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Where is the Camshaft Position Sensor on GM?

The crankshaft position sensor on a Pontiac Grand Prix is a small electro-magnetic device that is used to determine relative position of an object. It does this through the use of a trigger wheel composed of a series of raised

How to Install a Tach?

The installation instructions for a tachometer depends on the car you are putting it in. Basic instructions are pretty simple. One wire connects to the firewall as a ground, the other to the distributor.

How Much does a Ford Gt Cost?

A ford GT cost vary from where you are buying it from.It also depends if you are buying it brand new or used. According to, the price for a ford GT IS $140,000.

What is the Best Hybrid Car?

With a 48 mpg fuel economy, the Toyota Prius is the best hybrid car. Toyota makes this vehicle available at an estimated $22,000 to $27,000. Go to

How Much Horsepower does a Mustang have?

Depending on the year and model a Mustang’s horsepower can vary. A Saleen mustang with a V-8 can have as much as 400hp. A Mustang GT will run around 300hp. A Shelby GT 500KR has around 540hp. Most any mustang

How Many Cars in California?

According to the Department of Motor Vehicles in California. They had a total of 7,514,916 registered vehicles in the year 2005. No further updates are available.

Where can I Search for Used Cars Online?

Alot of people post ads on the internet for used cars. Auto trader classifieds for cars online. Auto mart is another website for used cars. For high end vehicles and custom cars, you can look on the dupont registry. You

What Products does Mexico Import?

A lot of products get imported from Mexico, things like automobile parts, fruits, furniture. Everything that comes from Mexico has to go though US Customs Agency cause they make sure nothing illegal is being brought into the US.

How do You Drive a Car?

The best way to learn how to drive a car is to take driver training classes. They will teach you how to gas and break properly also how to steer the car. You will learn all the ends and out

Where is Nissan Made?

Nissan’s are made in many locations across the world. They have plants in Japan, India, Brazil, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Egypt, The Philippines, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, China, The UK, the USA, and Russia. You can find more information

How can I Make my Honda Civic Faster?

You can make your Honda Civic faster in several ways. You can add a cold air intake, change your exhaust, ignition power booster, and even NOS. You can find more information here:

How Much was Gas in 1990?

The price of gasoline in 1990 fluctuated between $1.39 a gallon and $1.70 per gallon. Wouldn’t it be great if the price today was anywhere near that?

Where is the Vin Located on a Car?

The vin number is located on a metal tag on the dashboard. It should be visible through the windshield.

What Kind of Cars are in the Fast and the Furious?

great question there were several upgraded and modified cars in this movie,which made the tuner market what it is today Here is a list of the cars in the movie 1970 Dodge charger black,1970 chevelle ss,1995 mitsubishi eclipse rs 2g

What Kind of Battery do I Need for my Car?

To find out what kind of batterery for your car you need to look in your owners guide. The other thing you can do id go to your nears auto center and give them the make and modle , with

Why Should You Wear a Seat Belt?

Wearing seatbelts saves lives. It is the law in the entire United States to wear your seatbelt. Some places can actually pull you over for not wearing one and will give you a serious ticket.

How do I Fix my Car Speedometer?

If your speedometer is broken the culprit is probably your cable. This goes from the transmission to the back of the speedometer. Auto parts stores will have them. They are hard to change if you have any mechanical ability at

When Were Cars Invented?

The first car was invented in China in 1672 by a man named Ferdinand Verbiest. It was steam powered. The first self propelled car was invented in 1769 by Nicholas Cugnot. You can find more information here:

When can a Child Sit in the Front Seat?

When a child is more than twelve years old and at least fifty-seven inches tall, that child may sit in the front passenger seat with an adult seat belt worn correctly.

What is a Vtec Engine?

VTEC stands for variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control. It is a valvetrain system developed by Honda that improves the efficiency of a four stroke engine. To find more information click here:

What the Hell is Wrong With my Car?

To find out what the ‘hell’ is wrong with your car you need to go a certified car shop to have a diagnostic ran. Doing this will tell you what the ‘hell’ is wrong with your car.

