Why is Self Respect Important?

We have heard the terms self respect and self esteem so much, that sometimes we wonder why is self respect so important anyway? Self respect is liking oneself and giving yourself dignity, just like you would give it to any other person. Self respect is such an important thing because without it self love is impossible and loving others in a healthy way is impossible. If you lack self respect, you will allow others to trample on your dignity which will perpetuate the cycle, making you hate yourself and hate the person doing the trampling even more. On the other hand, when you have self respect, you really, truly like yourself and have dignity. You set boundaries in your lifestyle and relationships and other respect you for it. You allow no one to treat you in a bad way. If they do treat you badly, you don’t take it personally and you don’t allow it to continue and you move on with your life. When someone gives you a compliment and you have self respect you can truly enjoy and accept the compliment knowing it is deserved. For more information visit this website.