Who Invented Spam?

During the time when the internet was not known as the internet because it had not be release for public use. There was a service by which people let messages much like forums today on a Usenet system. Usenet function a bit like today’s internet but without all the glitz and glamour. Two attorneys, Laurence Canter and Martha Siegel are the culprits behind ‘junk mail’. They conspired upon a ‘get rich quick scheme’ posting automated ads to every user. Since spam did not exist and society then did not realize there were scams, they received quite a few response. Unfortunately for scamming duo, the plan back fired. One was disbarred, the other passed away and both banned from the Usenet. So, all that wonderful junk mail that fills our boxes with offers of grandeur which seem too good to be true can be accredited to Carter and Siegel.