people drive personal cars, and the rest walk. I personally

How to Build Your Own Rc Airplane?

Make sure that you have your instructions and read them very carefully,get all your parts and group them together,look and your diagrams if you are not sure about the correct locations of the parts,sand away and loose chips if it

How do You Make An Anemometer?

An anemometer can be a handy device to have around. It tells you how fast the wind is blowing. Building one yourself at home can be a very simple task. For more information look here:

How Jet Engines Work?

Jet Engine have conical shape. They burn fuel in small place. Hot air and exhaust gases are ejected through a Nozzle which gives motion.

How do I Build a Hovercraft?

You can build a hovercraft with plywood, bolts, duct tape and a staple gun. You’ll need a shop vac to create the power to get your finished hovercraft off the ground. You can find more information here:

How Much does a Boat Weigh?

The weight of a boat is solely dependent on the type of boat. If its a small row boat, it will only weigh about a hundred pounds. The bigger it is, the more it weighs.

Where can I Buy Engines?

You can usually find used engines at salvage yards or for sale online. Make sure the engine comes with a warranty so that you can return it if it does not work.

How does a Plane Work?

The wings are what make the airplane go up in the air. Some of the air goes above the wings, while the rest of the air goes below the wings forcing the place upwards. The engine sucks in the air

How Fast does a Plane Travel?

The traveling speed of an airplane depends on the size of the airplane. The larger Boeing airplanes travel at speeds of up to 650 mph, while the smaller Leer jets stay around 350.

How to Build a Wind Tunnel?

Building a wind tunnel has been a favorite science project for many years. A wind tunnel can be constructed and deconstructed as long as you have the correct pieces. A wind tunnel is a research tool used in aerodynamic research.

Types of Planes?

There are countless different types of planes that are in operation today. These are broken into two major categories: fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.

How do You Make a Hovercraft?

A hovercraft is typically made by having a flat bottomed, light, vehicle. The vehicle must have highly propelled air moving in a downward force, to keep the vehicle up and moving.

How Much do Airplanes Cost?

The cost of an airplane depends on what type of airplane you buy. The smaller 4-6 man Cessna type planes will run you about $150,000 and the bigger Leer jets will cost well over $1,000,000.

How to Make Hot Air Balloons?

Hot air balloons are made from a strong canvas that’s sewn together forming the balloon shape. This is attached to a basket that’s constructed from reed to carry the air tanks and the people.

How do Airplane Wings Work?

Airplane wings create the lift that causes the plane to fly by shifting airflow downwards. Along with surface friction and pressure, the airplane is able to stay in the air.

How Much is a Head Gasket?

A head gasket will run around ten dollars to get depending on the type of vehicle you’re getting it for. This will be determined by the type of engine that it has also.

How are Airplanes Made?

Airplanes are made from a shell of steel, then coated with fabric, wood, fiberglass, and more steel. They have landing gear and engines added, and a steering mechanism to control the plane.You can find more information here:

How to Make a Jetpack?

You can build a jetpack by first getting a fire extinguisher. You can cover it up and make it look like a pack on your back that emits smoke like you see on tv.You can find more information here:

How to Make a Paper Balloon?

Wow what creative desires! To make a paper balloon you will need to cut thirteen gores resembling the shape of a daisy petal. The gores should be one-third longer than the anticipated height of your balloon. The widest part of

What are Hot Air Balloons?

They are balloons that are made to carry you over places in the sky, made of some many different shapes and sizes. You can be part of this by going to a local balloon ride company. You can find more

How to Build a Hot Air Balloon?

Hot Air Balloon is made with strong material like Polycarbonate or Rubber which is elastic and can bear heat. It includes combustion chamber to heat the air.

How High can Helicopters Fly?

Well the helicopters can’t fly over 15,000 feet cause that’s were they are limited to flying. If they go above 15,000 feet the air gets to thin for the rotors to grab onto there going the helicopter will fall.

How do I Make a Hot Air Balloon?

First you need to sew together flame resistant fabrics into a balloon shape. Now use strong rope to attach the balloon to a basket. Add an approved heat unit and you are all set to go.

How Fast do Airplanes Travel?

Really fast! Commercial and small business aircraft can travel as close to mach as possible, which means around 600 mph. Smaller single engine aircraft travel about 120 mph.

How Helicopters Work?

Helicopters work by their propellers turning fast enough so that the propellers left the helicopter off the ground. They have a top rotor and a tail rotor which helps the helicopter to turn.You can find more information here:

How Many Planes Fly Each Day?

Thousands of planes fly nationwide each day. Passengers travel constantly for business, pleasure or commute. Airlines adjust the number of flights they schedule based on the number of passengers.

How Airplanes Work?

Planes work based on the aerodynamic system and two big jet engines that produce a great amount of thrust to move the plane. Without the engines, a plane is a useless piece of metal. You can find more information here:

How do Airplanes Stay in the Air?

Drag, thrust, lift, and weight are involved with keeping airplanes in the air. The wings of the plane are shaped to promote lift by letting air push them up. The weight of the plane in the front and back must

What Makes An Airplane Fly?

An airplane flies using velocity and lift. The engines provide velocity, while the shape of the wing allows a higher pressure underneath, while the slope shape of the top of the wing allows air to roll, causing lower pressure, thus

How to Skydive?

You can find how to skydive every were you turn from your local small airports were they have classes. They last about 20 mins then you get into the plane and jump with your master connected to him, were at

How Fast does a Jet Fly?

The average jet travels around 500 miles per hour. The fastest jets, like the ones used in the military, can travel at speeds over 2,000 miles per hour. You might want to try that before you eat!

How to Build a Balloon Car?

Get a carton and cut off the top. Cut it in half long ways. Cut a small hole in the middle of one of the short sides. This is going to be where the balloon will go. Put the balloon

How Planes Fly?

Planes have the ability to stay in the sky because of the great scientists that developed aerodynamics. Because the plane has two great big jet motors attached, the design of the plane allows for smooth flight in the air. You

How to Make Parachutes?

Its best not to make the parachutes yourself if your going to use them unless you really know what your doing. You can make them out of a small cloth and tie a string to all 4 corners, connect it

What does Rigid Mean?

Rigid means inflexible and incapable of bending. An example of rigid would be concrete. It is a substance, that when it has cured, is unmoving and resistant to flexing. To find more information click here:

What is a Parachute?

A parachute is a device that saves your life. You don’t want to be dropping through the air with nothing to stop you but the ground. Strap the bag on your back and pull the string so the parachute comes

How Fast can a Helicopter Fly?

Some helicopters can go 150 mph and some can go faster. A helicopters speed is limited because if the blades rotate to fast they will produce compressibility effects on the blade moving forward and stall effects on the rearward moving

What is Lift?

When something is picked up from a lower position to a higher position. Also a helicopter can be called as lift because if can take heavier objects to where ever they need to be taken.

Where does Spencer Pratt Get His Money?

Spencer Pratt gets his money from various business sources. He has a web design company that caters to celebrities and bands. He also has a line of jewelry that is soon to be debuted. You can find more information here:

What is a Windsock?

A windsock is often made of cloth in the shape of a cone with the tip cut off, or even shaped like birds and fish. As the wind blows through it, it points out the wind direction and give some

How do Helicopters Work?

A helicopter works by using its rotors to move the air more quickly over the top of the blades then the bottoms. This creates lift which cause the helicopter to rise. The tail rotor works as a rudder adjusting the

How Fast does a Plane Go?

It all depends on the type of plane. Smaller, single engine planes go about 120 mph and the larger commercial airplanes travel about 600 to 700 MPH. Some commercial and military jets can go above the speed of sound, some

How does An Airplane Wing Work?

An airplane wing works because of the lift it creates. If you look at a cross section of an airplane wing you will see it it is curved on the top side and flat on the bottom. When air travels

Where is the Safest Place to Sit on a Plane?

The NTSB has conducted many crash tests on several planes. The results have shown people who sit in the rear sets of planes w/ 30 seats or more have a 40% more chance of surviving a plane crash.

What is a Gliding Joint?

Gliding joints are located in the body and they are responsible for sliding our bones and making movement easier. They are located in the ankles, legs and hands and provide comfort when we are moving our body parts.

Who Invented the Balloon?

Have you ever been up in a hot air balloon? I haven’t but I think it would be an awesome experience! The hot air balloon was invented by Joseph-Michael Montgolfer and his brother Jacques-Etienne Montgolfer in June, 1783. The first

How Parachutes Work?

Parachutes work by creating ‘drag.’ When the chute opens it catches the air like a scoop, when it is full of air, it slows down because more air can’t get in until the rest is released through the fabric.

How to Make a Traffic Light?

Making a traffic light is just the same as making an ordinary light. The only difference is its connection to a complex switching module for the simultaneous changes of traffic light colors.

How to Build a Traffic Light?

A simple traffic light has 3 lights, each on a timer. Green at the bottom, then Amber in the middle, and Red at the top. When the Green light is timed to go dark then the Amber light comes on,

How does An Airplane Work?

The magic behind a plane is the wings. If we look at an airplane wing we will see it is flat on the bottom and curved on the top. This shape allows the air moving over the top of the

How to Make a Hot Air Balloon?

Making a hot air balloon can be a lot of fun. Make sure you fully understand every thing before you begin. Once you are ready to begin make sure you have all your tools and supplies. You can find more

What is Skydiving?

Skydiving is were you will go to a class for about 30-45 mins learning what to do. Then you will get into a plane and jump out with a instructor clipped onto you.

How Old do You have to be to Skydive?

It depends wildly on where you live however most places will not let you jump unless you are of legal age to sign a legal contract which is usually 18. Some places will allow you to do a tandem jump,

How Much is a 1957 Silver Certificate Worth?

In circulation, a 1957 silver certificate is worth about face value. In uncirculated condition, it can be as much as $5-6.

Where Did Spencer Pratt Get His Money?

Spencer Pratt is famous for being famous. He is a reality star that bounced on the scene in The Princes of Malibu, a series that followed Bruce Jenner’s children. Since then, he has appeared on The Hills and has a

What is Parasailing?

Imagine being harnessed to a parachute and being towed by a vehicle. That is parasailing. It is commonly done over water and the towing vehicle is a boat. Piere Lamoingne invented parasailing in the 1960’s For more information, look here:

What Makes Planes Fly?

Planes fly because of the shape of the wing. The wing on an airplane is curved on the top side and flat on the under side. When air moves over the wing it causes the air to move faster over

How Fast does a Jet Plane Fly?

Jets can fly at all kinds of different speeds. Commercial airline jets fly about 550 miles per hour. Military jets can fly at speeds from Mach 1, which is 759 mph, up to and likely beyond the record set by

How do Parachutes Work?

Parachutes work by creating drag as the person falls through the air. The parachute usually has a top vent to allow some of the air to flow on through the parachute so it doesn’t rip open. You can find more

What Items are Powerd By Petroleum?

60% of todays energy needs are met using petroleum. Your car runs on petroleum. So is your gas lawnmower. Petroleum not only powers things, it is also one of the primary components used in making plastics and petroleum jelly.

What are Hot Air Balloons Used for?

Most hot air balloons are used for pleasure, sport or competition. Not only do hot air balloons provide a relaxing fun ride, but they also are a lot of fun to race.

When Were Balloons Invented?

Believe it or not the first people to make the balloons were the Indians they made them out of leather. But, the first every rubber balloons were invented by Michael Faraday in 1824.

Why do Hot Air Balloons Float?

Hot air balloons float because hot air is fighter than cold air. When a hot air balloon is inflated it is filled with hot air. The hot air rises and floats on the cooler air outside the balloon. Hot air

How do Jets Fly?

Jets fly with a combination of aerodynamics and force from their engines. Steering is controlled by flaps on the wings that control how much air flows over the wings.

What is a Large Scale Map?

A large scale map is lager and displays much more detail to a small area. A small scale map shows more territory but in much less detail.

How Planes Work?

Planes work with weight, lift, drag, and thrust. The plane has to have a nose cone that allows the wind to be routed around the body to effectively use all the forces of flight.You can find more information here:

How does An Airplane Fly?

Airplanes are a very fascinating piece of equipment. Planes are able to fly due to the aerodynamics and the great big jet motors attached to the plane. They are very powerful and keep the plane in constant motion. You can

Why do People Skydive?

