What to do in a Hurricane?

The best thing to do in a hurricane is stay inside where it is safe. You should have done all your preparations in advance and be in a safe location. Keep your radio or TV tuned to local news so that you can see the progress of the storm and know when the danger has passed. Until you know the storm is well out of the area you should stay inside. People have been hurt when they think the storm has passed and step outside and are hit by a roof tile that has been blown off by a gust of wind or a tree that falls. Often people are killed in instances like this because they are going outside too soon. Make sure you have flashlights and you may want to have cards or board games handy if you lose power to keep the family occupied. Be sure to turn your fridge as cold as you can in case you lose power. Also, make sure you have ice to keep items cold and enough water and supplies to last three days in case the storm takes out power and services for a period of time. In preparation of a storm make sure you use the checklist in the link to ensure you have the correct supplies. To find more information click here: