What was Life Like in the 1960?

In the 1960s, life was very much like it is now, except with a lot less stress. There weren’t very many opportunities for women to make much of themselves, most women were stay at home moms, teachers, nurses, receptionists, flight attendants, and other professions that were deemed ‘suitable’ for females. There was not very much technology in the 1960s. Televisions were just beginning to become popular in the American home. Racial tensions were high and proliferated throughout the southern states which led to many civil uprisings and even riots within the south, especially in Alabama. Because of the fact that education tended to be sparse in the 1960s (as many did not go to college in the era), tensions ran high, an many homes faced abusive situations. Domestic violence was not something that women had a choice to walk away from, and women in general, did not have hardly any equality whatsoever. Various music styles ran rampant in the 1960s as well. The birth of rock and roll music took place within the 1960s with the popularity of Elvis Presley coming into the entertainment scene. People tended to greatly respect authority in those days, but by the end of the era, many were questioning it. Life was generally simpler within that era because of the fact that there were not as many choices people had to make, and there was not as much technology to have to deal with on a daily basis.