What was Colonial Life Like?

The difficulty of colonial life was greatly dependent upon which colonies life took place. For example, in the United States of America- life was fairly hard and difficult. The mother country was an entire ocean away, and goods had to be shipped by boats back and forth across this ocean. Any kind of communication and shipment of goods took months to obtain because of this. Many items had to be created from scratch by hand in the original 13 colonies. Many people had to think on their feet (so to speak) when it came down to creating items with little to no materials having been provided in very early American history. Eventually, things got slightly better but not by much as the British government began taxing the people in the original colonies extreme amounts for the necessary goods that they were shipping here. Life in the colonies was also difficult due to the fact that the area was fairly prone to attack and the people basicaly had to fend for themselves for the most part. There were no hospitals, and if one got sick, it was very difficult to get well again due to poor living conditions, poor cleanliness, and exposure to the enviornment. Many people died during the harsh New England winters of the original thirteen colonies because they caught the flu and simply could not fight it off. People typically lived in wooden homes that were generally small and cramped as families tended to be larger then. Food was difficult to cook, and dinner was typically an all day chore for women to manage because they did not have electricity to rely upon to make things easier for them. The people of the colonies also had to hunt and gather their foods during the very early days of colonial life. Government was pratically non-existent within colonial life as they generally could not run the lands themselves due to the fact that England owned the colonies.