Where are Josephine Baker’s Children Now?

Josephine Baker’s children, all adopted, were her protest against racism because there were 12 multi-ethnic orphans she called the Rainbow Tribe. They were her Korean son Janot, her Japanese son Akio, her Colombian son Luis, her Finnish son Jari, her Canadian son Jean-Claude, her French Jewish son Mo’se, her Algerian son Brahim, her French daughter Marianne, her Ivorian son Koffi, her Venezuelan son Mara, her French son No’l, and her Moroccan daughter Stellina. Two of Baker’s sons, Jean-Claude and Jarry (Jari), grew up to go into business together, running the restaurant Chez Josephine on Theatre Row, 42nd Street, New York, which celebrates Baker’s life and works. There is no other obvious information regarding her other children.