Who is Harry Reid?

Harry Reid is the Senior Senator from Nevada; he is also the sitting majority leader of the US Senate. I can’t tell you very much about Harry Reid’s personality, but I can briefly summarize some of his past positions, his opinions, and events surrounding his life. Being the majority leader, Harry Reid is, of course, a democrat. Reid served as minority leader from 2005-2006, when he then became majority leader (because Democrats took control of the Senate). Interestingly, Reid is the first ever Mormon to serve as majority leader of the Senate. Reid began his political career in 1982, when he was first elected to congress as a Representative. Reid has served as a US Senator since 1987. Reid serves on two main committees: the Committee on Rules and Administration; the Select Committee on Intelligence. Reid has scored a lifetime conservative rating on 19% by the American Conservative Union, and a lifetime liberal rating of 70% from Americans for Democratic Action. He is well regarded by many independents. Reid is in favor of restricted abortion rights, that abortion should only be legal when the pregnancy has resulted from incest, rape, or when the mother’s life is endangered. Reid is against same-sex marriage, in favor of the death penalty, in favor of federally funded stem-cell research, and is in favor of increased gun control. Reid is staunchly opposed to the Yucca Mountain federal nuclear waste depository in Nevada. Reid has stated that immigration reform is one of his priorities for this congress. Reid voted against an amendment to the constitution to make English the official language. Reid voted to authorize force for the Iraq war in 2003, however, he later said that the war was lost as long as President Bush commanded.Many liberals are annoyed that Reid allowed Republicans to threaten to filibuster rather than actually filibuster bills in the Senate (they want to be able to use actual filibuster attempts as evidence of stonewalling tactics). Reid has been criticized over a series of self-aggrandizing tactics he has initiated. In 2005, Reid included in a bill and earmark to build a bridge between Arizona and Nevada that would make land he owned much more valuable. Reid has illegally used campaign contributions to pay for personal items. In 2006 (when democrats had control of the Senate) Reid was implicated in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal–Reid received $50,000 from Native American tribes with gaming interests, creating a conflict of interest. Reid has committed a form of tax fraud in the past, declining to report the sale of a property.