Who Found Stem Cells?

Stem Cell research was started by Dr. Ernest A. McCulloch and Dr. James E. Till in the 1960’s. Ernest Armstrong McCulloch was born in 1926 and attended the University of Toronto and graduated as a Cellular Biologist. James Edgar Till was born 1931 and attended the same University of Toronto and graduated a’Biophysicist’. They chose to work together at the University. Dr. Armstrong’s maturity coupled with the younger physicist’s zealous and thorough nature they formed a dynamic team. In the early 1960’s, McCulloch and Till started a series of experiments that involved injecting bone marrow cells into mice. They soon observed small raised lumps that grew on the spleens of the mice. Till and McCulloch called the lumps ‘spleen colonies’ and found that each lump arose from a single marrow cell: stem cell. For more information see here: