Why is Preschool Important?

Preschool is important because it is the start to a young child’s educational career. If a child doesn’t start out in preschool, these days, they will most likely be behind the average Kindergartner in their class when they start formal schooling. Why would a parent want their child to start out behind!? Preschool is an important start because it typically is handled in such a non-intrusive, entertaining environment. For example, my son (now in 1st) had one year of preschool and a year of Pre-Kindergarten before starting Kindergarten last year. He had no clue he was learning (though it was obvious to me he was learning to count, to write his name, etc). He thought it was all a game, especially in preschool. Pre-K was the same teacher and same environment, but with a little more structure. He’d begun to realize he was ‘learning’ by that point, but it was still so much fun to him that he was unconcerned that he had to work a little. By the time he started Kindergarten, he’d begun to see the value in the work and was ready to meet the challenges head on.