How to Change Fuel Filter?

Find the fuel filter on your car to change it, then remove the fuel lines to the filter. Cap the lines off so they don’t leak, then take the filter of, and reinstall the new one. Look here for more

How Much Did a Car Cost in 1920?

In 1920 a good car cost about $265. and gasoline was .22 a gallon. At these prices, both car and gasoline went a long way. Oh how I wish those prices could come back.

How Long do Cars Last?

The amount of time a car will last solely depends on how well it is taken care of. If you never change the oil, drive it like you stole it, and always put cheap bad gas in, it wont last

How to Tell if Alternator is Going Bad?

One way to tell if your alternator is going bad is to start your car and then unhook the battery cables. If the car remains running then your alternator is fine. If it stalls it going bad.

How Much was a Gallon of Gas in 1981?

Way back in 1981, you could get a gallon of regular unleaded gas for only $1.38. Wow, you could barely get half a gallon for that nowadays! For more information, look here:

How to Build Your Own Car?

Building your own car takes a lot of patience and knowledge of cars. You also have to know how to fabricate, or weld so that you can build the chassis. It’s always a good idea to call local shops and

How do You Build a Speaker Box?

Take 6 pieces of wood and and screw them together to make a box. Cut holes in the front of the box with a jigsaw and place the speakers in the box with wires run out the back of the

What is Fastest Car in the World?

The fastest car in the world is the SSC Ultimate Aero produced by Shelby SuperCars, a decade old car manufacturer. It has a top speed of 257 mph and is street legal.

When does a Car Become An Antique?

Usually a car becomes an antique at 25 years old. This would make your car eligible for antique license plates in many states.

How Much does Window Tinting Cost?

First you can go and check around for window tinting prices around your town, cause they will all try to beat each other but you want the best price with good work and no bubbles. Avage prices start out at

How to Draw a Jaguar?

First draw lines for a guide, then draw the outline of the jaguar that you want to draw with the top of the car on the guide line that you have drew already, then you want to add your details,

What Company Makes Land Rover?

Land Rover began as the Rover Car Company in 1948. It is the second longest running vehicle of it’s type, still being produced. Land Rover has had a number of owners over the years. It is currently owned by a

Who Owns Toyota?

Similar to Ford, Toyota is owned by themselves. Toyota owns Scion and Lexus and is one of the leaders in the vehicle manufacturing market.

What Type of Battery do I Need for my Car?

The type of battery you need will depend on the car you have. I would recomend going to an auto parts store and ask one of the employees to look up the correct size and power needed for you car.

Who Invented Air Bags?

The was a man named John W. Hetrick who invented an airbag in 1952 but his patent only lasted 17 years. Dr. David S. Breed company the Breed corporporation marketed it it 1967 to Chrysler.

How to Change Air Filter?

To change an air filter, find the air cleaner box in your vehicle. This can be round or square depending on the make. Unlatch the box, remove the dirty filter, install the new one, and re-latch the box.

What Gas Mileage does my Car Get?

To see the gas mileage your car gets, first fill it up. Drive to the next fill up keeping track of how many mile you have driven. Divide the number of gallons of gas into the miles driven to get

What Car Companies does Ford Own?

Ford just sold Jaguar and Range Rover, so that’s no longer on the list. They have a one-third interest in Mazda (the Ford Escape, and Mercury Mariner were designed along with the Tribute by Mazda). Volvo is a Ford subsidiary,

What does SVT Stand for?

SVT can stand for many things. In the vehicle industry it can stand for stolen vehicle tracker or special vehicles team. Outside of the vehicle industry it can stand for society of vascular technology, specimen validity test, or single version

What Type of Brake Fluid does my Car Take?

If you are looking to buy it yourself and put it in your self, you can go to any autopart store and they can help. If you are just researching the type for buying online, Or want to look intelligent

What is the Safest Infant Car Seat?

