Who Invented Jolly Ranchers?

If you had lived in Golden, Colorado in 1949, you would have known a couple by the names Bill and Dorothy Harmsen.The couple were originally from the northern part of the United States. Minnesota to be exact. Bill, from St. Paul, born in 1912 and Dorothy, Minneapolis, born in 1914. The couple moved to Denver, Colorado in 1942 and by 1949 had opened the first Jolly Rancher candy shop, named after a hotel from their homestate, due to the fact that they did not like the local candy. Beatrice Foods bought this mom and pop candy store in 1966 after 20 successful years with Bill staying on as President until 1977. In 1996, Hershey purchased the Jolly Rancher name and has since sold millions of the hard candy in dozens of flavors, making Bill and Dorothys dream one of Americas most endeared candies to date. For more information look here: