Why do I Want to Teach?

Actually, only you can answer this question. However, I could give a few tips on figuring out if you would be a good teacher. First of all, you cannot be in it for the money. This is simply because when you’re a teacher (this excludes being a college professor) you don’t make much starting out. It takes a while to build up to a point where you’re making good money. Also, you have like and be able to tolerate children, especially if you want to teach anywhere from kindergarten to 5th grade. If you don’t like kids and you’re trying to teach them, it could create problems for both parties. Finally, you have to know, love, and care about what you teach and how you teach it. If you want to teach math and you love math, however you don’t know how to relay it to other, teaching it would not be the best option for you.