All baby car seats sold in the U.S. must pass certain requirements, so they are all considered safe. Some seats may have more features the others. The most important factor for the car seat to work properly and safely is

Where can I Buy a Nissan Skyline?

There are many places you can buy a Nissan Skyline. You can go to your local Nissan dealer, or any used car dealer, or you can look at classifieds in your local paper. You can even purchase online at websites

What is the Top Speed of a Lamborghini?

The Lamborghinican hit a top speed of 312 miles per hour. A Lamborghini can go fron 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds. This is one of the fastest and most expensive cars on the market today.

How Much is a Lamborghini Murcielago?

The price of a lamborghini murcielago varies depending on the year it was made.The MSRP for Lamborghini murcielago is from $333,000 – $365,800, this includes AWD, a V12, manual tranny, and fuel economy around 10mpg.

Who Owns General Motors?

General Motors is it’s own corporation, and is the third largest automaker in the world. Founded in Flint, Michigan in 1806 by William C Durrant, GM was a holding company for Buick.

Top 10 Suvs?

When picking vehicles or suv’s you need to read what the reviews of other car owners say about the vehicle. Consumer reports offers that availability from trained testers. Look here for more information:

Top Ten Cars in America?

Toyota is in the lead on the top ten cars in America. Featuring great affordability and fuel efficiency. The Prius is high on the list. Ford and Pontiac also score high on the top ten cars in America. Look here

What Vehicle Gets the Best Gas Mileage?

Te vehicle that gets the best mileage is the Toyota Prius. This car gets 48 mpg in city limits and 45 mpg on the highway. You can also check the Kelley Blue Book for other vehicles with good mileage.

How Much does a Lamborghini Diablo Cost?

A Lamborghini Diablo will run you about $240,000, truly much more than a lot of houses. The 1991 Diablo was the fastest car in the world, straight off the production line. You can find more information here:

How to Sell my Car?

You can sell your car by advertising it. There are free ways to advertise it. Putting it in your yard with a for sale is good. You can advertise on bulletin boards and ad pads.

How Many Horsepower does my Truck have?

The amount of horsepowers your truck has depends on what kind and model of truck you have. Go to the web site

What is Wrong With my Transmission?

What is wrong with my transmission, well without knowing the symptoms it would be hard to try diagnose however you can visit a few sites where you can answer a few questions or even chat with someone online. However you

How to Install a Starter on a Car?

This usually happens when you’re running late. You try to start your car and the engine is slow to turn or worse yet, it won’t turn at all. Chances are it’s time for a new starter. Installing a car starter

When to Buy a New Car?

You should buy a new car when you are sick of your old. You should make sure you look into all different types of cars before you but a new one.

Why is my Car Stalling?

Your car stalling has nothing to do with the muffler and probably not the cat. converter. Either the eingine is starving for fuel or starving for air. Check to make sure you have gas, then take it to the shop

How does a Car Alternator Work?

An alternator on the car is a very important part of the car. An alternator is like a generator for a vehicle which charges the battery as the car runs.

What are Subwoofers?

Well if you ever see these big speakers that people are putting inside there trunks that make a lot of boom and sounds. Those would be sub woofers, there made to get the bass sounds out of the music your

How to Install Car Amplifiers?

Most car amplifiers would be done properly with a professional. There is nothing more dangerous than hanging wires from under the dash. But, for the DIY’ers, there are online resources. For more information, look here:

How Many Gallons of Gas does a Car Hold?

The amount of gas that a average car holds can range from 7.5-20 gallons, yep thats right 7.5-10 gallons is what the new smartcar holds.Kinda funny that a car that small can hold that much gas when the tanks not

Who Builds the Mini Cooper?

The Mini Cooper is owned by the same company that owns and produces the Rolls-Royce cars – Ford Motor Company and the new version of this car has been produced since April of 2001.

What Car Gets Best Gas Mileage?

According to CNN the car that gets the best gas mileage is the Honda Insight which gets 60 miles per gallon in the city, and 66 miles per gallon on the highway. To find more information click here:

Where can I Find New Cars?