People skydive to be adventurous and to experience the thrill of being several miles up in the air with nothing around them but the clouds. It’s dangerous, and many people are killed each year from skydiving.

How Big is An Airbus?

Airbus is an aircraft manufacturer who produces commercial airliners also known as jumbo jets. They offer several sizes of jets with there biggest being the A380. The A380 is 239′ 3′ long, has a 261′ 8′ wing span, stands 79′

How to Make Balloon Cars?

Get a carton and cut the top off. Cut it in half the long way. Cut a small hole in the middle of one of the short sides of the carton. This is where the balloon will go. Put the

What are Airplanes Made of?

Airplanes are made of many different materials, based on the craft and what it’s carrying. Most airplanes are formed of aluminum alloys and also use steel, fiberglass or even titanium!

Where can I Find Remote Control Cars?

You can find remote control cars at general mass merchandisers like Wal-Mart or Target. You can also find a broader selection at toy stores like Toys-R-Us. Are you getting an early jump on your Christmas shopping?You can find more information

How do Planes Fly?

Planes fly by pushing or pulling air over a foil to produce lift. The pushing or pulling is called thrust and drag is the force of the air on the non foil parts of the plane. The foil creates lift

How Much do Fighter Pilots Get Paid?

The pay a fighter pilot gets is mainly dependent on his or her rank – the higher up you are, the better you get paid. A Captain gets around $45k a year.

Types of Parachutes?

There are a few types of parachutes that include Parasol type these were common used by performers in China, Conical parachute its the conical shaped parachute which appeared in the 1470’s in Italy, Pyramid Parachute designed by Leonardo da Vinci,

What is An Altimeter?

An altimeter is a device for measuring vertical distance. The readings are usually from sea level upwards, but can be set to any starting level. These devices use either air pressure or radar to take measurements. For more information, look

How to Build a Remote Control Airplane?

A good frequency receiver module is installed into the airplane and it is connected to the planes entire operation system. This is to make sure that all the signals coming from the transmitter will be received and operated in the

Types of Commercial Airplanes?

Commercial airplanes can include the Boeing 747, 727, or the 707. The Douglas series DC 3, 4, or 9 are also commercial planes. The Airbus A320 is also a commercial airplane. Look here for more information:

How to Fly a Plane?

Learning to fly an airplane is exhilarating! Learning to fly involves bookwork, simulator training, tests, airplane maintenance basics and finally practical in air lessons with an instructor. Look here for more information:

How do Airplane Engines Work?

Airplane engines run very similar to regular car engines. They provide power to the fans, the wing control levers and the cockpit controls.

Where can I Buy Rc Cars?

You can buy RC cars in several places. Walmart, Radio Shack, and Kmart are all good places to buy them. If you want a gas powered RC car you’ll need to look in specialty shops.

How do You Make a Balloon Powered Car?

Get a carton and cut the top off, then cut it in half the long way. Cut one small hole in the middle of one of the short sides. This is where the balloon goes. Put the balloon through the

How Fast does An Airplane Go?

Speed of airplanes depends on it’s type. Fighter planes can have supersonic & ultrasonic speeds. But normal commercial planes travel with about 1000miles/hr speed.

What is Airfoil?

Well the airfoil is what the wind on the airplane is called cause of the shape of it, it can lift or control the plane while in flight. It is anything that makes touch with air that creates direction, lift,

How Much does a Plane Weigh?

The weight of a plane differs between the sizes. A Cessna, which is typically a 4 person airplane, only weighs about 3,100 lbs fully loaded (including fuel) whereas a Boeing 747 has a max takeoff weight of almost 188,000 lbs!

How to Become a Helicopter Pilot?

To become a helicopter pilot,you will have to join an aviation school and get certified to be a pilot as well as get your license.You can also join the airforce and get special training to become a pilot.

Who Invented the Hot Air Ballon?

The hot air balloon was invented by a man by the name of Joseph Michel Montgolfier. His brother Jacques Etienne Montgolfier assisted him as well. Their balloon was launched on June 5, 1783. You can find more information here:

How do Jets Work?

