Which is Used to Diagnose Autism?

Only health care professionals such as a psychiatrist, psychologist, or developmental pediatrician can properly diagnose Autism. They will check the child’s behaviors including restricted use of spoken language, avoidance or eye conduct, failure to become engaged in activities, failure to develop relationship with peers, repetitive language, lack of creative play and preoccupation with objects or parts of objects. There is a complete handbook that the health care professionals will use called the DSM-IV manual (Handbook for Differential Diagnosis). There are separate tests, including CARS (child autism rating scale), CHAT (checklist for autism in toddlers), ADOS (autistic diagnostic observation scale) and many others. As parents you will be interviewed as well because you are with you child the most. They will also want to rule out similar mental disabilities such as Rett’s Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome or Childhood Disintegrative disorder.