You can find a new car at any of the local car dealerships in your area. You can also go online to several websites to search the local inventory of many different dealerships at once.

Why does a Car Overheat?

Cars overheat for several reasons. One of the most common is that it has a bad thermostat that simply needs to be replaced. It could also be that a blower fan is not cooling off the engine properly.

How Much is a Transmission?

A transmission can cost you anywhere from $500 (used) to $4000 (including labor.) Before you commit to one price, call around and see if anyone can do it cheaper.

When was Cars Invented?

American, Sylvester Howard Roper created the first motorcycle in 1867. Ropers motorcycle was steam powered and burned coal. German inventor Gottlib Daimler invented the first gas powered motorcycle in 1885.

Who Makes the Scion?

The Scion is made by the Japanese company Toyota. Although Ford owns Toyota the Scion is manufactured in Japan but are only sold in the U.S. Scions have been on the road since 2000.

What Cars Get Good Gas Mileage?

According to CNN the cars that get good gas mileage are, the Honda Insight, the Toyota Prius, the Honda Civic Hybrid, the VW Beetle or Jetta, and the Honda Civic. To find more information click here:

Top 10 Car Speakers?

Each speaker in the top 10 are ranked on sound quality and performance over time, and the list is dominated by 4 brands: Alpine having 3 in the top 10, Infinity also having 3, and Kicker and Polk both rounding

Who Makes the Smart Car?

The makers of the Smart car is Daimler AG company and is based out of Germany. They currently are testing an electronic version of the car in the UK.

What Size Tires are on my Car?

Determining what size tires are on your car is a quick and easy thing. Go to your car, and look on the sides of your tires. You will see a number of things. For instance, the name a of the

How Much is a Seat Belt Ticket?

That would depend where in the country you reside. Here in Dale County, AL the cost of not buckling up is only $10 for a first offense.

How to Fix Cars At Home?

In order to fix cars at home, you need to get a manual for your vehicle. Research what you want to fix in the manual and make sure you have all the tools you will need and a place to

How to Fix a Car Horn?

Fixing a car horn is quite a simple job. It is usually just a matter of a blown fuse, or a loose connector. Begin by checking the fuse box and replace the blown fuse, if it is bad. From there,

Car Dealer New York?

New York has many car dealers, I would suggest an internet search to provide you with one near your location. You should also be able to specify the make of the car you are looking for.

How Many Oxygen Sensors does a Car have?

Most cars have one or two oxygen sensors, sometimes one on the exhaust manifold and the other on the exhaust piping. They are part of the emissions control system and it measures the mix of oxygen and gasoline and lets

How can I Improve my Gas Mileage?

Improving your gas mileage is pretty easy. First thing to do is lay off the gas. Keeping your speed less than 55mph is best. Secondly, don’t accelerate away from a light like Mario Andretti. Using the A/C also sucks a

What does JDM Stand for?

JDM stands for Japanese domestic market, and is usually used when talking about Japanese cars that have made their way to the states. These JDM cars have been built to Japanese standards. Look here for more information:

What is a Cv Boot?

A cv, or constant velocity joint boot, is the protective cover on the cv bearings. Most cv boots are made of rubber or a synthetic material that is similar to rubber. For more information see here:

What are Gross Motor Skills?

Gross motor skills are those that are typically aquired during infancy and young childhood to control the large muscles of the body. These skills include sitting, crawling, walking, and running. Look here for more information:

Where can I Find a Cheap Used Car?

There are many places to find cheap used cars. Local newspaper ads, online websites and even parked on your local street corner. Remember you get what you pay for so if possible take someone with you who is very car

How do Superchargers Work?

A supercharger is a great way to add more horse power to your car. The better a car can breathe meaning air intake the faster it will be able to go.

Who is Pontiac?

The Pontiac brand of cars first began production in 1926, and was sold in the United States, Mexico, and Canada by the GM company (General Motors.) It was recently decided to end the Pontiac production, and the last car rolled

What is An Ecu?

an ECU is your Engine Control Unit, and does exactly what it’s called – it controls all the different things on your car from the amount of fuel it uses to how it idles.

