Where does Hate Come from?

Psychologists and sociologists place the origins of ‘hate’ in the context of the ‘other.’ Whenever and wherever human beings see others as different from themselves, there is distrust. When this distrust is combined with a competition for resources, it turns into hate. A famous analogy involves strangers in a railway car. One person (Person A) is in the car, and another (Person B, the ‘other’) enters. Person A automatically dislikes and distrusts Person B for invading her or his space, and this feeling can turn into hate if space is tight. Moments later, Person C enters the car. Suddenly, Person A and Person B are on the same team, so to speak, and look at Person C as the ‘other.’ As more people enter the car, those there first look at the newcomers as ‘others.’ As space becomes tighter and everyone fights for a seat, hate develops.