The engine will basically eat air and compress it into a turbine, the turbine combines air with fuel and a spark. This will set air on fire and launching it out of the back of the engine at a great

How to Make a Propeller?

Making a propeller can be very exciting. When you are beginning your project make sure you understand the angles you will need to have. Make sure you have all your supplies and tools. You can find more information here:

What are Hot Air Balloons Made of?

There are different types of hot air balloons and they are made from a number of things. The balloon is made of heat-resistant nylon to not burn when the flames touch it due to flying.

What does Fab Mean in Thunderbirds?

The word ‘fab’ or ‘FAB’, heard in the British series ‘Thunderbirds,’ has no meaning. It’s simply an acknowledgment of a command, like ‘Roger’ or ‘Over and out.’ You can find more information here:

How do Planes Stay in the Air?

Plane makes high velocity and high pressure air below its wings. Hence it is lifted up into the air as air above plane has normal pressure.

How to Make a Hovercraft?

Hovercrafts are smooth moving air cushioned vehicles that can used to travel on all sorts of terrain. The best homemade hovercrafts can be built by purchasing a hovercraft kit, or if you are more adventurous you can purchase plans online

How High does An Airplane Fly?

A commercial jet normally flies approximately twenty-eight to thirty-five thousand feet in the air. Military planes fly significantly higher, at fifty thousand feet with some spy planes flying at ninety thousand feet.

How to Become a Fighter Pilot?

To become a fighter pilot ,you have to go through rigorous training and regiment.You will have to join the air force.They are the ones that protect the skies of their country.That the only way to become a fighter pilot.

What does Whitney Mean?

The name Whitney is of Old English origin. It means ‘white island’. It has many different variant forms and can be used for a male or female.

How do Aeroplanes Fly?

Airplanes fly due to air. It makes high velocity air under wings. High velocity means high pressure. Hence it is lifted in air and also gets motion.

What do Aerospace Engineers do?

Aerospace Engineers develop, design and supervise the manufacturing of test aircraft, spacecraft and missiles. An aerospace engineer must have knowledge of thermodynamics, aerodynamics, propulsion, mathematics and fluid mechanics. For more information see here:

What Makes Airplanes Fly?

Airplanes fly because of four major forces. These forces are drag, gravity, thrust, and lift. These are all aspects of flying, and plane parts help to aid these forces.

How Much does Airplane Fuel Cost?

Airplane fuel costs fluctuate according to the market price of a barrel of oil. If a barrel of oil was selling for around twenty five dollars, it would cost approximately twenty three thousand dollars to fill a large commercial jet

How Safe is It to Fly?

If you think about the fact that a whole lot more people die behind the wheel of a car per year than do in plane crashes then I would say it is much safer to travel by plane. The only

How to Build a Motor Scooter?

Pick out a frame that you want to use, like wood or metal, then pick out the motor,like a chainsaw motor. Get the rear wheel to have power from the motor, Put the motor on the deck of the scooter,run

Why do Planes Fly?

Planes fly to get people from place to place. Back in the day, ships were used and a trip would take anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Thank goodness we have planes now to arrive at our destinations much quicker.

What is Aviation?

Aviation is a term used for flying a plane. Aviation is also used to describe the NASA program or someone who flys a plane in the military. Look here for more information:

How to Become a Marine Recon?

The first step to becoming a Marine Recon is to become a Marine. And you have to be male. It does require brute strength and passing special assignment. Most have tried several times to make it. Here is a link

How a Hovercraft Works?

A hovercraft works by using a thrust propeller that drives air to form bubbles. The craft is able to float along on those bubbles of air. The craft uses rudders so it can be steered.

How Much does a Real Helicopter Cost?

A new helicopter will cost roughly $200,000 to over a million dollars depending on the model. Of course you can always buy a used one for a cheaper price.

How do Planes Take Off?

There are several variables that go into a plane getting airborne. Factors such as the size and weight of the airplane help determine how much runway is needed for it to takeoff. The lighter and smaller the airplane the less

What Type of Fuel do Airplanes Use?

Airplanes use two types of fuel. Jet airplanes use jet fuel, which is a blend, quite similar to diesel fuel. Other airplanes use aviation gas, which has a higher octane that regular gas and additives especially for airplanes. For more