How to Change An Air Filter?

To change your air filter, locate the air filter box in the engine compartment. Unlatch the box, remove the lid, and replace the filter. Re-latch the box and you’re done!

How Large of a Tire can I Put on my Truck?

you can put any type of large tires on your truck as long as its high enough you can go as large as you want to and you may have to put a lift kit on it depending how big

How Much is a Lamborghini Diablo?

The current average price of a 2001 Lamborghini Diablo Coupe with low mileage (0-15 k) is $181,100. It costs about $2,000 a day to rent one. To track the price of the Diablo, visit

How to Install a Head Unit?

If you remove the old head unit you will need to make sure you connect the right wires together. Make sure the new head unit will fit so you don’t have to shave off anything to make it fit.

What does Vtec Mean?

Valve timing and Lift Electronic Control is what Vtec means, this is something invented by Honda. This is used in many cars to optimize fuel efficiency.

Where can I Buy a Smart Car?

You can buy a smart car from quite a few car dealerships, but they still don’t have dealers in every state, so you might have to travel to get one. The best way to find a dealer is by checking

How to Fix Dodge Caravan Transmission?

Your best bet to fix your transmission is to have a repair shop do it. It can be quite expensive but they are equipped to do the job.

Why People Should Wear Seat Belts?

People should wear seat beats whenever they are in a moving automobile. They prevent people from being thrown forward into the dash or even out of the vehicle during an accident. Many states have passed laws making wearing them mandatory.

How Much Did a Car Cost in 1960?

Amazingly enough in 1960 you could buy a brand new car for $2600. Even better you could fill the tank with gasoline for only a quarter a gallon!

How Much does a Throttle Position Sensor Cost?

Throttle position sensors vary in price from car to car. My best advice is to check places online like this site

Do It Yourself Auto Repair Instructions?

You need to get a repair manual for your car. Most auto parts stores will have these.

Amherst New Car Prices?

New car prices in Amherst vary by the make and model of the car as well as the dealership selling the vehicles. If you want to get an idea of new car prices in Amherst, check for advertisements from dealerships

What is Car Detailing?

If you wash and vacuum out your car that’s what is called car detailing. You can start out by vacuuming the inside, then start outside by making sure you clean off any dust off the tires by spraying them off.

Where do I Find Used Cars?

You can get and find used cars just about anywere in the world. You can check out local papers, car lots. Most new car lots also sale used cars on what they call side lots.

What is a Strut Bar?

A car has two struts. One for each side of the car, that attaches to the tire. When the struts start to go out, you will hear a clunking sound when you turn.

What was the Price of Gas in 1997?

The average price of gas in 1997 was $1.36. Gas did fluctuate a lot during the coarse of the year. It also varied a lot state to state. Gas has really gone through the roof in the last 9 years.

What does R T Stand for?

R T in car terminology stands for racing technology. Like if you were to buy a car and it has rt after or in the name it stand for racing technology. For more information look here:

How Much is my Hess Truck Worth?

There are many factor to consider when trying to judge how much your Hess truck is worth, including its age, and condition. Some are reportedly worth up to $2000.00! You can find more information here:

How do I Make my Car Faster?

You can do several things to make your car faster. K & N claims to provide more horsepower by using their air cleaner. You can also install turbo chargers. Using higher octane fuel will add a few horsepower.

How does Vvti Work?

WTI is an acronym that stands for world trade index. WTI works by taking the numbers from world trade and turning it into numbers.

How Turbochargers Work?

Turbochargers work by compressing the air that flows into the engine. This allows the engine to squeeze more air into a cylinder, and more air allows more fuel to be added. To find more information click here:

How can I Get Better Gas Mileage?

You can do several things to improve gas mileage. Keep your car in good operating condition. Keep the tires properly inflated and use the cruise control when you can.

How Much does a Porsche Carrera Gt Cost?

The MSRP for a porsche carrera gt is 440,000 USD. Depending on the dealership, that may vary somewhat.

How to Install a Remote Starter?

You can install a remote starter by getting to the power and starter wires that are under the dash. Hook up the starter kit to these wires, then you’re on your way. For more information, look here:

What does a Timing Belt do?

A timing belt keeps your crank in time with your cams. If the timing belt is off your car will not run and/or it will bend all the valves.

How do I Install a Car Alarm?

To install a car alarm you will need to make sure the battery is disconnected so you can wire everything up. Locate were you want to put the horn at, mount it. Put the yellow wire were it can touch

How to Jump Start a Car Battery?

To jump start a car battery, you’ll need a car with a battery that isn’t also dead, and a pair of jumper cables. Follow the instructions that came with the cables for more info.

What Car Get the Best Gas Mileage?

Currently, the Chevy Volt will have the best fuel mileage of any other car in the world at 230 miles per gallon. This is accomplished with an electric motor and a gas driven generator. You can find more information here:

How to Change a Car Tire?

You can change a car tire by getting the spare out of the storage place in the car. Get the jack out, too, and jack the car up enough to take the weight off the wheel. Undo the lug nuts,

How Long are Car Seats Good for?

Car seats are made from cheap, but durable materials and are made to withstand as much beating as possible. Car seats usually last for the life of a car, unless you have overly active children or dogs. Then your lucky

Where can I Buy a Chevrolet Gas Cap?

There are many places to go to to purchase a chevrolet gas cap. You can go to Chevrolet, but I must warn you it is more expensive than going to other places like Discount Auto Parts, PepBoys or even Kmart!

How to Stop a Cracked Windshield from Spreading?

Some window repair kits and repair services can stop a cracked windshield from spreading. Window repair can involve using chemical bonds or heat treatments to repair the windshield. Some states will not allow windshield repair if the crack is of

How Many Volts does It Take to Kill a Person?

The volts is not what will kills you. It is the current transfered, the amount of electricity transfered. Lethal current is about 20 milliamperes. So you could have a million volts, but only say a 0.00001 milliamperes and it wouldn’t

What is Overdrive in a Car?

Over drive is basically a gear one higher than the transmission says it has. Why not just say it is a 5 speed instead of calling it a 4 speed with overdrive you may ask. The reason is that the

When was the Motorcycle Invented?

A man named Sylvester Roper invented a coal powered steam-engine motorcycle in 1867 when he was 44 years old. The first gas powered cycle, however, was invented by a man named Gottlieb Daimler in 1885.

What is a Cougar?

The Cougar is a coupe made by Mercury. It has been compared to the Ecplise. They have a sleek design and are great for people who are looking for sporty vehicles on a tight budget. Look here for more information:

What is Warranty?

A warranty is something that car manufacturers offer for a limited amount of time and mileage to cover specific repairs. Bumper to bumper warranties cover most repairs as long as the driver didn’t case the problem, such as an accident

How Much do Ferraris Cost?

The cost of a Ferrari ca nvary greatly, depending on the model you choose, and the year and condition. New, a 599 will run you about $450,000, but you can find a used Ferrari for around $150,000. Keep in mind

Is Chrysler Going Out of Business?

Chrysler should be around for a while longer. They have bail out money from the government and were just acquired by another company.

How Much does a Mini Cooper Cost?

A new Mini Cooper will run you about $18,000 base. If you want all the bells and whistles, it will cost you upwards of $28,000. That’s a lot of money for such a tiny car!

How have Cars Changed Over the Years?

Cars have changed greatly over the years since their invention. Cars of today have far better braking and suspension systems. Safety equipment innovations and ecological concerns about cars are addressed almost on a daily basis.

What is the Best Oil Filter?

If your looking for the best oil filter those would be eather K&N; or Fram cause they clean the oil and keep metal’s out of your engine. No matter what type of vehicle you have they have them to fit.

How Much does a Maybach Cost?

The Maybach is a German luxury car manufacturer.It is owned today by Daimler Ag and based in stutgart.They have been reinvented from their old school style.The price of a Maybach is said to start at $250k-$500k.

New York Car Dealer?

Find New York car dealers by checking your local yellow pages. You can also try the city website to find links to dealers.

How do I Know When I Need New Tires?

There are several indicators to look for when determining when it is time to replace tires. Any noticeable damage to the side walls such as bubbles or tread showing or constantly loosing air pressure.For tread depth watch for any bands

How to Install Car Audio System?

In order to install a car audio system you should have had some wiring experience, it not shop around for the place with the lowest installation charge, sometimes they have deals on. If you still want to tackle it yourself

New Car Lemon Laws?

Lemon laws differ by state. Most will get you at least a replacement.

How to Winterize a Jet Ski?

The first thing that you should do is drain the water out of it right after you take it out for the last time, at this time the jet ski should be tilted back. Run the engine several times for

What Kind of Coolant does my Car Need?

Finding out what kind of coolant your car needs recently got a little trickier. There are three different colors of coolant for cars now and they are made for different types of cars. Probably the easiest way is to check

Who Invented the Lamborghini?

The first Lamborghini rolled off the line in 1963 by manufacturing mogul Ferruccio Lamborghini. The company has changed owners many times since then and is currently owned by a division of Audi.

How Much does a Ferrari F430 Spider Cost?

A Ferrari f430 costs different for different styles. The spider costs around $201,213.

What Makes Check Engine Light Comes on?

There are many things that can make a check engine light come on. Today’s cars are built with a computer called an electronic control module. This computer monitors many things and controls the operation of the vehicle to keep the

How Many Quarts of Oil does my Truck Take?

How many quarts of oil your truck requires depends on the truck. You can find this information in the ‘capacities’ section of your owner’s manual.

How to Degree a Camshaft?

To degree a camshaft you are ensuring that the cam’s timing are synched properly with the crankshaft’s position. The first step is to make sure that your camshaft and timing are set are installed properly. You can find more information

How to Repair a Car?

How you repair a car will depend a lot on what is wrong with the car. All repairs will be different. If you have a problem with your car, you can purchase a car repair manual and read through it

Who Owns Hyundai?

Ford is who owns Hyundai, so if you have to deal with anyone about it, then you would have to call Ford Company. Ford owns a number of company’s but only in small percents.

How Much is a Mclaren F1?

A McLaren F1 costs millions. It can go for over $11 million.

What is Egr?

A EGR is a valve that alouds re-circulating of a small amount of exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber. It’s there to also making passing eemissions easier.

Where can I Buy a Hearse?

Cadilac makes the hearse. You can call them and see if they have any made that are for sale. Go to auctions see if they have any for sale. You can also call the funeral home and see if they

How do I Install a Car CD Player?

I had someone do this for me when I bought my first car since it didn’t come with a cd player. I bought a 10 disc cd player and it worked out great. To find more information click here:

How Much does a Camaro Cost?

If you are in the market of a new car and looking into the 2010 Camero’s and want to get an idea on the price for purchasing one there are some different ranges and it has to do with the

How to Install Turbo?

First you need to decide the size of the turbo, how much boost your car can handle, how much torque your axles can handle and you will need to modify your fuel intake system. To find more information click here:

How to Remove Door Panels?

Usually door panels are just screwed on. Sometimes there is a little plastic piece popped over the top of the screws to make it look better. So to remove the door panels just take the screws out and pop the

How do Torsion Bars Work?

the way the torsion bars with is by apply pressure to the back and front suspension system that keeps the tires on the road as you ride on the bumby roads. if you didnt have them on your car/truck/suv then

What is a Vortec Engine?

GM (General Motors) are the ones who first used a vortec engine. It came as a 4.3 liter V6 in a Chevrolet S10 pickup truck. It produced 140 HP.

How to Change Timing Belt?

A timing belt is changed by removing the front engine cover and loosening the tensioner to release the best. Take care to reinstall the new belt properly and assure that the tension remains the same.